hossesG: I've heard you might be running Ubuntu on an Intel D33217GKE. If so, does it have any issues?02:07
hadsDC3217IYE is the box with the board in02:16
hossesmy bad; that's what I meant02:17
Ghosses: I am running Ubuntu now, there is a pretty big issue where if you use the HDMI port next to the LAN port, your network will just go bad03:07
Ghosses: that is an issue with all OSes though, & covered in the thread at http://communities.intel.com/message/177859#17785903:08
Ghosses: other than that, it's working far better than I expected03:08
hossesCrikey. But when using the 1x good HDMI its ok?03:08
Gyep, if you use the HDMI next to USB ports, all good03:09
GI've got an actual ticket open with Intel about it so I should get updates when they work out why03:09
hossesSweet. 1080p playback good?03:09
* G wonders if it's lack of shielding or something tbh03:09
Ghosses: yeah, handles TV3's HD no problems - I also seem to have issues with TV3's HD & mythfrontend, but all seems to be good via xbmc on that NUC03:10
hossesCool. Biggest requirement for me is solid 1080p playback in XBMC, so this sounds ideal03:11
Gyeah, I'll put my normal disclaimer about 'individual mileage may vary'03:12
hadsG: Ah it was due to the HDMI port? Weird. I guess I only ever used the other port.05:45
Ghads: yeah, thats what I concluded, subconciously every test I did, I had it plugged into the 'wrong' HDMI port07:43

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