bkerensaslangasek: I would be more than happy to volunteer for a DebConf and wrangle some sponsors in03:10
slangasekbkerensa: whoo :)06:09
blkperlslangasek: this error is strange07:08
blkperldpkg-genchanges: error: cannot read ../collectd_5.1.0-3ubuntu1.dsc: No such file or directory07:08
blkperlwhat does it mean?07:08
blkperldpkg-genchanges: error: cannot read ../collectd_5.1.0-3ubuntu1.dsc: No such file or directory07:10
blkperlslangasek: wait it worked...07:38
blkperlslangasek: is dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc the correct command?07:38
* kees prefers debuild (same args)07:43
blkperlkees: so I'm really confused now, it built once and now doesn't build anymore07:48
blkperlso I think its this stupid perl linkage patch...07:55
blkperlI should have taken notes when I did this with slangasek07:55
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bkerensaslangasek: also the event I was planning last year is finally culminating can I still count you in as a speaker?17:19
bkerensaplanning for June 22nd17:19
slangasekbkerensa: you're going to have to remind me what event this is you're talking about :)17:24
keesblkperl: I'm not sure I follow. does it error out the second time? what does it say?17:25
bkerensaslangasek: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/iJWAWp3jP2 <-- that one17:27
bkerensakees:  would also love for you to give a talk :)17:27
bkerensaslangasek: its been aptly named the Open Source Leadership Summit where this year it will be a full one day event as a test run and if its a hit then each year it will be a two day summit17:28
bkerensaits free and open to the public and focused just on open source talks17:28
slangasekhuh, ok17:29
slangasekI'm not sure I heard about this at all (or maybe I assumed you were talking about the Community Leadership Summit)17:29
slangaseklooks interesting17:29
slangasekWearable Computers> ooh, can you get the Keyglove guy to come?17:30
bkerensa;p slangasek you will notice you added your name at the bottom17:30
bkerensaKeyglove guy?17:30
slangasekI'm not sure it's true that *I* added my name ;)17:30
slangasekoh, this is the one that had the comment window with people trolling about Ubuntu17:31
slangasekright, now I remember17:31
slangasekso yeah, I can do an Intro to Debian Packaging - or something else too, if there's another topic that would be interesting17:31
keesbkerensa: what did you have in mind from me? It looks like "intro" style talks? I have a slide deck for "FLOSS security programming best practices" I've given a few times at OSU17:55
keesI also have a deck from bsides on chrome os security.17:55
bkerensakees: FLOSS security programming would be great :)18:00
bkerensakees: and I can ensure you and slangasek both have appropriate food stuffs18:01
slangasekfrosted voodoo donuts shaped like cavemen? ;)18:04
bkerensaslangasek: do you have a short bio/head shot somewhere?19:37
bkerensakees: you?19:37
keesbkerensa: http://outflux.net/bio.txt19:46
keesbkerensa: I've added myself to the potential speaker list on the etherpad too19:46
bkerensakees: You haz headshot? :)19:50
* kees avoids your question19:53
bkerensakees: ok then :)19:53
keesI'm using a Chrome logo for drupalcon :)19:53
bkerensakees: I will find a black default avatar19:53
keescool. that or http://outflux.net/laughing_man_elmex.png19:53
slangasekbkerensa: I suppose it would make sense for me to cook something like that up and make it permanently available, wouldn't it22:02

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