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BluesKajHi all13:13
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 1  starting in 13 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:47
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WaltherHello folks! It seems an update has broken my compiz - I can't switch between virtual desktops at all.17:00
jbichaWalther: try System Settings>Appearance>Behavior to reactive workspaces17:05
Waltherjbicha: weird, was it *disabled by default* in some update?17:06
jbichayes, bug 86842317:07
ubottubug 868423 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher - Workspace switcher should not be in the Launcher by default" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86842317:07
Waltherhuh? O_o17:07
Walther...quite a major feature to be removed, in my opinion17:08
WaltherSo, did I get it right - from 13.04 onwards, no workspaces by default?17:12
jbichayes but there's an easy button to add it back for those that use that feature (most people don't)17:13
WaltherWow. I kinda can understand the reasoning behind it, but I'm also pretty sure this will invoke *big* flamewars among the less tolerant17:13
Walthermultiple workspaces/desktops has always been a major selling point in linuxes for me, compared to windows. Of course, nto the biggest nor the only one17:14
jbichait's that the biggest thing people are flaming us for, I'm happy ;)17:15
WaltherBut yeah- I can't survive with only 4 desktops either - I always add 3x3 from ccsm :P17:16
WaltherBut yeah, I don't like alt-tabbing17:16
MikeRLHmm.... I've reported a bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/1102660 but the problem is I'm not sure if the bug relates to the kernel or Xorg.17:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 1102660 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Raring Hard Freezes with AMD Driver" [Undecided,New]17:41
MikeRLIs there anyone that can make sense of the log filess?17:41
MikeRLSorry for crap spelling.17:41
MikeRLIt seems there is no bug supervisor for Xorg, so I figured I should ask to see if I can speed it along by categorizing the bug properly.17:42
MikeRLOn raring, that is.17:42
MikeRLI know it's in development, yes, but I've used development Ubuntu versions before (I have two computers, so might as well use one to hunt bugs). But I haven't had the misfortune of having it tank on me without an error before, so I may need some guidance directing the bug to the right people.17:45
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AlanBellhi all19:54
AlanBellis today a good day to upgrade to raring?19:54
jbichaAlanBell: probably, I upgraded a computer this weekend and it was fine, the -proposed staging really helps installability19:57
* AlanBell hits the button19:58
AlanBellhuh, it didn't disable PPAs and rolled back19:59
FunnyLookinHatAnyone here able to play mp3 streams in Rhythmbox? I can only get ogg to work...  works in VLC though so I know the stream is good.20:01
FunnyLookinHatThis is what I'm trying: http://audio.misproductions.com:903020:01
jbichaAlanBell: weird, I used sudo do-release-upgrade -d but update-manager should work too20:04
AlanBellI removed them from sources.list.d and it is going fine now20:07
AlanBell1622MB to download, 22 minutes on your connection \o/20:08
IdleOneAlanBell: i got you beat20:22
IdleOne1,014 M. This download will take20:22
IdleOneabout 14 minutes with your connection20:22
AlanBellI should have plugged into a wired connection :)20:27
* AlanBell is on raring21:15
jrgiffordAlanBell: welcome to the club!21:17
AlanBellterminal is a bit see through, but other than that it all works as before21:18
AlanBellsome corruption in the gnome-shell overview mode21:18
jrgiffordyeah, i kind of like the new terminal option.21:19
IdleOnetime for a reboot.21:23
IdleOneWOW! The login screen is beautiful on kubuntu21:27
BluesKajit's cool looking and about time too , IdleOne :)21:41
yofel_it's almost beautiful, we need to do something about the background rendering. It's different from ksplashx and looks a bit choppy (missing antialiasing or so)21:47
TLoTwhen's feature freeze?22:29
ubottuRaring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule22:30
yofel_March 7th22:31
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TLoTyofel: when's the final date for debian syncs to universe for raring to be processed?  feature freeze?22:37
yofelDebianImportFreeze is the end of the automatic syncs, after that you can request syncs yourself which will be processed until feature freeze22:38
yofel(or till final freeze if you can get a freeze exception)22:39
TLoTits a manual sync (from Experimental) hence my just needing the final date.22:40
TLoTthanks :)22:40
* TLoT is a tad annoyed at Debian that sid's partially frozen :P22:40
yofelwell, even they need a feature freeze sometimes ^^22:41
TLoTspeaking of debian (and I know its partly offtopic), did they release yet?22:42
yofelnot that I know of22:43
lunarjarHi, I'm planning to move to 13.04. Can I use the daily and the just will have to update through repos, or will I have to rsync a new daily everytime I want to update?22:48
yofelyou can just update using the repository after installing 13.0422:49
lunarjaroh cool22:49
lunarjarI heard 13.04 is quite stable right? For daily use?22:49
yofelI can only talk about Kubuntu, which is usable22:49
FernandoMiguel(29-01-2013 23:17:06) QuLogic: does ubuntu 13 use gtk3 yet?23:18
FernandoMiguelanyone knows?23:18
TheLordOfTimeFernandoMiguel, as an aside, you may want to refrain from cross-posting across channels ;)23:24
FernandoMiguelTheLordOfTime: I'm aware of it.. and I do avoid it23:24
FernandoMiguelI don't like it either23:24
TheLordOfTimeFernandoMiguel, when you ask a question you may have to wait 10, 20, sometimes 40 minutes to get an answer.  usually answers are fast23:25
TheLordOfTimeunless nobody knows23:25
TheLordOfTimein which case you wait23:25
FernandoMigueland waiting I am23:25
FernandoMiguelwhich is the package for gconftool-2 ?23:58

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