satanxcoolthanks for the info00:01
JoeHello, I am looking to install Xubuntu, it will be my first Linux based OS00:05
JoeI have a question on what I should download00:05
genoobieJoe, what's your hardware?00:05
genoobieoh and welcome!00:06
JoeI have found an old Dell Dimension 4600 and I am coming from nothing but Windows. I have 512 mb RAM and Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz and other than that, I have no idea what information is required haha00:06
genoobieseems ok00:06
genoobieyou may want to consider lubuntu too00:06
genoobiewhat kind of video?00:07
genoobiealthough it will probably be fine00:07
JoeI was at an Ubuntu chat and they suggest Xubuntu as it should be able to handle it00:07
JoeUm one second let me check00:07
genoobiehere a good comparison00:07
JoeIs it the video card you are asking for?00:07
Joe*graphics card00:08
genoobiexubuntu looks good, looks better than lubuntu, but performance in lubuntu is prolly better00:08
JoeAccording to that my old tower meets the optimal specs for Xubuntu so I am probably just trying out Xubuntu first off00:09
genoobieyes, xubuntu is a tiny bit resource heavy on graphics versus say lubuntu00:09
satanxJoe, apt-get install unetbootin00:09
JoeI was in another chat earlier and they suggested Xubuntu to me and it's worth a shot00:09
genoobiesatanx, he doesn't have any OS on there now00:09
JoeCorrect, I formatted the hard drive00:10
satanxwhat os you useing atm joe?00:10
JoeOn what I wish to install I have no OS installed00:10
satanxso blank drive atm?00:10
genoobieget 12.10 i38600:10
genoobienot the alternate install00:10
JoeOkay what is the difference between 12.04 alternate an d desktop?00:11
satanxyou got another pc you can make a disk or something?00:11
JoeYes, I can make a bootable flash drive00:11
genoobieget desktop00:11
JoeDesktop is the iso file?00:11
genoobieboth are .iso files00:11
genoobieif your dell 4600 can boot from the USB then use that00:11
satanxid try freebsd imo00:12
JoeAh what is the difference? Because I am not sure how much hard drive space I have as I had to dig out an old one00:12
saltmiserCheri703, sounds ilke your 3D graphics hardware is either not supported correctly or is broken00:12
genoobieugh freebsd has not much in the way of hardware support00:12
saltmisergenoobie, no that will run Xubuntu just fine00:12
genoobiesaltmiser, yes, but for the install his cdrom is prolly older00:12
saltmiserI wouldn't worry about that00:13
saltmiserhe only has to use the CDROM once00:13
satanxjoe stay away from unity00:13
genoobieno unity00:13
saltmiseraway from unity00:13
* saltmiser hisses00:13
genoobieso the alternate install may not be a bad option00:13
JoeOkay will do.00:13
genoobieif you don't mind text interfaces00:13
genoobieand nCurses00:13
saltmiserhe does00:13
saltmiserhe will00:13
JoeWhat is the difference between alternate and desktop install?00:13
saltmiserit will be scary00:13
saltmiserJoe use the desktop00:13
saltmiserthe alternate install will ask you a bunch of questions that you'll have no idea how to answer00:13
genoobiedoesn't desktop rely on unity for enviro?00:13
satanx2nd that00:13
saltmisernot xubuntu00:13
satanxnot for xubuntu00:14
JoeBut the alternate requires less free space and I am not sure how much I have currently00:14
saltmiserJoe, you're going to format the entire hard drive00:14
genoobieinteresting for lubuntu which is lighter, it uses unity00:14
satanxxubuntu uses xfce00:14
genoobieyou'll have plenty of space00:14
saltmiserJoe, you have enough disk space00:14
saltmiseryou have at least 4gb probably00:14
satanxbut you can add w/e ui u wish00:14
JoeIt already is formated. It's from an old Windows 98 computer though so I'm limited :p00:14
saltmiserjoe, the installer will re-format it00:14
saltmiserspecifically for linux00:14
saltmiserlinux uses different file system formats than windows, especially00:15
genoobieeverything is a file in linux00:15
JoeOkay I will try the Desktop version but if I do not have enough space I will try the alternate as well00:15
satanxjoe, it you are a beginner linux useer... i would try ubuntu 10.04 first00:15
genoobiea mouse, that's a file00:15
saltmiseryou will have enough space joe, do not worry00:15
genoobie12.04 is prolly fine00:15
saltmisersatanx, stop playing satan that sounds ridiculous00:15
JoeI was suggested Xubuntu as it should run smoother on my Dimension 460000:15
genoobiebecause ubuntu uses unity00:16
saltmiserJoe xubuntu 12.04 or 12.1000:16
JoeSo 12.10 or 12.04 desktop version?00:16
saltmisereither version, doesn't matter00:16
genoobieit's heavy00:16
satanxsaltmiser, what should i play?00:16
saltmiserI use 12.10 I think00:16
genoobie12.10 has no problems here00:16
JoeAlright I'll try it with 12.10 first, thanks!00:16
saltmiserJoe, have it format the entire hard drive00:16
saltmiserblow the whole thing out00:16
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JoeWill it ask me that during install?00:16
Mom_sexsaltmiser, better?00:16
genoobiewill he need to make his own swap?00:16
JoeOkay I will indeed do that. Thank you00:17
saltmiserautopartition will00:17
genoobieor will the install take care of that00:17
saltmiserI remember when I used slackware for the first time00:17
JoeI must go for now, hwoever I should have time to install it within the week. Thank you for the asistance!00:17
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genoobieI remember partitioning for each /etc, /var and /tmp00:17
genoobieit was ridiculous00:17
saltmiserfreaking openbsd00:17
genoobieyou had to reinstall all the time so you wanted to keep data on another partition00:18
saltmiser2whats wrong with bsd?00:18
timm2 questions:1. is there a way to change the clock to an hour ahead? 2. everytime i close my netbook and it goes to sleep I need to restart Xubuntu, is there any way to fix this? I am on am aspire one acer netbook.00:18
saltmiser2timm goto poweroptions00:18
timmokay ,saltmiser200:19
saltmiser2er.. power mannagerment is what they call it00:20
timmso i want to put when laptop lid closes suspend? salmiser200:21
timmokay thanks.00:22
timmand then for the clock00:22
saltmiser2one min00:22
timmokay thanks00:23
saltmiser2im not sure about that might need new applet, you need to google that00:24
saltmiser2still looking00:24
timmI just got it00:24
saltmiser2right on good00:25
timmsystem>time and date00:25
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timmfrom the main menu00:25
Nerkshankgood to know00:25
timmi guess this is how you learn00:26
Nerkshankquestion: why cant i upgrade to 12.XX00:32
Nerkshanksay i need to make cd?00:32
Nerkshankplease help http://pastebin.com/8ehSwXGW00:34
timmnerkshank, no idea01:03
Boom_FarmerNerkshank: It's looking for the CD because it thinks you're wanting to upgrade from a CD. Is there an option to do a network upgrade?01:04
Boom_FarmerOr to upgrade from the Internet?01:04
xubuntu807having trouble connecting to protected next01:05
xubuntu807can anyone help me01:07
xubuntu807this started a couple days ago, after a update01:07
Boom_FarmerWhat sort of "protection" do they employ?01:09
saltmiserwell I don't use any of that01:09
saltmiserand indeed, what do you mean by protected?01:09
NerkshankBoom_Farmer, you were right cd-repositry was checked 4 some reason01:10
timmxubuntu807,can you connect to the same network on the LAN?01:13
xubuntu807I can, and I can also connecct when the network is open.01:14
timmcan you change the type of security on the network?01:15
timmand see if that works, xubunutu80701:15
xubuntu807Ill try that.01:16
timmand double check that you've got the right password01:17
JoeI have a quick question about Xubuntu. I read in Ubuntu there is an option to test and not install the OS. Does Xubuntu offer this as well?01:17
timmjoe, yes if you burn it to a disk or flash drive it offers that opion01:19
Boom_FarmerYes, there are Xubuntu Live distributions, if you get the Desktop LiveCD or live thumb drive ISO.01:19
JoeOkay, thank you. And I have been looknig around and it seems quite simple to dual boot Xubuntu and Windows Vista, is that correct?01:19
xubuntu807Hmm... Now it's saying that my wireless card is not managed.01:19
Nerkshanklol you got vista still01:20
JoeThis is an old PC, I also ahve 7 and 8\01:20
JoeI am looking to alternatives to my even older that ran Xp :p01:20
Nerkshanki got a brand new hp i dont use it you want it01:20
JoeThe 12.10 torrent download on the Xubuntu website offers the tes twithout install?01:21
timmjoe, the hardest part of running a daul boot of windows and ubuntu is resizing the windows storage partion01:22
Nerkshankwhat is cmd to how linux version?01:22
Boom_FarmerTo resize the Windows partition, boot into Windows and use Windows' tools to resize it.01:22
JoeWhy is it difficult?01:22
Boom_FarmerNerkshank: either `cat /etc/issue` or `uname -a`01:23
JoeOkay thank you01:23
Nerkshankuname ty01:23
timmboom_farmer, I had a hell of a time resizing mine.01:23
timmturrned out my partion was corrupt01:24
frustratedtechhave to disable pagesys files first01:24
NerkshankBoom_Farmer, its easy01:24
frustratedtechremove those then resize, then add them back01:24
Nerkshankyou got windows loaded rigtht now?01:24
Nerkshankill walk u throught01:25
genoobiehas anyone used the alternate install?01:26
genoobieanyhow the question is this01:26
genoobieI had a linux on /sda3 that I want to blow out01:26
genoobieI want to install xubuntu over it01:26
genoobiewhat's the difference between "resuse partition" and use "entire partition"?01:27
Nerkshankentire willl wipe everything01:27
genoobiewill wipe everything in the partition?01:27
genoobiebecause that's OK01:27
genoobieI'm blowing out sda3 anyhow01:27
genoobiewhat does "reuse" do then?01:28
Nerkshankmight try and recover some files01:28
genoobieokay, gotcha, nah, full wipeout would be fine01:28
Nerkshankif u want to wipe are fresh install to entire01:28
genoobiewould it reuse sda2 as my swap that I already ahve set up01:29
Nerkshanki would make a 2nd swap for your new partition01:29
Nerkshank2-5gs or so01:29
Nerkshankhow many hhd u working with?01:30
genoobieonly one OS at a time01:30
genoobiethe other is a windows OS01:30
Nerkshankyou might beable to get by with the one swap... dont qutoe me on that tho01:31
genoobiedo I want the bootable flag on or off01:31
Nerkshankyou have efu bios?01:32
genoobienot sure01:32
genoobiewhat is efi bios?01:32
genoobieI don't think so...01:32
Nerkshankmake it bootable and grub should find windows for dual boot01:32
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:32
Nerkshankbest to find a guide to help u install01:34
timmi manged to do a dual boot last night, took me till 3:30AM01:35
Nerkshankdod you install linux first then windows>01:36
Nerkshankalways install linux over windows01:36
timmlinux over windows, turned out my main partion was corrupt01:37
timmi go it delt with01:37
Nerkshankya can be a pain01:37
Nerkshankmicrosoft hates linux01:38
timmIn my opion linux is better01:41
timmlike i got so much support last night01:42
timmservice you cant get with windows01:42
Boom_Farmertimm: You can get that service for Windows, it'll just cost you money.01:48
timmbut not that fast.01:48
timmyou come on here you get help in like 5 minutes01:48
satanxxis there like a hardware manager for xubuntu... id like to see if my gtx660m driver is up to date02:05
Boom_Farmersatanxx: Try XFCE Menu > Settings > Additional Drivers02:06
satanxxno such options02:08
Boom_FarmerWhich version are you using? run `cat /etc/issue` in a terminal.02:12
Cheri703satanxx: additional drivers is in the "software sources" screen on xubuntu02:13
Cheri703so settings > software sources > additional drivers tab02:13
Cheri703on 12.10 at least02:13
ubottusatanxx: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».02:18
Boom_FarmerSo is that why people say !list on joining.02:19
timmBoom_Farmer, what type of computer you on?02:24
Boom_Farmertimm: Xubuntu 12.04, probably upgraded to 12.04 from 11.10 by dist-upgrade, Intel i5 with discrete graphics.02:25
timmdesktop, or laptop?02:26
Boom_Farmertimm: Yes.02:27
timmit was an either or question02:27
Boom_FarmerBoth. It's a laptop, but it spends most of its time plugged into the wall and an external monitor.02:28
timmoh, im on my netbook(xubuntu of course) never run this fast on windows ive got skype open and  playing a video with only 73% RAM used up Boom_Farmer02:30
Boom_Farmer73% of how much?02:31
timm1 gig02:31
Boom_FarmerI'm using about 4 GB (3.5GB RAM and then a bit of swap) but then I've had web browsers open for three days.02:31
timmXD why02:32
Boom_FarmerBecause that's my use case? My computer idles overnight. And I use open tabs as reminders of projects.02:32
satanxxso.... i got a nvidia gtx660m... i cant find correct drivers any suggestion?02:34
satanxxi got 16g mem :p02:34
Boom_Farmersatanxx: The latest Nvidia driver should work for you. Your card is listed as supported on http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-310.32-driver.html02:36
Boom_FarmerAlternately, just plug your card info in here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us02:37
xubuntu762Hello, I currently have a problem in which I cannot connect to any wifi networks, regardless of security. This happened after I installed updates a few days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.02:57
Boom_FarmerIs upgrading from XFCE 4.8 to 4.10 in 12.04 as simple as adding a ppa, apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade? http://it-diary.com/tutorials/install-xfce-4-10-in-ubuntu-12-04-lts-precise-pangolin/02:57
Boom_Farmerxubuntu762: Can you see the networks?02:57
xubuntu762I can see the networks, Boom_Farmer.02:58
Boom_FarmerDo you currently have passwords listed for those networks? You might try deleting the setting for a network and re-adding it.02:58
xubuntu762I do. deleting...02:59
xubuntu762I had no results after re-adding.03:01
Boom_FarmerIs it saving the settings correctly?03:01
xubuntu762I would assume so; I never had a problem with it before.03:02
Boom_Farmeropen the settings dialog and check that things like the authentication and inner authentication match what you know about the network.03:03
xubuntu762Alright, I have entered everything I know about the network...03:05
xubuntu762Still nothing...03:11
Boom_Farmer"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"03:41
Boom_FarmerMake sure you saved the changes, then reboot and see if the changes stuck.03:41
xubuntu762I have tried that. Even trying a USB wifi adapter doesn't work.03:42
Boom_FarmerChange the settings to something you know is wrong, save them, and reboot. See if those changes stuck.03:43
Boom_FarmerI'm wondering if the permissions are being saved.03:43
xubuntu762Okay, I will try that.03:45
xubuntu762The changes carried through.03:47
xubuntu779how do I check what version of xubuntu I have?03:48
Jeff_WilliamsHello i jsut installed linux for the first time :)03:48
Boom_Farmerxubuntu779: In a terminal, run: cat /etc/issue03:52
Jeff_Williamsi also need help xubuntu wont update any apps03:52
Boom_FarmerJeff_Williams: How are you trying to upfate?03:53
Jeff_Williamsthe update manager03:54
Jeff_Williamsok its staring to do something03:55
xubuntu016hello im running an aspire one acer netbook and im wondering if i can dim the screen on it and how03:55
xubuntu016on xbuntu03:55
Boom_Farmerxubuntu016: Do the Fn+whatever keys work?03:55
Jeff_Williamsok it told me to re start03:56
xubuntu016olny for audio03:56
Boom_Farmerxubuntu016: Is there a small sun-like object in your bar?03:56
Boom_FarmerRight click on the bar, click "Panel", "Add New Items", "Brightness plugin", "Add"03:58
xubuntu762Any headway on the wifi problem? I wonder if it happened because of a recent update...03:59
xubuntu016i dont see a brightness plugin or anything like that03:59
Boom_Farmerxubuntu762: There's a chance. Check for more updates?04:00
xubuntu762Everything is up to date, Boom_Farmer.04:01
Boom_Farmerxubuntu016: sudo apt-get install xfce4-goodies, then look again.04:04
Boom_Farmerxubuntu762: I don't know what to tell you, then. Take it to ubuntuforums, perhaps. I'm not a dev, just a user.04:04
xubuntu762Alright, thanks anyway.04:05
Boom_FarmerSorry I couldn't help you.04:05
Boom_FarmerWhen you make your forum post, write down _everything_ you tried, to save you time.04:05
xubuntu762Okay, thanks for the tip. At least ethernet works...04:06
Jeff_Williamsok my i ask can i just do sudo apt-get install skype to download and install skype im still pretty new to this04:07
xubuntu016Boom_farmer, from terminal?04:12
xubuntu016boom_farmer, nothing04:17
Jeff_Williamshelp i cant open .jars it doesn't even have "Allow executing file as a program" in properties help D:04:44
Cheri7031. Install the Java runtime environment if it is not already installed. 2. Double click on the jar file or use the command line java -jar <myjarfile.jar> (will only work for executable jar files. Not all jar files are executable)04:45
Jeff_Williamsi got this Exception in thread "main" java.awt.HeadlessException04:47
Jeff_Williamsat java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless(GraphicsEnvironment.java:173)04:47
Jeff_Williamsat java.awt.Window.<init>(Window.java:477)04:47
Jeff_Williamsat java.awt.Frame.<init>(Frame.java:419)04:47
Jeff_Williamsat net.minecraft.LauncherFrame.<init>(LauncherFrame.java:20)04:47
Jeff_Williamsat net.minecraft.LauncherFrame.main(LauncherFrame.java:167)04:47
Jeff_Williamsat net.minecraft.MinecraftLauncher.main(MinecraftLauncher.java:13) Yes im trying to play mine craft :P04:47
Boom_FarmerJeff_Williams: Is this a fresh install of Minecraft?04:54
Jeff_Williamsyes it is04:59
Boom_FarmerTry this: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Tutorials/Update_LWJGL04:59
Jeff_WilliamsYes it worked ty :)05:01
Jeff_WilliamsNow i can punch trees and mine diamonds :P05:02
Jeff_WilliamsMinecraft runs alot better on linux :)05:03
Jeff_WilliamsYay for linux05:06
Jeff_Williamsim glad 2013 is the year for linux05:07
Boom_FarmerJeff_Williams: You may also want to look into Optifine, for performance and other enhancements: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-147-optifine-hd-b6-fps-boost-hd-textures-aa-af-and-much-more/05:15
Jeff_WilliamsTrue i should get optifine it will prob make it so i can record mc also :)05:16
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AknotIf i install enlightenment. Will it know to use EFM when using e17 and thunar when using xfce? And if i have torrents downloading can i continue them when switching between e17 and xfce08:48
moetunesyes and depends on the torrent client08:55
AknotAnd if i download bunch of themes and icons, do they work on both? or do i have to download them separately09:00
ochosiAknot: afaik E17 uses its own toolkit (i.e. neither Gtk nor Qt), so i don't think our themes would work there09:03
Aknotbut ive watched videos on utube where he uses gtk 3 stuff09:03
qasimcan anyone tell me how to play blue ray videos..... i have vlc but it doesnot work properly with bue rays09:04
ochosiAknot: right, well you can ofc use gtk apps in a qt context or even in enlightenment, but i was referring to any E17 native stuff (if there is any, i have no clue really)09:04
gnomefreakhe left :(09:16
Juan_Morenohi. i dont know why but since today no sund is being hearded. neither in audio or video. yuesterday was ok, but today nothing happens. youtube doesnt work, players, videos online/offline. my volume control seems to be ok. what can happened? thanks 4 helping.09:40
Juan_Moreno"no sound" i wish to say09:40
TheSheepJuan_Moreno: check if it's not muted09:44
TheSheepJuan_Moreno: start xfce4-mixer and check both your hardware device and the pulseaudio playback09:44
Juan_Morenoi have pulse audio voume control09:46
Juan_Morenoi've dl it09:47
Juan_Morenolet me see09:47
Juan_Morenonothng happened09:53
Juan_MorenoTheSheep, nothing happened. dont know why, man. yesterday was everything okay. but today no sound. even on or offline, even video, audio or youtube sites for ex... dont really know what to do ..09:56
Juan_MorenoTheSheep, nothing is muted, i have checked and unchecked somethings , change again and nothing..09:57
AknotOn youtube, if i use firefox its fine, but with chrome everything looks like its very bad quality. With kubuntu and chromium i didnt have this problem12:07
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xubuntu427can someone help me13:24
xubuntu427i wanna install win xp and xbuntu13:24
GridCube!dualboot | xubuntu42713:24
ubottuxubuntu427: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:24
xubuntu427i have raw ntfs 150 Gb13:24
xubuntu427on acer aspire one13:25
GridCubexubuntu427, the installer ask you if you want to install alongside your other os, then takes care of all the work, just be sure to backup important data before starting13:25
xubuntu427there is no data :)13:26
xubuntu427only 150 Gb unpartitioned13:26
xubuntu427now im asking how to divide?13:26
xubuntu427half ntfs and half fat32?13:27
knomedepends on your needs. do you need to share files a lot? how much are you going to use windows and xubuntu?13:27
xubuntu427im trying to learn to use linux13:28
xubuntu427windows is for media and arduino13:28
knomehow much would be enough space for your windows installation?13:29
GridCubeif its xp 30gb its more than ennough13:31
xubuntu427what os is better to install first?13:32
GridCubexubuntu427, read the links i pasted you13:33
xubuntu427im reading13:33
xubuntu427xbunt and ubuntu is no diference?13:34
knomexubuntu427, in this case, no difference13:35
GridCube^^^ what knome said13:35
xubuntu427can xbuntu read ntfs partition?13:37
xubuntu427so i decided... ill make 60 Gb windows partition and install windows.13:45
GridCubeif you are making partitions now, make already the swap partition too13:45
GridCubegive it twice your ram minimum13:46
xubuntu427im makeing them with windows installer13:48
xubuntu427i dont think ill be able to do more than 1 for windows13:48
GridCubethat wont work good though13:48
GridCubebecause windows doesnt play well with other OS's13:49
GridCubeyou should make you partition with gparted, or from windows use a third party partitioning tool13:49
xubuntu427i have nothiong on computer13:50
xubuntu427all i have is 1x usb win xp13:51
xubuntu427and 1x usb xbuntu13:51
GridCubewell, that should do it then :)13:51
GridCubethe xubuntu one does have gparted on it13:51
toraxjust wondering about swap, that it should be twice your ram13:52
xubuntu427so i make another usb drive with ubuntu and i make partitions13:56
xubuntu427so they look like this?  C: 58Gb , D: 90, E: 2Gb (swap)13:57
holsteinto windows?13:58
holsteini wouldnt use windows to create the linux partition13:59
holsteini would use gparted from a live CD13:59
holsteinor, just make free empty space in windows if you prefer and use the installer to create the partitions13:59
xubuntu427so i just run windows instalation and make one partition 60 gb install windows?13:59
holsteinxubuntu427: depends on what you want14:00
toraxxubuntu427: you can make all the partitions in live CD14:00
GridCubexubuntu427, as said, use gparted from the xubuntu installer first, then just let windows install in its partition14:01
holsteinif you are new to linux, i would just make free space and let the installer just use the empty space14:01
xubuntu427jeah, i tried that, and it just installed over windows :)14:06
holsteinxubuntu427: it?14:06
holsteinxubuntu427: "it" just does what you ask.. if you ask the installer to use the entire disk, it will14:07
xubuntu427yeah, i marked alongside option14:07
holsteinxubuntu427: what are you trying to do?14:07
xubuntu427dual boot xbuntu/win xp14:07
xubuntu427i have 150 gb unpartitioned14:08
holsteinxubuntu427: i usually just install windows, first, leaving empty space, then install linux14:08
holsteinif windows is already installed, i just shrink the ntfs partition to reclaim the space14:08
holsteinxubuntu427: you might have a scenario with grub didnt "see" or "find" the winows install.. i usually run 'sudo update-grub' and all is well14:09
xubuntu427i wanted to do that but someone said that i better do partitions with gparted14:09
holsteinxubuntu427: theres a different in "it just installed over windows", and "grub didnt automatically make a windows entry14:09
holsteinxubuntu427: sure... what i would *not* do, is make linux partitions with windows14:10
xubuntu427so my windows are still somwhere?14:10
holsteinxubuntu427: i dont know what your system is like, but if you didnt install over the ntfs partition, then its there14:10
holsteinthe installer did what you asked it to do14:10
holstein!grub is a nice resource14:11
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:11
Piciholstein: will ignore14:11
knomePici, :)14:11
holsteinPici: sorry.. i joined to say i had messed that up :)14:12
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:12
Grandpa_smasherim haveing wifi problems AR9484 aetheros, cant resolve servers 1/2 the time... is this driver or dns issue that can be fixed?18:44
Grandpa_smasherAR9485 i mean18:44
craigbass1976I shut the lid on my laptop.  When I open it back up, the password window is VERY dim.  AFter I type in the password, all of XFCE is dim.  If I go to a new login, that screen is bright, but once I login in agian I'm back at the dim password screen19:11
craigbass1976However, if I log out (using the dim screen after I've unlocked it) things are fine when I come back into a fresh XFCE.  Anyone run into this?  It used to happen to me every once in a while, but the girl who owns the laptop now seems to have it happening more often.19:21
tim___hi whats a good music program to just listen to music with?19:23
skellattim___: VLC19:30
craigbass1976tim___, yes, vlc.19:35
sobiwankenobihello i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out some issues i am having with the xubuntu install19:47
sobiwankenobianybody online?19:48
pAt__sobiwankenobi, don't ask to ask, pls just ask and wait patiently and see if somebody will answer.19:48
sobiwankenobijust checking pat, not to familiar with irc19:51
pAt__ok, no problem sobiwankenobi19:52
pAt__just explain your problems in detail and wait a while19:52
sobiwankenobisure, i am attempting to install xubuntu 12.10 in virtualbox on my windows 7 machine. the installation runs smoothly until I reach the point where I need to create my user name and password. at this point i cannot type anything into the fields. i am able to use the mouse just fine, but the keyboard does not work19:58
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Cheri703sobiwankenobi: perhaps make sure virtualbox is capturing the keyboard properly?20:23
the_guyIm looking for a good music playing program that will organize a big volume of music and allow me to edit the tags20:28
Cheri703Might check out amarok? I like it. :)20:28
the_guyill try that :)20:29
sobiwankenobithank you for the suggestion, vbox says the keyboard is captured, judging by the icon on the bottom right, but when i run the live session of xubuntu from the iso i cannot use the keyboard either so clearly there is a disconnect somewhere20:30
Cheri703hmm...at the top right do you have the accessibility icon? like a blue circle with a  white guy in it?20:30
Cheri703might be able to turn on the on-screen keyboard to get through the setup then troubleshoot from there?20:31
sobiwankenobithat would be great20:31
sobiwankenobiits not on the top but perhaps i can find it in the launcher20:31
=== hns_ is now known as Guest17345
Cheri703ah, yeah, if it's live booted first20:31
Cheri703it'd be accessories > onboard20:32
Guest17345how do I access xubuntu documentation?20:32
Cheri703if it's laid out how it is once installed20:32
Cheri703or under "accessibility" if you have that20:32
Cheri703but the keyboard is called "onboard"20:32
sobiwankenobiok great thanks a lot cheri20:32
sobiwankenobiyou are a hero, the onscreen keyboard works hopefully i can fix the real problem once xubuntu is fully installed20:34
Cheri703good luck!20:34
Guest17345how do I add a directory to my PATH?20:35
Guest17345i'm reading alot of contradictary information on internet when it comes to xubuntz20:35
Guest17345some places it says add to .profile20:36
Guest17345on others it says at to bashrc20:36
Unit193You can add PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin  to .bashrc for example, or just export it.20:36
the_guycheri703, one other question any idea how to get me screen brightness adjustment back on an aspire one acer netbook?20:36
Cheri703that one is out of my league :) I just switched to xubuntu from vanilla ubuntu on thursday. Some stuff I can help with, others not quite. ;)20:37
well_laid_lawnGuest17345:  what does   echo $SHELL   return in a terminal ?20:37
Guest17345well_laid_lawn, bin/bash20:38
well_laid_lawnGuest17345:  I'd use .bash_profile then20:38
Guest17345well_laid_lawn, where can i find the file?20:39
Guest17345well_laid_lawn, Is the syntax PATH=$PATH:(directory)?20:39
well_laid_lawnGuest17345:  if it's not in /home/you then you can make it yourself20:39
well_laid_lawnGuest17345:  I use   [[ -d ~/.bin ]]     && PATH=~/.bin:"${PATH}"20:40
Guest17345well_laid_lawn, thanks you wouldn't know any book or page that would teach me how to understand this exacly because i'm very unfamiliar with the bash environment etc?20:42
Guest17345well_laid_lawn, the code you gave me is shell script right, would that be a good place to start actually learn shellscript?20:43
Guest17345or if anyone else has some answer sorry well_laid_lawn don't want to jump all over you with questions20:43
well_laid_lawnGuest17345: see if this gets you started -  http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/start20:45
Guest17345thanks man20:45
well_laid_lawna shell script is just a file with terminal commands in it that is made executable20:45
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Guest17345well_laid_lawn, this is the directory, you think you could just write down how you would do it, for me? : /usr/local/texlive/2012/bin/x86_64-linux20:50
Guest17345i'm sorry i'm just completly unfamiliar with these commands and I hate writing something without understanding a minimum about it20:52
well_laid_lawnGuest17345:  sure. something like   [[ -d /usr/local/texlive/2012/bin/x86_64-linux ]] && PATH=/usr/local/texlive/2012/bin/x86_64-linux:"${PATH}"20:53
well_laid_lawnyou'll have to logout and back in to check if edits to .bash_profile are working20:53
Guest17345well_laid_lawn, awesome thank you very much20:54
Guest17345yes it works20:55
skellatLibrarians should not have this sort of power in the United States20:55
skellatDang it, wrong screen20:56
* skellat runs away sheepishly20:56
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chrisc___How do I mount an nfs directory to a directory /logs if there are active processes writing data to the directory? Would I need to init to a different level or maybe kill the processes, rename the folder to save current data, then mount the nfs to /logs, then restart? Would this work?21:10
TheSheepchrisc___: no need for that21:19
TheSheepchrisc___: the processes that have open handle for files in the underlying directory will just still have those handles open21:19
TheSheepchrisc___: and will write to those files as if nothing happend21:20
TheSheepchrisc___: and the when they try to open new files, they will open the ones from the mounted directory21:20
TheSheepchrisc___: usually you can send them the USR1 signal to make them close their log files and reopen them without terminating them21:21
TheSheep(depends on the program though)21:21
chrisc___I used logs as an example. In fact the proceses are bro, elsa, tcpdump, and some others.21:21
TheSheepwell, as long as they not close and repone the files, they will just have the old files open21:22
chrisc___I still don't follow. The FAQ of the application says that logs are stored in /nsm and that two ways to store on a different mount point are to 1) mount a separate drive to /nsm or 2) make /nsm a symlink to the new logging location.21:23
chrisc___Method 2 in the FAQ says that to avoid AppArmor issues there needs to be mods madein the usr.sbin.mysqld & tcpdump files copying the nsm line. But I can't find the nsm line in the files. So...21:24
chrisc___How do I perform method 1?21:24
TheSheepI have no idea about apparmor21:24
TheSheepnever needed to mess with it21:24
chrisc___neither do i ;)21:24
ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor21:25
TheSheepperhaps that will have any helpful information :(21:25
chrisc___But I've done nfs mounts before but never to directory that is actively being used.21:25
TheSheepchrisc___: it doesn't matter, it just works21:26
TheSheepchrisc___: like, it covers up that directory, but anything that had anything open there still keeps it21:26
chrisc___Ok. going at it now21:26
sobiwankenobiall i have to say is virtualbox is very sketchy software21:32
toraxhow so ?21:35
sobiwankenobii have just had a lot of difficulty installing xubuntu in it21:42
toraxsobiwankenobi: I have never had any problems installing anything in virtualbox21:48
sobiwankenobiidk what the problem is, but the keyboard stopped working mid install21:52
knomegot to agree with torax, i've installed xubuntu times and times in vbox, and haven't had any problems21:53
sobiwankenobimaybe i just need to try it again21:53
sobiwankenobiwhen you guys created the vm the first time did you choose "ubuntu" as the operating system?21:54
Cheri703sobiwankenobi: what is the host OS?21:55
Cheri703I prefer VMware player whenever I can use it21:55
Cheri703also are you using the virtualbox that is completely free or the one you download from the virtualbox site?21:56
Cheri703that can make a difference21:56
knomeCheri703, only with usb and 3d support21:57
knomeCheri703, usb should work anyway, not just high-speed - that isn't the reason why keyboard is not working21:57
Cheri703I always had a variety of issues with vbox when I used the completely free version. Not just usb and 3d support. Just a variety of things that were glitchy. I still avoid vbox as much as possible, but I have to use it for work sometimes. On my home machines I opt for VMware Player instead. The ONLY issue I've had with it was when the linux kernel updated and I had to patch VMware Player. Beyond that it has been basically seamless use for a few21:59
Cheri703years now.21:59
sobiwankenobihost os is windows 722:00
knomeCheri703, have you installed the guest additions?22:00
Cheri703yeah, I'd say try VMware player (it doesn't exist for mac, that's why I asked)22:00
sobiwankenobiis VMware player free?22:01
Cheri703knome: yes, I tried literally everything I could and it still had issues. solving my problems from a long time ago isn't the topic at hand, getting sobiwankenobi a working Xubuntu VM is :)22:01
Cheri703yeah it's free22:01
sobiwankenobii will try that out22:01
sobiwankenobithanks guys22:01
sobiwankenobiso far the installation process with vmware player is much smoother22:12
sobiwankenobibut im not counting my chickens till they are hatched lol22:12
MannyHi everyone - I need some assistance22:19
=== Manny is now known as Guest15981
sobiwankenobiwhats up manny22:20
Guest15981I am trying to download Xubuntu onto a 128G Flash drive22:20
Guest15981I have the torrent and downloaded uTorrent as the client22:21
sobiwankenobiok, what is the problem22:21
Guest15981it says Error: Writetodisk: Access22:23
Guest15981in the uTorrent client22:23
toraxGuest15981: please note there are other good torrent clients that are not adware.22:24
toraxtransmission for example22:24
esphtransmission is very nice22:24
Guest15981ok so this will work better than uTorrent?22:24
esphworks on all the major platorms (I think), too22:25
toraxwell, id say anything works better than software that installs ads without asking me22:25
Guest15981is it the client that I am using or did I download it wrong?  I saved the client to the flash drive, should I have saved the client to the PC?22:25
Cheri703Guest15981: you might try downloading the iso to your hard drive first22:25
Guest15981Ok thank you22:26
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sobiwankenobicheri, xubuntu 12.10 is up and running on vmware! thanks so much22:28
esphSo I've got a new laptop here with a small mSATA SSD piggy-backing on a regular spinny drive, and I was wondering what y'all would think is the best way to utilize that fast storage (24GB worth)22:29
esph(I'm in the process of installing, btw. just got to the partitioning part)22:29
toraxhmm, maybe use the 24 GB as / and the regular hdd as /home22:33
toraxif 24GB is enough as / for you22:34
knomessd should really be used as /22:37
knomethat way you'll benefit the most out of it22:37
esphtorax: this was my original thought, but I've also seen discussion about using it as a cache (which is how windows would use it)22:37
knomeesph, how much ram do you have?22:38
knomedo you think you'll ever need that?22:38
knomei mean, are you going to do operations that constantly require max. possible (over 8GB)22:38
esphknome: I mean like the kind of "smart cache" that windows would do with this SSD (there are linux utilities that offer similar functionality)22:39
esphputting some frequently used programs and data there, or whatever22:39
knomei believe if you mount the SSD as / and the HDD as /home, the smart cache utilities will use the SSD anyway22:40
esphThey would have less freedom over what to put there in that case, though, since I've taken up at least half of the space by doing that22:41
Cheri703sobiwankenobi: awesome!22:41
Cheri703Glad to hear it :)22:41
esphbut if you think putting root there is easily the best use, then I'll go for that22:42
knomethat will speed up booting and running applications a lot22:42
knomei'd definitely do that at least :)22:42
entrerihey there, I'm trying to install Chromium from Ubuntu Software Center, but I can't press the "Install" button, it just does nothing. Any ideas why ?22:47
toraxentreri: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser22:50
entreritorax: sorry but I've asked from USC...22:52
entreriI want to fix my broken Ubuntu Software Center...22:53
esphknome: do I need to use the advanced partitioning tool to accomplish this?22:53
knomeesph, probably, since you have two disks22:54
esphhmm, ok22:54
esphhaven't been able to find a good guide for it22:54
Cheri703entreri: whenever something is behaving oddly like that, my first step is to reboot and try it again, just to make sure something else isn't affecting things22:54
knomeesph, if you have questions, feel free to ask here22:54
esphI've partitioned several drives from the command line, but I'm not really sure what I should do here22:55
knomecommand line?22:55
entreriCheri703: Well I did not reboot since I updated so I should try that22:55
knomeesph, there should be an advanced tool with a gui22:55
knomeesph, or are you using the alternate installer?22:55
esphregular installer22:56
esphI've seen the gui partitioner22:56
entreriCheri703: but yeah, my "Install" button is greyed22:57
esphusing the utilities I've used in the past, I'd know how to make sure / and /home ended up in the right places, but I'm not sure I'll do it right using this. I'm probably worrying to much, though.22:58
knomeesph, if you don't have any data to lose, then you should just try :)22:58
esphI'm also not sure if the laptop will accept /boot being on the mSATA drive or not22:58
knomewhy not?22:58
esphsometimes they can be silly like that22:58
esphbut I guess I'll try it22:59
knomeesph, good luck!22:59
esphknome: thanks23:00
esphknome: does the bootloader that comes with Xubuntu need fat32?23:02
esphalso, what size is it23:02
knomeno, doesn't need fat. don't know about the actual size23:02
esphSo, everything can be ext4 then?23:03
esphok, cool23:03
entreri_hello, so the install button in "Ubuntu Software Center" is greyed out, I know what is the problem but I don't know how to solve it. The problem is that I would be able to install a software from USC if I have a "working internet connection", I'm connected with Bluetooth PAN and it seems that USC thinks I'm not connected to the internet, any ideas how to fix that ?23:11
GridCubeentreri, its a known bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/91170623:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 911706 in software-center (Ubuntu) "USC relies on NM to be online, can't force online if not using NM" [High,Confirmed]23:22
GridCubeentreri, just use synaptic23:22
entreriGridCube: thanks, nice to know it's high priority23:26
GridCubebut really entreri just use synaptic or plain old apt-get23:28

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