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Omen__20Hi. I'm getting different behavior using Glade than I see in the video tutorial.03:03
Omen__20When I add a button to a toolbar the options to select the icon or give the label text are disabled. In the video these options are available as soon as the widget is added.03:07
Omen__20It defaults to having the Use Action Appearence button as Yes and is disabled. If I add a related action and then clear it, it lets me turn that button off like it is in the video. Then it enables the icon and label options.03:11
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mojo706anyone can answer this16:10
mojo706I need to access the panel16:10
mojo706and add an icon that sends notifications to my users16:11
mojo706once they connect to the internet16:11
mhall119mojo706: an indicator?16:15
mhall119or notifications16:15
mhall119they are are separate APIs16:16
mojo706mhall119: both an app indicator and notifications16:16
mhall119http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/application-indicators/ for indicators16:16
mhall119http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/notification/ for notifications16:16
mhall119should give you plenty of examples of how to do it16:16
mojo706mhall119: Let me read through thanks!16:17
MOZGIIIHello, can anyone give me an advice how to deploy a Qt 4 app on Ubuntu? I am doing linux deployment for the first time, and I don't really understand how does ubuntu guesses paths to libs.16:57
MOZGIIIWhen I'm using ldd it shows some libs from ~/.QtSDK/... and I don't know how to force system libs usage for test purposes.16:58
stqnMOZGIII: I suppose you must link your program not with your SDK in ~ but with the system libs18:49
stqnit’s strange to see an SDK in ~… is this the official way to install it?18:50
MOZGIIIstqn: Ho do I do that? I am using QtSDK's QtCreator for compilation18:51
stqnhave you installed Qt with apt-get?18:51
MOZGIIIThis way was proposed on qt website when nokia was in chrge, now I don't know...18:51
stqnyou should use your distribution’s installation method if possible18:52
MOZGIIIni, I've used installer from the website18:52
MOZGIIII see18:52
MOZGIIIwill the deployment be binary-compatible with the more recent versions of qt if maintainer update them?18:53
stqnI don’t understand your question18:57
stqnyou mean, if you don’t update your closed-source app, and Ubuntu updates Qt, will it still work?18:57
stqnI think it should, as long as there is no ABI or API change18:58
MOZGIIIwell, I only see the problem in there19:02
MOZGIIII think I'd better bundle my own qt libs binaries, just to be safe - my app is cross-platform and updates it's binary on  it's own (I mean to debs or sth)19:04
MOZGIIIso there is no particualr need for me to stick with system's qt version...19:05
stqnbtw Ubuntu will only make potentially breaking changes to libs every 6 months19:07
MOZGIIII see19:07
MOZGIIIstqn: thanks for your help, I'll investigate more on that, and now I must go19:08
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