Kiloseeek morning empty room05:02
barrydkGood morning everyone05:24
Kiloshi barrydk 05:24
Kilosmorning nlsthzn 05:39
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos 05:40
magespawnmorning all05:43
Kiloshi magespawn 05:43
Kiloshi jrgns 05:43
nlsthznalo Maaz 05:46
nlsthznalo magespawn 05:46
magespawnlol hey nlsthzn05:47
jrgnsmorning Kilos, all06:00
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:06
nlsthznlack of sleep is never a good thing... mhahahahahahah *erm*06:07
magespawnit does cahnge your point of view though06:07
nlsthznpoint taken06:09
Kilosmorning superfly 06:18
superflyhi Kilos06:18
Kilosyo simeon 06:27
magespawnwhat up superfly06:36
superflyhey magespawn, how goes?06:36
magespawnall is good, and you?06:36
superflymostly fine06:38
* magespawn goes and get a notpad and pulls up a couch for superfly06:40
superflymagespawn: kids and things, you know...06:41
magespawni don't know that much about things, that's Maaz'z department, but kids now there is something i know about06:43
magespawncome to think of it actually i kniow almost nothing about them too06:43
Kiloswait till they are teenagers06:44
magespawnthen they all get ipods (from me) and they are at boarding school (yay)06:45
Kiloswhen they small the use time more than anything, when they inna teens the use everything06:46
magespawni am edging for oute mongolia but the wif says a little closer so they can come home on weekends06:46
Kilosbut when you are 60 you can think back with fond memories and you wouldnt have changed anything06:47
magespawn10 year old eats as much as i do, so am going to need a supermarket when he is a teenager06:47
Kilosmaybe a bit more strap06:47
magespawngotta go install a network printer bbl06:49
Kiloshi tumbleweed 06:53
charl__good morning08:09
charl__Maaz: coffee on08:09
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:09
Kiloshi charl__ 08:10
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:10
MaazKilos: Sure08:10
charl__Kilos: hi!08:10
MaazCoffee's ready for charl__ and Kilos!08:13
Vince-0Maaz, beer please08:13
MaazVince-0: Go get it yourself!08:13
KilosMaaz, thanks08:13
MaazKilos: No problem08:13
Vince-0Maaz, sandwich please08:13
MaazVince-0: Go get it yourself!08:13
Vince-0Maaz, degree in computer science please08:15
MaazVince-0: Go get it yourself!08:15
charl__Kilos: how's it going08:16
charl__hi Vince-0 08:16
Kilosworking hard. rebuilding maverick file by file with gdebi08:16
Kilosno update available08:16
Kilosyo Vince-0 08:16
Kilos2025 files08:19
Kilosat least gdebi tells you which dependancies to install first08:20
Kilosi must be mavericks most faithful follower08:24
Kilosthen they dump it08:24
Kiloshiya morgs hows things?08:25
Kilossaid last night i wonder where you are08:26
morgshi Kilos08:27
morgsIt has been a while :)08:27
Kilosyou naughty08:27
Kiloshi Squirm 08:38
Kilossuperfly, do you know about this http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Operating-Systems/Linux-Distributions/Python-OS-87758.shtml08:47
* Squirm is on the next RH course :)08:55
superflyKilos: it's on Softpedia, it's not worth knowing :-P08:59
Kilosoh is that a bad place08:59
Kilosi though a python OS would be nice and fast and efficient09:03
Kilosyo mazal 10:52
mazalLo oom Kilos 10:52
mazalGaanit ?10:52
Kilosok dankie en self?10:52
mazalKla nie dankie10:52
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magespawnhey Kilos, how the afternoon? Quiet in here i see.14:08
Trixar_zaDon't know about you guys, but XKCD's What-if section is always fascinating to me14:20
Kiloshey Trixar_za has slitaz also got archives14:23
Kilosand how do you tell your package manager to look there14:24
Trixar_zaArchives in what way?14:26
Kiloswhere your pc stores downloaded packages14:30
Trixar_zaIf you mean downloaded SliTaz packages, then you just have to double click it to install them14:31
Trixar_zaIf you mean zip, 7z, rar (the 'weird' formats) you'll need those non-free packages installed and XArchive to open them14:32
Kilosno man i mean where are they stored14:35
Kilosas in we use /var/cahe/apt/archives14:36
Trixar_zaAh, those14:36
Kilosok now14:37
Trixar_zaAnd generally trying to get-install it makes tazpkg use the cache'd version first14:37
Kiloslets say you got no internet and copy those from another pc14:37
Trixar_zaYou have to use --force to make it download it again14:37
Kiloshow do you get to let your package manager know they are there14:38
Trixar_zaor clear the cache14:38
Trixar_zaPossibly just copy them there and try installing it14:38
Trixar_zaLike I said, it defaults to the cache'd version14:38
Kilosok ty . i am looking for a workaround to let apt-get see i have all the packages needed in the cache14:39
Kilosbut it first wants to see online what there should be before checking cache14:39
Trixar_zaWe don't have something like AptOnCD or a proxy that allows for local repositories14:40
Trixar_zaalthough the packages DVD does have a script that does something like this14:40
Kilosok ty14:40
Trixar_zaGenerally it would be easier to use something like http://pizza.slitaz.me to add the packages to the iso before you download it14:41
Trixar_zaor create a custom flavour based on your current system using tazusb or tazlito14:42
Trixar_za>.> Probably14:55
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inetpro_Kilos: wanner kom die reen weer?15:03
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
Kiloswat is dit?15:03
Kilosons het 3 gehad gisteraand15:04
Kilosdaai goed15:04
inetproek het nie eers gekyk nie15:05
inetproook so bietjie gehad gisteroggend15:05
inetprooja en 'n paar druppels gisteraand15:05
Kiloshaha kleintjies15:06
Kiloswerk uit vir my hoe om apt my archives te laat sien sonder eers apt-get hemel toe15:07
Kilosgoogle weet nie15:10
Kiloshi henkj 15:12
henkjhi Kilos 15:12
Kilosha can one add apt /var/cache/apt/archives/15:13
Kilosdont all answer at once15:19
tumbleweedKilos: yes, you can put things in there15:28
magespawnlater all15:28
Kilosjust sudo add apt /var/cache/apt/archives/ tumbleweed ?15:40
Kiloswow that would be wonderful15:40
Kilosaw add command not found!15:42
tumbleweederr in that case I misunderstood15:42
tumbleweedwhat are you trying to do?15:43
Kilosim trying to get apt-get update to look in archives for packages15:43
Kilosbecause maverick isnt supported anymore15:44
Kilosso cant do the apt-get update15:44
tumbleweedchange your mirror to old-releases.ubuntu.com15:44
tumbleweedalso, stop using maverick15:45
Kilosbut i got all updates before it expired15:45
Kilosits on a spare pc tumbleweed that i still have to save everything before i use unity or kde there15:45
Kilosand its got everything like quassel konversation and all them funny things15:46
tumbleweedanyway, if apt finds a deb in /var/cache/apt/archives/ it won't have to download it15:46
tumbleweedbut that only applies to packages that it actually has a source for15:47
Kilosit doesnt look there because it cant first go see whats online15:47
Kilos how do i change the mirror to old-releases.ubuntu.com please15:49
tumbleweededit your /etc/apt/sources.list15:50
Kilosah ok ty tumbleweed 15:50
Kilosdo i add a line like this tumbleweed 15:58
Kilosdeb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/maverick/15:58
Kilosnope thats not a package list16:04
tumbleweedKilos: no, it's just http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ instead of http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/16:08
tumbleweedeverything else stays the same16:08
Kilosok ty very much16:10
Kiloswbb gonna try that16:17
Kilosi tried that all over tumbleweed 16:41
KilosE: Malformed line 52 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist)16:41
KilosE: The list of sources could not be read.16:41
Kilosthat was the last one i added it at the end16:41
tumbleweedwhich was?16:43
Kilosi first put the old one in place of the one you said then tried adding it other places and get list cant be read all over16:45
Kilosas soon as i remove old-releases then the list is read agin16:46
tumbleweedwhat was the full line? I just told you what the source URL should be16:47
tumbleweedbecause archive.ubuntu.com doesn't have maverick any more16:47
Kilosim on the maverick pc now16:49
tumbleweedcan you just pastebin your sources.list, and I'll explain16:50
tumbleweedok, so you currently get lots of 404s, right?16:52
tumbleweedwhen you run apt-get update16:52
tumbleweedso, everywhere where you see archive.ubuntu.com or ls.archive.ubuntu.com or security.ubuntu.com16:53
tumbleweedchange that to old-releases.ubuntu.com16:53
tumbleweedwhat's ls?16:53
tumbleweedMaaz: .ls16:53
Maaztumbleweed: ISO doesn't know about any such ccTLD16:53
tumbleweeda, thuoght so16:54
Kilosdidnt set away from there to start16:54
tumbleweedthat's the same as za16:54
Kilosill go change it in update manager16:55
tumbleweedyou need to get maverick-security from there too16:55
tumbleweedI don't know if update manager will make that easy16:55
Kilosits busy reloading16:56
KilosFailed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found16:57
Kiloslost more 404's16:57
tumbleweedok, you can disable extras16:57
Kiloshere is the new list16:59
tumbleweeddoesn't look like you changed *anything* to old-releases.ubuntu.com at all17:00
Kilosoh no just changed mirrors17:00
tumbleweedwell, that won't help17:00
tumbleweednone of them have maverick17:00
Kilosso must i hash all of those?17:01
tumbleweedno, change them17:01
Kilosall those unhashed lines?17:02
Kiloshope thats right17:10
KilosE: Malformed line 10 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist)17:11
KilosE: The list of sources could not be read.17:11
Kilosi go see17:11
Kilosi dunno what i did wrong there17:13
Kilosmust i change the hashed lines too tumbleweed ?17:24
tumbleweedKilos: you deleted everything after the URL18:09
Kilosoh my 18:09
Kilosok i try fix18:10
Kilossorry for the hassles18:10
Kiloswhew what a twit18:11
tumbleweedhah, np18:12
nlsthzngot to love boxed wine from SA :)18:14
Kiloshi nlsthzn Squirm 18:43
Cantidehttp://www.flickr.com/groups/ringtailwallpaper/pool/ some nice wallpapers in here already :) one of them is mine 'o'18:44
Kilossorry tumbleweed  what now. lotsa error 40418:46
tumbleweedKilos: /ubuntu/ not /ubuntu-archive/18:47
Kilosholy moly its working18:55
KilosMaaz, tumbleweed ++18:55
Kilosty tumbleweed 18:55
Kilosgood night all. sleep tight19:37
chilicuilnlsthzn: hi, =), sry to disturb you, it's just that the pad.ubuntu-uk.org has died.., therefore the registration for the ubuntu loco games is now located here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/LocoGames in the case you guys are still interested in playing, have a great day20:10
superflychilicuil: sadly, I think the interest has pretty much waned :-( most of the folks here don't really play those games21:04
chilicuilsuperfly: it's ok superfly =), there will be hopefully other events where we all can participate21:06
superflychilicuil: a lot21:13
superflychilicuil: it is a great initiative21:13
superflybut these days I don't here as much time at the PC as I used to21:14
superflychilicuil: by the way, do you know if omgubuntu.co.uk did an article on your LoCo games? that would get you a lot of publicity 21:16
chilicuilI dont so, superfly, I'm thinking in emailing the loco mailing lists, do you think that may be agressive?21:17
superflychilicuil: no, I think that is a good idea, and send an E-mail to the guys at omgubuntu.co.uk 21:19
chilicuilI'll do, thanks for the idea superfly21:20
superflychilicuil: you're welcome!21:22
superflyalrighty, bed time, good night everyone!21:23
chilicuilgood night!21:23

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