ttoinezequence, ping ?08:24
ttoineastraljava, ping ?08:24
astraljavattoine: pong08:41
astraljavattoine: Sorry, gotta run. Talk later in the afternoon?08:49
ttoineastraljava, yes, sure08:53
astraljavattoine: On the other hand, do you have any specific issue? If you could state it here, I seem to be connected quite sporadically. :)09:49
ttoineastraljava, oh, yes, I just would like to know if you still work on gcdmaster ?09:50
astraljavattoine: Ahh, that. No I haven't, but I do intend to. I've just had too many other pressing issues.09:51
astraljavaBut it's an open project, so anyone can just go ahead and work on it. I'm sure the base hasn't been updated, I seem to recall it's quite a dead project. So fetching it in bzr should get you started.09:53
ttoineastraljava, I am not skilled for that09:57
ttoineBut I think I will keep a 10.04 version of Ubuntu with Gcdmaster in order to burn some master cd from time to time09:58
astraljavaI've heard others do the same. :) I'll announce when there's some progress with that.10:02
ttoineastraljava, ok10:02
ttoineastraljava, it is not possible to just get the lastest sources from 2009 and package it in a PPA ?10:56
ttoinefirst trials I have done : http://blog.ttoine.net/files/2013/01/Performance-MixBus.txt17:25
ttoinezequence, ping17:25
zequencettoine: Hi17:58
astraljavattoine: I wouldn't think it'd compile anymore. I'm fairly sure the required packages no longer linger around. And anyway if they do, then most likely not in the too distant future they won't. So the porting to GTK3 libs is necessary.18:10
zequencelen-1304: So, what conclusion did you come to on 44.1 vs 48kHz?20:50
len-1304zequence, There is not support upstream to make 48k the pulse default.21:28
len-1304There have been more people who have fixed their sound by going 48k and the more documents I read the more I see 48K as the professional standard at least in the broadcast field.21:29
zequencelen-1304: You know what I found? qjackctl is being patched to use 44.1 instead of the original 48. 21:30
zequenceIt's done in the packaging, evidently21:31
len-1304However, with pulse fixed so it gives up the device correctly, there doesn't seem to be any problem with Jackd or jackdbus changing the rate to 48k21:31
len-1304Is that debian or ubuntu?21:31
zequencelen-1304: I think Debian21:32
len-1304zequence, What are the chances of changing that?21:32
len-1304There is a sense that in the engineering community that the standard is 48k and a sense in the consumer market that the standard is 44.1k.21:34
zequencelen-1304: I've started communicating a bit with the Debian Multimedia Team, and already got the wrapper script for qjackctl removed21:35
zequenceAs long as the arguments are good, I don't think anyone will disapprove21:35
len-1304I found that almost all the downloadable media is 44.1k except for ripped from dvd video stuff.21:35
zequenceI'm going to look up all the --debug builds, and that should earn me some cred21:35
zequenceSo, after that, I could bring up the samplerate thing21:36
zequenceI'm going to become a member, which will grant me access to the git repos21:36
len-1304There are a number of threads in the LAU list that deal with sample rate.21:36
zequenceI'll be able to make changes directly then, but will of course discuss with the team first21:36
len-1304I would suggest leaving pulse alone so long as we can get qjackctl to default to 48k.21:37
zequenceFirst day at school today. Started reading a book about computer hardware. One already knows 80% of it, but it's nice having the chance to be thorough21:38
len-1304zequence, I have been reading the documentation for the mother board chipsets (intel ich6, ich7 etc.) They all assume default of 48k.21:38
zequenceYeah, I've had the impression builtin audio usually defaults to 4821:39
zequenceIsn't it the DVD standard?21:39
len-130448k is the everything standard but for CD (44.1k) and blueray (192k)21:40
len-1304One of the ubuntu devs says he has a USB audio IF that is 44.1 only, but I know of more that are 48k only21:40
zequencelen-1304: Would you like to try falktx app? It has some nice things in it. Would be good to give him some feedback, now that he's pushing it into Debian, and thus will be available to us also. 21:42
len-1304MADI (AES10), S/PDIF (AES3, AES-EBU) and I think even ADAT are default 48k/24bit.21:42
* zequence looks for it21:42
len-1304I have it on my 12.04 machine21:42
len-1304It does a lot of what controls will do21:43
len-1304I will add it to this machine too (13.04)21:44
zequenceI think it does well on controlling jackdbus. Some things are nice that they are integrated, like ladish. But, it's also a bit too custom in some ways, IMO21:44
zequenceI also feel it could be ordered in a nicer way21:44
len-1304I think anything like this will end up too custom.21:44
zequenceToo many controls for noobs. Would be good to hide some into deeper layers21:44
len-1304It will take some time of use and users says "can we do this?"21:45
zequenceI think what we are looking for is something simple21:45
len-1304OTOH it is nice to be able to say "open this app go to this tab click on this"21:46
len-1304We don't have anything right now... just cli for some.21:46
zequencerealtime administration is one thing that I really want to have. I've already prepared most of it for controls. Just need to start working on the implementation21:47
zequenceWell, we've gone through most of that21:48
len-1304There seem to be some thing in cadence that are not finished too, like CPU governor setup.21:48
zequenceYep. He mentioned it not being finished yet21:48
zequenceWell, I'm heading to sleep. later..21:50
len-1304micahg, What ever happened to ubuntustudio-default-settings?21:50
micahghrm, I keep pushing it out of my mind :-/, keep poking me, I'll do it this week21:51
len-1304Which day should I poke micahg 21:51
len-1304Any particular time?21:52
len-1304Thank you, I'll do it.21:53
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