popey22:15:38 < ali1234> i'm serious btw. they have download links for "portable media devices" which is what get-iplayer fetches06:29
popeyali1234: only by default. most people tend to get the HD streams via rtmpdump (or similar) which aren't the same as those 'mobile' files06:30
knightwi1emornin everyone07:47
andylockranmorning dudes and dudettes08:52
andylockranhow goes things?08:52
popeySnow gone: UK back to normal!09:03
kvarleypopey: None here now, the rain melted it all!09:05
kvarley\o/ freesat hd now working on my Raspberry Pi :D09:05
diploMorning all09:31
dwatkinskvarley: excellent, using xbmc?09:32
JamesTaitHappy Monday, folks! :-D09:32
knightwi1emorning everyone !09:36
knightwi1eHello michelle_ ! How nice to see you again :)09:36
michelle_morning knightwi1e :)09:36
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mungbeanhi guys, does anyone know of a good solution for easily scanning around 1000 photos? i have a scanner but scanning whole A4 page and cropping is tedious10:15
popeyget someone else to do it?10:16
popey~13p each10:16
mungbeani notice there's a agfa photo scanner ~3310:17
mungbeanpopey, where for 13p? i';m seeing £75 for 1000 photos10:18
popeyfirst hit from google, I'm sure shopping around yeilds better results10:18
mungbeanargh, maths fail 13p is more than 7.5p10:19
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:20
solarcloud_3srcnmorning.. one cheese and bacon toastie later on ...10:23
solarcloud_3srcnmayo too !10:24
solarcloud_3srcnbrobostigon: Morning..10:24
solarcloud_3srcnThe weather is set to get alot worse BTW...10:24
brobostigonsolarcloud_3srcn: the weather looks like it will be fine here, except for some patches of rain.10:29
diploI found funny this morning, set for rain and wind today and temp around 5-10 degrees but on the way to work there were gritters on the roads?!?!?10:32
mungbeanwhat does everyone else do for scanning 100s of family photosthen?10:33
diploScan them and crop them, I just do it when I have some time10:33
diploOver a few weeks/months10:33
solarcloud_3srcnI put them on multiple cd's/ dvd's.10:34
bubumorn guys10:34
solarcloud_3srcnhi there.10:34
bubuhaving a cron issue; 30 10 * * * . cd /opt/systems/chefbackup && knife exec chef_server_backup.rb results in cron failure: /bin/sh 1: .: cd: not found10:35
mgdmwhat's the . for?10:36
mgdmyou can't 'source' cd, it's a shell built-in command10:36
bubui just want it to run ' knife exec chef_server_backup ' from the /opt/systems/chefbackup folder10:36
mgdmremove the .10:36
bububalls, now getting ERROR: ArgumentError: cannot sign the request without a client name10:37
bubuso the script fails10:37
bubui need to load an environment I guess10:38
bubuwhen I run the command manually it runs ok...10:38
mgdmwhen things run from cron they generally have next to no environment variables set10:39
bubuok - so how would you set the needed variables?10:40
mgdmI would put the whole command into a shell script and call that from cron10:41
mgdmthen you can set what you like inside the script10:41
bubui just need cron to load root's bash_profile env10:42
bubui just need cron to load root's bash_profile env10:44
bubuoops apologies10:44
bubuwould * 10 * * * . /root/.bash_profile && cd /opt/systems/chefbackup && knife exec chef_server_backup.rb10:47
brobostigonwow, just running apt-get update and it hit a load figure of 42 on my eeepc,10:48
bubuload my env from roots bash_profile?10:48
bubulol brobostigon10:48
brobostigonbubu: it isnt funny, i am not lieing.10:48
SuperMattbubu: get replace that first * with a minute!10:49
SuperMattotherwise it runs every minute between 10 and 1110:49
bubuja the time was just an example10:49
mgdmbubu: I'd move the bits you need into /root/.profile instead10:49
mgdmI think that should work, at least...10:50
bubumgdm why .profile out of interest?10:51
bububash_profile seems to have worked ok10:56
mgdmthere's .profile, .bash_profile and .bashrc which all run at different times10:56
mgdmI forget which, though10:56
davmor2Morning all11:04
davmor2czajkowski: prod, morning you scary cow'd backdrop feeling person you ;)11:26
davmor2czajkowski: it took me ages to figure out that it was hippos teeth in a cows mouth :D tis a funny backdrop though11:29
bigcalmEllo peeps :)11:42
davmor2bigcalm: How do11:43
bigcalmdavmor2: 2h 43m into holiday and I'm bored11:44
bigcalmMight play some HL in a bit11:44
bigcalmForgot that I had booked a week off to mirror Hayley's week off11:44
davmor2bigcalm: Muhahahahaha that'll teach you!11:45
* bigcalm looks at new SSD for his new machine11:46
dwatkinsI was considering that yesterday, I wonder what the sweet-spot is for price vs capacity right now11:47
bigcalmDo I take Corey Goldberg's word that I'd have to do a fresh install rather than being able to move my current SSD over?11:48
bigcalmpopey: yeah, that's what I thought11:48
dwatkinsI would probably just use clonezilla.11:49
mgdmI used dd last time I moved HDs, but if I do get an SSD I'm just doing a clean install11:49
davmor2popey: works for canonical in QA for U111:54
davmor2bigcalm: drop the ssd in see what happen11:54
bigcalmdavmor2: that's what I was thinking. But I'd like to have things ready to a degree12:08
davmor2bigcalm: it shouldn't have an issue with new hardware the only thing a fresh install will really do is ensure nothing dies a death and if binary drivers have been previously installed that are different ie old box is Ati new box is nvidia etc12:10
bigcalmdavmor2: thankfully it's nVidia in old and new. But I understand the point12:11
bigcalmI might leave this ssd in this machine as a backup12:11
* popey hugs SSD12:11
bigcalmThe new machine comes with a 1TB HDD. Shame it won't be used12:13
popeywhy is the 1TB not used?12:16
popeystick it in a USB3 caddy?12:17
popeyuse it for backups etc12:17
bigcalmThat is a sensible idea12:18
dwatkinsI have several spare drives, I seem to buy a new external caddy every couple months for various reasons13:25
dwatkinsI made a point of getting one that supports eSATA this time, so accessing it should be nice and quick.13:26
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awilkinsdwatkins, I had real issues with external caddies for a while14:13
awilkinsdwatkins, I think the power electronics on a lot of them are cheap and they fail14:13
awilkinsdwatkins, Also had drives fail due to physical shock ; since I went SSD both these problems have ended because they're shockproof and low-power14:14
dwatkinsah yes14:15
awilkinsI'm really liking my current caddy which has a 2.5" docking bay but also works externally14:16
awilkinseSATA or USB14:18
awilkinsThis one isn't as nice http://www.scan.co.uk/products/icybox-ib-266stusd-b-black-hdd-case-usb2-esata-for-25-sata-hard-drive-inc-35-docking-station14:19
AzelphurO.o my electric oven just went nuts and started spewing out smoke at about the same rate as a typical fog machine14:51
dwatkinswhich is the nice one, awilkins?14:55
awilkinsCan't see it anymore, it's a Silverstone14:56
dwatkinsah yes, good stuff14:56
dwatkinsI just bought their 5.25" slot loading aluminium bay cover14:56
awilkinsThis one : http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=932&num=114:57
dwatkinscool ta15:19
popeyAlanBell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1107866  look familiar ☺16:27
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1107866 in unity (Ubuntu) "Show window list when right clicking an icon in launcher - enables quick window switching" [Wishlist,Triaged]16:27
SuperMattis anyone getting 503 on sabdfl's blog?16:36
ali1234popey: the reply to it sounds familiar too16:36
ali1234how does one become a member of the design team?16:36
ali1234maybe if we could get enough sensible people onto it, unity could be fixed?16:36
aptanetcan anyone think of a reason why I can't switch monitors until I get below the 5th icon down on the dash?16:37
aptanetooh, ooh, me, me I've just thought of why16:38
aptanetdifferent screen sizes - doh!16:38
aptanetI'll go back to sleep now ;)16:38
SuperMattpopey: that patch is gonna be cool :)16:38
popeyali1234: ask jnick_tait ☺16:40
ali1234what does "ayatana design" team actually produce?16:41
ali1234they have no blueprints and nothing in bzr16:41
ali1234shouldn't there be a design document somewhere?16:41
ali1234or is being an impenetrable roadblock to progress their only purpose?16:42
popeyits a method to allow the design team to track stuff16:42
popeyto work around the bug management in launchpad16:42
popeypowers that16:43
ali1234so what does it mean when a bug is "fix commited" in ayatana design?16:44
ali1234what is the fix commited to exactly?16:44
arsenpresumably committed to the next release? :s16:45
ali1234but ayatana design doesn't release anything16:46
ali1234it is still marked as wishlist in unity16:46
ali1234sorry, triaged16:46
popeyit's for managing their workflow16:48
popeyto indicate that design have signed off on bugs16:48
SuperMattholy... I just noticed one of my bugs in on the design bugs for ubuntu page16:50
ali1234that's because it is auto generated16:51
SuperMattoh right16:51
SuperMattnice to see my bug is high priority though16:51
SuperMattit's the one where unity captures the superkey when you're using a vm or vnc16:51
SuperMattwhich is terribly frustrating16:51
ali1234just disable super and alt in unity config16:53
ali1234in ccsm16:53
ali1234it's not like they do anything useful16:53
SuperMattexcept open the dash16:53
SuperMattwhich I do all the time16:53
SuperMattbut I don't want to open the dash in a vm or vnc16:53
ali1234who even opens the dash?16:54
popeyi do, all the time16:54
SuperMattme too16:54
popeywell, when I open apps16:54
ali1234there's no reason to do so16:54
ali1234it's much more efficient to launch apps from a terminal window16:54
SuperMattit's the quickets way to open apps16:54
ali1234because terminal windows are open all the time16:54
ali1234then you just pin them16:54
SuperMattI don't want to have to open a terminal window for every app I want to run16:55
popeyi find it faster to use dash16:55
ali1234then you don't ever have to wait three seconds for the dash to open and then futz around in an annoying mess of amazon junk :)16:55
popeysuper, ge, enter, \o/ gedit16:55
SuperMattalso: super -> text is less keystrokes than ctrl+alt+t -> text16:55
MartijnVdSpopey: I use alt+f216:55
popeyalso end up with terminals kicking around16:55
popeythat too16:55
ali1234who doesn't have terminals open?16:56
popeyi have one16:56
popeythe one I am typing at you in16:56
ali1234one is more than enough16:56
MartijnVdSpopey: because I don't think "super" looks in original language (English) descriptions, only in localised ones16:56
rowinggolferpopey, I am surprised to see that www.ubuntu.com has no ipv6 support16:56
popeyI am not.16:56
rowinggolferpopey, surely you should be trend setting?16:56
rowinggolferyou == canonical16:57
popeyfile a bug16:57
rowinggolferpopey :)16:57
SuperMattideally I think people would like to see ipv6 repos, and I'm certain I've been a bug about that16:57
SuperMattbut surely ipv6 can access the ipv4 address space?16:58
popeybug 99513716:58
SuperMattwhich means it's only cosumer ISPs that desperately need to make sure their ipv6 is up to snuff16:58
lubotu3bug 995137 in ubuntu-website-content "Add IPv6 support to sites" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99513716:58
rowinggolferbug 110805517:01
lubotu3bug 1108055 in Ubuntu "ubuntu.com has no ipv6 support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110805517:01
mgdmdaubers: was it you who once called 999 on the tv licencing guy who let himself into your flat...?17:13
daubersmgdm: Yup17:24
MartijnVdSmgdm: you mean 0118 999 881 999 119 725...3?17:24
mgdmdaubers: well played. I just got remindedof that earlier17:25
daubersmgdm: They don't like the question "How come the police need a warrent but you don't?"17:26
gordgeez, why would he do that? surely his job isn't worth getting thrown in gaol for tresspassing for17:27
* mgdm makes notes17:27
daubersgord: This was in halls17:27
daubersgord: Remember according to many, students aren't important and have no rights17:27
gordthey've tried to come in my house before because i don't have a licence, i've said no and they said okay17:28
mgdmwhen I was in halls the enforcement was done by a janitor, who had the keys anyway, and would let themselves in and have a nose about and leave a note17:29
shaunothere's a few bugs open for canonical sites not having ipv6; bug 241305 is 200817:29
lubotu3bug 241305 in Ubuntu Website "security.ubuntu.com not accessible in IPv6 (AAAA record missing in the DNS)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24130517:29
daubersgord: They get grumpy with me every time. Specially when I send letters back to them asking them to prove to me that I recieve broadcast after recieving their threatening letters17:30
gordask them to use a detector van17:30
daubersoooh home time!17:31
MartijnVdStricorders and quantum fluctiations prove it!17:31
gordi wish i had a business where i was allowed to send out really threatening letters to people to pay up or face fines17:31
* daubers goes home17:31
mgdmgord: take up patent trolling17:31
gordor, become an actual troll under a bridge!17:32
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MartijnVdSWe'll get a King William IV (most likely)18:08
popeycan't see our queenie doing that18:09
MartijnVdSpopey: did you need to enable a PPA for MTP to work properly? Or is it in today's Raring updates?18:10
davmor2popey: I think she will but for Charles to turn it down and it move to William and Kate :) The are being groomed18:12
MartijnVdSdavmor2: That will just lead to confusion though18:12
MartijnVdS"King William" "Which one?"18:12
popeyraring works18:12
davmor2MartijnVdS: The numbers at the end will give it away18:12
davmor2popey: what do you mean raring works?18:13
popey18:10:37 < MartijnVdS> popey: did you need to enable a PPA for MTP to work properly? Or is it in today's Raring updates?18:13
MartijnVdSpopey: hm, ok.. doesn't seem to work for my GNexus18:15
MartijnVdSI needed to reboot ;)18:15
MartijnVdSprobably some old gvfsd lingering18:15
MartijnVdSHm.. that made my my workspaces disappear too18:22
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Darael...What possessed me to try a real-time game of Singularity?  Well, it should keep me occasionally-occupied for the next N years, I suppose.19:29
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davmor2MartijnVdS: did it work post reboot?19:53
MartijnVdSdavmor2: yes but rhythmbox doesn't transcode flac -> mp3 :(20:24
MartijnVdSdavmor2: it also picks up too many files (like the "Turn left" prompts from Google Navigation)20:25
MartijnVdSgreat, Chrome is confused again20:27
solarcloud_3srcnWent to sleep with the heating on ..... woke up 2 hours later and thought I had died !!20:57
jacobwsolarcloud_3srcn: understandable, it is quite warm in hell21:05
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skinofstarshi all. quick question, how do i launch programs with unity? like ones which i know are in bin but don't have a .desktop file21:56
skinofstarslike in crunchbang you can use dmenu or the quick launcher21:59
skinofstarsubuntu-uk told me. alt+f2. thanks22:00
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