quiet1sarnold, fred just rebooted and logged in and it's working00:21
sarnoldquiet1: sheesh. I hate that as an answer...00:21
sarnoldquiet1: but at least it's not an immediate problem any longer :)00:21
quiet1sarnold, me too.00:21
quiet1sarnold, yea now back to 'can't pin to start menu ...'00:21
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Bilge-How do I get a package out of stuck state?01:40
Bilge-apt-get always shows "1 not fully installed or removed."01:40
Bilge-I don't want to remove it but the post-install script always fails01:40
Bilge-It always throws "FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/3.2.13-grsec-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64/modules.dep: No such file or directory"01:41
sarnoldBilge-: iirc, something like "sudo depmod -a 3.2.13-grsec-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64"01:42
sarnold(whatever uname -r will report for the kernel version for that kernel, once it boots)01:43
Bilge-It just gives the same errors01:45
Bilge-WARNING: Couldn't open directory /lib/modules/3.2.13-grsec-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64: No such file or directory01:45
Bilge-Am I supposed to create this directory by hand?01:45
sarnoldwhatever package contains that kernel is supposed to create the directory01:45
Bilge-No package, it was installed by the provider01:47
Bilge-It's still erroring, just with a different error now :/01:48
Bilge-dpkg: error processing iptables-persistent (--configure):01:48
Bilge-This is a really buggy package01:48
sarnoldit probably assumes a functioning kernel install.01:49
Bilge-No other package on the system has had any issues01:49
Bilge-And I've installed half of apt01:49
sarnoldBilge-: you may wish to install the kernel-package package and use the make-kpkg utility to build kernel packages if you're going to run your own kernels -- it helps smooth over a lot of the mistakes people may make when installing their own kernels01:50
Bilge-I'd rather just install a fixed version of iptables-persistent01:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1002078 in iptables-persistent "iptables-persistent fails to install if module iptable_filter is not available" [Undecided,Fix released]01:53
Bilge-According to this it was fixed in 0.5.6ubuntu101:54
Bilge-But I have 0.5.3ubuntu201:54
Bilge-How do I get the fixed one?01:54
sarnold0.5.6ubuntu1 is in 12.10; 0.5.3ubuntu2 is in 12.04 LTS. If you want to remain on 12.04 LTS and still have that fix, it might be worth asking in the bug report if an SRU is appropriate https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:56
Bilge-I will do that01:58
Bilge-How can you see which version of Ubuntu has which package version?01:58
sarnoldBilge-: perhaps the easiest is e.g. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=iptables-persistent02:00
sarnoldbleck. that's not the URL I typed.02:00
sarnoldBilge-: http://packages.ubuntu.com/package-name02:01
Bilge-Thanks ;)02:01
kimsiai am having some problems running pecl install perl. the details of my attempts are documented at http://askubuntu.com/q/245996/1059102:10
Bilge-What I really can't understand is that I have this exact same installation on another box but it didn't have these problems or errors02:13
Bilge-Same hardware, same distro, same packages02:13
Bilge-Same kernel too02:14
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aldo_rainehi guys.. is it possible to put ubuntu-server on raspberry micro-computers?02:53
sarnoldaldo_raine: I think not; iirc, raspberry pi is an armv5 instruction set, and ubuntu compiles to armv7 instructions. I think Debian has armv5 builds though...02:54
aldo_rainesarnold: thank you.. so i need a debian distro02:55
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codepython777is this reliable: deb http://cmeerw.org/files/debian lucid pdns - or any suggestions where i can get pdns from ?04:38
kantlivelonganyone use lcdproc on their servers for raid health status? i cant seem to find anything04:41
codepython777anyone using pdns?04:44
sarnoldcodepython777: powerdns is in universe, you can install pdns-server or pdns-recursor, as you need05:10
codepython777sarnold: seems like its lagging behind the source version05:32
codepython777sarnold: do you use it?05:32
codepython777sarnold: http://cmeerw.org/debian/ -- isnt he the maintaner for pdns on deb/ubuntu?05:33
sarnoldcodepython777: that is common, the version released with a distro is typically held steady and updated primarily for security problems05:34
sarnoldcodepython777: that way updates are less likely to break deployed systems05:34
sarnoldcodepython777: I don't see 'meer' in 'apt-get changelog pdns-server' -- that doesn't show that he isn't involved, but it isn't conclusive proof...05:36
sarnoldcodepython777: I've only used the recursor, and that not for a while..05:36
codepython777sarnold: thanks05:37
codepython777sarnold: are you bind user?05:37
codepython777is there a room to get help on pdns?05:37
sarnoldcodepython777: #powerdns on irc.oftc.net05:38
codepython777sarnold: thanks05:49
ragzI need to configure apache on one ubuntu machine to access a domain on another machine on the network07:43
ragzand I need some help07:43
ragzso far I have created the domain on the other machine accessible locally but i cant access it remotely07:44
adamlisHey. I have a Ubuntu Server that I really like. I want to setup a PXE-boot for windows 7 for a few computers here at work without cd-rom.. does anyone know of a good guide? i've tried googling and using the man commando08:40
koolhead17Is it coming in Ubuntu as well http://www.linux-kvm.com/content/first-look-virtual-machine-online-disk-snapshots-coming-fedora-1808:58
adamlispxe booting?08:59
cfhowlett!ubuntu > nitesh09:00
koolhead17adamlis: much more than that09:01
adamliswhat should I google for to get the results I which? seems no1 is netbooting windows 7 off ubuntu server09:03
cfhowlettadamlis, why that is just ... shocking!09:04
adamlisnetboot and pxe installs should be way more widely used09:05
adamlisThere's so many guides on how to PXE-Boot Linux Distros but none on how to boot Windows from PXE09:32
adamlisI don't know where to turn and Google won't help me because I don't know what to search for. I get 1000 results of linux installations09:32
cfhowlettadamlis, ask in ##windows or #windows09:33
cfhowlettadamlis, it really is not an ubuntu issue, is it?09:33
adamlisI thought so .. the ubuntu-server needs to be configured to handle windows dists.. but thanks for pointing me to the right channel, I missunderstood the topic here09:34
jinx__Hi, I am new to the linux community. I have 7 computer systems out of which I intent to use one as a server and the rest as client (they will be connected to the internet via the server). what I wanted to do was that whenever I get any package or updates on a client I want the server to keep a copy so that when any other client later requests the same update or client it can provide the copy instead of using my internet bandwidth.09:34
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Davieyjamespage: Hey, did you notice raring iso is oversized?09:42
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chaz68jinx - Look into Squid.   Think its built into pfSense and/or Untangle... You'll need a good proxy cache hard drive...10:07
RoyKchaz68: most drives will do - depending on how much memory you allow squid to use, though. of course, an SSD would be nice...10:12
chaz68Anybody know what this in the "runTests.php" diagnostic in AjaxPlorerr?  http://pastebin.com/xzWghdn510:14
chaz68Can't seem to figure out what I'd need to disable / configure to make that warning disappear...10:15
chaz68Doesn't seem critical or nothing.  Just bothering me what it is...10:16
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jamespageivoks, around? wanted to check something corosync/pacemaker related with you re network issues11:52
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AkendoHello, just some simple question. Will be there a  release for 2012.2.1? Current Version is 2012.2. (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/CloudArchive)12:52
jamespageAkendo, yes there will be - its stuck in -proposed for both the CA and for quantal at the moment12:55
jamespageAkendo, trying to get it nudged along this week12:55
jamespageAkendo, you might find this report useful - http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/folsom_versions.html12:55
AkendoHi jamespage, Thank you very much. Is there any resource I consider for such kind of information?12:56
jamespageAkendo, for the cloud archive that report :-)12:56
AkendoGreat, that makes me happy. jamespage you think this will be release end of this week?12:56
Akendoor later on?12:57
jamespageAkendo, poking now12:58
jamespageAkendo, as in poking to find out why its blocked12:59
jamespageAkendo, all the bits a pieces for verification have been done :-)12:59
AkendoCan I help you :D ?12:59
jamespageAkendo, well running the packages from the -proposed pocket of the cloud-archive and commenting on that bug that it all looks OK would support the case to releasing 2012.2.1 to -updates13:00
jamespageAkendo, we don't release to the CA -updates pocket until it gets released into the quantal -updates pocket if that makes sense13:01
jamespageAkendo, sorry for the lag - we'll try to get the next set of updates through quicker13:02
AkendoThank you13:04
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MraAlbertinaHi. I would like to be clarified on 2 matters and if you please help me understand it; 1- when doing a fresh installation from mini.iso is it really necessary to install(/select on tasksel) "Basic Ubuntu Sever"  -  or the system will download and install any needed files/packages when something is installed, like LAMP, for instance? (the 2nd doubt is in standby : )13:31
andolMraAlbertina: Whenever you have apt alt tasksel install something for you it will always make sure that all dependencies are satisfied.13:35
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MraAlbertinaandol: thank you. i asked because i see a couple packages in it i will never use, like vim, for example, i prefer nano.13:37
MraAlbertina(i know i know, we always could remove it later... but... just in case13:37
MraAlbertinaThe second doubt. If i recall right, abourt v 11.10, webmin were not recommended anymore. Now i see a lot of users ... using it. Is there any system danger in installing LAMP trough a script Usermin has, that installs it - for the sake of some gui to manage virtual hosts?13:39
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jamespageAkendo, just got accepted into quantal-updates; I'll nudge the CA admin todo the same for the cloud archive14:08
jamespageDaviey, ^^ :-) pretty please14:09
jamespageDaviey, unless you would like to use this as an education session of course....14:10
Davieyjamespage: happy to..14:12
DavieyI can share the pain of the poor tooling14:12
Davieyjamespage: what would you rather?14:13
jamespageDaviey, lets do it!14:13
zulDaviey: g2 as well please :)14:14
zulah frig14:15
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ffeldhausAnyone here can help me with dracut? I'm struggling to get it installed on Ubuntu 12.10 for days now and can't find a working way to do so. I summed up the problems I have in this question at askUbuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/248970/how-to-install-dracut-on-ubuntu-12-1014:17
zuljamespage:  mirs done for websockify and python-extras14:44
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ironmHello. Please allow me one question. Is there a free available ClearCase package for ubuntu? Thank you in advance for any hints.14:58
resnoironm: clearcase package?15:00
ironmlike http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Rational_ClearCase15:01
resnoironm: oh, interesting. never heard of that before. i can google but beyond that i have no personal knowledge.15:02
ironmthank you resno :)15:02
ivoksjamespage: on vacation till thu :)15:44
jamespageivoks, hey - no worries - roaksoax and I did some triage and figured out it was not corosycn15:44
jamespageivoks, have a good break15:44
ivoksjamespage: it's possible it was hardware; never had opportunity to explore it15:45
zulyolanda: ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-cinderclient/testr/+merge/14541915:52
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AkendoHey jamespage any changes?15:57
jamespageAkendo, updates on their way to the CA as well15:57
jamespagereport still not showing... but should be there by now15:58
AkendoJust for me as information what is the CA ?15:58
AkendoI have something in my mind, but better asking ;-)15:58
jamespageCA = cloud-archive16:00
jamespageAkendo, ^^16:00
AkendoGood :D16:00
AkendoHow long will it take?16:01
jamespageAkendo, they are in the archive; the report lags a bit16:02
Akendodo you have any link for me ;-) ?16:06
AkendoNot you ;-)16:08
AkendoHey jamespage,The following packages have been kept back:16:12
Akendo  libvirt-bin libvirt0 nova-common nova-compute nova-compute-kvm python-glance python-libvirt python-nova python-novaclient16:12
AkendoGreat, that help me a lot. Good Stuff jamespage16:16
jamespageAkendo, did you get that sorted?16:16
AkendoI just about to role out our updates to hosts16:18
AkendoJust started with compute systems16:18
codepython7771how do i find what is the network load on my network card?16:30
codepython7771like cpu load on cpu16:30
Akendocodepython7771: Do you mean the bandwidth ?16:33
codepython7771Akendo: I want to know in the last 10 minutes, how many bytes were transmitted and received ?16:34
codepython7771or some such time span16:34
AkendoFor example you can use vnsta16:35
Akendocodepython7771: vnstat*16:35
thanklessI am trying to install ubuntu on an old laptop through a PXE server (tftp) on Windows 7. I have followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WindowsServerNetboot - the target laptop boots but returns no boot filename received16:52
jamespageAkendo, no problemo16:56
jamespagehope the rollout goes OK16:56
Akendojamespage: For now there was no problem17:00
jkbbwrufw is being a prat, can I have some help?17:20
jkbbwrthis is like the 9th time of wiping my iptables17:20
sikadoHello, I have a problem with a HP Blade system. I have Proliant BL 35p blade with SAN Storage and I'm unable to install Ubuntu Server 12.10 on it because the installer doesn't configure the multipath. Any idea ?17:27
autojackanyone here have experience with tinydns? I'm trying to configure reverse lookups, but they're not working.17:29
jdstrandjkbbwr: what are you trying to achieve?17:30
jdstrandjkbbwr: I'm assuming to allow ssh. you need to 'sudo ufw enable' at the end (also, the only allow rule needed is 'sudo ufw allow OpenSSH')17:32
hallynzul: i'm about to push a trivial change to libvirt.  got any changes queued that i can add this to?17:48
jkbbwrjdstrand: okay yea I fixed it17:48
jkbbwrnow ssh is taking years to login17:48
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RoyKjkbbwr: using ipv6?17:52
jkbbwrall sssh connections seem really fucking slow to connect17:52
jkbbwrRoyK: no17:52
jkbbwrtook about a minute to go give the password prompt17:52
jkbbwronce im in its dead fast17:52
jkbbwrRoyK: I just setup the ufw firewall17:53
RoyKjkbbwr: that usually happens if there's a dns lookup failure, or if it attempt to (unsuccessfully) try with ipv6 first17:53
RoyKjkbbwr: try ssh -417:53
sarnoldjkbbwr: that can sometimes happen if your system is configured to log hostnames and you don't have reverse DNS entries on your client IP...17:53
jkbbwrcan i stop it doing that?17:53
hallynzul: well, if you're goint o push soon, please append http://people.canonical.com/~serge/libvirt-ovmf.debdiff .  else lemme know and i'll push this17:58
RoyKjkbbwr: iirc UseDNS no in the config17:58
RoyKjkbbwr: reload sshd after that17:59
jkbbwrRoyK: thanks :)18:01
jkbbwrnow I just gotta fix the tunnel18:01
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hallynzul: nm, i'm afraid i'll lose track of this, i'll just push.18:05
Cortezhey guys, i need some help with ufw. You see when i do a ufw status i get 5 ports allowed, but when i do a nmap -sS i only get 2 open ports?18:27
Cortezi need to get all 5 ports open.18:28
Cortezcan some one help me or at least point me into a direction?18:29
Cortezdirection not beein google :D18:30
sarnoldCortez: iirc, nmap by default only scans a few thousand common ports. try something like -PS1-65535 ...18:31
Cortezyea, i thought of that and did it but no good.  :(18:31
sarnoldCortez: does netstat -anp show five open ports with listening programs?18:32
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sarnold(oh, hey, a simple -p1-65535 ought to do the job. man I hate the nmap interface..)18:33
tom_ilsinszkiI'm trying to let some users on my server run tomcat without entering a root password. I tried putting this in my /etc/sudoers file, but it does not seem to run as root: myuser1,myuser2 ALL=(root)NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/tomcat start. How can I make this command run as root without making the users enter the root password?18:33
Cortezhm..this is worrying... i got other ports open, all in the non registered range. But not the five i want...  -_-18:35
Cortezhmm..things turned into the worse... hehe18:38
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hallynrbasak: hey - do you happen to have an arm box handy that i could have you test something on?18:44
rbasakhallyn: I can grab one. What do you need?18:45
hallynrbasak: i'd like to see whether you can run kvm in precise or quantal :)18:46
hallyn(either one)18:46
hallynsudo apt-get install qemu-kvm, kvm -vnc :1 -monitor stdio, just check whether it dies a horrible syscall death, or gives you a monitor18:46
rbasakhallyn: OK, I'll fire up a machine on precise18:47
hallynrbasak: thanks!18:47
hallynrbasak: all i know is it fails horribly under a armel-on-amd64 container, but that's to be expected :)18:49
capt-rogers I would like to SFTP upload files to /var/www and have them upload asowner=www.data group=www.data.   I made an SFTP account and can upload files, but they upload as "upload".18:51
capt-rogers I would like to SFTP upload files to /var/www and have them upload as owner=www.data group=www.data.   I made an SFTP account and can upload files, but they upload as "upload".18:51
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Cortezwhy do netstat and nmap always show diffirent ports open?19:13
rbasakhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1586766/19:15
sarnoldCortez: netstat shows what the machine knows -- all ports open on all IPs. nmap can only find what is visible on external interfaces, and firewalls between hosts can block or redirect as they see fit.19:15
RoyKCortez: what's the diff?19:16
Cortezsarnold: thnx.19:17
CortezRoyK: netstat show connections to a bunch of strange IPs19:17
RoyKCortez: netstat -ln ?19:17
sarnoldCortez: those are established connections -- nmap cannot discover those :)19:17
Cortezi did a who is on one of the IPs and it said Novalogic, the classic game maker....on my new installed server...19:18
RoyKCortez: netstat -an (or similar) will also show active connections - you'll want -ln to show what's listening19:18
Cortezhow can i just close/deny everything...is that possible?19:18
RoyKCortez: netstat -ln --tcp # etc19:19
CortezRoyK: netstat -ln looks a bit better :)19:19
RoyKCortez: netstat -ln --inet19:20
Corteznetstat -ln --tcp makes is look exactly as nmap :D19:20
RoyKCortez: netstat without arguments also show active connections, which will be a lot19:20
RoyK(on an active server)19:20
Cortezyes, it does, and thats whats freaking me out...hehe19:20
RoyK-l == listen, -n == don't try to resolve19:21
RoyKman netstat for more :P19:21
Cortez--inet showed:*19:22
Cortezas you can notice im completly new into this stuff.19:22
Cortezim trying to get the right ports open, but they dont seem to want to get open. And then netstat showed me a bunch of other ports open which is freaking annonying....hehe19:24
patdk-wkwell, netstat shows all open connections, by default, not open ports19:25
Cortezok, thnx19:27
jcastroDaviey: heya ping19:27
hallynrbasak: interesting.  and what if you run kvm -disable-kvm -vnc :1 -monitor stdio?19:28
rbasakhallyn: same problem (-no-kvm)19:29
hallynrbasak: interesting.  i'm actually guessing it'll do better under quantal, but that's enough info - thanks!19:31
rbasakhallyn: I can try quantal easily enough. One command and twenty minutes :)19:31
hallynrbasak: cool, let's try19:32
sarnoldrbasak,hallyn, I can test quantal way faster..19:32
Cortezguys, one last question :D   if i disable ufw it will allow all ports? Im trying to connect to a service and what ever i do they cant reach each other19:33
hallynsarnold: on arm?19:33
sarnoldhallyn: yes19:33
RoyKhm... lsof shows port 40126/tcp open, but fuser can't find it - any idea?19:33
hallynsarnold: please do :)  just wondering whether kvm on arm (which was qemu-system-x86_64) every worked19:33
sarnoldhallyn: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1586820/19:34
RoyKsarnold: what arm platform?19:34
Cortezbecouse even when i disable ufw they can still not communicate... so I can assume the block is some where not on my server?19:34
sarnoldRoyK: pandaboard19:34
hallynsarnold: so kvm worked!19:35
hallynsarnold: thanks19:35
RoyKsarnold: iirc that uses a cortex9, which doesn't support virtualisation in the cpu19:35
sarnoldhallyn: yw :)19:35
RoyKsarnold: so you'll have to do it in the os, which is no fun19:35
sarnoldRoyK: heh, yeah, I was surprised hallyn had asked :) it didn't seem like it'd be fun on a panda. cute and small and low power, yes, but fast enough for virtualizing? dunno.. :)19:36
RoyKsarnold: I tried briefly on my panda, but it wasn't too good19:36
RoyKbetter wait for the next generation with a1519:36
sarnoldRoyK: haha :)19:36
RoyKnew phones come with a15, which is fun, if we can get kvm into cyanogenmod ;)19:37
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zulhallyn/smb: i get a kernel oops when trying to mount a nbd http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1586843/19:47
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rbasakhallyn: I get the same as sarnold. No errors on quantal.19:57
hallynzul: cool, looking20:37
hallynzul: you didn't mention the nbd file is on btrfs20:37
zulhallyn: its ext420:37
hallynoh weird line formatting on my screen, thought i saw btrfs in the stack.20:38
hallynzul: was that as soon as you did qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 $file ?20:38
zultrying to reproduce it without openstack20:39
hallynJan 29 13:43:13 homer kernel: [ 1577.224050] lost page write due to I/O error on nbd320:39
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marshallhey ubuntu-server21:44
marshallhow do I know if port 443 is open to my remote server? I've tried telnet-ing and it gives me connection refused, but might that be because there are no processes listening on that port?21:45
AkendoHi marshall21:45
Akendoare you running SSL on this port?21:45
marshallI'd like to use HTTPS on this port, but I don't believe I am, yet21:46
AkendoA connection refuse indicates that there is no opend port21:46
AkendoWhen you're connected on the Server, check with netstat -tplan |"\:443"21:46
sarnold.. missing a 'grep' :)21:47
AkendoThanks :D21:47
marshallwhen i telnet a random port, it just hangs forever21:47
AkendoI want to tab so hard here ~.~21:47
sarnoldmarshall: that's a firewall that's been configured to DROP packets rather than REJECT packets. it's a bit rude but quite common.21:48
adam_gzul: Daviey this look okay to go into folsom-staging? http://people.canonical.com/~agandelman/folsom/libvirt-0.9.13-0ubuntu12.2~cloud0/21:48
marshallyeah, pretty sure amazon does the same thing with it's ec221:48
marshalljust drops packets on unopened ports21:48
marshallso do you think the firewall might be set to reject packets on 443?21:49
sarnoldmarshall: or, the firewall is configured to allow it, but there is no program listening on that port21:50
marshallsarnold: ok21:50
kevinmthomashi everyone, I am running ubuntu-server and I installed cups22:11
kevinmthomasand i cant seem to print22:11
kevinmthomasi can telnet to the printer22:12
kevinmthomasbut i cant set it up on the server22:12
_Andrei_sorry kevinmthomas i'm quite new to server admin22:14
kevinmthomasoh ok22:14
kevinmthomasdo you know how to make it so my network printer22:14
kevinmthomaswill print with ubuntu?22:14
kevinmthomashi nantou i wasasking andrei about getting my network printer working22:15
_Andrei_if you're looking for good docs, have a look at the ArchLinux wiki (i know, i'ts not ubuntu)22:15
_Andrei_but all linux distros are using the same services22:15
_Andrei_your ubuntu server is for personal use, or a hosting server ?22:16
kevinmthomasso you cant walk me through how to do it here22:16
kevinmthomaswell its hosting server22:16
kevinmthomasso i installed cups22:16
_Andrei_and what you whant to print22:17
kevinmthomasfor example22:17
kevinmthomaswhen i type lp ttxt.txt22:17
kevinmthomasid like it to print to the printer22:17
kevinmthomasfrom a command line22:17
kevinmthomasmy network printer is at
kevinmthomasi have been trying for hours22:18
kevinmthomasno luck22:18
usr13kevinmthomas: Point your browser to localhost:63122:18
usr13kevinmthomas: Set as server default22:18
kevinmthomashow do i do that exactly22:19
kevinmthomasi have another shell open22:19
sarnoldkevinmthomas: perhaps this will help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu22:19
kevinmthomasthat help.ubuntu doesnt work for server22:20
nantoukevinmthomas, i cannot help you, im too much wrapped into other things22:20
kevinmthomasits graphical for the desktp version22:20
kevinmthomasusr13 - how do i set as server default22:20
kevinmthomasits ok nantou22:20
usr13under Administration22:21
kevinmthomasok in the cupsd.conf?22:22
kevinmthomasi dont see an administration i see a #only listen for connections from teh local machine22:23
kevinmthomasListen localhost:63122:23
usr13http://paste.ubuntu.com/1587253/  #Example22:24
kevinmthomasshould i copy that and past that to my cups directory?22:25
kevinmthomasok i did the cups restart22:27
kevinmthomaswith the new file22:27
kevinmthomashow do i test?22:28
kevinmthomaslpstat -p shows no destinations added22:28
kevinmthomaslpq - no default destination available22:28
kevinmthomasboth give errors22:29
kevinmthomaswhen i go into the web i can go into the printer22:30
kevinmthomasloads it22:30
kevinmthomashowever when i go to pages doesnt connect22:31
kevinmthomas.122 is the ubuntu server22:31
kevinmthomas.50 is the printer22:31
kevinmthomashowever when i telnet to
kevinmthomasi get a menu to edit the printer22:33
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
kevinmthomasshows hostname22:34
kevinmthomasDHCP is disabed22:34
usr13kevinmthomas: Like I said before, you can just go to localhost:631 with a browser, (lynx will do).  Go to Printers --> MyPrinter --> Administration (below Maintenance) [Enter] down to "Set As Server Default" [Enter]   done.22:35
kevinmthomasok one min22:36
kevinmthomasok i am in teh site22:37
kevinmthomasi clicked on printers22:38
kevinmthomasand it says search in printers22:38
kevinmthomasno printers22:38
sarnoldman this used to be easier when you could just add one line to an /etc/printcap file :(22:40
kevinmthomasim in the localhost:63122:40
kevinmthomasbut it cant find any printers22:40
kevinmthomasthere is no MyPrinter22:40
kevinmthomasi also tried to add printer but it denies me acccess22:41
kevinmthomasand im logged in as root22:41
kevinmthomasoh wait!22:42
kevinmthomasi was able to get to add printers22:42
kevinmthomasmy dell is checked with an asteris22:42
kevinmthomasit wsa found under discovered network printers22:42
kevinmthomasthere are other options22:44
kevinmthomasbut it has an asteris under discovered network printers22:44
kevinmthomaswhen i type lpstat -p22:48
kevinmthomasit shows printer22:48
kevinmthomasbut when i type lp -d test.txt22:48
kevinmthomasit says printer or class does not exist22:48
kevinmthomasit worked!!!!!22:50
kevinmthomasi was able to get it working22:50
kevinmthomasthank you!!!!!22:50
kevinmthomashave a great day22:53
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ChriysHi guys. My ISP is blocking the port 25 do you know if there is a way to verify if the port 465 is open and then how to config postfix to send email throught that port23:45
TheLordOfTimeChriys, are you on a residential ISP?23:46
TheLordOfTimethey'll probably block 465 too23:46
TheLordOfTimeand most mail-sending ports, unless you use a horridly oddball one23:46
Chriys-_-' crap23:47
qman__and you'll be on mail blacklists by default, since you're on a residential DHCP range23:47
qman__you need to relay through a real mail host23:47
Chriyswhat about if i have my own domain let say example.com23:48
qman__whether that's setting up a gmail account for that purpose, or renting a VPS is up to you23:48
TheLordOfTimeChriys, irrelevant23:49
TheLordOfTimeChriys, the DNSBLs check the IP23:49
qman__or getting a business internet with a static IP, or a dedicated server, or a shared web host, or any of the many other ways to get online23:49
TheLordOfTimenot the hostname23:49
TheLordOfTimeif you get business class with static IP it'll probably work23:49
TheLordOfTimeotherwise use an SMTP relay somewhere else through a real mail host23:49
TheLordOfTimesomething that can actually rpocess your email (like google via a google apps account)23:49
Chriysyeah your are right.23:49
TheLordOfTimei use google apps for my domains' stuff23:50
TheLordOfTimeone google apps account, multiple domains.23:50
TheLordOfTimebut i digress - that's because I CBA to go configure a mailserver23:50
Chriysok but do you know a ways to send from the my online store located on my server ?23:50
qman__I run my own but the spam is terrible23:50
TheLordOfTimeChriys, use a backend for your store that can use SMTP?23:51
TheLordOfTimeand by backend i should probably say site/store framework'23:51
TheLordOfTimerather than backend23:51
qman__you can tell your server to relay the mail through a real mail host23:51
qman__you can provide mail for your LAN that way, too23:51
qman__but you need a mail host23:51
Chriysoohh this one can be great. Do you have a link on how to do that ?23:52
qman__before I had a job, I set it up using a gmail account23:52
qman__the downside to that is it all comes from that gmail account23:52
Chriysok i see but do you have a step by step tutorial on how to relay my messages to my gmail account when somebody send email to info@mydomain.com and also how to tell to my apps on my server to use my gmail account instead23:54
Chriysthanks again for your help guys23:54
qman__you can set up your server to send messages using a gmail account, but not to retrieve them, they get delivered into the gmail account23:55
qman__you can then retrieve them with any pop or imap client23:55
qman__or just use the gmail interface23:55
qman__and that does not apply to using your own domain23:56
qman__when you set up the gmail account, that's where the mail is sent from, so you@gmail.com23:56
qman__if you want to send mail from your actual domain you need to pay for a server or service23:56
tonyyarussoChriys: I'm heading home now, but if you remind me later I can give you some configs to start from.23:57
qman__there are hundreds of options, so I can't really tell you what's best for you23:57
tonyyarussoI have a server that sends mail through my gmail account.23:58
tonyyarussoAs for *incoming* mail to info@mydomain.com, that's a bit trickier - first check whether your domain registrar offers a free mail alias option.23:58

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