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foxhoustonHi all10:45
foxhoustonI have a problem for which I could not find a solution.10:51
foxhoustonwhen I enter a folder with several project versioned, screen starts blinking10:52
foxhouston The version of Bazaar I use is the 2.5.110:52
foxhoustonI have experienced this problem either in Windows Xp Service Pack 3 or Windows 710:56
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jdahlinjelmer: FYI, I managed to migrate my bzr repositories over to git, but had to work around a couple of bugs that are no longer present in current bzr versions13:01
jdahlin# A -> B, B -> A in the same commit should be nulled out13:04
jdahlin# A -> B, B -> C, should be A -> C13:04
jdahlinnone of the existing tools handled that13:04
jelmerjdahlin: which of the existing tools did you try?13:07
jdahlinjelmer: fast-import, dpush, git-remote-bzr13:10
jelmerjdahlin: ah, ok13:11
jelmerjdahlin: git-remote-bzr uses either fast-import or bzr-git (just like dpush) under the hood13:11
jdahlinjelmer: no, it uses neither13:13
jdahlinjelmer: it just reads from bzrlib and generates the fast-import format on the fly13:13
jelmerjdahlin: argh, then somebody created another tool with the same name?13:14
jdahlinjelmer: https://github.com/git/git/blob/master/contrib/remote-helpers/git-remote-bzr13:14
jdahlinit's the one in the git repository13:14
jelmeryeah, but it's dated from *after* bzr-git shipped a tool with that name13:15
jdahlinoh well.13:15
jelmerand judging from the copyright header that guy was aware of the duplication13:15
jelmerglad you managed to get your repositories converted13:15
jdahlinseems to be another few projects called git-remote-bzr as well13:16
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LeoNerdCan I  bzr merge  the addition of a directory from one branch into another, without also merging adding a file in that directory at the same time?15:37
LeoNerdBranch contains a revision that adds a dir and a file within it. I want to merge just the directory addition, so it doesn't keep conflicting every time I switch15:37
LeoNerdHrm.. so how's that then? I presume I need some sort of no-recurse option?15:38
mgzno, you need to do the full merge, then revert the bit you don't want15:38
LeoNerdOooh.. duh!15:38
LeoNerdOfcourse :)15:38
mgzthen, if you *are* going to want it later, merge that branch back to the other one and keep the file you didn't merge15:38
mgzalternatively, you want the changes I have proposed against 2.6 which make dir conflicts less painful15:39
LeoNerdWell, that's an easy workaround for now15:39
LeoNerdIn future I'll just have to remember to add the directory itself in its own revision on the trunk15:39
LeoNerd(I'm playing dual-VCS games :) )15:39
LeoNerdBah.. bzr revert  adding the file to the dir also reverted adding the dir itself :/15:48
LeoNerdAhhah. bzr rm  the file15:48
LeoNerdkeeps the dir15:48
mgzright, or revert with path.15:49
LeoNerdWell, I did that15:49
LeoNerdbzr revert path/to/dir/file.java    showed   -D path/to/dir/file.java  -D path/to/dir/15:50
LeoNerdbut I have it working now.. I just  bzr rm  the file and the directory remains, empty15:50
mgzah, revert being smart I guess15:53
LeoNerdYah.. usually I'd liek that but in juuust this case, too smart15:54
LeoNerdAnyway, all is now committed and now I can freely switch branches without that dir getting upset15:55
mgzright, remember to do the merge the other way before landing, or you'll lose the file and wonder where it went :)15:55
LeoNerdAlready merged. I actually did   bzr revert --forget-merges  on the trunk15:55
LeoNerdThen merged that (empty no-op) commit back into the branch. so now all is happy15:56
LeoNerdFor general background: I'm using a dual bzr+p4 working directory, using bzr to work around p4's lack of features..15:56
LeoNerdSo what was confusing bzr was that I'd added one file to a dir, that already actually existed and had other files in.. so it wasn't empty when it wanted to remove whenever I switched to trunk15:57
LeoNerdSomeone remind me again: how to  bzr shelve  with a smaller diff horizon? It's managed to merge two unrelated changes in one chunk because there weren't enough unchanged lines inbetween16:56
* LeoNerd ooooohs, having just read about change_editor16:56
LeoNerdvimdiff? :)16:56
mgzright :)16:56
mgzI have this set in bazaar.conf:16:57
mgz  change_editor = vimdiff -of @new_path @old_path16:57
LeoNerdHrm... -of ?16:57
LeoNerdHrm... doesn't appear to help.. :/16:59
mgzyou then hit 'e' in shelve?16:59
mgzLeoNerd: I took the options from an example somewhere, -o is horizontal split apparently17:00
LeoNerdOoooooh I see17:01
LeoNerdYou have to 'e'17:01
LeoNerdSoyeah,  vimdiff  implies -o anyway17:01
LeoNerdand -f is only useful to gvim17:01
LeoNerdAhyes, e works fine now17:02
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