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chrubuntykeanyone running webcamstudio?02:03
akkWoo UDS in Oakland again!03:44
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* MarkDude was curious if anyone in this channel would be offended if I had a Fedora cloak, instead of the student one21:34
pleia2are you being serious?21:36
pleia2of course not, and anyone who would be should probably examine their thoughts on open source ;)21:37
MarkDudeWell it is a serious question21:37
MarkDudeMy intent at least21:37
MarkDudeLol, I forgot to shutoff irc client on gf's phone21:38
pleia2we're all on the same team here :) fedora, ubuntu, mozilla21:38
pleia2everyone is very welcome21:38
MarkDudepleia2: the reason I did not get one a while ago, was so that folks could see I was willing to help all sorts of projects21:39
pleia2I think actions speak louder than cloaks :)21:39
MarkDudeIt just occurred to me, most folks likely know that21:39
pleia2(honestly I think cloaks are silly and wish I didn't have one, but it's required for channel access in some ubuntu channels I need access to)21:40
* MarkDude did not know that21:40
MarkDudeUbuntu has a global-ops setup - I sorta rememebr that21:41
pleia2my reverse dns is cool! I don't want to cover it up :)21:41
pleia2yeah, #ubuntu-meeting and -classroom give special access for ubuntu member cloak folks21:41
pleia2probably some other channels too21:41
MarkDudeHmmm, I have to know the *secret handshake* to do the same21:51
philipballewpleia2, have time for a question about UDS?21:59
pleia2philipballew: we'll see :) ask away22:00
philipballewThe Ubuntu Coffee Co-Op in emmryville wants to suply or sell their coffee their. Who would I ask or talk to about that?22:00
philipballewIts where I get my coffee beans. Totally has nothing to do with the name on the bag or anything...22:01
* philipballew should stop asking pleia2 random questions22:03
pleia2jono: thoughts? ^^22:03
pleia2not sure what the arrangement is with the hotel so it might not even be allowed to bring additional food on site22:04
philipballewYeah me either, I just called them to ask about having a group visit the place, (they know me) and they asked if they could come buy the conference with their coffee.22:06
pleia2philipballew: anyway, he's where I'd start, the logistical stuff is all canonical22:06
philipballewtrue, good point. I don't know who to bug now that marianna is gone.22:08
pleia2yeah, I don't know :\22:10
philipballewtimes, they are a changin22:10
jonopleia2, sorry, was on a call22:46
jonophilipballew, you should email Michelle Surtees-Myers22:46
jonoI think it is a cool idea22:46
philipballewjono, alright. I will email her.22:48
jonothanks philipballew22:48
philipballewNo problem. Apparently they are the people who used to own Ubuntu dot com but forgot to renew it...22:49
MarkDudephilipballew: you know of any Fedoran coffee shops? Maybe Firefox bbq place?23:26
philipballewMarkDude, Why would I ever want to stop drinking the Ubuntu coffee?23:26
* MarkDude prefers to drink Koolaid with friends :D23:27
MarkDudeMaybe smoothies23:27
MarkDudejono: I have a few bbq secrets to share with you as nice weather approaches23:28
MarkDudeMaster of the grill23:28
jonoMarkDude, awesome :-)23:40
jonobeen a while!23:40

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