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zhongweiHi, folks, Does any know how many kinds of arm assembly language standard exist? I'm very confused by the difference between different arm assembly standard.02:07
zhongweiSay the UAL(Unified Assembly Language) and GNU as are different. Is any more standard about arm assembly lanuage?02:09
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IamTryingWhere is the boot.img file? http://lilstevie.geek.nz/downloads06:15
IamTryingIt always goes to black screen06:16
IamTryingDownloaded: http://lilstevie.geek.nz/downloads/OLiFE-Prime-Edition.tar.gz_1.2a_TF101_767779ccfa200e5e00b2f1e33a3d73a906:16
IamTryingDownloaded: http://lilstevie.geek.nz/downloads/OLiFE.tar.gz_1.2a_TF101_c30263fd8271a23bb211fd9fdd69fa4506:16
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dholbachgood morning07:33
faboikepanhc: ping07:38
faboikepanhc: I replied on the bug07:43
ikepanhcfabo: thanks for the quick reply. /me is checking07:43
ikepanhcfabo: execuse me, which bug you mentioned?07:44
faboikepanhc: bug 107835607:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 1078356 in Arndale "usb 3.0 support" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107835607:49
ikepanhcfabo: thanks I see it07:49
ikepanhcfabo: one more question, can you point me where I can clone the git tree for the binary?07:51
faboikepanhc: http://git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=kernel/linux-linaro-tracking.git linux-linaro branch07:54
ikepanhcthanks a lot07:55
faboikepanhc: all the details are available in the changelog (including config fragments)07:55
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ikepanhcfabo: the kernel oops at s5p_usb_phy_init+0x56/0x1a8, is that possible that we might have different hardware?08:01
* ikepanhc is posting the full log on bug08:02
faboikepanhc: I'm not that different hardware are available. I guess we have the same.08:03
faboikepanhc: I experienced kernel oops too, reported in a separate bug (seems related to toolchain)08:05
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faboikepanhc: do you have something connected on usb when you boot?08:15
ikepanhcfabo: yes, a usb2ethernet08:16
fabocould remove it and see if you still get the oops?08:16
ikepanhchmm, a little bit hard, its far away from me and I need someone do that for me08:17
ikepanhcI will try to ask. thanks for the suggestion08:17
faboikepanhc: I observed strange behavior depending on the peripherals connected08:21
faboikepanhc: I don't know the root cause but it could be hardware08:21
ikepanhcfabo: including oops of ohci_irq?08:22
faboikepanhc: yes, I have random oops if I plug something on ethernet or usb, both are connected on the same bus08:23
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ikepanhcfabo: I see that too, the value of regs in ohci_irq() is NULL and the funciton using it08:24
ikepanhcfabo: probably the first interrupt comes before everything initial, this is my guess08:25
ikepanhcfabo: this is the dirty workaround I have http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=hwe/ubuntu-quantal-arndale.git;a=blobdiff;f=drivers/usb/host/ohci-hcd.c;h=88678526688de06d6ddb142f22fe40ec1596dd9e;hp=4a1d64d92338e7653035b054decf6e714909a41f;hb=d206e0141339b25724445ba79cfb7ec7b57bc5c1;hpb=08ff89b94bc54d91df7fcb8800c8aeb6a1fff07208:26
faboikepanhc: it worths a try. it could be the same root cause as my oops with ethernet/sata08:28
faboI'll apply and test08:28
ikepanhcglad I can help08:29
faboikepanhc: according to tushar, plugging an usb device might be just avoiding that ATM (probing, enumeration might be taking some time)08:31
* ikepanhc nods. but I can only remove access to the hardware, ethernet is critical to me :(08:34
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Riddellogra_: I'm playing with ubuntu on this nexus 7, any ideas how to get another shell up?  I've installed plasma-active but I can't seem to persuade lightdm to launch it as the autologin session13:11
ogra_i think it should respect ~/.dmrc, not sure13:12
Riddellnope, it just changes that back to ubuntu when I change it13:12
ogra_Riddell, hmm, i guess thats a question for the desktop team then, i dont see any way to change the session in lightdm here13:13
ogra_looks like they dropped the UI element for that13:13
ogra_there should be a config file for lightdm though, where you should be able to force the default13:14
RiddellI did find that somehow but then there's no way to type in a password13:14
ogra_ /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf has user-session=13:15
ogra_you need to enable the keyboard in the panel13:15
ogra_(we default to autologin, so the greeter didnt see much love yet)13:15
ogra_there should be an a11y icon13:16
Riddellogra_: whee I got it running13:50
Riddellalas the touchscreen seems not to be working13:50
RiddellI wonder what enabled that to function13:50
loologra_: Hmm I have installed today's raring image for nexus 7, I get graphical corruption in the background of OEM config and then I'm stuck on "Who are you?" after configuring the wifi; are these known issues and is there a workaround?14:41
ogra_lool, a reboot fixes the focus error14:42
ogra_lool, wallpaper issue is known and filed as well, just ignore it :)14:42
loolOk; hard-resetting then14:44
loologra_: is there a bug for the focus issue?14:44
ogra_yep, but i'm not at a machine where i can look it up quickly, i'll give you the number later14:45
ogra_lool, xnox is working on that afaik14:45
* xnox is going to add g-s-d hacks to paint background such that everyone stops bugging me about it.14:46
xnoxbut that will not fix background for Xubuntu/Lubuntu/Studio/Mythbuntu14:47
loolShouldn't it be at least black?14:47
loolthat seems like a driver bug somewhere14:47
ogra_yes, thats another issue that has several incarnations14:48
ogra_the driver doesnt properly clean up if you shut down X ... booting without splash you actuallly see the content of the desktop on last shutdown for a second when lightdm starts14:49
ogra_iirc that was communicated to nvidia14:49
Tassadarprobably because Android does not use framebuffer directly, I kinda wonder how do they draw to screen Oo14:51
ogra_we dont use any android bits :)14:51
ogra_there is an actual xorg driver in use14:52
ogra_which has the bug14:52
Tassadarnot only that, everything which writes directly to framebuffer has that bug14:53
Tassadarfb's content is not erased after reboot14:53
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Rjshmm, would the fix be simply to erase the contents of the framebuffer before enabling the display (in-kernel, I guess)? (can you do anything else if, say, the kernel crashes or gets stuck and is later rebooted?)15:16
Rjs(I've seen very similar things on regular desktop computers with some X drivers as well, so I think it's been quite common at least in the past - e.g., kill an X server and go back to a text console, then restart X, and it was quite common in the past that the previous screen contents were briefly visible before X cleared the display)15:18
TassadarI just set the whole framebuffer to "black" before I do first update.15:19
Tassadaron ubuntu's kernel, it was more visible because of the console text/graphic mode switch, maybe it is needed to "erase" fb even before that happens (?)15:21
loologra_: Seems the daily-preinstalled images for nexus 7 / raring have stopped building since the 24th; can't find more recent logs; any idea why?15:46
ogra_lool, DC breakage15:46
loolhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu/raring/ stops at the 24th15:46
loologra_: :-/15:46
ogra_lool, todays build should be running right now, they managed to fix it today15:47
ogra_the livefs builder broke and we have no fallback ... and there was nobody to go physically to the board to bring it up again15:47
ogra_(it isnt in the mandabox)15:47
ogra_there is hope we'll get a fallback builder soon15:50
ogra_its quite hard with one livefs builder for all arm images and flavours15:50
hrwinfinity: aarch64 porting meeting?16:01
ogra_janimo, hey ... should i drop the matrix stuff from acceld now ?16:02
infinityhrw: The one that's in Finnish? :)16:02
janimoogra_, no, far from it16:02
janimothe g-s-d change is just  a small part of the picture16:02
ogra_ah, ok, your changelog entry sounded hopeful16:02
janimoI still need the kernel/udev rules in place16:02
infinityhrw: Was it a G+ hangout?  Link me.16:03
janimowell,some of g-s-d rotations are fixed16:03
janimobut orientation detection relies on kernel support which we do not have yet16:03
infinityhrw: (Sorry, a bit scatterbrained today, tag-team debugging initramfs-tools with a user)16:03
janimobut it's next on my todo16:03
hrwinfinity: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/da41dcc2462a4ed93ec4e603dcfff109b600414216:03
janimoogra_, this was a change to the gsd xrandr plugin, the other part is the orientation plugin16:04
ogra_janimo, also add a joystick device so we can use games by accelerometer ;)16:04
plarsogra_: the serial stuff is working great for login on n7, but is there a way to make the kernel messages and early boot stuff when it unpacks the rootfs go there also? Specifying it as one of the console= doesn't seems to be sufficient.16:04
ogra_while you fix the kernel16:04
janimoogra_, what could be done but I don't think it's worth the trouble is using dbus-send to ask gsd to rotate instead of manually calling xrandr and xinput16:04
janimobut no real gain16:04
janimoogra_, yes, it actually needs to be exposed as a joystick in order for gsd to talk to it :)16:05
ogra_plars, nope, the serial bit comes from a USB driver, it can only start once that is loaded, cant log anything before16:05
janimobut only axis and no shoot button16:05
plarsogra_: ok16:05
ogra_janimo, pfft, users can buy a bluetooth button for that :P16:05
janimoor play non-violent games where you just cruise in a spaceship but don't shoot anything16:06
janimoplars, thanks for reminding me serial login exists. I have annoying lags and lockups via wifi/ssh16:08
ogra_well, sadly serial login also eats our battery16:09
plarsogra_: oh, really?16:09
ogra_there seems to be a bug in either the g_serial driver or in getty, yeah16:09
ogra_which causes a ton of wakeups per second currently ... check with htop, you will see ttyGS0 in the top CPU consumers16:10
janimowell, while you're on serial you're also plugged in no?16:11
ogra_heh, yeah, you should16:12
plarsjanimo: well, yes but I can easily drain more battery than I'm charging16:12
plarsjanimo: and considering we'd like to do some power testing in an automated way, this could complicate things a bit16:12
ogra_it definitely causes a lot of CPU load atm16:12
ogra_i know cking will look at it though16:13
ogra_but he seems to be off today16:13
plarsogra_, janimo: we may end up having to test install differently and just keep a system upgrading, still not having much luck with the preseeding. Does the kernel upgrade properly now? I seem to recall that being an issue at some point16:39
ogra_kernel is fine16:39
ogra_upgrades from quantal to raring have issues16:40
ogra_nobody plans to fix that though16:40
plarsogra_: yeah, don't need that16:40
ogra_wow, the settings i just uploaded actually bring the system load to a sane value on the nx716:42
ogra_finally a default load below 116:42
janimoogra_, what changed?16:46
ogra_janimo, i just added an upstart job that applies the same settings as in init.grouper.rc for the cpufreq governor16:48
ogra_we switched to the interactive governor a while ago, which already improved over ondemand but never used the options android uses for it16:49
janimoogra_, nice17:08
ogra_yeah, i'm quite impressed what such a small change does17:08
ogra_having an idle load below 0.10 if you had it above 1 all the time is quite great17:09
mosasaurI'm currently running this on my galaxy note: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=184563117:21
mosasaurhowever it's ubuntu 10.10 and it seems the deb files for an update have all length 017:21
ogra_better talk to the creator of that chroot then17:22
Tassadarwell, it is two and a half years old, repositories are probably down already17:22
mosasauris there a more recent arm image for v7 that I can use as a drop in replacement?17:22
ogra_oh, right17:22
TassadarI suppose you can use nexus 7's images when it is just chroot17:23
mosasaurthanks Tassadar, is there a link for that?17:23
ogra_well, depends how many hacks that chroot has :)17:23
Tassadaryeah, gimme a while, I'm reading the thread17:24
ogra_theoretically do-release-update should just DTRT and set the sources.list to old-releases.ubuntu.com17:24
ogra_and upgrade you17:24
mosasaurI guess a release upgrade should work, however the image is rather small17:25
Tassadaryeah, 1.6gb?17:25
mosasaurcompressed, if installed it leaves about 1 gig free17:26
Tassadarwhat is total size of the .img file?17:26
mosasaurabout 3G17:27
LisaNoriWow, I just did "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade" and now my ubuntu installation on my nexus7 reads the X mouse location along the Y axis and vis versa!  It's really weird!  You can start apps (listed along the left side) by touching along the top of the screen.  You can get to top screen menus by touching along the right side!  Some fix since yesterday (when I did the last upgrade) has really screwed up mouse positions!17:28
ogra_LisaNori, use the serial shell and upgrade again, there was a small window where kernel and userspace were out of sync today17:28
Tassadarmosasaur: I guess that is not enough to do the upgrade17:29
ogra_just another upgrade should fix it17:29
mosasaurTassadar: yeah that's why I'd like some torrent with a more recent image17:29
LisaNoriI did the upgrade just a few minutes ago.  I don't have a way to attach a USB keyboard.  I'll see if i can ssh in.17:30
ogra_weird, if it was a few mins ago all should be fine17:31
mosasaurLisaNori: I suppose you're not talking about just a chroot?17:31
ogra_the nexus7 is nbative17:31
ogra_LisaNori, was that a raring install or did you upgrade from a quantal demo image ?17:32
TassadarI'd say there isn't one you can _just_ drop in, but you could make one from the nexus 7's I suppose, the chroot seems pretty much okay17:32
ogra_LisaNori, (the original installation i mean)17:32
LisaNoriIt was a raring install (using the dual boot capability).  Worked fine yesterday.  Worked fine when I turned it on today.  Screwed after I did upgrade and rebooted.17:33
ogra_oh, dual boot, hmm17:33
Tassadarlet me try ti17:33
mosasauris the nexus 7 already at 12.04 or something like that?17:34
ogra_if you can ssh in, check the kernel version17:34
ogra_mosasaur, 13.0417:34
mosasaurOK :-)17:34
* Tassadar is rebooting to ubuntu on his n7 to try update17:35
ogra_smells like the kernel wasnt updated17:35
ogra_we are at 3.1.10-9-nexus717:36
LisaNoriapparently ssh isn't enabled and the onscreen keyboard is useless now.  I'll try using "adb shell".17:36
ogra_uname -r should tell17:36
Tassadarwon't work, if you are on linux, just plug it in and type "screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200"17:37
ogra_we run a serial login on the USB port in the default ubuntu image (no idea if that applies to the dual boot image)17:37
Tassadar(and then your username and enter, even if it does not show anything in terminal)17:37
ogra_right, follow Tassadar17:37
LisaNoriCool!  That worked fine!  I'm in.17:39
ogra_well, uname -r17:39
ogra_there is your prob17:40
LisaNori:)  ?17:40
ogra_your kernel wasnt upgraded, no idea why, i only work with the official image17:40
ogra_but i guess Tassadar can help you :)17:40
TassadarLisaNori: tell me what "ls -l /boot | grep vmlinuz" shows you17:41
LisaNorilrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      23 Jan 24 17:40 vmlinuz -> vmlinuz-3.1.10-8-nexus717:41
LisaNori-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4523920 Jan 24 13:35 vmlinuz-3.1.10-8-nexus717:41
Tassadarokay, just wait until I update my installation17:42
ogra_sudo apt-get install linux-nexus717:42
ogra_try that17:42
ogra_the kernel wont be upgraded is the metapackage isnt installed17:42
ogra_seems thats missing from your setup17:42
LisaNorirunning now...17:44
ogra_it should pull in 3.1.10-9-nexus7 alongside17:44
Tassadardoes it install also flash-kernel17:45
ogra_i dont think so17:45
TassadarI wonder how could "linux-nexus7" be missing17:46
ogra_no idea17:46
LisaNoriin order to install using multirom, I followed the instructions here:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=201140317:47
LisaNoriOk, so, now I do "apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade" and reboot?17:47
ogra_just reboot should be fine if you see 3.1.10-9-nexus7 in /boot/17:48
TassadarLisaNori: when did you install ubuntu, like from which that was the image you installed via recovery?17:48
Tassadarat least roughly17:48
LisaNoriFollowing the instructions on the page I mentioned above, I followed the link "here" in step 2 under "Adding ROMs".  That's the image I loaded.17:49
Tassadarthose images are built daily, every day there is different image,  I wanna know when did you download it17:50
LisaNoriOf course, I followed those instructions about a week or two ago, so it would have been a different image there at the time.17:50
ogra_cat /var/log/installer/media-info17:51
LisaNoriLet me see if I still have the image I loaded around somewhere.17:51
ogra_that should tell from when the installation is17:51
ogra_if it uses our tarballs as a source at least17:51
LisaNoriroot@rajnexus7:/boot# cat /var/log/installer/media-info17:51
LisaNoricat: /var/log/installer/media-info: No such file or directory17:51
TassadarIt should not matter, I just want to know to be sure it is not like some acient image or something like that17:51
Tassadarand if it was week or two then it is enough, you don't have to look for the file17:52
ogra_hmm, so its not our tarball or the install pre-dates the addition of build stamps17:52
LisaNoriOk, the image I downloaded is dated Jan 23, 17:4817:52
Tassadaryeah, I don't use the installer17:52
ogra_not at all ?17:52
Tassadarno, it just extracts the image17:53
ogra_i mean the graphical part for user setup etc17:53
ogra_it does some kind of important configuration bits17:53
TassadarI thought that the installer which extracts tar.gz archive creates that file...17:53
ogra_oh, right, it copies it from the initial initrd17:54
ogra_we ship it originally in the initrd17:54
* ogra_ forgot about that step, sorry17:54
ogra_so it cant be in the tarball indeed17:54
LisaNoriI rebooted and it works fine now.  Thanks a lot!17:54
ogra_unless your re-packaging scripts copy it :)17:55
Tassadarlooks like mine also did not update to newest kernel Oo17:55
ogra_well, i'm pretty sure linux-nexus7 is in the tarball :)17:55
Tassadaraah, yeah, that's why17:56
Tassadarflash-kernel is tied to linux-nexus717:56
Tassadarand I do "apt-get -y purge ac100-tarball-installer flash-kernel"17:56
Tassadarbecause I really don't want to have flash-kernel when dual bootin17:56
ogra_you could try an evil hack and export FLASH_KERNEL_SKIP=1 in 7etc7environment or so17:56
ogra_then f-k becomes a no-op17:57
ogra_or at least it should, if you find a place where it doesnt thats a bug17:57
TassadarLisaNori: you probably won't be able to boot into android now17:57
Tassadartry to do "apt-get purge flash-kernel" and before you confirm it, tell me what packages will it remove17:58
Tassadaror, better yet, "dpkg --remove flash-kernel" should remove only that package18:01
Tassadarogra_: is that right?18:02
LisaNoriHere's the output from "apt-get purge flash-kernel":18:04
LisaNoriReading package lists... Done18:04
LisaNoriBuilding dependency tree18:04
LisaNoriReading state information... Done18:04
LisaNoriThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:18:04
LisaNori  abootimg apt-clone archdetect-deb dmraid dpkg-repack gir1.2-json-1.018:04
LisaNori  gir1.2-timezonemap-1.0 gir1.2-xkl-1.0 kpartx kpartx-boot libdebconfclient018:04
LisaNori  libdebian-installer4 libdevmapper-event1.02.1 libdmraid1.0.0.rc16 lvm218:04
LisaNori  os-prober python3-pyicu rdate thunderbird-locale-en thunderbird-locale-en-gb18:04
LisaNori  thunderbird-locale-en-us uboot-envtools uboot-mkimage18:04
LisaNoriUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.18:04
LisaNoriThe following packages will be REMOVED:18:04
LisaNori  flash-kernel*18:04
LisaNori0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 11 not upgraded.18:04
LisaNoriAfter this operation, 135 kB disk space will be freed.18:04
LisaNoriDo you want to continue [Y/n]? n18:04
Tassadaryeah, you can proceed, just press y, it will remove only that package18:05
Tassadarand then "echo "flash-kernel hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections", to be sure it will never install again18:07
LisaNoriwhat is this accomplishing, exactly?18:07
Tassadarflash-kernel flashes ubuntu kernel to main boot partition, replacing android18:07
Tassadaryou don't want that when dual-booting18:07
LisaNoriYep, that makes sense.18:07
Tassadaryou will probably have to restore boot.img from backup or something, that apt-get install linux-nexus7 probably already flashed ubuntu's kernel :/18:08
LisaNoriOk.  Done.18:08
LisaNoriI just finished shutting down linux and booting android just fine, then rebooted to linux.18:08
Tassadarwell...then it's all good, but if there was any update to that kernel, it would flash it18:09
Tassadar...and I have to fix the recovery not to remove linux-nexus7 package, and I don't have any idea why does it do that in the first place18:10
LisaNoriJust rebooted into android again just fine, so I guess everything's ok.  I tend to leave it running ubuntu most of the time though.  :)18:11
Tassadaryou did not do "dist-upgrade", did you?18:13
Tassadarlike you were always doing "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade", right?18:13
LisaNorino, I always go "apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade".18:13
TassadarI think that linux-nexus7 was there, but normal upgrade did not update it because it would require installing new packages18:14
Tassadarat least dpkg.log says so18:14
Tassadaranyway, I should entirely disable that package when installing ubuntu, we _really_ don't want it18:15
TassadarI mean flash-kernel18:16
ogra_Tassadar, ah, yeah, that could be, you indeed always want to dist-upgrade18:25
ogra_especially in development releases where dependencies can change around18:25
Tassadarhm, the older kernel was not removed18:25
ogra_no ubuntu does that18:26
infinityapt-get --purge autoremove18:26
infinityBut we keep two by default.18:26
Tassadarat least initrd.img symlink is okay now18:26
ogra_ogra@anubis:~$ ls -l /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-*|wc -l18:26
ogra_thats my x86 desktop18:26
Tassadardammit, just 10 on my debian)18:27
ogra_but yeah, the autoremove would clean them up18:27
TassadarI'm just thinking of a way to choose correct initrd now)18:28
ogra_except that i cant use it because it would remove packages i still want around18:28
ogra_Tassadar, ?18:28
ogra_it is always /boot/initrd.img18:28
ogra_which is always a symlink to the latest18:29
Tassadaryeah, problem is it was not, before this update initrd.img was some rubbish 23 bytes long file18:31
ogra_why is that ?18:31
Tassadarand I haven't realized that there can be more than one kernel, so I searched for "initrd-*"18:31
TassadarI dunno, you're the guy)18:31
Tassadarit is like that in the image18:32
ogra_well, indeed it is, the installer cares for creating a proper initrd that matches the HW diuring install18:32
Tassadarthe graphical part?18:32
ogra_the part after it18:33
Tassadarooh, nice)18:33
Tassadarthen it's no problem and I can just use the symlink18:33
ogra_the part that removes the installer (which you definitely dont want on an installed system)18:33
ogra_in the end it runs update-initramfs18:33
ogra_though note that there is an existing initrd already from the unpacking stage18:34
Tassadaryeah...in the image there should always be just one initrd, right?18:34
ogra_i'm not sure how all these steps behave if there isnt a file at all or a broken symlink or whatever is 23byte big there18:34
ogra_since thats not a usecase that could happen in a normal install18:35
ogra_anyway, i'll call it a day now18:36
* ogra_ is off 18:36
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ogra_bug #110919719:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1109197 in ac100-tarball-installer (Ubuntu) "fails to preserve mtimes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110919719:34
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sim590anyone knows how to disable touchpad on the tf101? I've tried "xinput --set-prop "Virtual core XTEST pointer" "Device Enabled" 0" but it doesn't work.. It even made X crash.. :(19:55
sim590I got it! you can turn off gondor's alarm fire lights!20:07
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nils__today I installed ubuntu on my nexus7. later i managed to set up everything to compile the kernel but I miss some information how to install the kernel image.21:54
xnoxit's funny. somehow one should generate boot.img and then you can flash it with fastboot21:55
xnoxcheckout scripts in the ubuntu-nexus7 project branches.21:55
XorAsudo apt-get install abootimg (or something like that)21:55
xnoxunless there is userspace way to do it.21:55
xnoxXorA: ah, didn't know that abootimg works on nexus7.21:55
XorAxnox: biit.img is AFAIk a standard format21:55
* XorA does not have nexus 7 to break21:56
xnoxXorA: ah, ok. Cause like on panda & ac100 there is flashkernel as well which can update kernel in the correct partitions while running ubuntu on device. Such that one doesn't need to use external machine / boot into flashing mode.21:56
XorAalthough I do remember the Android SDK version having some extra options which were essential for booting some boards21:57
nils__i have seen abootimg. it somhow packs together the kernel with some other files.21:57
infinityflash-kernel works perfectly fine on the nexus7 too.21:57
nils__can i simply take the other files from the existing img?21:57
infinity(It does, indeed, leverage abootimg along the way)21:57
infinityIf you're building your kernels via the ubuntu kernel source and, thus, making shiny .deb packages, just installing the package will take care of the rest.21:58
ogra_if you use the ubuntu kernel source package, just install the package the buiuld produces with dpkg -i21:58
infinityIf you're doing the whole mess by hand, you'll want to generate an initramf, then run flash-kernel against your version.21:59
ogra_not even i do that by hand21:59
* ogra_ uses dpkg -i and then dd's /dev/mmcblk0p2 to an img file22:00
ogra_all steps inbetween are automatic that way22:00
nils__i wanted to try out if i can make usbnet work. would be fine if i could use usb to transfer files to the nexus722:01
ogra_you surely can, but will have to disable the g_serial setup then22:02
ogra_(including the upstart job that runs getty on the werial line)22:02
ogra_by default the usb port is set up as usb serial console22:03
nils__if i can have usbnet i should be able to use ssh and dont need the serial any more22:03
ogra_well, true indeed22:03
ogra_dont you have a wlan ?22:04
nils__yes till now i connected via wlan. it worked but i had to use an additional old fritzbox due to lack of any other wlan devices22:05
ogra_ah, yeah, thats bad22:05
nils__i thought usb is a neater solution. i was wondering why i hadnt found anything regarding usbnet on nexus7 yet22:06
ogra_well, while usb is a neater solution, the kernel recieves regular fixes so you likelz have to recompile a lot if you want to keep track22:08
scientesnils__, there is an android package for reverse teathering over usb22:08
nils__any idea where the right place for further details about hacking nexus7 is - maybe except of this chat.22:09
nils__scientes but i am running ubuntu22:09
scientesyeah i relize that now22:09
ogra_well, here and in #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-desktop i'd say22:09
nils__thanks for your thoughts. much appreciated.22:10
ogra_nils__, i was pondering to actually try the g_composite driver instead of g_serial but havent gotten around to test it yet22:10
ogra_composite should actually be able to provide both22:11
nils__thanks ogra, I will try to install my kernel tomorrow. actually  just at the beginning. great device. my first mobile gadget with linux.22:13
XorAnils__: its a bit fancier than my first mobile linux device :_D22:16
ogra_haha, yeah22:17
ogra_when i had my first B/W ipaq the nexus7 would have been a supercomputer22:18
ogra_or at least a very powerful server22:18
nils__ogra, I see you also blog about the Nexus7 status.22:20
ogra_well, only the meeting announcements but yeah22:21
ogra_others definitely have blogged more and more intresting stuff :)22:21
nils__so there's another source where I can gather some infos.22:22
nils__nice. thanks a lot. cheers.22:22
ogra_most of the blogs that are related to ubuntu on the nexus7 are aggregated on planet.ubuntu.com22:23
* XorA should stick OZ on nexus for old times sake!22:26
ogra_it should fly22:26
XorAbe interesting compared to plasma desktop22:26
ogra_or unity22:26
XorAGPE -> Unity and Opie -> Modern QT :-D22:27
XorAthats the approx equivs22:28
ogra_i actually like unity ... just has to go on a little diet22:28
* XorA is not a fan22:28
ogra_(which it currently is in the middle of)22:28
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