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bdmurraycjohnston: ^17:32
cjohnstonI'm guessing the other cj, bdmurray ?17:32
bdmurrayyes the one with a w - cjwatson17:33
cjwatsonbdmurray: you didn't need to correct precise to precise-proposed :)17:37
cjwatsonLaney: rejecting your software-center upload, but only in favour of bdmurray's which includes it17:38
Laneyaye aye17:38
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LaneyI don't really know anything about udebs - how would I go about finding out why gtk+3.0 doesn't want to migrate?18:17
Laney    * i386: libgtk-3-0-udeb, libvte-2.90-9-udeb18:17
cjwatsonProbably because the udeb is built with wayland support and the rest of wayland isn't udebificated18:17
Laneythis upload was to disable that18:17
Laneyand the wayland one did migrate18:18
cjwatsonwell, they have dependencies like any other package18:18
cjwatsonthose dependencies are only allowed to be satisfied by other udebs (i.e. */debian-installer/binary-*/Packages.gz)18:18
infinityNah, it's because the udeb depends on libc6-udeb (>= 2.17)18:20
infinityIt'll migrate shortly.18:20
infinityWhy the udeb dependencies don't seem to use .symbols, I don't know.18:20
cjwatsonAh yes, it's made clear(ish) by _excuses18:20
cjwatson"Depends: gtk+3.0 eglibc"18:20
Laneyah, yeah, didn't look there18:20
infinityAre udeb deps not generated by dpkg-shlibdeps?18:20
infinityCause the non-udeb packages depend on, like, libc6 (>= 2.4) or something.18:21
cjwatsonThey are, or should be18:21
infinitySeems silly that the udebs are much stricter.18:21
cjwatsonBut there's special udeb support in shlibdeps, and maybe glibc doesn't set it up quite right18:21
infinityAnyhow, mostly a non-issue, it'll migrate soon enough.18:21
infinityIt's possible glibc has no idea how to do that correctly, yes. :P18:22
LaneyPolicy 8.6 says "Libraries with a corresponding udeb must also provide a shlibs file, since the udeb infrastructure does not use symbols files."18:22
infinitys/glibc has/I have/18:22
cjwatsonAh, heh18:22
infinityRight.  No symbols.  Check.18:22
cjwatsonProbably nobody cares much18:22
infinityHence the strict dep.18:22
infinityNot world-ending.18:22
cjwatsonSince we don't need partial upgrade handling for udebs or anything18:22
infinityLaney: Anyhow, should migrate in this cycle, dante/armhf just lagged a tag.18:23
LaneyAye, ta.18:24
smagounHi, can we sneak a new gnome-settings-daemon into precise-updates? The package has been sitting in precise-proposed for >1 month. There is 1 bug listed in the SRU; I verified it today. Bug 103409019:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1034090 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Precise) "Hotkeys not functional after upgrade to quantal's xorg (new xinput version)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103409019:33
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infinitysmagoun: We're not past letting things into updates, don't worry.19:53
smagouninfinity: oh, I know. I will break out the big guns when I get really desperate: a free XPS 13 for each bug resolved :P19:54
infinitysmagoun: Don't want one.19:55
infinitysmagoun: Entice me with something with a Lenovo logo.19:55
smagouninfinity: X1 carbon?19:55
infinitysmagoun: T430s, or a Carbon X1, maybe?19:55
vanhoofinfinity: T40p19:56
micahginfinity: I see my two SRUs never were accepted, I'm guessing it's too late, I guess I don't mind too much19:58
infinitymicahg: Not too late, but if they're not installation/media/first-impression critical, it's not a big deal either way.20:00
micahgyeah, not needed for 12.04.2, I'll remove the milestones I added20:01
davmor2infinity: you want ideapad y580 you know you do20:01
infinitydavmor2: Pretty sure I don't.20:02
infinityThere aren't many laptops that are an upgrade to my T420s.20:02
infinityThe T430s being one of the few. :P20:02
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