Kilosmorning superfly and others05:17
superflyhi Kilos 05:18
nlsthznmorning Kilos and superfly 05:19
Kiloshi nlsthzn 05:19
superflyhi nlsthzn 05:19
nlsthznthanks for the good suggestions to the mexican loco guys superfly :)05:20
superflynlsthzn: just glad I can help in some little way05:21
superflythey have a truly awesome idea05:21
superflynlsthzn: don't forget that you can submit portals in Ingress - so you could arguably eventually own the entire city when they approve your submissions ;-)05:27
nlsthznhaha... been thinking of that superfly ... going to the shops in a bit so seeing as I have to gert dressed and go outside I guess it can't hurt to give it a go too 05:37
Kiloslol havent you started yet nlsthzn ?05:38
Kiloswith some hard work you can become a sheik05:39
magespawngood morning all05:42
Kiloshi magespawn 05:42
barrydkGood morning everyone05:42
Kiloshi barrydk 05:42
barrydkHowsit Kilos05:43
Kilosok ty and you barrydk ?05:44
nlsthznno uncle Kilos ... not yet... will go and install it again in a bit (it is more than 1gb in size which is epic for a mobile device)05:44
* nlsthzn ponders which side to be on... it is so cliche to always oppose the big corporations that want to rule the world...05:47
barrydkOk Kilos 05:47
* nlsthzn goes to get dressed, go to the shop and conquer the world via mobile handset gaming... bbl05:48
magespawnkilos the greeter seems to work okay06:04
Kilosyeah i think so magespawn 06:04
Kilosnp it bloep with and without caps06:04
Kilosyou missed the fun last night magespawn 06:06
Kilosthe weed taught me how to get maverick going from scratch06:06
magespawnhad a look at the logs i did06:07
Kilosim so happy about that havent saved all the stuff off that drive yet06:07
Kilostoo much other stuff to do06:10
=== SmilyBorg_w is now known as SmilyBorg
Kiloshi SmilyBorg 06:30
SmilyBorgHey there06:30
superflynlsthzn: what is more than 1GB?06:40
liam__acc add jabber dejmail@gmail.com07:02
Kiloshi liam__ 07:02
nlsthznsuperfly, the ingress download if memory serves (might however have been another game... there is this gladiator game that is 1.36gb)07:05
magespawnbbl 07:09
Kiloshi jrgns 07:14
jrgnsmorning Kilos, all07:15
superflynlsthzn: ingress is only 21MB according to the Play store07:32
superflyohi henkj07:33
henkjhi superfly 07:33
superflyhenkj: you don't know of anyone looking for work? Python/C++ development07:33
nlsthznhaha... ok thanks superfly clearly I am thinking of another game then... (I ran out of my 16gb on my phone within 2 days installing random crap)07:34
Kiloshi henkj 07:42
henkjhi Kilos 07:42
Kilosand Vince-0 07:42
Kiloshi Squirm 07:55
Kiloshi inetpro 14mm08:07
inetproKilos: moo! Goeie more08:07
Kiloshi floydunn20183 08:13
Vince-0off to work we go08:14
inetproVince-0: eish! You are late.08:21
inetproKilos: gaan ons weer vrek van die hitte vandag?08:21
Kilosja lyk en voel so08:22
superflythanks inetpro :-)08:24
inetprosuperfly: np, I hope you find someone08:24
Vince-0inetpro, no no - work starts at 8am08:27
KilosMaaz, hmm...08:30
Maazhmm... is often used to try make others believe one is actually thinking08:30
nlsthznmy battery is almost charged then it is ingress time for half an hour strong08:35
inetproKilos: you think I was not thinking?08:41
inetproKilos: if you think you think then you just think that you are thinking08:45
Kiloslol twit08:45
inetproKilos: there's a nice german song about that08:45
Kilosits maaz not me. i asked him note08:45
Kilosai julle en jou buisie08:46
nlsthzneish... what am I watching and more imprtantly listening too :/09:17
nlsthznsuperfly, just finished the tutorial... and seeing as the poor enlightened are having there buts kicked I have requested a change in faction09:18
nlsthznshould happen in the next 2 - 3 weeks :/09:18
nlsthzngot to wonder about our wonderful country sometimes http://youtu.be/C0NLwAIpPdA10:43
KilosMaaz, whats for lunch10:44
MaazKentucky for the workers and a peanut butter sarmy for the idle rich10:44
inetproanyone of you know someone who gets the printed versions of Autotrader?12:16
* inetpro looking for details of an ad that was placed two weeks ago and no longer online12:17
inetproor perhaps you know someone at autotrader?12:18
inetprosubmitting a customer service query is a fruitless exercise12:18
inetproor at least seems to be useless12:19
liam__no idea, sorry12:54
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Trixar_zaouch, 40 seconds fast13:00
Trixar_zaI really should sync my time more often13:00
superflyone of my servers was 18 minutes fast 0_o13:00
Trixar_zaHow is it's CMOS battery?13:01
superflyshould be fine, it is less than 2 years old13:02
Trixar_zaShould be fine then13:03
Trixar_zaDo you sync the system clock when you sync the clock in the OS?13:04
superflydunno, I just saw it the other day, and ran ntpdate13:07
superflyit doesn't matter, really, it's a server at home13:07
* magespawn goes to google how to sync time on a server13:23
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
* Kilos visits the morgue13:57
Kiloshey cadavers , hows things13:58
* superfly feels dead at this stage14:16
Kilosai! ian is complaining too14:16
* nlsthzn lurks, not dead but patiently....14:34
Kiloshard work being a geek seems to me14:35
* Squirm looks around14:49
magespawnyup iam still alive too14:59
magespawnbut only just14:59
magespawnwhat does this mean? is it important? what can i do about it? /boot is using 99.1% of 227MB 15:00
magespawnbbl all15:03
Kiloshi Lionthinker 16:39
Kiloshave you been here before? my memory sucks16:41
Lionthinkernot regularly though16:47
Lionthinkermore active on email list16:47
Kilosoh well welcome from me16:47
Kilosseen your name in the mailing lists16:48
Lionthinkerdo you think theres anything that will come out of the activism been discussed16:49
Kiloswell lets hope so. would be good for all pc users16:50
Kilosunfair to have to pay the ms tax if you dont want it16:51
Kilosmaybe try spread it world wide16:51
Kilosouch we min here17:23
Kiloshope its not me chasing peeps away17:29
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Kiloshi Trixar_za 18:05
Trixar_zaHey again Kilos18:06
Trixar_zaI also won't worry too much about the people18:07
Trixar_zaIt tends to happen around summer :P18:07
Trixar_zaI attribute it to being too hot to sit behind a computer/laptop when you could rather be out drinking in a pub or swimming in a pool.18:17
Kilosfans help18:21
Kilosmine keeps me cool here18:21
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kiloshi tumbleweed do you have a link showing which of the dev team does what?18:39
Kiloshi zeref wb18:43
tumbleweedKilos: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers18:43
Kilosty tumbleweed 18:43
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:00
SquirmI think bed may be an idea19:16
Squirmmagespawn: was it you who pointed me to where I should upload my public key to become an official member?19:16
Squirmactually learnt about public/private key pairs on course today and now they make sense. whereas before I was just following commands, so I probably did stuff wrong19:17
Squirmand for the life of me I can't remember the website name, even though it's a common website19:17
Squirmsuperfly would know to :)19:18
superflySquirm: eh?19:19
superflySquirm: you mean Launchpad?19:20
Squirmthat's the one :/ I couldn't remember Launchpad19:20
* Squirm uploads his key19:20
superflySquirm: I think you're specifically looking for this: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za19:21
Squirmsuperfly: probably19:23
Squirmah, superfly, it was the option I saw about importing a public key into launchpad19:30
Squirmand I joined the team19:30
superflySquirm: right, cause you need to sign the code of conduct with your key19:30
Squirmsuperfly: is it better to create a say, work key and a personal key, or add 2 identities(email addresses) to 1 key?19:35
superflySquirm: I don't really know, but from what I've seen in the wild, multiple keys are not necessarily a bad thing19:36
Squirmgood :P19:36
Squirm'tis what I've done19:36
Squirmthe gpg thing was actually quite interesting19:50
Squirmcool, all my emails will be signed19:55
inetproMaaz: tell kilos pong. Just had a bad headache since afternoon but better now. 21:13
Maazinetpro: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode21:14
bakumanhere \o/21:47

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