rick_timmisRiddell: Good Morning jonathan, indeed we finished off the rest of the Haggis. Will try to catch up with you a little later today.06:13
rick_timmisRiddell: I'm at my desk all day today, give me a nudge when your about.06:14
jackyalcineGood luck guys, with the KF5 porting and what not.06:44
jackyalcineLooks like a hurdle.06:44
shadeslayernot exactly06:47
shadeslayerthere'll be loads of spluts06:47
shadeslayerso that's going to be a PITA to manage06:47
jackyalcineI read somewhere how the splitting might make it more convinent for devs to come and work on specific modules07:17
jackyalcinebut how the versioning of KDE altogether wouldn't change.07:17
jackyalcinehow is that working out?07:17
shadeslayertrue and true07:19
shadeslayerwell ... the same as it works out right now?07:19
shadeslayeryou release the SC together07:20
shadeslayerall components follow the release cycle etc07:20
jackyalcineso just between you and me (and everyone else here, haha)07:25
jackyalcinewould we ever see a KDE 5.0?07:25
shadeslayerjackyalcine: heh, there's no KDE 5.007:29
shadeslayermeh versions07:29
shadeslayerthere's KDE Frameworks 507:29
shadeslayerthe branding is getting mighty confusing now07:30
shadeslayerfor eg. is there a difference between KDE SC and KDE Frameworks?07:30
jackyalcinethat's part of it07:48
jackyalcineis there any idea on how something like this would be patched up?07:48
jackyalcinewonder if Blue got something07:48
shadeslayerpatched up?07:53
jackyalcinelol sorry08:08
jackyalcineLike how would the (potential) branding issue be resolved (if it becomes too much of a problem).08:09
jackyalcineTo be honest, time-related releases would be awesome. but it'd be weird jumping from KDE 4 to KDE 13 lol08:09
shadeslayerwell ... I don't know myself08:13
shadeslayerI know that KDE Frameworks is a set of modules08:13
shadeslayerso you can add a framework module ontop of Qt to get extra functionality08:13
shadeslayerbut I don't know how it relates to KDE SC08:13
shadeslayerand as for KDE, after the branding change, it will always refer to the community08:14
jackyalcinethat's the upside08:18
jackyalcinethanks for saturating my brain, shadeslayer08:18
shadeslayerglad to :P08:18
shadeslayerI'm reasonably certain that someone here can explain KDE SC vs FF if you stick around08:19
shadeslayereveryone is sleeping probably08:19
Tm_Tshadeslayer: FF?08:19
shadeslayeroh sorry08:19
shadeslayerFrameworks Five08:19
Tm_Tah not final fantasy08:19
shadeslayernot Firefox either08:20
Tm_TFirefox is Fx08:20
Tm_Tatleast that's how their FAQ said some years ago (:08:20
Tm_Tanyway, frameworks are technology you build on your user level software, for example KDE sc08:21
shadeslayerhm, I thought it was the other way around08:21
shadeslayerKDE SC builds ontop of FF08:21
shadeslayeroh wait08:22
shadeslayerthat's what you said :P08:22
jackyalcinelol I was thinking Fantastic Four08:23
shadeslayerFunky Funk08:23
shadeslayerKDE should name a release : KDE Funky Funk08:23
shadeslayerand go all retro08:23
Tm_Tlet's redo KDE 2 ?08:23
Tm_Toh wait that's almost what some people are demanding on certain development channels in time to time08:24
shadeslayerI have a Kubuntu 8.04 CD lying around somewhere08:24
* shadeslayer rages at ubuntu08:24
Tm_Tshadeslayer: I should have Ubuntu cds all the way from 5.04 if not 4.10 too08:24
shadeslayerit cannot run in a VM with 2GB of memory08:25
shadeslayerTm_T: http://i.imgur.com/A5h34hR.jpg08:30
yofel__good morning09:21
yofel__shadeslayer: that looks more like llvmpipe not working right09:30
yofel__last time I tried it in KVM it did work, but was slow as hell09:30
hrwdoes someone here use more then 1 monitor with kde?10:15
Riddellhrw: yes10:16
hrwRiddell: is there a way to really get kde to remember their setup?10:16
hrwRiddell: here, never mind what I set in systemsettings, I end with clone10:17
hrwinstead of HDMI0:auto DVI0: right of HDMI0 rotate: left10:17
Riddellhrw: yes, ignore the current tool it's pretty messy and install kscreen from https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental10:18
Riddellit needs testers and afiestas is awaiting your feedback (also package reviews to get it into the archive)10:18
hrwif this will not work I will revert to good old style: xorg.conf10:19
hrwbut works always10:20
hrwok. tested10:22
hrwlooks like xorg.conf needs to go - radeon driver dislike rotating screen in working x11 session10:23
alleeRiddell: about kscreen: there at least one issue left: what to do about the 'conflikt' with the old screen management module in kded4. 10:23
alleeWhat has to be done is described in README.debian10:24
alleeAFAIR fedora splittet the old monitor module into it's own pkg and conflicts with it10:24
hrwafiestas: please add clear information which way screen is rotated.10:24
Riddellallee: yes that's what I'm thinking10:25
hrwas "thick line at side of screen" tells me nothing10:25
alleeallee: mhmm or we divert the old module 'away'10:25
hrwafiestas: 'identify screens' icon is low res and not intuitive10:25
hrwafiestas: also there is no info when screens are not snapped. 10:26
hrwafiestas: or if I want to have left in landscape (1920x1080) while right rotated (1080x1920) and snapped in the middle10:28
hrwafiestas: also buttons to enable/disable screens are non-standard10:29
yofel__afiestas: one thing that happened to be with kscreen: Turn external monitor off, wait 1s, turn it on again while kscreen is still auto-adjusting. What I got was a screen on my external monitor with the size of my notebook screen and the notebook screen was black10:31
yofel__s/to be/to me/10:31
kubotuyofel__ meant: "afiestas: one thing that happened to me with kscreen: Turn external monitor off, wait 1s, turn it on again while kscreen is still auto-adjusting. What I got was a screen on my external monitor with the size of my notebook screen and the notebook screen was black"10:31
afiestashrw: report bugs pls10:32
hrwafiestas: will10:32
afiestasyofel__: report bugs10:32
yofel__will do later10:33
hrwbut firs thave to get xorg.conf written10:33
hrwok, restart kdm10:38
hrwafiestas: it works!10:50
hrwafiestas: where to report bugs against kscreen?10:52
afiestashrw: usual place11:01
hrwafiestas: you mean /dev/null?11:02
afiestashrw: bugs.kde.org11:03
hrwso same place11:03
afiestashrw: saying that bugs.kde.org is dev/null at least in my case is insulting, I spend many hours triaging bugs11:05
afiestasso please, if you want to give feedback do so via bugzilla, if you do not want then do nothing and wait to things to get fixed11:05
hrwafiestas: sorry for that but most of bugs I reported there stayed there11:05
afiestasso what? that's not excuse11:05
afiestaswe mostly develop shit in our free time doing the best you can11:05
afiestasthe very least you can do is report bugs and try to do your best as we do11:06
afiestashrw: I challenge you to find there a bug that has not been replied, taken care of, or even fixed11:08
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: are you there?11:21
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: yes11:43
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: it seems the patches in the tomboy-blogposter 0.4.4 is not needed can you confirm that11:43
shadeslayerI have no idea what that package is11:44
shadeslayerbut have you checked if they were applied upstream?11:44
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: the make files are changes and there is not makefile in the source dir11:44
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: the changelog says the build system is moved to automake, but building fails because of the missing makefile11:45
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer:  i think the problem is something else11:48
shadeslayerseems like they were applied upstream11:48
shadeslayerlast 2 commits11:48
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: I had removed all the patches11:49
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: just from reading the changelog, that sounds right11:49
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: there is something else in the log, i will take a look at it.11:49
phoenix_firebrdmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop.11:50
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: that's at least missing the error context12:04
yofel__I would guess that automake failed for some other reason12:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: hi12:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: i found it12:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: i am editing the rules now12:04
shadeslayeryofel__: http://i.imgur.com/ZnzlGUS.png12:24
shadeslayerall in python12:25
shadeslayerand that black area actually does show your video12:25
shadeslayerit's just really dark in my room :P12:25
yofel__is that plain pyqt or qml?12:26
yofel__still nice12:27
shadeslayeryofel__: https://gist.github.com/466389312:30
shadeslayerclone to /tmp12:31
shadeslayertoo bad I can't add the videoplayer to the ui file itself12:31
shadeslayerit conflicts with the one from Qt causing stuff to crash and burn12:32
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: btw. you do know about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek ?12:36
yofel__shadeslayer: crash and burn o.O?12:37
shadeslayerok, crash and burn was a bit too much :P12:37
shadeslayerbasically it does something really stupid12:37
yofel__oh, there's testing sessions tomorrow on UDW12:38
yofel__might we worth to listen to12:38
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: this is nice12:38
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: I recommend you listen to dholbach's intro sessions today12:38
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: the last 4 days where like the same12:38
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: here or in any other channel?12:38
yofel__#ubuntu-classroom, it's explained on the wiki12:39
shadeslayerI load the MediaSource into the VideoPlayer and it goes all "You're loading a KDE Phonon MediaSource into the Qt VideoPlayer!!! WTH are you trying to do?!!! "12:39
shadeslayerbut the error message is completely different, it says "You're passing MediaSource to a function that accepts MediaSource"12:39
yofel__shadeslayer: lol, "Building Ubuntu images -- ogra", fun session that'll be :D12:39
shadeslayerI plan to attend that one12:40
shadeslayerMaybe there'll be some awesome tips in there12:40
shadeslayerI also have questions12:40
Riddellworth posting that to the mailing list12:41
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: the class starts approx 2 hrs from now12:41
yofel__~time utc12:42
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: you know these are my long requested classes12:42
kubotuunintelligible time12:42
jussi~time gmt12:43
kubotuI don't know where you are, use ~time set <Continent>/<City> to let me know12:43
kubotuunintelligible time12:43
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: 12:4312:43
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: yeah, a bit more than 2h till then12:43
jussi~time london12:43
kubotuunintelligible time12:43
kubotuI don't know where you are, use ~time set <Continent>/<City> to let me know12:43
jussi~time +012:43
kubotu+0 is not a valid country code.12:43
kubotuunintelligible time12:43
shadeslayer~time set Asia/Kolkata12:44
kubotuOk, I'll remember that shadeslayer is on the Asia/Kolkata time zone12:44
yofel__~time set Europe/Berlin12:44
jussi~time uk12:44
kubotuOk, I'll remember that yofel__ is on the Europe/Berlin time zone12:44
kubotuEurope - London - Tue Jan 29 12:44 GMT12:44
kubotuAsia - Kolkata - Tue Jan 29 18:14 IST12:44
jussithere we go :D12:44
kubotuEurope - Berlin - Tue Jan 29 13:44 CET12:44
yofel__kubotu: help time12:44
kubotuusage: time <timestamp|time zone|nick> -- timestamp: get info about a specific time, relative to your own time zone | time zone: get local time of a certain location, <time zone> can be '<Continent>/<City>' or a two character country code | nick: get local time of another person, given they have set their location | see `~help time set` on how to set your location12:44
phoenix_firebrd~time set Asia/Kolkata12:44
kubotuOk, I'll remember that phoenix_firebrd is on the Asia/Kolkata time zone12:44
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)12:45
yofel__huh, /msg gave something else -.-12:45
yofel__!time utc12:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about time utc12:45
* yofel__ gives up12:46
shadeslayeryofel__: re llvmpipe, good thing that we don't do that :P12:51
yofel__about that... doesn't qt5 require opengl?12:51
shadeslayerNo idea12:51
shadeslayerdoes anyone have a screenshot of ubiquity using your webcam?12:52
shadeslayerI need to check what the ui looks like12:52
xnoxshadeslayer: yes, see slide-decks.12:52
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: I will take the classes,  bbl 12:53
xnoxshadeslayer: or do you mean the new kde one?!12:53
shadeslayerxnox: no, the gtk one12:53
shadeslayerthe KDE one still needs me connecting the signals12:53
shadeslayerafter which it'll be ready12:53
Riddellshadeslayer: signals to what?12:53
xnoxhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity/SlideDecks from there Typical install gives me https://picasaweb.google.com/105922848292507689403/1210TypicalInstall?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCOj8r6OyseCZOQ&feat=directlink#580213726471286470612:53
shadeslayerxnox: http://i.imgur.com/ZnzlGUS.png12:53
shadeslayerRiddell: push button that saves a snapshot of the videocam to the right location or copies the png file that the user selected 12:54
shadeslayerxnox: thanx12:54
xnoxshadeslayer: did that link work?12:54
shadeslayerRiddell: http://i.imgur.com/ZnzlGUS.png12:54
* xnox ponders if I just leaked my authkey12:54
shadeslayerxnox: yes12:55
shadeslayernot sure12:55
Riddellshadeslayer: ooh we should add a kubuntu logo to the defaults there12:55
shadeslayerRiddell: good point12:55
shadeslayerI can just add it in the code12:55
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: btw. tomorrow's KDE SC 4.10.0 tagging, so stay around the next few days if you want to get a feeling on how we process that. (You'll eventually get to touch it after all)12:55
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: i wont miss it for anything12:56
* xnox will just make those albums public and be done with it.12:56
BluesKajHi all13:13
RiddellBluesKaj: testers needed for Cantata13:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: ping13:16
shadeslayerapachelogger: any ideas why something like this :13:16
shadeslayermedia = Phonon.MediaSource(Phonon.BackendCapabilities.availableVideoCaptureDevices()[0])13:16
shadeslayermediaObject = Phonon.MediaObject13:16
shadeslayerdoesn't work?13:16
shadeslayer"TypeError: MediaObject.setCurrentSource(): first argument of unbound method must have type 'MediaObject'"13:17
apacheloggeruse a proper progamming language maybe?13:18
shadeslayerI'll just use videoplayer13:18
BluesKajRiddell, what's Cantata ?13:18
shadeslayerdon't care if it also captures sound13:19
apacheloggershadeslayer: I think reporting a bug is the nice way to handle this13:19
shadeslayerreport a bug where?13:19
Riddell17:55 < vassie> hello, i've packaged cantata (kde mpd client) and uploaded it to my ppa https://launchpad.net/~vassie/+archive/ppa, i would be greatful for  some feedback, thanks13:20
RiddellBluesKaj: ^^13:20
tsimpsonshadeslayer: missing () after Phonon.MediaObject13:21
shadeslayerthough it's weird13:24
shadeslayerno video13:24
Riddellhi vassie 13:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: do I have to do anything after creating a path?13:27
vassieRiddell: hello13:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.kde.org/659066/13:28
Riddellvassie: so I think we have some options with Cantata, we can just upload it, or we can patch out that first run dialogue I find so annoying13:28
vassieRiddell: sweet, being in "users" does have its benefits13:29
vassieRiddell: if you have multiple users on your system13:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: no13:29
Riddellvassie: are you sure? cos I don't see the directories where that helps13:30
apacheloggerphonon is free software don't you know13:30
vassieRiddell: i only have one user, plus i run MPD as myself so i don't need to add myself to "users"13:30
shadeslayerthen I'm not sure what's missing13:31
vassieRiddell: if you set cantata to download album covers and lryics they will be owned by the "users" group13:31
vassieRiddell: but on my system MPD runs as "ben" and my .mpd folder is owned by "ben:ben"13:31
yofel__vassie: the "users" group doesn't exist by default in ubuntu though - and if someone wants to see the files they can just add that uses to their user group13:31
shadeslayermy webcam does turn on though13:31
vassieRiddell: so being in "users" does not apply, i just tick the "do not show" option and carry on13:32
vassieRiddell: i know, it is a weird one, plus the fact it was written on Kubuntu13:32
Riddellyofel__: it does seem to exist by default13:34
yofel__ah, then it's just not used the old way13:34
vassieRiddell: by the way, was my Quantal package OK?13:34
Riddellvassie: dunno I'm on raring, I'm hopeing BluesKaj will test it13:35
vassieyofel__: it's more an informational message, just a shame it pops up on first run, might scare some people13:35
yofel__yeah, it's a bit like that missing folder warnings that akonadi gave in the past because kdepim didn't set itself up properly13:36
vassieRiddell: i think i have the wrong email in quantal copyright <ben@unknown>, can it be changed or do i have to build it again?13:36
Riddellyou'd have to build it again, but it's not very important13:37
vassieRiddell: ok, it does also have my correct email13:37
Riddellvassie: oh it needs a watch file13:37
vassieRiddell: ?13:38
Riddella file which points at a webpage so automated programmes can look for new releases13:38
vassieRiddell: ok, how do i do that?13:38
Riddellfind a package with a watch file and copy it :)13:39
Riddellman uscan   has the format13:40
Riddellmaybe look at owncloud (first example I happened to look in)13:40
shadeslayerit's using the Qt videowidget13:40
vassiedoes this mean i need to rebuild both packages?13:41
BluesKajwhy am I not part of the users group , that makes no sense , I'm the only user , and user management keeps crashing so i can't add my self as a user anyway13:43
Riddellvassie: no you can just give me the final packaging and I can upload it13:44
BluesKajguess cantata testing will ahve to wait13:44
vassiefrom the dev "When cantata downloads images, or lyrics, and these are saved into the MPD folders - if the user is a member of the "users" group, the files will be set to belong to this group. Therefore if you have two users, they can each save files here, etc. Likewise, when copying files from devices, the files will be set to be owned by the "users" group."13:44
vassieit makes sense, but not needed if you only have one user13:45
vassieRiddell: re: watch file, still working our what i have to do :S13:45
Riddellit makes sense I'm just not convinced it's true13:45
Riddellvassie: it's faffy yes13:46
vassieif you had two users that shared a folder that contained music, if user1 and user2 are both a member of "users", then album art, etc that is downloaded by cantata would be viewable by both13:46
vassiebut like i said, not needed if you only have one user13:46
vassieits a shame the app pops up that message13:47
RiddellI'm curious why /var/lib/mpd/ is owned by the "audio" group13:47
Riddellvassie: if you think it's best to get rid of it then it's a simple patch13:47
vassiei'm not sure either, but i run mpd locally, so i don't even need those folder13:47
Riddellmm, not the most user friendly bits of software13:49
vassieRiddell: mpd is fine if you run as yourself :)13:49
vassiecantata is just a front end, you don't even need mpd, i use it to control mpd on my pi13:50
Riddellit's sounding more and more like this dialogue should be patched out13:51
BluesKajnot connected to localhost , port 6600 ? what's that about , for streaming?13:53
Riddellvassie: ^^13:54
vassieBluesKaj: that is the address and port of the pc running mpd13:54
vassieBluesKaj: if mpd is already running on localhost:6600 you won't see it, or you can open the options and change the address and port13:55
* Riddell wanders home14:00
BluesKajvassie, which mpd-client is recommended?14:02
vassieyou can use whatever client you like http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Clients14:03
vassiesonata is very popular but that is a gtk app14:03
BluesKajwell, I don't know what I like , what do you use ?14:04
BluesKajvassie, I have no idea abou these mpd clientrs 14:04
vassiei like cantata, but there is no deb for it14:05
vassiempd can be installed wherever you like, for example i have it installed on my pi and my desktop, you then install any client to control it, i have canata on my laptop and desktop and mpdroid on my nexus 714:07
vassiei can then control the what my desktop and pi plays14:07
vassiebut again, you can use whatever client you like14:07
BluesKajI won't bother since , the suggested ones seems to need regex which can't be found14:09
shadeslayerRiddell: is /usr/share/pixmaps/kubuntu-logo.png all we ship?14:14
shadeslayerno bigger logo?14:14
shadeslayerbecause it looks a bit crap : http://i.imgur.com/xs7LlzJ.png14:16
vassieRiddell: [Notification Messages]groupWarning=false14:19
vassieRiddell: ~/.kde/share/config/cantatarc14:20
QuintasanRiddell: Did you look at maliit framework?14:33
shadeslayerhey Quintasan14:36
Quintasanshadeslayer: sup14:37
shadeslayerQuintasan: not much, designing the installers webcam page :) http://i.imgur.com/vmc62eI.png14:37
Riddellshadeslayer: yeah I think that's all we ship, feel free to add a bigger one14:45
RiddellQuintasan: um no sorry was I suppoesd to, I think that might have failed to stick in my memory14:46
QuintasanRiddell: Well, whatever, I got Laney to take a look at it and try getting it into Debian14:46
QuintasanRiddell: That's one less, I'll be doing maliit-plugins now14:47
Quintasanplus he got tests working14:47
Riddellvassie: so add that to the package installed into /usr/share/kde4/config/14:50
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: ping, 10minutes till UDW. Make sure you're in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat14:50
rick_timmisRiddell: Hi sorry I missed you yesterday14:51
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: sure14:51
vassieRiddell: ok, i'll do it as soon as i can, don't have much free time at the moment :(14:51
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: the sessions will be logged though, so worst case you can read them later14:51
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: ya14:51
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: i am in the rooms14:52
Riddellhowdy rick_timmis, you're wanting to get into helping kubuntu, or you do already and I've missed it?14:55
BluesKajvassie, i nhave the canatata player linked to my media external drive /music folder , and I checked phonon sdpdif output test sounds to my amp and all is well there, but the player only shows alsa in the output section . Is the audio bypassing pulseaudio, directly to canata ?14:56
rick_timmisRiddell: Howdy JR, I am trying to find my way into helping with Kubuntu, still pretty wet behind the ears at the moment howeer.14:56
Riddellrick_timmis: yay :)14:56
BluesKajer cantata14:57
Riddellrick_timmis: do you think you'd be into testing or packaging or coding or documenting or community support or..?14:57
rick_timmisRiddell: since xmas I have been working on my Python skills, using Quickly, and mucking about with Kdevelop. I've got most of my launchpad account setup, and have been doing a bit of testing.14:58
shadeslayerxnox: since I can't test the gtk installer, what happens when one clicks "Take a photo"14:59
vassieBluesKaj: mpd plays your music, cantata controls mpd, edit your mpd.conf file and tell it to use pulse instead of alsa14:59
Riddellshadeslayer: why can't you?14:59
vassieBluesKaj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MPD#Configuring_MPD_to_run_as_a_user_service14:59
shadeslayerRiddell: a) Not enough bandwidth to download the ISO14:59
shadeslayerb) Can't test in kvm14:59
Riddellrick_timmis: plenty of coding to be done, although that's not making life easy on yourself :)14:59
shadeslayerif you know a way to test ubiquity without downloading the ISO and directly from src, please tell me :D15:00
xnoxshadeslayer: the image is added on the bottom. and then you can select it.15:00
xnoxshadeslayer: there is =))))15:00
shadeslayerawesome, that's what I was thinking for the qt ui as well15:00
xnoxshadeslayer: $ sudo apt-get install ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk15:00
shadeslayerxnox: oh, how?15:00
shadeslayersomething that won't trash my existing install :P15:01
xnoxshadeslayer: then you need to make the webcam page to be before starting the install by changing15:01
xnox/usr/lib/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-webcam.py to say15:01
xnoxAFTER = 'language'15:01
shadeslayerchange the AFTER line?15:01
xnoxWEIGHT = 1315:01
xnoxand then just run15:01
xnox$ ubiquity15:01
xnoxfrom command line, it may ask for sudo password, and please do not attempt to partition or start the installation =)15:02
rick_timmisRiddell: I'm happy to tackle anything anyone wants me to really, I've got around 10 hours a week, and I work from my home office so I'm always around. Mostly I just need driection.15:02
xnoxthat will either fail or trash your system =)15:02
xnoxshadeslayer: and that's it.15:02
* xnox has ubiquity package installed all the time. It's totally safe ;-)15:03
Riddellrick_timmis: I've a non-GUI task to write a script to download kubuntu packages and run uscan to check for new releases15:03
rick_timmisRiddell: OK, do you have a spec, and a pointer to any extra info ?15:04
Riddellrick_timmis: mm no, but the steps are get all qt rdepends, apt-get source it, run uscan to output if there are new versions15:06
Riddelland make a nice html output15:06
yofel__Riddell: isn't the ubuntuwire page enought for that?15:08
rick_timmisRiddell: Where is the output going, into a Webpage, or do you just want a HTML file. How is it to be run, on demand, on Cron, I guess I'm saying do you want a Sysadmins Bash script, or a Modular tool ?15:10
Riddellyofel__: I'm not convinced it's very complete15:11
Riddellyofel__: e.g. where is rekonq? http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/no_updated.html15:12
Riddellrick_timmis: yeah a local html file15:12
yofel__that's what I wondered too, but does the watch file for rekonq work?15:13
Riddellrick_timmis: sysadmin bash is fine15:13
Riddellrekonq: Newer version (2.1) available on remote site: http://qa.debian.org/watch/sf.php/rekonq/rekonq-2.1.tar.bz215:13
yofel__I noticed that muon is marked as having a broken watch file15:13
Riddellyofel__: yep15:13
yofel__(it's uscan doesn't support https)15:13
Riddellrick_timmis: debugging that ubuntuwire uehs page would be the other option15:13
yofel__I wonder what the page is supposed to be for then :/15:13
Riddellbut I don't know where the source for that would be15:13
shadeslayerxnox: http://paste.kde.org/659150/15:14
shadeslayerxnox: that doesn't make the webcam page come up15:14
xnoxshadeslayer: WEIGHT = 13, and then it will be the second page.15:15
xnoxshadeslayer: E.g. click continue once and it should be webcam page, instead or regular "prepare / tickboxes" page.15:16
xnoxshadeslayer: also you should have a webcam =)15:16
shadeslayerofcourse :P15:16
xnox(somewhere we check if you have a webcam or not)15:16
shadeslayerunfortunately, it says "Language, Prepare ..."15:16
shadeslayerno "webcam"15:16
shadeslayermaybe the kde installer has a static list of things to load?15:17
rick_timmisRiddell: OK, so we pass the script a package name, it checks dependancies, get sources, runs uscan, and outputs a HTML table of differences. Have I understood this correctly ?15:19
Riddellrick_timmis: apt-cache rdepends libkdecore515:22
Riddellapt-get source all of them15:22
Riddellrun uscan for each one15:23
Riddelloutput html table15:23
rick_timmisRiddell: What's the time frame for delivery. Don't so ASAP, becasue I'll panic!15:24
Riddellrick_timmis: whenever you can15:25
rick_timmisRiddell: OK, leave it with me, at the lastest I will shout an update to IRC on Tuesday next week, or any probs I'll shout those too.15:26
shadeslayerCould not import plugin ubi-webcam: unindent does not match any outer indentation level (ubi-webcam.py, line 83)15:36
BluesKajwhat's the command to add myself to the users group , since user management is inaccessible due to constant crashes15:51
BluesKajoh Nm, I'll find it onlibe15:54
sbivolBluesKaj: sudo usermod -aG tapeoperators kaj 15:55
BluesKajsbivol, what about , sudo adduser kaj users ...no errors 15:59
sbivolBluesKaj: „adduser” creates a user16:00
BluesKajhow can that be , I'm already a user16:00
sbivolBluesKaj: let's switch to offtopic16:01
vassiesudo passwd -a username users16:07
vassiesudo gpasswd -a username users16:07
vassiegpasswd, not passwd, sorry16:08
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shadeslayerRiddell: http://i.imgur.com/OH7HBbK.png16:11
BluesKajvassie, I used this command to add myself to the users group ,  sudo usermod -aG users kaj . I don't get  the "not in usrs group" warning anymore16:19
BluesKajerr 'not in users group"16:19
shadeslayerI get a index out of range error for some reason16:19
vassieBluesKaj: i think this might be a bug, the message comes up on my Arch VM, where the only group i'm in is "users"16:20
BluesKajaltho I still have no audio with cantata .. why do i need to configure the mpd.conf ? Which doesn't exist btw 16:22
BluesKajerr ~/.mpd.conf doesn't at least16:22
vassiehow have you setup mpd? globally or locally?16:24
BluesKajmy audio setup is differnt than most , i don't use analog outs to pr of pc speakers , i use spdif to an audio amp with a DAC 16:25
vassiesorry, can't help with that, i'm using pulseaudio16:25
vassienot sure if this helps http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Alsa16:27
BluesKajvassie, yes I'm using pulse as well , it works fine with , Amarok , VLC , Dragon Player 16:31
BluesKajbut not with cantata, so far16:32
vassiefor pulse, open your mpd.conf file, comment out the alsa section under audio_output16:33
shadeslayerRiddell: do you remember why you ported the installer away from KDE stuff?16:33
shadeslayerbecause now I get : Qt Application(15661)/phonon (KDE plugin): QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Disconnected", "Not connected to D-Bus server") 16:33
BluesKajvassie, setup mpd  globally or locally? ...I don't have a mpd.conf file 16:33
vassiehere is my config http://pastebin.com/0DBDU00e16:33
vassiethe default mpd conf file is /etc/mpd.conf16:34
BluesKajyes , I it would n't open without permissions , which is odd , usualy fiels will open without permissions just for read 16:35
vassiei use these instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MPD16:36
vassieand config mpd to run as a user service16:36
shadeslayerI can't use kapplication because of dbus issues16:44
shadeslayerwhat a pointless waste of time this has been16:44
vassieright, i'm off, have a good evening16:56
Riddellshadeslayer: well that's presumably caused by it not being connected to dbus?16:58
Riddellshadeslayer: I had to port it away because it didn't like using dbus in the pre-login session of the live image17:11
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: the classes are very basic17:12
yofel__phoenix_firebrd: it is an introduction, but you have to start somehere. And dholbach is better at explaining than I am usually :P17:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: i disagree17:15
phoenix_firebrdyofel__:  I have to know about the debian/rules. when do you have spare time?17:17
yofel__In 2h maybe, right now I'm still sitting at work and trying to finish something so I can finally go home...17:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: What about tomorrow, now i have to go to bed17:18
yofel__ping me when you have time there, tomorrow I'll be more flexible17:19
yofel__but yeah, debian/rules is a bit of a complex thema17:19
phoenix_firebrdyofel__: I should say, never in my life someone had patently taught me like you, thanks a lot 17:20
phoenix_firebrdgood night everyone18:03
BluesKajnow cantata won't connect to local host , even tho I'm correcting the failure in the config file at line 20318:06
BluesKajluvly ..what a mess.18:08
BluesKajunresponsive config file , what good is that18:08
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jjessei always screen my calls :P18:26
jjessedoh wrong channel18:26
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vassieBluesKaj: evening, forgot to mention earlier, you have to log out and back in after adding yourself to the "users" groups19:48
sheytanHey guys. I installed some updates and i got 'could not start klauncher' when i login. running 13.04 devel ;)20:11
sheytanthis message comes from plasma-desktop20:12
sheytanjust to let you know20:12
NoskcajScottK, ping, attempt 220:58
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yofel_apachelogger: what happened to your python patch?21:50
* yofel_ creates a reminder to bug him daily from now on...21:50
apacheloggeryofel_: http://paste.kde.org/659504/21:51
yofel_wouldn't PY3 suffice?21:52
* apachelogger thought there was something else though apaprently not21:52
apacheloggeryofel_: no21:52
apacheloggerbecause python is awesome and change that shit in 3.221:52
yofel_ah, cool... *sigh*21:52
apacheloggeralso I'd try that first21:53
yofel_I'll do that now21:53
apacheloggerbecause I really was under the impression some ref counter needed dropping or something21:53
apacheloggerdo I don't seem to find a diff for that21:53
yofel_do we really not need these: ?22:24
yofel_# list-missing files result:22:24
yofel_or do we only need the one that links to the default?22:25
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NoskcajScottK: ping. i don't think your fix for bug 1066225 worked. you just deleted an option22:47
ubottubug 1066225 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "encrypt home folder needs to be checkbox not radio button" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106622522:47
ScottKNoskcaj: Hmmm.  OK.22:48
ScottKRiddell improved my fix, so maybe he knows what went wrong ...22:48
xnoxNoskcaj: screenshot?22:56
Noskcajxnox: of? but anyway, i'm not at home. i can do it latert.22:59
xnoxNoskcaj: missing checkbox....23:00
Noskcajok, i shall do that 23:00
ScottKRiddell: Thoughts on what to do about the oversizeness for 12.04.2?23:03
ScottKWait for cjwatson to fix it doesn't seem to be working.23:04
yofelapachelogger: hm, still crashing, but now I don't get the trace at all: http://paste.kde.org/65957623:08
yofelanyway, I'm off to bed, more tomorrow23:09
NoskcajScottK: just checking, do you know that the 12.04 daily alternate has been frozen for a month?23:17
ScottKNoskcaj: I see a new one built today at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/precise/daily/current/23:18
NoskcajScottK: check http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds23:20
ScottKNoskcaj: That's a problem with the ISO tracker, not with the actual image builds.  Please beat them up about it (in a nice CoC compliant way) on #ubuntu-testing.23:22
Noskcajit's #ubuntu-quality, and since i haven't sgned the code, i don't have to be nice, it's just reccomended23:23
apacheloggeryofel: drop_gil: GIL is not locked23:29
apacheloggerthat's what I meant23:29
apacheloggerthere is some refcount crap on threads that needs to be changed too23:29
apacheloggerwill try to find the change tomorrow again23:29
apacheloggerno clue where that has disappeared to23:29
RiddellScottK: any languages to be removed?23:30
ScottKRiddell: Killed all them already.23:31
ScottKUnless I did it wrong.23:31
Riddelllanguage-pack-kde-de-base on there23:31
ScottKThen I did it wrong.23:32
ScottK(for the latest daily)23:32
Riddellhmm it's not in the seeds23:32
ScottKI removed the language packs from the seeds yesterday.23:32
ScottK(before the current images were built)23:33
ScottKI checked the update script in kubuntu-meta and it claimed no changes.23:33
ScottKNoskcaj: #ubuntu-release is not #ubuntu-testing.23:33
RiddellScottK: kpat seems the likely next candidate23:38
ScottKThat'll also get rid of the kdegames libs and the card set.23:39

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