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czajkowskihows folks11:33
terrangrand sure12:09
czajkowskizmoylan: hows the hip doing ?14:41
zmoylandown to one crutch.  have been out using a stick instead of crutch but it's pushing it a little too hard.  try and walk for at least an hour a day to keep pushing it.  how's the back?14:42
czajkowskia lot straigher14:44
czajkowskionly an inch and a half out now from being totally straight14:44
czajkowskihave a great physio14:44
czajkowskiworks wonders!14:44
zmoylancan make all the difference!14:44
zmoylanit's one of those professions like nursing which is much under appreciated.14:46
czajkowskiit really can14:46
czajkowskiI usually swear while his elbow is in my spine14:46
czajkowskiand he uses needles at the same time also14:46
zmoylanit's so hard to quantify the difference between good and great.14:46
czajkowskibut so effective14:46
zmoylanno further surgical intervention required?14:49
czajkowskiwell will depend on how I get on with this physio tbh15:02
zmoylanfingers crossed all goes well!15:03
solarcloud_3srcnIs anyone going to see Stallman at TCD next week ?  http://www.fsf.org/events/20130204-dublin15:45
tdr112i was thinking about going15:58
tdr112but i dont want to just listen to a rant15:58
solarcloud_3srcnright, Are you in dublin /15:58
tdr112I am15:59
solarcloud_3srcnIt would be nice to get him to sign something, as he may not be around in a decade or so ...15:59
czajkowskinot if he keeps eating stuff off his feet or beard16:00
solarcloud_3srcnhahaha !16:00
solarcloud_3srcnczajkowski: How do you pronounce your name BTW ?16:01
czajkowskiChi Kov Ski16:03
solarcloud_3srcnoh ok , i get it.16:03
solarcloud_3srcnI  would go, but I hate Trinity... :(16:04

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