Omen__20So I'm confused, why does there seem to be two strategies between Phone using Qt and Quickly on desktop using Gtk?03:21
xsachai guess they finally realised Qt is better for making cross-form factor UIs03:24
xsachaand it already has the kitchen sink in there for mobile devices03:24
xsachaeverything runs on the GPU (GLES2), easy to use shaders, has all the mobility components like sensors03:25
Omen__20So Quickly was more or less a waste of time?03:25
xsachai'm not familiar with Quickly03:27
Omen__20This is what I was going on. http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ I was confused because I had heard phone was using Qt. I figured they were going all in on Qt and apps would scale their UI based on the device.03:30
xsachait would make sense to use same toolkit03:31
xsachacool, gtk looks like old-style Qt03:31
xsachaand PyQt03:32
xsachai hadn't heard of Quickly before but it looks like what Qt was from years back03:33
xsachaforms weren't good for cross-form factor and the files weren't nice to read (not sure if gtk is different here)03:33
xsachabut Qt now uses 'QtQuick' for these UIs, based on javascript03:34
xsachai am not sure if ubuntu plans to continue using gtk for desktop. it is possible03:35
hejianneed help... I got Package Installer Status: Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'07:04
hejiansorry wrong channel...07:05
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maniyadvhi.. how do i register for ubuntu.mybalsamiq.com08:15
maniyadvI'm not able to see mockups08:20
Andy80bzoltan1, ping :)08:34
bzoltan1Andy80: hello08:35
Andy80bzoltan1, 'morning :)08:35
Andy80bzoltan1, to build a house we start from the first stone, right? well... https://launchpad.net/qtcreator-ubuntu let's see how it goes :)08:35
bzoltan1 Andy80:  the source lives here -> http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-creator I assume you have figured that much out :)08:37
bzoltan1and we have built for Qt5 beta1 one package here -> https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta1/+packages08:37
Andy80bzoltan1, at the beginning I wanted to use GitHub, but I created a project on LP hoping to involve more people. Until the plugin is not ready and working I don't think anyone from Digia would want to have my sources inside their repository :P08:38
Andy80yeah, I know about Qt5 beta1 packages08:39
bzoltan1Andy80: As you wish08:39
Andy80but again, it's not something strictly linked to Qt5. It requires Qt 4.8.x to run08:40
Andy80bzoltan1, now the most difficoult part: I've to figure out how the actual plugins work because lot of things are not documented at all08:41
bzoltan1Andy80:   That is why you want to talk to jppiiroinen who is going to be here soon :)08:42
Andy80bzoltan1, I asked a couple of questions to the guy who did the Android Necessitas plugin and he confirmed he had to just read the sources of other similar plugins to be able to write his08:42
bzoltan1Andy80:  keep in mind that we have hardly anything to do with Qt4.8 ...08:42
Andy80yeah I sent him a contact request on LinkedIn :) I hope he will reply soon :)08:42
Andy80bzoltan1, not true :) a person could run Qt 4.8 on his development machine and be able to write/compile/run Qt5 app on a remote device08:43
bzoltan1Andy80:  There is no Quick2 in Qt4.8 and our app development is QML2 based08:44
bzoltan1Andy80: So, there is very little overlap ... if any08:45
Andy80yeah I know, but no plugin requires Qt5 to compile and run, that's what I'm trying to say08:45
bzoltan1And here comes juhapekka!08:45
Andy80hi juhapekka! :)08:45
jppiiroinenhi Andy80, what's up :)08:45
Andy80moi moi :)08:46
bzoltan1Andy80: ,meeet  jppiiroinen, the father of the N9 app developer IDE plugins :)08:46
Andy80nice to meet you! :)08:46
jppiiroineni just got a flashback from star wars.. "I am your father"08:47
Andy80maybe not my father, but surely one of my myths :D (N9 people :P )08:48
Andy80well, going back to the development... as I was just announcing to Zoltan, I've opened a project here https://launchpad.net/qtcreator-ubuntu why a project? To hope to involve more people in the development. I've one question: do you confirm me that, apart from this http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtcreator-extending/first-plugin.html there is not so much documentation about this? I talked with the guy who wrote Android Necessitas plugin and he told me08:51
Andy80he had to look at source code of similar plugins to be able to write his.08:51
astraljavaHeh, cool to see familiar names from the Maemo/MeeGo circles.08:51
jppiiroinenAndy80: yeah there is not much of written documentation, which means that the easiest route is to go thru the existing plugins and see how those have been written and then pick up the right interfaces08:55
faizansudo apt-get install08:56
* jppiiroinen command not found08:56
jppiiroinenAndy80: the point where to start is the Madde plugin, imo08:57
jppiiroinenat least that utilities similar things and it has the Linux Device target selection etc08:58
faizansudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-nexus7/ubuntu-nexus7-installer08:58
Andy80jppiiroinen, this one http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-creator/qt-creator/trees/master/src/plugins/madde right?08:58
jppiiroinenAndy80: yes, and that uses the http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-creator/qt-creator/trees/master/src/plugins/remotelinux which is the same which we should use08:59
Andy80jppiiroinen, yeah, I wasn't going to re-invent the wheel, don't worry, but I'd like to be able at least to pick up all the needed pieces and compose the new plugin with the minimum necessary08:59
jppiiroineni will search the codebase for the application wizard too09:00
faizani want to download img of ubuntu phone09:01
Andy80jppiiroinen, I think we will have to customize also the wizard class of the plugin, because at the moment a QtQuick UI application (pure QML and JS) cannot be deployed with Generic Linux Device, it deploys only to desktop target09:01
jppiiroinenAndy80: true, i have not had time to check the latest qt creator source tree what they have changed, but i can see that they have added at least support for Qt5 and added a pile of new application templates09:05
jppiiroinenAndy80: the application templates are here http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-creator/qt-creator/trees/master/share/qtcreator/templates09:06
Andy80jppiiroinen, in the "master" they have move many wizards to the templates folder. Before they were integrated in the basic wizard plugin.09:06
Andy80jppiiroinen, yes, I was able to create a new template, but then I found that limitation I was talking about before (QML app not deployable on remote device)09:08
Andy80for this reason I decided to start a new plugin09:08
jppiiroinenAndy80: i will take a look later today on some notes which i have and i could do a merge request to lp:qtcreator-ubuntu09:12
jppiiroinenand we could then go more into details when i have looked inside the latest qt creator source tree09:13
Andy80jppiiroinen, that would be great! Please consider that the current code is just the "hello world" of plugins. I committed the code to have a starting point and to manage the code with bzr from the beginning :)09:13
jppiiroinenyeah :)09:15
Andy80bzoltan1, I just had a flash back! Please correct me if I'm wrong.... you remember the 20 minutes presentation vide where Mark talks about Ubuntu Phone? At one point you see QtCreator in action with a UI designer... is that just a mockup? (if you can answer of course)09:18
bzoltan1Andy80: to be hones, I do not remember that part of the video09:19
Andy80bzoltan1.Add(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpWHJDLsqTU); bzoltan1.Seek(17:20); bzoltan1.Memory.Refresh(); :D09:20
Andy80watching it again it looks like the basic UI designer09:21
Andy80nothing Ubuntu customized..09:22
Andy80(there aren't any Ubuntu QML components)09:22
bzoltan1Andy80:  that was a real and _vanilla_ QtCreator09:23
Andy80ah ok, so it was just a dejavu :)09:24
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kalikianahey sivang13:57
sivanghey kalikiana :)14:00
sivangkalikiana: setting up the apt provided creator14:09
sivangkalikiana: really like how everything is easily installabled off the PPAs14:09
kalikianathe cherry one the cake for me would be if you didn't need to type the PPA commands, but I'm being lazy :-D14:10
sivangkalikiana: Ubuntu is not really ubuntu for me without the sudo apt-get's ;)14:11
kalikianaI have not so fond memories of Windows development, I would've killed for apt-get back then14:12
sivangkalikiana: yep, luckily I did not have to deal with Windows dev since 200214:15
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maniyadvHi all16:52
PaoloRotolohi maniyadv16:52
Sinan___Hi one :P16:53
maniyadvHi sinan ;)16:53
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Schelmhello there22:44
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mattwj2002ubuntu for android?23:55
k1li take one, mattwj200223:56
mattwj2002what k1l?23:56
k1lthat was a joke because of the lack of a real question23:57
mattwj2002oh sorry23:57
mattwj2002I have a Galaxy Nexus23:58
mattwj2002is ubuntu for android available or the full version of ubuntu?23:58
k1latm there is nothing available23:59

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