InHisNamegobble up that 'healthy' turkey bacon ?03:31
* TheLordOfTime eats the turkeybacon and everything else within 20 miles03:43
InHisNameTheLordOfTime has a job, he can just run to the store and 'gather' up his 'hunt' and pay with some of his spare coins.  Chow down !04:33
JonathanDmorning rmg5112:22
rmg51I'd rather it was still night12:24
rmg51then I would still be asleep12:24
rmg51in stead of getting ready to leave for work12:25
rmg51which will happen as soon as the babysitter gets here12:29
teddy-dbearMorning peoples and turkeys13:06
InHisName(07:29:36 AM) rmg51: which will happen as soon as the babysitter gets here13:39
InHisNameUm, teddy-dbear, does he really mean  BEARsitter,  or does he really have a human baby needing to be sat ?13:40
teddy-dbeara 92 year old baby13:40
* ChinnoDog yawns17:19
* InHisName yawns too21:06
* waltman scratches21:11
waltman92 in bear years21:11

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