epikvisionGood evening everyone.05:44
epikvisionAnyone attending Ubuntu Developer Week?05:44
UnderControlEpikvision Sadly not this time.05:46
epikvision:( why not?05:46
epikvisionHave you done it before though?05:46
UnderControlI've done a session last year for it.05:47
philipballewepikvision, i'll be watching a few sessions tomorrow05:48
epikvisionSo will I actually.05:48
epikvisionUnderControl, did you learn enough to contribute to development?05:49
epikvisionphilipballew, all the sessions seem worth the time.05:50
philipballewTotally worth it05:50
UnderControlEpikvision I'm not really the 'developer' to be honest, wouldn't mind to be one though.05:50
epikvisionmhm, I'm not either, but i'm itching to learn the trade.05:51
philipballewepikvision, your gonna do awesome on that speech btw05:51
epikvisionhey hey, it's too early to make assumptions. :S05:51
epikvisionphilipballew, did ubuntuyouth have any events lately?05:53
philipballewnone currently. but if you want to help me we can do some05:53
epikvisionsure, sounds like fun.  This group needs a little kick.05:54
* UnderControl kicks #ubuntu-youth05:54
* epikvision kicks #ubuntu-youth a little further05:54
UnderControlUhh, I think I made it mad?05:54
philipballewlets talk about what we can do st scale.05:55
* epikvision wipes sweat off brow05:55
epikvisionI haven't thought of it yet.  Right now, I'm setting up irssi and screen for tomorrow.05:56
* UnderControl orders Epikvision to use WeeChat and tmux05:56
epikvisionI would...05:58
epikvisionbut the retro feeling of irssi feels sooo good.05:58
UnderControlWeeChat is currently my favourite IRC client.05:59
JoseeAntonioRepikvision: I will be attending and helping with a couple (which are on air)05:59
epikvisionJoseeAntonioR: you mean the hangout sessions?06:01
JoseeAntonioRyes, I need to host those06:01
philipballewepikvision, If you want you can join a google hangout with me UnderControl and JoseeAntonioR and well watch you speak06:01
epikvisionphilipballew: are you talking about my speech?06:01
philipballewyes epikvision06:01
UnderControlPhilipballew I can't join hangouts currently :(06:02
JoseeAntonioRUnderControl: yes, you can06:02
JoseeAntonioRuse the g+ app for your phone06:02
UnderControlJoseeantonior G+ freezes on my iPad06:02
epikvisionwithin this week. Unfortunately, now's not the time.06:02
epikvisionUnderControl: that's sad. :P06:03
JoseeAntonioRlast time I wanted to do a hangout with someone from my iTouch I had 2% battery06:03
JoseeAntonioRphilipballew: ^06:03
JoseeAntonioRepikvision: will you be attending the hangouts?06:05
epikvisionyes, anything I have to set up, Jose?06:06
JoseeAntonioRepikvision: just make sure you can play youtube videos06:06
epikvisioneveryone: how do you guys remain on irc without ever leaving?06:07
JoseeAntonioRepikvision: I use ZNC06:07
epikvisionznc? what's that?06:07
JoseeAntonioRand IRC bouncer06:07
JoseeAntonioRcheck znc.in06:07
epikvisionok, i'm getting it from software centre06:10
JoseeAntonioRepikvision: won't work06:11
epikvisionso, from tarball?06:11
JoseeAntonioRepikvision: it needs to be up 24/7 for you to remain online 24/706:11
JoseeAntonioRcheck trekweb.org, I can process it now if you request it06:11
epikvisionget me started bro, thanks.06:11
JoseeAntonioRepikvision: getting the ticket ready?06:17
epikvisionWhat subject and message?06:20
epikvisionI'm filing for a new ticket.06:20
JoseeAntonioRread trekweb.org/znc/requesting to get more info06:22
epikvisiondo you know what subject is appropriate?06:23
JoseeAntonioRa random one's fine06:23
epikvisionI'm not getting any znc into my local drive. Is that right?06:24
epikvisionJust trekweb doing its job for us06:24
epikvisionI submitted the ticket06:30
epikvisionwoah, so now what happens?06:36
JoseeAntonioRinstructions on the email06:37
JoseeAntonioRcheck that06:37
JoseeAntonioRthinkndev: /msg nickserv release epikvision PASSWORD, /nick epikvision06:57
PaoloRotolo    /SET irc_conf_mode 116:20
SergioMenesesphilipballew, can we talk here?22:04
SergioMenesesok philipballew Im confusing, we had done a lot of documentation in the documents day22:06
SergioMenesesdo you remember it?22:06
philipballewSergioMeneses, i remember, lets have a hangout this week to go over it22:06
SergioMenesesphilipballew, maybe we can need some device from Daniel or Jono, what do you think?22:07
philipballewask them tomorrow I would22:08
SergioMenesesphilipballew, perfect... I saw daniel today morning but I forget it22:08
SergioMenesesIm very busy with the laptop-testing now22:09
philipballewI see him at like 1 am before I go to sleep22:09

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