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KJ_agent007hey techdude04:23
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Eroskzni need help with software updates not able to download from getdeb07:23
Eroskznam i in the wrong channel , can someone help me please07:27
hateballEroskzn: Well getdeb is a third party repo, so07:28
Eroskznsorry i'm new to this07:29
Eroskznwhere must i check or ask for help07:29
SenjaiJust how different is Kubuntu from Ubuntu?08:02
Aknotubuntu uses unity, kubuntu uses kde08:02
Aknotkde is the logical system while unity is marketed towards apple fanatics and other fashionable consumers08:03
SenjaiI dislike the move from Gnome08:04
Senjaiand the last time I was ingrained in the environment it used Gnome08:04
Aknotgnome was very good before they moved to gnome shell08:04
SenjaiI like the windows-type UI Kubuntu appears to use, I'm concerned with compatability with some ubuntu apps08:04
SenjaiIm very.. uninitiated.. well not so much, but enough to have to ask questions08:05
Aknotthere is a kde "version" for every ubuntu program08:05
Aknotor kde program for gtk program i should say08:05
Aknotso i suggest always install kde variant08:05
SenjaiAnd I think there are ways to install a gtk program, as long as you have the dependancies met right?08:05
SenjaiYou can run gtk programs in a kde environment. I think.08:06
SenjaiWithout having a GTK desktop08:06
SenjaiIs this correct?08:06
Aknotyes you can install them fine but they might look worse because they dont match the theme and they dont integrate to system tray etc aswell as qt (kde) programs08:06
SenjaiOh, Kde programs are all build with Qt?08:07
SenjaiI dont mind08:07
Senjaijust as long as I can still use the programs08:07
FlameReaper-PCDepends on how you have them installed. I don't know if any post-install modifications are made by distros to improve the look and feel of GTK apps08:07
FlameReaper-PCas far as I know using (K)ubuntu08:07
FlameReaper-PCit's pretty smooth sailing for me08:07
SenjaiYea, I'll try it out then08:08
SenjaiThanks for your opinions.08:08
Aknotsenjai which gtk programs do u mean specifically? im sure we can find u kde replacement08:08
SenjaiMusic player, starts with C08:08
Senjaithat I'm worried about08:08
FlameReaper-PCthough I think I customized my build a lot08:08
SenjaiStreams radio from lasst.fm and such08:08
Aknotclementine is kde :D08:08
SenjaiMind slow tonight.08:08
Aknotand i use it08:08
FlameReaper-PCI think it's originally built in Qt08:08
Aknotits wonderful08:08
FlameReaper-PCso KDE should be able to display it well08:08
SenjaiSorry for asking the silly questions then08:08
Aknotnp :P08:09
FlameReaper-PCsomehow it doesn't work on mine, but I might need to look back at why I can't08:09
FlameReaper-PCbecause sometimes these problems can be very specific per person...08:09
FlameReaper-PCamarok is fine for me but might be a tad too heavy :P08:09
FlameReaper-PChence why I depend on audacious a lot08:09
Aknotflamereaper how come clementine doesnt work??08:09
FlameReaper-PCAknot: on mine?08:09
FlameReaper-PCI can't remember08:10
FlameReaper-PCwhat error it threw out on the terminal last time I tried08:10
Aknotdid u try reinstall?08:10
FlameReaper-PCI did, but that didn't seem to help08:10
FlameReaper-PCwell it was quite sometime ago and I'm currently settling on Amarok and/or Audacious for music players08:10
Aknottry minirok, its amarok without all the crap08:10
FlameReaper-PCTried, but somehow I didn't like it :P08:10
Senjai_Virtual box kicked me off :/08:11
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FlameReaper-PCAknot: guess can't really persuade someone who's comfortable with what they have even though there are better options eh :P08:11
Aknottrue true08:11
SenjaiLast question, is there any downside to installing via Wubi08:11
jackyalcinejust a tad bit slower of a system, from my personal trials.08:12
Aknotive never tried wubi08:12
Aknotwhy not just do proper install?08:12
FlameReaper-PCtried and despaired when there's a new distro release08:12
Aknoti mean if u like kde that is08:12
FlameReaper-PCand the migration from Wubi to a full partition is quite a work out08:12
SenjaiThats my proble FlameReaper-PC08:13
SenjaiIm uninstalling the wubi08:13
Senjaibecause its slow as crap08:13
SenjaiI had Ubuntu 12.0408:13
FloodBotK1Senjai: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:13
Aknotsenjai just do proper kubuntu install :D08:13
Senjaicleared it to install kbuntu 12.1008:13
SenjaiUgh, gotta find a usb drive08:13
Senjaior an old ipod..08:13
FlameReaper-PCSenjai: Here's a tip - back-up your home folder08:13
FlameReaper-PCand when you do a partition install08:13
FlameReaper-PCjust unload them into the new home folder08:14
Senjaiyea, i wanted fresh of fresh of fresh though. Make sure none of the old issues come over.08:14
SenjaiI have all my important stuff backed up into windows08:14
SenjaiVia mount -t ntfs... etc08:14
FlameReaper-PCbecause most apps you use will have their configurations kept into that home folder08:14
SenjaiOh thats fine,08:14
FlameReaper-PCwell it's fine if you want a fresh restart though08:14
SenjaiI'd like to start fresh08:14
FlameReaper-PCI think I might consider that08:15
SenjaiFresh start?08:15
FlameReaper-PCand keep only documents produced from the old partition08:15
FlameReaper-PCSenjai: Yes08:15
SenjaiI only kept files08:15
Senjaiconfigurations can hurt you, in my experience08:15
FlameReaper-PCespecially if your current install can't mirror the previous ones08:15
Senjaiit wont08:16
SenjaiUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Wubi) --> Kubuntu 12.10 (partitioned)08:16
SenjaiIt would be.. iffy08:16
Senjaithen having to go through and purge one by one as issues arise would be.. annoying08:16
FlameReaper-PCwell it won't hurt to keep some specific configs though08:16
SenjaiAre the repos the same as ubuntus08:16
FlameReaper-PCit is08:16
Aknoti always do fresh install08:17
Aknotmost hassle free08:17
FlameReaper-PCwell kubuntu is basically a KDE Ubuntu08:17
FlameReaper-PCso things are as simple as that08:17
FlameReaper-PCits just a matter of DEs08:17
FlameReaper-PCright, I guess I'll want to try a cross compilation now08:18
ovidiu-florinhello world08:18
ovidiu-floringood morning :D08:18
FlameReaper-PChello ovidiu-florin and good... afternoon :D08:18
ovidiu-florinwhat's the discution topic ?08:19
SenjaiMy noobiness08:20
SenjaiNot even sure how much i remember about linux operation08:20
Senjaigotta learn bash and the file system all over again08:20
ovidiu-florinSenjai: have you tried using windows?08:21
Senjaiovidiu-florin, sorry?08:21
ovidiu-florin(^ not a recommendation )08:21
ovidiu-florinI thought you might have used windows or something, that being the cause you forgot these08:22
SenjaiI use windows now.08:22
SenjaiI was a hobbiest programmer some years back08:22
Senjaibut its been a while08:22
SenjaiHad to use windows for school, and work08:22
FlameReaper-PCI use everything that I can get my hands on, either by handover or self-obtaining08:23
FlameReaper-PCso far my life with usage has been revolving around Windows and (K)Ubuntu, with a little bit of Mac08:24
FlameReaper-PCas a user, I must say, I really like working with Ubuntu a lot08:24
ovidiu-florinI've managed to switch completly to kubuntu08:24
ovidiu-florinhaven't used windows in more than 5 years08:25
FlameReaper-PCWindows for a lot of things is a given, but some specific tasks I can only do in (K)Ubuntu because... it's hell of a lot easy :P08:25
ovidiu-florinI use it a little bit now for cross compiling08:25
SenjaiI will never ever use a mac08:25
ovidiu-florinbut nothing more08:25
Senjaiovidiu-florin, you obviously dont work in finance08:25
FlameReaper-PCI'm about to attempt a cross-compile of the gimp-painters08:26
FlameReaper-PCof the 2.7 alpha branch08:26
ovidiu-florinI work in stock marchet08:26
ovidiu-florinSenjai: ^08:26
Senjaireally? Where08:26
SenjaiWhat do you do08:26
ovidiu-florinright now implementing the FIX protocol with Qt08:27
ovidiu-florinvia the QuickFix engine with a custom framework on top08:27
SenjaiWhat exchange do you work with in Romania?08:28
SenjaiI know nothing about that country08:28
ovidiu-florinwe have a relationship with a company in chicago08:29
ovidiu-florinkind of partners08:30
ovidiu-florinjust asked simmilar on #kde, how would kubuntu perform on a tablet?08:31
ovidiu-florinor touch screen ultrabook?08:31
Aknotdoesnt kde have some "mode" made for tablets and touchscreen08:32
ovidiu-florinyes it does08:32
ovidiu-florinbut Kubuntu should also have Plasma Notebook08:32
ovidiu-florinfrom what someone from #kde told me08:33
ovidiu-florinhow do I activate/use that?08:33
ovidiu-florinalso has*08:33
awaysystem settings -> workspace behavior -> workspace08:36
ovidiu-florinaway: whooooaaaa08:40
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jackyalcineoh boy http://i.imgur.com/QJE2D1Q.png :(08:53
jackyalcine6 hours for upgrade to 13.0408:53
Aknotdid 13.04 come out already?09:03
Unit19313.04 stands for April, 2013.09:03
Aknotlol i never realised that they were dates :D09:05
ovidiu-florinAknot: I think it came out allready, or atleast a beta or something09:10
Aknotone of the ubuntu devs said that ubuntu might become rolling release after 14.0409:11
FlameReaper-PC<ovidiu-florin> but Kubuntu should also have Plasma Notebook09:13
FlameReaper-PCyou mean plasma-netbook09:13
FlameReaper-PCjust sudo apt-get plasma-netbook. can't remember what's the package name in apt09:14
FlameReaper-PCbut I think it's that09:14
ovidiu-florinFlameReaper-PC: what are you answering to?09:15
FlameReaper-PCovidiu-florin: about your question about the Plasma Notebook (Netbook actually) UI09:15
ovidiu-florinaway told me how to activate it, and I did09:15
ovidiu-florinmy reaction was whoooooaaaa09:15
FlameReaper-PCI really think that with touchscreen keyboard integration09:15
FlameReaper-PCand a few tweaks to it09:16
ovidiu-florinit's allready installed by default09:16
FlameReaper-PCit can really be used for a touchscreen environment09:16
ovidiu-florinI hope so09:16
FlameReaper-PCI really liked that, though I'm defaulting to the desktop appearance09:16
FlameReaper-PCrather than netbook09:16
FlameReaper-PCusing the netbook UI was fun though09:16
FlameReaper-PCwow, my college's connection when trying to use git is pretty horrible09:17
FlameReaper-PCguess downloading movies is all that my college's network is good for :P09:17
ovidiu-florinI plan to purchase a windows 8 tabled09:18
ovidiu-florinerase windows 809:18
ovidiu-florinand put kubuntu on it09:18
FlameReaper-PCI don't know how it works though for Win809:18
FlameReaper-PCbest get an x86 tab09:18
FlameReaper-PCbecause if you get an ARM tab09:18
ovidiu-florinintel atom?09:18
FlameReaper-PCalso with a Win8 tab09:19
FlameReaper-PCI'd like to anticipate that the process of wiping Win8 out of it isn't as easy as we'd like to think09:19
ovidiu-florinnot necessarily this one but something like it: http://www.emag.ro/tableta-asus-memo-cu-procesor-intel-174-atom-dual-core-z2760-1-6ghz-10-1-2gb-ddr2-64gb-wi-fi-bluetooth-4-0-microsoft-windows-8-white-me400c-1a013w/pd/E1LMNBBBM/?ref=nl&zone=box_43&unit=0.5&id=1027&emag_click_id=07ff0c8f621a6293c61e5614167950f0&ref=afs09:20
AknotI had some small tearing on videos and on youtube videos. So i uninstalled ati fglrx drivers to see if its because of that. Now when i move windows they are extremely laggy and i still have tearing09:20
FlameReaper-PCif its anything like Acer's Iconia w700/w701 tabs then I guess the difficulties is as hard as installing (K)Ubuntu on a regular netbook09:20
FlameReaper-PCovidiu-florin: that looks good, and doesn't seem to have any possible difficulties you might have when trying to install09:21
FlameReaper-PCbut I suppose you might want to do some self-study whether you can even try booting a live USB/SD card session on it09:21
ovidiu-florinit's like a netbook without a keyboard and with touchscreen09:22
mahesh_can any one please help me to resolve an issue with packages? I am not able to install any thing by apt-get command in kubuntu 12.04 LTS. I am getting error as : "E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution)."09:48
lordievadermahesh_: You have broken packages to fix this run: "sudo apt-get -f install" from a terminal if this doesn't work see the first answer from this thread: http://askubuntu.com/questions/141370/how-to-fix-a-broken-package-when-apt-get-install-f-does-not-work09:52
mahesh_@<lordievader> : Thanks09:56
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robtygartI messed up my login screen, I deleted a theme and did not set a new one...  now I can't log in.10:10
robtygartI get this message Can not open /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/steampunk10:11
mahesh_I am getting this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1585157/ can ny one help me out in this?10:13
lordievadermahesh_: Have you tried what I told you?10:14
robtygartI messed up my login screen, I deleted a theme and did not set a new one... now I can't log in. Anyone have an idea10:18
robtygartI get this message Can not open /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/steampunk10:18
invariantI get the following message when opening a pdf file: okular: cannot connect to X server10:19
mahesh_<lordievader> : I follow your path but not able to find out the exact command, here in my case what should replace " path-to-the-deb-file"10:19
elliriarobtygart: This page might have some ideas that coukd help: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/51780310:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 517803 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu) "kdm fails to start: "/usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais cannot be opened"" [High,Fix released]10:19
mahesh_in want to install gedit10:19
robtygartelliria: Thanks10:19
elliriarobtygart: I hope it works. :)10:20
lordievadermahesh_: Ah my error, seems that was the wrong page. Did you update your package list prior to installing gedit?10:21
robtygarthow can I enter recovery mode?10:22
robtygartI can't login10:22
robtygartor even see the login screen10:22
lordievadermahesh_: Try sudo dpkg --configure -a10:23
lordievaderrobtygart: If you hold shift during grub you can select te recovery mode, it is probably under Advanced Options.10:23
robtygartno grub10:23
robtygartI only have one partition10:24
lordievaderrobtygart: You do have grub, even if you have 1 partition.10:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:25
mahesh_<lordievader> : I just tried it and found below10:25
mahesh_Errors were encountered while processing:10:25
mahesh_ libwvstreams4.6-extras10:25
mahesh_ wvdial10:25
mahesh_ libuniconf4.610:25
mahesh_ gnome-ppp10:25
FloodBotK1mahesh_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:25
robtygartOh ok10:25
mahesh_please have a look : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1585269/10:26
lordievadermahesh_: Have you tried installing the dependencies manually?10:26
mahesh_Package: libwvstreams4.6-extras10:26
mahesh_Error: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:26
mahesh_Package: libuniconf4.610:26
mahesh_Error: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:26
mahesh_Package: wvdial10:26
robtygartlordievader: did not work10:27
elliriarobtygart: Unless something has changed since I last had my hands on a real computer, you should be able to hit the Esc key over and iver during boot to bring up the GRUB menu.10:27
lordievaderrobtygart: Btw what happens when you get to your failed login screen and press ctrl+alt+F1?10:27
elliriaover and over, sorry for the typo.10:28
robtygartlordievader: nothing10:28
robtygartIts asking for a login screen it does not have10:29
robtygartI have SSH access10:29
lordievadermahesh_: It seems to me that all of those packages depend on wvdial, and that one depends on libwvstrams4.6-extras... but that one also complains about something,..10:29
robtygartBut I can't add any folders10:29
lordievaderrobtygart: Hmm if you cannot get to a tty then the recovery mode is the only option... I could have sworn it was shift during boot to get to the grub menu.10:30
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robtygartWhere to I press it att10:30
robtygartWhat screen10:31
elliriaLast I tried, it was Esc.10:31
lordievaderrobtygart: After the bios. Simply hold it and see if you get the grub menu.10:31
lordievaderelliria: Could be both ;)10:31
robtygartTrying again10:31
elliriarobtygart: I press it again and again until it works. :)10:31
robtygartgot it10:32
lordievaderrobtygart: Great boot into the recovery mode, probably under Advanced Options.10:32
ellirialordievader: Possibly. (: I haven't been able to play with Kubuntu in half a year.10:33
robtygartWhat option?10:33
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"10:33
lordievaderHmm, that is not what I wanted.10:34
robtygartlordievader: I am on the recovery menu,10:34
robtygartresume, clean, dpkg, fsck, grub.......10:34
lordievaderrobtygart: elliria gave you a link some time ago, follow that I suppose.10:34
robtygartI don't understand what part of his link I am to look at?10:36
elliriaIt has some suggestions - the best appeared to be a way of booting with no theme at all. I get the impression from your error message that Kubuntu still thinks there's a theme.10:36
elliria<--- girl  (:10:36
lordievaderrobtygart: If the kdm config file can be found it can be adjusted to a existing theme, however I have no idea where kdm keeps its config files...10:37
elliriaThis was the part I figured could work: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/517803/comments/1010:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 517803 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu) "kdm fails to start: "/usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais cannot be opened"" [High,Fix released]10:38
robtygartlordievader: I fixed it10:45
robtygartPuppy Linux ROCKS!!!!10:46
robtygartI loaded puppy Linux and renamed a file.10:46
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elliriarobtygart: Good thinking! (:10:47
lordievaderYou know you could've done the same from the recovery mode ;)10:47
lordievaderBut it's a good alternative :)10:47
mahesh_<lordievader> : I was disconnected. Can you please help me?10:48
robtygartlordievader: yah but I could not figure out how10:48
robtygartits 3AM its too late.10:49
lordievaderrobtygart: Ah, that explains it :P10:49
lordievadermahesh_: A conclusion I made earlier: It seems to me that all of those packages depend on wvdial, and that one depends on libwvstrams4.6-extras... but that one also complains about something,..10:50
lordievadermahesh_: What comes to mind it that they might be in a repo that is not by default enabled.10:50
mahesh_ok, so what will be the solution on this?10:51
mahesh_I am nopt able to install any thing due to this...10:51
lordievadermahesh_: Can you pastebin the file: /etc/apt/sources.list ?10:52
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mahesh_<lordievader> : Do I need to run it in terminal?10:54
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lordievadermahesh_: Yes copy the output of: cat /etc/apt/sources.list to pastebin.10:54
lordievadermahesh_: Could you send me the link ;)10:56
mahesh_here it is10:56
elliriaDid mahesh_ try sudo apt-get install -f10:57
mahesh_<elliria>  : Already tried mate but not wroking :(10:57
lordievadermahesh_: Doesn't seem like there is a repo missing/deactivated.10:58
lordievaderelliria: Uhu...10:58
lordievadermahesh_: Try "sudo dpkg -r gedit; sudo apt-get -f install"10:58
mahesh_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:59
mahesh_Do you want me to provide full screen print?11:00
lordievadermahesh_: Yes please.11:00
lordievadermahesh_: Does it give the message "no installed package" for: "sudo dpkg -r libwvstreams4.6-extras libwvstreams4.6-extras wvdial gnome-ppp"11:04
mahesh_<lordievader> I think this one worked11:05
lordievadermahesh_: Now what happens when you run sudo apt-get install -f, it should not do anything...11:06
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mahesh_plese have alook11:06
mahesh_<lordievader> Is it worked?11:07
lordievadermahesh_: Looks good, run the "sudo apt-get -f install" again, should not do anything...11:07
mahesh_just tried : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1585554/11:09
mahesh_<lordievader> : Looks like it is fixing now11:09
lordievadermahesh_: Well it installed the package. Be sure to update before installing gedit again.11:09
mahesh_sudo apt-get update11:10
lordievadersudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:10
mahesh_it is asking me to press Y or N : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1585584/11:14
mahesh_Do I suppose to proceed? with Y11:14
lordievadermahesh_: There is a kernel update in it, ever had trouble updating your kernel? If not you can procede.11:15
mahesh_it is running now11:15
mahesh_<lordievader> : I think this is fix now, all credit goes to you. I really appreciate your help!11:16
lordievadermahesh_: No problem, glad I could be of service.11:17
mahesh_<lordievader> I would like to keep in touch with you, do you have FB account so that I can be in touch with you?11:17
lordievadermahesh_: I'm usually on here.11:17
lordievadermahesh_: I'm also on #kubuntu-offtopic for offtopic topics.11:18
mahesh_with same <lordievader> alias?11:18
lordievadermahesh_: Yes.11:18
mahesh_you are from ?11:19
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!11:19
mahesh_I am not getting it? !OT?11:20
lordievadermahesh_: Joint the offtopic channel for those kind of conversations ;)11:20
mahesh_ok, sure.11:20
mahesh_<lordievader> Anyways thanks again11:20
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* wakeup is using a ZTE-BLADE running Android 2.3.5 (GRJ22)12:56
* wakeup is using a ZTE-BLADE running Android 2.3.5 (GRJ22)12:56
awayhttp://i.imgur.com/ohz7ox2.png look at the top right corner, the maximize/minimize/exit buttons have an awkward spacing12:57
awaywhy is that, and how can I fix it?12:57
awaythis happens in every application, not only dolphin12:57
hateballaway: You can edit window decorations13:09
awayyeah, I just found the option13:09
awaythanks though13:09
hateballaway: ok :)13:09
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BluesKajHi all13:13
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ed346765people, I planning a ssd upgrade (probably samsung pro 840) for my laptop, is there anything I need to know, any problems or issues, I probably do a fresh install of kubuntu + multiboot of win7, any thoughts on this? thanks13:25
lordievadered346765: Research how you can decrease the number of read/writes to the disk.13:35
ed346765lordievade: isnt that the feature of the drive (all new drives?)13:40
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lordievadered346765: Drive might cache, but still the OS decides how many times it will read/write to disk.13:42
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wakeupİ just upgraded my kde veersion to 4.9.8 rc2 but now it shows the kickoff menu transparent13:46
wakeupİ mean the first line13:46
wakeupI created a bug report on ppa bugs on launvhpad13:46
wakeupHas anyone experienced this?13:47
wakeupThis makes text unreadable13:47
sbivolwakeup: could you show a screen capture?13:56
wakeupsbibol https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1108813/+attachment/3505639/+files/transparent_bug.webm14:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 1108813 in Kubuntu PPA "transparent backgrounds for menus makes texts unreadable" [Undecided,New]14:00
wakeupİ recorded a video14:00
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wakeupİ hope u can view it14:04
wakeupsbivol: sorry i forgot to tag u14:07
sbivolwakeup: Yes, I've seen that on a friend's laptop with nVidia graphics on Kubuntu 12.10. now he's on 13.04 and no issues whatsoever with the graphics14:10
BluesKajsbivol, I have a few "issues" with graphics on 13.04 , not sure if nvidia is at fault . i think it could be the latest KDE/Kwin14:11
wakeupsbivol: thanks can i rwvert it back14:11
sbivolwakeup: i'm playing with that laptop right now, and that specific issue is gone. as I see, he also changed his Plasma theme to a darker one. could you try that too?14:13
wakeupsbivol: thanks. İ will try that after going home :)14:14
sbivolBluesKaj: what kind of issues do you have? maybe I can check them on this laptop14:15
BluesKajsbivol, system settings>user management crashes . I'm testing a new music player as requested by kubuntu-devel and it seems to not see me as part of the users and , but I'm the only user ,14:23
BluesKajso i can't check the user management settings14:24
sbivolBluesKaj: user management is broken at the moment, people on #kubuntu-devel are aware and working on it. but that's not related to graphics :)14:24
BluesKajyeah , well system settings is afaik14:25
sbivolBluesKaj: why would a music player need to know anything about users? seems weird14:26
BluesKajand as I said before it could be the new KDE version14:26
sbivolBluesKaj: what player is it?14:26
BluesKajCantata , it appears to be like a PIM , optional database usage etc , with netstreaming capabilities , and music player daemon14:28
sbivolBluesKaj: sounds complex...14:29
BluesKajclunky at this point and it just crashed when I changed the path to the external hdd where media is stored14:29
BluesKajguess I need to link it14:32
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sbivolBluesKaj: did you solve your problem?16:09
BluesKajsb seems so i ran this, sudo usermod -aG users kaj16:11
sbivolBluesKaj: yep, that added user kaj to the group „users”16:12
BluesKajthat's where it had to be added , and i no longer receive the warning that I'm not in the "users group "16:13
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Preflextkwin rules are awesome.16:39
eshackok, I'm working on a Warning Label for Linux, I need a few more ideas.  So far I have, "Warning, Long term use of Linux may cause you to become addicted.  Look for symptoms such as:  1.  Clicking on things and expecting them to open before you have even thought about clicking again. 2.  Expecting a computer to boot up before you have time to pour yourself a cup of coffee. " … you get the idea.  Any more?16:45
eshack3.  Expecting a computer to never lock up on you.16:45
eshack4.  Expecting all Operating Systems to give you as many programs free of charge.16:46
eshack5.  Expecting all Operating Systems to give you as many options to configure your computer.16:46
eshack6.  A very negative Outlook of Microsoft Products16:46
Torcheshack: all these are the short term effects newbies (like you probably are) show.16:47
Torcheshack: i also don't see why this should be on topic on a kubuntu support channel16:47
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!16:48
eshackTorch: oh, right, perhaps I should have taken this to offtopic16:48
eshackjust didn't seem too busy in here, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem16:48
przemekhello Dears how to create boot iso with kubuntu 12.10 on pendrive in kubuntu 12.04 ?16:49
lordievaderprzemek: Download unetbootin :)16:49
przemekthank you Lord Vader16:50
Torchprzemek: or run usb-creator-kde (which i have installed on 12.04)16:50
przemekthank you very much !16:51
sbivolprzemek: if I'm not mistaken, you can simply write the ISO image with dd to your flash drive.16:52
przemeki use usb-creator-kde right now 40% :)16:53
przemekthank You all for help16:53
przemekwhat's ean oem install for manufactures?17:03
petersaintsprzemek: It installs the OS ready to be used for the first time by a new user17:05
petersaintslike when you buy a Windows PC17:05
petersaintsand it boots with an initial user setup17:05
petersaintsasking your name,  set the password, etc.17:06
przemekso i can creat users on first start?17:06
petersaintsI haven't made an OEM install in a long time. But when I did that was the behaviour17:06
petersaintson the first boot it prompts you to create a new user17:06
przemekok i will try oem first if i get any problem i will reinstall os again17:07
przemekthank you17:07
eshackI'm about 90% sure that is correct, it is intended for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to install the system for a new user.17:07
eshack99%, not 90%. :)17:08
eshackIt will be fine if you install it on your computer, though you don't get the advantage of setting up your user name and password during install.17:08
przemekall right17:09
AknotIS there irc network for art/music/politics/culture and so on17:17
KJ_agent007most likely, aknot17:19
KJ_agent007you know how to get the list of channels?17:19
Aknotbut i want network not channels17:20
Aknoti doubt there is any channels like that in freenode17:20
KJ_agent007ok, have you tried undernet or dalnet?17:20
KJ_agent007do a google search17:21
petersaintsAknot: http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/top100.php17:31
petersaintscheck if any of those is what you want17:31
Aknotthanks petersaints, its strange though that freenode isnt on that list17:33
petersaintsAknot: yeah it's strange. It's not on the Top100 but it's on on Top10 :P http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/top10.php17:34
ethangis it possible to read a 64 bit formatted hard drive on a 32 bit system?17:38
ikoniaas hard disks are not formated 64 / 32 bit17:38
ikoniait's a file system17:38
ethangikonia: I have a SATA drive from a bricked laptop hooked up through a USB adapter to my system but it doesn't recognize it17:39
ikoniathat's nothing to do with 32/64 bit17:39
ethangikonia: any ideas?17:40
ikoniadepends in what way it's failing17:40
ikoniayou've not given any info17:40
ethangikonia: it just doesn't show up in available devices17:41
ikoniahow big is the disk17:41
ethang250 MB17:41
ethangsorry yes17:41
ikoniajust checking17:41
ikoniaok so in a shell if you do "sudo fdisk -l" you should see the disk17:41
ikoniacan you verify if you can17:41
ethangok I'll try it17:42
ethangnot there17:43
KJ_agent007does the drive spin up when you plug it in?17:45
ethangKJ_agent007: yes17:45
KJ_agent007can you hear the heads moving?17:45
ethangbut i'll try powering down then up again17:46
KJ_agent007then the drive may be doa17:46
KJ_agent007I had an old laptop the got dropped and the os crasked due to drive failure17:47
ethangKJ_agent007: I think I heard them moving17:47
KJ_agent007however I was able to use one of the 60 gig drives as a backup for awhile17:47
KJ_agent007till it finally went tits up17:48
axeHi guys17:48
KJ_agent007then I got a terrabite drive for 90 bucks from walmart17:48
KJ_agent007hi axe17:49
KJ_agent007if any partition program can see the drive then you should be able to mount it17:50
KJ_agent007such as gparted or kparted17:50
ethangKJ_agent007: ok17:51
ethangI'll try17:51
KJ_agent007cool cool17:51
sbivolTheDrums: on the Kubuntu LiveCD there is „partitionmanager”17:51
sbivolsorry, I meant ethang: ^17:52
KJ_agent007and most rescue cd's have partitioning tools also17:52
sbivolKJ_agent007: kparted is no more, at least not under that name17:53
KJ_agent007hum, lemme check17:54
KJ_agent007ok the kde partition manager17:55
KJ_agent007it's basically the same as gparted but for kde17:55
ethangabout to try it out17:56
ethangKJ_agent007: nope.  Kparted doesn't see it18:02
ethangI'm going to try the other hard drive18:03
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ethanghey guys I am trying to mount a SATA drive in an external case on my system and I'm getting some error messages I don't understand19:08
lordievaderethang: What is the error message?19:12
ethanglordievader: dmesg | tail says sdc: partition table partially beyond EOD, truncated and more19:14
ethangethang@phoenix4:~$ sudo dmesg | tail19:16
ethang[  680.143329]  sdc: sdc1 sdc2 < >19:16
ethang[  680.143332] sdc: partition table partially beyond EOD, truncated19:16
ethang[  680.143340] sdc: p1 size 3982793248 extends beyond EOD, truncated19:16
ethang[  680.143439] sdc: p2 start 3982819312 is beyond EOD, truncated19:16
FloodBotK1ethang: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:16
ethang[  680.144887] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] 122096646 4096-byte logical blocks: (500 GB/465 GiB)19:16
lordievaderethang: Not that I have much knowlegde of this, but it seems to me that something went wrong with the partitioning of the drive. Partition table is too long, or something.19:16
ethangsorry - flooded19:16
lordievaderethang: EOD probably stands for End of Data.19:18
lordievaderethang: This user seems to have (had?) the same problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=204280719:20
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przemekhello how to format usb drive in kubuntu ?20:08
lordievaderprzemek: Use the "Partition Manager"20:18
przemeklordievader: thanks i have used disk disk utlily standard program in kubuntu20:19
przemekthank you anyway20:19
lordievaderprzemek: We are probably talking about the same thing ;)20:19
przemeklordievader: yes now i have noticed that :d20:20
Pulicotii have cloned the hd with kubuntu 12.10 now i'd need to create a startup disc the grub, someone can help me please?20:25
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KubuntuGuest000I keep getting an error message "Data files for some packages could not be downloaded " http://paste.kde.org/659492/21:24
KubuntuGuest000full message in link21:24
KubuntuGuest000I did all of that and no luck21:24
keithzg_Does anyone know if KDESvn can be installed without it's KIO slaves? And if so, how? I hate how installing it removes KDevelop's KIO plugin (which then breaks commiting via SVN, at least for me).22:03
keithzg_*its KIO slaves, sorry, grammar fail heh22:04
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