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thedoctardoes lubuntu have templates?05:35
Unit193What type?05:36
mysteriousdarrenthedoctar: for what?05:36
thedoctarin pcmanfm, when you right click under the menu create new...05:38
thedoctarwhen I was using gnome, nautilus would have files located in ~/Templates in that menu05:38
Unit193http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Google_Summer_of_Code_2010#Add_Custom_File_Actions.2C_.22Send_to.22.2C_and_.22Create_New_Files.22_to_popup_menus_of_PCManFM.2FLibfm  I'd guess a no?05:43
Unit193Or http://www.mail-archive.com/pcmanfm-develop@lists.sourceforge.net/msg00471.html indicates it may be. :P05:45
thedoctarit says here resolution:fixed for the feature request05:46
thedoctarbut the templates thing doesn't work for me05:47
thedoctarI was wondering whether it was because the feature didn't exist or whether something is wrong with my computer05:47
Unit193I'd test it if I had one.05:50
thedoctarif you had what?05:51
Unit193themaster: I'd try asking in #lxde05:59
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pmatulisshould i be trying to start stuff upon login by using ~/.config/openbox/autostart ?  tried it yesterday and nothing happened13:33
xiaoyHow can i tell lubuntu not to hibernate, suspend or anyting like that, when i close the lid of my laptop?14:01
xiaoyAny help on this is kindly apreciated :)14:01
xiaoyi've found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15520/how-can-i-tell-ubuntu-to-do-nothing-when-i-close-my-laptop-lid14:02
xiaoybut it need gconf, is there a solution for lxde too?14:02
xiaoyoh... it seems i found myself the answer looking in the menu :P for power settings14:08
AlessioHow do i change language of my Lubuntu installation? / or install language packs. The guide says Preferences->language support. but there is not a such voice in the menu15:24
mysteriousdarenpowermi: hi15:40
powermineed help installing LUBUNTO on a powerPC15:40
powermihow can i get help?15:40
mysteriousdarendid you check this out?15:40
powermibut cant find my problem15:41
mysteriousdarenwhat kind of help do you need? what are you having trouble doing?15:41
powermijust try to install Lubuntu 12.10 on powermac g4, and afeter booting in live cd and charge the status bar in the blue screen there is a fast message coming saying : Stopping sistem15:42
powermiand few works more, but its to quickly to read15:42
mysteriousdarendid you try the alternate install cd?15:44
powermino, whats the diference?15:44
powerminow i am downloading it15:44
mysteriousdarenit just has a blue/white install base for users that can't run the regular live cd. I always just skip to using it, because as I've found a faster install ttime15:46
powermiso you preffer aternate install?15:47
powermiis easy for a noob too?15:47
holsteini would do 12.0415:47
holsteinor older... ppc support will not be improving15:48
powermi12.04 better than 12.10?15:48
holsteinpowermi: "better" is a matter of opinion.. you might find the ppc support better in 12.04, or 10.0415:48
powermiill try alternate 12.0415:49
powermilets see15:49
powermithanks a lot15:49
powermivery helpfully15:49
mysteriousdarenI run alternate 12.04 on one netbook, and 12.10 on another15:49
mysteriousdarenboth lubuntu15:49
holsteini like to try the live CD's.. i like to see the desktop first before installing15:50
holsteinbut the alternate iso's can be helpful too if you have issues15:50
powermibut its suppose that 12.10 shlould be better than the 04?15:51
powermiisnt it=15:51
holsteinpowermi: "better" is a matter of opinion.. and hardware support15:51
holsteinpowermi: no.. nothing about 12.10 is "better"15:51
holsteinthe packages are newer... its newer.. its more recent15:51
powermiok, i understand15:52
holsteinpowermi: if you need something from 12.10, you need to run 12.10.. otherwise, PPC support is going away... so you might have better luck with an earlier, arguably more supported release15:52
powermifow a low end mac, do you recomend other linux distro?15:52
holsteinpowermi: actually, PPC support is not "going away".. its gone.. its not officially supported15:52
holsteinpowermi: i dont run X on mine15:53
holsteinworks great as a commandline only machine... a headless server15:53
holsteini recommend moving away from that hardware for a destkop ASAP15:53
powermisorry but love my PPCs15:54
holsteinespecially these days when you can dig a comparable PC out of the trash15:54
powermiis a great arquitechture15:54
holsteinpowermi: you can, and most do... and they were great15:54
holsteinpowermi: again.. im not saying they are "bad"15:54
holsteinpowermi: im saying they are not supported15:54
holsteinpowermi: you will only have more and more trouble using them as desktop machines, and these days, you can dig comparable PC's out of the trash15:55
holsteinubuntuserver runs great on them15:55
mysteriousdarenpowermi: what are the specs on your ppc?15:56
powermi773 mhz, 2 Gb RAM15:56
powermilot os SATA disk and IDE15:56
holsteini have a stack of PC hardware comprarable to that that is going to the donation station15:57
powermime too, have some PCs "better" than mi PPC15:58
powermiand give them away15:58
holsteini would choose a 12.04 LTS and try and get it up and running, and enjoy the EOL of that hardare.. or try running ubuntuser15:58
powermithanks a lot mate15:58
holsteinppc support is not getting better.. it will only get worse15:58
mysteriousdareni'd set up a headless server like our resident guru suggested, I recently set up a server with lubuntu 12.10 through an ubuntu server install dual core, 8gb ram. It depends on what works for you. I was told it was a piece of crap, but is rock solid15:59
holsteinmysteriousdaren: i can still get a lot done on my dual core with 8 gigs of ram...16:02
powermiis a powerPC?16:03
mysteriousdarenno, but I recently installed lubuntu 12.10 on a ppc a few weeks ago, used the alternate install16:03
powermiok tnaks16:04
mysteriousdarenhostein: what are you running in it?16:05
powermijust music a torrent server16:09
powermiand use it for backup16:09
mysteriousdarenpowermi: you should be good to go16:10
vasilakisfilhow can I install (from cli) all packets that their name start with the same prefix, like packet0.10- ?17:47
vasilakisfilsudo apt-get install packet0.10-* does not work..17:47
holsteinvasilakisfil: i dont see those in the repos.. did you add a PPA?17:49
vasilakisfilhaha its just an example17:49
vasilakisfilactually I want gstreamer0.10-*17:49
holsteinsudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-* looks like its going to work for me.. whats the error?17:51
vasilakisfil➜  ~  sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-.*17:52
vasilakisfilzsh: no matches found: gstreamer0.10-.*17:52
vasilakisfiloops sorry17:52
vasilakisfilanyway even without the dot I get the same error17:52
holsteinvasilakisfil: do you have errors with sudo apt-get update ?17:53
vasilakisfilonly gstreamer0.10-. worked for me17:53
vasilakisfilwhat errors should I have ?17:53
holsteinvasilakisfil: none, ideally17:53
vasilakisfilActually I don't have any error17:54
holsteinvasilakisfil: im just trying to sort out why you are not able to use the wild card as i am17:54
vasilakisfilmaybe due to zsh shell17:54
vasilakisfilyou have bash I suppose ?17:54
holsteinwhat did i do? i typed 'sudo apt-get install gstreamer', i hit the tab key... i used what was returned to create the wildcard i wanted17:54
holsteinhyperair: i dont use zsh17:55
wxlvasilakisfil: some talk of wildcards includes zsh here http://www.linux-mag.com/id/1528/17:55
holsteinhyperair: sorry... vasilakisfil ^^17:55
wxli don't use zsh either17:56
hyperairmy zsh is configured to refuse execution of the command when * is unexpanded.17:56
hyperairso when i really need to pass * in as an argument, i use \*17:56
hyperairperhaps that's what you need?17:57
vasilakisfilyeah \* works fine17:58
vasilakisfiloh and another thing17:59
holsteinwhat are the chances i would accedentally ping hyperair for a relevant query :)18:00
vasilakisfilin lubuntu\s default imag viewer images are getting "chopped", is this a known bug ?18:00
holsteinvasilakisfil: chopped?18:00
holsteinvasilakisfil: feel free and take a screenshot...18:00
hyperairholstein: :-)18:00
vasilakisfilyeah good idea18:00
vasilakisfilit happens 70% of the times18:02
wxldoes that do that when not maximized?18:02
vasilakisfilwell randomly but more often when I move forward to another image (or backwards)18:03
wxlso let me be clear on your answer: if the window is not maximized, does it do that at all?18:03
vasilakisfilI will install ubuntu's default image viewer to see what is happening there18:03
vasilakisfilit does it randomly which means even if it is not maximized or if I explicitely maximize the window18:04
holsteinvasilakisfil: i can only say it doesnt do that for me18:05
wxlyeah i don't have that problem either18:05
wxlhave you searched launchpad for a relevant bug?18:05
holsteinvasilakisfil: i would try a few things... check for and apply upgrades... try as a different user (to remove your user config from the equation) try live CD's of whatever you might have sitting around.. try other graphics drivers18:05
holsteinvasilakisfil: also, trying other image viewers as you suggeste18:06
vasilakisfilonly live usb remains to check18:13
wxlsounds like a new bug to fill18:14
wxlwhether or not we have the problem, you do!18:14
vasilakisfilanyway, another image viewer is the only case in which images are shown properly18:14
vasilakisfilok I will try live usb now..18:16
Flazerany idea why someone trying to boot to a live CD of lubuntu would get stuck on first loading screen - never makes it to installation/setup18:18
holsteinFlazer: sure... hardware support18:19
holsteinFlazer: i would try nomodeset and the apci options18:19
bparticleHi! I'm trying to get my girlfriend's asus eee pc to be a little snappier with Lubuntu. Question: why is it slower from the hard drive than the live session?18:20
rpattonhello all18:20
rpattonanybody got any experience running lubuntu on a xSeries 235 Server18:20
holsteinbparticle: configuration... the live was on USB and the install is on a spinning disc maybe..18:21
bparticleThe live session is perfect, impressive really. And then I installed it, and nothing, absolutely nothing advanced... :(18:21
bparticleI know. is there any special way to handle the hard drive?18:21
holsteinbparticle: you can install to usb. maybe the hard drive is bad18:21
wxlbparticle: that's got an actual hard drive and not an ssd?18:22
bparticleAs that's the main difference I'm looking in that direction, but I'm hardly an expert18:22
holsteinrpatton: should be just like running on any hardware...i would probably not run any X on a server, but you can, and LXDE would be a nice choice18:22
bparticleI don't know really... it's the eee pc 1201ha. I should check that18:22
holsteinbparticle: i would just check for and apply upgrades. maybe just give it some time..18:22
bparticlea LOT of time, believe me! Not really an improvement to Windows 7; hehe18:23
wxlnope it's a hard drive18:23
wxlsata, too. shouldn't be too slow.18:23
holsteinbparticle: i use ubuntu's routinely on EEE's18:23
wxlditto that ‡18:24
holsteinbparticle: i dont have any issues like you are reporting.. the constant is the hard drive18:24
bparticleI tried the 12.10, and I heard 12.04 is a little faster, so that's my next move18:24
holsteinbparticle: you could install to usb and test18:24
wxldarn i forgot the unicode for uparrow :)18:24
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vasilakisfilhey in live distro its ok18:24
holsteinbparticle: 12.10 and 12.04 are similar in speed18:24
wxlone question is this: how are you measuring its speed, bparticle ?18:24
vasilakisfilbut I haven't updated it yet18:24
holsteinbparticle: one could be noticably faster than the other depending on hardware support18:25
wxl2gb of memory-- you should be blazing18:25
bparticleby waiting for the cursor to advance when I move the mouse18:25
bparticleit just sticks18:25
wxlbparticle: yikes18:25
holsteinbparticle: what do i suggest? look for and apply upgrades... test the hard drive18:25
holsteinbparticle: im on a comarable machine now.. and its not stickin.. and it doesnt stick when you are not using the hard drive18:25
wxlyou should check resource usage. maybe you have something running and you don't realize it's hogging up resources.18:25
wxli've run it on 512mb of memory and had no problems XD18:26
holsteinnmon is a nice tool to see whats up.. i know my machine gets laggy due to the hard drive.. but not as bad as you report18:26
rpattonso what would u run on a server18:26
bparticlewell, at least it all sounds hopefull18:27
wxlrpatton: what do you want to do with it? :)18:27
holsteinrpatton: ubuntuserver... or minimal.. just not a desktop environment.. but LXDE is nice if you want/need X on a server18:27
bparticleI'm just restarting into 12.04, crossing my fingers18:28
holsteinbparticle: i would just do a test.. should take an hour or so, then you'll know18:28
rpattoni dont know any cmds so i need the Graphical interface18:28
holsteinrpatton: then, try lubuntu live, and see if it works for you18:28
rpattontrying that now18:29
wxli'd say a lot of services that you'd use on a server only use terminal so you should probably learn the CLI…18:29
holsteinyeah.. wont hurt to have LXDE running, but thats not what you'll be doing if you are indeed running a server18:30
holsteinif you are using a server as a desktop machine, then go for it18:30
rpattonno live not working either18:30
holsteineither way, lubuntu does what it does, and does it well18:30
holsteinrpatton: you can try the same options i suggested above.. nomodeset, and the apci options18:31
wxlrpatton: what sort of machine are you using?18:31
bparticle@holstein how do I use nmon?18:31
holstein19:20 < rpatton> anybody got any experience running lubuntu on a xSeries 235 Server18:32
holsteinbparticle: i did 'sudo apt-get install nmon' then i typed 'nmon' and ran the monitor for what i wanted to monitor18:32
wxlman nmon ← :)18:32
wxlrpatton: what exactly is happening that it's not working?18:33
holsteinif its a blank screen its likely some graphics driver issue that 'nomodeset' would work out18:33
bparticle@holstein: ok, and are there particular figures I am interested in? Or something that I can report back here, or on the forum?18:34
wxli can't tell what the gpu is on that thing18:34
wxlbparticle: look at maybe cpu and memory usage and if anything is using a major portion of it18:34
holsteinbparticle: i should think you are interested in wht figures relating to "why is my girlfriends computer running slow"18:34
bparticlegreat, that gets me on the way :)18:35
holsteinbparticle: i think its fair to start with the hard drive, since the live CD is not using the hard drive, and i have literally 4 of those machines with no such issues18:35
bparticlebut I must say, so far 12.04 looks far snappier than 12.10!18:35
holsteinbparticle: from usb?18:35
bparticleno, hard drive18:35
holsteinbparticle: could be a driver related to that hardware from 12.10 i suppose18:36
holsteini dont run 12.10 on anything other than for testing here and there18:36
bparticleof course then I still have to fix the video thing. I had to restart lightdm18:36
holsteinwhat "video thing"?18:36
bparticleehm. the gma500 thing18:37
bparticlestarted with a black screen18:37
Doc_exei believe the technical term is thingy18:37
wxl1037 [ubottu(ubottu@ubuntu/bot/ubottu)] Sorry, I don't know anything about thingy18:37
bparticlepoulsbo driver, this netbook has a history of bad suport for its video hardware18:38
bparticleanother unrelated question. I want to use cairo dock and it's asking me if I want to enable openGl. What is the best option performance wise?18:39
Flazerhey patton18:41
wxlbparticle: http://www.sv.vt.edu/classes/ESM4714/Student_Proj/class00/hunter/V.A.html18:41
bparticleI'm not interested in exploding moving around icons with lots of whistles and bells, just want a nice launcher and dock, minimal but stylish18:41
Flazer<wxl> rpatton: what exactly is happening that it's not working?18:41
Flazer<holstein> if its a blank screen its likely some graphics driver issue that 'nomodeset' would work out18:41
Flazerthat's what you missed when you timed out18:41
holsteinbparticle: i would try other composition options.. such as not having compositing18:42
holsteinbparticle: that is a *key* difference as well.. the live USB has no compositing.. if you enable and hack 3d support on unsupported hardware, that could also slow things down18:42
holsteinbparticle: i would try *not* using that dock18:42
Doc_exewith teh gma500 did you look at this page? does this help any?18:43
bparticleI set up xcompmgr with cairo-dock in the live session and that worked brilliantly actually18:44
holsteinbparticle: and in the install that was "slow" ?18:45
holsteini use xcompmrg as well, when its not crashy18:45
bparticle@Doc_exe: yes that helps, I found that page. thanks18:45
wxlholstein: speaking of compositing, have you tried that new compton ppa?18:45
rpattonits not loading anything18:45
holsteinwxl: not yet... i read it over, and got distracted18:46
rpattonwont boot into any OS18:46
holsteinrpatton: any os? it being what?18:46
wxlholstein: been kind of curious about it18:46
bparticle@holstein: the one that was slow, I didn't install anything, since the mouse didn't get even move properly18:46
rpattonxSeries 235 Servers18:46
wxlrpatton: are you having any drive activity?18:46
rpattoni got green lights on all hdds and cd dvd drives are working18:47
rpattondont know how i can verify activity18:47
wxlrpatton: you don't have an LED to signal drive activity? that's strange. i don't think i have a computer of any kind anywhre that lacks that.18:48
holsteinbparticle: then, im still voting on the hard drive, or a package update, or lack of that created an issue18:48
holsteinrpatton: what do you mean, no os is booting?18:48
holsteinrpatton: what are you trying to boot? and how?18:48
bparticlestrangely, the 12.04 seems to work flawlessly18:49
Doc_exerpatton: might want to check available ram?  since it makes a ram drive when booting up?18:49
wxlDoc_exe: that's a good call as it seems they inheriently come with 512 if i read correctly. still i can't see why that would keep it from at least booting grub.18:50
wxli've had some low-ram machines that had trouble running ubiquity, but no problems with booting into the live environment.18:50
wxlrpatton: does the alternate install work?18:50
holsteinrpatton: also, if this is a machine that just showed up, you might want a diagnostic disc such as the ultimate boot cd.. run some tests18:50
holsteini dont know what you mean by "no os boots" but if the hardware is bad, linux wont fix it18:51
rpattonknow where i can get a boot disk ?18:53
holsteinrpatton: to boot what?18:53
holsteinrpatton: i just suggested a disk that "boot".. the lubuntu iso boots as well18:54
rpattontwo of the 4 drives have an orange light as well as the green18:54
holsteinrpatton: i would remove the drives and test a live CD18:54
Doc_exeorange isn't a friend to anyone in the world of computers rpatton18:54
holsteinusually, when i get a machine it that i know nothing about, i remove the drives and test the hardware18:54
wxlhahahahh Doc_exe18:55
holsteini test the ram, and listen to the fans and powersupply.. then i might put the drives in one at a time and test them18:55
Doc_exe ultimate boot cd is a nice swiss army knife of tools18:55
holsteini like to do that so at anytime i can force the power off and not break anything18:55
rpattonso remove all HDD and try to boot from cd18:57
holsteinrpatton: no. do what makes you feel comfortable.. im just saying what i do with machines that i know nothing about18:57
wxlrpatton: another idea is i could trade you some functional desktop machine i have with your choice of software installed on it for that finnicky server XD18:57
holsteinrpatton: you have a lot of variables there, and you are assuming "no os boots".. you could have bad memory, or *anything*18:58
Doc_exebad burn on disk18:58
wxlkeyboard issue18:58
wxlshould just give it to me.18:59
powermineed help,19:13
powermijust intalled Lubuntu on a powermac g4 (powerpc)19:15
powermibut cant boot after this19:15
powermijust appears a white screen like no SO installed on19:15
rpattonATI MACH64 is coming up as the video controller in the config/setup utility19:30
rpattonwith 8128kb of memory19:30
wxldarn powermi20:07
wxlalways leaving20:07
wxlrpatton: i see a bunch of old posts talking about problems with that video controller20:10
wxlthat may be your caveat20:10
wxlOption "AccelMethod" "XAA" in Xorg.conf may fix it20:12
wxland here's the official bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-mach64/+bug/107797520:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1077975 in xserver-xorg-video-mach64 (Ubuntu) "MACH64 video driver crashes with Mach 3D Rage Pro" [Undecided,New]20:13
rpattonso if its a 12.10 bug will 12.04 work ?20:21
wxlnot necessarily, but it's worth a shot20:22
wxllike i said there have been problems with that controller for several years now20:22
wxlwhether or not they're show stoppers, i don't know20:22
wxlat the very least you can confirm that it IS broken in 12.04.20:22
wxl12.10 i mean20:22
rpattonand how can i try that fix thats listed on the bug the No accel20:24
wxljust follow the instructions20:24
rpattoni would say that its confirmed20:24
wxlof course if you can't boot at all, booting into rescue mode is kind of problematic :/20:25
wxlthat also assumes the system is installed20:25
rpattonya thats what i was wondering20:25
wxlso you could install the system probably by alternate install20:26
wxlbut if i were you i'd try 12.04 first20:26
rpattonso is there anyway to change drivers?20:26
rpattonwouldnt hurt20:26
wxlnot likely that will work well :)20:26
rpattonthanks for the help ttyl20:37
wxlrpatton: good luck20:37
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