cfhowlettany kdenlive users here?  It's crashing on *render* in 12.1008:59
xrstry changeing what codecs its encoding in?09:04
xrsi know openshot crashes if you use certain codecs09:05
cfhowlettxrs, thanks. the original query was from #ubuntu and he's gone.09:06
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ploverI am having a very odd problem with the Ubuntu Studio desktop which I'm not even quite sure how to describe. When I boot, a previous session is being restored. However, the desktop is mostly nonfunctional.  No windows have a top title bar, and many of them have their menu bar glued into the desktop taskbar.  So far I haven't even been able to get a terminal window that I can use. I can't get rid of the session by rebooting.17:03
ravenhow to find the best settings for less xruns in jack?19:03
xrsi personally dont know but you could also try in #jack or #opensourcemusicians19:06
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aanyone use VVVV here?19:49
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Guest20091anyone use VVVV here?19:49
NoTchTesTso no VVVV user here?19:53
xrsnot me19:55
NoTchTesTbut any cinelerra here?20:13
xrsso far i just use openshot and blender20:14
NoTchTesThows blender, openshot isnt mine20:15
NoTchTesTblender i meant20:15
NoTchTesTopenshot is too simple20:15
xrscant argue with ya there20:16
xrsblender is more for 3D modeling and special effects20:16
NoTchTesTbut i cant find something like final cut20:16
zequenceNoTchTesT: Try kdenlive20:38
NoTchTesThi zequence20:38
zequenceNoTchTesT: Keep a look out for Lightworks. No releases yet though20:38
NoTchTesTand what for audio?20:38
zequenceWhat sort of audio?20:38
NoTchTesTkinda Nuendo or Pro Tools20:39
zequenceArdour is a multitrack recording Daw, so a bit like those, yes20:39
NoTchTesTfor video sync20:39
NoTchTesTXjadeo + Ardour?20:40
zequenceI have no experience in that. I'm mainly into audio20:40
NoTchTesTive cinelerra20:40
NoTchTesTbut ./configure doesnt work for me20:41
NoTchTesTto install20:41
zequenceNoTchTesT: You mean, building it?20:46
zequenceNoTchTesT: You're probably missing build dependencies20:47
zequenceNoTchTesT: Have you tried this PPA? https://launchpad.net/~cinelerra-ppa/+archive/ppa20:47
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hierro59join #studiolibre23:08
hierro59UbuntuStudio en español?23:16
Unit193!es | hierro5923:17
ubottuhierro59: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:17
NoTchTesTlooking for audio/video software any idea?23:33
NoTchTesTsync, edit, etc...23:34
gartralNoTchTesT: what are you looking to do? just basic edits, or a "complete suite"?23:57

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