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Lumpyhello all00:12
Lumpylen you about?00:12
Len-nbLumpy, yup00:12
Lumpyhow ya been?00:12
Lumpyis there an off topic chan?00:12
Len-nbOK, tired the last few weeks00:12
Lumpyor is chit chat kewl here as well00:13
Lumpyi have been dead beat myself00:13
Len-nbYou can see a new channel open?00:13
Len-nbThats private00:14
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contrapunctus"I don't think ubuntu studio is even maintained. They just package a bunch of crap together and in theory would work. I don't think they do bug fixes or anything like that."13:30
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contrapunctusLotion...plus...gauze... >_>13:30
contrapunctusThis was on a prominent Linux pro audio forum.13:31
contrapunctusCan anyone comment on how accurate this is? o.O13:31
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smartboyhwhello all....15:01
contrapunctusHello again, smartboyhw ;)15:18
smartboyhwcontrapunctus, hello15:18
contrapunctussaidinesh5: Mate, where you from?15:20
saidinesh5hey contrapunctus..... i m from India....15:20
contrapunctusMe too :)15:20
contrapunctusDelhi ^^15:20
saidinesh5Ah 15:20
contrapunctusDidn't know there were other UbuntuStudio folks in India! :)15:21
contrapunctusYou a dev?15:21
saidinesh5Ah well...... not of ubuntu studio.... i work on a different software15:21
saidinesh5which i someday15:21
saidinesh5want to get included into ubuntu studio15:21
saidinesh5let me guess.... you stumbled across ubuntu studio from that coursera course? :P15:22
contrapunctusCoursera course? O.o15:22
saidinesh5it started right today15:22
contrapunctusWanted to stop using Windows...tried installing Ubuntu LTS (the very first one)15:22
saidinesh5digital sound design15:22
saidinesh5lol what do you mean by the very first one?15:23
contrapunctusThe first LTS15:23
saidinesh5you mean the 6.04 or somethin?15:23
saidinesh5where did you even get that DVD?15:23
contrapunctusReal crappy choice for a beginner, abandoned it for AVLinux soon after15:23
saidinesh5Ahh you mean back when you started.....15:23
contrapunctusSettled on Ubuntu Studio+KXstudio since the last few months15:23
contrapunctusI got it off the internet, lol.15:24
saidinesh5ya i guess i gave ubuntu studio a try back during 8.04 days i guess15:24
saidinesh5Ah yes15:24
saidinesh5KXStudio is quite nice.......15:24
saidinesh5kudos to falktx15:24
contrapunctusHell yeah.15:24
contrapunctusYou do music as well? o.o15:24
contrapunctusBack to practice ^^15:28
smartboyhwholstein, write me a testimonial at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/smartboyhw please:)15:46
smartboyhwastraljava, could you also write one for me?15:50
Lumpyhey holstein are there any requirement to join the dev team over there at launchpad?16:59
holsteinLumpy: not sure17:00
zequenceLumpy: Yes17:00
holsteinLumpy: lets ask scott when he's around17:00
holsteinmaybe zequence can do it?17:00
zequenceThe dev team means you get access to Ubuntu Studio bzr branches, and a lot of other things. 17:01
holsteinLumpy: im sure we can get you envolved17:01
zequenceYou don't need that in order to help out with development though17:01
zequenceLumpy: What is it that you are most interested in doing?17:01
Lumpyi would certainly be willing to test things17:01
Lumpyi already always report crashes and such17:01
Lumpyif they are relaqtively stable i would be willing to go to nightly builds17:02
zequenceLumpy: We don't have a procedure for that yet, but you are always welcome to install the development release17:02
zequenceAnd do test installs as well17:02
zequenceWe don't really require doing install tests much right now17:03
Lumpyokay, i will look into that in the next few days17:03
Lumpyi need to get back to making nickles and dimes on the machine atm17:03
Lumpyso no installs today17:03
Lumpybut i am sure i can set up another partition17:03
zequenceAs for individual applications, the desktop, and things like that, I guess it's good to just try things out, and if you find  a bug, report it.17:03
Lumpyi think i have like six operating systems on the beast atm17:03
Lumpyi use xfce for my desktop on my resource deprived machine17:04
zequenceI have one install of every 32 and 64 bit since 12.04, only for testing atm17:04
zequencePlus a development platform, using Quantal17:04
LumpyI only have one 64 bit machine and it is an oddball17:05
Lumpya mac G517:06
Lumpyrunning xubuntu17:06
zequenceLumpy: You don't need both. 17:08
zequenceI have all of those only because I need to test the lowlatency kernel every time I update it17:08
Lumpyoh i didn't think that... just letting you know what i do have was all17:09
Lumpyi don't run the low latency in studio atm17:09
zequenceLumpy: You'd be fine with just the development release of Ubuntu Studio for whatever arch you have, currently 13.04 32bit17:09
Lumpybut i do in tango studio17:09
holsteinis tango using our lowlatency kernel?17:12
holsteinPPC support is brutal17:12
Lumpyi know that on the PPC17:13
Lumpyit took me almost two weeks just to get something installed17:13
holsteini was just explaing to someone what a drag it can be17:13
Lumpyand i am not sure what kernel tango is using exactly17:13
holsteinhad a G4.. a 700mhz.. i was just saying, move on and let it go17:13
holsteinyou can dig a computer like that out of the trash these days17:13
Lumpy99% of the time the machine is running in your 12.04 with the generic kernel17:13
holsteina 64bit G5 is a bit more of a toss up though17:14
Lumpyi would have to boot the os and do a uname to be sure17:14
holsteinthats still got some life left17:14
Lumpyit is one of the real early ones17:14
Lumpytwo single core 64 bit cpus17:14
holsteini run one G4 X less and headless sometimes17:14
Lumpybut it saves me about 30% on post production matters17:14
* Lumpy timed it with a stop watch and compared it to his 32 bit dual core intel17:15
zequenceLumpy: Testing is actually very important for us. We need to catch bugs, and report them upstream much sooner, and more agressively than in the past17:15
Lumpyi would be willing to do that17:15
Lumpyand i would love to see if i can get this jack running on my PPC17:15
zequenceLumpy: Won't work17:16
holsteinLumpy: i didnt have very good luck17:16
zequencejackd1, but not jackd217:16
Lumpybut that is not a real critical issue17:16
zequenceThere's a bug in jackd2 that stops it from working on PPC17:16
Lumpyit runs great on the dual core 32 bit17:16
zequenceI got an iBook3 a few weeks ago. Installed Debian. Managed to compile a -rt kernel for it. But, jackd2 didn't work17:17
* zequence is going running17:17
Lumpyi wish i could run anymore17:22
Lumpyi have to settle for walks 17:22
Lumpymy back and knees won't take the running anymore17:22
zequenceLumpy: If you like, i could introduce you to some of the structure we have for development18:37
zequenceLumpy: We follow blueprints. A blueprint for us is sort of like a topic. Each blueprint has a set of work items that we try get done18:37
zequenceLumpy: Here's an example of a blueprint on launchpad. It's called workflows, and is the root for all our workflows https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-ubuntustudio-r-workflows18:39
zequenceYou can click the clouds below to get to other related blueprints, up and down the tree of dependencies18:39
zequenceLumpy: If you find something you feel you can do, just add yourself to the work item. If you come with ideas, talk with someone about it, or just add a workitem yourself. It takes a little time to get into managing that stuff18:41
Lumpyi will look it over a bit later today or tomorrow19:02
Lumpyunfortunately i need to crank out some online work to pay the bills19:02
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