ochosimicahg: seems like you're fighting windmills...06:36
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micahgknome: if we actually had testers for powerpc, I don't see why we shouldn't make images, our packages aren't that broken on powerpc21:02
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knomemicahg, if we have testers.21:10
Unit193There's a way to test it with qemu, and a couple have the hardware.  I might technically have the hardware, cousin was going to get rid of a G4, not sure if he has already.21:19
micahgwell, I don't want powerpc tested at the expense of x8621:23
Unit193Well of course.21:24
knomemicahg, is there any proof of testers?21:49
knomemicahg, i overlooked the logs for the discussion, and if it's like "there's 1 guy, and this other who already does all kinds of PPC tests can help too", i'm not sure if we really want it21:50
micahgI'll have to ask phill for them21:50
knomecan you ask him to tell the testers to send an email to -devel so we can see what the situation looks like?21:51
Unit193pleia2 said she had one, but didn't have time for more than once in a while.21:58
astraljavaHow many active machines do you imagine are out there, I mean potential Xubuntu users?22:02
astraljavaAnd yes, I'm referring to the powerpc discussion, thankyouverymuch.22:05
Unit193Well, in theory you could use popcon to see ppc users of xfce4, but I don't see the link right now.22:22
GridCubefrom #xubuntu-es: <jairosuse> Solo quiero dar muchas gracias a este sistema operativo , tiene mucho futuro y solo pienso en extender la Filosofia GNU Linux (translates to: I just wanted to thank you all for this OS, you have a great future and i hope to extend the gnu/linux philosofy23:18

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