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pittiGood morning04:34
BigWhaleGood Morning all.08:52
BigWhaleWho do I bug about pygobject? :)08:53
ubot2Gnome bug 692515 in introspection "Differentiate Python created GType enum names to avoid registration problems" [Normal,New]08:53
seb128BigWhale, hey, you want to talk to pitti, he's the gobject master ;-)08:56
BigWhalepitti, open hailing frequencies! :))08:57
pittihey BigWhale, ça va?08:58
BigWhalepitti, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69251508:59
ubot2Gnome bug 692515 in introspection "Differentiate Python created GType enum names to avoid registration problems" [Normal,New]08:59
BigWhalepitti, right now gstreamer in python is broken in Raring.08:59
pittiBigWhale: J'ai vu ce bug, mais je n'ai pas le temps cette semaine08:59
seb128BigWhale, do you speak french? ;-)09:00
pittiBigWhale: it was fixed upstream in gstreamer, wasn't it? if that blocks you, please feel free to backport this?09:00
pittiBigWhale: oh, sorry! somehow I misremembered you being French09:00
BigWhale... :>09:01
BigWhaleunfortunately no... :)09:01
pittiBigWhale: it's seb128's fault09:02
BigWhalepitti, there will be no updates from upstream to Raring? This isn't blocking just me, but everyone.09:02
pittiBigWhale: since he became tech lead, it's the official desktop team language09:02
pittiBigWhale: oh, I'm fairly sure there will be another upstream release in time for raring09:03
pittiBigWhale: there will surely be one for pygobject, and I'll deal with this next week after the sprint09:03
BigWhalepitti, ok, cool. This, looks quite serious to me (unless I'm the only one using gstreamer in python). :)09:05
seb128BigWhale, you are the only one using gstreamer in python...09:07
seb128or one of the few ones09:07
BigWhaleseb128, makes sense ... I'm usually stuck with: 'nobody did this before' ... :))09:07
seb128BigWhale, if you can find the commit in gstreamer that fixes it we can backport it09:07
pittiseb128: well, once sessioninstaller finally gets ported away from sessioninstaller he won't be any more :)09:08
seb128pitti, sessioninstaller porterd away from itself, isn't that going to loop? :p09:08
pittiBigWhale, seb128: I think it's http://cgit.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gstreamer/commit/?id=d2b03a45371900e3100209b5fa4d3412b23aef9409:09
seb128pitti, danke09:09
seb128Laney, ^ is there any chance you could look at that and see if it fixes https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=692515 (I see that you commented on the bug)? ;-)09:10
ubot2Gnome bug 692515 in introspection "Differentiate Python created GType enum names to avoid registration problems" [Normal,New]09:10
Laneymorning ;-)09:10
BigWhalepitti, seb128 there was a reference to some other bug that supposedly fixed this ...09:17
BigWhaleOh, pitti found it ..09:18
LaneyI got it09:18
seb128Laney, hey, how are you?09:19
chrisccoulsongood morning evryone09:19
Laneygood thanks!09:19
chrisccoulsonhi seb128, Laney09:19
Laneyhey chrisccoulson09:20
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?09:20
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, good thanks. just eating some toast :)09:20
chrisccoulsonhow are you>09:20
seb128I'm good thanks09:20
seb128chrisccoulson, toast with eggs and beans? aka english breakfast? ;-)09:21
chrisccoulsonhah, i wish :)09:21
chrisccoulsontoast with honey09:21
chrisccoulsoni think i'd prefer the eggs (and bacon, and sausage, and hash browns)09:21
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i really need to get a new bulb for my desk lamp. it's too dark in here09:24
chrisccoulsonespecially now the weather has turned grey and miserable again09:24
BigWhaleStop talking about food! I'm up since 4am and had no breakfast yet ... :>09:37
chrisccoulsonhah, 4am is the time i went to bed ;)09:41
Laneyyeah that patch seems to make kazam able to record screencasts again09:44
LaneyI can't watch them back using totem for some reason though, and the colours are messed up in vlc09:45
lufiehi, es sieht so aus als hätte ich meinen ubuntu desktop getötet, mit dem versuch gnome 3.7 und gtk+3 zu installieren.09:46
lufiehat jemand eine idee wie ich das wieder hinbekomme ?09:46
Laneyh264/mp4 works best09:46
lufiesry ;-) english again09:47
lufieit seems, that i have killed my ubuntu 12.10 desktop whit an gnome 3.7 installation and a gtk+3 / libgtk-309:48
lufieany idea how i can restore this to default ?09:49
lufiecurrently i've got some gtk errors when i start some programms09:50
BigWhaleLaney, well, I'll take care about reproduction later... and check if anything is wrong with recording in that matter.10:03
Laneyrighto. I uploaded the fix anyways so you should get it down the tubes in due course10:04
BigWhaleGreat! Thanks!10:07
BigWhaleThe amount of beers I'll have to buy to various at UDS people is quickly rising ...10:08
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seb128Laney, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review btw ;-)12:38
Laneyseb128: heh, I just looked at ones linked from the topic :P12:39
seb128Laney, I dropped the workitem on the other spec and reassigned the one on this one to you12:39
Laneyok then12:39
seb128Laney, I've added it to the topic spec depends so it will show up there, sorry about that12:40
Laneyoh I see, that's how they work12:41
ogra_Laney, lovely ! maliit !!12:44
ogra_even though onboard really really improved since UDS12:45
seb128yeah, onboard upstream is doing a great job12:45
seb128shame it's written in python12:45
ogra_well, you dont really notice the python anymore speed wise12:45
LaneyI'd still use onboard for now ;-)12:46
Laneyno arrows/modifier keys in maliit12:46
LaneyI do seem to be a bit more accurate / faster in it though12:48
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, looking to team workitems, wdyt about postponing overlay scrollbars and evo importer from your WIs?12:48
chrisccoulsonseb128, sure, i don't have a problem with that12:49
seb128chrisccoulson, done! ;-)12:49
seb128yw ;-)12:50
seb128bah, dist-upgrade on my nexus "bricked" it12:57
seb128e.g I get a blank screen instead of X12:57
ogra_seb128, upgraded from what ? quantal ?12:59
seb128raring 2 weeks old to raring12:59
ogra_i didnt have any issues with yesterdays upgrade12:59
ogra_let me try12:59
* ogra_ twiddles thumbs waiting for apt-get update ...13:00
* ogra_ hits yes13:01
seb128ogra_, my Xorg.0.log has lines like "[    50.919] (WW) TEGRA(0): LVDS-1: Error querying display modes: No such device."13:05
seb128well the system is running13:05
seb128I can ssh to it13:06
seb128it's connected to the network13:06
seb128I just have nothing rendered on screen13:06
ogra_we changed the screen rotation defaults13:06
ogra_but that shouldnt affect the display, only the input until the new kernel is in13:06
* ogra_ reboots, lets see13:07
ogra_seb128, no issues here but i'm using the new kernel already ... though that only has a dropped patch in the touchscreen code13:08
ogra_shouldnt affect the display at all13:08
* ogra_ tries something13:09
ogra_hmm, no, i thought it could be the rotated console clashing with X un-rotated, but that starts fine here as well13:11
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ogra_sebi cant reproduce it :/13:18
ogra_oh, he is gone13:18
ogra_seb128, can't reproduce it here :/13:18
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seb128ogra_, sorry, I was talking to dholbach, need to restart my session and I will keep looking into that13:37
ogra_seb128, ok, my system surely isnt ,much default anymore atm since everyone gives me fixes to test, but i cant really reproduce it13:38
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seb128ogra_, that's the xorg log http://paste.ubuntu.com/1585925/13:51
seb128ogra_, is there any way to boot the previous kernel?13:51
seb128ogra_, sorry, I rebooted the wrong device, meant to reboot the nexus...14:00
seb128ogra_, did you see my question about booting old kernel?14:00
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jbichacyphermox: I was looking at eds and the remaining diff we have with Debian is the symbolic functions filtering & having libeds depend on eds-common, should those be forwarded to Debian?16:10
cyphermoxsymbolic functions filtering?16:11
cyphermoxI'm going to tentatively say yes16:11
jbichait's in debian/rules16:12
jbichait compiles fine without so I wasn't sure what it was for16:12
seb128hey everybody16:30
seb128it's meeting time16:30
seb128Sweetshark, qengho, chrisccoulson, Laney, kenvandine, mlankhorst, cyphermox, mterry, robru, tkamppeter, attente: hey, it's meeting time!16:31
seb128-Sweetshark (holidays)16:31
robruseb128, good morning!16:32
* kenvandine waves16:32
seb128I hope everybody is doing good16:32
robruseb128, just wiping the sleep from my eyes ;-)16:32
seb128current focus is nexus/mobile work, I hope a good bunch of you have work around that in their update ;-)16:33
seb128let's get started16:33
seb128robru, hehe, how early is it for you? 8:30am?16:33
seb128qengho, hey16:33
robruseb128, yep, 8:30 AM, which I know doesn't sound too early for most people but I normally like to wake up at 10 or 11 ;-)16:33
qengho- Cr v24 is this  "  close to being released for stable Ubuntus.  #webapps is verifying their patches.16:33
qengho- Slow progress on getting ARM (and therefore Raring) working.  scheat crashed last week.16:33
qengho- Dogfooding ARM otherwise.16:33
seb128still fighting arm then... good luck with that, let me know if there is anything you would need on16:34
seb128I'm sure we can find some people to give you an hand if you struggle too much with it16:35
seb128qengho, thanks16:35
qenghoseb128: I would like another machine, since scheat is dead. That's one thing that would help.16:35
chrisccoulsoni could probably help out there16:35
chrisccoulsonor at least, could try ;)16:35
seb128chrisccoulson, that would be great if you could16:36
seb128qengho, do we have any other porter box? you have a pandaboard/nexus, I guess those are not enough for what you need?16:36
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qenghoseb128: I have a panda, but haven't had much luck in getting it running. Gave it 2 hours. Trying not to spend much time on it.16:37
seb128qengho, let's sort the arm access issue out after the meeting16:38
robruqengho, I am also having troubles getting the pandaboard running. I can't seem to find the right image to boot it...16:38
seb128qengho, thanks16:38
chrisccoulsonmy panda gets extremely hot when I build firefox on it. i can't imagine what it's like building chromium ;)16:38
seb128chrisccoulson, hey16:38
chrisccoulsonfor me:16:38
chrisccoulson- Worked on a partner update16:38
chrisccoulson- Thunderbird beta updated to 19.016:38
chrisccoulson- Been debugging some Thunderbird memory leaks16:38
chrisccoulson- Been tracking down an event handling bug in the current Firefox beta (events going to the wrong content)16:38
chrisccoulson- Tracked down some test failures that weren't occurring in local builds (thanks dh_scour/cdbs for messing up the test suites SVG's!)16:38
chrisccoulsonalso hoping to start doing N7/mobile work once i've got rid of current high-priority items ;)16:39
seb128chrisccoulson, lol at dh_scour, iz pitti's fault for optimizing that for us? ;-)16:40
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks; looking forward having you helping on the mobile work!16:40
seb128Laney, hey16:40
chrisccoulsonit took me a while to figure out why the test wouldn't fail locally :)16:40
LaneyThought/worked a bit on the default (l-s) fontconfig configuration last week. Called for testing on planet (test packages in ppa:laney/language-selector but none of you are ja/zh so don't bother ;-)). Turned 27 on Sunday (seeking walking stick). Worked a bit on enabling the gtk wayland backend. Had to iterate a couple of times but that's in now to please some sections of the community. Updated nexus 7. Won an easy 4M by killing ...16:40
Laney... goa by default (the underlying bug is still there though). Now looking at maliit packaging with Quintasan. Should upload that to D & U tomorrow.16:40
mterryLaney, have you picked a grave plot yet?16:41
LaneyI'm getting blasted into the sun16:41
seb128Laney, lot of nice work, including memory saving on the default image, I like it! ;-)16:42
seb128Laney, thanks16:42
seb128kenvandine, hey16:42
kenvandine* Reducing memory usage of friends-service by creating a light weight service in vala that hosts the Dee.SharedModel.  This provides a significant memory reduction, on the order of 11x16:42
kenvandine* Finished up dual builds for qt4/qt5 for UOA16:42
kenvandine /EOF16:42
mterrykenvandine, 11x!  nice16:43
kenvandineoh, and working on the dee-qt bindings dual build packages too16:43
kenvandine /DONE16:43
kenvandinemterry, thx :)16:43
kenvandinepython with dee... not efficient :/16:43
seb128kenvandine, great stuff, thanks16:43
seb128mlankhorst, hey16:44
mlankhorstremoved 1 line of code today, testing reverse prime stuff16:44
mlankhorsteg intel driving nvidia display16:44
robrumterry, seb128: and that 11x is on top of the 4x improvement that I already did by fixing memory leaks ;-)16:44
mlankhorstlts-stack landed in -updates16:45
mlankhorstlooking good, blobs still need to land16:45
seb128robru, you guys play the "let's add some bugs we can fix later to look good" right? ;-)16:45
seb128mlankhorst, great to see the lts backport stuff getting in place, good work!16:46
seb128mlankhorst, thanks16:46
mlankhorstnp :)16:46
seb128cyphermox, hey16:46
cyphermox- Finished up dbusmenu/indicator-session fixes for tests; so they now build daily16:46
cyphermox- I think we managed to get one daily build of libappindicator, but then tests are broken again, needs work16:46
cyphermox- Fixed bluetooth on the nexus -- wasn't getting the firmware downloaded in Raring, that's fixed via an upload of the uploader app (now in queue) that also ships a proper upstart job to push the firmware.16:46
cyphermox- MM catching and mangling tty of the nexus connected to a computer: fixed.16:46
cyphermox- Looking at why the getty for ttyGS0 is causing so many wakeups on the nexus16:46
seb128cyphermox, yeah for bluetooth on the nexus!16:47
cyphermoxyeah, it's about time! :D16:47
cyphermoxworks great now, that's what I use almost all the time16:48
cyphermoxjust make sure the firmware tool doesn't die, but it shouldn't16:48
tkamppetercyphermox, then one can use BT keyboard and mouse and carries less cables on the go!16:48
seb128cyphermox, it seems like dbusmenu didn't autoland in raring yet, do you know why (since you mentioned you got the tests fixed)16:48
cyphermoxtkamppeter: yp!16:48
cyphermoxseb128: no, and it's interesting because it's all blue16:49
cyphermoxI wonder if didrocks maybe forgot to reactivate it16:49
seb128could be, and he's not here this week16:49
cyphermox(in doubt, blame on the absent)16:49
cyphermoxI'll look16:49
seb128so if neither you mterry know, we should probably wait for him to be back16:49
ricotzhello desktopers :)16:49
seb128(asking because chrisccoulson fixed a leak in dbusmenu recently, would be good to have it landing in raring)16:50
seb128ricotz, hey (meeting ongoing)16:50
seb128cyphermox, thanks16:50
seb128mterry, hey16:50
chrisccoulsonthere's another waiting review too16:50
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: link, I'll review :)16:50
seb128chrisccoulson, you should chase tedg and charles_ for review ;-)16:50
seb128or cyphermox ;-)16:50
mterry- Revamped Software Updater a bit16:50
mterry- ubuntu-release-upgrader SRU for quantal16:50
mterry- Updated duplicity to 0.6.2116:50
mterry- Updated workrave to work in Unity!16:50
mterry- Postponed non-mobile workitems16:50
mterry- Filed branch to reduce 30MB lightdm memory to ~4MB16:50
mterry- Nexus7 testing16:51
mterry- Investigating reports of indicator-appmenu leaks16:51
mterry- If we have known-work-to-do, I could lend a hand16:51
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/libdbusmenu/lp1104136/+merge/14473316:51
seb128mterry, there is always known-work-to-do16:51
mterryseb128, I figured you'd perk up at that  :)16:51
seb128mterry, like restore nautilus' desktop menu/hud integration that got broken/dropped in the 3.6 update16:51
seb128mterry, you know me :p16:52
mterryseb128, oh that's still todo?  I can look into that16:52
seb128mterry, anyway, feel free to ping me after the meeting, I can bounce some "known todo" so you can see if one suits you ;-)16:52
seb128mterry, it is, that would be great16:52
seb128mterry, thanks16:52
seb128robru, hey16:52
robruhey hey16:52
robru* Continuing to work on firming up libfriends API.16:53
robru* Finished inlining mardy's code.google packages.16:53
robru* Reviewed some deja-dup patches for mterry.16:53
robru* Learning Vala ;-)16:53
robru* Still haven't gotten my pandaboard working but I am using the N7 for testing things.16:53
LaneyN7 is a better buildd anyway :P16:53
seb128robru, qengho: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsIW7EF103A btw16:54
ogra_Laney, really depends if your build needs disk IO or not16:54
seb128that was an hangout explained how to get the panda running16:54
seb128you should watch it ;-)16:54
robruseb128, ok, will do, thanks16:54
seb128I'm sure ogra_ can also help you if you run into specific issues16:54
seb128robru, thanks16:54
qenghoseb128: thanks.16:55
ogra_definitely :)16:55
seb128attente, hey16:55
robruseb128, I got the installer to install at one point, but the installed system wouldn't boot after that. not sure where I went wrong16:55
ogra_and there is #ubuntu-arm for arm support as well16:55
attenteseb128, hey16:55
attentethe module now works with gtk 2, welcome anyone to try it ppa:attente/unity-gtk-module16:55
attenteminor issue with inkscape (menu items are missing labels)16:55
attentemaking a workaround for this, but other than that can start taking on other work16:55
qenghoogra_: I am IO-bound, I'm sure.  Panda is better than N7?16:56
seb128did anyone play with that yet? I wanted to try it before the meeting but got sidetracked, I will install the ppa directly after the meeting16:56
qenghoI have class-10 SDHC attached to panda16:56
LaneyI wouldn't know how to play with it16:56
attenteseb128, i'm not sure if anyone's tried it16:56
xnoxattach a usb external hdd.16:56
attenteexcept for larsu16:56
xnoxall sd-cards suck compared to spinny disks or real ssd16:57
Laneya quick mail with testing instructions would be good16:57
qenghoxnox: thanks.16:57
attenteLaney: sure16:57
ogra_qengho, a USB 3.0 disk will give you faster IO than the MMC in the nexus716:57
seb128attente, inkscape seems to be a bit of a weird case, there is e.g bug #775702 open about it having issues with dbusmenu16:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 775702 in inkscape (Ubuntu) "Some menu icons missing in Inkscape since upgrade to 11.04" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77570216:57
qenghoLaney: Compose-<-3?16:57
seb128attente, good idea, if you feel like getting extra testing, maybe drop an email on ubuntu-desktop@l.u.c about it16:58
seb128attente, thanks16:58
seb128tkamppeter, hey16:58
tkamppeterWorked on a third size of printing stack for mobile: After the full desktop stack (which we had all the time) and the super-mini-1-MB stack (cups-daemon, cups-browsed, libcups2) I am thinking about a third, intermediate stack.16:58
tkamppeterThe super-mini stack requires a remote CUPS server to provide the printers, direct network printing is not possible.16:58
tkamppeterThe intermediate stack will have some filters to generate common formats like PDF, PostScript, PCL-XL, PWG Raster, JPEG and with an extended cups-browsed it will make IPP printers of the local network available automatically in a driverless fashion (no printer-model-specific data/software in the printing stack).16:58
tkamppeterIt is more or less like the iPhone, where AirPrint printers are automatically available, without printer setup tool.16:58
tkamppeterThis will work mainly with IPP Everywhere printers which will start hitting the market this year, but also with some legacy devices which accept PDF, PostScript, or PCL-XL.16:58
tkamppeterFor the desktop the classic printer-driver-based method will stay available.16:58
tkamppeterI have also looked into the changes to be done so that printer driver auto download also works with the GNOME printer setup tool and also organized the transfer of a color laser printer from larsu to Marek Kasik, upstream developer of GNOME's print dialog and GNOME's printer setup tool.16:59
seb128tkamppeter, ok, great, thanks16:59
seb128me: I've been looking at the nexus memory usage, e.g https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/Smem-2013-01-1617:00
seb128reviewing blueprints/workitems, adding some to  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-r-reduced-power-ram from the issues/work identified17:00
seb128that's it17:01
seb128questions? comments?17:01
attenteseb128: any work items i could take a look at?17:01
seb128attente, maybe look to the spec I just pointed17:02
seb128anything that is in state TODO is probably free to grab17:02
seb128just ping whoever is assigned to the item to check before starting to not conflict17:03
attenteok, sure, thanks17:03
seb128is there any type of work you would prefer? low level? ui? profiling? memory usage issues?17:03
ricotzseb128, hi, did you notice reports mentioning "Unable to find default local directory monitor type" lately?17:06
seb128ok, no comment it seems17:06
seb128</end of meeting>17:06
seb128thanks everybody17:06
seb128ricotz, hey, none no17:07
ricotzseb128, hmm, i see17:07
seb128jbicha, e-d-s run into runtime issue/gtype issue if build with bsymbolic, we need to keep that on Ubuntu, maybe we can forward a patch to debian that dpkg-vendor check if it's Ubuntu and modify the ldflags then17:14
jbichaseb128: maybe it would be fine for Debian too?17:16
tkamppetercyphermox, when will the Bluetooth fix show up on the N7?17:16
seb128jbicha, like, just not needed in Debian, they don't have bsymbolic-function in their default compiler flags17:17
loolseb128: gnome-power-manager doesn't seem to use consolekit anymore; do you mind if I drop the dep?17:35
loolI guess I should do that in Debian17:36
seb128lool, feel free, g-p-m isn't do much anymore nowadays, it's mostly the ui which gives you details about your devices/their batteries and some stats17:37
seb128isn't doing*17:37
ogra_yeah,. it went on a lethal diet over the years17:38
seb128attente, thanks for the email, what about posting to https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-desktop ? or you don't feel like ready for feedback from more people yet?17:44
attenteseb128, i could maybe after i get this issue worked out with inkscape17:45
attentei'm sure there are enough issues with it for me to work through in the mean time :)17:46
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cyphermoxtkamppeter: it's in the raring queue, will take the time to be reviewed by archive admins17:59
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mterryattente, heyo.  unity-gtk-module is for 13.04, right?18:11
attentemterry: hey, yep18:11
attenteguess i should've mentioned that...18:12
mterryattente, no, I assumed.  I just wanted to double-check.  I might have a patch for it, to add support for exporting GtkMenuButtons if GtkMenuBar isn't found (i.e. nautilus and other GNOME 3.x apps)18:13
attentemterry, oh cool18:14
mterryattente, haven't started yet, but I may hit you up with questions if I hit one18:15
mterryhit a question that is  :)18:15
attenteah, ok :)18:15
chrisccoulsonw00t, nailed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83504418:32
ubot2Mozilla bug 835044 in Widget: Gtk "Firefox 19.0b+ on Linux (Windows OK) selects wrong row in XUL tree in level="parent" panel" [Normal,New]18:32
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seb128chrisccoulson, well done ;-)18:34
mterrytedg, is there an existing dbus API that I could export menus too, that would show up in hud?  (but not appmenu proper or anything)18:36
tedgmterry, No, there's the webapps stuff which is a bit different, but it's not generalized.18:36
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seb128attente, sooooo18:51
seb128attente, you broke my chromium menus!18:51
attenteseb128, sorry!18:52
seb128attente, lol, don't worry, just testing your ppa ... seems to work fine, out of chromium which became menu-less18:52
seb128works fine including firefox/libreoffice18:53
seb128which is quite good ;-)18:53
attenteseb128, good thing i didn't email ubuntu-desktop...18:53
seb128I'm sure chromium does something weird18:53
attentei'll check it out18:53
seb128attente, well, people reading tech mailing list and optin for a ppa are usually people who like some actions, they are not users who will be screwed18:54
chrisccoulson7,492kB/s, oh yeah18:55
seb128chrisccoulson, tell me that the "," is a decimal separator and not a thousand one :p18:56
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chrisccoulsonseb128, no, it's not a decimal separator ;)18:56
seb128not fair :p18:57
seb128I'm not even sure my wifi card handle that rate :p18:57
chrisccoulsonheh :)18:58
chrisccoulsonattente, does the new unity-gtk-module require the menubar to be visible in the window in order for it to be exported to the panel?18:59
attentechrisccoulson, yes19:00
chrisccoulsonattente, ah, there's the issue with chromium then :)19:01
chrisccoulsonthe menubar is hidden, so it just doesn't have one outside of unity19:01
chrisccoulsonthey just embed a hidden menubar for unity, and appmenu-gtk didn't care whether it was visible or not19:01
attentemaybe we should all just use firefox :p19:03
chrisccoulsonattente, yes, that's fine with me ;)19:03
seb128attente, there is something weird with shotwell (we had bugs in the old dbusmenu world with shotwell at the start as well)19:03
chrisccoulsonattente, as long as you don't report bugs :P19:03
seb128attente, if you double click on a photo in your library, is the "file" menu normal? it only has an "activate" item there19:04
seb128on that note, time for dinner, I will keep playing with that later19:04
chrisccoulsonoh, i see how the new module works now. i guess hijacking the realize call isn't going to work for chrome19:04
attenteseb128, the menus seem fine to me, but i don't have any photos imported yet19:04
attenteseb128, ah, i see it19:05
chrisccoulsoni wonder if hijacking realize has any effect on firefox when it is showing its own menubar19:06
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chrisccoulsonseeing as it creates a hidden window with a menubar in order to get style info19:06
attentefirefox exports its menu over dbus directly right?19:06
chrisccoulsonattente, yeah. but it creates an offscreen window with various widgets in it to extract theme info19:07
attenteoh, interesting19:07
chrisccoulsonattente, yeah, i bet that breaks theming when not running inside unity, as the widget doesn't have style data until it's realized, does it?19:09
chrisccoulsoni should install this package and test it :)19:10
brycecyphermox, heya, there's a couple WI's of yours on the desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers blueprint.  I'm guessing you've already done the investigations, but can you update me on the status of them when you get a moment?19:14
cyphermoxbryce: I got bluetooth to work19:25
cyphermoxhaven't got much time to look into the NFC and GPS -- I was hoping to pass those back to you, or work on it at the sprint19:25
cyphermoxseems like both might need the help of that broadcom patcher anyway, so nothing's lost19:26
cyphermoxthe libraries for nfc don't support the pn544 chip afaict19:26
cyphermoxso it's pretty much custom android work for this, but I did find some code with potential19:26
cyphermoxas for GPS, it would probably just be a matter of testing with gpsd, it just might work19:27
brycecyphermox, yeah we should chat with alex at the sprint19:27
brycecyphermox, thanks.  If you can jot any notes down into the whiteboard that'll help us jog our memories at the sprint.19:28
brycecyphermox, the whiteboard on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers19:30
cyphermoxah yeah19:30
bryce(people have been jotting their findings there, so seems like the right place to capture these notes)19:30
dobeyxnox: ping. i thought you looked at my patch on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/859600 ? did you not sponsor it? no comments on the bug and don't see a new version in ubuntu19:32
ubot2Ubuntu bug 859600 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu Precise) "Please convert gnome-keyring to multiarch" [High,In progress]19:32
xnoxdobey: yes, i looked / reviewed it. but no, I did not sponsor it.19:34
xnoxdobey: i was hoping for slangasek or stockachu to comment on it, as they previously tried to tackle it and hit some troubles with it.19:35
xnoxdobey: can you ping them, as they do not appear to be on #-desktop, but should be on #-devel19:35
dobeyoh, ok19:35
brycethanks cyphermox19:44
cyphermoxbryce: hmm, looks like there has been text truncated19:44
cyphermoxheh nevermind19:45
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robruattente, just installed unity-gtk-module. I'll be sure to bitch at you when my laptop implodes ;-)20:35
attenterobru: looking forward to it :)20:36
robruattente, do I have to restart applications, or does it take effect right away?20:36
attenteah, i forgot to mention that.. yeah, it requires a log-out20:37
robruoh, ok. not ready to log out just yet. in the middle of some stuff ;-)20:37
robrubut soon I'll begin testing this.20:37
attentethanks :)20:37
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qenghorobru: I think I solved my problem with making the panda image.21:37
qenghorobru: what was your problem with Panda?21:37
robruqengho, well, I wasn't sure if I had the right installation media. tried a few different ones; most wouldn't even boot, but the one that did boot, installed ok, but then the installation wouldn't boot21:40
qenghorobru: ah. Hrmpth.21:40
robruqengho, yeah, no idea. I'm gonna look at it again in a few minutes here. just cleaning up some loose ends21:47
qenghoEr, now raring-desktop-armhf+omap4.img is 22MB.  That doesn't seem right.22:06
Laneythe dailies are (were) busted atm22:07
Laney(armhf ones)22:07
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qenghoLaney: yesterday's is closer to the right size. Maybe it's okay.22:08
qenghoLaney: Is there a known good image online? quantal release, perhaps?22:08
mlankhorstprecise ones? :-)22:09
Laneyquantal should work, yeah22:10
Laneyor if you wait until tomorrow raring ought to be fixed again22:10
Laneyif you believe IS, that is.22:10
ogra_well, i havent seen any builds come out yet22:12
mlankhorstis bluetooth fixed on nexus 7 yet?22:12
ogra_even though the builder is up again since a while already22:13
Laneywant to try a respin?22:13
ogra_mlankhorst, the fix sits in the NEW queue22:13
ogra_needs a review22:13
ogra_(the brcm-patchram package)22:14
mlankhorstI'm on raring :(22:14
ogra_i'm talking about raring22:15
ogra_quantal was a demo and is dead22:15
ogra_Laney, well, the build i started at 16:00 UTC is still active, though i dont see it running at all on cadejo22:16
Laneytime for your twice-daily #is poke :-)22:17
robruqengho, yeah, a few days ago when I was trying this, all I could find were these 22MB raring images. The one I mentioned that installed ok but then wouldn't boot was a quantal image.22:21
ogra_well, first i killed the processes on nusakan, cadejo is still reachable22:21
Laneyyeah, it was before, wasn't it? Just doing nothing because the FS was read only22:21
ogra_well, i couldnt reach it at all22:22
ogra_now i can at least get to it via w3m22:22
ogra_before it seemed to be hung hard22:22
LaneyI thought I could lftp to it before, but I may be wrong22:23
Laneyeither way, sad panda is sad22:23
ogra_well, its 23:23 here22:23
ogra_i surely wont hunt down iss now22:24
Laneyyeah, I imagine it's a tomorrow morning task :P22:24
robruqengho, when do you EOD? I'm gonna step out for a quick break but when I get back I'm gonna try to boot up my pandaboard again. trying yesterday's raring image that's >600MB22:38
robruis that the one you used?22:38
qenghorobru: I'm out soon.  I'm trying the quantal server image first to make sure it's okay.22:39
robruqengho, k, thanks. I'll play with it a bit in the coming hours and then maybe we can touch base tomorrow.22:42
qenghorobru: ack. Zzz.22:45
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robruattente, ok, have rebooted. haven't noticed any issues yet, but I also haven't used any of the apps you mentioned had known issues.23:29

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