darkxstricotz, have you had any problems with monitor not going in to power saving/sleep?09:33
darkxstonly works when I force dpms with xset ;(09:33
ricotzdarkxst, seems not happening here too, just the "screensaver" turns on11:40
darkxstricotz, yeh, i have tried 3 different nvidia blobs and without xorg-edgers, nothing fixes it15:27
darkxstwonder if its a bug in g-s-d15:27
ricotzdarkxst, yes, this is for sure g-s-d/g-c-c15:29
darkxstricotz, I guess I will investigate further tomorrow, there have been a heap of patches to the g-s-d power module, the last few weeks15:40
ricotzdarkxst, this is a problem with a runtime dependency on systemd15:41
darkxsthmm ok15:48
ivanovnegrohi guys, if i want to beta test a bit i guess i have to upgrade from an installed 12.10 as there are no images of 13.04 yet? i ask bc i do not run 12.10 :)18:12
atrusricotz: do you know if there's a path forward for ubuntu + systemd (even if mainstream ubuntu doesn't use it)?18:14
jbichaatrus: the Ubuntu Foundations team doesn't want systemd in the Ubuntu repositories at this time, I suppose people could start a PPA if they want18:35
jbichaivanovnegro: you're welcome to try building your own image, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/+junk/iso-build-script18:39
ivanovnegrothanks jbicha18:41
ivanovnegroi am a debian guy, so did not found info but i see the home page is in work18:41
ivanovnegrospecial things for the new release?18:55
ivanovnegrolooks fine so far what was included in 12.1018:55
ivanovnegrovanilla, like that18:55
jbichaivanovnegro: we're using Ubuntu Software Center & Software Updater instead of the gpk tools by default in 13.0419:06
ivanovnegrothanks, saw it right now, seems, good, package kit is meh :)19:06
jbichaand gnome-panel is no longer included by default19:06
ivanovnegrowill use only apt anyway19:06
ivanovnegrono need for the panel19:07
ivanovnegrohere :)19:07
jbichawe may use firefox instead of epiphany by default but I wanted to see how that would affect .iso size first19:07
ivanovnegroalso good ;)19:07
ivanovnegronice nice19:07
jbichathere's a similar question about libreoffice instead of abiword/gnumeric but I'm less sure about that19:08
ivanovnegroso far, nice plans i have to say19:09
ivanovnegrosure, i use libre19:09
ivanovnegroshell runs nicely on my old intel lappy19:09
ivanovnegrobut still 3.4 on sid19:09
jbichaboth 12.10 and 13.04 use 3.6 (although 3.6 is a bit more complete in 13.04)19:10
ivanovnegrothat is the thing, 12.10 would be already an improvement for me :)19:10
jbichagetting wheezy out the door is important of course19:11
ivanovnegroi know19:12
ivanovnegrobut gnome on sid is sometimes tough for me19:12
jbichaperhaps 3.8 will show up in unstable this spring instead of trying to push 3.6 there19:12
ivanovnegrowait, you are in gnome debian, right?19:13
jbichathat's not official, just a guess because wheezy still looks a month away and it might be easier to skip a transition19:14
jbichayes I help merge some of the Ubuntu stuff to Debian19:15
ivanovnegrook ok19:15
ivanovnegronice to talk to you and thanks for the info19:16
ivanovnegrowill play a bit with the remix19:16
ivanovnegroi like what i see19:16
ivanovnegrooff to go outside19:17
* ivanovnegro is away: Away19:19
darkxstricotz, jbicha, my monitor power saving issues are fixed in g-s-d master, can we put a snapshot somewhere20:53
ricotzdarkxst, hmm, let's see21:08
ricotzdarkxst, will push it to ricotz/staging21:18
ricotzluckily it "only" needs newer gnome-desktop21:19
jbichadarkxst: I think we would want a git snapshot of gnome-control-center then as it's good to keep those 2 in sync21:19
darkxstjbicha, yes true21:20
jbichag-c-c has a few more dependencies, I wasn't sure how to package the libwacom update21:20
ricotzjbicha, libwacom should be up2date now21:20
jbichawe could revert the libwacom changes until we figure that out though...21:20
ricotzwas there an even newer release already?21:21
jbichaoops I meant colord21:22
jbichaI knew it was one of those panels I don't use ;)21:22
ricotzi see21:24
jbichaI should ping RAOF about it21:25
ricotzyeah, please do if there is a new release21:26
ricotzRequested 'colord >= 0.1.27' but version of colord is 0.1.2321:26
jbichayeah 0.1.28 is the latest, maybe the problem was I needed a newer colord-gtk which is already fixed, I'll try building it again21:28
jbichaok it was that the patches didn't apply cleanly and I didn't know how to handle it21:41
jbicharobert_ancell was the last to touch it so maybe he can fix it21:41
ricotzjbicha, looks like a greater packaging change22:05
ricotzbut you can disable all packages22:05
jbichasure we can build w/o the patches for now for the PPA but it would be nice to just get the new version into raring directly22:06
ricotzjbicha, what i am saying is the patches are obsolete or upstreamed22:06
ricotzbut you will need a libcolord-common package22:07
ricotzfor the new files22:07
ricotzand one new header usr/include/colord-1/colord-session/cd-session.h22:08
ricotzjbicha, i guess i can push that package to staging too22:14
jbicharicotz: sure go for it22:18
jbichaI wasn't sure about whether Ubuntu wanted those sane patches but whatever22:18
ricotzjbicha, will be here https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/staging/+packages22:20
ricotzgnome-desktop3 dropped a symbol so there might be another soname bump, or they just going to ignore it while this symbols wasnt suppose to be exported at all22:22
ricotzjbicha, i won't upload g-c-c, i don't have time and some patches needs a refresh22:33
ricotzdarkxst, so does it work?22:37
darkxstoh its built already? I will test22:38
ricotzno g-c-c though22:38
r4yWasn't there a Ubuntu 12.04 of this version?, and if so is it a Long Term release?22:46
r4yAnd is there a torrent for it?22:47
r4ySee it says 12.0422:48
darkxstricotz, yeh works22:49
darkxstr4y, that was a different project22:49
r4yAh, sorry I didn't know22:49
r4yThank youfor the help22:49
jbicharicotz: ok I'll look at that tonight, thanks22:50
ricotzdarkxst, good22:51
darkxstr4y, gnome-shell should work fine on the normal ubuntu 12.0422:51
ricotzjbicha, alright22:51
ricotzjbicha, will put a tarball here http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/g-c-c22:52
r4yYou mean the Ubuntu 12.04 with nity that has installable gnome-shell?, because I didn't like it22:52
darkxstr4y, yes22:53
darkxstr4y, change theme to 'Adwaita'22:53
r4yLOL, I am running Ubuntu 10.04 right now22:53
r4yNothing special but that's my current setup I like22:56
darkxstr4y, I guess you might like the new classic mode that is coming then in g-s 3.8 http://worldofgnome.org/gnome-classic-not-classic-all/22:58
r4yI should bookmark just in case TY for the link22:59
jbichaderivatives often opt out of LTS-length support23:00
r4yWhat about that command?, I mean is it usable in the normal Ubuntu 12.04?23:02
darkxstr4y, no23:03
r4yOK, so I would use the Ubuntu GNOME Shell Remix for this then?23:04
r4yWait a minute23:05
r4yyou said this is a different project23:05
r4yis this project without the word shell?23:05
r4yI don't understand the difference though23:06
darkxstbut classic mode is very new and still under development, if you are the type that sticks to LTS releases, then its probably best to wait23:07
r4yWhen you say wait, do you mean for normal Ubuntu 14.04 when it is released? or?23:08
r4yI am sorry, lol23:08
r4yOK< wait for classic to get better, not for Ubuntu 14 I am guessing23:10
darkxstr4y, yes atleast wait for gnome-shell 3.8 release23:10
r4yAh, TY23:10
r4yI think I understand now, thank you very much for the help23:13

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