ESphynx'evening guys00:39
ESphynxmicahg. xnox : you guys around?00:41
ESphynxHow can I mark the bugs are raring=invalid quantal=confirmed ?00:42
ESphynx(I'm still puzzled as to why there's no attribute saying which release this affects on LP)00:43
micahgESphynx: target to release01:04
ESphynxyeah how to I do that?01:05
micahgoh, right, you need to be in bug control to do that01:07
micahgwhere's the list again?01:07
ESphynxright =)01:07
ESphynxmicahg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecere-sdk/+bugs01:07
ESphynxif you have the time, could you review these quickly and let me know if they look fine or need more work? Before I assign ubuntu-sru01:08
micahgBug #1097329 doesn't affect quantal I thought01:08
ubottubug 1097329 in eclib (Ubuntu) "ecere-sdk: binary package conflict with eclib" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109732901:08
ESphynxmicahg: right, all 14 others do though01:08
ESphynxfirst one that's marked HIGH is the Debian/Raring one01:09
micahgah, right, that's raring01:09
ESphynxall the fixes are in bzr revisions01:10
micahgESphynx: done01:14
ESphynxcool =) thanks01:14
micahgESphynx: sure, thanks for working on this01:14
ESphynxDo you want to mark https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecere-sdk/+bug/1097329 for raring as well?01:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 1097329 in eclib (Ubuntu) "ecere-sdk: binary package conflict with eclib" [High,Confirmed]01:14
ESphynxmicahg thank you!01:14
micahgESphynx: done, and milestoned for feature freeze01:15
ESphynxmicahgc: if what I've done looks decent, I'll start working on proper 64 bit support :P I wanted to get that done in January... took off from consulting to do so ;)01:23
ESphynxI want to make sure we have 64 bit support in 13.04 as well ;)01:23
micahgsounds good01:26
TheLordOfTimemicahg, i'm (slowly) working on a composite php5-universe package that will incorporate the separate php5 modules that're in universe (that are separate from the php5 actual package), when its complete what should i do to upload it/get it in to Ubuntu?02:43
TheLordOfTime(its not even 10% complete, but this is me charting out what i'll have to do)02:43
micahgTheLordOfTime: file a bug explaining which sources it will replace and subscribe sponsors with a link to a .dsc somewhere02:57
TheLordOfTimemicahg, .dsc within PPA acceptable at that point?02:57
TheLordOfTimei'm without a build box locally right now (hardware death), so PPAs are my build/test locations02:58
micahgTheLordOfTime: shouldn't it be as simple as copying the php5 source and removing/commenting out the packages/build options in main02:58
micahgTheLordOfTime: yes02:58
TheLordOfTimemicahg, yes, except i have to figure out whether what's in universe actually builds from php5's source, or whether its from a smaller subset of the source :/02:58
TheLordOfTime(and some of the build options were already removed in main so i have to pull them from the universe packages)02:58
* TheLordOfTime yawns02:59
TheLordOfTimeall of which is on hold while my hard drive isn't working02:59
micahgTheLordOfTime: compare rmadison -S  -s raring php5 and rmadison -uqa php5 -S -s sid02:59
TheLordOfTime(packaging on liveusb == evil)02:59
micahgTheLordOfTime: you could compare the packages.ubuntu.com and packages.debian.org output as well03:01
ajmitchthe packages in universe were subsets of the php5 source03:02
micahgI think that's all we'd want it to be in any case03:02
ajmitchof course they haven't been kept up to date nearly as well, but it was just a single directory per extension copied from the php5 package03:03
ajmitcha get-orig-source rule to automate that for new upstream releases might be a good idea, fwiw03:03
micahgI'd prefer it just be a full copy that's merged (the source can't be that much)03:04
micahgphp5_5.4.11.orig.tar.xz 9,197.6 kB03:05
ajmitchmicahg: you mean duplicating the php5 source tarball & just building the extensions?03:05
micahgthe diff can just be applied to the new source03:06
micahg*packaging diff03:06
ajmitchit'd be slightly easier to keep in sync than a subset of the original source, but it's still a bit to duplicate03:07
micahg10MB isn't much compared to other things :)03:07
ajmitchmaybe I'm just biased by my internet connection that requires a hand-crank to upload each bit :)03:07
micahgajmitch: why not get a webhost with a faster crank?03:09
ajmitchI'm waiting patiently for a 100/50 fibre connection03:09
* micahg would like that :)03:09
ajmitchsince I got the letter saying that the street will get it sometime in the next month03:10
StevenKajmitch: UFB?03:10
StevenKBut it's NZ, so 100/50 to *what*? A sheep farm and a sheering shed?03:11
ajmitch100/50 to the ISP, then 8 kbps from there03:11
ajmitchStevenK: when are you getting a decent connection?03:13
StevenKThis area is due for NBN sometime in 201503:14
ajmitchbetter than waiting until 2020 or so03:15
dholbachgood morning07:34
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ESphynx'morning dholbach10:14
ESphynxWhy is Quantal so freaking slow in VirtualBox?10:16
notgaryI've uploaded a debrief to this bug report (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autogen/+bug/1098872) and subscribed ubuntu sponsors. Is there anything else I need to do to get the patch merged?10:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1098872 in autogen (Ubuntu) "Update to 5.17.1" [Undecided,In progress]10:21
ESphynxI mean, it takes 2 whole seconds for the Unity thing to go on or off.10:45
ESphynxcompleting a switch from one window to the other takes a whole second10:46
bobweaverhello there I have a question about packaging I noticed this when I was looking through som stuff  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ehoover/netflix-desktop/trunk/view/head:/debian/changelog     what is @@DISTRO@@  ? is this a Var for distro version. Like it reads user ect. I want to use that branch in a recipe that I use But I only want it to build for 12.04 atm11:19
maxbbobweaver: It is merely a token that the package author is apparently going to use search and replace on before building an actual package11:20
bobweaverthanks maxb11:20
maxbAre you looking into the file conflict upgrading to 0.6.0 too? :-)11:21
maxbI've just sent ehoover an email about that11:22
ESphynxWhy des the netflix video stream look so bad? it's supposed to be 1080p11:22
maxbAs I understand it, it's only 1080p on selected content, which mostly doesn't seem to be anything I watch11:24
bobweaverok SO this is what I want to do let me take a screenshot to explain (picture 1000 words ect )11:24
ESphynxmaxb: we just tried to watch Knight & Day... after a good 20 minutes to figure out how to set it up on the PS3, we had the thing up11:24
ESphynxafter 60 seconds I could not stand it , we watched a blu ray instead11:25
ESphynxOn 109 inch projected screen on the wall compression artifacts look bad :P11:25
bobweaverI want to have that by default install with the packages that I am packaging up.11:26
bobweaverfor my daily ppa and also my stable ppa. I want it to be uptodate with erics(netflixs desktop upstreamer)11:26
maxbKnight and Day - unavailable to stream - bah.11:26
bobweaverWhich trunk is here https://code.launchpad.net/u2t11:27
ESphynx"Available in HD on your TV"11:27
ESphynxDoes HD stand for "Hyper Distorted"11:27
bobweaverso I was thinking of just making a recipe that builds from that branck to put in ppa but how to build recipe for branch that is not in my hosted area11:27
bobweaverI tried to import the branch to my "area" and it says that that is not allowed to import branchs like this11:28
bobweaverI just think that me checking out his branch everytime that it changes and then pusing back to mine is silly. I am sure that there might be a way around that even in the recipe11:30
bobweaverLike if I was to use the same recipe to build unity 2d and also netflix desktop how to tell the recipe to build 2 different packages ?11:30
bobweaverNm it says that I have to ask launchpad if that is alright11:34
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Laneymicahg: iulian: anyone interested: - looks like haskell is pretty well transitioned in Debian11:54
LaneyI say we go ahead and start the transition at our leisure11:54
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 1  starting in 13 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:47
* mohamedalaa98 is waiting :)14:48
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micahgESphynx: quantal is slow in virtualbox since it's trying to do 3D acceleration, I'd suggest using gnome-fallback18:24
micahgLaney: re haskell, if we're pretty sure this is the version we want, let's go for it18:24
TheLordOfTimeis cinnamon going to be supported in Ubuntu now, come raring?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cinnamon18:34
TheLordOfTimei know its technically not supported (nor technically compatible) with ubuntu in current releases, but...18:34
micahgTheLordOfTime: supported?  if it's in the archive, you can use it :)18:38
TheLordOfTimemicahg, that's going to cause hell for #ubuntu come raring... is IRCC and the irc support ops team aware its in raring now?18:38
micahgwhat does it matter?18:38
TheLordOfTimebecause last i checked the stance in #ubuntu was "Cinnamon's not supported here"18:38
micahgit's like anything else, if you want it, you can install it18:38
micahgright, in raring it should get the same support as any other universe package18:39
* TheLordOfTime shrugs18:43
AlanBellTheLordOfTime: sounds fine if it is being packaged for Ubuntu19:24
AlanBellprobably gives us a better answer than we have at the moment for people who don't want to run the most supported desktop19:25
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, afaict its only in Raring so...19:27
TheLordOfTimeprobably a sync from Debian19:27
AlanBellyeah, so in #ubuntu+1 at the moment19:27
TheLordOfTime... grrrr, stupid mysql workbench... micahg if i ask for a sync to raring of the latest mysql-workbench from experimental, do you think it'd be approved?19:27
AlanBellanyone know if we are enabling broadway backend in gtk yet?19:28
micahgTheLordOfTime: if it builds, sure19:31
agrestringereHello, just wanted to report a pretty serious bug, can anyone help me resolve?19:32
AlanBellwhat is the bug number agrestringere?19:33
TheLordOfTimemicahg, i'll upload a test build for raring to my build tests PPA, and get back to you19:33
* TheLordOfTime has class right now19:33
TheLordOfTimewhen's freeze?19:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1109207 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "Unpacking replacement libc6-dev ... dpkg-deb (subprocess): data: internal gzip read error: '<fd:4>: data error'" [Undecided,New]19:33
agrestringereIt's libc6 related so it seems pretty serious...19:34
AlanBellagrestringere: maybe check the md5sum against this http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/amd64/libc6-dev/download19:37
agrestringereAlanBell: how do I do that?19:38
AlanBellI don't really know what the problem is, however I will note that this is just the dev package, not libc6 itself19:38
jbichaAlanBell: it looks like we're currently only building the x11 and wayland backends19:38
AlanBellagrestringere: md5sum /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6-dev_2.15-0ubuntu10.4_amd64.deb19:38
AlanBelljbicha: ok, thanks19:39
jbichabug 93364119:40
ubottubug 933641 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "Enable broadway (HTML5) backend" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93364119:40
agrestringereAlanBell I get d4b381ca574343f0ec688cfdca50c43e when it should be 272a87775b2f05e18cfef62d939b430619:40
jbichaAlanBell: I'm guessing we're waiting on someone to test it and make sure that enabling it doesn't break anything19:41
AlanBellagrestringere: well that sounds like a dodgy download then, that d4b381ca574343f0ec688cfdca50c43e is not known to google19:42
agrestringereAlanBell: got two values for md5sum is that normal?19:43
AlanBelltwo values??19:43
agrestringereFirst: d4b381ca574343f0ec688cfdca50c43e Second: 272a87775b2f05e18cfef62d939b430619:43
agrestringereMade a mistake with the Second: 9b625ca82f5b48069f869c7d6685782319:44
agrestringereI'm using the Columbia University mirror, should I switch Mirrors?19:45
agrestringereLastly, can I clear out my apt-cache and rebuild it, switch mirrors and try again?19:45
AlanBellI don't know about that. If it were me I would download a good copy of the file, check the MD5sum, take a back up of the bad one, and swap over a good copy19:45
Unit193jbicha: I've had it enabled for a little while, while I haven't used the broadway backend, I haven't had more issues than normal.19:46
AlanBellso what is involved in enabling it? I have to rebuild the gtk+ package?19:47
AlanBellsounds like something to stick in a PPA19:47
AlanBelloh, as luck would have it someone already has19:47
Unit193Like launchpad.net/~malizor/+archive/gtk-broadway19:48
micahgTheLordOfTime: over 1 month19:48
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agrestringereAlanBell, from what I can see I think the package is broken19:50
AlanBellagrestringere: yeah, I think your download of it is corrupt. I don't really know what to do about it with any confidence though :)19:51
jbichaAlanBell: just add --enable-broadway-backend to debian/rules19:51
AlanBellI might give that a go later19:54
jbichaand then if it works, bug Laney or someone to turn it on by default :)19:56
Laneydoes it do anything useful?19:57
agrestringereAlanBell: it's happening even with the non-corrupted copy20:00
AlanBellLaney: I will let you know, I think I might have a use for it20:01
agrestringereAlanBell, look at this comment https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/1109207/comments/320:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 1109207 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "Unpacking replacement libc6-dev ... dpkg-deb (subprocess): data: internal gzip read error: '<fd:4>: data error'" [Undecided,New]20:01
AlanBellagrestringere: I have run out of expertise!20:02
Unit193AlanBell: Pretty sure you'll also have to add it to something else.20:02
agrestringereGreat, have to reinstall...20:28
TLoTwhen's feature freeze again?22:26
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TheLordOfTimemicahg, thanks (I got my second time of asking feature freeze date answered in +1)23:29
ScottKReading the schedule would be another way to find that out.23:34
TheLordOfTimeScottK, was on mobile at the time.23:35
ScottKDoes the mobile not have a web browser?23:35
TheLordOfTime(opening web would've killed irc)23:35
TheLordOfTimeScottK, old enough to not have multi-app capacity23:35
ScottKSounds like a poor choice in operating systems.23:36
TheLordOfTimesounds like a 7 year old devicie to me :/23:36
TheLordOfTimeregardless... :P23:36
ScottKFor 2005/06, I'll give you that.23:36
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