cheekyhello....i got help on a problem here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/comp.lang.python/-R6JfEBhXw000:03
cheekythe person who helped me boiled my problem down to me not having the python header files to compile the C code for pycrypto00:04
cheekyspecifically: Here comes your problem: you do not have the Python header files,00:04
cheekyrequired to compile the C code used by pycrypto (for speed in certain00:04
cheekyoperations, because they are quite resource-intensive).  Where can you00:04
cheekyget them?  I don’t know, ask your distro.  They are usually in a00:04
cheekypackage ending with -dev or -devel (depending on your distro; human00:04
cheekydistros do not bother with this and ship them along with the rest of00:05
FloodBot1cheeky: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:05
cheekythe thing…)00:05
histocheeky: have you searched the software center?00:06
Savage_CLHow do i run things at login with 12.10?00:06
histo!info pycryptopp | cheeky00:06
ubottucheeky: Package pycryptopp does not exist in quantal00:06
cheekynot sure what to search for tbh00:07
histo!info python-pycryptopp | cheeky00:07
ubottucheeky: python-pycryptopp (source: pycryptopp): Python wrappers for the Crypto++ library. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.29-1build1 (quantal), package size 356 kB, installed size 1072 kB00:07
Tex_NickSavage_CL:  Startup Applications00:07
cheekyhisto: very nice...thank you00:07
histocheeky: I would start searching for pycrypto   wouldn't you00:07
Savage_CLwell yes, but where is it, Tex_Nick ?00:07
kaiblocksoh man. I tried the command sudo fuser -cuk /var/cache/apt/archives/lock and my system froze.00:07
Tex_NickSavage_CL: what distro00:07
paoloumalii have git installed and am trying to use bitbucket through ssh. I can easily add the public key on bitbucket admin page, but I don't get the point of a particular step(step 4) https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Set+up+SSH+for+Git. maybe someone can shed light00:07
Tex_NickSavage_CL:  if you're using unity ... in dash home type "Startup"00:08
cheekyhisto: yes...that would have saved me installing xchat just to ask that question :)00:08
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tripelbstuck in an instal. iso 9660 mi rosoft joliet level 3 loop... now changed in easyboz. ub 1:1.16.1-1 ... restarted install. now 12.04 is in cd00:09
histoSavage_CL: in your dash start tying "startup"  it will come up I can't remember the name of the specific application it calls00:09
_helios_histo: it's just called Startup Applications00:10
tripelbdont kbow any way ro shutdown00:10
sfdve1213If I want Ubuntu One gui on Linux Mint, can I follow the instructions here:  https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/how-do-i-completely-remove-and-reinstall-ubuntu-one/00:10
_helios_tripelb: type shutdown now00:10
histo_helios_: No the name of the executible00:11
TheFizzMeisterHello. I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my desktop last night, and its acting weird with regards to the wireless adapter.00:11
Savage_CLAh, thank you.00:11
histo!details | TheFizzMeister00:11
ubottuTheFizzMeister: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:11
TheFizzMeisterSpecifically, it's seeing that my wireless network (and the ones around me) are available, and I'm putting in the correct password, I'm sure.00:11
tripelbwow exit made lernel panic. lots of lines. switching back to text.console. then no prompt00:12
TheFizzMeisterBut it repeatedly fails to connect. Specifically, I get the 'Disconnected from [my wireless network]' message repeatedly.00:12
TheFizzMeisterI'm using a LinkSys Wireless-G USB adapter.00:12
histoTheFizzMeister: what chipset is on the adapter?00:13
TheFizzMeisterAnd I assume that it's not necessarily a driver issue because it actually detects the wireless network, but it just fails to either connect or to sustain a connection.00:13
kaiblocksWow! Great news, I think I got this fixed00:13
histoTheFizzMeister: it still could be a driver issue00:13
padhuUbuntians, I need an driver for EPSON FX 2175 printer on ubuntu 12.0400:13
tripelbhard shutdown. can only diacuss now00:13
_helios_TheFizzMeister: I have a LinkSysWireless-G USB adapter and I could never get it to work instead I spent 13 bucks on a Belkin Wireless G Adapter and have had no problems with it.00:14
TheFizzMeisterohir, damn it. I just looked up what the chipset was to get it working on Windows 7 (I'm dual-booting) and closed it. Lemme find it again.00:14
newbie_to_ubuntui need to know where to go to get help with a gcc problem00:14
_helios_newbie_to_ubuntu: try #gcc00:15
histoTheFizzMeister: lspci  or lsusb will show you00:15
newbie_to_ubuntuthanks helios00:16
_helios_newbie_to_ubuntu: np00:16
TheFizzMeisterLinkSys WUSB54G v4 802.11g Adapter [Ralink RT2500USB]00:16
TheFizzMeisterThe last part is what you need, I think?00:16
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TheFizzMeisterI did try a few things Google suggested, but they didn't seem to help.00:17
newbie_to_ubuntunot much activity in that room00:17
usr13TheFizzMeister: So, what did google suggest?00:18
histoTheFizzMeister: it's a ralink chipset00:18
_helios_TheFizzMeister: you have a different one than I had, mine was WUSB54GSC v2 and it sucked never got it working.00:18
usr13TheFizzMeister: What does ifconfig say about it?00:18
histoSavage_CL: Also you can place .desktop files in ~/.config/autostart/00:18
TheFizzMeisterusr13: Didn't say a whole let, hence me coming here.00:18
usr13TheFizzMeister: Sorry, what does iwconfig say about it.  (typo)00:19
TheFizzMeisterusr13: Just a few minor things, like changing some config stuff.00:19
_helios_newbie_to_ubuntu: you can try to ask your question here in detail and if someone know's the answer to the problem you are having I'm sure they will help00:19
TheFizzMeisterusr13: What specifically from iwconfig do you need?00:19
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histoTheFizzMeister: Have you tried connecting to an open network? For instance create one with your smartphone if you have one and then try to connect to that.00:19
TheFizzMeistereth0 and lo say 'no wireless extensions'.00:19
TheFizzMeisterhisto: Yes, I did. Changed my router to open temporarily and it didn't work either.00:20
histoTheFizzMeister: No a different network00:20
newbie_to_ubuntubasically, the way ld and linking works changed between Ubuntu 10 and 12.  The linker used to allow indirect references.  Say an executable needs lib A and lib A references lib B.  Old behavior is you just had to link lib A.  Now, in Ubuntu 12.04 you need to link lib A and lib B explicitly.00:20
histoTheFizzMeister: not one on your router00:21
_helios_TheFizzMeister: My advice to you from the luck I've had trying to use ndiswrapper is to just purchase a wifi adapter that is compatible with Linux.00:21
newbie_to_ubuntuI'm looking for a way to find-out how to get the "old linker" behavior back00:21
TheFizzMeisterhisto: Ah. I don't have the means to do that unfortunately.00:21
Savage_CLAlright, so I have a cli php script that I run at login, but it requires user input. how can  I open xterm or something similar and have it close when the script finishes?00:22
histo_helios_: his card should work in linux00:22
TheFizzMeister_helios_: I had a feeling that could be the answer. I'm pretty broke right now, so I'll have to find a stop-gap solution in the meantime.00:22
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histoTheFizzMeister: you card should be working. I recomend connecting via iwconfig to see any relevant errors.00:22
TheFizzMeisterI have iwconfig up now, as usr13 suggested.00:23
k1lnewbie_to_ubuntu: old linker?00:23
TheFizzMeistereth0 and lo say 'no wireless extensions'. wlan0 has some more information.00:23
usr13TheFizzMeister: ndiswrapper works but I'm just not convinced that particular device needs it.00:23
usr13TheFizzMeister: So what does it say about wlan0?00:23
TheFizzMeisterI'm on my laptop as I write this, so let me write it out.00:24
nikolamanyone has an idea, how to burn (x)ubuntu live .ISO file to USB drive, to install. Platform is Solaris, where I downloaded .ISO file :)00:24
TheFizzMeister'IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:off/any'00:24
usr13TheFizzMeister: Is there a switch?00:24
TheFizzMeister'Mode:MAnaged Access Point: Not-Associated TX-Power=20 dBm'00:24
TheFizzMeisterA switch on what? The card?00:24
usr13TheFizzMeister: It's a laptop, right?  Is there a toggle switch somewhere on the laptop that toggles the WiFi on/off?00:24
TheFizzMeisternou, the problem is on my desktop.00:25
histoTheFizzMeister: rfkill will tell you if it's off00:25
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TheFizzMeisterI'm just on my laptop right now because it will connect to the internet.00:25
zykotick9nikolam: as root, cat the iso to the root of the usb device (ie. no partition specified)00:26
newbie_to_ubuntuk1l old linker would be the linker in Ubuntu 10.X00:26
TheFizzMeisterrfkill list gives me: "1: phy1: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no"00:26
usr13TheFizzMeister: If you see wlan0 in the output of iwconfig, that pretty much means the WiFi device is working.00:27
usr13TheFizzMeister> 'IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:off/any'  means it's turned off.00:27
nikolamwill try it, zykotick9 ;)00:28
TheFizzMeisterI had disabled it for the time being when I did iwconfig the first time.00:28
TheFizzMeisterI have it trying to connect again, and this is the information00:29
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usr13TheFizzMeister: But, to test, you can assign an essid for it,  iwconfig wlan0 essid linksys00:29
usr13TheFizzMeister: iwconfig wlan0   #See if it shows the essid "linksys"00:29
TheFizzMeisterSET failed on derive wlan0 ; operation not permitted.00:30
usr13TheFizzMeister: sudo00:30
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TheFizzMeisterAlright, the information for wlan0 now is:00:32
TheFizzMeister"IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:"[my wireless network]"00:33
TheFizzMeister"ModE:Managed Frequency:2.437 GHz Access Point: 00:E0:98:FA:35:FE"00:33
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TheFizzMeister"Bit Rate=1 Mb/s Tx-Power=20 dBm"00:33
usr13TheFizzMeister: iwconfig wlan0 key "my-wifi-passwd"00:33
TheFizzMeisterOne moment.00:33
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=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
TheFizzMeisterIt's giving me invalid argument for the password. Is it supposed to have quotes around it?00:35
usr13TheFizzMeister: Only if it has characters that need them.00:35
usr13TheFizzMeister: Probably not.00:35
TheFizzMeisterYeahRight, still giving me invalid argument.00:37
usr13TheFizzMeister: After what command? ____________________?00:38
usr13sudo iwconfig wlan0 key xxxxxxxxx00:38
TheFizzMeisterinvalid argument "xxxxxx"00:39
kaiblocksthanks folks for yer help00:39
TheFizzMeisterIt seems like it, nevertheless, is attempting to connect after the invalid argument error, though.00:40
usr13TheFizzMeister: After what command?00:41
TheFizzMeisterThe iwconfig command you had me send through (or the ones with what should be the correct password).00:41
TheFizzMeistersudo iwconfig wlan0 key foo00:42
usr13TheFizzMeister: If that is the command you gave, it should work.  Only thing I can figure is that you misstyped. Try again, is all I can think of.00:43
canaimaey you00:44
canaimahola panas00:44
usr13TheFizzMeister: Try with quotes. sudo iwconfig wlan0 key "foo"00:44
canaimano joda00:45
usr13TheFizzMeister: (Shouldn't need the quotes unless there are special characters or spaces in the passphrase.)00:46
TheFizzMeisterStill not going through.00:46
TheFizzMeisterAnd no, there aren't. All alphanumeric.00:46
usr13TheFizzMeister: I don't know.  Try the network manager?00:46
TheFizzMeisterThe full error is: "Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) : invalid argument "mypass""00:46
braviswaz up00:48
usr13TheFizzMeister: Turn encryption off and try to connect.00:48
usr13TheFizzMeister: sudo iwconfig wlan0 linksys;dhclient wlan000:49
usr13TheFizzMeister: sudo iwconfig wlan0 linksys;sudo dhclient wlan000:49
TheFizzMeisterShould that be essid linksys?00:49
PhysicsBrain_Greetings!Look that guys: Later i have installed a new driver in my ubuntu by ppa, do not start in Ubuntu environment, only in CD Cairo Dock. I will have to remove the newest graphic driver?00:49
histoPhysicsBrain_: what?00:50
usr13TheFizzMeister: Yes, (if linksys is really the essid of your AP).00:50
histo!english | PhysicsBrain_00:50
ubottuPhysicsBrain_: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:50
Coded1PhysicsBrain_: which ppa is it?00:51
usr13TheFizzMeister: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan00:51
canaimahola que tal00:52
usr13!es | canaima00:52
ubottucanaima: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:52
TheFizzMeisterusr13: Alright, I did that and it looks like it's reporting my wireless network.00:52
usr13TheFizzMeister: So connect to it.00:53
usr13TheFizzMeister: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid linksys;sudo iwconfig wlan0 key xXxXxXx;sudo dhclient wlan000:53
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usr13(where linksys is the essid of your AP)00:54
=== dave is now known as Guest63341
TheFizzMeisterI'm still getting the 'invalid argument' problem when I try sudo iwconfig wlan0 key my-key.00:55
histousr13: keep in mind if it's wpa he can't use key xxxxx00:55
usr13TheFizzMeister: If you turn off encryption, you can do away with the key part....00:55
TheFizzMeisterohir, shit.00:55
histousr13: that would only work for wep based encryption00:55
TheFizzMeister... why does 'ohir' keep showing up when I say 'Oh'.00:55
usr13TheFizzMeister:  What kind of encryption are you using?00:55
TheFizzMeisterMust have an accidental replace on XChat or something.00:55
TheFizzMeisterWPA. Let me disable that.00:56
histoTheFizzMeister: becuase you are hitting tab and autocompleting ohir's name00:56
NullDevits a bot fizz00:56
usr13TheFizzMeister: see man iwconfig00:56
TheFizzMeisterSorry, let me disable encryption.00:57
usr13TheFizzMeister: Everything I've been telling you is hypothetical, (because I do not know anything specific about your network).00:57
PhysicsBrain_Code1: "ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers". my Ubuntu only start with Cairo Dock now!00:57
Tex_NickTheFizzMeister:  about the ... Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) ... this has some usefull info ... http://superuser.com/questions/42460/can-you-explain-how-to-understand-what-the-iwconfig-command-displays-in-ubuntu ... usr13 has you going in the right direction though ... follow along00:58
NullDevphysicsbrain as youve used a 3rd party repo maybe youve been kitted00:59
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esphAny opinions on using bcache vs. just putting / on my small SSD?01:03
benccI'm trying to build this from source http://libvirt.org/git/?p=libvirt-sandbox.git;a=summary01:04
bencc./configure gives me ./configure: No such file or directory01:04
benccwhat can I do to build and install it?01:04
NullDevbencc are you in the extracted archive directory?01:05
dns53bencc you probably need to run autoconf or something to generate a ./configure script01:05
Sna4x8Is configure there? (ls)  Is it executable?01:05
Tex_NickTheFizzMeister : i'm using WUSB54G v2 & v4 dongles on linux ... they've always just worked for me though without problems ... you guys should be able to connect to it01:05
benccdns53: how do I run autoconf?01:05
benccI have autogen.sh and autobuild.sh there01:06
NullDevbencc whats your cwd01:06
benccNullDev:  I'm inside the repo dir01:06
dns53bencc so autoconf is another tool (i think it is included by build-essential) that you run first, then you can do autoconf, ./configure, make, make install01:07
NullDevbencc the repo dir?01:07
usr13bencc: sudo apt-get install get01:07
AghwhymeHow do I make it less purple?01:07
kazoohow can I change Ubuntu to get the old style of Gnome running01:07
kazooGnome w/o the dashboard01:07
benccdns53: so I should run first: ./autogen.sh ?01:07
benccdns53: or autoconf?01:07
usr13kazoo: What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?01:08
dns53bencc see what happens, i think autogen.sh should call autoconf but there is no reason not to try everything until it works01:08
dandamanescott: hey you around?01:08
gh0stzI have a ubuntu 12.04 box at work and am using a macbook air at home.  I can connect in via vpn and and ssh into my machine.  However I need a remote desktop or vnc session for a small talk01:08
gh0stzwhat is the easiest way to do this01:09
kazoousr13: Ubuntu 12.1001:09
m__hey guys, i got a tricky problem01:09
usr13kazoo: Try xfce. sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop01:09
gh0stzI just installed tightvnc server on the ubuntu box01:09
m__i got an ide usb case for hdds01:09
riegersn_is it possible to get two-finger click to perform right click?01:09
usr13gh0stz: x11vnc01:09
gh0stzok, so just install x11vnc instead?01:10
NullDevmate is good if you like gnome classic although I havent used it the classic mode in gnome3 sounds good01:10
kazoousr13: There's no way for me to remove dashboard and use the original Gnome01:10
gh0stzok I'll give that a shit01:10
k1l!notunity | kazoo01:11
ubottukazoo: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:11
m__I got and HDD case IDE to USB - but ubuntu wont find the device01:11
m__and idear how i can see01:11
usr13kazoo: There probably is a way to get close to the old Gnome2 but I dono.  Better off to just use xfce or lxde01:11
roy__494im sorry to interrupt ... im new here and i need help with something ... someone can help me ??01:11
usr13kazoo: I use xfce and am very happy with it.  thunar is nice, it's a good DE that stays out of your way and lends itself to efficent/productive system.01:12
NullDevkazoo you can always compile and fight dependency hell and install from source01:12
dandamanhey all, im moving all my stuff from my old hd(which has ubuntu installed on it) to my new ssd drive. I was told to choose these mount options since its an ssd, noatime, no diratime,discard. Are these options supposed to be specified in the fstab file?01:12
roy__494the last patch on ubunto 12.10 totally messed up my laptop01:12
NullDevkazoo gnome2 that is01:13
usr13kazoo: If I were you, I'd install xfce and lxde and see which one you like best.01:13
folorncould anyone tell me how to move a whole folder to a new destination i forget again?01:13
NullDevkazoo mate pretty much replicates gnome classic01:13
folorni know the command just not the syntax01:14
NullDevfolorn mv01:14
pztrickmv -R source target ?01:14
usr13folorn: cp -a Documents/ /mnt/point/01:14
usr13folorn: mv Documents/ /mnt/point/01:14
kazoousr13: I usually don't use lite desktop environments unless I'm running OpenBSD and OpenBOX it's either gnome or terminal systems01:15
folornoops thanks guys :)01:15
m__could some help me ?01:15
NullDevfolorn mv -v /source /dest01:15
hiloI've come here asking about this before but I've had very little luck. I use X11VNC for remote desktop, as well as remote assistance. The catch is, when ssh in and start the X11VNC app, there is no notification of any kind. I can see and control (if I want) user's screens and they will have no idea. How can I get a notification to popup on there screen when I start the server so my users can feel safe that I am not spying without their know01:15
kazooDoes Gnome 3 take up more ram then Gnome 2?01:15
k1lkazoo: slightly?01:16
usr13kazoo: Why don't you use "lite desktop environments unless I'm running OpenBSD and OpenBOX it's either gnome or terminal systems"?01:17
jacksmithzwhat are some of the better supported laptop video cards for 3d hardware acceleration (3d modelling, and gaming), for linux?01:17
kazooDoes Ubuntu support OpenBox01:17
sazzertIt has it in the repo...01:18
k1l!lubuntu | kazoo01:18
ubottukazoo: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.01:18
m__could nobody help me to find my hdd ?01:18
usr13kazoo: Yes01:18
k1lbesides the ability to run openbox on its own01:18
NullDev<m__> in what way one thats not mounted?01:19
sazzertI like openbox on it's own more than with lxde. Just put xfce4-panel and synapse and you are good :)01:19
usr13kazoo: sudo apt-get install openbox01:19
m__NullDev: could u explain to me what u mean ?01:19
NullDevkazoo if you like old skool Gnome try Mate if you havent already01:20
m__its just a usal external hdd case01:20
pztrickm__: does lsblk show it?01:20
kazooMate never heard of it01:20
sazzertLinux Mint with Mate would probably be better than installing it through ubuntu01:20
NullDev<m__> you want to find your HD you dont mean where you lost it ?01:20
Tex_Nick!best | jacksmithz01:20
ubottujacksmithz: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:20
usr13kazoo: Are you 12.04?  If so, see:  http://www.unixmen.com/install-mate-1-4-in-ubuntu-12-04-linuxmint13-and-debian/01:21
kazooHm last time I tried LinuxMint it was buggy as hell01:21
jacksmithzi dindt ask for the best01:21
kazoobut that was when it first came out01:21
wjtaylor_any way to stop the screen from locking out while watching you tube?01:21
Tex_Nickjacksmithz:  have a look at ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCards01:21
usr13kazoo: I recommend sticking with ubuntu.  (I use xubuntu)01:21
NullDevkazoo Mate is a fork of Gnome 201:21
m__NullDev: jeah, thats ritgh i try to connet it via usb01:21
k1lwell, mint or mate are not supported here. that goes into the mint support please.01:21
m__but doesnt find it01:22
k1lkazoo: what about the gnome-fallback solution or the lxde/xfce for ubuntu?01:22
esphAnybody know how big I can reasonably expect /var to get on a domestic laptop?01:22
wjtaylor_kazoo: just install gnome-shell and use gnome classic.   I'm using it now and it's good.01:22
m__its connected vias usb and i need a way to find how dies it is connected01:22
NullDev<m__> it should auto mount on plugin but sudo fdisk -l will show you all devices that are connected01:22
kazooI'll try out mate first01:23
NullDevwjtaylor Ive heard good stuff about the gnome classic on gnome 3 you got any screen shots?01:23
wjtaylor_NullDev: no, It looks like gnome 201:24
usr13esph: Maybe 400M or so01:24
NullDevwjtaylor sounds good!01:24
m__NullDev: its not connected / he cant fin it01:24
esphusr13: really? On arch mine get to be about 10GB sometimes.01:25
wjtaylor_BTW: if you want the xchat to minimize to the panel in gnome in 12.04 you have to add a "Notification Area" to the panel and then it's good.01:25
NullDev<m__> what , that isnt fdisk output?01:25
m__there is for my usal internal hdd01:25
usr13esph: Example:   341M /var01:25
wjtaylor_NullDev: I have unity installed because it's got a touch screen and I MAY use it... but for real work gnome is good.01:25
NullDev<m__> sudo fdisk -l | grep /dev01:26
k1lkazoo: i wouldnt go with a desktop that relies on an old codebase. same for the kde3 fork trinity. that future is limited.01:26
NullDevwjtaylor personally I hate how our desktops are being tailored for computer illiterates01:27
sankeyi have a box running 12.04 (stock kernel 3.2), and it uses a wifi kernel module currently only included in the 3.6 kernel.01:27
sankeyis there a chance that ubutnu 12.04 will ever include this wifi module in the stock kernel before the release of ubuntu 14.04?01:27
sankeyin particular, this is my situation: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/104946601:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 1049466 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "Need support of Ralink RT3290 wifi support" [Medium,Triaged]01:27
wjtaylor_kazoo: stay close to the source... to many bastardized versions out there.... just leads to problems.01:27
wjtaylor_NullDev:   If I wanted a tablet, I'd just go get an ipad.01:28
m__NullDev iam not sure if it will show more01:28
esphusr13: Any idea why Ubuntu's /var would be so much smaller than Arch's?01:28
NullDev<m__> what?01:28
usr13esph: Nope01:28
esphI mean I expected they would be different, but that's very different01:28
anonymous_türk varmıı01:29
jribesph: use du to see what's bigger?01:29
m__NullDev: postet it via querry01:29
k1l!tr | anonymous_01:29
ubottuanonymous_: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.01:29
wjtaylor_ACTUALLY, I have a touch screen laptop and wish they'd  just go all the way with a TOTAL touch screen interface like an iphone... It should have a touch keyboard and the whole 9 yards...01:29
usr13esph: I have a Desktop system that has 548M01:29
NullDev<m__> the disk isnt being detected for some reason is it dead? Try re-plugging01:30
wjtaylor_Anyone know how to stop the screen from locking when youtube, etc is playing???01:30
NullDevwjtaylor yeah turn your screen saver off ;)01:31
m__NullDev jeah thats my problem i tryed to reconnect, switch the jumper tryed an other  hdd01:31
NullDev<m__> sata/scsi or ide?01:31
NullDev<m__> in a usb caddy?01:32
usr13esph: More aggressive/comprehensive logging ?01:32
esphusr13: could be...01:32
wjtaylor_I think I just found a solution... caffeine01:32
esphI think I'll go ask in #archlinux and see if they know01:32
NullDev<m__> you using lvm or software raid?01:33
esphmake sure it isn't just my user habits01:33
m__its just an usall usb case01:33
NullDev<m__> and the drives working?01:33
m__as far as i know there no driver needed01:33
m__i even doesnt know the producer of ther case01:34
NullDev<m__> not sure then tbh might need drive manufacturer, firmware etc to fix this.01:34
NullDev<m__> might be a bug doesent sound normal01:35
NullDev<m__> or the drives dead you got any other devices you can attach it to?01:36
m__i think it could be broken thats i wanna listen if there are any tiny bits on the usb port nonnectot to01:36
m__thats the case01:36
xibalbai have a server with 128 gigs of ram, are there any adjustments i need to make?01:37
Blue1I installed kubuntu 12.04 -- when it boots up, I get the login screen, see another screen with a hard drive, tools etc, then I get a completely black screen with just the mouse cursor.  What did I do wrong?01:37
m__i think it could be broken thats i wanna listen if there are any tiny bits on the usb port nonnectot to01:38
histoxibalba: just make sure you are urnning 64bit01:38
NullDev128 Gb yeah take them sticks and put them in your PC01:38
xibalbahisto, yes but have some funky stuff in my DMESG01:38
histoxibalba: like?01:39
xibalbaposting dmesg in a sec01:39
histo!paste | xibalba01:39
ubottuxibalba: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:39
Tex_Nickxibalba :  i think you have adjusted it to the max already ;-)01:39
xibalbaapparently mail isn't installed01:39
NullDevxibalba man syslog01:39
xibalbai know how to use syslog01:39
histoxibalba: dmesg | pastebinit01:39
xibalbaoh didn't know about that01:39
NullDev<m__> hmm not sure tbh drive sounds dead though fdisk doesent see it01:40
m__could the device be broken ?01:40
xibalbanotice these lines : [    0.000000]  gran_size: 64K chunk_size: 128K num_reg: 8  lose cover RAM: 0G01:40
m__i mena the led works, and the hdd spins01:40
NullDev<m__> this isnt a dta recovery? Whats the situation?01:40
histom__: What kind of drive is this?  Sorry came in late.01:41
m__I need an HDD a grabeed this one,as far as i remeber the HDD where broken so i open the case and used a new hdd01:41
m__in the case01:41
xibalbahisto, notice anything odd ?01:41
m__or better say i try to01:41
xibalbaor NullDev did you take a look?01:42
NullDev<m__> you broke into a usb caddy?01:42
xibalba[    0.000000] *BAD*gran_size: 128K chunk_size: 2G num_reg: 8  lose cover RAM: -1G01:42
histoxibalba: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=28334001:42
NullDevxibalba not had a look just verbal01:42
xibalbaNullDev, check this http://lethalnetworks.com/~reza/foo01:43
m__the hdd insade the case i broken01:43
histom__: What is your native language?01:43
NullDev<m__> have you "opened a usb caddy" and inserted a disk?01:43
xibalbahisto, 1st posts says to go 64bit, i am01:43
m__NullDev: yes01:43
m__histo: german01:44
xibalbai dont have enough CPU for the RMA01:44
kimsiahi there01:44
NullDev<m__> Looks like you broke the caddy then, do you have any others (not manufactured to inseret the disk to?01:44
histoxibalba: if you continue reading about the mtrr stuff seems to have fixed his issue.01:44
kimsiai have an issue with installing a php_perl module in ubuntu server 12.10. I got this error make: *** [php_perl.lo] Error 1 ERROR: `make' failed01:44
xibalbai only had 4 CPU assigned to this box01:45
m__I though the old hdd that where inside wherer broken thats why i open the case and inserted a new one01:45
histoxibalba: What kind of server is this running on that you assigned 128G of ram?01:45
m__so yes i already have an other hdd01:45
xibalbabig ass vmware server with 192+ GB of RMA01:45
histoxibalba: is there a reason you are assigning 128g to ubuntu?01:45
xibalbahisto, testing01:46
xibalbafor a client who will need it01:46
NullDevkimsia most likely the dependencies on the repo dont cater for the source. Need more than that error message though usually the last 8 lines of a compile give enough01:46
histoxibalba: What is a client going to do with it?01:46
escottxibalba, so those are related to programming the MTRR01:46
histoxibalba: Im just curious01:46
kimsiaNullDev: http://askubuntu.com/questions/245996/unable-to-install-pecl-extension-for-perl-in-ubuntu-server-12-10 near the bottom of my question i have the entire error message01:47
=== root__ is now known as pseudor00t
histoxibalba: also curious on specs of the server do you have the model/manuafacturer?01:47
NullDevkimsia Im not familiar with pecl thought you meant ./configure01:48
wjtaylor_Does anyone have the google talk ppa in their repos?01:48
kimsiaNullDev: i am also not familiar with ./configure too. Where can i run ./configure?01:49
NullDevkimsia you dont need to your (well I thik) compiling from c01:49
kimsiaNullDev: In that case, what should be my next step?01:50
NullDevkimsia Like I said Im not familiar with pecl so not sure01:51
NullDevkimsia your running Ubuntu server?01:52
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
kimsiaNullDev: yes01:52
NullDevkimsia you logged in via shell. If so whats php -v show?01:53
kimsiaNullDev: PHP 5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1 (cli) (built: Nov 15 2012 01:18:34)  Copyright (c) 1997-2012 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.4.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2012 Zend Technologies     with Xdebug v2.2.1, Copyright (c) 2002-2012, by Derick Rethans01:54
Num83rGuyI am having trouble with a 0 sized folder with files in it.01:55
NullDevkimsia and you want to install the pecl mod?01:55
kimsiaNullDev: the php_perl module yes01:56
\\Mr_C\\is there a shortcut key to open a terminal in the gdm/gui?01:56
RollinV2if a non admin user is granted admin rights during their login session, does that user have to relog to gain the admin rights?01:56
NullDevkimsia I think thats in the repos (unless you need a newer version) whats aptitude search pecl show01:57
kimsiaNullDev: i am sorry what is that command?01:57
Tex_Nick\\Mr_C\\ :  CTRL+ALT+T01:58
NullDevkimsia Is this a headless server, how you logged in GUI or SSH?01:58
kimsiaNullDev: it is headless and i logged in via SSH01:59
histoNum83rGuy: can you describe "trouble"01:59
histo!details | Num83rGuy01:59
ubottuNum83rGuy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:59
NullDevkimsia ok type everything in the quotes without the quotes "aptitude search pecl"02:00
kimsiaNullDev: I got a list of results02:00
kimsiaNullDev: how to display?02:00
NullDevkimsia long?02:00
kimsiaNullDev: very long02:01
Num83rGuyKubuntu 12.10.  A folder that I made long ago in my home folder that contains some files is now 0 length and unaccessible when before it was.02:01
NullDevkimsia we probably want to grep it some , you got alot of lib*-pecl?02:01
histoNum83rGuy: open a termianl and run ls -l | pastebinit02:02
kimsiaNullDev: you mean lib*-perl?02:02
Num83rGuyAll file managers and command line cannot access not even root02:02
kimsiaNullDev: not lib*-pecl02:02
NullDevkimsia any lib- basically02:02
kimsiaNullDev: plenty of lib-02:02
Tex_NickNum83rGuy :  have you tried to copy the files to a new directory ?02:02
kimsiaNullDev: and plenty of lib*-perl02:02
kimsiaNullDev: Don't see any lib*-pecl02:03
NullDevkimsia ok "aptitude search pecl | grep -v lib-" should narrow it down abit02:03
histoNum83rGuy: what are the permisions for the directory and attributes  you can find out with ls -l   /path/to/directory02:03
Num83rGuyhisto: will do hold on need to install pastbinit  Tex_Nick: they are unaccessible02:03
NullDevhisto you can find them all out02:04
kimsiaNullDev: nothing happens02:04
chadster1975I've been running Ubuntu/backtrack dual boot on a PC i built in 2006. Ready to go mobile. Any advice on a decent laptop I should be looking for?02:05
NullDevkimsia its not installed then or in the repos Im not sure Im a RH/CentOS admin I only use Debian/Ubuntu as desktops02:06
=== derek is now known as Guest7336
Num83rGuyhisto: http://pastebin.com/B7c3RiBy02:06
kimsiaNullDev: thank you for your help. Is there any thing else i can do?02:06
histoNum83rGuy: is the Icons folder the one that has issues?02:07
kunjiNullDev: aptitude isn't really recommended right now, I know it's not related to the command you told him to run, but I think we should be encouraging use of apt-get instead because of some issues with aptitude and a lack of multi-arch support, something like that.02:07
fbdystangHey all, ubuntu not finding my internet connection out. But it works coming in. I am behind a router with ethernet. Please advise. Thanks!02:07
NullDevkimsia pastebin the last 50 lines off /var/log/messages maybe but you could try the ubuntu server channel think its ubuntu-server02:08
histoNum83rGuy: ls -l /home/paul/Pictures   and paste the Icons line in here02:08
Num83rGuyhisto: Yes it has some icons I made for various things02:08
histoNum83rGuy: if it's l9onger than 4 lines pastebinit02:08
kimsiaNullDev: thank you. I would go to ubuntu-server then02:08
Num83rGuyhisto: OK02:08
NullDevkimsia good luck02:09
kunjikimsia: installing pecl is a bitch, you'll need to spend some hours on google looking for the magic code words, I would tell you, but I don't remember them T.T02:09
Num83rGuyhisto: drw-rw-rw- 3 paul paul     36864 Nov 21 20:30 Icons02:09
kimsiakunji: thankyou. I have now spent days actually02:09
polarbearinci need an f6 driver02:10
esph8GB of ram: swap or no swap?02:10
kunjikimsia: Hmm, maybe they made it harder T.T, I last did it on 11.04 I think.02:10
histoNum83rGuy: chmod a+x /home/paul/Pictures/Icons02:10
histoNum83rGuy: you changed the permissions of the directory at some point. It is no longer executible that is your problem. That chmod command will make the Icons directory executible again by all02:11
Num83rGuyhisto: Great that worked! Now tell me what that did.02:11
kimsiakunji: I am frustrated. i now have 4 irc channels opened. so far, no closer to an answer02:11
histoNum83rGuy: Directories need to be executible to enter them02:12
NullDevkimsia WHATEVER do not use 3rd party .deb. WE DONT SUFFER FROM VIRUSES. We are succeptable to rootkits trojans and yes viruses (are hierachry prohibits the spread)02:12
histokimsia: what are you loooking for?02:12
histokimsia: or what are you trying to build?02:13
NullDevhisto php-specl02:13
kunjihisto: He's trying to install the perl module for pecl I think02:13
NullDevhisto php-pecl *02:13
histoNullDev: his initial issue was install php-perl02:13
Num83rGuyhisto: LOL haven't a clue when that happened but, thanks for the fix and knowledge.  Probably due to some bad sector creep my drive had not too long ago.02:13
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tj___trying floodbot02:14
NullDevhisto no that was me seeing what was already installed02:14
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NullDevhisto I had him grepping dpkg02:14
quinn_Hey everyone, trying to use Skype on ubuntu but calls fail and there are a boatload of different devices in the devices menu - I don't know which one to use.. Help!02:15
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ubottusomsip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:15
quinn_Hey everyone, trying to use Skype on ubuntu but calls fail and there are a boatload of different devices in the devices menu - I don't know which one to use.. Help!02:15
somsip!ops |  repeated flooding from tj___02:15
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NullDevthis isnt a windows chat room floodbot02:15
histoNullDev:  kimsia | i have an issue with installing a php_perl module in ubuntu server 12.10. I got this error make: *** [php_perl.lo] Error 1 ERROR: `make' failed02:16
histoThat's what he cam ein here with. how'd we get on pecl???02:17
NullDevhisto that error is useless justsays make failed to compile the source02:17
kunjihisto: Do we know what is installed an working, or is this being treated as a clean install?02:17
NullDevhisto ah seen the php_perl02:17
histokimsia: So again now. What are you trying to build and is there a reason you are building from source instead of installing an official deb?02:18
histoquinn_: Have you tried a test call? Also this is ubuntu support not Skype support02:19
NullDevhisto php-perl isnt in the ubuntu repos though02:19
kimsiahisto: what you mean by installing official deb?02:19
histokimsia: Software that is in the repositories02:20
kunjihisto: I think that might be PECL that builds from source, isn't it?  I think he is trying to do it the way PECL describes.02:20
histo!software | kimsia02:20
ubottukimsia: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents02:20
=== MartinS is now known as Guest34395
ClientAliveI'm having trouble finding instructions to delete an old set of ssh keys on an ubuntu system using open ssh. Can someone help me?02:21
NullDevkimsia if your compiling add an unprivilaged user and do it under that user!02:21
saloomi2012how to keep both ubuntu and windows on a desktop?02:21
kimsiaNullDev: i don't understand what you mean by that?02:21
ClientAliveI see instruction to create new keys but not clear instruction on deleting old keys.02:22
histoClientAlive: On the ssh server or the client?02:22
kunjihisto: right, but the versions of those in the repos may be too old, etc... I remember having to do this runaround at an internship I had, I had to duplicate their current working environment so I had to get exact versions of many php modules that were newer than those in the repos, so I had to get pear and pecl and update their repos somehow and then they would finally install, but like I was saying, it required some magic.02:22
histokimsia: you are trying to install software from source and then coming into a ubuntu chat room for support.02:23
NullDevkimsia if your compiling from source it should all go in usr/local so it shouldnt matter02:23
ClientAliveWell I have two computers to connect on my local netwrok (a desktop and a laptop). Both my old lappy and the desktop were all set up to connect either direction but now this new lappy is not. I want to have both ssh server and client on both machines, delete the old keys on the desktop, then start fresh.02:24
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
ClientAliveI can handle making new kesys on my own but don't know how to remove the old keys from the desktop02:24
histoClientAlive: well the client keys are in02:24
ClientAliveI'm looking for a fresh start02:24
histoClientAlive: ~/.ssh02:24
ClientAlivearet there two sets? A set for server and a set for client?02:25
histoClientAlive: the server keys are in /etc/ssh02:25
sudarshanक्या बात है.02:25
kimsiaNullDev: I think i am getting somewhere... i managed to compile the perl.so successfully02:25
ClientAliveso I merely rm them?02:25
kimsiaNullDev: you and the #perl people gave me some clues. Thank you.02:25
histoClientAlive: You can althought I don't understand why you are.02:26
histoClientAlive: You most likely just want to copy your new keys to authorized keys02:26
nuf0xxClientAlive: the old keys are in ~/.ssh for the client and /etc/ssh for the server02:26
NullDevclientalive not the best but > .ssh/known_hosts . Ideally nano +line that ssh warns you about (think its near the bottom somewhere) and delete thatg line02:26
ClientAlivehisto: bc this will be my second time doing somthething like this. I have learned better ways to config the stuff since tha first time plus I want the exper of doing it a second time02:27
ClientAliveappreciate you help so very much histo02:27
SnapSnapHi. I'm having trouble with the backup utility.02:27
histoClientAlive: The better way of learning would be removing the old keys from the authorized_keys file  in the ~/.ssh   and then placing the new ones in htere02:27
NullDevclivealive if your on an untrusted network never nuke your known_hosts02:27
nuf0xxif you edit the file and delete the lines it will ask you to accept (yes|no) the next time you connect02:27
histoClientAlive: That's all you really have to do I would stay out of /etc/ssh02:28
ClientAliveso it's just the stuff in authorized_keys I need to be concerned with?02:28
NullDevhisto why lol02:28
histoNullDev: that's his issue02:28
NullDevhisto I meant about /etc/ssh02:29
histoNullDev: Becuase if he deletes the host keys he needs to reconfigure ssh server02:29
NullDevIf your running a Linux server thats the first /etc/sswh/sshd_config02:29
NullDevhisto I think you mean .ssh/ ?02:30
histoClientAlive: the host keys in /etc/ssh are generated upon openssh server being installed.  So if you delete those you need to sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server02:30
SnapSnapCan anyone help me with the backup utility?02:30
histoNullDev: No He asked about deleting the server and client keys02:30
histo!details | SnapSnap02:30
ubottuSnapSnap: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:30
NullDevhisto yeah the host key is regenerated but. You cant trust the host key auuth no you need to really "trust" the server02:31
histoClientAlive: Also I would recomend transfering the client keys to the host via ssh-copy-id command02:31
histoNullDev: Yes the fingerprint02:31
histoClientAlive: also clear out your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. That will ahve the old fingerprint from the server02:32
NullDevhisto from what I know dsa/rsa doesent do that?02:32
Tex_Nick!backup | SnapSnap02:32
SnapSnaphisto, I get an error when I try to perform a backup. I'm running Ubuntu version 12.10. When I try to perform a backup, I get this error: "Backup Failed. BackendException: Could not initialize backend: No module named couch.auth"02:32
ubottuSnapSnap: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:32
histoNullDev: I know as well. He just asked I epxlained why he shouldn't be really concerned with /etc/ssh02:32
NullDevhisto ok lol02:33
ClientAlivehisto: sounds good. I also have a thumd drive here. Perhaps I'll use sneakernet to do the transfer  :)02:33
NullDevhisto And thats why I told him to modify the keys line only (Is better than nuking it , I do that alot)02:34
aimalk510anyone know of Vulnhub02:35
histoClientAlive: why when you can ssh-copy-id unless you disabled password logins02:35
histo!anyone | aimalk51002:35
ubottuaimalk510: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.02:35
kimsiaNullDev: Okay I am left with an issue that is ubuntu related02:35
kimsiai am getting this error02:36
felix_compiz doesn't work =(02:36
RollinV2the point of ssh key is so password login can be disabled02:36
aimalk510im trying to figure out the john the ripper02:36
kimsiai tried sudo locale-gen en_SG.UTF-8 en_SG and sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales02:36
kimsiathen i logged out and back in. didn't work02:37
histoRollinV2: Not only that reason.02:37
=== Bilge- is now known as Bilge
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:37
histoaimalk510: good02:37
NullDevkimsia not sure what local your on but if its noe en- your locales arent set02:37
histo!locale > kimsia02:38
ubottukimsia, please see my private message02:38
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
RollinV2histo, true key auth is good for many reasons02:38
lolhiiNew to unix, what's ubuntu server for? I don't code on it right?02:39
lolhiiIt's for setting up a lampstack?02:39
ClientAlivehisto: I thnk I made a mistake man. I knew that ubuntu 12.04 will automatically generate some files if they are missing - so I deleted the files in ~/.ssh (thinking they be regeneratied with the defaults). They didn't. What can I do?02:39
histoRollinV2: For instance i've used it so cronjobs have access without being prompted for passwd. But I can still leave password authentication enabled.02:39
NullDevone thing against doing things in bash scripts , you actually forget how to do it02:40
escottClientAlive, nothing will ever touch the contents of $HOME. but its just an identity. you can create a new one with ssh-keygen02:40
histoClientAlive: Now regenerate your keys and go forward02:40
ClientAlivethank you fellas02:41
histoClientAlive: your known_hosts will be regenerated upon connecting to an ssh server02:41
histoClientAlive: You'll be prompted about the fingerprint ofcourse02:41
ClientAliveso the exact command "ssh-keygen" <enter>  then proceed with creating the new ones?02:41
NullDevlol I was confused by the fingerprint. I always see that as a warning screen (I never read them do you?)02:42
aimalk510does anyone run backtrack here?02:43
histoClientAlive: I would use rsa keys ssh-keygen -t rsa     enter02:43
histoClientAlive: hold up I made a youtube video doing all this I'll get you a link02:43
k1l!backtrack | aimalk51002:43
Tex_Nick!backtrack | aimalk51002:43
ubottuaimalk510: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:43
NullDevaimalk510 dont run it as a distro as thats not what its made for but have used i02:43
histoClientAlive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ0CnfLJHVc02:44
ClientAlivehisto: ahh great. I''m also seeing how it works in the web page i'm looking at. I just hadn't read all the way through it before asking hot to remove keys.02:44
k1llolhii: server version comes without a preinstalled desktop02:44
ClientAlivegot it02:44
ClientAlivethank you02:44
lolhiik1l, if im supposed to be good in unix for a job, should i be using desktop?02:44
RollinV2histo, thats an interesting way to evade a password requirement02:44
NullDevlolhii now its all servers/super computers02:45
histoRollinV2: well I was using rsync ina  cronjob for off site backup and didn't want ot mess with it any other way02:45
k1llolhii: depends on which skills you need for that job.02:45
bel3atarhow do I install ubuntu?02:45
k1l!install | bel3atar02:45
ubottubel3atar: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:45
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lolhiik1l, NullDev they said nginx and things02:45
bel3atarwhat's the best way to do it k1l ?02:46
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NullDevIve hear alot about Ngnix never used it and I love Apache02:46
k1llolhii: that sounds like servers stuff. but that can be installed on a desktop, too02:46
RollinV2bel3atar, figure out if you want to dual boot, run ubuntu in a virtual machine, use wabi (oh noes), or use ubuntu as primary and only OS02:46
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lolhiik1l, Memcached, Redis, HAProxy, AWS EC2, Monit, and Ganglia.02:46
k1lbel3atar: make a usb-stick with ubuntu on and install it into own partitions02:46
histoRollinV2: only way I can think of doing that is with keys02:46
lolhiik1l, i dont know any of those terms :|02:47
bel3atarRollinV2: can I install it on a USB stick?02:47
NullDevlolhii !!02:47
histobel3atar: yes02:47
RollinV2histo, you can include the password in a script02:47
NullDevdidnt think irc would be as good as bash ;)02:47
bel3atarhisto: and it will run everywhere?02:47
histoRollinV2: I think keys are more secure02:47
RollinV2but thats a security issue in and of itself02:47
RollinV2histo, ya02:47
histobel3atar: yes02:47
ClientAlivehisto: wow that's great. You have a deep voice btw  :)02:48
RollinV2bel3atar, ya if you install ubuntu on a usb stick the usb acts as both a live install and as the installer02:48
bel3atarRollinV2: but there is a risk it would erase itself02:49
histoClientAlive: np glad it helped02:49
kimsiaNullDev: histo got it to work02:49
NullDevDongt want to disrupt the channel but most if not all mainseam distros do that now02:49
k1lbel3atar: what should erase itself?02:50
RollinV2bel3atar, im not experienced enough with running ubuntu from usb to attest to data preservation if you use that method02:50
kimsiathe trick was to set LC_ALL inside /etc/envirionment and reboot02:50
kimsiaeverything else such as locale-gen failed02:50
bel3atark1l: installing from and to the same usb02:50
kimsiathank you, NullDev and histo02:50
NullDevkimsia nice what was it?02:50
kimsiai have to go now. bye!~~~02:50
NullDevkimsia night02:50
kimsiaNullDev: well, basically  i have to set LC_ALL ="en_SG.UTF-8" inside /etc/environment02:51
kimsiaand reboot02:51
kimsiaeverything else failed02:51
k1lbel3atar: wel, yes. that is not gonna work that way. either you need to install it on it or (the better version) you make a so called persistent usb stick02:51
aldo_rainehi guys02:51
kimsiai am going to pay it forward by writing out a long answer in askubuntu02:51
kimsiahopefully other people will benefit from this02:51
Tex_Nickaldo_raine :  hello ... if you have an ubuntu related question ... please ask :-)02:53
NullDevkimsia you didnt have to reboot just needed to 'set you enviroment variables, where your home directory is basically) restarting gnome or just typing bash if via ssh02:53
aldo_raineTex_Nick: thanks a lot, but i asked in #ubuntu-server :)02:54
NullDevLinux only EVER needs rebooting to loadf the new kernel (although, Ive heard of a non rebootable kernel in the works)02:55
acovrigI switched from an ati card to an nvidia card, and now I get GLX is not available on the system, how do I fix this?02:56
sourceif anyone is familiar with goverment/police forensics i would appreciate a pm02:56
Tex_Nicksource : in what fields ?02:57
RollinV22013 = the year of everyone locking down their computers and finally giving a crap about data security02:57
sourcewell i have a situation that happened recently and i had some questions on procedure. its quite the story02:57
NullDevsource you want to try the more advanced Linux channels lol02:58
sourcethats a bright idea also02:58
RollinV2ya go ask in archlinux.. if they dont flame you they will give you an ear full02:58
sourcejust taking a shot in here though02:58
RollinV2source, hope everything is ok02:58
Omen__20Has anyone played around with Glade much?02:58
sourcerollinv2 everything is not ok02:59
sourceim really looking for advice more than anything02:59
Omen__20Following some video tutorials I get different behavior than I see in the tutorial.02:59
usr13source: Police forensics on a PC?02:59
dandamanhey so i just installed my new ssd, i created an ext4 partition to take up the whole thing, when i run sudo fdisk -l in the livecd boot i get Disk /dev/sdc doesn't contain a vlid partition table02:59
dandamanwhats with that?02:59
NullDevsource anyone can run nessus, metasploit and "hack" that isnt hacking though02:59
NullDevsource whats up?03:00
Tex_Nicksource : my experience is mostly ... hardware related ... i'm interested though ... opening pm now03:00
RollinV2source, im trying to think of rooms for your situation. but it sounds like you need a lawyer03:00
usr13He wants someone to PM him about it, (doesn't want to talk about it on the chanel).03:00
RollinV2ya but he needed to find someone to PM03:01
RollinV2thats why i was thinking of the rooms03:01
NullDev<< Experienced Red Hat admin and part time hacker (real hackerf hacks how computers work not peoples passwords)03:01
* borkedk attempting to boot from usb03:01
RollinV2NullDev, im studying for the redhat exams. any tips.03:02
NullDevIm so drunk Im like what was that last message {to,for}03:02
RollinV2ill take that as get drunk before the exam03:03
RollinV2thanks NullDev03:03
NullDevRollinv2 what you familiar with?03:03
RollinV2NullDev, i use CentOS in production. nearly 3+ years exp. but i mainly need to grasp the differences that redhat brings to the table03:04
RollinV2NullDev, i think i could pass it now. but at $400 per test. i dont want to screw up.03:04
NullDevRollinv2 nothing all CentOS do is strip the Red Hat out . Theres sometimes bugs where CentOS havent caught up with RH03:05
NullDevRollinv2 If youve spent that long working with it as long as you can set up a LAMP server your sorted03:06
RollinV2NullDev, thanks. means a lot to hear an encouraging word.03:07
RollinV2first time i setup a server it toke 2 weeks. i can do it now (assuming scripts dont halt) in about 15min.03:08
ClientAliveone last thing. I used to have it set up so I could time the host name I see on my command line (ie: ssh mycomputername). I can't recall how I made ssh recognize that rather than a numerical ip address.03:08
NullDevRollinv2 no worries always good to spread the Linux love03:08
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RollinV2ClientAlive, did you edit the command line prompt in your .bashrc ?03:09
ClientAliveI think I edited some file but don't recall which now03:09
ClientAlivesome file that ssh relies on to resolve it03:10
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RollinV2home/username/ssh/config ?03:10
ClientAliveI'll check. We're starting dinner here and people are yelling at me. I'll have to come back in a while.03:10
usr13RollinV2: .config03:11
usr13RollinV2: Oh, wait, I dono03:11
RollinV2usr13, its config :-)03:11
usr13RollinV2: What are you looking for?03:12
RollinV2not me, clientalive03:12
RollinV2see his question a few lines up03:12
NullDevit will be ,ssh/known_hosts03:12
NullDev. not ,03:12
RollinV2he wants to see the host name not the ip on the command line in the prompt03:13
RollinV2that suggests that he was using a custom .bashrc with the command line edited03:13
Guest30650who can help me03:13
usr13ClientAlive: ~/.ssh/known_hosts03:13
RollinV2else.. he had ssh aliases setup and he wants to connect with a command like "ssh server1" instead of typing the ip and key location03:13
RollinV2but im not sure what he exactly wanted...03:14
dandamanwhats a good file system to use for my portable hd(pretty sure it's a disk), I need it to be usable on windows/osx/linux03:14
dandamanand android would be nice too03:14
usr13RollinV2: Oh, he'd have to set that up in the /etc/hosts file, (or preferable on his router).  ClientAlive03:14
dandamani'd like to store large files(>4gb)03:14
zenuDoes anyone know how to bypass a man-in-the-middle attack?03:14
RollinV2dandaman, nfts03:14
dandamanRollinV2: osx can't write to ntfs without 3rd party software03:15
NullDevthats normal you ssh via ip then next week use FQD it warns you cant trust the host key. It would only work on a trusted network03:15
dandamanandroid cant write to ntfs either03:15
RollinV2i dont use an osx machine, it really cant write to nfts?03:16
RollinV2thats new to me.03:16
sarujihello, how can i check what drivers where installed for my logitech mouse?03:16
NullDevrollinv2 edit .bashrc (in /home) add alias='what i want to alias'03:16
RollinV2NullDev, wasn't my question.. lol. it was ClientAlive's question03:17
NullDev< drunk03:17
RollinV2NullDev, but thats a good reminder. i need to finish editing my .bashrc aliases to make git a bit easier on my local machine03:17
sarujiis this the ubuntu support channel?03:18
TheLordOfTimesaruji, yes it is03:18
sarujiTheLordOfTime, sweet thanks03:18
intr0x80I'm editing /etc/default/grub and running update-grub and grub-mkconfig and my config is not being updated. Anybody know what's upwith that?03:19
histointr0x80: what are you trying to edit in /etc/default/grub?03:20
NullDevrollinv2 they can be dangerous (If a switch isnt in your head best not to put it in your profile)03:20
sarujiis somewhere in ubuntu 12.10 where there is an "event viewer", just to see a history of the errors03:21
intr0x80histo: I'm trying to set up the serial console03:21
RollinV2NullDev, ya. i only want to shorten commands like "git log --graph --online --all"03:21
Omen__20So I'm confused, why does there seem to be two strategies between Phone using Qt and Quickly on desktop using Gtk?03:22
RollinV2#ubuntu-phone might know03:23
RollinV2almost time for the dev nexus build to release...03:23
NullDevomen license maybe gtk alows proprietary money making software03:24
NullDev^^ nothing wrong with that03:24
NullDevqt makes you pay03:25
spydonDoes anybody have an iodine-server that I could tunnel through with very lightweight traffic?03:26
NullDev127.0.0.1 spydon03:28
NullDev$10,000 a month ok?03:28
spydonNullDev: that doesn't really help if you want to get out of the network that is firewalled03:28
NullDevSo you at least know the concept of getting "out of a firewall"03:29
NullDev<spydon> NullDev: that doesn't really help if you want to get out of the network that is firewalled03:30
hilospydon, consider setting up your own at an unrestricted location and having it at the ready. I use openvpn for similar purposes.03:30
NullDevnice tip hilo03:31
spydonhilo: A vpn wouldn't work for my purposes I'm afraid and I shut down my servers before I went out backpacking.03:31
intr0x80How do I know if my installation is grub1 or grub2?03:31
cfhowlettintr0x80, grub 2 has been default for quite awhile, so if it's a recent ubuntu version ...03:32
NullDevgiganews if anyone are useneters give vpn with one of there think gold accounts03:32
intr0x80NullDev: okay Ubuntu 12.04 Server is grub2?03:32
intr0x80it says grub-1.9903:32
josesierraOkay, so I was on earlier, asking if my gnome-shell process at 120-190MB was more or less normal.  Now, hours later I come back to my computer and check the process, and it's at 301mb.  That smells an awful lot like a memory leak somewhere.  Thoughts?  Or is this really normal memory behavior for Ubuntu w/ Gnome Shell?03:32
intr0x80Not really sure what that mans. :)03:32
dr_willisrhats geub203:33
dr_willisthats 203:33
intr0x80dr_willis: Thanks.03:33
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NullDevintr0x88 now thats done my head in for a while to03:34
AGreyCraneI'm trying to edit the initrd on the livecd with: lzma -dc -S .lz /mnt/casper/initrd.lz | cpio -id  and I am getting lzma: /mnt/casper/initrd.lz: File format not recognized. Any ideas?03:34
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dr_willisfile inited.lz      see uf it is a lz  ;-)03:35
NullDevwhats with the .lz03:36
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dr_willisno idea03:36
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Dan_JOIN porn03:37
cfhowlettDan_, nope.  wrong channel03:37
dr_willistry /join #foreveralone03:37
cfhowlettDan_, try /exit03:37
Dan_not that dumb. try again.03:38
elkyI think you mean ##foreveralone, foreveralones will never be official projects ;)03:38
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CD2000Hi everyone! Could someone tell me if I'm at the right place? I am looking for help with trying to setup Grub 2 on my system with 4 HDDs.03:43
cfhowlettCD2000, you're in the right place.03:43
CD2000cfhowlett: thank you03:44
CD2000I'm not sure where to start...03:44
NullDev<CD2000> what you looking at achieving?03:44
histo!grub2 | CD200003:44
ubottuCD2000: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:44
CD2000I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on one of my HDs but for some unknown reason, Grub won't install or at least doesn't show up at boot tiime03:45
histoCD2000: Do you have a EFI system?03:45
usr13CD2000: Did you tell it to install into the MBR of the drive you have your PC booting to?03:45
NullDev<CD2000> what type of hardisk do you have?03:45
CD2000Yes I do.  My mobo's docs don't give me enough info to go on...03:45
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NullDev<CD2000> have you had grub installed?03:47
histo!efi | CD200003:47
CD2000I have a 240 GB ssd for disk0, a 2 TB WD drive as disk 1, a 320 GB Seagate HDD as disk2 and a 320 GB WD HDD as disk 3.03:47
usr13CD2000: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting03:47
histo!uefi | CD200003:47
ubottuCD2000: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:47
CD2000Ubuntu is installed on disk303:47
dandamanescott: hey are you around?03:48
cfhowlettCD2000, might this be  a server?  perhaps a RAID is called for?03:48
NullDevwhen you say disk 3 you mean /dev/[h:s]303:49
CD2000No, I have Windows 7 running as my main OS on my 240 GB ssd and Ubuntu is installed on disk3, a 320 GB WD HDD.03:49
cfhowlettCD2000, I'm going to guess grub is confused ... I know I would be03:49
CD2000I'm using info from Disk Management module in Windows .03:50
histoCD2000: Is windows booting in efi mode?03:50
CD2000I tried to boot from each disk one at a time and all other disks tell me that OS is missing.03:50
histoCD2000: probably becuase of efi03:51
CD2000I'm not sure how to tell if Windows is booting in efi mode...03:51
histoCD2000: can you run boot repair in ubuntu03:51
NullDevWindows usually blue screens after a dual boot due to errors on the file system prior to disk resize03:51
CD2000I ran boot repair multiple times with no positive results03:51
histoCD2000: Is it windows 64bit?03:51
CD2000Windows 7 Pro 64bit03:52
CD2000sorry, Windows Ultimate...03:52
usr13CD2000: And Win7 is booting in efi mode?  If so, Did you read: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI  ?03:52
CD2000I'm not sure how I can tell if Windows 7 is booting in efi mode???03:52
cfhowlettCD2000, that would be something to ask in ##windows03:53
dandamanhi all, im following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot to install grub on my new ssd(after i copied all the files from my old hd onto it), I already mounted the new ssd via instruction 5, but now i'm on instruction 8 which gave me the output "mount; mount point /mnt/run does not exist"03:53
dandamancan anyone help me troubleshoot?03:53
NullDevwill people stop swearing please ;)03:53
dandamanprease :(03:55
CD2000cfhowlett: Thank you. I will go and read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI for more info. I will be back if I require more help. Thanks again...  :D03:56
cfhowlettCD2000, best of luck.03:56
CD2000cfhowlett: Thank you.03:56
histoCD2000: Shouldn't matter grub should have installed properly you can check ifyou have a EFI partition in disk manager or other utilities.03:56
histoCD2000: boot repair you should be able to specifiy the efi parititon like on that howto page03:57
CD2000ok.  ;-)03:57
CD2000I am now leaving chat room...03:57
NullDev<CD2000> grub-install  /dev/sda as long as you have grub config your system will boot if you get grub> you still can with help03:59
silenceissadGood evening, gents.  I had a quick question concerning ubuntu, and linux in general: Whenever there's an update to the distro (happens every six months, as I read), can the user perform a live update to the newest version from their current linux distro, or do they have to update as they would a windows OS?04:01
Wugsilenceissad: live update.  though some users will tell you that several consecutive updates can cause weirdly broken things04:01
histosilenceissad: yes and no04:01
Wugme being one of them04:02
cfhowlettsilenceissad, you can live update every 6 months in ubuntu.04:02
Wugbut you can initiate the upgrade yourself with the command "apt-get dist-upgrade" (must be run as root)04:02
histosilenceissad: You will be prompted when a new release is availible. You can then select upgrade at that time.  In between you will receive updates and security fixes.04:02
NullDev<silenceissad> depends on your distro really04:02
cfhowlettsilenceissad, for peace of mind, one COULD choose to just install the LTS release and upgrade every 2 years to the next LTS release.04:03
histosilenceissad: I would recomend running LTS version04:03
NullDevanyone here done LFS?04:03
histosilenceissad: and staying with it untill the next LTS04:03
histoNullDev: I have04:03
cfhowlettWug, dist-upgrade will update that release not upgrade to the next release04:04
NullDevhisto how far,and what did you gain?04:04
Wugwell disregard me then, im doing it wrong04:04
cfhowlettWug, not if things still work :)04:04
Tex_Nicksilenceissad :  you can control that stuff in... System Settings/Software Sources/Updates :-)04:06
histoNullDev: I had a working system, I don't remember if I built X or not.  I gained knowledge on how things all worked together. I didn't have much understanding at first going through the book but It all came together in the end. I feel you could gain almost as much knowledge setting up an Arch system.  Other than compiling things from source etc...04:06
histoNullDev: Like you have to build the tools just to build the build tools.  It's kind of confusinig in the begining if you are not familiar with building packages.04:07
silenceissadthank you all for the prompt and very well explained setup.  I've played with ubuntu a couple of times in the past, but never long enough to be prompted for the update.  This puts me at ease, knowing that the LTE can be live updated, as it lowers the risk of me botching an upgrade when I only have one system to work with.04:07
histosilenceissad: yes you can go LTS to LTS04:08
histosilenceissad: if you go to an in between update like lets say 12.10 and then 14.04 comes out.  You'd have to 12.10 > 13.04 > 13.10 > 14.0404:08
RarrikinsWhy does `apt-get uninstall mysql-server; apt-get install mysql-server` not install all the files and ask me to set the database password?04:09
histosilenceissad: that's where people have issues. But 12.04 to 14.04 will be supported04:09
NullDevhisto personally I learned quite a bit from LFs until pass 3 on gcc (I was building on a virtualbox Wether thats me being wet from the ears then Im not sure, but I could never get the results to compare with mine)04:09
cfhowlettsilenceissad, in my experience, while live update is nice, clean install is better and actually leads to few headaches.  Just sayin' ...04:09
cfhowlett*fewer headaches*04:09
rats_silenceissad: the 12.94 release is good for 5 yrs04:09
histoRarrikins: because the old files were not purged04:10
silenceissadhisto: Thank you for pointing that out.  I just wanted to get that straight *before* I move to the BFE with only one pc to work with.04:10
dandamanNullDev: sorry, was that paste from cd2000 directed at me?04:10
histoNullDev: typos most likely I had trouble decerning ' vs `  etc... ON their page.04:10
histosilenceissad: definately go LTS then before you go to BFE04:10
NullDevdandaman no04:10
* cfhowlett revealing my ignorance: what is BFE? 04:11
RollinV2reinstalling ubuntu should be easy. automate your setup tasks with a script.04:11
Rarrikinshisto: What is an easy way to purge the old files?04:11
histoRarrikins: you'd have to do something like sudo apt-get purge mysql-server && sudo apt-get install mysql-server       Purge will get rid of the configs etc...04:11
dandamandamn, well can anyone help me install grub on my new hard drive? im completely lost following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot04:11
Rarrikinshisto: Thanks :)04:11
histodandaman: grubinstall /dev/of/harddrive  isnt' it?04:12
NullDevwhy not just find / -iname * | xargs rm -rf04:12
dandamanhisto: the issue is i copied one hard drive to a new one, i think that is messing things up04:12
RarrikinsNo, it's still not letting me set anything, and wouldn't you know it, it doesn't install anything to /etc/init.d if it's not there.04:12
histodandaman: How did you copy it?  What tool did you use?04:12
dandamanrsync -av /oldhd /newhd04:13
histoRarrikins: Like what do you want to set?  What behavior are you expecting?04:13
histodandaman: oh boy04:13
NullDevdandaman what grub do you need to install legacy or v2? What distr you running thats its being installed to?04:13
dandamanthat's what people were telling me to do earlier because it is an ssd04:13
dandamanNullDev: using 10.04 LTS04:13
dBLOODhi peopple!04:14
cfhowlettdandaman, end of life in 3 months you know ...04:14
dBLOODcan anyone help me?04:14
cfhowlettdBLOOD, greetings04:14
histodandaman: do you know what the device number is for the drive?04:14
histocfhowlett: nO it's not04:14
cfhowlettdBLOOD, ask with details please04:14
silenceissadLastly, would you recommend installing a backup OS in the event something crashes the current linux build?  I'm not much for blindly ripping into and adjusting code/script, so I don't think it'd be an issue on my part, but I'm not sure just how stable linux is, and if installing something new might corrupt a setting/script that would corrupt the OS.04:14
histocfhowlett: LTS is 5 years04:14
Rarrikinshisto: I want apt-get intsall mysql-server to make a mysql file in /etc/init.d04:14
NullDevdandaman your gonna need someone local or a remote kvm04:14
dandamanhisto: yes, old one is sda1 new one is sdc104:14
dBLOODcan I make my ex4 /home without reinstalling my sys?04:14
histoRarrikins: You do realize we are using upstart now right?04:14
cfhowletthisto, 10.04 desktop has 36 months support, network has 60 months04:14
histodandaman: grubinstall /dev/sda104:15
NullDevdandaman grub-install /dev/04:15
histodandaman: grubinstall /dev/sda04:15
histodandaman: stop04:15
histodandaman: grubinstall /dev/sdc04:15
Tex_Nicksilenceissad :  something to keep inmind though ... clean installs of major releases are sometimes preferable to upgrades ... when you install ubuntu the first time, segregating home onto another partition facilitates that04:15
histosorry typo'd the first couple04:15
cfhowletthisto, LTS is 5 years for desktop and server as of 12.04 ...04:15
NullDevbest to install to the MBR than a partition04:15
dandamanhisto: just do that from a liveboot terminal?04:15
histodandaman: grubinstall /dev/sdc   will install grub to the MBR of the new drive04:15
dandamandont chroot or anything?04:15
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dandamanhisto: but wont it still be on the old one?04:16
dandamanand also wont my fstab be incorrect?04:16
histodandaman: yes it will still be on the old one. Fstab needs to be updated with the uuid's04:17
someGuy5463hi everyone, i have a problem trying to start apache, (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
MonkWitDaFunkHi ubuntu channel. Im interested in removing the desktop enviroment from ubuntu04:17
NullDevdandaman your fstab will be what the system was built with, your disksm might change but fstab wont.04:17
cfhowlettMonkWitDaFunk, remove or replace?04:18
dBLOODg2g, bye04:18
histodandaman: what do you plan on doing with the old disk04:18
TheLordOfTimeMonkWitDaFunk, are you wanting to create a command-line only environment?04:18
TheLordOfTimeMonkWitDaFunk, if not, you will need a desktop environment04:18
silenceissadHmm, maybe I should haul out some blank DVDs with me then, in the event of doing a fresh install.  Thanks again to all who replied.  I'll be installing ubuntu once I upgrade my RAM on this laptop, and getting a bigger HDD.04:18
dandamanhisto: i dont have anything mounted, just rebooted the livecd fresh, i ran sudo grub-install /dev/sdc and i got Path '/boot/grub' is not readbable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting04:18
cfhowlettsilenceissad, have fun, be safe04:19
dandamanhisto: probably toss it or use it to store movies, it's super old and is gonna die soon04:19
IntelectI would like stop a littke with ubuntu.. I am tired!!04:19
NullDevwhy /dev/sdc ?04:19
histodandaman: you'll also have to recreeate swap04:19
histoNullDev: becuase it's hooked up as a third disk04:19
histoNullDev: secondary master04:19
dandamanhisto: already made 4 gigs of swap space with gparted04:19
histoNullDev: if it was old ide04:20
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dandamanmy original is an old ide04:20
dandamani have another hard drive which is a 1.5tb storage drive04:20
dandamanand now this 3rd ssd04:20
NullDevswap iis long gone Linux doesent need t04:20
histodandaman: okay well moun /dev/sdc1    edit the fstab with the new uuid's of the / and /swap on /dev/sdc   then grub-install /dev/sdc    will install grub to the MBR.   Unplug /dev/sda and reboot should be good.04:20
histodandaman: Here's a better howto http://radu.cotescu.com/migrating-your-ubuntu-machine-to-a-ssd-drive/04:21
IntelectWhat is the channel of sabayon?04:21
histodandaman: although he doesn't go into fixing fstab04:22
cfhowlettIntelect, probably #sabayon ???04:22
histodandaman: sudo blkid will list all your uuid's04:22
someGuy5463hi everyone, i have a problem trying to start apache, (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
dandamanhisto: i should be able to handle that04:22
BsimsSomeguy123: what other webservers are you running?04:22
IntelectAnyone already use the sabayon?04:22
histodandaman: K... if you rsync'd you should have /boot   for the other grub stuff. The issue is just the mbr of the drive and fstab04:23
NullDev<someGuy5463> lsof -i tcp:8004:23
ubottuIntelect,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:23
dandamank, onwards for me04:23
bel3atar /j #sabayon04:23
NullDevyou will probably find some stale Apache you need to ill04:24
histoNullDev: I would recomend still using a swap partition or swap file.04:24
someGuy5463Bsims: this is the thing, first i instlaled apache from source, then i try to unistalled but the "make uninstall"  command didnt work, so i removed all the apache directories, then i installed it from apt-get04:24
BsimsSomeguy123: does ps aux show apache still running?04:24
Intelectubottu: You are a crypted bot! What really are you?04:24
ubottuIntelect: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:24
NullDevhisto on a server yes not on a desktop with 8gb04:24
someGuy5463Bsoms: let me check04:24
someGuy5463Bsims: let me check04:25
histoNullDev: No suspend to disk then04:25
someGuy5463Bsims: yep, its still running04:25
NullDevhisto even on my old 486 never used anythin like that04:25
BsimsSomeguy123: kill -9 the pid04:25
histoNullDev: I think you missed my point. You can suspend to disk without it.04:26
histoNullDev: Like hibernating....04:26
NullDevhisto Im old skool I know what hibernating and laptops are (never used them)04:27
someGuy5463Bsims:, thanks a lot,  i worked04:27
histoNullDev: I use it on my lappy when power gets down below5% she hibernates04:28
dandamanusing boot-repair to reinstall grub04:29
dandamanhope this works04:29
NullDev^^Linux saves family04:29
histosaves family?04:35
dandamangrub works04:35
dandamanlets see if fixing fstab worked04:36
dandamanholy shit, those bootup speeds04:36
dandamanoh my god, ssd is like 10x faster04:36
dandamani cant believe how long i was using that POS hdd for04:36
cfhowlettdandaman, happy for you, but let's keep it clean, please.04:37
dandamanim super excited04:38
dandamanany ideas for what i should do with this old hdd?04:38
Tex_Nickdandaman :  paperweight ?04:39
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codepython777is this reliable: deb http://cmeerw.org/files/debian lucid pdns - or any suggestions where i can get pdns from ?04:39
cocomoi want to sync folders on two ubuntu machines connected to eachother on lan network.04:40
cfhowlettcodepython777, it's not in repos ...04:40
cocomoone is ubuntu 12.04 and 2nd is xubuntu 12.1004:40
cocomoany software that would let me do that04:40
codepython777cfhowlett: seems its not an up2date version04:41
cfhowlettcocomo, big files, small files?  dropbox for the quick and easy synch04:41
dandamanit actually wasn't all that bad, 7200 rpm but only 2 MB buffer04:41
RollinV2cocomo, rsync if larger04:41
cocomocfhowlett: i have big files in GBs04:41
cfhowlettcocomo, dropbox comes free with 5G iirc ...04:42
cocomodropbox needs internet connection to sync folders on lan which i probably wont have someties04:42
cfhowlettcodepython777, that page lists the deb files and they're dated 01/27/13 ...04:42
cocomoi currently use scp but i am looking for some automated solution04:43
laserscocomo: lsyncd (or use a damn nas)04:43
zykotick9cocomo: honestly i think rsync is the best solution for virtually all sync needs.  but look into unison for something a big for conventional.04:43
cfhowlettcodepython777, oh, you mean for the latest ubuntu version ... I'd say contact the package maintainers04:43
codepython777cfhowlett: I was looking for someone who uses pdns04:43
jinx3dHi, I am new to the linux community, I have 7 computer systems out of which I intent to use ones as a server and the rest as clients. What I wanted to do was whenever I get any package or updates on a client I want them to get it from the server and I want the server to keep only one copy of it instead of getting it 6 times from the internet.04:43
Altimetercocomo, I'll second rsync.  It's phenomenal.04:43
zykotick9cocomo: s/big for/bit more/04:43
cfhowlettjinx3d, you can set one of your boxes as a private mirror and direct the boxes to that machine04:44
cocomoty guys i'll look into lsyncd n rsync04:44
cocomois there a way to sync mysql databases on these two systems also?04:44
RollinV2cocomo, sqldump -> rsync04:45
jinx3dcfhowlett, how do I keep the updates and the packages once downloaded there?04:45
zykotick9jinx3d: check out apt-cacher-ng or apt-cacher04:45
RollinV2cocomo,  but you should write a good script for that one04:45
dr_willis_jinx3d:  apt-cacher-ng is a must have for a small lan like that. ;)04:45
jarray52I'm using a second monitor with my laptop. When I click the display settings, the second monitor will only allow me to use 1024x768 resolution. Is that due to my graphics  card driver?04:46
cocomoi don't know shell script :()04:46
cocomoi know javascript :)04:46
jarray52cocomo: They're very different things.04:46
cfhowlettjinx3d, there are a few articles and tutorials out there.  Sadly, I'm in China and my internet speed is throttled.  Search ubuntu + private + mirror04:46
jinx3dI'll check it out. Thanks :-) can't type everyone's name I am on a small phone. :-o04:46
Tex_Nickdandaman :  i had to scroll up to see what your original issue was ... haven't read read the entire thread but ... if you have replaced the IDE drive with your new SSD ... then use the IDE for a data drive04:47
cfhowlettjinx3d, I'd imagine the folks in #ubuntu-server have experience with your scenario04:47
jinx3dcfhowlett, thanks I'll drop by there after I have checked out. Apt cacher04:49
dandamanTex_Nick: yeah that's the obvious solution, but i was wondering if there was anything cool to do with it04:49
cfhowlettjinx3d, best of luck04:49
jinx3dcfhowlett, thanks! And now your name is my phone dictionary. ;-)04:50
zykotick9jinx3d: i would recommend using apt-cacher-ng over apt-cacher.  it supports multiple distros and releases at the same time.  apt-cacher can only do one04:50
jinx3dzykotick9, thanks I actually have mint on the other boxes. I might use ubuntu server for the server04:51
Tex_Nickdandaman :  hey i have a demo pc i use to instruct some classes ... i removed the top of a hd to demonstrate the inner workings of if ... that's kinda cool ... don't trust QOS on it though ;-)04:52
dandamanTex_Nick: that would be neat actually04:52
zenuHow do I troubleshoot issues with X? any application using openGL that I launch crashes with the same error04:53
zenuX Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)04:53
dandamanit would be cool to learn how to replace heads, but given the way tech is moving that will be an obsolete skill to have anyway04:53
zenu  Major opcode of failed request:  139 (ATIFGLEXTENSION)04:53
zenu  Minor opcode of failed request:  66 ()04:53
zenu  Serial number of failed request:  1304:53
zenu  Current serial number in output stream:  1304:53
FloodBot1zenu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:53
zykotick9!paste > zenu04:53
ubottuzenu, please see my private message04:53
zenuwait one second then04:53
zykotick9zenu: what is you gpu?  "lspci | grep -vi vga"04:54
zykotick9zenu: ati nevermind04:54
Tex_Nickdandaman :  yeah ... that type of work needs to be done in a clean-room enviornment :)04:54
CD2000Hi Team! I have http://paste.ubuntu.com/1584480 code. I'm trying to get Ubuntu 12.10 to boot via Grub2 but I can't get it...04:57
zenuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1584494/ here is the entire output of lspci | grep -vi vga04:58
Tex_NickCD2000 : you might want to start a new thread ...05:00
Tex_Nick!details | CD200005:00
ubottuCD2000: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:00
usr13CD2000: You needed to write grub to MBR of sda05:00
usr13msg ubottu !grub05:00
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:01
usr13CD2000: See section "Using the Ubuntu CD" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub05:01
usr13CD2000: The mistake you made was that you did not install the grub bootloader onto the drive your PC boots to.  The instructions at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair  will get you going.05:04
CD2000Ok. I booted Ubuntu 12.10 from a 8GB usb stick. I have Win 7 Ultimate installed on 1st HD (240GB SSD), my second HD is a 2 TB WD 7200 RPM drive (1 NTFS partition), my 3rd HD is a Seagate 320 GB HDD with 1 NTFS partition and my 4th HDD is a 320 GB WD HDD with Ubuntu 12.10 64bit installed. My mobo is Asus P8Z77-V LX with updated BIOS to latest revision. I've just went through UEFI documentation. I ran boot repair several times, installing Grub on all H05:04
cfhowlettCD2000, if this thing is boot MBR, then you've absolutely got more than 4 partitions and that will make grub do strange things05:05
CD2000The most partitions I have on any disk is 3 on the 4th disk which has Ubuntu installed on it.05:06
cfhowlettCD2000, 4 PRIMARY partitions is the mbr limit.  Logical partitions are limitless (?)05:06
usr13CD2000: You only need it on one drive, sda  (that is the one you have your PC booting to).05:06
cfhowlettCD2000, windows will grab 2 partitions; restore and win8 ...05:07
usr13CD2000: Install grub to the master boot record of sda05:07
CD2000I have run the boot repair several times, chosing to reinstall Grub on sda every time but still doesn't work05:07
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dandaman1so are there any ways i can take advantage of my ssd with ubuntu?05:08
usr13CD2000: So what happens when you boot?05:08
CD2000FYI, I have a screenshot of my drives in Computer Management module from Win7, if you would like to see my disks' layout.05:09
dr_willis_dandaman1:  i find the speed boost a nice advantage. ;)05:09
CD2000It just boots to Windows. I try to boot from different disks via the BIOS but it always tells me no OS found05:09
usr13CD2000: We see the disk layout  --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1584480/  <--05:10
dr_willis_Hmm. that almost sounds like grub did not get installed on the other disks05:10
usr13dr_willis_: It did not get installed on sda (which is the drive he boots to).05:10
CD2000I even tried the option to install Grub on every disk except the USB but it still won't work... I'm really getting confused.05:10
CD2000I get that Grub didn't install on sda but I've ran boot repair several times already...05:11
* cfhowlett with multiple hdds would cd2000 NOT have to specify WHICH device to load grub on? sda01, sda02, etc?05:11
dandaman1dr_willis_: anything beyond that?05:11
* cfhowlett or is the protocol sda, sdb, sdc ?05:12
CD2000I first tried sda1, that didn't work. Then I tried others but still no go...05:12
usr13CD2000: Not sda1  sda05:12
CD2000yes, sorry.05:13
usr13CD2000: Install grub to the MBR of sda  (not sda1)05:13
CD2000I will try one more time then I must get to bed... lol05:14
CD2000Thank you for your support. If you see me back here tomorrow, it's because I failed at getting it to work. Good night everyone and thanks again for your help.  ;-)05:14
dr_willis_grub sould go on sda sdb sdc    not sda1 and sdb2 from what i know ;) but i dont mess with uefi (yet)05:15
dr_willis_you could even put grub on a removeable flash drive05:16
Tex_Nickdandaman1 :  ActionParsnip gave me ti tip on one of his installs ... <ActionParsnip> Tex_nick: I also shove my web cache in tempfs for speed :-). Its good for SSDs too, fewer writes with worthless data05:16
dandaman1Tex_Nick: wouldn't my web cache be on my ssd anyway?05:16
xibalbhey folks, do you mind telling me what you think of my ruby blog posting? http://danknox.github.com/2013/01/27/using-rubys-native-nethttp-library/05:18
aeon-ltdxibalb: not support; please don't post stuff like that here05:19
xibalb:( ok05:19
xibalbi wrote it on an ubuntu desktop! =P05:19
xibalbI just figured there might be some ruby devs here05:19
xibalbkind of a buzz kill you aeon-ltd05:19
cfhowlettxibalb, #ruby or ##ruby is what you want05:20
leto_join #odamex05:22
Tex_Nickdandaman1 :  i'm not really qualified to discuss the virtues of that issue ... however i've seen benifits for doing so ... search google for tempfs ... you'llget an idea of the benifits05:22
dr_willis_tmpfs is a 'ram disk' there are some speed benifits of having it there.05:27
dr_willis_ You set up some directory for the user at boot time via rc.local and link theusers web cache directory to it. for a gain in speed05:28
ClientAliveI'm making ssh keys to connect 2 computers. I see that in /etc/hosts the hostname of the computer I'm trying to connect to is listed with it's ip address. I'm getting the following problem: http://ideone.com/ermsRc  <- Can someone please help me with that?05:30
anthonyquick question guys!. i am booting ubuntu for the first time after just reinstalling it. its on a black screen and says checking battery state. its a desktop computer. its been stuck on that for bout 15 minutes now05:30
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ubottuanthony,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:32
anthonyits not just a black scren. as i said.05:35
anthonyit seems to be some sort of pre-boot checklist. but its stuck on "checking battery state"iv tried rebooting twice05:37
anthonydoes anyone here know what im talking about???05:39
cfhowlettanthony, plug in the power cord so it'll bypass battery checks05:39
anthonyits not a laptop. its a deskto.v05:39
makaraHi. Anyone know how to force batch jobs to execute no matter the system load?05:40
anthonythats why im a little confused. because there is no battery to check the status on05:41
genoobieevening all05:41
genoobiesomehow grub is screwed up05:41
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genoobiehow can I fix this from inside puppylinux05:42
genoobieany suggestions?05:42
ClientAliveI'm having a problem ssh into my other computer. Can't connect to port 22. Is ther eanyone familar with resolving this issue?05:42
cfhowlettgenoobie, ask in #puppylinux support05:42
anthonyi just unplugged it while on (i know im not supposed to do that. but i thinkvthsts05:42
anthonybut i think thst what i did last time it did this when i installed ubutnu the last time*05:43
aeon-ltdClientAlive: firewall?05:44
ClientAliveaeon-ltd: It's a fresh install of ubuntu 12.04 desktop. I have no idea what it's defaults are or what to do about it. This is what is going on: ideone.com/ermsRc05:45
matthewvzClientAlive: Sometimes you have to port forward in your routers settings.05:46
rob_pClientAlive: Can you ping
ClientAlivematthewvz: does it suggest anything that I was able to connect with my other old lappy for months now but now, with this new machine, cannot?05:47
ClientAliverob_p: let me see05:48
makarathere must be a way to do this. crazy05:49
ClientAliveHang on I need to join this channel from the other computer to copy/paste05:49
makarais there a better channel to ask this question in?05:49
UbuntuNewbHi. I think I have a virus. Everytime I boot up my computer, it looks like all my files are encrypted and I have to run ecryptfs to get them running again. Things have been getting weird in a lot of other aspects, as well: I'm trying to make a USB bootdisk, and it's telling me that it's capacity is 14.9 gigs when I know it is a 16 gig drive. When I first inserted the disk, it said that it was 16, and didn't change until I att05:50
UbuntuNewbempted to load a new distro on it with unetbootin.05:50
* dr_willis missed the question05:50
dr_willisi doubt if you have managed to find a virus on linux05:51
UbuntuNewbI know, I know, but it's really acting crazy.05:51
anthonywell i think google solved my problem thid time05:51
UbuntuNewbI'm currently trying to make a new Ubuntu USB bootdrive on the oddly acting USB disk anyway. If it continues to act odd, I might just have to get someone to make a boot disk from me on another computer. Is there any other solutions that someone can think of?05:52
Tex_Nick!virus | UbuntuNewb05:53
ubottuUbuntuNewb: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus05:53
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick I ran ClamAV linux antivirus and found 53 threats. I deleted them, but it's still acting funky.05:53
UbuntuNewbLinux virus' are rare but they do exist.05:54
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, you found 53 threats?  Not going to ask what you've been looking at but that is a LOT ...05:54
genoobiemy grub is broken05:54
cfhowlettgenoobie, puppylinux is not supported here ...05:54
UbuntuNewbIt happened right after I downloaded a torrent05:54
UbuntuNewbfor BackTrack linux.05:54
matthewvzJust saying grub is broken won't help us help you.05:55
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  out of curosity ... what were the threats reported ?\05:55
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick Several files with .PDF extensions, something called AwesomiumProcess, etc etc.05:56
UbuntuNewbWhen I went to the destinations that the reported viruses were found at, I couldn't see them even if I set it to show .files05:57
delli installed ATI drivers, and now unity doesnt work05:57
UbuntuNewbI googled Awesomium but it said it wasn't a virus but just something for gaming, so it's possible that it's a false alarm but between that and the fact that several of the files had copied themselves throughout my home folder it has me worried, not to mention the random root access requests.05:58
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  those appear to be .exe files ... shouldn't ever infect your linux system05:58
Bon-changuys, where can i found the config files of my terminal?05:58
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick I thought the same thing, but it looks like they were booting themselves through WINE05:59
UbuntuNewbThey had copied themselves from other folders into my WINE software.05:59
Wugyou wouldn't get a virus from a linux torrent05:59
Wugat least not an official one.05:59
cfhowlettubuntulog, more likely that .exe files are set to boot wine on your system05:59
genoobiematthewvz are you still here?06:00
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, .exe files are set to start wine by default if wine is installed.06:00
Wugif youve gotten something its probably either something that got into your computer with via a weak password06:00
Ben64!details | genoobie06:00
ubottugenoobie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:00
matthewvzgenoobie: I'm here.06:00
genoobieokay here's the deal06:00
dr_willisand worse case... a windows exe malware - would mess up the users files.. not the whole system06:00
genoobieI have three partitions06:00
Ben64genoobie: but we cannot help you with puppy linux06:00
dr_willisunless you ran wine as root. ;)06:00
Wugkillall wine06:00
Ben64wineserver -k06:00
genoobiethere's /sda1 for winxp06:00
cfhowlettgenoobie, #puppylinux is the channel you want.06:00
genoobiethere's /sda2 which is swap and sda3 which is for experimental *nix installs06:01
genoobiefor some reason, I've lost my grub06:01
Wugcfhowlett: dumb things like partitions are common to every linux distro06:01
dr_willisgenoobie:  and what Version of ubuntu are you running?06:01
matthewvzBoot on a live CD and reinstall GRUB?06:02
red82I'm trying to turn on ssl for my apache on ubuntu.  I moved default-ssl to sites-enabled.  Do I need to replace _default_:443 with mydomain.com:443 ?06:02
Wuggenoobie: reinstall it with your package manager of choice06:02
genoobieso I am trying to reinstall, but /sda1 the xp partition is hibernating06:02
genoobiewell I am using a grub installer06:02
UbuntuNewbWug I agree, and cfhowlett I see your point as well. It was a torrent downloaded directly from the site (unless I was somehow the victim of fishing). I didn't run WINE as root, or give root permissions to wine files, but the fact that the files copied themselves from one folder into the .wine folder, as well as the random requests for authentication have me worried. Also, why do I need to run ecryptfs on every boot up now?06:02
genoobieand it is asking where I want the grub files to go06:02
cfhowlettWug, correct, but he already said he's running puppylinux ...06:02
dellgenoobie: format everything and reinstall ubuntu and xp06:02
dr_willisgenoobie:  that would be on sda or sdb  depending on your setup06:03
genoobieso I'm not sure how to respond to this06:03
dellgenoobie: thats what i would do.. in fact i will be doing it in a moment06:03
Wugcfhowlett: grub behaves the same on all versions06:03
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, if you06:03
Wugit breaks the same way, and you fix it the same way06:03
genoobiedr_willis, only one dev06:03
genoobieno other hdd06:03
dr_willisgenoobie:  guess you can only give one answer then.06:03
genoobieso dr_willis, /dev/sda1 for instance?06:03
genoobieor /dev/sda2?06:04
dr_willisgenoobie:  i said SDA   not sda106:04
genoobiedr_willis, no /dev?06:04
dellyeah fool, 1 and 2 are partitions06:04
dr_willisdepends on how its asking.. it may assume /dev/06:04
dellgenoobie: cfdisk /dev/sda06:04
cfhowlettWug, noted ...06:04
UbuntuNewbAlso, sometimes when I boot it acts like a fresh install (all items on the Launcher are the same as from original boot, it forgets which items I've given permissions to run as a program, etc) and all my FireFox addons are gone: it looks like I used the Reset FireFox option.06:04
dellit is /etc/sda!!!06:05
genoobiedr_willis, much obliged06:05
dellmaybe /usr/lib/sda06:05
WugUbuntuNewb: if you're that concerned about it, format and reinstall06:05
cfhowlettWug, but would I go to #redhat for assistance with ubuntu?  same principle ...06:05
Wugcfhowlett: if he had ubuntu, would you help him fix grub?06:05
dellcfhowlett: in principle, nobody should help with other distro people... when i do that they dont help me06:05
UbuntuNewbWug: Thank you. I'm just still worried about the disappearing room on by USB stick.06:05
WugUbuntuNewb: when in doubt format all the things06:06
Wugthough it could just be hidden files06:06
delli would format06:06
Wugctrl+h in the file browser will show hidden foles06:06
UbuntuNewbShould I worry that whatever this is has somehow transfered itself into the new boot drive? I checked for .files06:06
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, a fresh install would overwrite the boot drive ...06:07
delli am sure linux viruses are smarter than that.. they would write themselves to /proc somewhere, or something06:07
dellnot as hidden files in your home folder06:07
Wugproc is a temporary filesystem06:07
Wugit gets destroyed and recreated fresh when you reboot06:07
UbuntuNewbWug: Already tried that, nothing was there. I formatted it again and it still says my max data is 14.9 rather then the 16 it said originally. Is there another way to check for something hidden, like a hidden partition on the USB?06:07
dellUbuntuNewb: use find06:08
dellUbuntuNewb: find --help06:08
WugUbuntuNewb: 16 fake gigabytes is 14.9 real ones06:08
Wug10^3 versus 2^1006:08
Wugdont worry about it, your drive is still the same size06:09
UbuntuNewbWhen I first inserted the USB it said I had 15.9 max, when I used Unetbootin to install BackTrack it changed suddenly to 14.906:09
dellyeah, type df06:09
Wugyou probably just misremember its original capacity06:09
dellUbuntuNewb: cfdisk06:09
UbuntuNewbIt was five seconds ago, I just went out and bought this06:09
nuf0xxdf -h gives it in human terms06:09
dellUbuntuNewb: in terminal type cfdisk /dev/sda06:09
Wugthen one of them listed real gigabytes and the other fake ones06:10
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, what does startup disk creator say is the capacity?06:10
UbuntuNewbBefore I used Unetbootin, 15.9~ and after, it was 14.906:10
Wug"real" being 1073741824 bytes and "fake" being 1000000000 bytes06:10
UbuntuNewbon Startup Disk Creator06:10
Wugjust trust me, its fine06:10
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, as wug has stated, that is normal.06:10
delli concur06:11
UbuntuNewbOkay. Thanks.06:11
Wugpeople who sell things love to sell less than what you paid for06:11
UbuntuNewbIt just confused me because it read two different amounts of data on it.06:11
dellUbuntuNewb: cfdisk /dev/sda06:11
Wugselling 500GB drives that only hold 465GB is their way of making asses of themselves06:11
Wugone was proper gigabytes and the other wasnt06:12
histoWug: No that's how hard drive works06:12
Wughisto: why isnt it how SSDs work06:12
Wugyou'd think they could at least pick one.06:12
dell500 billion bytes dont make 500 gb, here is the trick06:12
UbuntuNewbDell: I get FATAL ERROR: Cannot open disk drive06:12
Wugand everyone in the computer world thinks a gigabyte is 2^30 bytes06:12
histoWug: They have picked one. You ahve to account for space of inodes and parittion tables etc...06:12
dellUbuntuNewb: well then your disk drive has been fried, maybe it is not even there.. i would open the box and look06:13
dellUbuntuNewb: sudo cfdisk /dev/sda06:13
Wugdell: or the somewhat more likely diagnosis, "its not sda"06:13
UbuntuNewbOh, lol, sudo worked.06:13
Wugor sudo was missing.06:13
UbuntuNewbI see 4 partitions on the drive.06:14
dellthey used to be called hda's... maybe sda means SCSI?06:14
dockgigabyte has now been standardized as 1,000,000,000.  "Gibibyte" is the new term for the power of two.  Thus GiB vs GB.06:14
WugI was thinking more along the lines of sdb06:14
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  It's confusing because 1024 bits = a Mbit ... however over the years ... a Mbit has been shortened to 1000 bits06:14
dellUbuntuNewb: add them up to see how many gb you have06:14
UbuntuNewbThey changed it from 1024?06:14
Wugdock: when your computer savvy friend says gigabyte to you, what do you think06:14
apm1wow so ubuntu 12.04 has this new entry in the proprietary driver installer (jockey)experimental xorg and amd binary driver module)06:15
apm1is this the fglrx driver06:15
apm1being adapted as a kernel module06:15
dellapm1: i installed ATI driver a minute ago, and now X wont work, i am on console06:15
UbuntuNewbdell: 320072.95 MB06:15
dellUbuntuNewb: that should be enough for a man06:16
apm1dell, this new module you mean or the stable ones in the 12.04 repo ?06:16
UbuntuNewbOkay. As long as I'm not hauling around this virus (I swear I'm not paranoid) to my next install :D06:16
dellapm1: no idea.. i installed in the software center... it is called "ati binary driver"06:17
apm1dell, did it also say its in experimental stage ?06:17
apm1in the descriptions06:17
dellapm1: hmm, didnt really check... it was 82 mb, so maybe thats a clue06:18
apm1dell, what card do you have ?06:18
dellapm1: something awesome i am sure, this is a brand new laptop with 6 gb ram06:18
apm1run "lspci"06:18
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  It's just that the marketing people can't perform math ... so they shortened it to 100006:18
apm1dell, patebin the result06:18
apm1dell, don't flood06:18
dellapm1: Radeon HD 7600M06:19
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick I'm sorry to sound repetitive but... how come Startup Disk gave me two different results?06:19
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick I'm just confused.06:19
apm1dell, i don't think the driver which you installed had support for such a new card06:20
dellapm1: can this card run battlefield 3 in your opinion?06:21
apm1dell, owners of these new cards need to stay with the default opensource drivers until we figure out how to proprely handle the 13.1 catalyst driver06:21
apm1dell, i think so yes it can handle it06:21
dellapm1: ok so you suggest that i use the ubuntu's own driver for the video card? how do i roll back to it? i am on console06:22
dellapm1: ah, right, i will install aptitide and search for it06:22
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  i may be confused on  your issue ... but have you considered the formating overhead06:22
dellTex_Nick: i think his harddisk is hexed, it needs exorcism06:23
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick My name isn't sarcastic, I really am pretty new to this stuff so... overhead?06:23
purplerainHow do i install driver for Broadcom BCM4313? i tried installing the driver from Jockey but it fail to install, also is there open-source version for this driver? thanks06:23
apm1ubuntulog, using EFI boot ?06:23
apm1wrong nick shit06:24
ubottupurplerain,: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:24
apm1UbuntuNewb, using EFI ?06:24
* UbuntuNewb laughs. apm1: It's okay. I don't know what EFI is.06:24
cfhowlettpurplerain, what version of ubuntu on what machine?06:24
apm1ubuntulog,my mac gives me 2 diff drives to boot from from an ubuntu live cd06:25
apm1wrong nick again06:25
purpleraincfhowlett: i have read the doc :/ not sure what i am missing, Kubuntu Precise on Ideapad U31006:25
apm1FU autocomplete06:25
dellapm1: he doesnt use EFI, we just got him to get int cfdisk and he could see his partitions06:25
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  ok i wasn't trying to insult you ... when a storage device is created ... there is a portion of it that is dedicated to keeping track of the information it contains06:25
cfhowlettpurplerain, surprised that doesn't just workk ... my lenovo thinkpad got it on the first boot06:26
dellTex_Nick: MBR?06:26
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick It's cool, I'm learning and that's why I'm using linux, to learn so. Yay, teach me stuff!06:26
cfhowlettpurplerain, you ran setttings > additional drivers?06:26
apm1UbuntuNewb, did you try booting from any of the 2 options ?06:26
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick Is this like a seperate log partition to keep track of the data that goes in and out of it?06:27
apm1UbuntuNewb, no MBR is master boot record which kinda contains your bootloader06:28
apm1in ubuntu's case GRUB06:28
purpleraincfhowlett: yes i did ran jockey, but the driver failed to install. do you want to look at log ?06:28
UbuntuNewbapm1 I am in the process of installing Ubuntu on the computer in question now, I'm booting normally from the default option usually.06:28
cfhowlettpurplerain, nope.06:28
UbuntuNewbapm1 So this is what contains the code that tells the computer, "Hey, you can boot with this"?06:28
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  that portion is a catalog of all the locations of all the files on it ... so that information requires some space on the device ... therefore the device has less space for actual data06:28
dellapm1: i installed mesa-utils the other day to run WOW on wine.. could that be why it is broken?06:28
apm1UbuntuNewb, grub is the thing that boots the kernel06:29
apm1dell, not sure06:29
UbuntuNewbTex_Nick Okay, I think I'm with you guys now.06:29
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
cfhowlettpurplerain, here's what I did last time on lucid: download the iso and run the broadcom install *no internet access* method.  all the required files are in the 10.04 iso.  3 minuts of CLI work and I had wifi... didn't even need to to reboot.06:29
UbuntuNewbapm1 Gotchya.06:29
YusufMHGood morning, i've got a problem with intalling team speak 306:30
Tex_Nickdell : no MBR is a small portion at the beginning of the device to point to the os loadersd06:30
UbuntuNewbapm1 Tex_Nick So this is basically how the drive gets from the BIOS and CMOS into the actual OS and GUI etc right?06:31
YusufMHGood morning, i've got a problem with intalling team speak 3,it's not .sh or .deb file,, I click on it and not working, although I'm sure i gave the file the permission to be executed, any idea friends?06:31
purpleraincfhowlett: Ok, is there open source driver for BCM4313? proprietary drivers like those for nvidia always gave me a headache :/06:31
YusufMHThis link is a screenshot for Team speak 3 after the installation,, not running.. http://i46.tinypic.com/rszsdt.png06:31
=== Wug[Hyperspace] is now known as Wug
cfhowlettpurplerain, yes, broadcom has released their opensource driver.06:31
apm1UbuntuNewb, it isn't that simple since if you wanna learn it , if you wanna just know what it basically does then "yes "06:31
YusufMHHelp please :S06:32
ubottuYusufMH,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:32
UbuntuNewbapm1 I was just making sure I was with you guys so far. So, when I made this thing into a boot disk, some of my information was missing because it created an MBR (namely, GRUB)?06:33
YusufMHOk sorry.06:33
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  MBR is the first sector on a boot device that is read ... it then points to other locations of the device to continue loadfing the system06:33
apm1UbuntuNewb, i am not sure what exactly is your problem06:34
=== aarossig_ is now known as arossig
purpleraincfhowlett: i read the ubuntu broadcom wiki but it seems like no open source driver for BCM4313 and the proprietary ones had just fail to install. whats the possible solution?06:34
=== arossig is now known as aarossig
=== jgardner is now known as cellofellow
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb :  originally had two issues ...06:34
vnc786using ubuntu 12.04 64 bit gnome. when giving print(network printer) it gives error in ~/xsession-errors-->"gtk printer" only this two words. print status shows job completed. only solution i found till now is to logout and login again and it works fine. on google i didnt found any idea..06:34
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:34
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb : (1)  Everytime I boot up my computer, it looks like all my files are encrypted and I have to run ecryptfs to get them running again06:35
Tex_NickUbuntuNewb : (2) I'm trying to make a USB bootdisk, and it's telling me that it's capacity is 14.9 gigs when I know it is a 16 gig drive06:35
cfhowlettpurplerain, as I said, I used the *no internet access* method and the 10.04 iso to install broadcom drivers.  Went swimmingly well and had full configuration in less than 5 minutes...06:35
UbuntuNewbapm1 The issues have been solved, I'm just listening to the explanation now.06:35
apm1purplerain, i have the same card on my macbookpro and the proprietary drivers are automatically installed (not even jockey interferes )06:35
bizhanMonaHI Is anyone familiar with "boot-repair" utility? Thx06:36
dr_willisbizhanMona:  a great many people use it.06:36
cfhowlettpurplerain, let's problem solve this.  run in a terminal   lspci -vvnn | grep 14e4 and paste the output06:36
purpleraincfhowlett: i wonder which package is needed, cant do reinstall right now :/06:36
purplerainapm1: hows that possible when you dont even ran jockey? :o06:37
bizhanMonadr_willis: thx, I just install the DVD and booted. when I ran the boot-repair, it complains about not detecting internet. However I know my network is up? Thx06:37
apm1purplerain, i am not sure but the driver was there activated already in jockey all by itself06:38
purplerain03:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4727] (rev 01)06:38
purplerain        Subsystem: Broadcom Corporation Device [14e4:0587]06:38
cfhowlettpurplerain, cool.  the STA -No Internet Access method is the one you want.  get a 10.04 iso and install that bad boy ... here's the link  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:39
purpleraincfhowlett: but i can't install lucid :(06:40
apm1purplerain, you don't have to06:40
cfhowlettpurplerain, you don't NEED to install lucid, you just use the iso for the source files06:40
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
=== branant_ is now known as branant
purplerainapm1, cfhowlett: ahh ok :D, can i just install the requeired packages? i dont have lucid iso with me right now :(06:42
cfhowlettpurplerain, the required packages are available on the lucid iso06:42
cfhowlettpurplerain, or you can install the linux STA driver ...06:43
bizhanMonaI don't understand boot-repair comment: "Please enable a repository containing the [grub2] packages in the software sources of ...." ? Thx06:44
dr_willisbizhanMona:  what ubuntu  version are you using?06:44
purpleraincfhowlett: it is the bcmwl-kernelsource am i right?06:45
bizhanMonadr_willis: the disk I am trying to recover is RHEL 6.2 but the DVD for boot-repair is ubuntu 12.10 ...06:45
cfhowlettpurplerain, for the STA No internet access method that is correct.  Different methods, different software packages.  Don't confuse them.06:45
=== bkc__ is now known as bkc_
dr_willisbizhanMona:  im not sure boot-repair works for differnt distros other the ubuntu.  You may want to ask int he redhat channels how to best recover a RH install06:46
dellbizhanMona: if you download and use the first disk of slackware, it has a very simply boot repair utility... you can boot right into your system, and then run lilo06:46
bizhanMonadr_willis: thx will do.06:46
apm1dell, there is a slack cd iirc they only provide dvd images :p06:47
bizhanMonadell: will try to download the slackware, thx06:47
dellapm1: yes cd's as well06:47
UbuntuNewbI know have a working computer, yay me. And it turns out some of my text documents had a line added to them and were set to run as a program: mailto:trollingforsoup@gmail.com06:47
UbuntuNewbnow have*06:47
purpleraincfhowlett: brb rebooting06:48
apm1UbuntuNewb, you were cracked06:49
UbuntuNewbI know.06:49
apm1how did you manage to put yourself at risk though ?06:49
UbuntuNewbapm1 All this started when I downloaded that torrent, so unless it was sleeping quietly I have no idea.06:49
apm1UbuntuNewb, on windows ?06:50
UbuntuNewbapm1 No, Ubuntu06:50
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, by any chance, do you run your admin account as your daily user account?06:50
apm1he most definitely runs a sudo account06:50
UbuntuNewbcfhowlett My login pass works for sudo commands? But I'm not running as root06:51
TheCrownedFoxHi, so I have ubuntu 12.04 running on a desktop that has currently frozen. I can only move the mouse around, however I can access it through ssh on my laptop. what processes should I kill/restart to fix a freeze commonly? I tried restarting unity but it restarts frozen again.06:51
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, but the account you run daily is your "admin" account and has admin privileges?  MIGHT want to use a non-privileged account for your daily computing...06:52
dellUbuntuNewb: if you want to learn linux start with slackware... ubuntu hides everything behind GUI06:52
UbuntuNewbcfhowlett Thanks :/06:52
UbuntuNewbdell Slackware. I'll look into that now.06:52
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, I might add, same advice for windows use06:52
UbuntuNewbcfhowlett I didn't realize I was at risk, I thought I would still have to type in my password for anything malicious06:53
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, have some fun.  Look at your user privileges, then apply your imagination to worst case scenarios06:53
bizhanMonaDoes ubuntu has the "grub-install" utility package?06:54
dellbizhanMona: lilo is like grub.. use that06:54
UbuntuNewbcfhowlett How much access is it possible that my cracker has had?06:54
apm1UbuntuNewb, i think he logged in from ssh06:54
bizhanMonadell: then one last request where can I download the slackware CD? Thx06:54
bsmith093i have mate, with 12.10, and xscreensaver. when i clse my laptop lid, i want the screen to lock and nothing else, but instead when i do that. there's a chanche that the screen wo'nt come back on when i re open the lid, is there a fix for this?06:55
cfhowlettUbuntuNewb, again, look at the privileges of the account you suspect has been cracked...06:55
apm1UbuntuNewb, in other words every damn thing06:55
dellUbuntuNewb: type w to see who is online in your system06:55
dellbizhanMona: www.slackware.com ... download the first CD only06:55
cfhowlettdell, is there a user log maintained for that w command??06:55
UbuntuNewbdell Is there a way to see who has been online?06:55
UbuntuNewbEr.. what he said.06:56
bizhanMonadell: thx06:56
dellUbuntuNewb: less /var/log/syslog06:56
dellUbuntuNewb: less /var/log/auth.log06:57
apm1UbuntuNewb, do you have gufw installed ?06:58
UbuntuNewbapm1 Not that I now of.06:58
apm1UbuntuNewb, run "sudo apt-get install gufw"06:59
vnc786can someone help me on this gtk printer issue here is the log http://pastebin.com/BiWfsMNv06:59
nitin__how to connect to by ssh06:59
zenuAdditional drivers says the ATI/AMD proprietary driver is installed but, not active. How do I correct this?07:00
zenunot currently in use*07:00
apm1zenu, just click the activate button07:00
nitin__i have an IP and i have to upload an application07:00
hillaryhow to remove eclipse install in the opt folder ubuntu 12.0407:00
dellUbuntuNewb: search within that syslog you opened with less, using / command, and type in ssh or something07:00
* ywen smail07:01
MasterOfDisasternitin__: 'ssh <user>@<ip>', copy the application with 'scp foo.zip <user>@<ip>:'07:01
zenu@apm1 I typed the question wrong it says "The driver is activated but not currently in use"07:01
UbuntuNewbdell Nothing found for ssh07:02
nitin__MasterOfDisaster,  not able to connect07:02
apm1zenu, it doesn't support your gpu then07:02
UbuntuNewbBut I did find...07:02
UbuntuNewbWBC_ERR_AUTH_ERROR, PAM error: PAM_USER_UNKNOWN (10), NTSTATUS: NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER, Error message was: No such user07:02
=== vivid1 is now known as vivid
dellUbuntuNewb: search in auth.log for the word login.. press / then enter for "find next"07:02
MasterOfDisasternitin__: is the host directly accessible from the internet? do you need to establish a vpn connection first?07:03
MasterOfDisasternitin__: or perhaps sshd is listening on a non-standard port? Did "they" give you one?07:03
nitin__directly accessible07:04
TheCrownedFoxNevermind, I figured out why it was frozen. Everything returned to normal once I killed java. Is this something I should be worried about?07:04
hillaryhow to remove eclipse install in the opt folder ubuntu 12.0407:04
hillaryany help?07:04
diegojsRWHi. There are a software similar to CurrPorts, for Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal, to view realtime TCP connections?07:04
UbuntuNewbso with the thing open in my GUI ctr+f then type login and enter?07:04
diegojsRWI tried to emulate CurrPorts with Wine, but it doesn't works07:04
dellhillary: does "sudo apt-get remove eclipse" help?07:05
dellUbuntuNewb: yes same thing07:05
MasterOfDisasterdiegojsRW: what about netstat or lsof?07:05
UbuntuNewbdell Mind if I open a private link with you so I don't spam?07:05
delldiegojsRW: type in terminal netstat -na07:05
dellUbuntuNewb: ok07:06
diegojsRWnetstat is command-line. I want a GUI program that does it, in realtime (refreshing each N second)07:06
delldiegojsRW: search for it in www.freshmeat.net07:06
MasterOfDisasternitin__: does 'telnet <ip> 22' give you anything?07:08
dellMasterOfDisaster: he is probably trying to upload an exploit to someone's system07:09
YusufMHStill waiting!07:09
MasterOfDisasterdell: haha poor bugger - got a shiny 0day exploit and no idea how to use it. What a shame :)07:10
cfhowlettYusufMH, might find better support directly from teamspeak ...07:10
dellMasterOfDisaster: heh07:10
hillarydell: Package eclipse is not installed, so not removed. But it is there07:10
SenjaiHello, I'm trying to uninstall 12.04 LTS (its not working well) and install the latest version. When i previously did this (I think with 10.x) someone here reccomened a program that both could remove the partition, AND fix the MBR / boot issues. Does anyone know about this method?07:10
SenjaiI'm more concerned about the MBR, as I can simply just delete the Ubuntu partition, I'm trying to avoid the system repair disc07:11
TheLordOfTimehillary, what likely happened is it was installed by hand from source, rather than dpkg, if you're saying it exists but apt-get/dpkg say otherwise07:11
cfhowlettYusufMH, furthermore, as the channel takes queries, YOUR question gets scrolled up and out of view.  Re-ask your question at reasonable intervals for best results.07:11
dellhillary: after you type  sudo apt-get remove eclipse, hit on tab twice while your cursor is still right after "eclipse"07:11
cfhowlettSenjai, you don't need to unintstall, just install the 12.10 over 12.04 ...07:11
dellhillary: alternatively, open ubuntu software center, and search for "eclipse".. when you find it uninstall07:12
Senjaicfhowlett, but 12.04 is running horribly slow. I think there was issues when I was installing it the first time. So i'd like to run a fresh install07:12
hillaryTheLordOfTime: you are correct . I installed by hand07:12
YusufMHSorry for being rude S:,, i will repost it,,,07:12
YusufMHGood morning, i've got a problem with intalling team speak 3,it's not .sh or .deb file,, I click on it and not working, although I'm sure i gave the file the permission to be executed, any idea friends?07:12
diegojsRWI found NetActViewer, but in another site. I'm downloading it and i'll test it. Thanks anyway07:12
cfhowlettSenjai, ok then reinstall, manually select your partitions and format those partitions.  previous install and configurations get wiped ...07:13
MasterOfDisasterYusufMH: run 'file' on it, what does it say?07:13
YusufMHcommand not found.07:13
dellhillary:  just do a "ps xa" then delete all the files you see in there that you think is related to eclipse... or just do: sudo rm `which eclipse` .. if it is a binary07:13
TheLordOfTimehillary, by hand as in you downloaded the files and moved them around per eclipse's installation guides?07:14
Senjaicfhowlett, okay, but the second part of my question is fixing the boot record (as ubuntu modifies it). I guess this is more of a windows issue and i understand if it cannot be answered here. I was given an exe that simply autorestored it without having to use a sys repair disk07:14
cfhowlettSenjai, does everything currently boot?07:14
MasterOfDisasterYusufMH: sudo apt-get install file ; file <yourfile>07:14
SenjaiWindows 7 and Ubuntu 12.0407:14
hillaryTheLordOfTime: yes07:14
Senjaicfhowlett, I think the problem with 10.10 (i think) was GRUB, i noticed that there is no Grub this time)07:14
cfhowlettSenjai, ok then, when the installation reaches that point, install grub  to /dev/sda and you should be fine...07:15
cfhowlettSenjai, you're reinstalling 12.04?07:15
chaz68Any of you folks run the Ubuntu / Debian install method for Ajaxplorer here recently?   http://ajaxplorer.info/download/07:15
YusufMHMasterOfDisaster it says : E: Unable to locate package /home/yusuf/Downloads07:15
Senjaicfhowlett, I want to remove 12.04, and install 12.10 (i think thats the current version)07:15
YusufMHbut it's in the downloads folder.07:15
chaz68It works but I've got some errors...07:15
MasterOfDisasterYusufMH: if the filename contains spaces, run 'file "filename"'07:16
cfhowlettSenjai, ok, same process.  the current boot/grub will get overwritten by the 12.10 installation07:16
TheLordOfTimehillary, you'll have to remove them by hand then, or use dell's suggesteion07:16
cfhowlettSenjai, note: you will be MANUALLY partitioning.  do NOT format your windows, of course07:16
chaz68Specifically can't run the "runTests.php" diagnostics after the first run anymore in Ajaxplorer.07:16
YusufMH MasterOfDisaster This is how I runned the command, looks wrong right? how is the right way?07:17
Senjaicfhowlett, I know how to remove the 12.04 partition. Should I just format it, install 12.10 in its place (without adjusting the partition)07:17
YusufMHsudo apt-get install '/home/yusuf/Downloads/Teamspeak_3-3.0.2-Linux-x86-Install'07:17
Senjaiand rely on 12.10 to fix the boot record?07:17
SenjaiAka, just as long as I dont shut down between removing 12.04 and installing 12.10 i should be fine07:17
chaz68Platform = 12.04LTS in a VM under VMware V 9.X.07:17
cfhowlettSenjai, stock ubuntu partition should require about 8 gigs for the /07:18
Senjaicfhowlett, the one it has allocated atm is 100 gigs07:18
cfhowlettSenjai, as you're clean installing, yes, format the /07:18
cfhowlettSenjai, I was speaking ONLY of the / not the /home or data storage.07:18
Senjaicfhowlett,  I found the program i was previously suggested07:19
cfhowlettSenjai, as you're reinstalling you might wish to consider making a separate /home for your user data.07:19
Senjaicfhowlett, http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/ for your records, thanks for your help though.07:19
cfhowlettSenjai, best of luck07:19
Senjaicfhowlett, I have all my user data backed up to my windows partition for the reinstall07:19
SenjaiI just mounted it in Ubuntu07:20
diegojsRWYou can too use Windows bootloader to boot ubuntu. I made it on my notebook, where I installed Windows XP, WIndows Seven and Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal07:20
ClientAliveI'm having trouble finding any instruction on installing oracle jdk-7 and java EE on ubuntu. I run 12.04 desktop and I've had it so that I didn't have to remove openjdk before. I remember doing something in update-alternatives and being able to keep both but use oracle as the default. Can someone help me understand how to do this?07:20
diegojsRWTo do it, you have to have Windows DVD, to use "Recovery options"07:20
diegojsRWThis assuming you cannot boot onto windows07:21
chaz68ClientAlive:  There is a repository for Oracle 7.  Let me find it.  Think I have a link...  It's not ubuntu official repository though...07:21
ikoniaClientAlive: you can install it, the alternatives file just creates symlinks from java to /usr/local/java - or where ever you put it07:21
chaz68Oracle Java sdk 7 that is...07:21
ClientAlivethis is fine. Is perfect. thank you07:21
diegojsRWIf you can boot onto windows naturally, then you can do it from a Command prompt inside Windows environment07:21
diegojsRWThe program used is "bcdedit.exe"07:22
ClientAlivechaz68: Is it this?  ppa:webupd8team/java07:23
hillary what command do i use to completely remove  eclipse directory inside opt folder07:24
ikoniahillary: rm -rf directory_name07:24
TheLordOfTimeClientAlive, yes it is07:24
chaz68Yep:  That's the one:  Instructions I used are here and elsewhere... http://www.blogs.digitalworlds.net/softwarenotes/2013/01/28/install-java-jdk-7-for-ubuntu-12-04/07:24
ClientAlivechaz68: ok but I'm not seeing instructin related to java ee. jre yes, ee no.  :(07:25
ClientAliveis there a way to install jdk and ee from that repo?07:25
TheLordOfTimechaz68, are you looking for a specific version of java though?07:25
TheLordOfTimeerm ClientAlive^07:25
hillaryikonia: thank you very much07:25
ClientAlivelatest version please07:26
ClientAlivejava jdk 7 and ee07:26
TheLordOfTimeClientAlive, you'll have to do it by hand - i don't thinkn webupd8team keeps enterprise edition in the repos07:26
TheLordOfTimemaybe some licensing thing or something07:26
ClientAliveTheLordOfTime: I see. Well I'll google ubout that repo but at least I know what I'm up agains.07:27
TheLordOfTimeClientAlive, that repo won't have it, trust me.07:27
TheLordOfTimeClientAlive, http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/overview/index.html07:27
TheLordOfTimestart there.07:27
ClientAliveI have an .sh file downloaded to this system now but not sure if it's the right one nor what to do with it  (sudo ./filename.sh) ??07:28
hillaryi have been using winff to convert mp4 to mp3 etc ubuntu 12.04, but it is no longer converting. what could have happened?07:29
ikoniaClientAlive: you really need to research harder07:29
hillaryany help07:29
ikoniaif you don't know if it's the right one, or how to use it you should not be doing it07:29
TheLordOfTimeagreed with ikonia07:29
ikoniaClientAlive: you really need to research what you've got and how to use it before considering using it07:29
chaz68Client Alive:  Does this help?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/55848/how-do-i-install-oracle-java-jdk-707:30
UltraParadigmHi everyone!07:30
Rakkohi UltraParadigm07:30
RakkoI wish I could remember the question I came in here to answer07:31
Rakkooh! that's it.07:31
ClientAliveikonia: true - not what I needed to hear. I'm overwhelemed wtih the stuff I already have on my plate. I just want a dev environment I can satisfy my curiosities with. I hope no one is going to expect I become and expert in java development before having jave ee on my machine - else how would I become that expert anyway?07:31
RakkoFirst, is there a way to ask ubottu for FAQs? I /msged ubottu help but got no response.07:31
ClientAlivepointless to argue I guess. seems I'm on my own again.07:31
dsnydersHi all!  I have created a /tmp partition in ram.  How do I get rid of the old /tmp that was in my root folder?  I presume it is still there taking up space.07:32
ikoniaClientAlive: you don't have to be an expert, but a.) knowing how to use the file you are trying to use b.) knowing if it's the right version are critical07:32
ikoniaClientAlive: as you know neither of these things, I'd suggest at least a basic level of research07:32
ikoniaRakko: there is no "FAQ"07:32
ikonia!faq > Rakko07:32
ubottuRakko, please see my private message07:32
Rakkodsnyders: you have to unmount the /tmp; that will unshadow it so you see what's there under /tmp on the root partition07:33
Rakkodelete that stuff and then remount /tmp07:33
hillaryI have been using winff to convert mp4 to mp3 etc ubuntu 12.04, but it is no longer converting. what could have happened?07:33
dsnydersRakko: /me slaps forehead.  Now why didn't I think of that.07:33
RakkoOK, I think I'll just ask. -> How do I make mouse scrolling work the old fashioned way, i.e. where scrolling starts instantly instead of requiring a little movement before it gets started?07:35
hillaryikonia: any idea, i have been using winff to convert mp4 to mp3 etc ubuntu 12.04, but it is no longer converting. what could have happened?07:35
dr_willishillary:  have winff show its  commandline/terminal window its using and look at the command output07:36
joyHi !07:36
cfhowlettjoy, greetings07:36
UltraParadigmI just reinstalled Ubuntu.. again. Its like the 5th time in just 2 weeks07:38
UltraParadigmThis time I'm trying Studio64, cause I totally effed up the sound in my regular 12.10.   Sofar, I don't miss unity at all.07:38
UltraParadigmBut I do think I'll get KVirc again.  Xchat isn't impressing me07:39
dr_willisirc clients dont need to be impressive.. just functional. ;007:39
hillarydr_willis, : it display: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1584717/07:39
UltraParadigmnah nah, they need to have bells, and whistles, and real transparancy.07:40
UltraParadigmbut especially the whistles!07:40
dr_willishillary:  but does the command succede07:40
UltraParadigmI just went through the trouble of getting compiz to work with xfcse, no way am I ending up with an ugly irc.07:41
hillarydr_willis,  no07:41
dr_willistry the commands from a bash shell and see if they work. and what errors they give07:42
hillarydr_willis,  infact it has hanged up. Guide me how to07:42
UltraParadigmI've reinstalled Ubuntu so many times since I built my new PC that I'm almost ready to install it for other people for a fee :-)  I have a checklist and everything.  I've gotten quite efficient at it.07:42
hillaryhow do i kill a hanging process ubuntu 12.04. i window has refused to close!07:47
dr_willisxkill is one way  hillary07:47
dr_williskill -9 , or killall are other ways07:47
=== Kneferilis__ is now known as Kneferilis
hillarydr_willis, wonderfull lesson!! it has closed07:49
ragzHow do i access domains across two ubuntu machines on the same network?07:49
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
hillarydr_willis, still the winff not converting. And it used to convert.07:50
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
jarray52I previously had the ATI catalyst driver working on this machine(has a switchable GPU Intel/ATI) on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. After an upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with the 3.5.0-22 kernel, I can't recall how I got the ATI radeon drivers working. Any suggestions?07:50
jarray52I believe my machine is currently using the i915 intel driver.07:51
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
jarray52I also had problems with the fglrx drivers provided by the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS repositories.07:53
dsnydersRakko: Thanks for your assistance re /tmp.  I had to shut down a few services, like mysql and Xorg, but once I got them shut down I was able to unmount/delete/remount /tmp.07:53
MasterOfDisasterUltraParadigm: irssi + transparent konsole? *hides*07:54
Rakkocool, dsnyders07:54
UltraParadigmI switched back to kvirc07:54
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
Rakkothis scrolling is driving me nuts07:55
UltraParadigmconsole irc, eww, haven't done that in years07:55
UltraParadigmWont go back to it07:55
RakkoI just started liking irssi07:55
dsnydersRakko, what scrolling?07:55
hillaryThis winff has refused!07:56
UltraParadigmI used to do iirc back in the days when I used pine to check my email.  hehe07:56
dr_willishillary:  if the command that winff is using dosent work. it hangs.. then its not a winff issue07:56
Rakkodsnyders: whenever I scroll in ubuntu 12.10 it takes me quite a bit of effort before the scrolling actually starts. I'm not sure if that's related to my running this on a Mac or in VirtualBox, or if all scrolling is like this now.07:56
dr_willishillary:  winff is just a front end to the cli tools. that command you pasted is doing the actual work07:56
UltraParadigmI kind of miss pine07:56
RakkoI think it's supposed to be imitating tablet scrolling, but I'm not sure. I wish I knew some search terms to use to fix it.07:57
UltraParadigmI have fond memories of pine.  I did some good email reading with that.07:57
RakkoI still like mutt07:57
Rakkobut anyway I have to do the two-finger swipe *halfway* across my trackpad for scrolling to even start07:57
Rakkois there a name for this?07:58
dsnydersRakko: Is scrolling responsive with your mouse?07:58
RakkoI haven't tried a mouse07:58
hillaryI will never ever install any software outside ubuntu software center. Am sure i might have messed up myself!!07:58
opalepatricktrying to track down a problem with the hud opening behind applications on boot (also launcher) - only gets fixed on logout. Trying to work out if a bug has been raised. Obviously not asking the right question.07:58
opalepatricklauncher opens behind as well*07:59
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:59
dr_willishillary:  your imporntant part is --> /usr/bin/ffmpeg -y -i "/home/hillary/Desktop/Muziki/AVSEQ01.mp4" -acodec libmp3lame -ab 160k -ac 2 -ar 44100 "/home/hillary/AVSEQ01.mp3"07:59
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
dsnydersRakko, Plug one in and try.  That would tell you if it is the virtualbox or the trackpad gesture.07:59
dr_willissomthing may be goofy with the ffmpeg command or the options07:59
UltraParadigmAlright, automatic nick serv works.  And everyting is as it should be.  The universe is back in balance.    Now to test the one thing that I reinstalled studio for.    jack07:59
* Rakko facepalms08:00
dr_willisvbox has 2 kinds of mouse polling also.. it can goof up in some areas08:00
hillarydr_willis, can i remove and reinstall again?08:00
Rakkoproblem is I don't know where my mouse is08:01
Rakkodr_willis, dsnyders: so I gather that neither of you notice the annoying before I'm describing?08:01
quietonemy partner just booted laptop, closed lid, opened lid. Now the screen is blank and kybd unresponsive. Dell Inspiron 15R, 12.0408:03
dsnydersRakko, nope.  Mostly because I'm running linux directly on standard PC desktop hardware, including a mouse.  Maybe later, when I get virtualbox going, I might notice it... if I had a trackpad.08:04
quietoneit is set to not suspend when lid is closed08:04
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dr_willishillary:  removeing and reinstalling the same binaryes dosent change anything.. thats windows thinking...08:05
dr_willishillary:  try the command from the terminal. see if it works08:05
dr_willisRakko:  ive noticed in some disrtos (like tiny core linux) in vbox I have to enable some mouse settings or sles the pointers are off position. but ive never noticed the issue in ubuntu in vbox08:06
hillarydr_willis, which command please08:07
quietoneIs this the problem "apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=1 profile="/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm/lightdm-guest-session-wrapper""08:07
dr_willishillary:  the one i pasted above.. the MAIN command of the pastebin you did...08:07
UltraParadigmquietone:  You should disable the sleepmode at laptop close then.  Probably can't handle it.08:07
dsnydersRakko: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=36376 maybe?08:07
quietoneUltraParadigm, we don't recall seeing anything for 'sleepmode'. Where is that?08:08
UltraParadigmquietone:  also, sometimes a bios upgrade will help.08:08
Rakkodsnyders: could be the same thing08:09
UltraParadigmquietone: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66723/how-do-i-modify-the-power-options08:09
dsnydersRakko: Is the trackpad sensitive enough for normal operations?  Is it just sluggish in virtualbox?08:10
=== Senjai_ is now known as Senjai
quietoneUltraParadigm, ah, I'll install the tweak tool08:11
Rakkoyeah, in native OS X it's fine08:11
Rakkoand in my Windows VMware VM08:11
quietoneUltraParadigm, I'm sshed into it. is there anything I can do, besides shutdown -r now, to make it usable?08:12
UltraParadigmthere is also another tool option also, if the gnome tweek doens't work.08:12
dsnydersRakko: Have you tried asking on a virtualbox chat channel?08:12
UltraParadigmprobably not.  I'm suprised that you can even remote to it08:12
UltraParadigmif you can indeed remote to it, you can kill the xserver08:13
UltraParadigmthat might help08:13
quietoneUltraParadigm, I'm not fluent in x. how do I do that?08:13
UltraParadigmrun "ps -e | grep X"08:13
UltraParadigmand then take note of the process number08:14
UltraParadigmthen run "kill -9 [PID]"08:14
Rakkonot yet08:15
RakkoI've reinstalled guest additions and about to reboot08:15
=== raven is now known as sweetpea
dsnydersUltraParadigm: doesn't service gdm stop terminate the xserver?08:16
quietoneUltraParadigm, it makes the login sound but the kybd and screen are still dead.08:16
sweetpeahow long is it meant to take to make a ubuntu usb08:16
UltraParadigmdsnyders: beats me :-).  I alway kill it when it freezes on me, then it just restarts automatically08:16
sweetpeai just downloaded it and its taking like 10 minutes so far08:16
UltraParadigmquietone: ahh, sounds like you are screwed.  I recommend getting a bios update from the manufacturer's website.08:17
hillarydr_willis,  when i pasted in the terminal it works very well. Look at the terminal output while converting: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1584771/08:17
np8Hi! Could anyone here help me with a partition problem? I have a 30Gb Ubuntu partition (/dev/sda6, ext4). I just took a 80Gb of space from my Windows data -partition, and now it is shown as "unallocated" in GParted. Is there a way to add this 80Gb to be in Ubuntu's use? A screenshot of my partitions (GParted) http://ubuntuone.com/1TjFW2bSBNm0n9XDTUFNe1 (sorry, it's in Finnish)08:17
UltraParadigmIf that doesn't fix the issue, then you will have no choice but to disable the sleeping08:17
quietonedsnyders, there isn't a gdm but there is lightdm08:17
icerootnp8: just use the resize function from gparted08:18
sweetpeait sounds like youve accidently deleted the windows ntfs partition08:18
icerootnp8: and resize the ubuntu partition with the unallocated08:18
sweetpeaow im dumb lol08:19
dsnydersquietone: That would be your desktop manager.  Gdm is (or was) gnome's.08:19
np8iceroot: It doesn't work because I can't detach the Ubuntu partition, because it is in use. :/08:19
cfhowlettnp8, you can do so by moving the free partition next to the one you want to add it to.08:19
quietonedsnyders, yea I used to have to restart gdm a lot on my Debian wheezy.08:20
icerootnp8: use a live-system08:20
icerootnp8: never change a partition which is in use08:20
np8iceroot: What's a live-system?08:21
np8cfhowlett: The Ubuntu partition is un use, so it doesn't work08:21
dsnydersnp8: linux on cd or linux on usb flash08:21
icerootnp8: use the ubuntu-iso and start it instead of your installed system, that system will be running directly from you ram08:21
Rakkonope, that didn't fix it.08:21
antonio_I'm trying to install adobe air...08:21
icerootnp8: and so your hdd is not mounted and you can change it08:21
RakkoOh well, tomorrow I may find my mouse.08:21
cfhowlettnp8, right.  my bad..  boot an ubuntu usb/cd and run gparted08:22
dsnydersRakko: :-(  I'm out of ideas, other than trying a virtualbox chat channel.08:22
cfhowlettdsnyders, #vobx08:22
Guido1anyone online who knows a bit about rhythmbox? I'm just working on a crone script, but got stuck at the coment to start a playlist with rhythmbox. the playlist is in the home folder08:23
Rakkocfhowlett: he meant for me to go there08:23
RakkoI was in #vbox but it was dead. I was asking a different question there.08:23
np8cfhowlett, iceroot: I dont have the iso (or a cd-drive, or usb-stick) right now, but is it possible to do this during a reboot?08:23
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
icerootnp8: no08:23
cfhowlettnp8, nope.  bad bad bad idea08:24
icerootnp8: because the hdd will be mounted when you want to start gparted08:24
dsnydersRakko, google for the chat channel.  The one here may not be the best/official one.08:24
np8iceroot, cfhowlett: Ok thanks you guys :) I'll do this when I get home08:25
cubhow do uninstall x?08:25
ripthejackeri use grep with colorize option but when i pipe it to less it removes the color08:25
dr_williscub:  why do you need to?08:25
ripthejacker how do i mkae it to keep the colo08:25
TomyLobocub: apt-get remove x08:25
cubjust a troll q, dr_willis  :P jk08:25
cubim here to help today if i can08:25
dr_willisripthejacker:  since less cant display colors.. that makes sence. there might be a color option for less or more.08:26
TomyLobodr_willis ripthejacker -R08:26
ripthejackerbut will it colorize only the patterns that grep matched08:26
dr_willis-r  -R  ....  --raw-control-chars  --RAW-CONTROL-CHARS08:26
antonio_I'm trying to install adobe air...I've followed these directions..and its not working08:26
TomyLoboless -R will pass through the colors08:27
Rakkodr_willis: less *can* display colors08:27
dr_willisantonio_:  last i looked adobe air has worked on linux in like over a year..08:27
Rakkosorry, spoke too late08:27
TomyLobogrep --color=always will make grep emit colors even if it detects a pipe08:27
TomyLobogotta run, see ya08:27
Rakkoair has *not* worked on linux in over a year08:27
antonio_dr_willis: I've gotten it to work before..just can't remember how...08:28
antonio_I had to make a symbolic link with this command08:28
antonio_sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgnome-keyring.so.0 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgnome-keyring.so.0.2.008:28
antonio_ln: failed to create symbolic link `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgnome-keyring.so.0.2.0': File exis08:28
dsnydersdr_willis: TomyLobo, I've been looking for that for a while, but never got around to asking.08:28
dr_willis ls --color=always | less -R08:28
antonio_how can I delete that symbolic link so I can start over?08:28
dr_willisrm thelink08:28
ripthejackerdr_willis, yes that worked08:28
ripthejackergrep --color-always | less -R08:28
dr_williswithout the -R - it shows the esc codes08:28
* dsnyders goes to alias less with less -R08:29
dr_willisi wonder ls and grep  detect they are being piped08:29
ripthejackerthanks dr_willis , TomyLobo08:29
Rakkoyou can also set the LESS env var to -R08:31
dsnydersdr_willis: they probably detect pipes and shut down coloring because they date back to the days when you piped output to terminals and printers and modems and such.08:32
Rakkogrep also has an env var like that, but I found that if I set it to always send color, some programs calling grep would break08:32
Rakkodsnyders: even today, piping to other processes is mostly done without color. It would be a huge mess for the pipee to have to decipher the color codes.08:33
Guido1what is the coment to tell crontab to start a playlist in the home directory with rhythmbox08:34
Rakkols also changes its output to one name per line08:34
dsnydersWell, I have to be up in 4 hrs, so g'night folks.08:35
atsuiI am currently connected via VNC to a Ubuntu 12.04 machine running vnc4server. I can see the VNC service running with  nmap  as expected. However, when I run "sudo ufw status verbose", it shows that only ports 22 nd 8080 are set as ALLOW IN and the default policy for incoming is set to deny. How come I am allowed to connect?08:36
Ben64!ufw | atsui08:37
ubottuatsui: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.08:37
atsuiubottu, so even though ufw should block the VNC connection, would it be possible the rules for iptables still let in VNC?08:39
ubottuatsui: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:39
atsuidoh lol08:39
adamlisHey. I have a Ubuntu Server that I really like. I want to setup a PXE-boot for windows 7 for a few computers here at work without cd-rom.. does anyone know of a good guide? i've tried googling and using the man commando08:40
zeriouzI create local repository by using dpkg-scanpackages, when I install from local repo. Error : The following packages have unmet dependencies:. But sometimes it can install. what happen with this issue.08:40
emamdouhhi all i need help using byobu,08:41
emamdouhi need to open new byobu tab using command line , is it possible ?08:41
emamdouhand how ?08:41
adibhannai've installed the latest node version 0.8.16  on ubutnu  but it seems that it didn't get updated, and whenever i try node-v i get v0.5.11-pre08:44
adibhannahow can i fix this?08:44
Guido1hello?anyone with experinces in starting a playlist in rhythmbox with cron?08:45
Tecancan someone assist me with iptable08:47
hillarydr_willis,  when i pasted in the terminal it works very well. Look at the terminal output while converting: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1584771/08:48
Tecani stuck a new networking card in my system but the thing im connecting too has a static ip of
Tecanim getting offensive packets from nmap08:48
Tecanonly as sudo08:48
Tecannm found some stuff online08:49
xkernelwhat is the impact of disabling the avahi-daemon ?08:51
Nitesh+i Nitesh08:52
cfhowlettNitesh, greetings08:53
Niteshis there any girl for chat08:53
Ben64this channel is for ubuntu support only, not for chatting08:55
Niteshhi i am Nitesh ...08:55
=== apos is now known as Rin
cfhowlettNitesh, wrong channel08:55
cubhow o i install xubuntu on this...08:57
cubwell i mean the desktop environment08:57
cubi forgot the name of it :\08:57
cfhowlettcub, 2 choices: pure xfce or xubuntu08:58
cubwell xfce08:58
Guido1hello?anyone with experinces in starting a playlist in rhythmbox with cron?08:58
cfhowlettcub, sudo apt-get install xfce will give you DE only, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop will give you xubuntu08:58
cubit wont ruin my unity install will it?08:59
Ben64cfhowlett, cub: xfce4, not just xfce08:59
cubokay, but if i install Xubuntu, can i still log into the unity environment?08:59
Ben64cub: yes, you can choose before you log in08:59
cubokay i'll install xubuntu09:00
Ben64only problem with doing xubuntu-desktop is that you'll have duplicates of certain things, like text editors and whatnot09:01
cubcan that be correcteed Ben64 ?09:01
ClientAliveThis is simply too confusing to me. I NEED to have java sdk and ee installed for school projects. I don't have time to research it the project is coming due. I beg of you. Is there anyone who will help me?09:01
Ben64cub: well if you don't want two text editors and stuff like that, just install xfce409:02
cubwhen u say two text editors you mean literaly two of the same program?09:02
SlingClientAlive: if you still need to install the sdk/ee when your project is almost due, how is that our problem?09:02
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=== pixxiedust is now known as pixie_dust
ClientAlivebc damit I came askoing politely for help earlier and all I got was I need to explain how to use it like I'm some expert or I shouldn't be messing wtih it. Damit it's mot my fault if I don't know everythign abotu java ee. i still have to have it. When I asked nicely earlier I didn't expect to get a debate about whether I should be installig it. I have to install it.09:04
cubif i dont like xubuntu i can uninstall it via 'remove' correct?09:04
cubapt-get remove <package>?09:04
ClientAliveI don't uderstand what I'm seeing on google Ifor the last hour) lord knows I tried09:04
cfhowlettcub, sudo apt-get purge xfce09:04
pixie_dusthey guys, i just installed ubuntu on my pc, im havving too many issues with getting it on my laptop at the moment, but on my pc i install the flgx? or whattever driver, for my graphics, and when i restarted i had no desktop,09:04
ClientAlive1698 other ppl and the only ones will talk to me want to give me shit?09:05
hammerAndsickleWhere is terminal located in the GUI?09:05
cfhowlettClientAlive, attitude is everything09:05
Ben64cub: not really.... xubuntu-desktop is a meta package, installs many other ones. if you keep a list of what it installs you can undo it09:05
cfhowlettcub, if you want JUST the de, install xfce09:05
pixie_dustso i rightclicked and went to appearance and navigated back to software sources and set it back to xorg, they are the only 2 drivers in addition drivers so what drivers should i use09:05
DaemonicApathyhammerAndsickle: click on the ubuntu logo at the top left, type in "terminal" and click on the correct icon.09:05
cubokay well i'll give it a shot09:05
cubits not that it will bother me just that this hd is so small09:05
cubi need to upgrade it09:05
DaemonicApathyI feel the same way about my SSD, cub.09:06
cub15gb hard drive...09:06
cubtheres a place here selling 80 gb hard drives for 15 dollars tho09:06
cubgonna try getting a hold of one09:06
antonio_I'm trying to install Adobe Air on my system...it works fine, then a terminal window pops up asking me for root password...when I put in the root password it says su: Authentication Failure09:07
hammerAndsickleThanks Daemonic, So there is no icon based app system like OSX?09:07
Guido1hello? anyone with experinces in starting a playlist in rhythmbox with cron?09:07
Guido1what is the coment to start a playlist located in the home folder?09:08
antonio_I'm using the right password, so I have no idea whats going on09:08
elblaze0<---------------installing ubuntu 12.04  on virtual box right now for first time  =]09:08
cubwell brb09:09
elblaze0<elblaze0> <---------------installing ubuntu 12.04  on virtual box right now for first time  =]09:10
elblaze0any advice?09:10
elblaze0DLing iso now09:10
elblaze0going on win 7 64 machine09:11
hammerAndsickleIt's funny that the Ubuntu that comes with Parallels has so many updates after you install it09:12
tapashi, are there repositories to install qt5 on ubuntu 12.04?09:12
DaemonicApathyhammerAndsickle: The Dash is replacing much of the menu system in Ubuntu.09:12
hammerAndsickleYou'd think they would keep that version updated on their servers09:12
DaemonicApathyYou can still go through categories and lists with it if you want, though.09:12
cfhowletttapas, it's not in the repos09:13
hammerAndsickleso it's evolving into more of a search based GUI09:13
tapascfhowlett: yeah, i saw though that there are ppa's for ubuntu 12.1009:13
antonio_I'm trying to install Adobe Air on my system...it works fine, then a terminal window pops up asking me for root password...when I put in the root password it says su: Authentication Failure09:14
DaemonicApathyhammerAndsickle: Assuming the standard user only uses a small subset of apps on a regular basis, all the necessary ones will be right there.09:14
pixie_dustbasicly i have an amd graphics card, i installed the fglrx driver, and compiz/unity disnt start when i turned my pc on, so which driver should i use, the xorg one makes my pc slow >_>09:14
DaemonicApathyhammerAndsickle: And one may always pin an app to the launcher at the left.09:14
cfhowletttapas, I run LTS only, so I have 12.044, but I will put 12.10 in a virtualbox09:14
hammerAndsickleyeah i think that way is more efficient, just curious about the evolution of the system09:15
elblaze012.10 better for virtual box cfhowlett?09:15
dr_willisantonio_:  run the installer as root to begin with perhaps09:16
dr_willisantonio_:  its trying to su to root i imagine. which is explicitly disabled on ubuntu09:16
tapascfhowlett: we have 12.04 here, too09:18
antonio_dr_willis: I'm not sure what the command line for adobe air would be...is there anyway to find that on my system?09:19
tapascfhowlett: so the ppa's aren't useful.. we'll just go with the qt binary download from qt.org09:19
cfhowlettelblaze0, I can't say, I only use the virtualbox for testing.  It takes the virtualbox guest addition though09:19
elblaze0cfhowlett thank you for the info. much appreciated.. first install..09:20
cfhowlettelblaze0, might I suggest you go with 12.04 long term support.  Unless you actually NEED the bleeding edge of 12.10 ...09:21
elblaze0ok thank you i will try that09:21
jsjcI am going nuts with an error (CRON) error (grandchild #6871 failed with exit status 127)09:22
elblaze0cfhowlett would you say there is a big difference in features and support regarding newer version?09:22
jsjchave checked online and there is info but none of it fits my problem...09:22
jsjcI can run command d09:23
jsjcI can run command with the user that I run the cron task but seems something else.09:23
cfhowlettelblaze0, support: 12.10 is supported for 18 months, 12.04 for 60 months.  Features: some.  It's really up to the user.  Installing every new version means angst and potential heartburn every 6 months.  Installing LTS only means a more polished version with long term support and lifespan ..09:24
dr_willisanderson:  no idea. I gaave up on air ages ago. I recall getting itinstalled and it still dident work09:24
dr_willisoops. that was for antonio_09:24
elblaze0ok thank you very much DLing 12.04 now instead09:25
antonio_dr_willis: I know it will work, because I09:26
antonio_because I installed it recently...just can't remember how09:26
phrozenhello, I havea problemwith apache + mod_fcgid configuration. Still getting error premature end of scripts. It is quite strange, becouse application runs successfully under centos. Permissions 777 Configuration files attached here: http://pastebin.com/2ZwVG0Mg. Can somebody help me?09:26
cfhowlettelblaze0, good luck.09:26
phrozenI am trying to migrate to ubuntu already.09:26
Guido1hello, i'm just working on a cron script, but got stuck at the coment to start a playlist with rhythmbox. the playlist is in the home folder. can someone help me?09:28
MasterOfDisasterphrozen: httpd seems fine to me - is the python interpreter set up in the directory that's listed in the fcgi script?09:29
kostkonGuido1, what's your problem exactly09:30
Pangolinhello, who else is scratching their head and wondering why QQ 12.10 makes previously simple nvidia driver installation really difficult? I know that proprietary drivers are not the Ubuntu dev's responsibility, but I don't get the removal of Jockey09:30
phrozenMasterOfDisaster: Interpreter is fine09:30
Guido1kostkon: rhythmbox is starting, but it doesn't play the playlist09:31
MasterOfDisasterphrozen: I suggest searching serverfault or stackoverflow for advice on how to troubleshoot this. Without any debugging output or logfile excerpts it's hard to help09:31
Pangolinfollowed loads of guides and tried at least three different versions of the nvidia driver including experimental-304 and 310 (and of course current)09:31
MasterOfDisasterphrozen: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4336757/500-server-error-premature-end-of-script-headers09:31
Ben64Pangolin: its not very difficult09:31
kostkonGuido1, are you calling rhytmbox or rhythmbox-client?09:32
Pangolinit has been for me, I keep having to revert to nouveau to get Unity back09:32
belgianguyis iptables still seen as secure?09:32
Ben64Pangolin: need help?09:32
Pangolinnot at that machine now but I'd welcome any suggestions09:33
belgianguy(I ask because I'm reading a 3yr old book, which references it)09:33
PangolinI've also tried with Bumblebee09:33
Guido1kostkon: at client;  i gues something is wrong with "play-uri=file:home/Lahannya-Dystopia.m3u"09:33
Ben64Pangolin: do you have dual gpu09:33
=== hammerAndsickle_ is now known as hammerAndsickle
kostkonGuido1, do you start rhythmbox first?09:33
Ben64Guido1: that file probably doesn't exist09:33
Pangolinyes, Dell XPS L510x with Intel GMA and a mid-range nvidia GT540M09:33
xkernelwhat is the impact of disabling the avahi-daemon ?09:34
Ben64Pangolin: oh, well i don't know about those, sorry09:34
Guido1kostkon: yes, i start it first using:09:34
Guido158 19 * * * rhythmbox09:34
FloodBot1Guido1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:34
Pangolinthe Intel drivers seem fine09:34
pixie_dustcan anyone help me09:35
MasterOfDisasterbelgianguy: iptables is just a management software for the kernel's netfilter tables09:35
Ben64Pangolin: the whole dual gpu thing was kind of rushed and there are weird implementations of it, so its kind of a mess currently09:35
kostkonGuido1, and you wait for a couple of secs and then you call rhythmbox-client? what error are you getting from cron09:35
pixie_dusti just need help with drivers..09:36
antonio_dr_willis: think I got it solved http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148860909:36
Ben64!details | pixie_dust09:36
ubottupixie_dust: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:36
theadminpixie_dust: What's the problem? Sorry, just joined.09:36
Guido1kostkon, Ben64: the file exist :-S is somthing wrong with the path?09:36
Ben64Guido1: looks like it wouldn't exist09:36
pixie_dusti did. um09:36
kostkonGuido1, try changing it to file:///home/Lahannya-Dystopia.m3u09:37
pixie_dustbasicly i have an amd graphics card, i installed the fglrx driver, and compiz/unity disnt start when i turned my pc on, so which driver should i use, the xorg one makes my pc slow >_>09:37
Guido1kostkon: no error. rhythembox is starting, but doesn't play09:37
Ben64Guido1: where is the file exactly09:37
kostkonGuido1, then try starting rhythm in debug mode next time and see what you'll get09:38
pixie_dustshould i try the drivers on the amd website..? ive been told in the past not to do that09:38
theadminpixie_dust: The opensource one worked fine for me when I was on AMD. But don't go to the website, that's just fglrx so if you have that that won't fix anything.09:38
theadminAnd fglrx is in the repos anyway09:38
theadminpixie_dust: You could try the experimental version09:39
theadmin!info fglrx-experimental-9 | pixie_dust09:39
ubottupixie_dust: Package fglrx-experimental-9 does not exist in quantal09:39
pixie_dustoh.. well when i installed the fglrx one from the addition drivers section of software sources, i rebooted and compiz and unity didnt start, just a blank desktop09:39
theadminEh, that's from precise09:39
Guido1kostkon: i will try that09:39
Guido1Ben64: in the home folder09:39
pixie_dustim on 12.10 on my pc, this is my laptop09:40
theadminpixie_dust: I see... Hm, do you have dual graphics?09:40
kostkonGuido1, e.g. rhythmbox -D > ~/Destktop/rhythm_out.txt09:40
Ben64Guido1: the home folder or _your_ home folder09:40
kostkonGuido1, sorry, that should be: rhythmbox -d > ~/Destktop/rhythm_out.txt09:40
pixie_dustno no, just the ati 795009:40
phrozenMasterOfDisaster: but where can I find any helpful logs? Apache is giving only information about premature end of script headers. Only this error log I can see.09:40
theadminpixie_dust: Okay... Hit Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log in, then type "sudo aticonfig --initial"09:40
theadminpixie_dust: Then "sudo reboot" and see if it starts working.09:41
pixie_dusttheres the xorg one which is lame and slow, and theres the 2 fglrx propiety, and one with updates.09:41
pixie_dustok ill try that09:41
Guido1Ben64: my home folder09:41
Ben64Guido1: then it wouldn't be /home/Lahannya-Dystopia.m3u09:42
theadminBen64: Use $HOME or ~ to refer to your home folder from the terminal09:42
pixie_dustcurrently i keep getting a compiz has had a critical error, close/relaunch, will this fix that?09:42
theadminpixie_dust: Maybe. Not too sure.09:43
theadminI'm with nvidia nowadays, no problems at all :)09:43
Ben64theadmin: I know, but Guido1 was doing this -  "play-uri=file:home/Lahannya-Dystopia.m3u"09:43
theadminBen64: Oh, bah, sorry wrong person09:43
theadminGuido1: Use $HOME or ~ to refer to your home folder from the terminal09:43
MasterOfDisasterphrozen: are you sure your files didn't get messed up somehow? encoding trouble, dos vs. unix line endings, etc.?09:43
pixie_dusti cant use the d key on my desktop09:44
pixie_dustso i cant type sudo09:44
pixie_dustusually i find a d and ctrl + c it09:44
MasterOfDisasterphrozen: try running it from the shell in your python interpreter, it should be at least able to read it.09:44
Guido1theadmin: so it would be play-uri=file:~/Lahannya-Dystopia.m3u"?09:44
phrozenMasterOfDisaster: and it is.09:45
Ben64pixie_dust: ctrl+shift+u+6409:45
Ben64pixie_dust: but seriously, buy a new keyboard, they aren't expensive09:46
Tex_Nicktheadmin : regarding nvidia ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVpOyKCNZYw ...; @^@09:47
theadminBen64: Thanks, that's the code I was looking for :D09:47
pixie_dustlol thank you, it only just broke yesterday09:47
MasterOfDisasterphrozen: I'm out of ideas, sorry. go ahead and ask on stackoverflow.com.09:47
theadminTex_Nick: That's about Optimus09:48
pixie_dusttheadmin i still have the same issue09:48
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theadminpixie_dust: Damn... Welp. No idea then, sorry.09:48
phrozenMasterOfDisaster: Thank you.09:48
mahesh_can any one please help me to resolve an issue with packages? I am not able to install any thing by apt-get command in kubuntu 12.04 LTS. I am getting error as : "E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution)."09:48
pixie_dustcan anyone help me with an ati driver issue09:49
dr_willisand you did try 'sudo apt-get -f'  mahesh_ ?09:49
Tex_Nicktheadmin : link is what linus torvalds thinks about nvidia :-)09:49
mahesh_yes, but it didn't work09:49
pixie_dusti guess ill try the ati drivers from the website.. nothing else i can do09:50
Guido1Ben64, theadmin: still a bit stuck09:50
theadminTex_Nick: Well, don't care much what Linus thinks. It works for me :P09:50
Ben64Guido1: you should try making a script to do what you want, then have crontab call it09:51
theadminTex_Nick: Then again this is a Dell computer, sooo...09:51
Guido1Ben64: how do i make such a script, where do i have to save it etc?09:52
theadminmahesh_: Try running "sudo apt-get update" first.09:52
theadminGuido1: Doesn't matter at all. Just make a file starting with "#!/bin/bash", followed by all your commands, one per line.09:52
pixie_dustwhat does sudo apt-get update do?09:52
theadminpixie_dust: Gets the package lists.09:53
Guido1Ben64: if i could do it with parole it would also be fine; how do i know tthe right coments?09:53
Tex_Nicktheadmin : i use nvidia on several boxs also ... works for me too ... was just injecting some humor ;_)09:53
Ben64Guido1: look at what theadmin said.09:54
mahesh_Ok, trying now...:)09:54
Guido1i'm trying to make a alarmclock since the timer of my musicenter is broken :-S09:54
belgianguyah, thanks MasterOfDisaster, I'll just continue onwards then configuring it09:54
Guido1Ben64: i'm trying to make a alarmclock since the timer of my musicenter is broken :-S09:54
Ben64Guido1: you might want to look into "at" then09:54
Ben64!info at09:54
ubottuat (source: at): Delayed job execution and batch processing. In component main, is standard. Version 3.1.13-2ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 35 kB, installed size 175 kB09:54
Guido1Ben64: how do i look into that?09:55
kdnsPlease, can anyone well me the correct two ways (sysvinit and upstart) to set a service to start manually or automatically?09:56
Ben64Guido1: the manual for at, google09:56
Ben64!upstart | kdns09:56
ubottukdns: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/09:56
kdnsThanks Ben, I know what upstart is and what sysvinit is, I just can't find an authoritative "correct" way to do this for ubuntu precise09:57
kdnsjust a million different answers when I google.09:57
Ben64check the link from ubottu09:57
theadminGuido1: Uh, well, something like "30 6 * * MON-FRI mplayer '/home/l/Music/alarm.mp3' &" will give you an alarm at 6:30 AM, monday to friday.09:59
theadminGuido1: Shouldn't be a problem.09:59
kdnsBen64: Sorry, it doesn't seem to answer my question.09:59
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Guido1theadmin: want a playlist, don't have mplayer10:00
theadminGuido1: Uh, what do you have?10:00
Ben64kdns: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/10:00
Guido1parole and rhythmbox10:00
Ben64mplayer is quite easy to install10:00
theadminGuido1: ...Won't work from crontab, they are graphical10:01
ninershello... I just did an automatic update and something happened with my wine and there was an error and it's like I no longer have it. can someone please help me10:01
theadminGuido1: You need a command-line player, so just "sudo apt-get install mplayer".10:01
Styler2gohello guys. i am having some problems starting my apache2,, it tells me: bad group name"psacln"10:01
theadminGuido1: The syntax for playlists is identical to that above, just use ".m3u" instead of ".mp3" :P10:01
dr_willisniners:  start with   wine --version    perhaps from a terminal to see if its installed10:02
Guido1theadmin: okee, then i will try that10:02
Ben64Styler2go: what os, what control panel, how did you install apache?10:02
kdnsBen64: Yeh, that's what I looked at, and I don't see where it answers my questions.10:02
nooobhey guys i am writing a test, pls help me - how to find out if a domain uses a virtual host?10:03
Styler2goubuntu 10.04 LTS, Plesk, apache was installed, i coppied my old backup into and it stopped working10:03
nooobfor example www.wikipedia.org10:03
Ben64kdns: you didn't read all of that in 2 minutes10:03
Styler2go(after a reboot)10:03
pixie_dustwhen i try to install the graphics drivers it says that some kernal headers cannot be found10:03
kdnsBen no, I read it before I came in here asking questions.10:03
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages10:03
=== lantizia is now known as Lantizia
Ben64pixie_dust: 64 bit?10:03
nooobcan anyone help me please? which command do I use?10:04
ninersbut I dont have an entire wine installation. I installed a collection of packages one of which goes with wine.  Sole purpose was to get netflix to work on this os.10:04
ninersDr. Willis I meant10:04
Ben64pixie_dust: sudo apt-get install linux-headers`uname -r | sed s/^.*[0-9]\-/-/g`10:04
theadminnooob: You can't find that out, you need their server config..10:05
pixie_dustsudo apt get *raindance*10:05
kdnsBen64: I searched through it using search terms I gathered when I got the thousand other mixed responses10:05
dr_willisniners:  that netflix ppa thing - installs its own special wine  and firefox.10:05
mahesh_@<theadmin> : same issue after update10:05
nooobtheadmin: okay, that really sucks..... I have to find out :/10:05
ninersdr willis... yeah?10:05
Styler2goHow could i reinstall apache2?10:05
kdnsBen64: You seem to think I want to learn about upstart. I actually don't right now. definitely later, but right now, I want to get my computer working.10:05
Styler2goapt-get remove and then install or is there a command to reinstall?10:06
ninersso... I dont see what you're getting at dr10:06
mahesh_mahesh@Mahesh-System-Kubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install gedit10:06
mahesh_Reading package lists... Done10:06
mahesh_Building dependency tree10:06
mahesh_Reading state information... Done10:06
mahesh_You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these:10:06
FloodBot1mahesh_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:06
mahesh_The following packages have unmet dependencies:10:06
Ben64Styler2go: we can't really help you with plesk10:06
theadminStyler2go: sudo apt-get --reinstall install apache210:06
dr_willisapt has a reinstall option10:06
nooobtheadmin: so should write there that virtual hosts cannot be found?10:06
nooobtheadmin: but that would be weird...10:06
theadminnooob: I suppose... How would you find  that out? That's private information anyway. And if it's your server you could access it...10:06
kdnsBen64: I came in here because I did the searching and reading docs and forum posts and sifting through different years' and different versions' correct ways, and I came up blank, and I'm hoping someone can give me an answer.10:07
Styler2goand: what can i do against this message? /bin/sh: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)10:07
ninersDr. Willis? You talking to me? I cant really tell10:07
nooobtheadmin: well, I have to find out virtual servers for www.archlinux.org and www.wikipedia.org10:07
nooobtheadmin: but that task is pointless then10:07
Ben64nooob: not really an ubuntu question10:07
nooobi know :D10:07
Ben64then.... not in this channel10:07
dr_willisniners:   check that netflix things repository  and see what all it installs using synaptic. it pulls in quiet a bit of stuff.10:08
pixie_dustxBen64 it said the optopn r fro  -r is not known10:08
ninersdr willis.... oaky then what10:08
Ben64pixie_dust: you have to type it in exactly as i had it10:08
pixie_dusti did10:08
Ben64no you didn't10:08
Tex_NickStyler2go :  you might also ask in #httpd & #ubuntu-server10:08
kdnsBen64: If you know the answer, if you could just tell me, that would be nice. if you don't, you could just tell me you don't, or not answer. I don't need to be told RTFM, I have the discipline to do that myself, I just lack the time right now.10:09
Styler2gobut whats with this problem? /bin/sh: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)10:09
nooobokay then, i hope that theadmins answer is right... thx10:09
dr_willisniners:  Im not clear on what the original problem is10:09
theadminkdns: Sorry, uh, what's your problem again?10:09
theadminStyler2go: Might need to generate that locale... sudo locale-gen en_US en_US.UTF-8 && sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales10:10
kdnsPlease, can anyone well me the correct two ways (sysvinit and upstart) to set a service to start manually or automatically?10:10
Styler2gothank you so much <3 :)10:10
Styler2goi will try to fix apache on my own.. :)10:10
dr_williskdns:  upstart services have a config file in /etc/init/*.conf  that start them at bootup.10:10
Pangolinpixie_dust: There's a virtual keyboard in the Accessibility tools10:11
Pangolinbut it's only useful in virtual terminals10:11
kdnsI know various ways to do it... but I want to know the *RIGHT* way.10:11
theadminkdns: For upstart, in the .conf file, "manual" anywhere in the file on a separate line for manual startup, or "start on runlevel [2345]" for automatic. I'm not too familiar with SysVInit, though.10:11
kdnsdr_willis: so the .override file is the right way then?10:12
dr_willisoverfide file can turn it OFF - disable it...10:12
dr_willisthe upstart cookbook web site - details 3 ways to disable a service i recall10:12
kdnshah, it ain't working then. Stops one of these two services from starting auto, but doesn't stop it altogether.10:12
kdnsexactly - three ways. which one is the *right* way.10:13
dr_willisthere is no right way. it depends on your needs10:13
Styler2gohow can i COMPLETLY remove apache2? apt-get remove apache2 ; is this enough?10:13
dr_willisyou asked how to start them..10:13
Styler2goor should i ask in another channel?10:13
dr_willisStyler2go:  i belive theres some apache2 settings packages also10:13
cfhowlettStyler2go, sudo apt-get purge apache2*10:13
kdnsWhy would programmers allow three ways to do it without purpose for three ways?10:13
Ben64Styler2go: purge, but with plesk, anything we suggest may not work10:13
kdnsI doubt that...10:13
ninersthe wine package that came with the collection is saying that it is unable to properly operate as it's looking for 1.14.12ubuntu3 which was a part of the older version of the os10:13
dr_williskdns:  the override method does NOT work for older ubuntu releases..10:13
kdnsRight, this is precise10:14
dr_williskdns:  theres also future features of upstart documented that are not in the current release ofupstart10:14
ninersdr_willis: the wine package that came with the collection is saying that it is unable to properly operate as it's looking for 1.14.12ubuntu3 which was a part of the older version of the os10:14
dr_willisi just rename the whatever.conf file if i want to disable a  upstart service.10:14
theadminkdns: Please see my answer. There's no "right" way to do it if there are multiple ways, Tim Toady. But the easiest is probably what I described.10:14
Guido1theadmin, Ben64: for some reason "14 11 * * MON-FRI mplayer '/home/alarm.m3u' &" doesn't work and how do i stop the alarm?10:15
dr_willisniners:  i updated that netflix stuff today. here on 12.10  - havent tried it yet.10:15
MrokiiHello. Is there a logout command I can use from a TTY to break out of a failing log-in process?10:15
theadminGuido1: /home is NOT your home directory.10:15
theadminGuido1: it's /home/username/10:15
Ben64also, i would use "at" for an alarm, not cron10:15
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ninersDr. Willis: I have 12.0410:15
kdnsI disagree. Many ways to do it does not automatically imply that they are all equally correct.10:15
dr_willisniners:  and i am on  12.10 - so thats about all i can offer10:16
Guido1theadmin: okee and how do is stop the alarm?10:16
ninersDr. Willis... so what should I do exactly10:16
ninersjust get windows?10:16
theadminGuido1: Uh... killall mplayer10:16
kdnsThe *right* way may have a bunch of dependencies on your situation or whatever...10:16
Styler2golol its running...10:16
theadminGuido1: Also, uh, the line should be without quotes in the crontab, is that so?10:17
theadminGuido1: i.e., just: 14 11 * * MON-FRI mplayer '/home/alarm.m3u' &10:17
Guido1theadmin: yes10:17
theadminGuido1: Well, more of: 14 11 * * MON-FRI mplayer '/home/guido1/alarm.m3u' &10:17
theadminGuido1: That will play at 11:14, monday to friday.10:18
kdnsI really appreciate the help guys but I don't think anyone here actually knows best practice for having these two tools behave as desired... Any idea where to find out?10:18
Ben64Guido1, theadmin: probably need a -playlist after mplayer10:18
theadminBen64: Huh, thought it'd work that way.10:18
theadminBen64: I don't know, I don't do playlists, I do folders.10:18
Ben64me too10:18
Ben64mplayer Music/*10:18
ninersDr. Willis?10:19
dr_williskdns:  you may want to clarify the question and post it on askubuntu.com - its not really clear on what you are asking.10:19
Guido1theadmin: how do you do folders?10:19
dr_willisniners: ?10:19
kdnsI'm sorry I wasn't clear10:19
ninersDr Willis... So what is it you suggest i do exactly10:19
theadminGuido1: Just dump a bunch of files in a folder and play the folder10:19
dr_willisniners:  no idea. Im not on the same release as you. You just said its missing some package. so sounds like the ppa maintainer has some issues.10:20
kostkonGuido1, for a simpler solution, check this: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/alarm-clock-applet/10:20
Guido1theadmin: but what is the coment?10:20
Ben64Guido1: just curious, why not use one of the alarm applications available?10:20
kdnsIt's actually four questions10:20
theadminGuido1: ?10:20
ninersthe wine package that came with the collection is saying that it is unable to properly operate as it's looking for 1.14.12ubuntu3 which was a part of the older version of the os10:21
theadminBen64: And why do use them? I mean, installing extra stuff when there's an excellent built-in scheduler is just bloating your system10:21
Tex_Nick!best | kdns10:21
ubottukdns: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:21
Guido1Ben64, theadmin: course i couldn't find one suporting playlists, Cd or folder10:21
dr_willislooking for what exactly niners ? you jus gave a version #... not a package name10:21
kdnsWhat is the best practice to set an upstart service to start manually only? What is the best practice to set an sysvinit service to start manually only? What is the best practice to set an upstart service to start automatically? What is the best practice to set an upstart service to start automatically?10:21
pixie_dusti did that command you said but i get the same error10:21
Ben64theadmin: well i have an alarm clock for alarming10:21
theadminGuido1: Well mplayer supports all of those :P10:21
Styler2goE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)  what does that mean?10:21
Ben64Styler2go: something had a problem10:22
kdnsTex, I am not asking what app is best. I am asking for the best practice for the tools. Instructions, not opinions.10:22
theadminStyler2go: That means something went wonky when you were doing stuff to packages. Can't tell what without the actual error (should be above that)10:22
ninersDr. Willis.... I have no idea... my friend whose kinda a computer person did this all for me and I didnt get a chance to watch him do it so I'd know how this all works. He doesn't even know what the name was10:22
* cfhowlett them dern kids, again!10:23
Ben64Styler2go: as i said before, we can't really help you with plesk10:23
Styler2gois this a plesk related problem?10:23
Ben64installing plesk messes with the whole system10:23
Guido1theadmin: yes, got it working :-))) thanks a lot10:24
theadminGuido1: Yays10:24
Styler2goso nobody can help me with this problem? :-/10:24
theadminGuido1: 11:14 is a weird time for an alarm though, why not 15?10:25
ninersDr. Willis:  I have no idea... my friend whose kinda a computer person did this all for me and I didnt get a chance to watch him do it so I'd know how this all works. He doesn't even know what the name was10:25
cfhowlettGuido1, snooze function10:25
antonio_for some reason I can't open PDF's in 12.10 when I run xpdf from terminal I get this output http://pastebin.com/cr826a0P10:25
Ben64Styler2go: plesk maybe? or if you get rid of plesk and reinstall ubuntu or something10:25
Styler2goyeah, but how to reinstall.. lets look...wait :D10:25
Guido1theadmin: whats the coment for pause? adjust the volume (during playing) 11.14 was becourse of testing ;-)10:25
Styler2go(its a vServer)10:25
pixie_dustcan anyone help me?10:26
pixie_dustim trying to install ati drivers and it says im missing kernal headers10:26
Ben64pixie_dust: i've already told  you how to install headers10:27
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages10:27
pixie_dusti tryed it didnt work..10:27
Ben64you did not type it correctly10:27
dr_willisthen you could have said so. ;)10:27
antonio_neither of my pdf viewers will stay open...how can I diagnose the problem?10:27
Ben64sudo apt-get install linux-headers`uname -r | sed s/^.*[0-9]\-/-/g`10:27
Ben64works perfectly10:27
Styler2goi just can reinstall it... nothing about install without plesk or so...10:28
Guido1theadmin: and the comand for playing audio CD (audio traks on it, no mp3)10:28
theadminGuido1: To play an audio CD you can use mplayer /dev/dvd10:30
theadminGuido1: And to pause you can use killall -STOP mplayer (to continue, killall -CONT mplayer)10:30
Styler2gook i am installing it without plesk... plesk is nice because it has an app for controlling cpu / ram usage...10:31
theadminProbably the wrong way to do it but I don't want to bother reading the docs for the commands :P10:31
Styler2gothat was the only reason i used it.. :D10:31
pixie_dustthank you ben10:32
pixie_dusti was pressing ' instead of `10:32
Guido1theadmin: thanks :-)) then i don't even have to make a new playlist, but can just put another Cd into it in the evening :-)10:33
=== altair is now known as Guest96258
theadminGuido1: Wait, scratch that, for the audio CD use: mplayer cdda://10:34
Guido1theadmin: (y)10:35
joaohow can I remove the background squares from my launcher bar?10:43
MonkeyDustjoao  guess you need programming skills to edit the source, to that end10:45
joaoMonkeyDust ok fine, but where's the source at?10:45
MonkeyDustjoao  use sudo apt-get source [package name]10:48
=== nuxninja is now known as cockroacher
Jupiter123I am not able to configure my audio10:50
Jupiter123kindly help10:50
mahesh_Can any one help me to sort the issue with below error?10:50
mahesh_Package: libwvstreams4.6-extras10:50
mahesh_Error: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:50
mahesh_Package: libuniconf4.610:50
mahesh_Error: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:50
mahesh_Package: wvdial10:50
mahesh_Error: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:50
mahesh_Package: gnome-ppp10:50
FloodBot1mahesh_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:50
mahesh_Error: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:50
=== mart is now known as Guest77201
mahesh_Can any one help me on the error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1585444/?10:52
cockroacherhi mahesh_10:52
mahesh_<cockroacher> Hi..10:53
cockroacheru frm india mahesh_10:53
mahesh_<cockroacher> : yes10:53
AknotAnyone else have some tearing on flash videos when something moves quickly??10:54
histoAknot: What type of cpu/video card do you have?10:55
cockroacherAknot what GPU u use.....on AMD enable screentearing10:56
xkernelin Ubuntu 12.10 when exiting full screen flash sometimes it crashes showing white blank screen and I have to kill X10:56
Aknotphenom II x6 and amd hd 577010:56
histoAknot: have you intsalled you ati driver?10:56
mutanthi guys how do i systemctl on ubuntu?10:56
cockroacherhave you installed amdccc Aknot10:56
Aknotive installed fglrx but i had tearing without it too10:57
histomutant: what is systemctl?10:57
mutanthisto: is the command for systemd10:57
cockroacherAknot install amdccc 12.6 or 13.1 from amd.com website10:57
Aknotinst amdccc same thing as the fglrx driver?10:57
mutanthisto: it allows me to load something at boot automatically at every boot, how do i do that in ubuntu?10:58
Aknotcockroacher i have catalyst controle center it comes with fglrx10:58
histomutant: are you running 12.10?10:58
cockroacherthen Aknot enable screen tearing option10:58
mutanthisto: im running precise10:59
Aknotcockroacher ok i enabled it do i have to restart computer?10:59
cockroacheryes Aknot10:59
histomutant: did you install systemd?11:00
cockroacherAknot your chip and GPU work on linux and ubuntu awesomely i had same config and nothing works together better than those two11:00
mutanthisto: no i'm asking what is the out-of-the-box ubuntu alternative to systemd11:00
histomutant: upstart is what ubuntu  is using11:01
cockroacherhi nitin_11:01
mutantok thanks11:02
nitin__i have installed the django  app on intranet11:02
nitin__but not able to load media file11:02
mutanthinto: upstart command not found11:03
dgxHey all. Will I be able to install normal desktop app on the ubuntu phone?11:04
Aknotcockroacher thanks it works now11:05
makarahi. What's the ctrl+key shortcut to complete a command FROM HISTORY?11:05
cockroacher> Aknot your chip and GPU work on linux and ubuntu awesomely i had same config and nothing works together better than those two11:05
cockroachersend me an e-beer Aknot11:05
Aknoti would if i knew how :D11:06
histomutant: What service are you trying to restart?11:07
TomyLaptopif i compile vs the libboost1.48-dev package, do i need to have any packages to run it?11:08
july_How create a launcher on the desktop of gnome classic? It's not avaible on right click.11:08
TomyLaptopbecause i dont see any libboost1.48 package11:08
histomutant: try using initctl11:08
cockroacherjuly press ALT+super+right click11:08
histomutant: or man initctl11:08
TomyLaptopwhat is "super"?11:09
elliriamakara: ctrl-r might be what you're looking for.11:09
=== cockroacher is now known as bitch-slapper
belgianguyhmm I added:    alias ebrc="nano ~/.bashrc"     to my .bashrc file11:09
bitch-slapperTomyLaptop the windows key on the keyboard11:09
histoTomyLaptop: windows key is super11:09
belgianguythen used source to reload it11:10
belgianguybut when I try to use my ebrc command, it crashes :/11:10
TomyLaptopno, windows isnt super :D11:10
july_cockroacher: no, the possibility are create a folder, create a new document, align the icons... but not create a launcher.11:10
histomakara: ctlr+r11:10
TomyLaptopi thought that key was called meta11:10
bitch-slapperok july11:10
histoTomyLaptop: I've heard it refered to both ways.11:11
TomyLaptopKDE calls it meta. i just checked11:11
bitch-slapperTomyLaptop no patents yet if im correct11:11
makaraelliria, histo Thankyou11:12
elliriamakara: Any time. (:11:12
belgianguyit's not the " or ' either, it crashes on both11:12
TomyLaptopok there is libboost1.48-dbg which depends on libboost1.48-dev, but no libboost1.4811:13
TomyLaptopwhat the heck?11:13
TomyLaptopisnt it usually the way that both -dbg and -dev depend on the main package?11:13
histoTomyLaptop: someone else was in here looking for libboost recently.11:14
yann2hello! I m looking to speak to the guy who does laptop certifications for canonical, anyone know who that might be?11:15
akisMy 12,04 system recognizes my camera and lsusb gives: Bus 004 Device 004: ID 0553:0002 STMicroelectronics Imaging Division (VLSI Vision) CPiA Webcam. Why adobe cannot recognize this cam and any webcamtest fails?11:15
bitch-slapperakis install cheese and check11:15
belgianguyakis: tried cheese or mplayer or vlc?11:15
histoyann2: You'd probably have to talk with canonical support and ask them would be a start.11:16
=== Guest77201 is now known as Guest77
yann2histo, that'd be assuming I have support?11:16
histoyann2: That's how cannonical makes money11:16
akisbelgianguy. the cam works with vlc11:17
TomyLaptopi guess he wants to pay for the cert but not for support11:17
yann2just want to report that one of their certificated hardware doesnt work, thought it might interest them even if I m not supported11:17
histoyann2: http://www.ubuntu.com/support11:17
TomyLaptopoh or that11:17
yann2If I was supported and they told me to go for it I d probably be quite upset11:17
histoyann2: What hardware are your referring to and why do you think its' certified?11:18
histoyann2: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/11:18
yann2T430s, http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201202-10634/  , and actually I might still have a support contract11:18
yann2it sa  personal one though, and this is my work laptop11:18
belgianguyakis: well that's good, but wouldn't know how to continue from there11:19
belgianguyakis: xawtv might be able to help11:19
histoyann2: What problem are you experiencing?11:19
yann2random freeze - searching for "t430s ubuntu freeze" seems I m not alone11:20
akisbelgianguy. i want adobe to be able to see the webcam. why cannot access it althougt the system can recognise the devise?11:20
histoyann2: what version of ubuntu are you running?11:20
yann212.4 LTS11:20
belgianguyakis: codecs I guess11:20
histoyann2: I found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2065734  Where it's marked as solved11:21
belgianguyVLC has its own codecs on board, the OS probably doesn't recognize the webcam codec11:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 993187 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "ubuntu 12.04 completely freezes frequently." [Critical,Won't fix]11:21
bitch-slapperakis have you checked with cheese11:21
yann2guy marked as solved because he got his motherboard changed, but my laptop is brand new11:22
yann2https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1055922  there is a bug here11:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 1055922 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu freezes completely - only solution is a hard reset" [Medium,Expired]11:22
yann2seems unresolved11:23
yann2but with kernel patches11:23
histoyann2: Okay so have you installed kernel patches?11:24
yann2at the moment, I just wanted to notify the certification guy of the issues11:25
yann2regarding patches, recompiling a kernel is not a small task11:25
yann2(and maintaining it)11:25
yann2did I say something wrong? you seem quite hostile11:26
histoyann2: on the certification page there is a link for more info and the procedure for becoming certified. I'm sure those  would be the same people.11:26
akisbitch-slapper. no.if vlc can connect the cam what do i get more with cheese?11:26
histoyann2: No i'm not being hostile just trying to help. Sorry it's coming off that way.11:26
yann2I' ll get support and get it fixed this way.11:27
yann2from my previous experience I m not that hopeful though.11:27
histoakis: Because flash is terrible11:27
Shakibaaaaaameee is feeeling horny?11:27
Shakibaaaaaaanyone up for sex?11:27
histoyann2: Really? I've never experienced canonical support.11:28
histo!ot | Shakibaaaaaa11:28
ubottuShakibaaaaaa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:28
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U, DJones!11:28
bitch-slapperShakibaaaaaa hi11:28
MonkeyDustBen64  don't call the ops too easily, just ignore the kid11:28
Ben64MonkeyDust: seemed a bit more than normal trolling11:28
histobitch-slapper: don't feed the trolls11:29
bitch-slapperk histo11:29
yann2actualy, it doesnt seem easy to subscribe.11:29
yann2ok its in the ubuntu shop.11:30
akishisto. http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/help04.html#117107. If your computer or device doesn't support video recording using Flash Player, you cannot select a camera to use, and this panel doesn't appear.11:30
=== IboS_ is now known as IboS
histoyann2: can I pm you?11:31
linuxno  spahe11:32
l0lh4rdany tricks on sorting slow internet connection in xubuntu11:32
bitch-slapperlolh4rd no substitute for fast connection11:32
l0lh4rdI m gonna but still the present connection which I m using is much more faster in Windows than in Linux(xubuntu)11:33
bitch-slapperwhat you using cable or 3g???11:33
erupterl0lh4rd, my connections usually perform the same (if not faster) under ubuntu11:33
erupterl0lh4rd, what is the reating of the line you're talking about?11:34
MonkeyDustl0lh4rd  picked this up in this channel http://paste.ubuntu.com/1585659/11:34
bitch-slapperit should be fast but not like installing Downoad Accelerator etc11:34
erupterbitch-slapper, does it really give you any advantage nowadays???11:35
bitch-slapperon windows yes you can see the increase not sure on linux how11:35
erupterbitch-slapper, with multi-mega-bit lines, I don't see the point in compressing the stream... unless we're talking fullhd :p11:35
erupterl0lh4rd, yeah rating: megabits11:35
l0lh4rd256Kbps -_-11:36
bitch-slappererupter correct but windies works diff from linux11:36
bitch-slapperso thats 30KBps effective l0lh4rd11:36
erupterl0lh4rd, so you can't get 25K/s out of your line?11:36
erupterbitch-slapper, I usually divide by 10 to allow for overheads :)11:36
erupterl0lh4rd, have you tried www.speedtest.net ?11:37
l0lh4rdit does not load in my browser11:37
bitch-slapperya do that l0lh4rd11:37
l0lh4rdtakes a lot to load11:37
=== bitch-slapper is now known as mad-monkey
mad-monkeyyes line is sloww...11:38
erupterl0lh4rd, yes it's all flash based, quite heavy on such a slow line11:38
MonkeyDustironically, you need to have a fast pc to know how fast your pc is11:40
MonkeyDustor fast line11:40
l0lh4rdCore i3, 4GB RAM11:41
mad-monkeyMonkeDust not really networking is independent11:41
mad-monkeyvery very powerful l0lh4rd11:41
l0lh4rdanyways thanks for the tips11:44
l0lh4rdI have no other choice then to upgrade my plan11:45
mad-monkeyyes sir11:45
l0lh4rdbtw, there's only slight difference between ubuntu and xubuntu right?11:47
erupterl0lh4rd, unfortunately given that any newspaper homepage is going to weight in the multi-megabytes range, you are in a situation similar to the latest machines equipped with floppy disks: they could go much faster and host much more data, still they were limited by the awfully slow and small floppy11:47
erupterl0lh4rd, not much, just aesthetics11:47
l0lh4rdthanks erupter11:47
erupterl0lh4rd, what changes is the UI the OS presents, you can also change it yourself should you want to11:48
erupterl0lh4rd, xubuntu uses XDE, ubuntu uses Unity11:48
erupterl0lh4rd, you can still install any on any distro11:48
erupterl0lh4rd, in your case something along the lines of $sudo apt-get install unity11:48
auronandaceerupter: xubuntu uses xfce11:48
erupterauronandace, yeah right, it's kubuntu that uses kde :p11:49
erupterl0lh4rd, to install the usual unity desktop you'd do $sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:49
MonkeyDusthttp://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg  <-- different DE's11:49
erupterl0lh4rd, that would install everything you need, and then at the start you can choose to load unity or xfce11:49
erupterl0lh4rd, you can do the same for KDE or any other interface11:50
=== mad-monkey is now known as Reddictor
=== Reddictor is now known as Guest81014
erupterMonkeyDust, I suppose the most refined are (right now) Kde and Unity? I think they got the most active devs behind... or is it?11:51
=== Guest81014 is now known as Reddictor_
erupterI read a bit of fuss around Gnome3 since it got dumped by Canonical, but I don't know hot it fares...11:51
ThinkT510erupter: unity is build on top of gnome311:52
Reddictor_gnome3 's gk3 is used in unity so only DE gnome-shell is dumped11:52
erupteruh then why all the fuss about dumping gnome and going unity in the latest distros?11:52
histoerupter: gnome3 is very unity like11:52
MonkeyDusterupter  ther's something about KDE no longer fully supported, or something11:53
l0lh4rddownloading ubuntu desktop gonna take 1hr 18 mins +/-11:53
Reddictor_unity is a de just like Gnome-shell but i guess easy to program11:53
histoerupter: there basically dumping the gnome-shell11:53
erupterl0lh4rd, yeah it's a lot of megs :(11:53
MonkeyDustunity is a shell over gnome311:53
l0lh4rd150 to be precise :(11:53
histoMonkeyDust: kind of.11:53
Reddictor_gnome3 is for touch panels so its kinda kinky business11:54
eruptermmm my concept of shell is kinda blurring right now :p11:54
pixie_dusta while back when ubuntu first got unity, it had an intergrated music player in the start menu, what happened to it11:59
erupterpixie_dust, I still have it12:01
Reddictor_hi pixie12:02
erupterpixie_dust, 12.04 at least12:02
bobweavererupter,  what are you talking about ?12:02
bobweavermusic player for the dash ?  erupter12:02
erupterbobweaver, sorry -_- start menu -> top bar12:03
erupterI got it wrong12:03
bobweaverahh the unity-panel12:03
OnkeltemHi all. I wonder how to configure Right Alt to type special symbols like Euro sign. Any ideas?12:03
erupterto me it does automatically12:04
erupterit depends on the keyboard layout I suppose12:04
=== indy21_ is now known as indy21
bobweaverpixie_dust,  if you like I have a ppa it is only 12.04 but it plays music when you hover over the music item in the dash12:04
bobweaverpixie_dust,  NM it is not stable enough yet sorry and not supported here either12:05
Onkeltemsetxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us,ru -option lv3:ralt_switch,grp:caps_toggle,misc:typo,grp_led:caps - how this correlates with Ubuntu GUI? I mean, how to configure, say, "lv3:ralt_switch" in Ubuntu GUI?12:06
poeehi. are there any .debs for java plugin and java?12:06
Styler2gocan u please repost me how i can fix this problem?  /bin/sh: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)12:07
erupterpoee: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html12:10
Styler2goanyone knows how i can fix this error? warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)12:11
pixie_dusti think it was banshee?12:12
poeethanks erupter12:13
poeeI ll check it out12:13
Styler2godoes somebody know a monitor software for ubuntu? that i can see cpu / ram usage anywhere...? maybe with app for android?12:15
poeedoesnt ubuntu have its own system monitor?12:15
Styler2gocan i reach it remotely?12:15
ActionParsnip!sensors | Styler2go12:16
ubottuStyler2go: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.12:16
ActionParsnipStyler2go: sure, you can run it via SSH if you want12:16
Styler2goi just want cpu / ram usage... conky looks good12:16
erupterStyler2go, KDE has integrated widgets for that12:17
ActionParsnipStyler2go: you may be able to use snmp12:17
Styler2gocan u guys pls help me starting mysql? or is this the wrong channel for that?everytime i want to start it gives me root@v0132:~# service mysql start start: Job failed to start12:18
SlingStyler2go: and what happens if you start it directly, without the upstart script?12:18
ActionParsnipStyler2go: i'd ask in #mysql12:18
sillypantsHello, I can't seem to find the error here, line 92. I'm getting "undefined reference to ListItem::ListeItem(int const&, QString const&, int const&, int const& QObject*)..." http://pastebin.com/h9m6JPCd  , maybe someone could give me a hint?12:18
erupterStyler2go,  suppose something like /join #mysql would be better12:18
Slingif its not the upstart, then #mysql indeed12:18
eruptersillypants, ##programming may be better suited12:19
sillypantswoops wrong channel12:19
* erupter feeling like a tourist information kiosk :p12:19
kgshello everyone. I want to reinstall Ubuntu 12.10 without losing data for my applications.12:26
kgswhat's the safest way to do this?12:26
MonkeyDustkgs  backup, then fresh install12:26
kgsbackup how? /home is enough?12:27
MonkeyDustkgs  during install, consider creating an separate /home partition12:27
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning12:28
kgsCan there be some way to backup without booting into Ubuntu?12:29
kgsProblem is, I can't see anything on the display. I have no idea what was done, but this is how it is.12:30
MonkeyDustkgs  if you have more than 1 pc in the same network, you can ssh to it12:31
justmehthere's a ton of methods kgs12:31
justmeheven acronis works with linux, as does ghost. there's a TON of free programs, but if you want to be lazy you can just dd the drive12:31
justmehlame bot12:32
kgswell, http only, everything else is blocked. This is on an office network12:32
=== root is now known as Guest95746
bharathhow  can I update libnl 3.2.3 to 3.2.7?12:32
Rini highly suggest every one get to know Redo! backup & restore.  its very powerful and even the most inexperienced elderly person can use it. and it works for windows, linux and mac12:33
ActionParsnip!ppa | bharath12:33
ubottubharath: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:33
ironhalikhow can I executa a command on every user login and resume from sleep? I need to assing two finger tap to middle click every reboot, logiin and resume from sleep12:33
ActionParsnipRin: I prefer acronis12:33
kgsRin: thanks, I guess that's what I'll use.12:33
ActionParsnipironhalik: you can add the command to the autorun stuff and it will run at login12:34
justmehwtf is wrong with this bot12:34
Rinclonezilla is too difficult for most ppl12:34
MonkeyDusti use rsync -a to backup during the night12:34
somsipjustmeh: try !info {packagename]12:34
justmehwho is most12:34
justmehah somsip thx12:34
ActionParsnipironhalik: look into thaw and wakeup for the place to add it when the system resumes12:34
Styler2gothere is nobody in #mysql :D12:34
ActionParsnipjustmeh: she is fine, responding to the triggers12:35
Styler2gohow can i start without "service"? :o12:35
ActionParsnipStyler2go: check the logs in /var/log   it may give clues12:35
justmehActionParsnip, while technically its running as intended i'm disparaging its abilities.12:35
justmehdpkg > ubottu12:35
ActionParsnipjustmeh: you can suggest factoids and they may get added12:36
ActionParsnip!info dpkg | justmeh12:36
ubottujustmeh: dpkg (source: dpkg): Debian package management system. In component main, is required. Version 1.16.7ubuntu6 (quantal), package size 1706 kB, installed size 5642 kB12:36
justmehActionParsnip, see #debian12:36
Rinhow do i go about adding !redo12:36
Styler2gomysql.log empty and mysql.err empty too12:36
Alocerdoese anyone knows  : will i get problems by installing kopete in unity or not ??12:37
ActionParsnipRin: you#d type something like:    /msg ubottu !redo is Redo is an application that does stuff12:37
ActionParsnipAlocer: it should be fine12:37
Alocerty ActionParsnip12:37
ActionParsnipjustmeh: what else do you want her to do?12:37
justmehActionParsnip, just forgive my hostilities @ bots12:38
justmehit should list every command its got12:38
justmehalong iwth common syntax12:38
ActionParsnip!brain | justmeh12:38
ubottujustmeh: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots12:38
ActionParsnipjustmeh: it does12:38
ActionParsnipjustmeh: just because YOU don't know how, doesn't mean its not possible12:38
justmehno good i gotta go there to get it?12:38
justmehanyway better ubottu than no bot.12:39
justmehmoving on ;)12:39
Styler2gofound this:  /etc/init.d/mysql: line 51: awk: command not found root@v0132:~#12:39
ActionParsnipjustmeh: try asking rather than assuming12:39
justmehive been here a long time12:39
Styler2gowhat is awk? does anyone know how i could fix htis?12:41
jribStyler2go: how did you install ubuntu...?12:42
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall12:42
bharathhow to add quantal repo to 12.04? for libnl update version12:42
ActionParsnipbharath: that will make a big mes12:43
jribbharath: mixing repositories for other ubuntu versions is not supported12:43
Styler2goubuntu was pre installed12:43
ActionParsnipbharath: I suggest you find a ppa12:43
jribStyler2go: by whom?12:43
Styler2goi just copied my backuo over the files after i was done installing everything :-/12:43
Styler2goits a vServer12:43
justmehit can be done12:43
justmehwhat you are looking for is called pinning.12:43
FloodBot1justmeh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:44
Styler2go:D :D12:44
justmehshush u stupid bot12:44
jribStyler2go: you should complain to whoever is managing the server as it's very strange for you to not have awk and there's likely to be more things broken12:44
justmehhowever bharath in general its VERY STRONGLY recommended to nOT do this12:44
ActionParsnipits not pinning, bharath wants a later version than is in Precise12:44
Styler2gohow can i "clean up" my apt-get ?12:44
justmehpinning ActionParsnip12:44
Styler2goit tells me many strange things12:44
bharathActionParsnip, while building gnome-shell using jhbuild I got this error  http://pastie.org/592920612:44
ActionParsnipStyler2go: sudo apt-get clean     will remove the old debs from the cache, freeing up space12:44
justmehyou leave your current repos in your apt12:45
jribStyler2go: I suggest you reinstall12:45
ActionParsnipjustmeh: its not pinning12:45
justmehit is pinning12:45
justmehthen you add more repos12:45
RBdoes anyone know how I can detect the state of my display? I want to start and close a program as the display is turned on and off12:45
justmehthen you select which is the preferred12:45
Styler2gocant i just install awk?12:45
ActionParsnipjustmeh: how is wanting the version of a later release in an older release pinning?12:45
justmehActionParsnip, stfu and read the link lol12:45
ActionParsnipjustmeh: but the version desired isn't in the repo for Precise12:45
justmehwhat happens is you go to install xyz and it will prefer WHICHEVER repo you specified when you pin12:45
jribStyler2go: yes. However, like I said, there are likely other things wrong.  Also, it's very strange for the mysql package to even be successfully installed when awk isn't there12:46
ActionParsnipjustmeh: user wants the version from Quantal to be in Precise12:46
* justmeh sighs12:46
justmehActionParsnip, please12:46
justmehplease shush and let me finish12:46
MrSassyPantsrecommend me a really slim wm12:46
ActionParsnipjustmeh: 12:42 < bharath> how to add quantal repo to 12.04? for libnl update version12:46
Styler2gohttp://pastebin.com/CY7H0y9c here is some log with, i think, some (or many?) errors12:46
jribMrSassyPants: xmonad, awesome, dwm12:46
justmehthat's right.12:46
justmehset it all up12:46
MonkeyDustMrSassyPants  jwm12:47
jribMrSassyPants: if you don't want tiling, try fluxbox and openbox...12:47
ActionParsnipjustmeh: so if the package is not available in the Precise repos, how will pinning do anything12:47
FloodBot1justmeh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:47
ActionParsnipjustdave: you still haven't answered12:47
justmehnow then.12:47
justmehonce the quantal sources are in your apt sources12:47
jribjustmeh: we know what pinning is.12:48
justmehAND you have specified the pinning, it should first look in your default repo12:48
aymanhow to update lib-c6 to 12.3  +  on ubuntu lucid ??12:48
justmehnow, for a specific package such as this, you can specify which of your repo sets you want to pull from12:48
jribjustmeh: please stop.12:48
IdleOnejustmeh: You are wrong on two counts. Mixing repos is not recommended or supported, your attitude towards other users needs to change to reflect the !guidelines you were linked.12:48
justmehi said it wasnt suggested12:48
MonkeyDusthigh spirits today...12:48
justmehsecond it is doable12:48
justmehthird that's what ubuntu is - a mix of debian that's been pushed a bit and twisted here and there12:49
Styler2goso i shoudl reinstall the server?12:49
aymanhow to update lib-c6 to 12.3  +  on ubuntu lucid ? any help here12:49
justmehand fourth it can be done.12:49
Styler2gono other way?12:49
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/12:49
justmehfinally, when you actually pull the package in this way it may bring in other stuff. which is where the acutal danger is. it often breaks stuff12:49
=== TomyLaptop is now known as TomyLobo
justmehyou would have got that line minutes ago but....12:49
jribStyler2go: of course there's another way.  But you don't know why it's broken.  So I suggest you reinstall fresh so you know what you are dealing with12:49
justmehso anyway it might be easier to compile from source if you really need that one package12:50
bharathActionParsnip, how can I update libnl 3.2.3 to 3.2.7?12:50
Styler2goi sent u the log... doesnt that help you? :-/12:50
justmehbut your going to have to track down all the requireds12:50
jribStyler2go: no because you can't tell me why it is that way.  I suspect you just have a broken install12:50
Styler2goah, fuck off, i will jst reinstall it...12:50
justmehand that is the CORRECT and full answer.12:51
Styler2goso i have to wait again...12:51
jribStyler2go: please mind your language here12:51
justmehStyler2go, whats your issue12:51
Styler2goi am sorry ...12:51
IdleOnejustmeh: You have proved your point. You know a lot about how stuff in debian distros work. Now please learn the Ubuntu way of doing things if you wish to continue supporting users in here.12:51
justmehdont just reinstall willy nilly.. its good to try to fix things. thats where the learning comes in12:51
justmehIdleOne, please read all that i said12:51
aymanhow to update lib-c6 to 12.3  +  on ubuntu lucid ? any help here12:52
justmehminus the telling ActionParsnip to well shush excessively12:52
justmehi was right on all points12:52
jribjustmeh: stop pressing enter so much12:52
IdleOneI did. You are wrong for even suggesting to do something that will break his system12:52
MonkeyDustjustmeh  know when to stop12:52
Rinas a manager i'd send you home12:52
justmehwe could have a discussion about supported vs allowed vs possible12:52
ayman<justmeh> how to update lib-c6 to 12.3 +  on ubuntu lucid  ??12:52
justmehbut the idea behind helping someone is to not just force them into your method, but to teach why12:53
IdleOnejustmeh: The idea behind supporting in #ubuntu is to do it the ubuntu way. Now please drop it.12:53
justmehdon't pm me12:53
justmehIdleOne, do you have an issue with the truth?12:54
aymanany help here12:54
Rinconsistency. there are plenty of ways to do things, not all are correct12:54
ikoniaayman: you don't do that12:54
justmehbecause, since ubuntu came from debian, and pinning is supported, and its there in ubuntu, and its supported.. its just not wise or recommended most of the time.12:54
ikoniaayman: you use the libraries provided by the packages in the official ubuntu repo that match your version12:54
IdleOnejustmeh: this isn't a debate. drop it please. You are right in saying that it could be done. You are wrong in saying it in this channel. that is it.12:54
Styler2goserver is reinstalled12:55
* justmeh shrugs 12:55
justmehgood enough, thanks12:55
ayman<ikonia>  v 11.712:55
jribStyler2go: so you have awk now?12:55
ikoniaayman: that's just a number, that has no context to what you've just said12:55
justmehayman, might i suggest a better method of asking this?12:56
aymansorry  just need to update that  lib-c6 to version 12.3 or hi12:56
justmehi have version xyz of abc in my system. my system is setup as follows (whatever). i want to upgrade abc to version def, because i want to _something_12:56
andybrineafternoon everyone12:57
bipulhttp://pastebin.com/BFZhMtrV Any one who can help me in this problem.12:57
andybrineJust a quick question12:57
jribStyler2go: so you have awk now?12:57
aeon-ltdjustmeh: don't you mean upgrade version xyz to xzy2? if you want newer packages compile or use a ppa12:57
andybrineI have just updated my ram on my laptop and its not showing up in "About this computer"12:57
ActionParsnipbharath: there may be a PPA with the newer version12:58
ayman<justmeh> ya any help12:58
andybrineshould this show up after a reboot12:58
justmehaeon-ltd, sure. and agreed. however sometimes you gotta pull in sections of stuff. anyway droppd12:58
aeon-ltdandybrine: does 'free -m' in a terminal show the larger size12:58
jribandybrine: does it show up in bios?12:58
Styler2gohow can i try, jirido?12:58
Styler2goyes i have12:59
andybrinegood point, i show check the bios12:59
jribStyler2go: try: awk --version12:59
ikoniaI'm assuming by lib-c he actually means "libc"12:59
cebori have two laptops on the on i need super+up to max a windows on the other i need ctr+super+up: why does the shortcuts differ ? both 12.1012:59
MrSassyPantsMonkeyDust, jwm does not work12:59
aeon-ltdcebor: legacy settings from a old version of ubuntu?13:00
ceborno, fresh install13:00
andybrineok free -m shows that it has not picked it up13:00
Styler2goroot@lvps176-28-13-253:~# awk --version GNU Awk 3.1.613:00
aeon-ltdcebor: both of the,?13:00
nullby7eanyone online to help13:00
jribStyler2go: I guess you have awk now.  Have you installed mysql and verified it starts ok?13:00
aeon-ltdnullby7e: ask don't ask to ask, then wait13:00
andybrinethanks guys, ill go to bios and check13:00
Styler2golets try... wait :)13:00
ceboraeon-ltd: and i cant change the keybinds, on every reboot keybindsettings are gone13:01
aeon-ltdcebor: no idea on this one sorry13:02
Styler2goroot@lvps176-28-13-253:~# service mysql status mysql start/running, process 166413:02
ceboraeon-ltd: np13:02
ActionParsnipbharath: i'm not seeing a PPA on launchpad13:02
tjr9898I was discussing conf management tools like chef/puppet with someone and he said he just uses user data for configuration.  Does any know what he means?13:02
Styler2gojepp, is running13:03
ceboraeon-ltd: maybe because the one has a numblock the other does not :)13:05
Psi-Jackjustmeh: See the section: Recommended alternative to pinning13:08
Psi-JackThat's even Debian's recommended pinning method. Just so you know.13:08
justmehPsi-Jack, see the word recommended! lol13:09
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest71366
justmehand i suppose it depends on what you want actually being there.13:10
Psi-JackIdleOne: Still around?13:11
IdleOnePsi-Jack: sorta13:12
Psi-JackIdleOne: Okay. Just wanting to suggest the potential removal of him. He ran off to ##linux to complain about #ubuntu there, and yet still continues here despite all warnings.13:12
BluesKajHi all13:13
ActionParsniphi wdl13:21
aeon-ltdit's weird that support happens in clusters and the channel always experiences 5-10 minutes of silence every few hours13:23
ActionParsnipaeon-ltd: it means things are working :)13:24
cfhowlettActionParsnip, true indeed.13:25
MonkeyDustaeon-ltd  may be timezone-related13:26
usr13or, no-one-broke-anything13:27
cfhowlettcristian_c, greetings13:27
cristian_cI've found that I can send commands to my irc client from a configuration file: perform.conf13:27
cristian_cfor example: cmd = /join #ubuntu13:27
cristian_cI could launch a script in the same manner: cmd = /exec -o ~/scriptname13:27
cristian_cI'd like to use this tecnique for use a personal quit message in irc13:28
cristian_cHow can I do to get this?13:28
usr13cristian_c: irssi?13:28
cristian_cusr13, no13:29
MonkeyDustcristian_c  try /quit [your personal message here]13:29
cristian_cMonkeyok, but in this manner, I exit now13:29
cristian_cMonkeyok, i'd like to use this quit message when I'll quit13:29
MonkeyDustcristian_c  whar IRC client?13:30
cristian_cMonkeyDust, lostirc13:30
JunHow to create a launcher on the Desktop? When I use Ctrl+super+right click, only create a new folder oer create a document empty document appear, but no launcher.13:31
ActionParsnipJun: you use .desktop files. The only way I know how is to copy one from~/.config/autostart   then modify13:32
cristian_cAny ideas?13:33
JunHi ActionParsnip. Where are .desktop files?13:33
ActionParsnipcristian_c: does your irc client have a support channel of its own?13:33
ActionParsnipJun: in ~/.config/autostart   if you want one of an installed app, you can simply copy the relevant one from /usr/share/applications to the desktop13:34
kostkonJun, check also in ~./local/share/applications. put your own custom .desktop files in there too13:34
MonkeyDustcristian_c  type /set to know the right setting, i guess, or use a more common client to get better support13:34
cristian_cah, ok13:35
JunIn fact, I want the execute a script in a terminal13:35
cristian_cMonkeyDust, lostirc is a lightweight irc client13:35
usr13cristian_c: If you want more features, try irssi13:36
kostkonJun, and you want to create a desktop file for it?13:36
MonkeyDustcristian_c  yes, but try a more common lightweight IRC client13:36
cristian_cMonkeyDust, If I type /set, nothing happens :O13:36
MonkeyDustcristian_c  it seems nobody had ever heard of lostirc13:36
usr13cristian_c: You have to give it some arguments13:36
kostkonJun, you can always use a gui app, if you want, like this here: http://www.iloveubuntu.net/menulibre-1301-released-significant-under-hood-improvements13:37
cristian_cusr13, irssi is a command line client13:37
usr13cristian_c: /set quit_message <my personal quit message>  if it's irssi.  I dono about others.13:37
Junkostkon: Yes. The script is already created. I want to click  on an icon on the desktop to launch the script.13:37
cristian_cusr13, oh, ok13:37
shadow98if i use file connect to server and connect to web dav server..how do i access that via  command line13:38
kostkonJun, ok, then create the .desktop file, copy it to your desktop13:38
MonkeyDustcristian_c  consider using something else, if your client is too hard to use or configure13:38
ActionParsnipJun: if you mark the file as executable, then right click the script -> properties. You can tell it to run in a terminal.13:38
usr13cristian_c: http://www.irssi.org/documentation13:39
kostkonJun, pick a .desktop file from ~/.local/share/applications, copy it to your desktop, modify it accordingly and you are ready.13:39
ActionParsnipshadow98: look in /run/username/gvfs   I belive. run: mount   should show you13:39
kostkonJun, for all the possible keys and values you can use, check the spec here, if you want: http://specifications.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/1.1/ar01s05.html13:40
Junkostkon: I check it13:41
kostkonJun, good13:41
cristian_cusr13, I see13:41
kostkonJun, don't forget to make it executable after you finish with it13:42
davividalhi all. How can I redirect all traffic to *.example.org to using dnsmasq?13:42
cfhowlettdavividal, edit /etc/hosts ?13:44
atmosxcan someone help me get rid of this message? http://pastebin.com/MESx7Vs913:44
atmosxwhich file do I need to edit to setup proparly locales?13:44
atmosxproperly idem13:44
matthewvzdavividal: Can't you use iptables?13:44
usr13davividal: "all traffic"?13:44
usr13davividal: What exactly are you wanting to do?13:45
davividalcfhowlett, it didn't worked... don't know why :(13:45
davividalmatthewvz, could... but dnsmasq seemed simpler13:45
erupteratmosx, do you get that on an arm embedded?13:45
atmosxerupter: no, on x86 HP laptop13:46
usr13davividal: Oh, all traffic for a particular domain name.  Well, that would be a function of your router really, or the /etc/hosts file.  Is your PC also a gateway router?13:46
davividalusr13, I'm consuming some API for a system I'm developing, and the API needs to post to my system and I can't set "" as a return URL13:46
erupteratmosx, try this http://perlgeek.de/en/article/set-up-a-clean-utf8-environment13:46
atmosxerupter: I am trying now this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale13:47
atmosxerupter: than I'll take a look, thanks13:47
kostkondavividal, oauth callback? :P13:47
davividalusr13, nah; just a dev box. I don't want to mess with the router... /etc/hosts worked yesterday. Didn't work today and I went for another solution :)13:47
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
davividalkostkon, payment gateway :)13:47
kostkondavividal, nice :P13:47
usr13davividal: Not sure why /etc/hosts would work one day and not the next.  Something must have changed...13:48
davividalusr13, yeah, it's weird. That's why I went for dnsmasq (that and I'm lazy enough to don't want to learn bind)13:50
=== [1]pKr is now known as pKr
Styler2goHey Guys, i have another Question :D i have some problems on my new server with ffmpeg, it misses some codecs, is there a "codecpack" or some common codecs i need for ffmpeg convertion?13:53
MonkeyDustStyler2go  restricted extras13:54
Rinthat too13:54
Styler2gowhat do you mean with restrict extras?13:54
Rinits a collection of non-free codecs13:55
kostkonStyler2go, install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras13:55
cfhowlettStyler2go, restricted extras is the codec-pack you want13:55
Styler2gook installing...13:55
Styler2gowhy is it called "restricted"?13:55
kostkonStyler2go, and medibuntu offers some more. if you want, add it to your software sources list.  http://www.medibuntu.org/13:56
Styler2golets see...13:57
Junkostkon: works, thanks13:57
MonkeyDustStyler2go  because it's not open source, mp3 is the most common closed source coded (mpeg1 layer3)13:57
kostkonJun, :)13:57
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
erupterguys I have a grudge with the unity notifications13:58
Rinmp3 is not free, (along with some others) some one has to pay for them so its best not to install them untill needed.13:58
erupterthey become transparent and don't allow me to click on them13:58
erupterhow can I solve this?13:58
Styler2gonow it works (the ffmpeg convertion)13:58
Styler2gothank you guys13:58
=== skiff is now known as Guest40766
kostkonerupter, they are not clickable by design13:59
erupterkostkon, they're useless then -_-13:59
kostkonerupter, you can't do anything about it13:59
Rinhelp the planet, ditch mp3 and use free codecs like ogg13:59
kostkonerupter, :/13:59
erupterkostkon, no ok not useless, but most notification when clicked bring focus to something you ought to respond to, this way you can't14:00
kostkonerupter, that's why we have indicators ;)14:00
theseusI am getting logged out of ubuntu 12.04 when I minimize or exit windows.  Any ideas?14:00
amanaaateamviewer like tool to manage thru SSH behind NAT for ubuntu?14:00
kostkonerupter, especially the messaging menu14:00
erupterkostkon, well I'm talking dropbox or skype notification or even email notification14:01
erupterindicators can't make up for the lost functionality14:01
erupteranyway I have to get along with it14:01
kostkonerupter, you can integrate skype in the messaging menu. and dropbox i think has its own indicator14:02
kostkonerupter, check this for skype: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/09/skype-wrapper-for-ubuntu-gets-updated14:03
erupterkostkon, thanks14:03
kostkonerupter, np14:04
repsajsorry, newb here, but running a home web server off of ubuntu (desktop) and have lost all connection to the root domain (no http, ping, or ssh). i still have full access to subdomains. any clue what might be up?14:04
ikoniarepsaj: what do you mean root domain / sub domain14:05
ikoniarepsaj: could you expand a little please14:05
ActionParsniprepsaj: if you dig the domain name, does it resolve ok?14:06
repsaji cannot access example.com, but another.example.com works14:06
ironhalikis it a good idea to install raring kernel in quantal? :>14:06
ActionParsnipikonia: root domain is like google.com   subdomain is   maps.google.com14:06
ikoniaActionParsnip: I know what they are, however I wanted his definition14:07
ActionParsnipironhalik: its not advised or supported, but it is possible14:07
ActionParsnipikonia: gotcha14:07
ikoniarepsaj: does the dns lookup show the same IP14:07
ikoniaironhalik: no, it's a terrible idea14:07
amanaaaAny teamviewer like tool to manage thru SSH behind NAT for ubuntu?14:07
ironhalikI'm looking into 3.8 kernel, or 3.7.5 for my quantal install14:07
ikoniaironhalik: why ?14:07
ActionParsnipironhalik: raring doesn't use 3.814:07
ironhaliksome power improvements14:07
ActionParsnipamanaaa: why do you need to see the desktop?14:07
ironhalikthere are raring 3.8 builds in the mainline ppa14:07
ActionParsnipironhalik: yes, its a PPA though14:08
usr13repsaj: Apparently, something has changed on the server, (apache, right?), so think of what you might have done.  (Your question is a bit to general for us to give any specific advise.14:08
ironhalikActionParsnip: still, it may or may not blow up in my face, i presume? :>14:08
amanaaa<ActionParsnip> remotely manage my device...14:08
repsajhmm, the primary domain is being just served from /var/www/ from a static html file14:09
ActionParsnipironhalik: maybe, maybe not, it won't be supported here is you get problems14:09
amanaaa<ActionParsnip> like switching off..14:09
ActionParsnipamanaaa: yes, but to achieve what?14:09
repsajthe subdomain is currently being run from a separate nginx server14:09
ironhalikActionParsnip: that's no problem14:09
ActionParsnipamanaaa: you can switchoff via ssh:  sudo shutdown -h now14:09
ActionParsnipironhalik: its your system, do as you desire14:09
amanaaa<ActionParsnip> but not from behind NAT14:09
ActionParsnipamanaaa: you'd need to port forward, just like you would with any remote access14:10
usr13repsaj: And the primary domain works ok?14:10
amanaaa<ActionParsnip> not possible as my ISP not allows this..14:10
theseusI am getting logged out of ubuntu 12.04 when I minimize or exit windows.  Any ideas?14:10
ironhalikActionParsnip: just wanted to know if there are any makjor issues to be expected14:10
repsaj@usr13 the primary domain is down, but the subdomains work sorry for the confusion14:10
ignerousanyone knows about c++ irc channel??14:11
usr13repsaj: Are you running apache and nginx on the same machine?14:11
repsajrunning nginx for the subdomain14:12
MonkeyDustignerous  ##c++14:12
repsajthe primary domain is just reading from a static html file in the /var/www/ folder14:12
usr13repsaj: Are you running apache and nginx on the same machine?14:12
ActionParsnipironhalik: who knows, its not an official ubuntu kernel, so the options and settings cannot be garunteed14:12
ActionParsnipamanaaa: then you won't get any connectivity, NAT will block any incoming connection if there is not a rule to allow the traffic through14:13
amanaaa<ActionParsnip> any other tool...14:13
repsajusr13 i'm running nginx for subdomain but the primary domain is just reading from a static html file in the /var/www/ folder14:13
amanaaa<ActionParsnip> okay......... thnx....14:13
=== home_ is now known as ignerious
usr13repsaj: And  /var/www/index.html  is the one that is not working?14:14
Rinamanaaa,  http://askubuntu.com/questions/168878/how-do-i-install-a-vnc-server14:14
ActionParsnip!vnc | amanaaa14:14
ubottuamanaaa: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX14:14
ActionParsnipamanaaa: you will still need to port forward for all this14:14
amanaaa<ActionParsnip>  got it..14:15
amanaaai will study about these....14:15
jet_^Hi, when I compile some latex files under Linux using texmaker (pdflatex), sometimes the pdf seems to be corrupted and cannot be opened using acroread (win or linux) but can successfully be opened with evince. It seems that this issue is somehow connected with a section in the files, for when I remove some parts of the code, it successfuly compile. The error under acroread is : there was a problem reading this document (14). Is it a known problem ?  The same c14:15
jet_^ode successfully compiles using pdflatex under windows. I  suspect an encoding problem maybe ?14:15
repsajusr13: yes, i cannot get a response to /var/www/index.html14:16
repsajusr13: also to note, i cannot ssh into user@primarydomain.com, but can ssh into user@sub.domain.com14:17
shadow98ActionParsnip: that was the location thanks for your help...not quite but pointed me in the right direction14:17
usr13repsaj: service --status-all   #See if apache has [+]14:18
=== Rin is now known as apos
usr13repsaj: Oh, so you have a network problem.14:18
repsajusr13: yeah, and apache has as [-]14:19
=== ke5pcv-away is now known as ke5pcv
usr13repsaj:  if you "cannot ssh into user@primarydomain.com, but can ssh into user@sub.domain.com", then you simply have a network issue14:19
ActionParsnipshadow98: if you reached the goal then that's all I need :)14:19
usr13repsaj: Then restart apache14:19
usr13repsaj: apache is not running so start it.14:20
pixie_dustis it possible to mak emy pc my modem/ router?14:20
usr13repsaj: service apache2 start14:20
ikoniarepsaj: do the dns records point at the same host ?14:20
ikoniarepsaj: do they also point at the same physical I P14:21
ActionParsniprepsaj: do a traceroute to each domain and sub-domain14:21
ikoniarepsaj: can you tell us the reasl domain so we can check public domain servers14:21
repsajgrrbox.com is not responding14:21
ikoniawhat is grrbox.com ?14:22
repsajthe domain that is not responding14:22
usr13ikonia: Its just on his LAN, (or thats what he said...)14:22
usr13repsaj: Are you trying to access it from outside?  (From another PC on your LAN?)14:22
repsajsorry guys, to clarify, the domain is public ~14:22
usr13repsaj: Are you running apache and nginx on the same machine?14:23
repsajusr13: i'm outside of my lan network, normally i can connect, but i noticed this morning i couldn't ssh into the machine to do work14:23
repsajusr13: i'm running nginx on the machine to serve the subdomains, apache is not running14:23
ikoniarepsaj: either a.) your dns is screwed b.) your port forwarding is screwed14:24
usr13repsaj: And the domain you are complaining about is served by apache.  Right?14:24
pixie_dustis it possible to make my ubuntu pc a router/modem without any extra boxes and things?14:24
repsajusr13: it's just a static file in /var/www/index.html, is that served by apache?14:25
MonkeyDustpixie_dust  is this useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router14:25
usr13repsaj: And that is the one that is not working.  Right?14:26
repsajusr13: yes14:26
igneriouscan you help me to compile a c++ code using g++???14:26
ikoniausr13: forget apache, he can't ssh14:26
pixie_dustkind of, is it possible for it to be a modem too?14:26
ikoniausr13: it's a higher level than that14:26
usr13repsaj: Why are you not running all if it from apache?  (Why do you also have nginx running on the same machine?)14:27
raheelhello friends14:27
FloodBot1raheel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:27
Nephrohi, if I run the steps in http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows will I get a working distro with persisten files and settings or just a live cd?14:27
repsajusr13: this server is not a production server, so the primary domain does not serve any purpose other than to let me know that the server is on ~ i run nginx on the subdomain because i'm running a dev branch of a django hosted site14:28
usr13ikonia: Some of what he says does not make sense, but well yes, if he has no access to a domain name that he did before, there is a network problem for sure.14:28
igneriouscan you help me to compile a c++ code using g++???14:28
igneriouscan you help me to compile a c++ code using g++???14:28
ikoniausr13: not disagreeing in your apache statement, just think the problem is higher up14:28
repsajusr13: it was convenient for me to set it up using nginx, cause the config files were easier for me to understand14:28
expert_hey guys is there any way to do easy SEO14:28
ikoniaexpert_: nothing to do with ubuntu14:28
netActionHi! When a window is at the bottom of the screen and I click the bottom border line, the window rises to full screen height. Does anyone know how to prevent this?14:28
=== francisco is now known as Guest38765
expert_hey then which is the channel14:29
netActionI just want to select the window.14:29
IdleOneNephro: in screenshot #3 step4 is where you set the size of the persistence file14:29
igneriouscan anyone help me to compile a c++ code using g++???14:29
ikoniaexpert_: no idea, search freenodeas list14:29
igneriouscan anyone help me to compile a c++ code using g++???14:29
igneriouscan anyone help me to compile a c++ code using g++???14:29
FloodBot1ignerious: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:29
usr13repsaj: It would be less confusing if you just use one webserver.14:29
ikoniaignerious: please stop asking every few seconds, you'll end up getting muted14:29
raheelcan any one tell me that how to use vpn in ubuntu14:29
ikonia!vpn > raheel14:29
ubotturaheel, please see my private message14:29
MonkeyDust!repeat | ignerious14:29
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN14:29
ubottuignerious: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:29
niklasfiignerious: what is your problem?14:30
niklasfiignerious: please don't pm me, use this channel14:31
niklasfiwell you run g++ <filename>14:31
StFSHello. How can I get apt-get (or aptitude in command line mode) to install one package and remove another "at the same time". That is, I'm replacing a package A with package B and there are a bunch of packages C through Z that depend on either package A or B and I don't want to have to remove those. I can do this in the aptitude TUI but I'm not sure how to do it as a single command line.14:32
igneriousniklasfi: i am getting following error14:32
igneriousniklasfi: $ g++ Pattern.cpp -o pattern14:32
ignerious/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.7/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/crt1.o: In function `_start':14:32
ignerious(.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'14:32
igneriouscollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status14:32
cfhowlettStFS, why use a single command line?  purge the first package, the install the preferred package. Cleaner/clearer14:33
niklasfiignerious: please use a pastbin, such as pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com14:33
repsajusr13: sorry, since i want to development many sites on this machine, i choose the web server for each project. but usually this is not a problem. today all of a sudden, i lost ssh connection. i can still ssh into subdomain.grrbox.com, but cannot ssh into grrbox.com14:33
StFScfhowlett: because then I get a dependency error on packages C through Z... they need either A or B installed14:33
cfhowlettStFS, but if you HAD to go with one command line: sudo apt-get purge foo.deb && sudo apt-get install foo2.deb14:33
=== r00t_ is now known as penreturns
cjae10.04 still supported and is chntpw in it?14:33
StFScfhowlett: nope that doesn't work... the first one would crap out because packages C through Z need either foo or foo2 installed14:34
niklasfiignerious: this is not really the channel to discuss these issues, since this is clearly a c++ programming problem. I would suggest you ask in #c++-basic. However the problem you are experiencing is caused by a missing main() function, as the error message states14:34
lesshastein unity, the left hand column is blank .. how can I get it back to so I can choose apps?14:34
lesshastethis is in quantal14:34
igneriousniklasfi: ok14:34
StFScfhowlett: besides, that's technically not a single command... those are two commands with the second one dependant on the first one14:35
igneriousniklasfi: i have main function in the code14:36
usr13repsaj: We would have to know more about your network in order to determine what is wrong.14:36
lesshasteI don't know what the right name is.. the panel?14:36
niklasfiignerious: we can continue this discussion in #c++-basic14:36
cjaecant believe you need to have a persistence file to do a synaptic update off a liveusb14:37
igneriousniklasfi: please join the channel you mention14:37
usr13repsaj: Do you just have all port 80 traffic forwarded to this server VIA it's router?  Do you have alias(s) for various sites?  or...?14:37
IdleOnelesshaste: in terminal type: unity --reset-icons14:37
niklasfiignerious: sorry, its ##c++-basic14:37
IdleOnelesshaste: that should set it back to default icons14:37
=== r00t_ is now known as penreturns
repsajusr13: yes, all 80 and 2214:38
usr13repsaj: Are you using alias's?14:38
dBLOODHi people!14:39
usr13repsaj: How are you resolving the domain names to that particular server?14:39
repsajusr13: all request go from router to server, then nginx picks up the request, then routes it based upon which subdomain is being requested.14:40
ikonianginx is acting as s dns server ?14:40
repsajusr13: i was never sure how the root domain ever worked14:40
repsajikonia: yeah14:40
usr13repsaj: The bottom line is that if the site that is served by apache2 is not accessable, and apache2 is not running, then task #1 would be to start apache.  service start apache214:41
repsajusr13: i do not usually have apache running though14:41
dBLOODCan I merge two ext4 partition, one being a system partition, so that I don't have to reinstall my system?14:42
usr13repsaj: service start apache214:42
usr13repsaj: What version of Ubuntu is running on this server?14:42
usr13dBLOOD: You can, but will need to re-write your /etc/fstab file to reflect changes.14:43
usr13repsaj: 10.04?  12.04?  _________?14:43
repsajusr13: if i do that, it says unable to resolve host grrbox.com14:44
dBLOODhow can I do that?14:44
dBLOODif the system was on sda1, grub was also on it, for example14:44
repsajsorry 12.04.1014:44
=== rose is now known as Guest94908
usr13repsaj: But it's running now?  service apache2 status14:45
dBLOODright, 12.04 xubuntu if it was for me14:45
repsajusr13: it is not running14:46
dBLOODafter the merging, the new partition will have a new uuid?14:46
repsajusr13: i logged out of ssh on the subdomain, and relogged in and tried to start apache, i get the error: (13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address
dBLOOD*will the new etc.14:47
usr13repsaj: pastebinit /etc/apache2/sites-available/default14:47
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 1  starting in 13 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:47
ikoniarepsaj: something is already running on port 8014:47
repsajusr13: yes, i believe it is nginx14:47
ikoniarepsaj: or you didn't start it as root14:47
usr13repsaj: sudo14:47
repsajusr13: yes i used sudo14:47
dBLOODbecause my fstab has only has one14:47
repsajikonia: yes, nginx runs on 8014:48
usr13dBLOOD: Yes14:48
ikoniarepsaj: then how can you expect to run apache on 80 ?14:48
ikoniarepsaj: I would a.) resolve you resolution problems first b.) resolve your web server problems second14:48
repsajikonia: i actually don't expect it to run on 80, i usually have nginx handle this, but usr13 is saying i should turn on apache14:48
dBLOODoh, so in a nutshell: boot from outer os, merge, copy-paste new uuid into fstab, and done?14:49
dBLOODdo I have to do anything with that bloody grub?14:49
usr13repsaj: It's like I said before.  It would be simplier to just run one server and have all your domains running on the one server.  How many do you have? 2 or 3 or???14:49
=== slank_away is now known as slank
repsajusr13: i'm pretty sure i only have nginx running14:50
SeanyRocksHello everyone14:50
usr13repsaj: No, you told me you had both running. (I assumed you had them running on two different ports.)  Sorry, I missunderstood you.14:50
repsajusr13: no, i'm sorry for the confusion, i'm a newb, i think i saw a message saying that i had apache running, so i just assumed that it was.14:51
usr13repsaj: So how do you have nginx set up?  Do you have VirtualHosts?14:51
cjae10.04 still supported and is chntpw in it?14:52
cjaeit is in 9.04 and 12.10 why wouldnt it be in 1.0414:52
usr13repsaj: You should probably join #nginx14:53
dBLOODokay, thanks14:53
ikoniarepsaj: you should really solve your name resolution problems first14:53
repsajikonia: yes, i'm having an issue with that.14:53
dBLOODI knew I would have decent answers if I choose #ubuntu instead of #ubuntu-hu14:53
ikoniarepsaj: before you are certain that is working %100 you are wasting your time with anything else14:53
MonkeyDust!info chntpw lucid | cjae14:53
ubottucjae: chntpw (source: chntpw): NT SAM password recovery utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.5-0+nmu1 (lucid), package size 52 kB, installed size 140 kB14:53
usr13dBLOOD: What partitions do you want to merge?  (What is mounted on them?)14:53
repsajusr13: i have virtual hosts set up via nginx14:54
cjaeMonkeyDust: cool thanks, but I enabled  universe and still dont see it14:54
usr13repsaj: /join #nginx14:54
SeanyRocksI had a really stupid question which I haven't been able to find a suitable answer for by googling. Perhaps i'm searching the wrong keywords but how do i remove items from the Ubuntu's dash (I'm using 12.10) ? I've tried Alacarte but nothing changes. I've also tried editing .desktop files in /usr/share/applications which works but is not an ideal solution. For example if I hide the Universal Access app it removes that entry from System Settings14:54
SeanyRockswell. I would like it stay in system settings but I dont need to have it shown in the dash too.14:54
MonkeyDustcjae  try sudo apt-get update, first14:54
SeanyRocksSorry for the long post14:54
usr13repsaj: I'd like to help, but don't know much about nginx  The folks at  #nginx would be better ones to ask.14:55
usr13repsaj: pastebinit the config file and share it.14:55
repsajusr13: thanks for the suggestion, do you think that this is an nginx issue? i haven't touched the config files since i set up the subdomain a few months back and this problem just started happening this morning14:55
cjaeMonkeyDust: well I just pressed reload before but I must have just been one sec too early cause it is there now, thanks for the bot tip too :-)14:56
usr13repsaj: I don't know for sure.  How are you having the domain names resolved?14:56
tqrst-can someone explain to me why I can't alt-fX anymore in the terminal? I'm stuck in this one terminal. Capslock doesn't do anything either.14:56
repsaji have sites-available config files which routes requests14:57
tqrst-it used to work just fine, and I haven't changed anything that I can remember14:57
ironmHello. Please allow me one question. Is there a free available ClearCase package for ubuntu? Thank you in advance for any hinst.14:57
MonkeyDust!find clearcase14:57
ubottuFile clearcase found in ant-doc, gnat-gps-common, libmaven-scm-java, libmaven-scm-java-doc, libwireshark-dev, xemacs21-basesupport, xemacs21-basesupport-el14:57
usr13repsaj: See my PM14:58
zykotick9tqrst-: try alt+(LorR)arrow as an alternative/test14:58
tqrst-zykotick9: ah, that works14:58
tqrst-zykotick9: odd14:58
MonkeyDustironm  what's clearcase?14:59
tqrst-zykotick9: ah! f-lock14:59
tqrst-zykotick9: worst feature ever14:59
ironmthank you MonkeyDust14:59
tqrst-zykotick9: thanks15:00
pluesch0rhi everybody. i'd like to rename my ethernet device (from eth4 to dmz0) - but without a reboot (i know about the udev persistent-net & reboot-way); any idea how i can do that?15:00
ironmMonkeyDust, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Rational_ClearCase15:00
josesierragnome-shell process is up to 350mb of mem usage.  This is up from 120mb yesterday afternoon.  I'm just trying to confirm that this is normal behavior.15:01
SeanyRocksI have a really stupid question which I haven't been able to find a suitable answer for by googling. Perhaps i'm searching the wrong keywords but how do i remove items from the Ubuntu's dash (I'm using 12.10) ? I've tried Alacarte but nothing changes. I've also tried editing .desktop files in /usr/share/applications which works but is not an ideal solution. For example if I hide the Universal Access app it removes that entry from System Setting15:03
SeanyRocks well. I would like it stay in system settings but I dont need to have it shown in the dash too.15:03
SeanyRocksSorry for the long post15:03
repsajikonia: thanks for your help15:04
soteSeanyRocks, Try installing a second or third DE instead15:04
=== ke5pcv is now known as ke5pcv-away
kostkonSeanyRocks, try this app: http://www.iloveubuntu.net/menulibre-1301-released-significant-under-hood-improvements15:06
SeanyRockssote: I know this sounds crazy but I actually want to use Unity.15:07
SeanyRocksthanks kostkon I will give it a read15:07
bel3atarhello, running this: sudo arpspoof -i wlan0 outputs nothing. what's wrong?15:08
hje841isn't read and write to/from a USB device supposed to be determenistic?15:13
soteMy issue is, VLC Player has no sound.15:15
sotexine works fine but I miss VLC15:16
Xetiusis there a way to set 'per-app' keybindings15:19
Xetiusor to have an app which overrides the system key bindings when it is active15:19
=== repsaj_ is now known as repsaj
jribXetius: try imwheel15:20
Lionthinkerhi guys, i'm in the classroom session but can't post to it, is there a reason?15:21
jribXetius: hmm.  I *think* it works for regular keys too though maybe it's only mouse buttons15:21
JoseeAntonioRLionthinker: Yes, you can chat in #ubuntu-classroom-chat, not in #ubuntu-classroom15:21
jribXetius: the other way is to turn on editable menu accelerators and then you can just edit the shortcuts straight from the menu15:25
greekHi. I am using XChat. I've enabled system tray notifications. But for some reason when I minimise XChat it doesn't shot up in my system tray (and it's still in my taskbar, which I don't want)15:27
skp1can someone help me? the global menu for my terminal has dissapeared15:27
usr13skp1: F11?15:27
ActionParsnipskp1: do other apps have global menu?15:28
skp1usr13: doesnt do anything, just maximises the terminal15:28
lesshasteIdleOne, that was quite exciting15:28
skp1ActionParsnip: yes15:28
lesshastebut still the unity-panel is empty15:28
greekI'm on 12.415:28
Xetiusjrib, Thanks.  IMWheel appears to only work for the mouse wheel...  I don't want to change the accelerators, but I want, for example, Ctrl-Alt-L to lock my machine, but when I'm using IntelliJ I want it to layout my code and not lock the machine.15:28
lesshasteIdleOne, oh! they are there.. just invisible!15:29
ActionParsnipskp1: does xterm work as expected?15:30
jribXetius: I don't know of an app that does that offhand.  You could hack something together so that when you press ctrl-alt-l it runs script_lock_or_layout and inside the script check for which window has focus15:30
skp1ActionParsnip: except for the global menu, yeah15:30
skp1it has a menubar inside the window though15:30
usr13skp1: Is it only gnome-terminal ?15:31
skp1ActionParsnip: which i had disabled15:31
skp1usr13: yes15:31
Xetiusjrib, OK, thanks.  Just wondered if I was missing something obvious and just being stupid15:31
AlessioHow do i change language of my ubuntu installation? / or install language packs. The guide says Preferences->language support. but there is not a such voice in the menu15:31
jribXetius: did you check ccsm?  I haven't looked at it in a while, but I know you can bind keys there (don't think it's per-app though)15:31
TomyLoboi'm trying to use reprepro to merge a bunch of PPAs into one repo. currently i'm creating repo/conf/updates. what do i enter after "VerifyRelease:" for a PPA?15:32
ActionParsnipskp1: do you have the gnome-globalmenu package installed?15:33
ActionParsnipskp1: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=54417115:33
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 544171 in gnome-globalmenu "gnome-terminal menubar does not display when gnome-globalmenu is installed" [Medium,Closed: wontfix]15:33
TomyLoboit supposedly is a 16-hex-character key, but i can only find a 40 character fingerprint and some signing key with an 8 character hex thingy after it15:34
skp1ActionParsnip: i dont have that package installed15:34
ActionParsnipskp1: try the activities detailed in the bug15:35
=== jack is now known as wNz
usr13skp1: If you right-click somewhere on the terminal window, do you get a context menu?15:37
skp1usr13: yes15:37
=== skp1_ is now known as skp1
ActionParsnipskp1_: if you use terminal a lot, I can recommend guake15:38
skp1ActionParsnip: i logged out and back in and the problem is fixed. nm i guess.15:39
skp1i wonder what caused it though15:40
TomyLoboi'm trying to use reprepro to merge a bunch of PPAs into one repo. currently i'm creating repo/conf/updates. what do i enter after "VerifyRelease:" for a PPA? it supposedly is a 16-character hex keyid, but i can only find a 40 character fingerprint and some signing key with an 8 character hex thingy after it15:40
auronandaceTomyLobo: merging a bunch of ppas into one repo sounds like a dependency nightmare just waiting to go wrong15:41
GalaxorIf I boot up into a cd or usb disk without using UEFI, can I manually install ubuntu onto a hard drive so that it could be booted in uefi mode?15:42
mysteriousdarenGalaxor: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting15:43
MJK1hey, guys. I have a problem. my iPod Classic won't mount on Ubuntu anymore. I have 12.10. can anyone help me?15:43
shakaponkhey guyz, its driving me insane. want to install debian on a partition. downloaded an iso file and want to put it on the usb stick. got unetbootin. in nautilus its an executable but i can't run it (in ubuntu)15:43
hsnmckhello, I have two netowrk interfaces, is there a way to force firefox to use one interface and chrome to use the other one? thanks.15:44
usr13hsnmck: Strange request.  What are these two interfaces plugged into?15:45
ActionParsnipshakaponk: you'd use unetbootin to put the ISO on the USB stick (I assume you MD5 tested the file)15:45
MJK1hey, guys. I have a problem. my iPod Classic won't mount on Ubuntu anymore. I have 12.10. can anyone help me?15:45
shakaponkActionParsnip: no i didn't but i downloaded it from the original site... doesnt mean anything but ... anyway didn't do it15:46
hsnmckusr13, I want to use the eth0 to use secure stuff, and the wlan(it's faster but unsecure) to use the other public stuff15:46
aeon-ltdhsnmck: that'd be cool, but is there any use besides speed testing? if anything you'd want to utilize the max possible bandwidth15:46
FrantiKi downloaded 12.10 for a quick run15:47
FrantiKand short to say, i dont like the new interface at all15:47
hsnmckaeon-ltd, I want to use the eth0 to use secure stuff, and the wlan(it's faster but unsecure) to use the other public stuff15:48
usr13hsnmck: Why not just use eth0?15:48
FrantiKis there a tutorial on getting gnome or whatever else instead ?15:48
FrantiK(is that even doable ?)15:48
hsnmckusr13, it's slower15:48
eruptersure is15:48
usr13hsnmck: wlan is faster?15:48
erupterFrantiK, just google15:48
hsnmckusr13, yep15:48
erupterFrantiK, you can use kde, xfce, gnome, whatever really15:48
hsnmckusr13, two different sources15:48
usr13hsnmck: Two different networks?15:48
hsnmckusr13, yep15:49
FrantiKerupter, no thanks, as the topic says, this is the official support channel.15:49
ActionParsniphsnmck: you can join them into one connection and use the speed of both15:49
FrantiKerupter, and i'm sure i can use whatever i want, i'm just not sure about the procedure to use to do that15:49
MJK1can anyone help me here? iPod Classic won't mount anymore15:50
ActionParsnipFrantiK: Unity is a shell for Gnome, you have gnome installed15:50
hsnmckActionParsnip, it isn't what I want, I want to send some traffic through one interface to be secure, I'm afraid to have a man-in-the-middle!15:50
ActionParsniphsnmck: its just software on the same PC you are sat at15:50
FrantiKActionParsnip, duh, i'd like it to look like the classical gnome then........15:51
FrantiKbecause i dont like the way the whole thing is setup right now15:51
hsnmckActionParsnip, the gateway is different!15:51
MonkeyDustFrantiK  try falback15:52
erupterFrantiK, http://bit.ly/Yf8Mbd15:52
MonkeyDustFrantiK  try fallback15:52
awayFrantiK, quick google query shows http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-get-complete-gnome-3-desktop-in.html15:52
ActionParsnipFrantiK: install gnome-panel   log off, log in to the new session, or install xfce4 and do the same15:52
erupterFrantiK, http://www.filiwiese.com/installing-gnome-on-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/15:52
erupterwhat that really so hard?15:52
ActionParsniperupter: ubuntu 12.04 uses gnome as the DE ;)15:53
TomyLobo<auronandace> TomyLobo: merging a bunch of ppas into one repo sounds like a dependency nightmare just waiting to go wrong15:53
FrantiKas i said, i'm on 12.1015:53
erupterActionParsnip, I know, was just giving out options15:53
FrantiKis the procedure identical ?15:53
TomyLoboas opposed to using that same bunch of ppas?15:53
erupterFrantiK, yes15:53
FrantiK(erupter : use your brain, i already told you i came there because this was the SUPPORT channel)15:53
auronandaceTomyLobo: i avoid ppas altogether15:53
TomyLoboi dont15:54
FrantiKbrb checking those pages.15:54
MonkeyDustFrantiK  please stay polite, we're all volunteers15:54
TomyLobonot when there's something in there that i need15:54
auronandaceTomyLobo: just as long as you know ppas can't be supported here15:54
TomyLobohow about the whole ppa process itself?15:54
TomyLoboshould be ontopic imo15:55
* erupter believes in "do your best, God will do the rest"15:55
FrantiKMonkeyDust, i am polite, i just don't like people sending me off to google an answer when i'm in a support channel (and do i even need to state that i looked on google before coming ? i had a reason to come by).15:55
ActionParsnipFrantiK: if you dislike Unity/Gnome I recommend you install Xubuntu and it won't even be installed :)15:55
ActionParsnipFrantiK: not unreasonable15:55
FrantiKnah, i'm testing a "real" ubuntu, i had a kubuntu before15:56
auronandaceFrantiK: kubuntu is officially supported15:57
FrantiKActionParsnip, what is unreasonnable is expect me to not be rude when i get a snarky comment like "was that hard"; if he wanna speak to people like they're kids, he should go in a school.15:57
FrantiKauronandace, i know, i was just mentionning why i'm not installing a xubuntu15:57
orbLet me google that for you.15:57
ActionParsnipFrantiK: its a good option for folks not liking Unity, or you could install minimal then install fluxbox and don't bother with the DE at all :)15:57
auronandaceFrantiK: sorry, i don't understand what you mean by "real"15:58
MJK1hey, guys. I have a problem. my iPod Classic won't mount on Ubuntu anymore. I have 12.10. can anyone help me?15:58
orbMJK1, will it work with windows?15:58
FrantiKauronandace, official, not diverted from main branch, not depending/been changed to something15:58
FrantiKi have my own reasons.15:58
FrantiKanyway thanks for the help, i'll be on my way to test these pages indications15:59
FrantiKhave a good day15:59
MJK1orb, I haven't tried it on Windows since I reinstalled W7 a few days ago.15:59
orbYou should. :D15:59
XetiusMJK1, did it ever work in 12.10?  What changed?15:59
orbI mean, just to see if it mounts as a drive, mjrosenb16:00
busconhow can I edit the grub menu?16:00
orber, i mean MJK116:00
MJK1Xetius, it worked just fine until a few days ago. I don't know what changed16:00
busconi mean, where's the file that contains the menu?16:00
MJK1orb, I could go and try it out in a few16:00
MJK1unless someone can help me out before I decide to go to Windows16:00
chiefliontrying to get ubuntu on mac burned image but it wont boot16:00
orbBut if Ubuntu is your only option, see if new /dev/sd* devices appear when you plug in it. Or tail -f /var/log/syslog16:00
chieflionpowerpc g416:01
orbDo the last thing I mentioned, MJK1. From a command line.16:01
ActionParsnipchieflion: what GPU does the mac use?16:01
MJK1orb, it says my write cache is disabled.16:02
orbThat's a normal message.16:03
orbdo a: ls -ltr /dev/sd*16:03
MJK1orb, I did that. now what?16:03
chieflionibook g4 ubuntu possible?16:04
orbDoes the line at the bottom have the time that is from when you plugged in the ipod?16:05
MJK1orb, yes it does16:05
orbWhat is it showing? Like /dev/sdb1 maybe?16:05
MJK1orb, sdl, and sdl1, actually16:05
orbFor some reason Ubuntu isn't automatically mounting it.16:06
ActionParsnipchieflion: you didn't answer my question16:06
Dougie187I'm having a weird issue in the gnome terminal. When ever I type a directory (like /tm for example) and then hit tab to complete it, it finishes the name as /tmp and then adds a space at the end of the directory, instead of a /. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?16:06
MJK1and it was doing that just fine last week.16:06
orbYou could automatically mount it.16:07
orbHave you tried just restarting the OS?16:07
JuJuBeeI installed ubuntu 12.10 on a machine and I use nis, but on the login screen I only see the local user that was created on install.  I can login via ctrl-alt-f1 using my network account, but how do I do this from gui?16:07
orbYou can automatically mount it like this:16:07
JuJuBeeWith kubuntu, the login screen was username and password16:07
orbmkdir /media/ipod16:07
orbmount /dev/sd1 /media/ipod16:07
MJK1orb, I've restarted the OS, I've logged out and logged back in, I've restarted the iPod itself, and I've gotten no results. I'll try that right now, thanks16:07
orb/dev/sdl1 actually.16:08
orbMJK1, it seems crazy that the letter would be l.16:08
usr13JuJuBee: Just change username16:08
=== Kuroda_S1un is now known as someLuser
orbMJK1, do you have sda, b, c, through l?16:08
MJK1orb, this is what my result was: mount: can't find /dev/sdl/media/ipod in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab16:09
usr13JuJuBee: What DE are you using?16:09
orbwell, not sdl16:09
orbbut sdl116:09
belgianguyis there an FTp tool that works with password protected SSH keys?16:09
orbmount /dev/sdl1 /media/ipod16:09
belgianguyfilezilla doesn't support them AFAIK16:09
ActionParsniporb: when you last unplugged it, did you use the safe remove feature in the OS, or did you just yank it out?16:10
JuJuBeeusr13: I cannot change username, no box only click on user then get password box16:10
ActionParsnipbelgianguy: gftp, maybe16:10
JuJuBeeUsing default ubuntu install, so unity?16:10
orbActionParsnip, you mean MJK1 i think16:10
MJK1orb, I get the same result either way. and I have sda, sda1, sda2, sdab, sda5, 4, 2, and 1, and sdl and sdl116:10
sgtkilljoybelgianguy: ftp over ssh, sftp?16:10
ActionParsnipMJK1: when you last unplugged the device, did you safetly remove it or did you just yank it out?16:11
belgianguysgtkilljoy: yeah, it supports sftp, just not password protected SSH keys16:11
ActionParsniporb: thanks16:11
orbl seems high16:11
MJK1orb:"mount point /media/ipod does not exist"16:11
MJK1ActionParsnip, I don't remember. sometimes I eject, sometimes I don't16:12
orbMJK1, you probably didn't do: mkdir /media/ipod first.16:12
lacrymologycan I get help setting up the sun java runtime? I followed some instructions on the web, but I seem to still have a bad version16:12
ActionParsnipMJK1: you need to eject each time, i suggest you connect it to a windows system, then safely remove it16:12
ActionParsniplacrymology: there is a PPA16:12
MJK1okay, I just made the directory, I think, orb. now I'm going to try that command again16:13
ActionParsniplacrymology: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html16:13
MJK1orb: nothing happened. I went to the computer folder and it's named "160 GB Drive". I right-clicked, and tried to eject, and it said it can't be ejected, because it's mounted16:14
orbMJK1, i may have lost sight of what it is you want to do - you just want to mount the ipod as a drive and access its files?16:14
cryptedhow would one patch a very old 1.1.2 to something newer w/o having to redev the entire config for a device?16:14
cryptederr ignore16:14
MJK1orb: I want my iPod to mount so I can sync it16:14
orbMJK1, to unmount it, do either of: umount /dev/sdl116:15
=== blair_ is now known as rumel
orbor umount /media/ipod16:15
=== rumel is now known as lemur
evandervHi everyone.16:15
=== lemur is now known as femur
orbMJK1, this is the manual way to do it - you probably want it to work automatically and I don't know why it's not. This manual way of doing it might be more of a pain in the ass than you want.16:15
belgianguyor is SFTP with password protected SSH keys overkill?16:16
orbBut anyway, once it is mounted it, I assume you can use your ipod program and point it to /media/ipod16:16
MJK1orb: "umount: /dev/sdl1 is not mounted (according to mtab)16:16
orbtry the other, /media/ipod16:16
MJK1I right-clicked it in Nautilus, and it says it16:16
evandervAny idea how I can track down how a zip file is being created every night around midnight?  I have looked through cron files and no such luck.  I know what user creates it.16:16
jkbbwrhow can i block all requests to port 80 unless the source is in a whitelist:?16:16
orbIf /media/ipod isn't mounted, then perhaps Nautilus figured out how to do it on its own.16:16
MJK1and it says it's mounted*16:16
orbFrom the command line simply type the word "mount" and see all things mounted. Try to figure out which one is the ipod.16:17
orbIt won't be an ext filetype and it won't be the thing mounted as /16:18
MJK1orb, could this be it? "gvfsd-fuse on /run/user/daniel/gvfs type fuse.gvfsd-fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=daniel"16:18
orbhmm, no, not under /run, it would be under /dev i'm pretty sure.16:18
orbunless it's some kinda new feature i'm unaware of.16:18
orbUbuntu 12.04?16:18
MJK1orb, the only thing under dev is sdb516:18
lacrymologyActionParsnip: I've got oracle-java8-installer, the link you sent talks about java7. Now, if I have that installed, and java -version returns the right thing, how come some java apps complain about the java version? is the app (jDownloader) wrong, or maybe I have two versions of java lying around?16:19
orbMJK1, that sounds right - can you just paste that line here?16:19
orbor type16:19
awsoonnhi all, I just installed ubuntu-server on a computer and the screen size appears to be larger than the physical display. I'm not seeing part of the right and bottom of the screen. What can I do to fix this?16:19
godzirraHey guys.  If I'm using ubuntu 12.10, where do I edit my core xorg.conf?  I'm trying to get a displaylink adapter working.16:20
MJK1orb, sdb5 can't be my iPod, though, because it's an ext416:20
godzirraSo I need to edit my monitors and such.16:20
orbawsoonn, is that text only?16:20
awsoonnyea, just console16:20
shade34321I am using a nfs mount for /home on a few computers. I recently upgraded this and rsync the home directories between the two. Now when I log in it loads my wallpaper but just freezes there Any idea why?16:20
orbMJK1, well, it could ext4 if your formatted the ipod by accident.16:20
lacrymologyActionParsnip: I can confirm that the problem's not with the java command, but with javac16:20
awsoonnI should note that the grub menu also appears to have the same problem.16:20
orbMJK1, maybe you should try it on Windows.16:21
orbThat might explain why things aren't working.16:21
=== yann_ is now known as YannT
belgianguyokay, SFTP will have to do :p16:21
MJK1orb, sdb5 is my partitioned hard drive. I split it in two. I'll try to stick it in on Windows. and then I should eject it, and come back on Ubuntu?16:22
orbI think that depends on what Windows demonstrates.16:22
orbif it can't mount or use the ipod, you may just have to run an itunes restore of it.16:22
MJK1orb: what am I hoping will happen on Windows? okay, I can do that.16:23
MJK1gonna get to it now. I'll come back with my results16:23
jribshade34321: check ~/.xsession-errors16:23
orbMJK1, which would mean formatting the ipod. Hope you had a backup.16:23
shade34321jrib: ok, give me just a sec since I just restared unity on it to see if that helps16:24
rdffffffch rm #pat16:25
jkbbwrI have ufw installed, I have 80, 8080 and http in the firewall rules16:29
MJK1orb: worked like a charm!16:29
ActionParsnipMJK1: the eject made it ok?16:30
MJK1ActionParsnip: yeah, Windows mounted it, then I ejected and came back to Ubuntu, and it mounted here too16:30
ActionParsnipMJK1: like I said, you must use the feature. It's there for a reason.16:30
jkbbwrufw isn't blocking properly16:30
ActionParsnipMJK1: thats why its the first thing I ask16:31
MJK1ActionParsnip: I will from now on, thank you16:31
ActionParsnipno worries :)16:31
MJK1have a good day, everyone!16:31
shade34321jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1586302/ that is my ~/.xsession-errors16:31
TomyLobo"The function gpgme_get_key gets the key with the fingerprint (or key ID) fpr from the crypto backend" - how do i store something in that crypto backend?16:31
shade34321can I just delete those files and get them remade?16:31
jribshade34321: does this happen with a fresh new account?16:32
shade34321jrib: haven't tried that. Got roughly 40 users and don't really want to make them all new accounts:/16:33
jribshade34321: just for troubleshooting purposes16:33
shade34321jrib: ok. Give me a second16:33
jkbbwrhow can I deny all traffic bar 22 to my system using ufw16:33
jrib!ufw | jkbbwr16:33
ubottujkbbwr: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.16:33
jkbbwrbecause atm ufw has the block rule and its still letting traffic through16:33
jkbbwr80                         DENY        Anywhere16:33
jkbbwr8080                       DENY        Anywhere16:33
jkbbwr80/tcp                     DENY        Anywhere16:33
jkbbwrBut I can still hit port 80 just fine16:34
ry|anI can tell16:34
ry|anwhats the problem here16:34
jribjkbbwr: is ufw enabled?16:34
ry|anyou are using ufw instead of iptables16:34
jkbbwrry|an: so?16:34
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: tried restarting ufw?16:34
ry|anthat's obviousyl the source of this problem16:34
=== martyn is now known as Guest28606
MonkeyDustjkbbwr  type sudo ufw status16:34
=== ada__ is now known as adayoung
jkbbwrActionParsnip: Fuck16:35
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: ?16:35
jkbbwrI just nuked my ssh connection16:35
ry|anthats what you get for not using iptables16:35
thanklessGood day/night fellow ubuntees (old and new)16:35
jribry|an: stop please16:36
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: did you allow 22/tcp through?16:36
ActionParsnipry|an: ufw isn't bad at all16:36
ry|anjrib I'm just trying to save this man from the pain and suffering ufw causes16:36
jribry|an: yes, ok you've made it clear that you prefer iptables over ufw, let's move on to actually offering help16:36
thanklessAnyone willing to spare five minutes (I ask for no more) to help me with an ubuntu deployment?16:37
jrib!ask | thankless16:37
ubottuthankless: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:37
MonkeyDustthankless  ask and wait16:37
johnny_bravoi would like to use setfacl to give a user permission on a dir same as the owner permission recursivly.16:38
johnny_bravoi cant find any doc on this16:38
moodsIm having a weird issue in Ubuntu 12.10, when playing music in Banshee, Tomahawk or VLC, I sometimes get weird stutters/hitches, it happends maybe once every 5-10 minutes, but ive bene unable to figure out whats going on, it doesnt happend on my laptop running Ubuntu 12.10 aswell.16:38
johnny_bravocould anyone point me in the right direction?16:39
jkbbwrActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1586323/16:39
jkbbwrActionParsnip: but I can still hit it16:39
KazzzbarMy sister got a new laptop with windows 7 starter on ( we dont judge) but cant seem to access her computer on the network, my computer picks up my other XP computer perfectly, we all on same workroup. Running 12.1016:39
=== nuxninja is now known as Manslut
compdocthankless, what is it youre having an issue with? might want to start there16:39
vovarikдрузья, у кого есть ключ для GuitarPro 6 под Ubuntu&16:40
ActionParsnipmoods: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload16:40
thanklessI am trying to install ubuntu on an old laptop through a PXE server (tftp) on Windows 7. I have followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WindowsServerNetboot - the target laptop boots but returns no boot filename received16:40
ActionParsnipKazzzbar: have you shared a folder on the Win7 OS?16:40
moodsthats my output16:40
erupterhey gusy: I'm repartition to get a larger space for my ubuntu. I guess once I'm done copying data over with DD won't suffice, what else do I have to do?16:41
KazzzbarActionParsnip: Yes, and also removed password protection16:41
vovarikу кого есть ключ для GuitarPro 6 под Ubuntu?16:42
jkbbwrActionParsnip: I shouldn't be able to hit it16:42
ActionParsnipmoods: try:   echo "options snd-hda-intel power_save=0 power_save_controller=N" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf > /dev/null16:42
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:42
ouyesIs there anyway to make my laptop works on dual boot? I installed windows7 and ubuntu, but the grub was installed in the usb hard drive, if I want to boot into ubuntu, I have to insert the usb drive and change the bios uefi settings.16:42
ActionParsnipKazzzbar: Win7 uses a weird authentication method, you will need to use passwords16:42
moodsoh right the powersave thing, read about that somewhere.16:42
moodsill see if it works, thanks :)16:42
ActionParsnipmoods: hope it helps16:43
mojtabaHi, I have recently installed ubuntu 12.10 64x on my sony laptop, but it frequently freezes.16:43
=== karl is now known as Guest2746
ActionParsnipmojtaba: have you tested RAM from Memtest86+ in Grub?16:43
ActionParsnipmojtaba: have you tried a non-compositing desktop, like XFCE?16:44
Kazzzbar@ActionParsnip, Typical windows..alright, thanks, I will give it a go16:44
mojtabaActionParsnip: I am pretty new to linux16:44
=== IcePee is now known as Guest52328
mojtabacould you please let me know what should I do step by step?16:44
ActionParsnipmojtaba: hold SHIFT at boot, select memtest, let it run for 15 - 20 mins. If you see RED, the RAM is bad16:44
mojtabaok, thanks, I will do that and let you know the result16:45
Jeremy3Djust started ubuntu and had no toolbars after logging in. ran unity --reset and i've got toolbars but terminal is showing a lot of errors/WARNs16:46
jmknsdevery so often my laptop will turn itself on from sleep while it is in my bag16:47
jmknsdis there a way to tell what is causing this?16:47
ddosantosmaybe you don't close it properly?16:48
jmknsdI did16:48
jmknsdand it was off16:48
=== vinay is now known as Guest69989
ddosantosoff or sleep?16:49
jmknsdI came back and everything was as I left it.16:49
ddosantosthen it didn't wake¿16:50
jmknsdIt did16:50
Jeremy3Dthis thing is still going showing errors, should i be concerned?????16:50
jmknsdjust while it was in my bag16:50
ddosantosdo you have something else in the bag? something that could touch de mouse or whatever? can you lock the laptop?16:51
jmknsdIt was latched shut16:51
jmknsdno way to bump anything to turn it on from the outside16:51
ddosantosreally weird16:52
=== repsaj_ is now known as repsaj
jmknsdit happens every so often16:53
jmknsdmaybe every other month16:53
jkbbwrseriously ufw isn't working16:54
MonkeyDustjkbbwr  then take this other guy's advice and use iptables16:55
ehcseems like smlnj https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/smlnj isn't available in 12.04. Would a earlier version work? Or should I just compile from src?16:55
ouyes_I find a software in the ubuntu software center, and it is a deb package, I am wondering if it is possible I can download the source of that package?( the develop web is not reachable)16:55
MonkeyDustouyes_  try apt-get source [package]16:56
gandhijee_i know ubuntu 10.10 is unsupported now, but are there any repo's that still maintain its base packages?16:56
ActionParsnipgandhijee_: none at all16:57
jkbbwrits still allowing traffic though16:57
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:57
OerHeksgandhijee_, see the "old-releases" part >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Upgrade16:58
ActionParsnipgandhijee_: i'd go for a clean install of Precise. Its supported til April 2017. If you dislike Unity, install Xubuntu16:59
moodsseems to have fixed it ActionParsnip  :) thanks alot.16:59
ActionParsnipmoods: yay!16:59
ActionParsnipmoods: I suggest you backup that file (or just the command), for reinstalls17:00
ouyes_MonkeyDust, it is working thats17:00
ouyes_MonkeyDust, I get the source17:00
gandhijee_ActionParsnip: i can't i have some software that i need to build or someone, and their system is based on ubuntu 10.1017:01
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: could ask in the ufw channel maybe17:01
gandhijee_OerHeks: thanks!17:01
usr13When EOL is reached, that version is unsupported and what unsupported means is that there are no more updates and no repos that maintain it's packages.17:01
ActionParsnipgandhijee_: how do you mean 'based on 10.10' ?17:01
gandhijee_ActionParsnip: umm, they took 10.10 and stripped it down to what they needed.17:02
MonkeyDustgandhijee_  basically, eol means 'dead'17:02
usr13!lts | gandhijee_17:02
ubottugandhijee_: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)17:02
quidnuncAfter running sudo my credentials are cached so that I don't have to enter a password for some amount of time afterwards. How do I clear that cache?17:02
ActionParsnipgandhijee_: I see17:02
ActionParsnipquidnunc: sudo -k17:02
gandhijee_MonkeyDust: chips are EOL's all the time, but that doesnt mean you cant buy them on the grey market after the are EOL'd17:02
quidnuncActionParsnip: thanks!17:02
jkbbwrwhat ufw channel?17:02
gandhijee_EOL doesn't need to imply that the already existing software packages for it MUST disappear.17:03
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: #ufw   maybe17:03
gandhijee_it just means they will no long maintain and provide updates.17:03
jkbbwrActionParsnip: empty17:03
ActionParsnipgandhijee_: it means no support and no packages17:03
ActionParsnipjkbbwr:  '#ufw-open' on IRC network 'euIRC'17:07
moodshehe already saved it to a txt file on my dropbox ActionParsnip  =)17:09
ActionParsnipmoods: thats what I use mine for :)17:09
jkbbwrActionParsnip: totally emptry17:10
jkbbwrActionParsnip: im sick of ufw now17:10
doanhey guys, I trying to play a native game in 4:3 and lower resolution than my native screen's resolution. I already fix my problem for set up another resolution in fullscreen than the native one. But now I cant fix the aspect ratio 4:3. I got a stretched image.17:10
doanI looked into the GPU Scaling but I didn't find any useful tricks17:11
doanBtw: Running nVidia proprietary driver 304.51 and Counter-Strike 1.6 beta from steam17:11
ActionParsnipdoan: loved the betas17:12
ActionParsnipafreerunner: howdy17:12
doanActionParsnip, what do u mean ? =)17:12
ActionParsnipdoan: from the early 2000s17:12
paoloumalianyone here who is using vagrant?17:13
jkbbwrActionParsnip: this is pathetic17:13
fidel!anyone | paoloumali17:13
ubottupaoloumali: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:13
doanActionParsnip, yeah it was just a useless precision17:13
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: never used it, i use my router as a firewall17:13
=== Manslut is now known as bechara_bacha
h00k!support | afreerunner17:14
ubottuafreerunner: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com17:14
jkbbwrActionParsnip: I just need a bloody simple way to block all traffic except port 22 software based, while still allowing traffic to those ports from localhost17:15
doanThere was a scaling option in the nvidia-settings but it's gone17:15
magmahi, how can I restart the X ?17:16
magmaor kill the X17:16
magmathe shortcut ctrl+alt+backspace doesn't work17:16
llutzjkbbwr: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-iptables-4-block-all-incoming-traffic-but-allow-ssh.html17:16
magmawith unity17:16
MonkeyDustmagma  stop lightdm ?17:17
AknotIS there irc network for art/music/politics/culture and so on17:17
jkbbwrllutz: and I wanna configure on the fly17:17
qhartmanmagma, hit ctrl-alt-f1 to go to a virtual terminal, login, and enter the command "sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart"17:17
jkbbwrllutz: without learning iptables17:17
magmaqhartman, ok thanks17:17
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MonkeyDustAknot  type /msg alis list *culture* or replace culture with some other keyword17:18
magmaqhartman, if I enter the virtual terminal and then want to go back to X, what's the shortcut for that?17:18
MonkeyDustAknot  that is, with the asterisks17:18
Aknotdoesnt that show only channels in this network?17:19
qhartmanmagma, ctrl-alt-F717:19
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: tried gufw ?17:19
jkbbwrActionParsnip: its a server, no x17:19
MonkeyDustAknot  correct17:19
magmaqhartman, amazing, how did you know that?17:19
usr13magma: if you are in tty6, just Alt-Right-Arrow17:19
MonkeyDustAknot  well, if the channel has double #, it's outside freenode17:20
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: ahhhh17:20
afreerunnerall america?17:20
ActionParsnipjkbbwr: could try in #ubuntu-server17:20
qhartmanmagma, been doing this since 199417:20
usr13magma: I don't skip down to tty1, I always just go next door to tty6.17:20
qhartmanor so17:20
ActionParsnipafreerunner: UK here17:20
qhartmanusr13, but the longer walk will do his legs some good.17:20
wineIndia here!17:20
magmaqhartman, what distro did you use back then?17:21
Aknotmonkeydust is there a way to search for channels across ALL networks?17:21
usr13qhartman: and he may not be as lazy as I am.17:21
NewbieBodhidoes anyone know which version of the game, the package warzone2100 is?17:21
llutz!info warzone2100 | NewbieBodhi17:22
ubottuNewbieBodhi: warzone2100 (source: warzone2100): 3D real time strategy game. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1~rc2-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 1512 kB, installed size 3620 kB17:22
ddosantosI am still having some issues when mounting my external drive :-s17:22
usr13magma: tty1-6 are console systems that you can use (on most all Linux systems).17:22
ddosantosI have my path /media/drive with permissions 777 and owned by root17:22
ddosantosthen mount the device17:22
ddosantosthe path becomes owned by my user17:23
MonkeyDustAknot  guess that would take centuries17:23
ddosantosand permissions change17:23
magmausr13, what's a console system?17:23
ddosantosso I can't share it by samba17:23
ActionParsnipddosantos: what file system are you mounting?17:23
ddosantosan Iomega device17:23
usr13magma: It's a mode not necessarily a system.17:23
ActionParsnipddosantos: thought so, sharing ntfs with samba is painful17:23
ActionParsnipddosantos: you need to set the permissions on the mount so that everyone has full access, you cannoy chmod / chown ntfs17:24
usr13magma: tty1-6 are console terminals.  tty7 is for the GUI and tty8 and above are not used, (on most linux systems, not all).17:24
ddosantosyeah but I thought I could chmod /media/drive before mounting17:24
magmaI see17:24
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ddosantosdidn't expect it would loose the permissions AFTER mount17:25
ActionParsnipddosantos: its set at mount time. I suggest you add an entry in /etc/fstab so it mounts correctly17:25
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ddosantosyes, I did17:25
zykotick9qhartman: just side note - while it is ctrl+alt+fX from Xorg, once in a virtual console you only require alt+FX to switch (or alt+arrow key)17:25
ddosantosUUID="D27431CF7431B6D7" /media/drive ntfs-3g defaults,locale=es_ES.UTF-8 0 117:25
ddosantosit does mount when typing mount /media/drive17:26
ddosantosbut permissions become drwx------17:26
ddosantosthey are drwxrwxrwx when umounted17:27
llutzddosantos: you use mount-options like uid/gid/umask, not chown/chmod on non-unix-filesystems like ntfs17:27
ddosantosllutz can you explain a little more?17:28
mojtabaActionParsnip: It is completed with no error17:28
mojtabaWhat could be the next step?17:28
banlieuehi everyone, anybody play counter strike beta with intel vga?17:29
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llutz!ntfs | ddosantos17:29
ubottuddosantos: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE17:29
banlieuei cant disable vsync17:29
mojtabaI have installed ubuntu 12.10 64x on my laptop (sony), and it freezes frequently, I have also run the mem test on it, and there was no problem.17:30
mojtabaDo you know what should I do?17:30
anonI've installed centos, then ubuntu 12.04 but ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize the centos installation.. Anything I can do to make them work ? I tried grub-update but it doesn't work.17:32
usr13banlieue: What is vsync?17:32
banlieuei cant explain usr13, google it :p17:32
banlieuei have little english17:33
MonkeyDust!find vsync17:33
ubottuFile vsync found in allegro4-doc, gnote, libopenafs-dev, nvidia-cg-doc, openafs-fileserver, openafs-modules-dkms, python-libavg, smc-data17:33
zykotick9anon: was that a typo?  the command is "update-grub"17:33
mojtaba12:30:20 PM - mojtaba: I have installed ubuntu 12.10 64x on my laptop (sony), and it freezes frequently, I have also run the mem test on it, and there was no problem.17:33
mojtaba12:30:29 PM - mojtaba: Do you know what should I do?17:33
ddosantosbut I already used ntfs-3G in the fstab line17:34
anonzykotick9, Yes, it was..17:34
GregorMendyCurrently running 12.10 and after some system upgrades and a restart I've lost my wireless connection. I'm using Wicd as the manager and it says no networks found....17:34
GregorMendyAny help would be awesome :)17:34
llutzddosantos: but you are missing the mount-options (uid, gid, umask) to give user access to the fs17:35
mojtabaubuntu = freeze | sony laptop17:35
mojtabaany help?17:35
meddiehello is there any way to upgrade qt to >4.7 on lucid?17:35
ddosantosllutz: you mean when using the mount command, right?17:36
llutzddosantos: i mean your fstab-entry17:36
usr13banlieue: What problem are you trying to solve?17:36
ddosantosllutz: I thought the syntax was correct17:36
meddieanyone managed to install qt4.7 and above on a lucid installation ?17:37
maymannHow do I create a bootable (bios+WindowsXP/7) persistent (changes are reverted on reboot) linux usb-stick with openconnect, tightvnc and rdesktop clients ?17:37
banlieuevsync settings should be disable in fps games17:37
pztrickGregorMendy: i do recall a network manager upgrade breaking my 12.04 system six months ago (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2001421)17:37
meddiemaymann unetbootin17:37
maymannnon-persistent that is17:37
banlieuei must disable it17:37
pztrickmaybe it is also in 12.10 and had been backported to 12.04?17:37
mojtabaI have installed ubuntu 12.10 on my sony laptop, but it freezes frequently.17:37
mojtabado you know what should I do?17:37
anonzykotick9, Any ideas ?17:37
banlieuevsync should be disable in fps games, i must disable it usr1317:38
mojtabaplease help17:38
maymannmeddie thanks17:38
zykotick9anon: no sorry, good luck.17:38
meddiemaymann you're welcome baby17:38
maymannmeddie :)17:39
mojtabaubuntu 12.10 freezes frequently on sony laptop17:39
mojtabaDoes anybody know what should I do?17:39
MonkeyDust!repeat | mojtaba17:40
ubottumojtaba: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:40
llutzddosantos:it is, but you are missing the mount-options (uid, gid, umask) to give user access to the fs. try "UUID="D27431CF7431B6D7" /media/drive ntfs-3g defaults,locale=es_ES.UTF-8,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=002 0 1"17:40
recon_lapmojtaba: have a look in you logs and see if there are any error messages. /var/log17:40
mojtabarecon_lap: ok thank you, I will take a look17:41
MichaelT1I have Ubuntiu 10.04 and 12.04.  In File Browser, how do i add my own shortcuts to the left most window which shows PLACES, TREE, etc.?17:42
recon_lapmojtaba: and is it a hard lock, you can check by using the CAPS LOCK key, if the CAP light on your keyboard does not change then it's a hard lockup.17:42
mojtabarecon_lap: there are lots of files in that directory17:43
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mojtabaMy keyboard does not have light!17:43
ddosantosllutz: uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=002 does this give permissions to everyone?17:43
mojtabarecon_lap: Which one should I check?17:43
mojtabarecon_lap: Actually I am pretty new to linux era17:43
ddosantosrw,auto,user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000 that is what I saw in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions17:43
recon_lapmojtaba: think the end of /var/log/dmesg17:44
llutzddosantos: read "man mount", no it doesn't. it gives rwx to uid/gid=1000, and rx to others17:44
mojtabarecon_lap: let me see17:44
mojtabarecon_lap: There is 5 dmesg file17:44
marscheri want to downgrade a package (libdrm2) to a specific version, but this will produce broken dependancies17:44
marscherhow can i temporarly ignore this?17:44
recon_lapmojtaba: and is there a trigger for the crashes? a program you use a lot?17:44
MichaelT1I have Ubuntiu 10.04 and 12.04.  In File Browser, how do i add my own shortcuts to the left most window which shows PLACES, TREE, etc.?17:44
mojtabadmesg, dmesg.0, dmesg.1.gz17:45
mojtabato 417:45
MichaelT1Not sure who to ask in this HUGE room!17:45
vasilakisfilhow can I install (from cli) all packets that their name start with the same prefix, like packet0.10-17:45
bipulIs there anyway to Connect vboxnet0 and eth0, in order to communicate with each other.17:45
mojtabarecon_lap: I just close the lid and then, it is freezed17:45
marscherapt-get install -f libdrm=version does not work17:45
meddiemarscher, man i don't think it can be ignored17:45
MonkeyDustMichaelT1  ctrl D or Bookmarks > add bookmark17:45
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banlieuehi everyone, anybody play counter strike beta with intel vga? i cant disable vsync..17:46
vasilakisfilwhen I hit sudo apt-get install packet0.10- it actually removes a bunge of packets..17:46
mojtabarecon_lap: I have set it to do nothing when the lid is closed17:46
MichaelT1Thanks!  How simple can you get!17:46
marscherpkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.17:46
recon_lapmojtaba: and that triggers the crash every time? if so , you probably need to check you bios for power saving setting on lid closing17:46
mojtabarecon_lap: Could the problem be with the graphic card?17:47
marscherbut i dont have any holded packages17:47
mojtabarecon_lap: would you please let me know from where I can do that?17:47
kruxso i am setting an ad-hoc with ubuntu 12.04 but i can connect 2 client pcs to it when i don't set a password.. for some odd reason the 2 clients are windows pcs keep saying wrong password.. anybody got any idea ?..17:47
* v4creations first time to ubuntu-in17:48
recon_lapmojtaba: hard to know, but i'm thinking you got a power management issue. what the make and model of the computer17:48
mojtabarecon_lap: It is vpccw21fd17:49
ddosantosllutz: I edited fstab and mounted again but it changed again, drwx------, and owned by my user17:49
ddosantosI am giving it a reboot17:49
meddiemojtaba perhaps you have an amd processor and installed i38617:50
mojtabameddie: how can I check that to be sure?17:50
nIcestAdieWOOOOO NICEST!17:50
mojtabaI think it is intel I317:50
meddiewhat is your processor model mojtaba17:50
ddosantosthank you all, I'll be back after rebooting17:51
meddiei have that kind of problem before with old spec laptop17:51
mojtabameddie: Is there any command which shows the model of the processor17:51
MichaelT1Is there a way to CTRL-C from a bash script and run a command before exiting the script?17:51
compdocwhats wrong w2ith AMD processors17:51
banlieue(19:46:17) banlieue: hi everyone, anybody play counter strike beta with intel vga? i cant disable vsync..17:51
llutzmojtaba: grep name /proc/cpuinfo17:51
OerHeksMichaelT1, lscpu17:51
mojtaballutz: thanks, let me see17:51
recon_lapmojtaba: could you laptop be over heating?17:51
kiki67100I would to like to parse many email, into severals file +800 000 html files17:51
OerHekssorry MichaelT1 , was for mojtaba > lscpu17:51
kiki67100I would like to extract all emails17:52
kiki67100I use it17:52
kiki67100J'utilise ceci find . -print | cat | grep --mmap @ >> email_a_nettoyer.txt17:52
meddiemojtaba perhaps you should install lubuntu or any lightweight DE17:52
mojtabarecon_lap: It is Intel Core I317:52
mojtaba2.13 GHz17:52
kiki67100I use it find . -print | cat | grep --mmap @ >> email_a_nettoyer.txt17:53
kiki67100it the faster way ?17:53
mojtabameddie: It was working with no problem on windows 7.17:53
mojtababut I want to be free. :)17:53
MichaelT1Is there a way to CTRL-C from a bash script and run a command before exiting the script?17:53
kruxanybody ?.. ad-hoc set up without a password works fine 2 clients conneck OK.. if i set up with password they just fail at password prompt on clients.. ??..17:53
recon_lapmojtaba: can you describe how you computer crashes? is there any pattern, does it boot ok, how long before it crashes, does it crash faster after the first time?17:53
jribMichaelT1: what do you actually want to accomplish?  Be specific17:54
MonkeyDustMichaelT1  better ask in #bash, i guess17:55
recon_lapmojtaba: and when it crashes, do you get a black screen of does the screen freeze17:55
mojtabarecon_lap: Actually I have just installed ubuntu 1 day ago and when I close the lid, or do not use it for long time, it just freezes. I can move mouse around, but nothing else17:55
skp1can someone help me? my ubuntu 12.10 installation froze and i used alt ctrl prt scrn b to reboot and now when i login my mouse pointer wont move17:55
mojtabarecon_lap: No, I do not get a black screen. Just nothing works.17:55
nuf0xxskpl, that happened to me this morning. mouse only works with a usb17:55
MichaelT1jrib: I have a script that end in an endless loop.  I want "sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server stop" called upon exit.17:56
recon_lapmojtaba: ok, sound like your screen is not restarting after sleep17:56
MichaelT1I'll try #bash too17:56
mojtabarecon_lap: Could the problem be with the graphic card?17:56
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jribMichaelT1: you can trap sigint17:56
ddosantosllutz: thanks for your help17:56
recon_lapmojtaba: hang on, you can see the mouse on a blank screen ?17:56
ddosantosllutz: now it can be shared17:57
ddosantosllutz: at least when the device is on when booting17:57
ddosantosI have to try with the device off17:57
MichaelT1jrib: I will look into that, thanks.17:57
jribMichaelT1: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/SignalTrap17:57
llutzddosantos: how do you mount the device manually?17:57
mojtabarecon_lap: There is no black screen. I can see my background, and move mouse around. But nothing else does work. even when I use Alt+Tab it does not work.17:58
bipuli have vboxnet0 : which is mine host only adaptor, and i want to connect that to my etho . is it possible. ?17:58
ddosantossudo mount, typically17:58
llutzddosantos: "sudo mount /media/drive"  should do, even if the drive wasn't there at boottime17:59
MichaelT1Here is the answer: http://hacktux.com/bash/control/c17:59
recon_lapmojtaba: that sounds more like a window manager bug17:59
ddosantosbut the line in fstab is set to auto, so I think the system tries to mount it at boot17:59
ddosantosllutz: yes, thanks again, I will try it17:59
mojtabarecon_lap: Then, what should I do? I have run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade, and my machine is updated18:00
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recon_lapmojtaba: next time it gets stuck try use ctrl-alt-f6 to open a tty console18:03
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mojtabarecon_lap: last time it freezed, I tried to use ctrl-alt-del, but I did not work and I turn it down by holding the power key. :(18:04
usr13mojtaba: Ctrl-Alt-Del only works in tty1-618:04
millenniamojtaba | are you using unity?18:04
mojtabamillennia: yes18:05
skp1can someone help me? my mouse wont move.18:05
recon_lapmojtaba: you issue sound a lot like this one http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/33980/mouse-clicks-stop-working-after-random-time-using-awesome-wm-gnome18:05
mojtabausr13: I have used Ctrl-Alt-Del in tty-7 before, and it asked to logout.18:05
usr13mojtaba: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace should stop or restart the X-server (when you're in the GUI, tty7).18:05
quinn_So my computer keeps telling me I have "incomplete language support"18:06
usr13mojtaba: Correct, but if it's frozen do you expect it to do anything?18:06
mojtabausr13: I will try to use it the next time it crushes18:06
mojtabausr13: actually not.18:06
banlieue(19:46:17) banlieue: hi everyone, anybody play counter strike beta with intel vga? i cant disable vsync..18:06
naresh_hello any one free18:07
mojtabarecon_lap: when It get stuck in GUI, then what should I do in tty6, if I could log in there?18:07
quinn_Will we ever get decent AMD APU support in Ubuntu?18:07
usr13mojtaba: If the system is totally locked up you'll get no response from keyboard or mouse at all.  In that case you may or may not be able to login via ssh from another PC on your LAN, in which case you can give command to shutdown or reboot.18:07
millenniamojtaba | would you say this is a problem of the mouse clicks no longer being detected?18:07
kaneda^is there an easy way to compile DLLs on ubuntu or *nix in general?18:07
naresh_when i install graphic card18:07
usr13mojtaba: If the system is totally locked up, it is more than likely bad RAM. In which chase I recommend memtest18:08
naresh_my screen defers in its size18:08
recon_lapmojtaba: first step to working out whats wrong, but I'm using a different window manager to gnome/unity, so cant really help much more. having a look to see if i can find a bug report18:08
mojtabamillennia: mouse just move around, it does not click18:08
mojtabausr13: I have run it and it was green18:08
mojtabarecon_lap: Thanks a million18:09
millenniamojtaba | a moving mouse means it is not a system lockup from bad ram18:09
usr13mojtaba: How much RAM do you have?18:09
mojtabausr13: 4G18:09
mojtabamillennia: I think so18:09
millenniamojtaba | can you try a different mouse?18:10
usr13mojtaba: Is your install 32bit or 64bit?18:10
mojtabamillennia: what do you mean?18:10
mojtabausr13: 6418:10
millenniamojtaba | do you have the ability to plugin a different mouse to use?18:10
usr13mojtaba: When the mouse won't click on anything, is the keyboard still working ok?18:10
mojtabamillennia: The mouse is running well under other OSs and machines.18:11
mojtabausr13: no18:11
millenniamojtaba | that may well be, but plugging in a different mouse would help you narrow down the problem18:12
mojtabaThe keyboard is not working also, I guess. because I tried to use alt-tab, alt-ctrl-del, and no one worked.18:12
millenniamojtaba | is your keyboard usb?18:13
usr13mojtaba: Are your mouse and keyboard ps2 or usb?18:13
recon_lapmojtaba: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/107780518:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1077805 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "left click stops working after a while" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:13
usr13mojtaba:   Does that look like your issue?    ^^^^^^^^^^^^18:14
mojtabamillennia: I will check that the next time. but if we suppose the problem is not with the mouse, what would be the next step?18:15
mojtabamillennia: no, it is on the laptop18:15
mojtabausr13: no, both are for the laptop18:15
mojtabarecon_lap: Thanks, I will check it now18:16
millenniamojtaba | on some newer laptops, the keyboards are usb devices18:16
Lae_Hi, I'm looking for a hand with getting a stable network connection between two ubuntu boxes, and some windows machines (vista and 7).  The problem I am having is network stability, I seem to be having trouble communicating between the linux system and the vista system if I have file shared recently between the windows 7 system and the vista system.  A restart of the vista system and then the linux system after fixes this problem.18:16
mojtabausr13: I must check that. :-P18:16
skp1can someone help me? i rebooted my frozen ubuntu installation using alt ctrl prt scrn b and now my mouse wont respond18:16
skp1my internet connection is broken, too18:17
millenniamojtaba | maybe you have a usb drive problem?18:17
millenniamojtaba | maybe you have a usb driver problem?18:17
=== qos is now known as qos|away
mojtabamillennia: mine is attached to the laptop.18:18
macswellI have a laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 x64 installed that kernel panics whenever the ac-power(mains) is unplugged. It panics 1-2 seconds after being unplugged. Can anyone help?18:19
millenniamojtaba | that doesn't mean it's not usb18:19
mojtabamillennia: How can I check that?18:19
usr13skp1: If the install did not complete, you're probably going to need to start over.18:19
millenniamojtaba | see if your keyboard or mouse show up in "lsusb"18:20
=== mark_zuckerberg is now known as zzzzzzombie
millenniamojtaba | if you have no use at all in ubuntu, see if windows says it's a usb kb+mouse18:20
usr13mojtaba: The USB plugs are rectangular (wide, flat), PS2 is round.18:20
mojtabamillennia: How can I check it?18:21
millenniamojtaba | in windows you can check from device manager18:21
skp1_usr13: it's not a new install, i've been using this for a few days now. i set 'random effects for all events' in compiz and it froze so i pressed alt ctrl prt scrn b to reboot now when it logs in i cant use the mouse18:21
=== zzzzzzombie is now known as sanskarimata
skp1_usr13: i know the mouse works cuz i've used it with a live cd and a usb drive with 12.10 on it18:22
escotti have a friend who needs to use the NVIDIA drivers but not the apt packaged ones. For some reason Xorg is trying to use the 310.32 but the kernel is loading the old modules18:22
usr13skp1_: What is "alt ctrl prt scrn b"?18:22
recon_lapmojtaba: this seem like the same bug, but a older report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/4130118:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 41301 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Mouse clicks stop working sporadically" [Medium,Confirmed]18:22
millenniamojtaba | windows might be the only way to check if your ubuntu is not responding18:22
skp1_usr13: i read on the net that it is a safe way to reboot your computer if the os hangs18:23
=== TheOne is now known as Guest95791
escott!reisub | usr13 skp1_18:23
ubottuusr13 skp1_: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key18:23
usr13skp1_: Ok.  I'll take your word for it.18:23
mojtabamillennia: let me see18:24
usr13escott: Tnx18:24
skp1_escott: oh, ok18:24
usr13skp1_: What kind of mouse is it?18:24
usr13skp1_: PS2 or USB ?18:24
usr13skp1_: Try un-plugging and plugging in again.18:25
skp1_usr13: i did18:25
mojtabamillennia: It is not in the list18:25
usr13skp1_: Are you sure the mouse is ok?  (Not broken?)18:25
skp1_usr13: also unity loads very slowly and my internet connection wont work18:25
skp1_usr13: yes, i was just using it18:26
millenniamojtaba | that's strange, windows device manager always lists my keyboard and mouse as devices18:26
mojtabausr13: I knew that, but the question is about the integrated ones.18:26
skp1_usr13: i booted a usb drive and it worked18:26
usr13mojtaba: Oh, ok.18:26
mojtabamillennia: how can I do that?18:26
usr13mojtaba: Did you look at that bug report?18:26
mojtabamillennia: let me see18:27
skp1_usr13: i just booted into an older kernel and the mouse and internet work fine. what should i do?18:27
usr13skp1_: Do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf  file?18:28
skp1_usr13: no18:28
usr13skp1_: How new is the newest kernel?  (How long ago did it get installed?18:28
mojtabausr13: There were many information, I could not understand it18:28
skp1_usr13: this install is only a few days old, but the trouble seemed to start when i was messing with the animations in compiz.18:29
mojtabamillennia: How can I find device manager?18:29
macswellI have a laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 x64 installed that kernel panics whenever the ac-power(mains) is unplugged. It panics 1-2 seconds after being unplugged. Can anyone help?18:29
usr13skp1_: ls -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image*list  #And tell us that last date.18:30
usr13and version18:30
recon_lapmojtaba: to summarize, seems like you affected by a unity bug, the bug is reported but no solution has been found yet. options from here are extreme.18:30
Cortezhey guys, i need some help with ufw. You see when i do a ufw status i get 5 ports allowed, but when i do a nmap -sS i only get 2 open ports?18:31
millenniamojtaba | depending on your version of windows, it should be a part of your system settings applet18:31
skp1_usr13: jan 2918:31
escottzykotick9, can't remember if you have much experience with nvidia18:31
usr13skp1_: I'd say, just use the previous kernel for now.18:32
mojtabamillennia: I can not find it in the system setttings18:32
mojtabarecon_lap: Then what should I do?18:32
JuJuBeeI want to migrate users from one server to another.  I want to make sure that the UID's are the same and that their respecitve GID's are the same for the group that matches their username.  Can I create the groups first then users? or is there a better way?18:32
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skp1_usr13: is there no command i can use to reset compiz?18:32
millenniamojtaba | I'm sorry then, I'm pretty lost in windows, I stopped using windows around vista18:33
usr13skp1_: It quit working after reboot and so there is something wrong with the compiz settings on this new kernel, so, I'd just use the previous one for not.18:33
mojtabamillennia: I am not using windows.18:33
usr13skp1_: You could go back into compiz settings and change it back to what it was before.18:33
mojtabamillennia: I just installed ubuntu yesterday on windows 718:33
skp1_usr13: i already did18:34
usr13skp1_: Then just use the previous kernel for now.18:34
usr13at least until the next kernel update18:34
millenniamojtaba | Oh I thought you were. But if you are not using windows, I can't think of any way to check whether your kb and mouse are usb, given that your ubuntu is locked up and unresponsive18:34
recon_lapmillennia: his ubuntu is not locked up, he is losing mouse click events.18:36
millenniarecom_lap | oh. I thought he said his keyboard was locked up too (?)18:36
zykotick9escott: while i have used nvidia drivers extensivly, i have never used non-repo versions - since... i can't remember when...18:37
millenniarecon_lap | oh. I thought he said his keyboard was locked up too (?)18:37
mojtabamillennia: I just tried alt-tab and alt-ctrl-del and did not work, then I just restart it by holding power button18:37
LiquidDemocracyAnybody knows how to kill truecrypt via shell?18:38
macswell_My Ubuntu 12.04 x64 laptop kernel panics 1-2 seconds after unplugging ac-power(mains). Any idea how to fix this?18:38
LiquidDemocracyWhen I start truecrypt it says that it was already running. However, I can not find a process.18:38
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recon_lapmojtaba how long have you been using ubuntu?18:40
mojtabarecon_lap: I have just installed ubuntu on my sony laptop yesterday18:40
mojtabaI am pretty new to linux18:40
recon_lapmojtaba: had are you set on ubuntu/unity or would you consider xubuntu ?18:41
Axljackassanyone from singapore18:41
quillo123do you know the asterisk IRC channel ?18:41
mojtabarecon_lap: I have no idea about that18:41
escottzykotick9, ok. a friend of mine who was doing some CUDA work wanted to update the CUDA stack and tried to go non-repo... X was loading the newest driver but the kernel kept probing the old module and i couldn't figure out from where18:41
escottzykotick9, i think he is just going to reinstall (this is what happens when people do things without asking first :))18:41
zykotick9escott: in cases like that, i'd suggest removing all the old nvidia stuff, and simply reinstall the new... but that is just a very "gerneral" type suggestion.  sorry, don't have any specific suggestions...18:42
kevinmthomashi everyone.  I have ubuntu server installed and a wireless printer set up on a local 192 port.  I installed cups how do I set it up to print correctly?18:43
escottzykotick9, no problem... thats pretty all i can think to do myself18:43
recon_lapmojtaba: as it stands I think you stuck with the bug, so i'd suggest xubuntu, it uses a different window manager(xfce) and a good chance that it will not have the same bug. it's got a old fashioned GUI though.18:45
mojtabarecon_lap: Can I add xfce to my machine from the unity?18:45
recon_lapmojtaba: you only installed a day, I'd recommend a clean install, should only take about 45 min18:46
zykotick9kevinmthomas: try cup's web interface, on port 63118:46
kevinmthomashow might i set up cups web interface?18:47
mojtabarecon_lap: Actually It is my brother's laptop and he synced all of his files.18:47
zykotick9kevinmthomas: if cups is installed, should be running.18:47
kevinmthomasyes it is runnning18:47
kevinmthomasok so do i type18:47
kevinmthomaslp -d 192.x.x.x:163 filename18:48
zykotick9kevinmthomas: 63118:48
zykotick9kevinmthomas: NO, use a web browser to go to that address/port18:48
s4ltfuzzhi im here to find out how to install lilo on lubuntoo18:48
kevinmthomasoh i have only ubuntu server set up just console18:48
zykotick9kevinmthomas: a) try from another computer on your network b) use a text browser, i'd suggest elinks18:49
kevinmthomasgot it now on chrome18:49
arussel``I have a script in /etc/init.d and all the link in /etc/rc* created by update-rc.d, but last reboot, my service wasn't started. In which log file can i have a look ?18:49
awaymojtaba, http://askubuntu.com/questions/223536/how-can-i-install-xfce-along-side-unity18:49
kevinmthomasok i have the webpage loaded on anotehr comptuer18:50
kevinmthomasand a terminal fired up in ubunto18:50
recon_lapmojtaba: it's up to you, but thats what i'd do :)18:50
mojtabaaway: Thanks18:50
mojtabarecon_lap: Will it freezes, if I log in to the xfce instead of unity?18:51
usr13mojtaba: Try it and see.18:51
recon_lapmojtaba: sorry, cant guarantee that.18:51
kevinmthomasi see a network path addrss18:51
recon_lapmojtaba: maybe you should create a live usb and try it out. see what you think18:52
kevinmthomasso how do i print in ubuntu?18:52
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Alaskanhawgis it ok to run unbuntu on a VM18:53
bekksAlaskanhawg: Sure.18:53
AlaskanhawgI want to learn what all the hype is behind linux anywhere you recommend i start18:53
kevinmthomascups seems to be running and I have an IPP network path however how do I actually print in ubuntu?18:53
arussel``where are the log created when starting a service in /etc/init.d ?18:54
MonkeyDustAlaskanhawg  better start with a live cd or usb, it's faster than an virtual machine18:54
Alaskanhawgok i kinda dont have that resource available where im at18:55
Alaskanhawgonly thing i have is internet18:55
Alaskanhawgcurrently deployed18:55
kevinmthomasany ideas?  I have an IPP network path however when i try to lp -d filename18:56
rekhaanybody know how to use the scanning function of a brother dcp-8040 on linux? i wanna scan something to pdf18:56
kevinmthomasprinter or clas does nto exist18:56
kevinmthomaslp -d?18:57
kevinmthomasi have teh listen set up in the conf file as well18:58
fasWhen logging in by ssh I don't get my omzsh shell until I do 'su user' after I already logged in as that user. Why is this?18:58
tab1293I'm trying to share files from my ubuntu server to windows using samba. I want to setup this share using a vpn. I have already set up a tun device on my server but I am not sure how to use this to set up the actual vpn. I want to be able to connect to this vpn from windows built in vpn client. how can i do this?18:58
kevinmthomasstill not printing18:58
kevinmthomasprinter or class does not exist18:58
millenniarekha | you would first scan it from xsane, I think18:58