rsajdokdaker: thanks, I am trying to add "team event" and I got error message "You can not add a new team event. You are not a member of any LoCo Teams."10:43
rsajdokIn past I could do that but now is not possible.10:43
dakerrsajdok: in your local_settings there is a DEBUG_USERS, add your Launchpad nickname11:13
rsajdokdaker: DEBUG_USERS = ('ris') ?11:28
rsajdokI did, still do not work11:31
dakerrsajdok: connect using launchpad11:32
dakeri mean click on login at top right11:32
rsajdokdaker: I did, still I can not add team event11:44
dakerrsajdok: download this http://people.ubuntu.com/~daker/ltp/ltp.db11:46
dakerrun ./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py syncdb --noinput11:48
dakerand ./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py migrate11:48
rsajdokdaker: not work11:57
dakerrsajdok: :(11:58
dakerrsajdok: login to /admin11:58
dakernick : admin11:59
dakerpwd 12345611:59
dakerand add "admin" to DEBUG_USERS11:59
rsajdokdaker: during login I am redirect to openid12:06
dakerfor /admin ?12:06
dakerlogin to
rsajdokdaker: my mistake :) I will try it later12:57
cjohnstondaker: ping20:47
dakercjohnston: pong20:51
cjohnstondaker: is there a plugin or something that josepht and I can use to view the dashboard in different resolutions?20:52
cjohnstonsomeone else is seeing something that we arent with that page you and I were workign on20:53
dakercjohnston: yeah20:53
dakerdo you have chrome/ium ?20:53
cjohnstonjosepht: uses FF20:54
josephtcjohnston: I have one for FF :)20:54
cjohnstonjosepht, daker, daker josepht... josepht daker is the CSS/django master20:54
josephtdaker: nice to meet you20:54
dakerjosepht: nice to meet you20:55
dakerjosepht: cjohnston  FF & chrome both have this feature20:55
dakerjosepht: for FF http://i.imgur.com/X74cuS5.png20:57
rsajdokcjohnston: latest firefox has that function20:58
dakercjohnston: for chrome press F12 once you have the developer tools click the small gear on the bottom right21:00
dakeryou can overide useragent/device metrics/Lat/Long21:01
cjohnstonjosepht: I can't reproduce either21:02
dakercjohnston: what's your problem ?21:03
cjohnstondaker: a layout problem on one persons screen21:03
josephtcjohnston: once i get the width to 1991 I see it too21:03
josephtcjohnston: grid_15 takes up its 1180px and grid_2 is beside it on the right21:04
cjohnstonit shouldnt be21:05
cjohnstongrid_15 should be taking the whole space21:05
josephtanyone know how to increase the resolution without the mouse? I can only add a few px at a time by clicking and dragging?21:06
dakerjosepht: http://i.imgur.com/X74cuS5.png21:06
josephtcjohnston: div#content doesn't have a width21:06
josephtdaker: I got that, but it a pain getting larger than the largest preset width21:07
dakerjosepht: you can set your own preset21:08
josephtdaker: I tried that and it just uses the current resolution21:08
dakerah you are right21:10
josephtah I got it had to unmaximize the window and move it almost off the scren to the left21:10
dakerjosepht: ah got it, do you see the resize grip http://i.imgur.com/CQQEqMO.png ?21:12
josephtdaker: yes21:13
dakerjosepht: it works for you ?21:13
josephtdaker: yes, you just can't drag it very far when the FF window is maximized and the resolution is larger than the window size :)21:14
dakerok :)21:14
josephtcjohnston: adding the width to #content fixed it for me at high resolutions21:15
josephtdaker: thanks a lot for your help21:15
cjohnstonjosepht: ok21:16
cjohnstonI say we just tell her to get a normal resolution ;-)21:16
rsajdokdaker: I did http://pastie.org/5946780 and still I can not add new team event21:23
dakerrsajdok: i said DEBUG_USERS = ('admin')21:24
rsajdokdaker: ups :)21:26
dakerrsajdok: it works ?21:33
rsajdokdaker: not work21:35
dakerargh :(21:40
rsajdokdaker: I want to fix many bugs in loco but this problem stopped me :)21:41
dakerlemme test21:42
rsajdokdaker: In past I could login to my launchpad account and I was seeing my account tied with ubuntu-pl but now it is not possible any more.21:44
dakerrsajdok: lemme see21:45
cjohnstondaker: just have him use vagrant?21:56
dakercjohnston: i am testing if it's working with venv21:57
dakerrsajdok: it does work22:06
dakerrsajdok: do you have the Team membership checkbox http://i.imgur.com/gpuWtdE.png  ?22:08
dakerrsajdok: are you able to see the teams on ?22:09
rsajdokdaker: 1. Problem is that I have not checkbox http://imgur.com/TqdLJ7f22:17
rsajdokdaker: 2.
rsajdokdaker: 2. http://imgur.com/7qNE44Q22:21
dakerrsajdok: you are not using my db22:23
dakerah see whay you have done22:25
dakerrsajdok: give me 1min22:29
dakerrsajdok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1587267/22:32
rsajdokdaker: Should I login by launchpad account or /admin ?22:39
dakerrsajdok: have you have done what i have wrote ?22:40
rsajdokdaker: yes, I did22:40
dakerrsajdok: can you execute "ll"  on loco_directory ?22:41
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594873322:42
dakernow run the dev server22:42
dakerrsajdok: no :(22:44
dakerrsajdok: how do you run the server ?22:44
dakermake run ?22:44
rsajdokdaker: done22:44
rsajdokdaker: (env)ris@sunejask:~/ltp$ ./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py runserver
rsajdokdaker: not "make run"22:46
dakerrsajdok: you are not using my db :)22:47
dakerrsajdok: let's do it again22:47
dakerdelete the loco_directory/ltp.db22:48
daker$ wget http://people.ubuntu.com/~daker/ltp/ltp.db -O loco_directory/ltp.db22:48
daker$ ./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py migrate22:48
daker$ /env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py runserver
dakeri hope it will work this time22:50
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594890222:52
dakerrsajdok: i thin you are doing something wrong :(22:52
dakeri still see the date of the old db22:53
rsajdokdaker: I know :)22:54
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594899022:54
dakerrsajdok: ya22:55
rsajdokdaker: "ya" ?22:59
dakerthe instruction are good22:59
rsajdokdaker: yours or mine ?23:01
dakerthey are the same23:01
dakerrsajdok: did you run the instructions ?23:02
rsajdokdaker: this http://pastie.org/5948990#6 ?23:07
dakerrsajdok: yes23:07
rsajdokdaker: yes23:08
dakercan you run the server ?23:08
rsajdokdaker: done23:09
dakerman are you kidding ?23:09
dakeri still see data from the old db23:09
dakerrsajdok: ok, can i have an "ll" inside loco_directory dir ?23:10
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594927223:10
dakerrsajdok: ll loco_directory/23:11
dakeri want to see everything23:11
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594934123:12
daker-rw-r--r--  1 ris ris 3230720 2012-09-06 23:39 ltp.db23:14
dakerlook 2012-09-0623:14
dakeri told you to delete it23:14
rsajdokdaker: strange23:15
dakerdelete it23:16
dakerand give me another "ll"23:16
rsajdokdaker: yours file has that date :) ok, give me second23:18
dakerno, man this db has your data :)23:18
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594949623:18
rsajdokdaker: maybe you send me wrong file :)23:19
dakerrsajdok: ok, we are on the good way23:19
dakerlet's continue23:19
rsajdokdaker: *sent23:20
dakerrsajdok: wget http://people.ubuntu.com/~daker/ltp/ltp.db -O loco_directory/ltp.db23:20
rsajdokdaker: ok, I am waiting ;)23:20
dakerand give me another "ll"23:20
dakerrsajdok: once we finish, i have a very good way if you like virtualbox & vagrant23:22
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594965423:22
daker./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py migrate23:23
rsajdokdaker: I used virtualbox but better for me is a vps. I am going to try vagrant.23:24
dakershow me your local_settings.py23:24
dakershow me your local_settings.py23:25
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594974623:26
daker./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py runserver
rsajdokdaker: done23:28
dakerthere is something wrong :(23:28
dakerwhy i still see you this
dakerthose are the users you have created ?23:29
rsajdokdaker: I see and I do not know why, now, I have to sleep :)23:31
dakercan ctrl+C the server23:31
dakercan you*23:31
rsajdokdaker: yes I created these users but not now, earlier23:31
rsajdokdaker: yes23:31
rsajdokdaker: done23:31
dakerthen run it again and pastbin output ?23:32
dakerdo it then go to sleep :)23:33
rsajdokdaker: ok:)23:33
dakerthank you :)23:33
dakerjust this part23:34
dakerDjango version 1.3.3, using settings 'loco_directory.settings'23:34
rsajdokdaker: http://pastie.org/594981223:34
rsajdokdaker: I have the question, if I deleted ltp.db should the website works?23:35
dakerrsajdok: ah good question23:35
dakerthe answser is no23:35
dakerthe website will not brak23:35
dakerdelete it23:36
dakerthen run the server23:36
rsajdokhaha :)23:36
dakerah good23:36
dakerrsajdok: do this23:37
dakerpython loco_directory/manage.py runserver
rsajdok(env)ris@sunejask:~/ltp$ rm loco_directory/ltp.db23:37
rsajdokrm: cannot remove `loco_directory/ltp.db': No such file or directory23:37
rsajdokI deleted it23:37
dakeri see23:37
rsajdokand run server23:37
dakerperfect perfect23:38
dakeri got the error23:38
rsajdokyes, and I got :)23:38
dakerwget http://people.ubuntu.com/~daker/ltp/ltp.db -O loco_directory/ltp.db23:39
dakerthen run the server again23:39
dakerrun it with :23:39
rsajdokmaybe now Should I wget, migrate and runserver, maybe strange cache of firefox?23:39
dakerjust do wget and run the server with23:40
dakerpython loco_directory/manage.py runserver23:40
dakerwithout env/bin23:40
rsajdokpython loco_directory/manage.py runserver
rsajdok[2013-01-30 03:41:18,249] - ERROR - settings - Missing library: pytz, Install package: python-tz23:41
dakerapt-get install python-tz23:42
dakerah no no23:42
dakeruse the venv python23:42
daker./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py runserver
dakerthen run23:44
daker./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py migrate23:44
daker./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py runserver
rsajdokafter "migrate" I got http://pastie.org/595012123:46
dakertry :23:47
daker./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py syncdb23:47
daker./env/bin/python loco_directory/manage.py migrate23:47
rsajdokWould you like to create one now? (yes/no) ?23:47
dakercreate a superuser ?23:48
rsajdokshould I ?23:48
dakerrsajdok: man just go to sleep23:50
dakerrsajdok: we can fix this thing tomorrow23:50
dakerrsajdok: i suspect we are doing something wrong23:51
rsajdokdaker: but now is different there are not my users :)23:51
rsajdokdaker: thanks a lot, goodbye23:51
dakerrsajdok: wait23:51
dakerwhat's the admin login ?23:51
dakerwell the syncdb recreated the db and it should not23:53
rsajdokdaker: I did not create admin account23:53
dakeranyway g'night rsajdok we can look into it tomorrow if you want23:54
rsajdokdaker: ok, I am going to sleep :)23:54
rsajdokdaker: yes i want.23:54
dakerjuste ping when you are free23:54
dakeri am GMT+023:55

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