mhall119AlanBell: I love that the guy on G+ was trying to name-drop on you by saying he's spoken to Canonical employees00:52
dakermhall119: talking about me ?00:54
* snap-l catches Canonical Employees and forces them to tell me where the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow.00:56
mhall119daker: no, another thread01:02
dakerah ok01:02
mhall119snap-l: the pot of gold is in the bzr, of course01:03
snap-lmhall119: No wonder nobody can find it. ;)01:12
mhall119ouch :(01:12
AlanBellmhall119: yeah, it annoys me that people are critical whilst unneccessarily wrong :)01:26
mhall119AlanBell: I'm just amused that talking to a Canonical employee is somehow a significant accomplishment01:36
snap-lIf you talk to 5, you unlock a badge.01:50
mhall119sweet, I only have 2 more to go!01:56
IdleOnemhall119: you can't count yourself02:01
imbrandonbkerensa: "but look at the full report even +Brandon Holtsclaw made the list." , Gee thanks! /sarcasim :) lol j/k02:19
mhall119IdleOne: darn02:20
bkerensaimbrandon: ;)02:20
jcastrojono: around?03:29
imbrandonmhall119, snap-l: sounds like a new fun ( & sarcastic ) group of ubuntu-accomplishments03:48
JoseeAntonioRcjohnston, mhall119: summit is not asking for the name in the sponsorship form04:33
JoseeAntonioRknown bug?04:33
jonojcastro, hey05:25
dholbachgood morning07:33
dholbachballoons, at some stage we should talk about automated testing hackfest planning10:38
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: everything ready to get UDS rolling?14:39
JoseeAntonioRoops, UDW14:39
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, yes afaics :)14:40
jonodpm, setting it up16:00
jonodpm, actually, I put the hangout in the invite16:00
dpmjono, ok16:01
SergioMenesesdholbach, congrats! nice session16:01
dholbachthanks SergioMeneses16:01
jonodpm, did you see it?16:03
dpmjono, hm, weird, I don't have any invites16:03
jonodpm, click the link the G+ calendar invite16:04
bkerensamorning jono dholbach JoseeAntonioR  dpm jcastro16:39
dholbachin a session16:39
jonohi bkerensa16:39
dpmhello bkerensa16:40
bkerensajono: So you know the place you had the CLS party two years ago closed but the bar is still there from last year.... What about having the CLS party at a local startup with kegs sponsored?16:46
jonobkerensa, you mean Spirit Of 77?16:47
jonoI think we will just do the Fri night thing at the double-tree16:47
jonoand then the Sat night event will be in a bar16:47
bkerensaoh ok16:47
bkerensajono: nah spirit is there still16:47
bkerensajono: the startup I had in mind was Urban Airship in the pearl16:48
bkerensathey have a huge space16:48
bkerensabut the double tree is nice too :) they have a fireplace and good cider16:48
jonobkerensa, we can definitely evaluate options16:48
jonoI am about to kick into CLS planning16:48
mhall119jono: I still need to re-schedule our call today16:55
jonomhall119, just let me know16:55
mhall119I can go now, in an hour, or an hour after the scheduled time16:56
jonomhall119, I am a bit busy now17:02
jonowill get back to you17:02
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, around?17:17
SergioMenesesbtw morning guys!17:17
jonomhall119, can you flesh out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide for us - this is the dev guide topics we mentioned we need on the call17:21
jonoothers are welcome to help too :-)17:21
mhall119jono: sure17:22
jonothanks mhall11917:22
mhall119jono: is there a deadline you need it done by?17:23
jonomhall119, just ASAP17:25
jonomhall119, next day or so should be fine17:25
jonothanks, pal17:26
JoseeAntonioRSergioMeneses: I am around, yes17:36
JoseeAntonioRSergioMeneses: and nope, I don't know what you're looking for17:37
JoseeAntonioRand hi, bkerensa :)17:38
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, hey hey  what are you talking about?17:44
dholbachall right - have got to get to the dinner preparations - see you all tomorrow - big hugs!17:55
SergioMenesesdholbach, bye17:56
dholbachbye :)17:56
JoseeAntonioRSergioMeneses: you talked about some docs in #ubuntu-pe17:58
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, jejeje18:01
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bkerensajono: is their a process for getting someone from Canonical to come talk at a event?20:34
czajkowskibkerensa: most people have mailed in directly20:36
czajkowskiand it's passed to the relevant dept20:36
bkerensaczajkowski: it would be someone from Jono's team ;)20:36
* mhall119 not it20:37
bkerensamhall119: you are who I wanted to come20:39
bkerensamhall119: you would have a fellow canonical employee speaking already ;)20:39
jonobkerensa, what do youneed?20:39
mhall119isn't one enough?  How many of us do you need?20:39
* mhall119 thinks bkerensa is just being greedy20:39
bkerensajono: hoping to have someone talk about Ubuntu Mobile at Open Source Leadership Summit in June20:40
jonobkerensa, where?20:40
jonobkerensa, what event is this?20:40
bkerensajono: Portland, OR of course20:40
bkerensajono: a Open Source conference20:40
jonobkerensa, when in June?20:40
bkerensasans expo hall20:40
bkerensaJune 22nd20:41
bkerensaall day event20:41
jonobkerensa, first day of OSCON?20:41
bkerensaso its the weekend right after Open Source Bridge :)20:41
jonoon the Mon?20:41
bkerensajono: OSCON is July20:41
bkerensaSaturday June 22nd20:41
jonothe month before20:42
jonoI should know that20:42
jonobkerensa, so how big is the event?20:42
jonohow many peeps?20:42
jonoI might be able to do it20:42
bkerensaI hope to have 50-100 attendees20:42
jonois this a first time event?20:42
bkerensaits a free event but my lineup of speakers already is top notch20:42
jonook, drop me an email with a summary20:42
jonoand I will see what I can do20:43
jonoI am not gonna fly the guys out20:43
jonobut I might be able to do it as I am much closer20:43
bkerensajono: ok then you could just stay the whole summer ;)20:45
jonobkerensa, yeah, my wife would *love* that20:46
bkerensajono: with the amount of time you spend in Portland... I'm surprised you don't own a home here20:46
bkerensajono: ApacheCon is this summer too in PDX20:47
jonobkerensa, heh20:47
jonobkerensa, "this city was built on donut holes"20:47
cjohnstonjono: did you see Gangam Style, metal edition?21:28
jonocjohnston, which one?21:28
jonoooh new one21:29
jonocjohnston, I prefer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsJY-D8FSdc :-)21:30
jonomhall119, quick call?22:49
mhall119jono: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/22419d72771bed9a9da7e4df7bfba4a22de93645?authuser=0&hl=en22:53
mhall119huh, my camera isn't working...22:54
mhall119that's better22:55
mhall119ready when you are jono22:55
jonomhall119, wll be two mins22:57
jonochanging Jack22:57
mhall119heh, take your time22:58
mhall119not something you want to rush and do only half-way :)22:58
mhall1192/w 2023:20

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