derekvmaybe i'll order that standup desk00:44
snap-lderekv: I ordered a ball chair01:08
snap-land a Cherry MX black keyboard.01:08
rick_h_grrr, hate when the wife drives in this crap02:49
rick_h_can't we go back to the old days where I could have just told her to stay home02:49
derekvwhat was that brand of desk we were talking about?03:06
derekvwas it geekdesk?03:06
rick_h_that's what I've got03:09
rick_h_http://www.geekdesk.com/default.asp?contentID=634 + solid core door for a top03:10
rick_h_thuogh a bit different setup now03:11
derekvwhy the door frame03:14
derekvjust to save money?03:14
derekvnice rack ... *snicker*03:14
greg-grick_h_: nothing planned04:02
rick_h_derekv: yea, getting it without a top is cheaper and shipping is a chunk cheaper as well. The door was just $50 so saved some11:27
rick_h_so we're officially CHC Royal Oak now :/13:27
widoxrick_h_: heh13:47
widoxrick_h_: there is a new Detroit one, but they didn't call it CHC...13:47
widoxbut its the same thing13:47
rick_h_yea, but I guess they're part of it13:47
rick_h_why I got the email13:47
rick_h_ There's13:47
rick_h_> > one being started in downtown Detroit that's meeting next week:13:47
rick_h_> >13:47
rick_h_> > http://www.meetup.com/DetCoffeeCode/13:47
widoxyeah- this Thurs13:48
rick_h_bah sorry, should have cleaned up first13:48
snap-lGood morning13:49
snap-lYay CHC Royal Oak13:50
snap-lI guess it's time to re-locate to Madison Heights again. ;)13:50
rick_h_CHC Where-ever-the-#$%#@-rick-sits :P13:51
snap-lCHC Rick's Ass.13:51
snap-lI <3 the date command13:51
snap-lCheck this out... give me a sec.13:52
rick_h_~50 tracks?13:53
snap-lYeah, that's around 3 hours of music13:53
snap-land (secret revealing time) I scripted picking around 60 tracks randomly in Python. (with artist checking)13:54
snap-lI still review 'em after it picks 'em, but it's mostly to get a head start on creating a playlist.13:56
snap-lDoing it manually is a real PITA13:57
rick_h_didn't realize it was 3hrs13:57
snap-lYeah, that's on Metal Injection.fm13:57
snap-lFunny enough, the guy who put together their radio station put the code for handling the shows on github13:58
snap-lwhich helped me debug a problem with the ISO Week numbers he was using.13:59
rick_h_lmao https://twitter.com/YOLO_YODA/status/295725404264738816/photo/114:06
snap-lOK, outside of using CTRL-W to delete a word back (which I use reflexively) what other keypresses will allow you to delete the previous word?14:18
snap-lor better still, what do you guys use to do mass deletes like that? :)14:18
rick_h_where X is some character I want to delete up until14:26
rick_h_then there's di( di" and di'14:26
snap-lHm. I now CTRL-U will delete the line while you're editing.14:34
jrwrensnap-l: you should do a metal room on turntable.fm :p14:46
snap-ljrwren: Have they removed that dippy requirement to have a Facebook account?14:46
jrwrenyou can just register with them, no FB or twitter needed14:47
snap-ljrwren: Hm, might check them out again14:50
jrwrenwe have a nice industrial room15:06
widoxrick_h_: haha. thats great15:11
brouschgreg-g: You there?16:30
rick_h_he's hiding16:40
brouschNo. He's dying16:42
brouschBad soy burger or something16:42
brouschI make light of it, but he's not feeling well16:42
greg-gbrousch: :P I'm out on a short/slow walk in fresh air, stopped at a coffee shop. Still not feeling well, but didn't want to walk all the way back home yet :/17:38
greg-gcarrie made some awesome seafood dish last night, apparently I ate a bad oyster or something :/17:38
rick_h_greg-g: asked about MI because I"m selling off a batch of my starter hand tools :P17:40
greg-goh no!17:41
rick_h_want to see you carry on with a hand plane in the pocket lol17:41
greg-gyeah, lets see.......17:41
snap-lMan, I wish Canonical stocked these: http://www.keyboardco.com/keyboard_details.asp?PRODUCT=86218:11
rick_h_lol, now he's customizing the keyboard18:13
rick_h_down the rabbit hole!18:13
greg-grick_h_: you might like this blog, or maybe not, it is "ecovillage" focused (he lives at one I visited when I was in undergrad), but awesome photos and work: http://www.small-scale.net/yearofmud/2013/01/28/timber-frame-joinery-how-to-cut-a-tenon/#.UQa_nuDU9E418:13
rick_h_greg-g: cool18:14
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah yeah yeah18:14
brouschgreg-g: Good luck18:14
snap-lgreg-g: Hope you feel better soon18:15
brouschgreg-g: Would you mind sending your slides? I think Dave Brondsema is going to pad his talk with some license stuff18:15
greg-gbrousch: so, uh18:15
greg-gthat was the plan for this morning, originally (things got in the way last week :/ )18:15
brouschLet me guess. Your slides are under a proprietary license!18:15
rick_h_under a DNC license :P18:16
brouschAh, OK18:16
greg-gI can send you something I did before at a similar (but longer) talk18:16
brouschI think we can get by without them18:16
snap-lThey're under a kickinnutz license18:17
snap-lyou can share them, but greg-g reserves teh right to kick you in the nuts.18:17
brouschIsn't that always the case?18:17
snap-lbrousch: You read the license agreement, didn't you?18:18
snap-lIt's part of browsing my site.18:18
snap-lHah! We got it first!18:19
snap-land I did a video of it too.18:19
snap-lEast side RUUUUUUULES18:19
greg-gthey're woefully out of date (any numbers are probably wrong) but yeah18:19
snap-lGR always gets things later than the east siders. ;)18:19
snap-lexcept great restaurants, decent bandwith, goodwill toward men18:20
greg-gand awesome beer18:20
snap-lhaving to lock my door at night and sleep with one eye open vs waiting a week for the latest hollywood blockbuster = totally worth it18:20
greg-gso really, you win ;)18:20
* snap-l wonders what it would take to get a giant Amway building over on this side of the state. ;)18:21
brouschWell Atomic Object opened up there18:22
brouschThat's one of our best dev shops18:23
snap-ljrwren: OOP is totally dead. :)18:39
greg-grick_h_: also, related, not sure if I've shared http://freecabinporn.com/ with you before (I love the domain name)18:52
greg-gok, starting to hit my "in public" limit, time to mosy back home to a warm bed18:53
rick_h_hah, thanks for the linkage18:53
greg-git is part of my daily mental health rss subscription :)18:54
brouschI'm afraid to look18:54
rick_h_just for jcastro http://theoatmeal.com/blog/dinosaur_hotel19:10
rick_h_jcastro: for the next anniversary :P19:10
jcastrohah awesome19:14
derekvthat feeling when you open a git repo by a group of windows using non developers,20:12
derekvNow how to fix this without any risk of screwing someone up20:13
derekveg mixed line ending encodings20:13
snap-lderekv: You don't.20:30
snap-lJust take them out back and beat them over the head with a club.20:30
snap-lIt's easier that way.20:31
snap-lI'm only half kidding20:31
snap-lYou'll probably need something more than a club.20:31
snap-lMan, not another Rails exploit22:33
snap-lit's going to be like Java soon.22:33

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