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ali1234if you do "forgot password" on rswww.com, and you don't have an account, it sends you a blank form email01:33
ali1234"hello , your username is ."01:34
TheOpenSourcererHullo earthlings one and all!08:35
dwatkinsgreetings oh TheOpenSourcerer one08:36
solarcloud_3srcnmorning people of earth this is your gimp : solarcloud_3srcn08:55
solarcloud_3srcnAnyone into fishing ?? http://www.indiegogo.com/finaddictz/x/212588008:56
solarcloud_3srcn$100k for fishing !!!08:57
dwatkinsnice work if you can get it09:03
SuperMattdid anyone else have their update manager (in raring) wait for user interaction today? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/110869509:07
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1108695 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "When dpkg-exec runs during an upgrade and requires user interaction, nothing is done to make the user aware of this." [Undecided,New]09:07
SuperMattmorning daubers09:19
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BigRedSIf I see this, against what should I be filing a bug? http://avi.co/stuff/empathy_enter_account_settings.png10:17
BigRedSIt doesn't look like it's part of empathy. Which reminds me, is there some other way to give empathy my Jabber details? I'm running low on working XMPP clients :)10:17
BigRedSAh, now that I've uploaded a screenshot it's working...10:19
directhexubuntu online accounts10:19
BigRedSwell, it's getting one step further, now it's just refusing to maintain a connection....10:19
directhexwhich is heavily forked10:19
directhexfrom gnome online accounts10:19
BigRedSWhy do I need to "Authorise Ubuntu to access [my] Jabber account"? I just want Empathy to be able to use it. Or is that what it means?10:20
BigRedSAh, even if I try that it disconnects and helpfully tells me "No reason specified"10:20
lornajaneat least it is honest10:21
BigRedSThere's a huge number of problems that I'm having in 13.04 that were solved in about 2004. I'm really unconvinced by some of this 'progress'10:21
directhexcomputers are basically terrible10:21
BigRedSthey used to be a good deal better. I'm a bit miffed at being in 'that' camp, but I'm really trying to work out what's better now...10:23
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:24
BigRedSOh yeah, I still thing Gnome 3 was one big excuse to not fix NetworkManager10:24
BigRedSencrypted filesystems! That's one plus side. And the search-orientated DE is good, but it's a bit bad that Unity's broken alt-f2 a bit10:28
directhexcomputers are terrible10:28
BigRedSyeah, but they're made by people. They can't help but do what they're told, the poor things10:31
bigcalmAhoy hoy11:23
davmor2Morning all11:27
dauberspopey: You reading the reading hackspace mailing list by any chance?11:50
popeydaubers: yeah11:51
dauberspopey: Tell me about it. I seriously should just throw a django forum together that also works as a mailinglist11:51
daubersDon't really want to get involved in that argument though11:52
dauberspopey: Also, interesting fact. Reading Hackspace 2.0 may have a coworking area11:57
daubersThough there are some logistical and financial issues to overcome with relation to it11:58
daubersI can't remember if it was you or AlanBell that was interested in coworking spaces11:58
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chib_ok thanks12:42
czajkowskihows everyone ?12:47
BigRedSActually, mildly annoyed at computers in general, but I've had a lot of coffee12:47
lornajanecomputers are rubbish, they'll never catch on12:47
popeylets all go and live in a commune in the forest12:48
lornajaneooh, yes12:48
BigRedSI mean, if all these problems were fixed I wouldn't really have a job, but if *some* of them were fixed I'd have an easier one :)12:48
czajkowskiI've made two saucepans of soup today and chicken n veg stir fry for 6 dinners12:49
czajkowskiturns out not sleeping leads to cooking12:49
popeyi rediscovered old school rap music today12:49
czajkowskiand only mildly frustrated at housemate for breaking washing machine and going ohh don't you just press the button harder12:49
czajkowski*wallop* no you don't12:49
popeybeen rocking out to Big Daddy Kane.12:49
czajkowskipopey: link?12:50
lornajaneczajkowski: that sounds super tasty, although the not-sleeping is always bad news12:50
czajkowskipopey: ah I dont use that12:50
czajkowskito youtube12:50
Laneyyou need a chopstick to press in the hole that once was the button12:50
popeyits totally not PC12:50
mungbeananyone use OBDII readers on their car to get diagnostic and other fun stuff?12:50
popeywifey uses chopsticks to scratch her arm now it's in a plaster12:51
popeymungbean: i heard someone talking about it recently.. might be marxjohnson or lauracowen12:51
LaneyI hope ones that won't break :(12:51
popeynone have yet12:51
Laneyalso she should be careful not to break / irritate the skin12:51
Laneykind of bad if that happens underneath a cast12:51
mungbeani borrowed one off a mate but didn't do the full job12:51
mungbeannot sure if my car or not12:51
LaneyI used a 30cm ruler when I had my leg in plaster12:51
mungbeanseems to be a minefield, like finding out how to install CM on your phone12:52
mungbeanwas a bit underwhelmed after installing android 4.1.2 on my tablet ..same as before mostly12:52
czajkowskilornajane: https://twitter.com/czajkowski/status/296239169741668352/photo/112:52
mungbeanwas on CM9 previously12:52
popeypffft, CM is so yesterday.. all the cool kids are putting Ubuntu Phone on their Android devices ;)12:53
lornajaneczajkowski: cooking is therapy, and that really does all look great :)12:53
czajkowskiyup just waiting on a mate to pop over so we'll either have vegetable soup the larger one, or some butternut squash which I've gone mad on lately12:54
Laneyjerusalem artichoke soup12:54
Laneyit's the best. make it make it MAKE IT12:54
Laneycorned beef hash time!12:55
czajkowskilornajane: how about we make it and box you up in it :)12:55
czajkowskinot a lover of corned beef12:55
popeyooo, not had corned beef for ages12:55
mungbeanwould love ubuntu on my tablet12:59
mungbeanmore ideal than the phone tbh12:59
popeywhich tablet?13:00
popeythe HP one?13:00
mungbeanwith ubuntu on it i could get a keyboard and have more powerful device than a big phone13:01
lornajaneI think you're describing a netbook13:02
mungbeanwhat i really like is the asus transformer13:03
mungbeanrunning ubuntu 13.01 touchy terrapin would be great use case and would be my future laptop replacement13:04
davmor2mungbean: get a nexus 7 plus the nice metal clip on keyboard if you want something like that13:05
lornajaneI have the thinkpad X220T with touch screen and swivel, it's nice13:05
mungbeanpopey: u have a trnasformer right?13:06
popeymungbean: i did, but not anymore13:07
davmor2mungbean: http://bit.ly/VPXNob this one13:08
mungbeandavmor2: i've seen similar cases for ipad but none for my touchpad13:09
mungbeanneed to test the TP with my friends ipad one13:09
mungbeanbut yes, i like this13:10
popeycurrent tablet du jour here is the nexus 713:11
popeyI also have a SmartQ T20 and iPad 1.13:12
* popey hugs Myrtti 13:16
Myrttiwhee, after a year watching locale error messages, I now finally decided to get rid of it13:21
dwatkinsI get an RPC error at shutdown, but havn't looked into whether I can get rid of it yet, as I don't look at the screen during shutdown very often.13:27
popeyYou know when you lose those dongles that come with wireless mice?13:28
popeyI just dug an HP xe4100 laptop out of a drawer and there's one I've been looking for, in the USB port13:28
dwatkinsthere are wireless mice with dongles?13:28
popeythere are13:28
dwatkinsheh, nice one13:28
popeymost have them13:28
dwatkinswhy don't they just use Bluetooth, though?13:28
mgdmecause it's less faff not to, I'd guess13:29
popeybecause bluetooth eats batteries13:29
popeyand you have no guarantee the device has bluetooth, so why not ship a dongle13:29
lornajanethis is exactly why I like my peripherals wired, they're harder to lose13:29
popey(these aren't bluetooth)13:29
popeyi dont think this laptop has been booted in ~2 years13:29
mungbeani have a wireless mouse thats not bt13:29
mungbeansome other hfreq13:29
mgdmMy presenter mouse has a tiny dongle that fits inside it. Other than that most things I have are wired, apart from my Apple trackpad, which is Bluetooth13:30
popeyheh, this windows xp partition has Firefox 3.5.15 on it13:31
dwatkinsblast from the past13:31
popey"v.3.5.15, released October 27th, 201013:31
dwatkinsI wish I'd never given away my tiny mouse, it was rather handy for presnetations13:31
popeyguess what the first popup was when I connected it to the net was?13:31
davmor2popey: Antivirus update?13:32
dwatkinsyou are using page with some insecure content?13:32
mungbeaninstall chrome?13:33
lornajaneit looks like you're writing a letter?13:33
mungbeaninstall ie813:33
dwatkinsyour browser is out of date?13:34
popeywell, thats try dwatkins and it did tell me when i opened ff, but what's the first thing that nagged me on windows login?13:34
mungbeanyour OS is not legal?13:34
popeyhaha, no13:34
popeyand I am offended you think it might be! ☺13:35
dwatkins"You appear to be using an ancient and unsupported proprietary operating system, would you like to purchase Windows 8 or just download Ubuntu for free?"13:35
mungbeanwindows changes its mind sometimes13:35
davmor2popey: You're on XP still stupid install windows 8 now?13:35
dwatkinsyeah, hardware changes can force a relicense13:35
popeytrue dat13:35
popeyi used to use this daily on my commute, cracking little laptop13:36
directhexprotip: windows 8 upgrade prices will more than double in 2 days' time13:39
directhexif you think you'll ever want it, buy today, not next week13:40
directhexuntil the end of jan, win8 pro upgrades are £24.99 if downloaded. not 100% sure what the UK price will be on friday, but if the US pricing is an indication, then £12513:43
directhexthis is, of course, how microsoft have been able to claim to investors that they sold a record number of win8 licenses in 2012q413:44
mungbeanhave an interview in a few minutes, since my job is going away to be replaced by a very simlar looking one :S13:46
dwatkinsalso, if you buy Windows 8, get the Windows Media Centre upgrade before 31st Jan for free13:46
davmor2popey: did we get to the bottom of what the first popup was?14:03
popeyyou did not14:03
davmor2popey: there are updates this system will restart in 10......9.....14:04
popeynope ☺14:04
davmor2popey: I still think it was av updates :D14:04
davmor2popey: No wait it was the anti virus annoucing you had a virus14:10
davmor2popey: new hardware because it found the mouse14:16
davmor2popey: BSOD14:18
dwatkinsyour resolution is set to a default abysmal value?14:18
popeyI should put you out of your misery ☺14:18
dwatkinsthis is fun ;)14:19
dwatkinsCome play "How Many Errors Can A Windows Machine Have?" on #ubuntu-uk....14:19
davmor2popey: minecraft has an update14:19
popeyhah, no way this can run minecraft14:19
dwatkinsdid it install the driver for the hard disk?14:19
popeyno new hardware14:20
dwatkinsor simply tell you it had to reboot...14:20
dwatkins"just finished installing something, now reboot, even though you just did that"14:20
davmor2popey: windows was not shut down properly did you want to report the issue?14:20
popeyit wasn't anything to do with windows itself14:22
davmor2popey: 2010 you say was it a calendar popup for the lucid release party?14:23
dwatkinsSteam is offline14:23
davmor2yeah steam recommends the use of Ubuntu would be the other one :D14:24
dwatkins"mplayer couldn't download an update, the website has been compromised" (I get this on my home PC)14:24
dwatkinsdavmor2: that would be amusing14:24
davmor2popey: You have 3,000,000 unread messages in your inbox?14:25
dwatkinsan advert for viagra?14:26
popeybet if I post it on twitter someone will get it instantly ☺14:26
dwatkinsyeah, twitter has more users :-p14:27
dwatkinsso it wasn't a message from Windows14:28
dwatkinswas it a message from an application?14:28
davmor2popey: windows messenger couldn't connect or it has updated to skype14:29
davmor2popey: there are possibly more windows users on twitter too :D14:33
dwatkinspopey: would you like to join Google+?14:36
dwatkinsare we even close, popey?14:39
popeydwatkins: join G+?14:43
popeyI'm on it14:43
davmor2popey: Was it you're using that ubuntu again aren't you and then xp strops off in a huff?14:44
popeyyou're all wrong ☺14:44
davmor2popey: apparently you are late for the recording of UUPC season 3 episode 6?14:46
dwatkinspopey: true, but you might have a secondary gmail account which you hadn't already G+ified14:51
dwatkinsso, how wrong are we, popey? is it an application?14:51
mungbeanusually first nag messages are adobe, java, windows update,14:53
mungbeanand antivirus14:53
mungbeanall within 2 mins of boot :(14:53
mungbeanwhich is why my wife moved to ubuntu14:53
davmor2it'll be the java 7 update with the complete breakage then I bet14:54
awilkinsCan't get a straight answer for this through trivial searching - monthly cost for a web host with 500Mbit/s bandwidth?15:02
dwatkinsawilkins: a friend of mine linked me to this recently: http://www.lowendbox.com/15:10
popeyfinally davmor2 gets it15:10
davmor2popey: mungbean pointed me in the right direction15:11
dwatkinsawilkins: this list might also be useful: http://www.top10webhosting.com/15:11
awilkinsHeh, people throwing around requirements like "200 people should be able to download 500MB in less than 30 minutes simultaneously"15:12
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cocoa117has anyone got home server and setup a file creating/modification rule based on the existing Linux POSIX permission?15:17
cocoa117e.g. all the family member have read access to others folder, and all the file created or copied to the file server15:18
cocoa117will have default group15:18
cocoa117so all the others can read it15:18
mungbeani have discovered that the usefulness of support you get in irc is related to your username. if you are called guest58585 then generally people are a bit ruder15:35
popeybet you get faster answers if your name is "claire"15:38
popeyand probably more patronising ones15:38
mungbeanpresent company excepted of course15:39
davmor2bigcalm: so are you now officially a cat owner now ?15:41
directhexi am on sunday15:42
davmor2I'm a surrogate Skye/Sky owner I think, I have to show every image to my wife so keep up the good work popey :)15:44
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MartijnVdSdavmor2: you could get your own cat ;)16:26
davmor2MartijnVdS: we are in a block of council property between 2 main roads so it would have to be a house cat which we don't think is fair plus all the cleaning, plus the budgie plus if it got out it would likely get killed by the foxes/road/traintrack etc etc16:28
MartijnVdSdavmor2: ok, that makes sense :)16:29
solarcloud_3srcnJust for anyone interested #trisquel-dev  , is having it first meeting in ages at 5pm UTC about the free O/S http://www.mail-archive.com/trisquel-devel@listas.trisquel.info/msg00671.html16:35
MartijnVdSwhat is it?16:35
MartijnVdSwhat is it?16:36
MartijnVdSI already have a distribution for my home system16:36
TheOpenSourcererSeen this? http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/315816:44
TheOpenSourcerer15,000 linux computers ;-)16:44
MartijnVdSgood news :)16:44
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: + course materials16:44
AlanBellevening all19:25
brobostigonevening AlanBell19:26
AlanBellanyone tried broadway recently, which is putting gtk applications into a browser?19:27
brobostigonno, first time i have heard if it.19:32
* AlanBell is upgrading to Raring20:45
AzelphurHmm, anyone here familiar with sixaxis? I'm having issues20:59
AzelphurI plug my controller in, run sudo sixpair, it detects my controller, then I run sixad --start, it says press the PS button now, which I do20:59
Azelphurand then..nothing happens20:59
daftykinsAzelphur: any landlord news sir?21:03
Azelphurdaftykins: a little, he finally sent out a plumber for the boiler and got that sorted, still leaving pretty much everything else however21:04
daftykinsnot even any comments on it?21:05
AzelphurI pointed out the door on the washing machine was broken, so he said he'll just take the washing machine away today and I'll buy a new one, which was "nice" of him21:05
Azelphurbut then he didn't even turn up to take it away, >.<21:05
daftykinswhat a todger21:05
Azelphurstill got all the same issues pretty much, still ignoring everything21:06
Azelphurbut at least he came out for the boiler so we are one step in the right direction, if I can just get him to sort out a letterbox I'll be happier21:06
daftykinshe shall be the first to die in our new world21:06
Azelphurnot having a letterbox is frustrating as hell21:06
Azelphuryou order something online, but you don't know when it's coming because most things are 3-5 days, you miss the delivery and they can't put the note through the door so you can't go and collect it.21:07
Klettbarwhy haven't you got one21:08
Klettbarhow come21:08
Klettbarthe simpler things21:10
Klettbarlike a laptop without  a battery21:10
AzelphurKlettbar: landlord keeps saying he'll do it and then doesn't21:10
Klettbarthey should sell bateeries and build laptops around them21:10
Klettbarmaybe you can do it yourself and get a refund21:11
Klettbarproposing that you can21:11
Azelphuryea, we was going to go for legal advice on monday, but he turned up with a plumber on monday and actually made some progress21:11
Azelphurthe plumber was really nice, the landlord had only scheduled him to fix the boiler21:11
Azelphurbut I explained how I had a leaking radiator and tap that the landlord was being so troublesome about, so the plumber did those too (yay)21:12
daftykinsAzelphur: neat :D21:13
Azelphurmy boiler had him stumped for ages, he took the entire thing apart and had to read the manual before we figured out what was going on21:14
Azelphurapparently after 19 hours it disables itself and doesn't turn on again unless you do a reset procedure21:14
Azelphurand because the radiator leaked, it depressurised and turned the thing off, by the time I figured out that it was off, 19 hours had already passed I guess21:14
* AlanBell is on raring21:15
Klettbarplumbing is serious stuff21:15
Azelphurindeed \o/21:15
Azelphurbut yea, stuff is going wrong faster than it's getting fixed21:16
daftykinswelcome to houses21:16
Azelphurthere's a pipe on the side of the building that has burst due to the cold weather now, it spews out water21:16
Azelphurfunny enough right on top of the previous problem where the gutters are broken21:16
Azelphurso it's like, double waterfall21:17
daftykinswhat kind of pipe?21:17
AzelphurI'm not sure exactly, its not constantly flowing, maybe a drain from a sink or something.21:17
daftykinsyou got any pics? that place sounds... rundown21:18
AzelphurI got a fun pic of the most recent issue21:18
Azelphurthe oven went supernova21:18
Klettbarhave you found out where the main valve is21:19
Klettbarto stop all input water in in case of21:19
Klettbari knwo what i mean21:19
AzelphurI put some burgers in there, used an eggtimer so I knew what was going on, first 10 minutes were fine, over the next 5 minutes it literally turned into a smoke machine and filled the entire room21:19
daftykinsKlettbar: stopcock yeah :)21:20
AzelphurKlettbar: nope, perhaps I should do :P21:20
Klettbarfirst thing21:20
Klettbarteh save ass stopcock21:20
daftykinsthat looks like some tiny ducting above the extractor fan, if that is one21:20
daftykinshow long did that take to clear? D:21:21
Azelphurdaftykins: when I moved in the previous tenants had left a frying pan full of fat/oil in the oven, we cleaned it out properly, but I figure they somehow got oil inside the oven, so when the oven reaches full temp, boom.21:21
Azelphura few hours.21:21
daftykinsa trap :(21:21
daftykinsperhaps to punish the sucky landlord21:22
Azelphurliterally it did all that in a matter of minutes, I was coming down and checking on it every 5 minutes21:22
Klettbarwhat the best second hand laptop buy deal on ebay21:22
Klettbarchanging topic21:22
AzelphurKlettbar: look for dell refurbs, there's lots on there that are pretty cheap and have warranty.21:22
daftykinsi've heard bad things about electronics on ebay21:22
Azelphuralso, you might want to check the dell outlet, same thing.21:22
AzelphurI buy a lot of electronics from ebay21:23
Klettbarthey say dell is not that reliable21:23
AzelphurKlettbar: you can quite safely find anyone to say anything is unreliable.21:23
Azelphurespecially with laptop, everyone has a brand they hate21:23
daftykins^ +121:23
daftykinsif you look for bad press you shall find21:23
Klettbari like hp21:23
Klettbarbuying laptop is liek getting a girlfriend21:24
Klettbaryou shoudl li?21:24
Klettbarno no21:24
Klettbarpanasonic are sturdy but look a bit too cold21:24
daftykinsthat's pretty ^_^21:47
shaunosame old same old from this pov  (west coast ireland, pretty dependable blanket cloud coverage)21:58
daftykinsah yeah you were in the Galway area weren't you?21:59
shaunothere was a similar one last winter I think.  and again the same great 'shield wall' of cloud22:00
daftykinsi'm in Guernsey so no snow here :<22:00
shaunoI'm just jealous.  I miss having seasons22:01
daftykinsis it that bad constantly over there?22:01
shaunoit's pretty consistent.  we tend to get a clearer spell around easter, and usually another in the summer22:02
shaunobut I believe our driest month of the year is still 15 days precipitation22:02
daftykinswow, how does anyone stay anything but miserable there?22:02
shaunoalcohol :D22:03
shaunoyou just get used to it I guess.  like when I was in michigan, 4 months of snow was normal.  4 days cripples the UK, but when it's normal, you just ignore it and carry on22:04
AzelphurAnyone know how to get dualshock3's working in Ubuntu via bluetooth?22:05
daftykinsyeah i bet it's a laugh seeing the UK 'coping' :)22:05
daftykinsAzelphur: i see you tried xbmc which would've been my idea, i think some of those lot use the PS3 controllers as remotes, maybe the xbmc forum has something?22:05
daftykinsotherwise i was sure directhex or popey had played with one at some point on Linux perhaps 0o22:06
Azelphurdaftykins: yea, I've tried lots of documentation and following guides and am just not getting anywhere :<22:06
popeynot I22:06
popeyI have GC and PS2 controllers on my PC22:06
daftykinsooh-err, i tells a lie - apologies22:06
Azelphurfrustrating because sixpair sees it, but sixad won't see me pressing the PS button.22:07
daftykinshow wude22:07
daftykinscomputers eh, sometimes i wonder why we bother ^_^22:09
directhexi had a python-based driver for the ps3 remote (not pad)22:09
* solarcloud_3srcn ate too many chips tonite. Computing now seems pointless to him. Please encourage solarcloud_3scrn to get back on his little horse.....22:20
popeywe should all go and live in the forest22:23
popeyvery interesting read22:26
popeyand sad22:26
solarcloud_3srcnI wonder if Radio would have corrupted them, if they'd had one ??22:28
solarcloud_3srcnThere is a guy in czech that lives like that ... http://dudmanovi.cz/#&panel1-322:30
directhextame the noble savage!22:55
daftykinsomg landscape why are you causing such regular disk activity =|22:55
dwatkins'The family's principal entertainment, the Russian journalist Vasily Peskov noted, "was for everyone to recount their dreams."' - dreams can be pretty spectacular, though22:58
dwatkinsI wonder if that's the case if you've been isolated from the world for four decades, though.22:58
directhex"i dreamed we had 940 lbs of potatoes. it was good."22:58
dwatkinshaha, perhaps spectacular to them22:59
daftykinsi'd imagine they're far more creative than mine22:59
daftykinsi often dream of IM conversation =|22:59
daftykinsi see the text move upward as if watching a screen22:59
dwatkinsI don't even remember my dreams very often, but some people I know have vivid dreams with exciting adventures.22:59
directhexdaftykins, you're dreaming right now!22:59
dwatkinsdaftykins: that's not a dream, you just fell asleep on the keyboard ;)22:59
dwatkins"in 1961 it snowed in June" that's Russia for you, I guess23:02
daftykinsi can see how the geologists want to offer them things23:04
daftykinsbut do they not see they're also kind of... ruining them step by step =/23:04
dwatkinsI wondered that, but they're not aboriginal people untouched by technology, they were just sort of forgotten23:06
dwatkinswell, they ran away, but they separated themselves from the world, as opposed to never having been part of it23:06
daftykinsdepends if they choose to remain that way i guess23:06
dwatkinsyeah, I imagine it should be up to them (as a group or individually) to decide if they stay living out there or go somewhere else, knowing what they then did.23:07
* dwatkins hasn't got to the part about their subsequent fate yet23:07
* daftykins aims not to spoil :>23:07
dwatkinscertainly goes to show that you can do a lot without metal23:07
daftykinsnecessity being the mother of invention :>23:08
dwatkinsI can't imagine how you would plane a log without a saw23:08
dwatkinsI guess he used stone23:08
popeynn chaps23:09
popeyenjoy sweet dreams of living in russian forests23:09
dwatkinslater popey23:09
daftykinspopey: o/23:09
dwatkinsI dream of not being entranced by television23:09
daftykinsthanks for the link23:09
dwatkinsfascinating stuff, yeah23:09
popeylots of further comments on hn23:10
popeylinks to other info / videos / pictures23:10
dwatkinsI'm reminded of a thread on reddit recently which asked what people from the 1950s would think of modern technology, my favorite comment was along the lines of "they would find it impossible to understand that we have the entirety of human knowlege at our fingertips, and yet we use our phones to watch videos of cats and people falling over"23:14
directhexcat pictures!23:15
dwatkinsthem too23:16
dwatkinshttp://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/15yaap/if_someone_from_the_1950s_suddenly_appeared_today/ - "I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known to man.23:17
dwatkinsI use it to look at pictures of cats and get in arguments with strangers."23:17
daftykinscan't stand reddit, but wow the Queen meeting all those US presidents23:30
dwatkinsI reckon she's immortal, and dyes her hair.23:32
daftykinsbenefits to not speaking much23:38
daftykinsi bet she's an IRC'er23:38
dwatkinsperhaps she's here right now23:43
dwatkinsevening ma'am *bows*23:44
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