nihil_2013Is it possible to download the entire Ubuntu Wiki for offline use without using a morally unacceptable amount of bandwidth?14:35
geirhanihil_2013: Good question. Try asking #ubuntu-wiki or #ubuntu-doc14:53
geirhaI'd also be interested to know what the answer will be14:53
nihil_2013Thanks :-)15:17
lagrecaHi! Pepperflash's Chrome Stable is showing colored artifacts when playing youtube videos. Can it be solved? Thanks. PS: UBUNTU 12.04.119:13
lagrecaThe same doesn't happen in unity 2d.19:13
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ShadowAkiraHello! To whom can i talk? I have  a problem adding new screen resolution to ubuntu :(19:50
holstein!ask | ShadowAkira19:51
ubot2ShadowAkira: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:51
holsteinShadowAkira: i would just install and try arandr19:51
ShadowAkiraoh! nice :P After using cvt, xrandr --newmode and --addmode i kinda got stuck with the following error X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)19:52
ShadowAkira  Major opcode of failed request:  141 (RANDR)19:52
ShadowAkira  Minor opcode of failed request:  18 (RRAddOutputMode)19:52
ShadowAkira  Serial number of failed request:  5519:52
ShadowAkira  Current serial number in output stream:  5619:52
holsteinShadowAkira: i would try arandr19:53
holsteinShadowAkira: sometimes i use a live CD such as knoppix to setup the desktop/desktops, and i copy the xorg.conf19:53
r4yI fixed my problem20:15
r4yI was able fix the whole flash and html5 video problem with both Ubuntu 12 and 10 and the answers are different20:15
r4yFor Ubuntu 12 I installed synaptic package manager and completely removed flash but left ubuntu restricted extras20:16
r4yfor ubuntu 10 somehow there was a file under usr/lib/ called flash-plugin and when I had followed what to do from this link:20:18
r4yI missed that I needed to put it into usr/lib/flash-plugin and thoughtlessly put it under usr/lib/firefox and usr/lib/mozilla-firefox and usr/lib/mozilla20:20
r4ythis time I had to delete the file called flash-plugin and make a folder called flash-plugin and put libflashplayer.so file as suggsted in the link I just posted and bam Ubuntu 10.04 works with all videos20:21
Unit193...Can't you just install adobe-flashplugin from the partner repos?  That's always worked for me, and pulls in security updates as well.20:25
r4yMaybe now I can, but atleast I have a way around the problems I was having20:27
r4yI should try that out20:28
r4yI will be back20:28
r4yOK, to make this test work out I had to hand remove what I copied and did in the filesystem and make sure a youtube video didn't work20:33
r4yWhat exactly should I install?, Do I use the Ubuntu software Center? or Synaptic Package Manager?, Also I am running Ubuntu 10.0420:34
r4yWill I be using the flash installer and then going to the adobe site? or?20:34
Unit193!partner | Add that if you don't have it already, then adobe-flashplugin20:36
ubot2Add that if you don't have it already, then adobe-flashplugin: Canonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »20:36
r4yso don't go to the adobe website at all?20:37
r4yI need to make sure I am clear on what you are saying20:37
r4ySo install the flash installer then install the package adobe-flashplugin both from20:37
r4yubuntu software center20:38
Unit193Only adobe-flashplugin.20:38
r4yflash 19 version 11? or installer?, or non free?, sorry ha ha ha20:39
r4yI meant flash 10 version 1120:40
r4yI think you mean flash 10 version 1120:40
r4yOr you mean from synaptic20:41
r4yOK, I see sorry20:41
r4yUm, I need to go because I am using chatzilla which is a firefox plugin just to make sure this goes as planned.20:42
Unit19311.2.202.261-0lucid1, should be.20:42
r4yOK, sorry I messed up and had to start over20:47
r4yso the package is adobe-flashplugin20:48
r4yIs that all that you suggested to do?20:48
r4yOK, here is where I am at20:48
r4yThis video plays for instance:20:49
r4ybut this video doesn't:20:49
r4yChecking filesystem20:49
Unit193Yep, first is html5, second is flash.20:50
r4yThere is no folder called flash-plugin20:51
Unit193You can see the packages list with  dpkg -L adobe-flashplugin20:51
r4yMy computer got slow for a second trying to look at the filesystem but no greying out sorry20:51
r4yI need to check something20:52
r4yAnd there is no file called flash-plugin under usr/lib/20:53
r4yOK, sorry20:53
r4yThe folder is called adobe-flashplugin not flash-plugin20:55
r4yMabe that is the problem20:55
r4yI am going to rename it20:55
Unit193http://pastebin.com/cSdAt1Yb That's what I have, and it works.20:55
Unit193There are a few alternatives.rc links to it.20:56
r4yRight I remember seeing links but I didn't mess with any of them and didn't know how or if I should20:58
Unit193ls -lh /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/  points back to where it should for me.20:58
Unit193You restarted firefox, and no flash?  Weird.  Any other browsers installed?21:02
r4yYes Chrome and Chromium21:03
Unit193Which should have their own.21:03
r4yCompletely remove with synaptic package manager?21:03
Unit193Chromium use pepperflash or no?21:03
r4yI don't know, but chrome should but neither worked for me21:04
Unit193And no, they shouldn't mess it up.21:04
Unit193Something is very weird...21:04
r4yI should run a test with them for the videos I have shown again just in case I guess21:04
Unit193Well, if you don't pull it up, whatever method you used the first time...21:05
r4yNone of them play21:07
r4yMaybe Ubuntu 10.04 has to use the path /usr/lib/flash-plugin where as Ubuntu 12.04 uses a different path?, Or I am not sure but it's what worked for me21:09
r4yI use the command gksudo nautilus to make that change under the filesystem so I don't make the wrong mistake21:10
r4yWell, I don't know what's going on but you are better then me at Linux so I don't want to ramble and talk in circles, LOL21:11
r4yTY for trying, perhaps if you were sitting behind this keybaord things would be a different story21:14
Unit193So wondering, why are you sticking with Lucid?  If you don't like Unity, have you checked out the others?21:14
r4yI just don't want to go there. I don't want to make war at all, it's really not in my nature, I just like it better because of reasons21:16
r4yI don't want to feel as if I can't change but that's how some would feel about this choice of mine21:16
r4yIt's easier to make launchers for one21:16
r4yThe layout is the same, lol21:17
r4yappearance is how I want it21:17
r4yand other little things I can't remember but there are reasons I am sure21:17
Unit193Well, just thinking that support ends in April...21:17
r4yI know, well there is also the spin off but I haven't tried it21:18
Unit193MATE?  If I were you and liked Gnome, I'd just take a quick look at LXDE or Xfce. :)21:19
* Unit193 just giving ideas. :)21:20
r4yI can't find the link I had21:21
r4yYa, there a lot of options out there21:22
r4yWell this is the link I remember:21:24
r4yI think I should start trying these out21:25
r4yAny links I should follow for your suggestions?21:25
r4ySorry for my bad typing21:25
Unit193If I were going to stick with *ubuntu, I'd get something official, like...21:26
ubot2lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.21:26
ubot2Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels21:26
ubot2Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde21:26
r4yI tried kde and wasn't happy but maybe I am wrong, no it was on Ubuntu it's self from the packages, not a CD of kde Ubuntu21:27
r4yI am not sure though21:27
r4yIt was terminal based or something21:28
Unit193Everyone has their own preferences, mine would be different than yours, so KDE may very well not be for you. :)21:28
r4yAM I wrong?, is there any gui user friendness to the kde version of Ubuntu?21:30
r4yI mean by default21:30
r4ynot just ui21:30
Unit193Kubuntu, http://kubuntu.org21:30
r4yI bookmarked it already, I will look sorry21:31
r4yAh, I guess I was wrong then21:31
r4yOK, I should start trying, TY for the help21:32
Unit193Sure thing!  Hope you find one you like!21:32
Unit193Try a few live cds, see if you can find one.21:32
r4yI will21:32
r4yHave a good day21:32
Unit193You as well.21:33
r4yI am looking for Ubuntu GNOME Shell Remix 12.04 (((torrent))) to test out22:27
r4yIs this a trustworthy link22:27
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/ReleaseNotes/12.10?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=ubuntu-gnome-12.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent That should be.22:28
r4yWell I was hoping for version 12.04 bing long term then again I wonder about this22:29
r4yWhat do you think about support of Ubuntu 12.04 for this version compared to 12.10?, Is it perhaps like the Long Term releases of the normal Ubuntu or maybe it will not matter in the long run?22:32
Unit193It would appear that it isn't, not listed on their site and I'd guess Gnome shell would be more complete in the newer version anyway.22:33
* Unit193 doesn't know, never used gnome-shell.22:33
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Unit193According to their channel topic at #ubuntu-gnome, 12.10 was their first release.22:34
r4yLOL, who knows22:35
r4yI think I will go with 12.10 I guess but I am unsure about this22:38
r4yTY, and I will be trying the other versions you suggested to atleast see ifI might like22:39
r4yI also want to try Debian22:39
r4yAnd mint and Mandrivia22:39
r4yTY for the torrent link22:40
r4yAh, the file is going to be 810.9 MiB, aren't CDs only 700 MiBs?22:42
r4yWell, I have 3 options maybe. Virtually, or ysb, or DVD22:43
Unit193You can try a USB boot.22:43
r4yusb not ysb sorry22:43
r4yI don't know if I have any dvds so if I like it maybe, but until after I try other distros so I don't waiste disks22:45
r4yI meant discs22:45
r4yor maybe that was right22:45
r4yWell, ayways TY again22:45
r4yDarkxst from the #ubuntu-gnome channel said that was a different project22:50
r4yHe also said to wait for gnome-shell 3.8 release23:14
r4yBecause that is what I want he thinks perhaps.23:15
r4yI won't know until then, so until then I will try out different distros including the torrent you helped me get with the link you posted to try out and the other releases you suggested trying23:16
r4yI need to go TY for the help again23:16

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