Vasaescott: what filesystem type should i specify for the following command: mount -o remount,rw /dev/xvda1 /00:00
escottVasa, whatever is output as the fs type by "mount"00:00
Vasaescott: /dev/xvda1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro,barrier=0)00:01
Vasadoes that mean its ext3?00:01
escottVasa, yes00:01
escottVasa, i know what it is00:01
escottmount -o remount,rw /00:01
escottyou dont put the device in a remount00:02
Vasai tried the command mount -o remount,rw /00:02
Vasaescott: mount: cannot remount block device /dev/xvda1 read-write, is write-protected00:02
escottso you have something strange with that device whatever it is00:02
escottVasa, if you put mount -t ext3 -o remount,rw /dev/xvda1 / its just going to end up back at the xvda1 is write-protected00:03
Vasayes i see00:03
Vasaok i will try something else00:04
Vasaone second00:04
Vasaescott: ok I will ask the administrator of the vps to look into the problem, thanks for your help00:08
dingo311PeterGriffin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1578462/00:41
PeterGriffindingo311: I'm think you shouldn't use dhclient01:01
PeterGriffinit gets the ip from dhcp server which is the router01:02
PeterGriffinhow did you disconnected wlan?01:04
dingo311PeterGriffin: the router should be setting ip's. apparently i have something thats not allowing that to happen. i dunno what tho01:27
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MraAlbertinaHi. on a i686 (x86), while compiling php-5.3 and getting the error "Cannot find libmysqlclient under /usr" from ./config line "--with-libdir=/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu" should i change it to "--with-libdir=/lib/i386-linux-gnu/"?01:37
MraAlbertinapsst psst... wake up, smell the trophy :p01:40
MraAlbertinai went ahead and did it the way i wrote... and no smoke from the system01:43
keithclark_How do I enable cups administration over the local network.  When I try to access it via xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:631/admin I get 'Forbidden'02:28
escottkeithclark_, /etc/cups/* enable remote administration02:39
damrockno mainline kernel adaption with ubuntu patches?02:39
keithclark_escott, I'm not sure what you are telling me here02:40
escottkeithclark_, remote administration is disabled by default presumably in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf02:41
escottkeithclark_, localhost:631 will work but not
keithclark_escott, I'm trying to access cups via a another computer on the network.  It is running on a headless server02:45
escottkeithclark_, and i would repeat that remote administration is disabled by default02:46
escottyou must enable it first02:46
keithclark_>Yes but >I'm not02:46
keithclark_Yes, but I'm not sure how to turn it on02:46
escottkeithclark_, yes but you are "to access cups via a another computer"02:46
escottkeithclark_, im telling you to look in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf02:47
escottkeithclark_, grep -C5 local /etc/cups/cupsd.conf02:48
keithclark_escott, you are losing me here02:50
escottkeithclark_, have you looked at the file /etc/cups/cupsd.conf02:51
escottkeithclark_, and did you see this bit02:52
escott# Only listen for connections from the local machine.02:52
escottListen localhost:63102:52
keithclark_There is no line like that02:55
escottkeithclark_, you need to read "man cupsd.conf" that much is clear02:57
keithclark_I did\02:57
keithclark_And this https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/cups.html02:57
keithclark_Maybe a bug in Ubuntu 12.0?02:58
escottkeithclark_, which is probably not going to mention remote administration but the Listen directive in the configuration is what you need to be looking at02:58
keithclark_Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock02:59
keithclark_That is the only 'Listen' line in the file03:00
pmp6nlHello, is 775 good for public_html?  Thanks03:00
escottkeithclark_, then it is only listening to that file. and you can't access that file from a remote machine so...03:00
keithclark_So what?  Add Listen ip:631?03:02
keithclark_didn't work03:03
escottyou havent notified the server you changed its config files03:03
keithclark_I restarted the cups service03:03
escottthen the ip address you put in is incorrect or you have a firewall blocking03:04
keithclark_No firewall03:04
keithclark_IP is confirmed03:04
escottkeithclark_, netstat -lt03:05
escotttcp        0      0 billy.local:ipp         *:*                     LISTEN03:08
keithclark_I don't know what you are getting at03:09
escottbilly.local is listening for connections from all addresses on all ports to the ipp port (631)03:10
keithclark_Well that is good, no?03:10
escottwell billy.local is probably defined as which is on the loopback device03:11
escottso its the same as localhost03:11
keithclark_Ok, so I could connect on the physical machine, but I cannot connect from a remote machine03:12
keithclark_I must be missing something here03:15
keithclark_Anything else I should try?03:21
escottits not something ive ever done but its all going to be in that config file03:22
escottits very unclear what you have done... you said you had read the man page on the config file but you seemed confused when i said to look at it03:23
keithclark_Yeah, I did this correctly before in an earlier version of ubuntu.  I'm thinking this is a bug03:23
codepython777anyone using powerdns here?03:30
codepython777powedns vs bind? I mainly need to control dns dynamically (load balancing as well fault tolerance control). Any other suggestions?03:30
keithclark_hmm, it does seem like a new bug http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=208445903:35
keithclark_Maybe fixed in the next release03:45
pakHi All,Can anyone please suggest me at application for spped test of PCIe03:49
patdk-lappak, no such thing04:05
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psivaaDaviey: jamespage: hallyn: It would help if bug 1103982 is looked at, this is causing smoke test failures09:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1103982 in ubuntu-meta "cpu-checker is not included in virtual host server installations from 20130120 onwards" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110398209:45
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dolfhey everyone. I just updated my ubuntu server from 10.04LTS to 12.04LTS. Grub2 refuses to install though, since the core.img is too large. I have the server installed with mdadm and lvm, and indeed this causes the core.img to not fit in the first 62 sectors of the disk09:57
dolfso I guess my option is to realign the partitions of /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb109:57
xnoxcurrently yes. Grub upstream is trying to bring back the size of core.img back down, since raid+lvm is very common.09:59
dolfxnox: ok. But how do I resize the lvm, then the mdadm raid paritions, and subsequently the physical disk parition to accomodate a larger core.img10:01
dolfI know how to resize the filesystem, I can also resize the lvm logical volume10:02
dolfbut after that I am stumped10:02
xnoxthe problem is that XXDDDDD needs to become XXXDDDDD..... which means that you cannot do if with one disk & DD.10:03
xnox(cause you will be overwritting stuff you didn't move yet)10:03
xnoxone option dd one disk with offset to another.10:04
xnoxmove first partition on the first disk.10:04
xnoxboot degrated & resync.10:04
xnoxbut it's scary & potentially dangerous. Another option is to use a third disk as a temp one.10:05
jamespagepsivaa, ack10:51
Noriandirhi. i'm having problems accessing apache2 server and my ssh server through my external ip. i had no problems with it until today...12:03
Noriandirports 22, 80 and 8080 are open12:04
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zuljamespage: ping 2 two things (1) can you give a +1 for http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/13:53
zul(2) i was thinking of backporting dnsmasq to the cloud archive because of this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dnsmasq/+bug/1006898 its too risky to backport the patch to precise because i dont know the consequences13:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1006898 in dnsmasq "[SRU] dnsmasq fails at leasing issues when using vlan mode" [Medium,Fix released]13:54
jamespagezul, re 1) please build the source package using -v otherwise the version history is incomplete13:54
jamespage2) hmm - lemme think for a minute13:55
yolandahi, anyone with experience in zookeeper? i'm having problems with juju13:55
zul(2a) i think there might be a bug in nova because of the kvm rename in the cloud archive version13:56
zuljamespage:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1581641/ ergh?13:56
jamespagezul: -vXX.YY13:57
zulah thanks13:57
jamespageyou need to provide the previous version either in the cloud archive or in precise13:57
zul(1) fixed13:59
jamespagezul, 1) I don't see the fix14:04
zuljamespage:  i did debuild -v3.6-0ubuntu1 -S -sa --changes-option=-DDistribution=precise14:05
jamespage3.6-0ubuntu1 is newer that ~cloud014:05
zulso i want 3.6-0ubuntu1~cloud0 right?14:06
jamespagezul, you should use -v3.4-1ubuntu1 as that is the version in precise14:06
jamespagethat way the CA changes file has all updates between precise and ~cloud014:07
jamespage2a) kvm -> qemu-kvm right?14:07
jamespagezul, I see "qemu-system (>= 1.3.0) | kvm" is that not enough?14:08
zuljamespage: actually it should be, i think i need more caffine14:08
zuljamespage: should be fine now14:09
jamespagezul, still reading 2)14:09
jamespagezul, I still think that needs the full SRU14:10
zuljamespage: ack ill put it on my todo list14:10
jamespagezul, coming up with a regression plan should not be that hard - maybe work with stgraber to identify some good desktop use cases to verify its limited impact14:10
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koolhead17hello jamespage / zul14:21
jamespagehey koolhead1714:21
koolhead17how are things?14:22
koolhead17when are we getting Grizzly goodness in plate :)14:22
zulkoolhead17: soon14:23
koolhead17zul: let me know when would you like me to test it. Will do it and file bugs if i find any14:24
zulkoolhead17: sure14:24
jamespagezul, +1 on that python-coverage upload14:26
zuljamespage: thanks14:26
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zerickHi guys, Has anybody had problems with googlebot  flooding your sites?15:13
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resnoim running ubuntu on vmware esxi, whats the most minimal install i could possible use. in terms of reducing ram usage?15:20
resnoi feel like the base installs i have are using a bit to much ram15:21
RoyKresno: I don't know with esxi, but I guess it'll be about the same as running on kvm. I have VMs down to 128MB15:26
patdk-lapthe smallest amount of ram I got ubuntu to use was 24megs15:26
patdk-lapwell, on real hardware15:27
RoyKpatdk-lap: heh - a recent version? ;)15:27
patdk-lapthat was 10.0415:27
resnoRoyK: do you have suggetsions on how to obtain that mythical number?15:29
RoyKnot relaly15:29
RoyKnot really15:29
resnoi used the minimal install but its installed weird stuff i'd never need15:29
RoyKI just tried to boot 12.04.1 i386 (32bit) off kvm with 64MB RAM, and it doesn't seem to like that at all15:30
RoyKinstaller comes up with 96MB, though15:31
RoyKthat's after f4 - install minimal virtual machine15:31
RoyKthe times I've built *really* small systems, I've normally done it from scratch with a tiny kernel and busybox for the most part15:32
rbasakresno: to minimize RAM usage? Start by looking at RAM usage of existing processes.15:32
zuljamespage: can you have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/cinder/cinder-ca-g2 it says its not mergable15:33
RoyKrbasak: not much to look at for a "minimal virtual system"15:33
rbasakOh I see. Minimize maximum RAM during boot? That's a bit tougher I suppose.15:34
patdk-lapwell, for me, I started with minimal, then uninstalled a bunch of crap, then lowered ram15:34
jamespagezul, hrm - not sure I ever got to the cinder branch for the cloud-archive - it was groken in g1 due to the package importer failing in the distro15:34
rbasakUbuntu isn't really designed for that. Especially with concurrent things at system startup which was done to improve boot time15:34
RoyKthe installer doesn't seem to like 96MB either15:34
rbasakYou're probably best going with Debian with a non-parallel init system15:34
zuljamespage: do you want one like i did with python-coverage?15:34
RoyKperhaps create a vm or template with a bit more memory and then strip down later15:35
jamespagezul, sure15:35
zuljamespage: k15:35
RoyKrbasak: or gentoo ;)15:35
zulRoyK: yeah people love to wait around forever for things to build15:35
rbasakThings might take a while to build on a system with 64MB RAM.15:37
RoyKrbasak: heh - what I meant, was to use a real system for the building and then just create tiny VMs with that build...15:38
zuljamespage: http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/15:42
jamespagezul: +115:43
zulyolanda: ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/swift/swift-1.7.6/+merge/14520115:47
yolandalet me see15:47
yolandazul, easy one, that's boring :)15:48
zulyolanda: trying to ease you into the week ;)15:48
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RoyKresno: ping16:54
resnoRoyK: ya, i was sitting here trynig to figure out why no one had responded lol16:56
RoyKheh - just got home - testing a small debian i686 install in a vm to see how slim I can get it ;)16:57
resnoi'm looking at esxi and i hate seeing a few vms sucking down all this ram.. when they are basically resting16:57
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RoyKwhich version of esxi?16:58
patdk-lapI never cared, just let esxi manage the memory between them16:58
RoyKresno: that should support ballooning16:59
resnoRoyK: ballonning? ill need to learn about that16:59
patdk-lapballooning, compression, shared, swap16:59
patdk-lapas long as you install vmware tools into the guests17:00
RoyKwell, VMs without vmware tools are no good...17:00
resnoi use the open tools, should i use the vmware specifically?17:01
patdk-lapopentools are just as good17:01
RoyKrightclick the vm, guest, install vmware tools17:01
RoyKpatdk-lap: really?17:01
patdk-lapwell depends what you want17:01
patdk-lapbut for server, opentools are good enough17:01
RoyKvmotion, storage vmotion, lots of things17:01
patdk-lapnone of that stuff uses tools17:02
RoyKnot running a single server, though17:02
RoyKyou sure about storage vmotion?17:02
patdk-lapstorage vmotion uses snapshots17:02
resnoive got 3 vms taking up 3587 mb of ram...17:02
patdk-lapdoesn't matter if the snapshot is consistant17:02
RoyKpatdk-lap: you can't be sure of that without vmware tools, though17:03
patdk-lapno need to be sure about it with svmotion17:03
patdk-lapif you wanted to do a *backup* yes, but not svmotion17:03
patdk-lapcause the svmotion would just fail, if it didn't work17:04
RoyKwell, it won't hurt to install vmware tools, will it?17:04
patdk-lapya, you want tools for the simple things like, guest shutdown/reboot, ballooning, timesync, backups17:05
patdk-lapneed it for FT I believe, and it helps HA17:05
patdk-lapfault tolerance17:05
resnomost of my installs are a single server, so the bells and whistles dont quite apply17:06
resnoand from what ive read, its the coolest parts of it17:06
patdk-lapha is simple, esxi server dies, it restarts the vm on other host17:06
patdk-lapFT is a live mirror of the vm, so if a esxi host dies, it is already running on a standby machine17:07
resnodoes ha have issues with data missing?17:07
patdk-lapwell it will be as consistant as the disk was17:07
patdk-lapI mean, what happens with missing data when you yank the power cable17:07
resnoso consistency isnt an issue with either?17:07
RoyKwell, for some databases, it can17:08
patdk-lapFT mirrors the memory/cpustate/... live, it actually runs the vm on two hosts at the same time, EVERYTHING the same17:08
hallynahs3: hey, do you expect netcf 0.2.3 into experimental soon, or is there a roadblock?  just wondering wehther i should wait to push to raring, or whether i'd risk missing FF17:08
RoyKmysql tends to be corrupted somehow and a 'repair table' may be needed17:08
patdk-lapfor HA, it's like, power cable got pulled, and turned it back on17:08
RoyKyou'll need pretty good networking for FT to work properly, though17:09
resnothats pretty cool17:09
RoyKpreferably 10G between the nodes17:09
patdk-lapyep, and not loose a network connection between failover17:10
RoyKresno: for a minimal install, seems debian can live with 56MB17:13
RoyKat 48MB, it panics on boot17:13
RoyKpanic happens during kernel boot, btw17:14
resnoRoyK: did you make a reduced size build or can do it myself?17:15
RoyKso making a smaller initrd will probably help17:15
RoyKthis was basic debian server i68617:15
RoyKwith a custom kernel, I guess you can get it down to at least 32GB17:16
resno32GB doesnt seem very small ;)17:16
RoyKsince it doesn't seem to be using much17:17
RoyKyeah - 32MB17:17
RoyKresno: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1582938/17:18
resnoheh, i just realized why this one vm is running so rampid17:21
resnoits silly but didnt even occur to me17:21
resnoand apache too17:21
RoyKapache with php?17:21
RoyKapache alone doesn't use much, but php might17:22
resnoil try installing php-fm, i think its called to optimize a bit17:22
RoyKresno: how much memory did you give the vm?17:23
resnoRoyK: just about a gig17:26
RoyKremember that linux will use all available memory for caching17:27
resnoha, how could i remember something i didnt know17:28
RoyKwell, now you do ;)17:28
RoyKmost (or all?) OSes will do that17:29
resnoseems likely enough17:29
resno /understandable17:29
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RoyKperhaps with the exception of some specialized kernels like the Xen kernel, using only a small part for the dom0 bit17:29
RoyKresno: but conclusion for mini-vms so far: debian works well with 64MB without custom stuff17:32
RoyKcan't be bothered to go through the kernel config to make a smaller initrd, though17:32
resnoRoyK: it doesnt require any fancy configing? just i686 and good to go?17:34
resnofor the 64mb17:34
RoyKresno: I installed it with 256MB, though17:34
RoyKbut it runs well with 5617:34
resnoya, i dont want mind giving it a good amount of ram. i just dont like it being sucked away17:35
RoyKit will, unless you use ballooning or similar ways to limit it17:35
patdk-lapI keep increasing my vm ram amounts, till the swap/disk usage goes down to a reasonable level17:36
patdk-lapbut I do have ram to burn17:36
resnoive just about burned all my ram..17:37
RoyKadding a new vm host to a cluster with less than 128GB would be rather unthinkable IMHO17:37
resnoall 4 gigs worth17:37
* resno waits for response17:37
RoyK4 gigs! even my old core2duo machine running kvm has 6 gigs ;)17:38
RoyKwith new cellphones arriving with quadcore and 2 gigs of ram, well ;)17:38
RoyKit'll be interesting when those cellphones come with working kvm...17:39
jamespagehallyn, around?17:39
RoyKCortex-A15 has virtualisation support...17:40
RoyKdunno if kvm supports it yet, though17:40
hallynjamespage: yup17:41
RoyKresno: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD5Nu-VrHKI17:41
jamespagehallyn, bug 110398217:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1103982 in ubuntu-meta "cpu-checker is not included in virtual host server installations from 20130120 onwards" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110398217:41
jamespagehallyn, I'm guessing that cpu-checker has been dropped as a dep during the kvm re-org this cycle?17:42
resnoRoyK: hmm, the possiblies with android17:42
jamespagehallyn, it was a dep for qemu-common17:43
jamespagehallyn, can we re-instate that? we could stick it in the seed so it gets on the iso but thats a bit more complicated; and does not help non-iso people17:44
hallynjamespage: i dunno, it seems bogus -in quantal i see17:44
hallynReplaces: qemu-kvm (<< 0.12.3-0ubuntu13)17:44
hallynoh, nm, i see << :)17:44
jamespagehallyn, :-)17:44
jamespagehallyn, its breaking smoke testing ATM as one of the checks is to run kvm-ok17:44
hallynjamespage: but no, its' not the recent reorg, bc it's not installed in quantal either17:44
hallynoh i see17:45
jamespagehallyn, quantal has "Recommends: cpu-checker, kvm-ipxe"17:45
jamespageand its not transitional17:45
hallyn<big sigh>17:46
jamespageI guess it needs a new home (the dep that is)17:46
hallynjamespage: do you think qemu-system suffices?17:46
hallynit's got both kvm and qemu-user, so it should be fine17:47
jamespagehallyn, I agree +!17:48
hallynjamespage: on it, thanks!17:48
ahs3hallyn: sorry, was afk for a bit...no roadblock.  should be RSN -- no later than end of week17:53
hallynjamespage: fix pushed.  thanks, ttyl17:54
hallynahs3: cool, thanks.  will wait for that then17:54
zulhallyn: so i got 1.0.2-rc1 to build this weekend and now -rc2 is out :(18:03
zulahs3: traitor18:03
hallynminor changes i assume18:03
ahs3zul: :P18:06
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RoyKanyone here with a linux raid tried to smartctl -l scterc /dev/asdf ? seems hitachi desktop drives support it well, wd doesn't (or perhaps the wd red drives do)18:49
RoyKwell, it's like WD's TLER18:57
RoyKpretty nice for a raid setup18:57
RoyKpatdk-lap: asd?19:11
RoyKpatdk-lap: /dev/asdf was just an imposer for the device name :P19:11
patdk-lapI figured that out19:15
adam_gzul: not sure how to handle those 12.04 rebuilds of requests + oauthlib short of stripping out the py3 stuff from d/control + d/rules and maintaning a patch+merge moving forward.19:42
adam_gDaviey: ^ any suggestion? am i missing something in the python3 packaging docs?19:42
zuladam_g: thats what we might have to do19:42
zuladam_g: for requests it looks like we are going to have a delta (fine for crypto and authlib)19:47
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_Andrei_such a huge activity on that chan' :)20:44
RoyK 20:44
genii-aroundHello. Is there some convention for dot-files in /etc/skel where you can specify the username ? eg: I'd like a ~/public_html/private/.htaccess file which has a line of: require <username>20:58
RoyKgenii-around: don't think that's possible with normal skel stuff20:59
RoyKbetter script it20:59
genii-aroundRoyK: OK, thanks. Perhaps I can do something like wrap adduser then run sed immediately after for REPLACETHISSTRING or similar then in the generic .htaccess file21:05
RoyKgenii-around: or create your own add-user-for-this-server script21:06
RoyKprobably easier21:06
RoyKas in 'useradd -m $1; mkdir /home/$i/public_html; echo asdf > /home/$i/public_html/.htaccess'21:08
genii-aroundHm, interesting.21:09
RoyKgenii-around: it's easily scriptable in bash21:10
genii-aroundRoyK: I have already a slightly modified adduser script without the call for the gecos fields, perhaps I'll poke around in there. I'm not all that familiar with Perl although I can probably muddle through.21:17
* RoyK knows perl rather well21:19
zasternAnybody built nagios 12.10 sources for 12.04? Any good luck with that?21:35
zasternnagios version from 12.10 i mean21:35
RoyKzastern: dunno - I left nagios some years ago for icinga - nagios hasn't been actively developed for years21:37
zasternRoyK: The latest nagios release came out just this month dude.21:37
zasternI'm pretty sure you're not correct.21:37
RoyKzastern: another patch, yes21:37
RoyKzastern: but active development is halted21:37
RoyKzastern: it's patchd, but nothing is improved21:38
zasternRoyK: uh the last major release was may 201221:38
zasterndo you have any documentation of this major developement being halted?21:38
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RoyKzastern: nagios v3 was released almost 10 years ago. it still contain the same hardcoded html-in-c for the web gui21:39
RoyKI've been using nagios/icinga for >10Y21:39
zasternoh wow21:39
zasternRoyK: sir, nagiox 3 was released in 2008.21:40
RoyKwell, it's the same old thing as nagios v121:40
RoyKit's the same codebase21:40
RoyKhardcoded html in c for the web ui21:41
RoyKsome better scheduling here and there, but nothing new21:41
RoyKI use icinga - it's a good fork21:41
zasternhmm. I wonder if i can use icinga with the puppet nagios providers21:41
RoyKit's compatible21:42
zasternThat's one of the advatages of nagios, the built in providers21:42
zasternRoyK: hmm, another advantage is that ubuntu 12.04 has icinga 1.7.221:43
zasternwhich is fairly current21:43
RoyKthe only advantage of nagios is the name - the rest is old history. Ethan Galstad left the open Nagios development years ago21:43
RoyKEthan now only works for the commercial nagios part21:43
zasternRoyK: that's so odd. I mean from what i'm reading there are still nagios conferences every year, for example21:43
zasternRoyK: Commercial nagaios features are never handed down to OSS?21:43
RoyKwell, of course21:43
RoyKI don't know21:43
Piciicinga is still open?21:43
RoyKicinga is open21:44
zasternI'm also interested in sensu21:45
PiciI have nagios on a test box here that I've been asking to be replaced with a real server, maybe I'll switch to icinga when that happens.21:46
tonyyarussozastern: Icinga also has an Ubuntu PPA maintained by formorer (sp?)21:57
zasterntonyyarusso: mm. I'm also checking out Sensu.21:57
tonyyarussozastern: The Nagios conferences are actually brand new, not "still held".  They've had two so far.21:57
zasternBut sensu wants you to use rabbitmq, and I'm already using ActiveMQ21:57
* tonyyarusso knows a smidge about this stuff :P21:57
tonyyarussozastern: As for the development issue, you're both basically correct.  Yes, Nagios has had releases, and they've even bumped up the version numbers in more significant places, but if you look at the actual changelogs not a whole lot has happened.  In contrast, Icinga has been much more aggressive in pursuing actual new feature development.  For most people the most obvious part is the new themable, AJAXy, dynamic web interface.  ...22:00
tonyyarusso... There are also other things that were in the Nagios feature request queue for ages, but never accepted, like supporting more database backends for NDOUtils.22:00
zasternHmm. I don't know what I'll use, but it won't be nagios.22:01
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phillwHi guys, instead of using the mini-iso, do you think that installing ubuntu-server with no 'additional' packages via tasksel would be preferable for people to install a minimal system that they could then use tasksel to install their preferred GUI system (lubuntu / kubutnu / ubuntu etc.) ?22:55
sarnoldndngvr: do you need to reset a password somewhere? :)23:11
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quietoneany idea why samba opens/closes a connection for 1 user several times a second? result is they can't access the share.23:21
sarnoldquietone: open/close like that makes me wonder if access is not being allowed by tcpwrappers -- do you have those configured for samba? (I don't know for certain that samba supports tcp wrappers..)23:22
quietonehi sarnold, I'll have to learn about tcpwrappers b4 I answer ;-)23:23
sarnoldquietone: well, if you didn't set them up, it is unlikely to be the case :) hehe23:24
sarnoldquietone: check /etc/hosts* files -- somethin like hosts.allow, hosts.deny, or hosts_options, (though I could have punctuation all wrong..)23:24
quietonesarnold, yea but we copied configs from CentOS to Ubuntu. We could have missed something.23:25
quietonesarnold, ok. but it was working fine yesterday and nothing has changed23:25
sarnoldquietone: oh :) nice ot know it was working fine :) hehe, I missed that.23:26
sarnoldquietone: check your logs?23:26
quietonesarnold, the log for that machine just has the 'connect to service' then 'closed connection'23:27
sarnoldquietone: darn :/23:28
quietonesarnold, I agree!23:29
ndngvrsarnold: Yes, I do now!  Stupid keepassX autotype23:29
ndngvrsarnold: thanks for saying something23:29
sarnoldndngvr: I figured it'd be easy to overlook :/23:30
quietonesarnold, http://pastebin.com/tKTiwbaK23:32
sarnoldquietone: do other users work okay? or is it just fred?23:34
quietonesarnold, just fred today -- tomorrow, who knows!23:34
quietonesarnold, fred had this yesterday "create_connection_session_info failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED"23:35
quietonei thought i had that one fixed23:35
quietoneis there a simple explanation of  the above error msg. Is that access to the share or some other file?23:45
sarnoldquietone: does the 'smbclient' cmmand line client connect to the shares fine? as different users? to different shares? from multiple client machines?23:47
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quietonesarnold, using smbclient fred can see the share23:55

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