gartralNoTchTesT: if your looking for just basic, quick edits, clip a bad segment, re-align audio to video, that sort of stuff.. I recommend OpenShot, it's not very featureful, but it's pretty good00:00
NoTchTesTcomplete one00:03
gartralNoTchTesT: take a look at Cinelerra.. it's got a hell of a learning curve, but it's very powerful, if not very "pretty"00:07
=== Lump|AFK is now known as Lumpy
FloatingGoatis there any way to get like 4 rakaracks00:15
FloatingGoatand only certain fequencys go to each00:15
FloatingGoatso I can get tone to midi to play chords00:15
Len-nbTry with jackrack and some filter plugins.00:45
sirriffsalotWhich irc-chat program would you recommend for simple, easy use, minimalistic space-usage and automatically connects to so an so channel?00:49
FloatingGoatsirriffsalot: quasselll00:55
sirriffsalotFloatingGoat, thanks! What do you think of the ootb xchat?00:58
sirriffsalotOotb in terms of ubuntu studio that is00:58
FloatingGoatout of the box?00:58
sirriffsalotFloatingGoat, yeah01:23
FloatingGoatwell i dont know01:23
FloatingGoatout of the box xchat is very basic, I had to get help on how to do certain things like saving channels and nicks etc01:23
FloatingGoatquassell just does i01:23
FloatingGoatits very user friendly01:24
sirriffsalotFloatingGoat, goodie. So what makes you use xchat? If you are01:25
FloatingGoatIm not using anything01:26
FloatingGoatbut if I were it would be quassell01:26
sirriffsalotYou're just on the web?01:26
sirriffsalotin the web* is more appropriate perhaps ;D01:26
FloatingGoatyeah haha01:27
FloatingGoatill brb01:29
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FloatingGoatnow im good01:30
sirriffsalotWelcome back01:30
FloatingGoatim on quassel now01:30
sirriffsalotWhy haha01:31
sirriffsalotWhy does the start menu contain two launchers for Brasero (Video Production and Media Playback)?02:35
xrsidiot proofing my guess. you can use Main Menu (alacarte) to change that if you wish02:50
tuplesug, Ladi system tray doesn't seem to like starting a studio when jackd is or was running >.>02:53
tuplesworks if I kill jackd though02:58
tupleswhich is functional, so I'll take it02:58
Len-nbsirriffsalot, I think Brassero is on more than one menu because it fits two workflows.03:17
sirriffsalotLen-nb, yeah.. figured as much, felt somehow insulted by it though, hehe03:18
Len-nbI can inderstand.03:19
Len-nbThere have been a few times though I have installed new software and made 4 or 5 tries looking for the thing in the menu.03:20
Len-nbtuples, jackd or jackdbus?03:21
Len-nbLaditray probably is trying to start jackdbus, it can't if jackd is running03:22
sirriffsalotLen-nb, I see. But the same applies to the interminable links to the ubuntu software center in the out of the box ubuntu studio 12.10..03:22
sirriffsalotLen-nb, I mean.. come on?03:22
sirriffsalotLen-nb, they are in every single category! Haha03:22
Len-nbEach of them shows software relevant to the place where it is.03:23
Len-nbEven with a DVD sized ISO we can't include all the SW we want people to know about.03:23
sirriffsalotReally, I did not notice that.. Either way it is a tad bit too much in my opinion. At least I can remove it:)03:23
Len-nbNot every category, all ours though.03:24
Len-nb(plus office)03:24
sirriffsalotLen-nb, by the way, if I try to start jackd2 right after login it goes without a hitch, but if I have been using flash, vlc, or something like that, it fails. Is there any script you recommend I run to kill any process(es) that would prevent jackd from starting?03:24
Len-nbThat is a pulseaudio bug. Fix is on the way. Are you using qjackctl to start jack?03:25
Len-nb(there is a workaround)03:26
sirriffsalotBut I've removed everything pulseaudio.. hehe03:26
sirriffsalotI stick to alsa03:26
sirriffsalotHmm.. I am still seeing a pulseaudio o.O03:27
Len-nbThen I am not sure. Maybe GS doesn't release the device.03:27
sirriffsalotHow could this be?03:27
sirriffsalotIf I do $ ps -A that is03:27
sirriffsalotThe gstreamer plugin03:28
Len-nbIf PA is running that is it.03:29
Len-nbThe GS plugin should release as soon as it is finished it's stream03:29
sirriffsalotWell it's curious.. I've removed the audio server..03:30
sirriffsalotWhat the hell..03:30
Len-nbPA respawns03:30
sirriffsalotPulseaudio is installed03:30
sirriffsalotI removed it!03:30
sirriffsalotThis is spooky03:30
sirriffsalotI recently did this though http://jackaudio.org/routing_flash03:30
sirriffsalotWould any of those packages include the re-installation of pulseaudio?03:31
cfhowlettsirriffsalot, sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio*03:31
sirriffsalotcfhowlett, yeah.. was considering it. But now that things work as long as I can get jack up and running.. would this create other problems?03:31
Len-nbsirriffsalot, There is a work around for that problem if you like.03:33
cfhowlettsirriffsalot, jack calls on PA for quite a few things so I'd think twice before purging/removing03:33
sirriffsalotYeah, if I just kill the pulseaudio process I can start jackd03:33
tuplesLen-nb: jackd and jackdbus are running03:33
Lumpycan't he just kill it in jack?03:33
Lumpyirc, that is what i did03:33
sirriffsalotLen-nb, what would that be? add the killall pulseaudio -9 command on the start of qjackctl?03:34
tuplesI kill jackd, then start it in ladi with start studio03:34
tupleswhich seems to work03:34
tuplespulse audio configs set jack jack_out and in as default sinks03:35
Len-nbNo. in the second tab there is room for scripts.03:35
Len-nbthe one that runs just before jack starts can be:03:35
Len-nbpasuspender -- sleep 5 &03:36
Len-nbMakes pulse give up the port long enough that jack can grab it.03:36
Lumpywould that maybe explain why i have issues trying to patch calf plugins into the signalflow when i launch jack?03:42
Lumpyi don't run any script and simple don't enable the dbus03:42
sirriffsalotLen-nb, would you mind explaining that command in a little more detail?03:44
Len-nbWhat part are you missing?03:46
Len-nbpasuspender tells PA to release all the HW ports while it runs whatever is after the --03:47
Len-nbsleep 5 runs for 5 sec (1 is enough on my setup)03:47
Len-nbduring that time jackdbus starts and is able to grab the ports it wants.03:48
Len-nbThen pasuspender quits and pulse tries to grab whatever ports are available03:48
Len-nbthe ports jack has are not available03:49
Len-nbas soon as jack stops and releases the ports it has pulse grabs them.03:49
Len-nbOh, and the & tells pasuspender to run background so jackdbus can start in FG.03:51
Lumpylen would there be anything i could do to maybe get jack rack and/or calf to work nice with idjc and jack?03:54
Lumpyanytime i try and run them and patch them in i get all skippy and such03:54
Len-nbShould just work...03:54
Lumpythat is what i thought03:54
Lumpymaybe just my resource deprived machine then03:54
Len-nbCould be.03:54
Len-nbHave you watched cpu use with top?03:55
Len-nbThe % in the jack window is just DSP not the whole machine cpu use.03:55
Lumpymy cpu use is almost always through the roof when i try that sf03:55
Lumpynot too bad with just jackd and idjc03:55
Lumpybut as soon as i add jackrack or calf... whamo03:56
Len-nbWhat machine?03:56
LumpyP4 dual core 2.4 GHz on a waspd65 mobo with 2GB RAM03:57
Lumpypretty old03:58
Len-nbThat should work though.03:58
Len-nbWhat plugin are you using in jackrack?03:58
Lumpyi forget the command to check the kernel03:58
Lumpyi think it is the lowlatency though03:58
* Len-nb has a 10 year old P4 2.4g machine.03:59
Len-nbuname -a03:59
Lumpynope generic kernel03:59
cfhowlettLen-nb, feel free to upgrade that box any day now!03:59
Len-nbI have mixed 16 tracks so far with no problem... why spend money?04:00
Lumpylen, don't recall specifically but was trying compressors04:00
Lumpyand it didn't seem to matter04:00
Lumpyany compressor and it did the same with calf04:00
Len-nbI haven't played with compressors much04:01
Len-nbMostly I have done eq, reverb and box emulation.04:01
Lumpyreverb seems to work just fine04:01
Lumpymore or less, just looking for a compressor to save a step post processing with the live streams04:02
Lumpybut not too pressing, the G5 does the post production in about 30% less time04:03
Len-nbMost of the effects I add are for mixdown not tracking, so I set the latency higher.04:03
Len-nb(-p 1024)04:04
Lumpyi use this one with audacity for post production work04:04
Len-nbI track at -p 6404:04
Lumpyjust don't try the bass boost in it04:04
Len-nbHow could you not use it... OK.04:05
Lumpythe developer is no more and, as of the last release, the bass boost was experimental04:06
Len-nbkids to bed brb04:06
Len-nbwhat latency are you using?04:12
Len-nb(in jack)04:12
Lumpywhatever the default is04:13
Lumpyi end up with 46.4 msec according to jackqt04:13
Len-nbI think 1024... sounds bout right04:13
Lumpyjust opened it04:13
Lumpythat is frames/period04:13
Lumpyrealtime enabled04:14
Len-nbdoes jack tell you it actually started RT?04:14
* Len-nb doesn't remember if jack can start RT with a generic kernel or not.04:15
LumpyJACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 1004:15
LumpyJack: Create non RT thread04:15
sirriffsalotLen-nb, sounds reasonable :) thanks for explaining!04:16
Lumpysirriffsalot: len rawks don't he04:17
Len-nb JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 77 is what I get04:17
Len-nbHope it helps.04:17
sirriffsalotLumpy, haven't heard his music, if any, but he sure is helpful and thorough :)04:18
Lumpywell i haven't heard his music either04:18
Len-nbMostly quiet.04:18
Lumpybut thanks to him and others here04:18
Lumpypeople can hear my stream04:18
Len-nbThe last bit I did had no drums even.04:18
Len-nbI am i bit more rowdy on stage though.04:19
Len-nbI enjoy the interaction between players and audience.04:21
Len-nbI find it hard to translate that to studio.04:21
Lumpymaybe i just didn't try the right compressor04:24
Lumpyjack says it is rolling in RT04:26
Lumpyi dunno len... seems fine now04:27
Lumpyrunning jackrack, two meterbridge, idjc, and only at 22%04:28
Len-nbAre you running pulse bridged in?04:28
Lumpyrunning calf compressor LADSPA, tried SC4, SC3 at different times during this chat and the most i have hit is 26 %04:29
Len-nbOr any audio from pulse?04:29
Lumpyi haven't tried that since holstein and you suggested killing it via dbus04:29
Lumpyi have no idea what i am doing different than on the previous attempts04:30
Len-nbOK, how are you adding ... I have forgotten whats called again04:30
Len-nbthe program you use instead of skype04:30
Lumpythat wouldn't be it04:30
Lumpyit is teamspeak 304:30
Lumpyand i pull that in via another machine through my eternal mixer04:31
Len-nbya that. I wouldn't think it would be just whatever you use to get into jack.04:31
Lumpyso as far as sf goes it is just line in04:31
Lumpyalthough i would like to get that patched in as voip eventually04:31
Len-nbGood way to save cpu.04:31
Lumpyalso is there any way to get jackdmp anymore?04:32
Lumpyor jack204:32
Lumpysomething for multiprocessors?04:32
Len-nbjack2 = jackdmp04:32
Len-nbjack2 uses one thread for audio and two more for other things.04:32
Lumpycpu went up to 32% when i connected to the stream but that is still nothing significant04:33
Lumpynice to see it can work but i sure would like to know why it didn't on the previous two attempts04:34
Lumpyno xruns or anything this time04:34
* Lumpy turns on logging04:34
Lumpythe DSP load isn't even 10 %04:35
Lumpy0 xruns in 15 minutes of rolling (not all of those minutes connected to the stream)04:36
Lumpynot that being connected to the stream should really matter04:36
Lumpyit is behaving nothing like it did on my last two attempts04:36
Len-nbI'm less than 20% Streaming your audio from internet->audacious->pulse->jack->compressor-jack out.04:37
Len-nblatency 16ms04:38
Len-nbatom powered netbook running at 800mhz most of the time.04:39
Lumpy6.34 msec according to status here04:39
Lumpyi am not connected to the remote server but that should be mute04:39
Len-nbmy internal sound interface can't go that low.04:40
Len-nb-p128 is as low as jack will start.04:40
Lumpyi am going line in --> meterbridge -->jackrack --> meterbridge--> idjc04:40
Lumpyand i am using a SB live PCI for my card04:41
Lumpyi dunno04:42
Lumpyit seems just fine now04:42
Lumpymaybe it knows when i am live.. heh04:43
Lumpyand looking at the meters, listening through the cans, the compressor is deffinitely working04:44
Lumpylooks like you solve another problem for me len04:45
Lumpyhow did you do that?04:45
Len-nbhaven't the faintest.04:46
Lumpyhow do i save this as a session?04:46
Lumpyi never did figure that one out yet04:46
Lumpyi never wanted another compressor until they changed idjc around04:47
Len-nbI have never been that good with sessions either04:47
Len-nbI am surprised IDJC doesn't support plugins natively.04:49
Len-nbI guess they feel they don't need to with all the stuff jack supports.04:50
Lumpyit had compression in some of the older builds04:50
Lumpya nice one actually04:50
Lumpyi think i might use patchage to save the setup04:51
Lumpyit is all there nice and perty when i launch it04:51
Len-nbSounds good.04:52
Lumpythat might not work either though04:52
Lumpywith the way meter bridge launches04:52
Lumpybut it will give me a nice schematic04:53
Lumpyoh boy... now i am getting excited04:53
Lumpyif i can keep the load this low04:53
Len-nbjack.plumbing might work.04:54
Lumpyi can pull my DX7 and DR5 into it04:54
Lumpynever heard of jack.plumbing04:54
Lumpyis that in by default or do i need to add it04:54
Len-nbjack.plumbing comes with jack.tools.04:54
Len-nbhave to add it.04:54
Lumpymy GF is going to kill you len.. since you fixed this you know i am not going to bed anytime soon04:55
Len-nbit runs as a deamon and connects things according to a rules file.04:55
Len-nbuses regular expressions for matching.04:56
Lumpysynaptic or terminal to add04:56
Len-nbeither... sudo apt-get install jack.tools04:57
Len-nbI figured it must be getting late over there.04:57
Lumpyshe is already passed out04:57
Lumpyshe didn't make it through the news even04:58
Len-nbafter midnight....04:58
Lumpyshe had her hand amputated and suffers bad from phantom pains04:58
Lumpyshe was having a bad night tonight04:58
Lumpy1 am in two minutes04:58
Len-nbI have heard of that.04:58
Lumpyinstalling tools via synaptic04:59
Len-nbMy Yf is taking nursing right now sees a lot of things.04:59
Lumpyi was a medic.. i saw more than enough05:00
Len-nbShe has been doing volunteer at the hospital for years05:00
Len-nbI can imagine05:00
Lumpywait, you have autotune in studio now?05:01
* Lumpy is gonna be a singer now.. heh05:01
Lumpyso how do i launch tools?05:01
Len-nbFor about three releases at least05:01
Len-nbtools are all commandline.05:01
Len-nbtype jack. and then hit tab for a list05:02
Lumpywell that is one of the down sides of studio... all the menus, you can just miss stuff05:02
Lumpynot a complaint, just sayin05:02
Len-nbI agree though.05:02
Len-nbJust think, without qjackctl, jack itself is CLI too.05:03
Lumpynice... what is .dl, and .udp05:03
Len-nb.udp doesn't work well use netjack instead05:03
Len-nbdl dsp loader05:04
Lumpyi am giong to have to read up on these tools a bit05:04
Len-nbman jack.dl05:04
Lumpylooks like i need to create a config file or two before i can run plumbing05:04
Len-nbmaybe another day...   ;)05:04
Lumpyyeah, i will likely bork it if i try it in my current state05:05
Lumpybut, this looks like the exact ticket i want05:05
Lumpyi am going to put a postit on the monitor (screen) to remember to export my package list05:06
Lumpylooking at the man for plumbing though05:07
Len-nbif you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.raring05:07
Len-nbit will show you what we add on purpose.05:07
Len-nbSome of those things pull in other packages we don't expect.05:08
Lumpythe only thing that i see as any type of challenge would be the way meter bridge names each meter by it's process05:08
Lumpybut i am sure that is not much of a challenge05:08
Len-nbThat is what regular expesions are for.05:09
Len-nbthey allow you to spec a part of the name instead of all of it.05:10
Lumpyyeah but i am running two instances05:10
Lumpythe only way i tell em apart is by PID05:10
Len-nbuse meterbridge -n first05:10
Len-nband -n second05:10
Len-nbtype meterbridge --help05:11
* Lumpy puts n00b hat on05:11
Lumpyi wonder if i can do the same in idjc05:11
Len-nb(invalid but it prints usage anyway.)05:11
Len-nbman meterbridge works too05:12
Lumpyi just discovered that myself05:13
Lumpyisn't cli a lovely thing?05:13
Lumpyand i already answered another quesiton i was going to ask05:13
* Len-nb started linux on slackware .8 or so al cli05:13
Lumpyi used to have a tshirt that said real hackers don't use mice05:13
Lumpyi still have one somewhere that says i void warrneties05:14
Lumpywth is a jellyfish phase meter?05:14
Lumpyone of the meterbridge options05:15
Lumpyand if meterbridge can do ppm why did i install jmeter05:15
Lumpyor wait did i on this machine05:15
Len-nbys but ?? anyway, IDK05:15
Len-nbDoes -c 4 give 4 meters?05:17
Lumpyi am missing something when i type the command05:18
Lumpytype literally what you want me to try05:18
Lumpyor maybe we have to define each meter in the column05:19
Len-nbYa, the default command line is:05:21
Len-nb/usr/bin/meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:playback_1 alsa_pcm:playback_205:21
Lumpyreal totally awesome nice!05:22
Lumpyi almost shouted loud enough to wake the kid and GF05:22
Len-nbso if you were to spec the the connections you wanted on the command line it should connect on start05:23
Len-nbStart with that number of meters05:23
Len-nb-c 2 would put 4 meters in two columns of two meters I think05:24
Lumpylen you rawk05:26
Lumpythank you so much05:26
Lumpyand i can start it with ppm05:26
Lumpyso if i get the plumbing set up right... it would not take much to do a script shortcut right on the desktop to launch the entire kit and kaboodle05:27
Lumpyi bet ya i could launch idjc, meters, jack and even the folders i use to pull audio files from all in one shot05:28
Lumpyand you are dead on with the -c05:30
Len-nbtry meterbridge -c 2 -t vu -n mybridge alsa_pcm:playback_1 alsacm:playback_2 alsa_pcm:playback_3 alsa_pcm:playback_405:30
Len-nbyou prolly have05:30
Lumpyand so long as i set the plumbing up right, it would solve any PID issues and have the meters set where i want em05:30
Lumpynicer yet05:32
Lumpyyou really want me to shout and wake the kid eh?05:32
Len-nbOn linux audio user there are a couple of blind guys who record music all CLI05:33
Len-nbThey use nama05:33
Len-nb(LAU is a mailing list)05:34
Lumpyhow do i sign up for that one05:34
Len-nbI have learnt a lot from LAU05:34
Lumpyi get a few audacity centric mailing list ones05:35
Lumpyyou know, if i brush up on the cli, i bet you it would be pretty simple to launch everything, on the right workspace even, with one shell script05:36
Len-nbI don't know if xfce is good with doing the workspace thing. xvwm (I think) does05:37
Lumpyi have had no issues with the workspaces in xfce05:38
Len-nbI don't know if you can set up for certain apps to start in certain workspaces05:39
Lumpyi usually launch the jack stuff on one, set the meters to always on top and always on visble, and idjc and folders on another (I have two screens per workspace and four workspaces total)05:39
Lumpywell that would be easy enough to work about,05:39
Lumpyjust do two short cuts05:39
Lumpylaunch one05:39
Lumpyswitch workspaces, and launch the second05:40
Lumpyas long as the first one launches jackd05:40
Len-nbfvwm (not xvwm) lets you default an app to always start in one workspace.05:40
Lumpyit should be seamless05:40
Lumpyis fvwm installed with studio by default05:41
Len-nbNo, fvwm is old school.05:41
Lumpyi have been autolaunching xfce since the day after i installed this 12.04 build05:41
Len-nb before the first kde or gnome.05:42
Lumpyso if i installed it would it show as one of the options in the menu05:42
Lumpywait is that what fedora uses?05:42
Len-nbThere is still active development on fvwm. But I don't know if it would even see the system menu.05:43
Len-nbfedora prolly uses kde.05:43
Lumpywell i could still launch into terminal and just launch it there though05:43
Lumpythat is one of the nice things about nix05:43
Lumpyyou can really tweak it05:43
Lumpyi haven't used fedora in ages05:43
Lumpynor slackware for that matter05:44
Len-nbI never really wormed up to redhat.05:44
Lumpycurrently i use mint, debian, lubuntu, xubuntu, tango and studio05:44
Len-nbI ran slackware from .8 to 1205:44
Lumpyi think 9 is about where i left slack05:45
Lumpyand no, i did not care for redhat or BSD much05:45
Lumpybut they are great for servers05:45
Len-nbI was running SW on my server, but it is now ubuntu.05:46
Lumpythe only time i ever played with BSD was for a server in fact, for a church i attended05:46
Lumpyi like ubuntu server, though i still get lost in it because, until october, we used centos05:46
Len-nbour church doesn't do much with the internet05:46
Len-nbThe pastor is facebook happy :P05:47
* Len-nb doesn't use facebook05:47
Lumpyso even with us opening and closing and opening and closing all those meters05:47
Lumpyopening and closing all those compressors05:48
Lumpy1 hour and 27 minutes rolling05:48
Lumpy4 xruns total05:48
Len-nbI have more than that05:48
Lumpythe largest .095 msec05:48
* Lumpy would still like to know what we fixed05:49
Len-nbMy wireless gives me about 1 xrun per minute05:49
Len-nbIf I unload the kernel module for my wireless I have no xruns.05:50
Len-nbNo internet or chat either :)05:50
Lumpyif i load the nvidia kernel, which i don't think we can anymore, i would have gobs and gobs of em05:51
Len-nbGotts go, time to spend time with my wife.   :D05:51
Lumpybut arandr seems to work just fine without em anymore05:51
Lumpyi gotta get some sleep but i will let you know how this works out05:51
Lumpyfrom what i see it is going to be great05:52
=== Lumpy is now known as Lump|AFK
SomeGuy_How do I change the system wide fixed width font in Ubuntu Studio and why is this not made ridiculously obvious in the GUI?06:14
SomeGuy_googled this all over06:15
SomeGuy_i can change the font for some things in Appearance but not the system wide fixed width font06:15
SomeGuy_need to increase font size so i can read the terminal06:16
cfhowlettSettings manager > appearance > fonts06:16
SomeGuy_cfhowlett, no, that does not change the system wide fixed width font06:16
SomeGuy_that only changes the font in the xfce gui06:16
cfhowlettah.  OK.  sorry, then IDK.  I bet the #xfce folks know06:17
SomeGuy_I need to change the system wide fixed width font that terminal and the window titles (whatever they're called in linux) use06:17
SomeGuy_oh good idea06:17
cfhowlettor #xubuntu06:17
zequenceSomeGuy_: I think you might need a gnome tool for that06:19
zequenceSomeGuy_: gnome-tweak-tool06:19
zequenceTry it. not sure if it'll work06:19
SomeGuy_zequence, i tried that06:20
SomeGuy_doesn't change things in xfce06:20
zequenceThen it's XFCE specific somehow06:20
zequenceYou might find someone who knows at either #xfce or #xubuntu06:20
cfhowlettSomeGuy_, gnome tweak for xfce?  doesn't sound legit ...06:20
zequenceSomeGuy_: If you find out how, could you just mention that to us?06:22
zequenceI'm going to make that a task for us to find out anyway06:22
SomeGuy_i found another font setting in settings manager > window manager > fonts06:24
cfhowlettSomeGuy_, http://maketecheasier.com/change-console-fonts-in-ubuntu/2012/03/0506:25
SomeGuy_you can make the font bigger for the window titles, but you can't make the window titles any taller to accomidate the bigger letters06:25
SomeGuy_oh. looks like i just needed to choose a font other than "fixed"06:28
SomeGuy_i chose terminus bold. will see how it looks on reboot. thanks guys06:28
SomeGuy_nope that didn't change a thing06:31
SomeGuy_can't solve it tonight. too late too tired. but its a major annoyance when you are visually  impaired to have to deal with such tiny fonts06:32
cfhowletterrr.  he left.  I wondered whether a solution might be found in the "Access" settings06:33
cfhowlettjust looked.  Not there.06:33
cfhowlettubuntu-studio, greetings08:14
ubuntu-studiocfhowlett, do you know a thing or two about the DAW Ardour08:15
ubuntu-studioEspecially the drum machine, is what I am trying to access08:16
ubuntu-studiokeen sense of smell...08:35
btdheroanybody here?11:54
btdheroi need some help11:54
zequence-wbtdhero, Just ask11:55
Lump|AFKmorning btdhero11:55
btdheroa friend of mine recommended me the ubuntu studio software11:55
Lump|AFKgood recomendation imho11:55
btdherobut i would like to know if this is the right choice for my need11:56
btdheroI want to record an orchestra11:56
btdheroperforming at acoustic instruments11:56
Lump|AFKand you want to use a computer as the recording device?11:57
btdheroa laptop, yeap11:57
btdheroI have 2 microphones, and some hardware11:57
Lump|AFKimho, your limitations are not going to be the OS but your soundcard and mics11:57
zequence-wExactly right11:57
Lump|AFKbut imho, ubuntu studio is likely a great choice for the post production end of things11:58
Lump|AFKwhat hardware and what mics please11:58
zequence-wYou need to make sure you have an audio device that has the specs you require, and that it is supported by Linux. And, of course, good mics11:58
btdheroi don't know much about this, so would you be kind and explain me a few things ?11:58
Lump|AFKwhat kind of budget do you have for this project btdhero ?11:58
btdherouhmm, a few hundreds €, let's say ...11:59
btdheroalthough, i will record one day, and never after11:59
btdheroso ...11:59
Lump|AFKokay, so what do you mean by "have some hardware"?12:00
Lump|AFKbrb time to wakey wakey the kid and GF12:00
btdheroi'll wait12:00
Lump|AFKkk, back for about 1012:01
Lump|AFKthen i will be in and out12:01
Lump|AFKokay btdhero, here is the deal12:02
Lump|AFKyou want to be able to record, as a rule of thumb, at twice the sample rate of the highest frequency you wish to capture12:02
Lump|AFKyou mentioned orchestra, so that would likely mean you have some high pitched string instruments like violins12:03
Lump|AFKso that would mean a pretty high sample rate12:03
Lump|AFKso your first check should be your soundcard and/or recording device12:03
Lump|AFKas in what are those specs12:04
Lump|AFKthen the next thing you would have to consider would be the mics12:04
Lump|AFKbeing an orchestra, i would suggest condensers12:04
btdherowhat means a 'pretty high sample rate' ? :-/12:04
btdheroi need linux again, i have douzins of windows open :|12:06
Lump|AFKwell when i do orchestras, i go as high as my zoom H2 will go12:06
Lump|AFKwhich i think is 96KHz 24bit12:06
btdherook, i will note those12:07
Lump|AFKi also have a H$ which does not have the same rates so i get confused sometimes12:07
Lump|AFKand, many would argue, that I sample at too high a rate12:07
Lump|AFKhowever, if you start fat, you can take it down later12:08
Lump|AFKif you start thin, you can not take it up later12:08
Lump|AFKso i would rather spend some extra time in post production and have all those violing harmonics rather than wish i had them later and not be able to get to them12:08
btdheropost production = work in ubuntu studio, i guess12:10
Lump|AFKthat would be any editing or resampleing12:10
Lump|AFKand the os is perfect for that imho12:10
btdherois it hard to learn how to handle the OS ?12:11
Lump|AFKin my opinion, not at all12:11
Lump|AFKit is all gui these days12:11
btdheroI guess i'll find some tutorials, first12:12
Lump|AFKthere is really very little need for command line type of stuff unless you are doing something a tad specialized12:12
Lump|AFKi don't think you will even need that much in lines of tutorials12:14
btdherowell, i'm trying to keep it as simple as possible, because I don't have any experience in this domain yet12:15
Lump|AFKzequence: what are your thoughts?12:15
Lump|AFKmine would be record it, and use audacity12:15
btdheroI have used before audacity12:15
Lump|AFKand btdhero what do you want to do once you record it?12:15
Lump|AFKsimply share a compressed file, maybe burn it to CDA?12:16
btdheroplay the music on festivals12:16
btdheroI must leave, i'll be back later12:16
Lump|AFKso, more or less, you just want a recording, maybe you would want to eq it a bit or such12:16
Lump|AFKi have to help get the kid ready for school12:16
=== btdhero is now known as btdhero|brb
Lump|AFKi will be hereish12:16
Lump|AFKi was tempted to suggest he just buy a zoom or similar device but to record only once?12:17
Lump|AFKthey are cheap enough these days but still..12:18
Lump|AFKanyhow bbl12:18
zequence-wbtdhero|brb, I suggest renting the gear. Especially good mics cost a lot12:26
zequence-wUsing mics is more of a sound engineering problem12:27
zequence-wThere are many stereo sound usb audio devices that work with Linux, however not many have full support12:27
zequence-wbtdhero|brb, Here's a page to look for audio devices12:28
zequence-wLook under usb12:28
zequence-wFind one that seems good. Rent it, and the mics at some music store. Also, you need micstands12:29
zequence-wI'm thinking you want to do a stereo recording12:29
zequence-wYou might need extra big mic stands12:29
zequence-wA classic method is to put the mics at 90 angle, very close to each other. This is a sure way of getting a succesful recording12:30
Lump|AFKthe zooms have them built in like that12:30
Lump|AFKand, based on my experience, they work great for that12:31
zequence-wThey should be fairly close (not the other end of the room), but positioned so that they can pick the whole orchestra. Not just a part of it12:31
Lump|AFKthe only down side of the zooms is they eat batteries like zombies eat brains12:32
zequence-wbtdhero|brb, You need condenser mics, so preferably you get ok mic pre amplifiers with phantom power12:32
zequence-wIf you don't get extra pre amps, don't waste too much money on the mics either. You'll still need condenser mics, and at least phantom power on the audio device12:32
Lump|AFKbbiab.. time to take the puppies out12:32
zequence-wbtdhero|brb, Sorry. Here's the link for the audio devices http://wiki.linuxmusicians.com/doku.php?id=hardware_matrix12:33
Lump|AFKhave you ever used anything like the zooms zequence ?12:34
zequence-wLump|AFK, You mean like this http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/h4/12:34
zequence-wNo. Looks like it could work, yes12:35
Lump|AFKi don't even have to look at the link yeah12:35
Lump|AFKi have the h2 and h4n12:35
Lump|AFKthe h4n will drive condensers12:35
Lump|AFKthey both have them built in as well12:35
Lump|AFKbrb i need to deal with these 4 legged guys before i have a floor to mop12:36
=== btdhero|brb is now known as btdhero
btdheroa few moments to read ^12:40
Lump|AFKand the H2 will work with linux12:41
Lump|AFKi have used it via jack and alsa with both idjc and audacity in the past12:41
Lump|AFKi also see the h4 is listed12:41
Lump|AFKi also think that zequence is dead on with the xy mic idea12:42
Lump|AFKmaybe, if the room is shallow, go 120 and not 90 but deffinitely use an xy arrangement12:43
btdherowe should talk about the room too, ofcourse, but first, what mics do you finaly suggest? renting condenser mics would be the best idea?12:45
Lump|AFKif I were going to do a concert like that, I would just use the built ins in my H@ and H412:47
Lump|AFKer H212:47
Lump|AFKi might take extra mics for the H4 because it is a four track and I could get redundancy12:48
Lump|AFKbut if you are going to rent, you may wish to consider a stand alone set up like the H2 or H412:48
Lump|AFKnot that you have to stick with the zoom brand12:48
Lump|AFKthere are other similar devices12:49
btdherook now, you got me a little confused... H@, H2, H4 >12:49
Lump|AFKdisregard the H@12:49
Lump|AFKthat was a typo12:49
Lump|AFKthe H@ and H4 are portable recording devices12:49
Lump|AFKthey have built in mics, set to either 90 or 120 XY configurations and they record in a number of formats right to a SD card12:50
Lump|AFKin other words, you would not even need your laptop to be there for the recording12:51
Lump|AFKthe devices can record stand along12:51
Lump|AFKer alone12:51
btdherovety nice12:52
btdherovery *12:52
btdherocould you give me an example of which would be a proper one ?12:53
btdheroi am searching in that link12:53
Lump|AFKthe H2 would work just fine for you application in my humble opinion12:54
Lump|AFKzequence concurred that it would work above as well12:54
Lump|AFKand, for what it is worth, Tony D'Amico was impressed with my H212:54
Lump|AFKand i think he has 6 emmys12:54
Lump|AFKi was lucky enough to meet him at a focus group and happened to have the device with me12:55
Lump|AFKthe H4 is listed in that link not the H212:55
Lump|AFKbut if you use the device as a stand alone12:56
Lump|AFKyou just pull the SD card and use a reader12:56
Lump|AFKit won't matter at all for it would just show up like a usb drive12:56
Lump|AFKread up btdhero and if you have Qs hollar at me13:02
Lump|AFKi will be hereish13:02
* Lump|AFK is working atm13:03
btdherowhich one is the H2 ? :-/13:03
btdherothis one would be the H4, i guess http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/h4/13:04
Lump|AFKit is not listed in that link13:04
Lump|AFKit works though13:04
Lump|AFKi have used it13:05
btdherothx, i'll read13:05
Lump|AFKwhere abouts are you at btdhero ?13:15
btdheroi am now getting the 90 and the 120 degrees pattern13:16
btdherowhich one would be better and for how many instruments ?13:16
Lump|AFKthe number of instruments is not the factor13:17
Lump|AFKthe factor is how deep the room is13:17
Lump|AFKif you are in the back of the room and a 90 pan catches the whole orchestra, that is what you use13:17
Lump|AFKif your room is not as deep, you may need 12013:17
Lump|AFKin my case, i would use the 120 if i were recording a rock band in a small tavern13:18
Lump|AFKif i were at severence hall, i would use the 9013:18
Lump|AFKthe trick is to capture the whole orchestra13:18
Lump|AFKyou can simply bend a wire hanger at 90 and 120 to use as a guage to decide if you are not comfortable just using your eyes13:19
Lump|AFKbut it is really that simple13:19
Lump|AFKthe thing to worry about is levels... there is no forgiveness with digital13:20
Lump|AFKmake sure you don't peak your levels or you will have noise13:21
cfhowlettsudo hangar-measure?13:21
Lump|AFKheya cfhowlett13:22
Lump|AFKtrying to explain XY mic and failing i guess13:22
Lump|AFKbtdhero: what matters is that the arc you create with either the 90 or 120 should have the entire orchestra in it13:23
Lump|AFKhow is cfhowlett doing today13:23
* Lump|AFK needs a few more cups of black stuff13:23
cfhowlettLump|AFK, suffering tech lust: zoom IQ5 for the ipod/iphone is sweeeet!  (for podcasting purposes)13:24
Lump|AFKwow that does look sweet13:25
Lump|AFKi would need an iphone first though13:25
cfhowlettworks on ipad/mini/ipod/iphone ...13:25
Lump|AFKand since i have an H2 and H4 already, i don't think i will throw the iphone into the budget13:25
cfhowlettoh, hey you've got the full meal deal.  I just want something ultra mobile but effective.  I'm in China and need to travel light and unobtrusively13:26
Lump|AFKthat is slick13:27
Lump|AFKmy GF already said she wants one13:27
btdherothe thing is... for now i have a huge room, but with awful acoustics... everything hears wrong in there. I have smaller rooms too, but does it matters the size of the room? how does it affects the audio quality?13:27
contrapunctusbtdhero, of course it does man.13:28
Lump|AFKyes room size and dimensions do matter much13:28
contrapunctusbtdhero - Have a read through this - http://www.ethanwiner.com/acoustics.html13:29
btdherooh, thx13:29
Lump|AFKnice link13:29
* Lump|AFK adds the link to his diigo13:29
=== Lump|AFK is now known as Lumpy
* Lumpy harasses the local restaurants for egg cartons on a regular basis13:31
Lumpyi layer them between different thicknesses of cardboard to block out noise coming from the windows13:32
Lumpyit works pretty well actually, i don't hear the trains in my podcasts anymore13:32
btdheroor, I could record at night. I live at the country side.13:33
contrapunctusLOL Lumpy13:33
contrapunctusSounds pretty sweet though.13:33
contrapunctusHow much noise do you manage to block out like that?13:33
contrapunctusI wanna treat my room too...it's situated at the corner of a building, and whenever there's a frickin' wedding party out here, my room gets the worst of it, somehow.13:34
Lumpywell i use dynamic mics for monologue13:34
contrapunctusI'm recording classical guitar o.o13:34
Lumpythat helps but the layers of egg cartons,styrofoam and cardboard are about 1 foot thick13:35
Lumpyso, actually, it blocks a good bit13:35
Lumpylooks ugly as hades but it works13:35
Lumpybut for classical guitar, i would not consider dynamics13:36
cfhowlettI still like the idea of recording in a well stocked closet.  Of course, if you wardrobe is thin or you don't have a suitably portable setup, this is problematic ...13:36
Lumpyi have also had good luck with the behinger crystal dynamics for live stuff but only rock and roll13:36
Lumpyi want to get a bunch of those fright elevator pads13:37
Lumpythose can turn any room into a good closet13:37
Lumpyyou know the ones they hang on the walls to stop you from beating them up13:37
contrapunctusugly as Hades LOL13:38
Lumpyin the past i have lined small rooms with matresses and couch cushions13:38
Lumpyalso ugly but... it does work13:38
contrapunctusfreight elevator pads?13:38
contrapunctusI'm considering doing that, Lumpy...lining the room with mattresses and couch cushions.13:39
cfhowlettmaybe some surplus space shuttle heat tiles can be found ...13:39
Lumpythe trick with isolation techs like that you need to vary the thickness13:39
Lumpyand the materials13:39
Lumpyyou are not blocking the sound so to speak but bouncing it and letting it kill itself13:39
Lumpyi dunno how well those space shuttle tiles would work for sound13:40
Lumpyi can ask my fraternity brother about it though13:40
Lumpyironically, one of the guys i went to college with is the director of their advanced exploration system division13:41
Lumpylike what are the odds of that13:41
Lumpyi was just teasing him the other day... telling him he could send all that unused shuttle stuff my way13:42
Lumpyso if i end up with any of those tiles.. heh13:42
btdheroso, the H2 uses a SD card to record the data. It could record directly to the PC, also ?13:44
contrapunctusthe problem is13:44
Lumpyyes it could13:44
contrapunctuswon't treatment make the room heat up?13:45
Lumpyit can work either way btdhero13:45
btdheroand ... should I use here the ubuntu studio software?13:45
btdheroin order to do the post processing work13:47
Lumpywell i don't plan on launching the studio and re-entrering the atmophere so i think i will be okay contrapunctus13:47
Lumpybtdhero: ubuntu studio would be great for post processing13:47
contrapunctuslol Lumpy13:47
Lumpyif you would even need any13:47
contrapunctusLumpy, what's the hottest your area gets in the whole year?13:48
Lumpyfor orchestras, all i do is use the built in low cut on the zooms (in case i get any vibration off the mic stand) sandbag the mic stand and maybe some eq after the fact13:48
Lumpymore often than not, all i do is convert it to what ever audio format the end user wants13:49
btdherook, now I got it. it's way simpler than i thought.13:49
Lumpythink KISS acro13:50
Lumpythat is part of the beuaty of the XY13:54
Lumpysimple and effective13:54
Lumpysome of the best orchestral recordings i ever heard were done like this13:56
Lumpyless == more :)13:57
Lumpyi am going to miss telarc14:00
Lumpyso does it make sense now btdhero ?14:00
btdheroyeap, I understood the main things14:02
btdheroi was reading the acoustics article14:03
btdheroi will need infos about the mixing, though14:03
Lumpywell i am going to take a nap but i will bbl14:03
Lumpythat is the beauty of minimalism btdhero14:04
Lumpyyou should have very little, if any mixing to do14:04
Lumpyntl, i will bbl in about an hour or two14:05
btdherook :)14:07
=== Lumpy is now known as Lump|AFK
Lump|AFKand btdhero, by chance are you anywhere near Cleveland?14:08
btdhero:)) I am from Romania, Transylvania. don't tell me you didn't figured it out that I am not an American ...14:09
Lump|AFKnope sure didn't14:09
Lump|AFKbut i doubt i can get to transylvania14:10
Lump|AFKthough i would love to some day14:10
Lump|AFKmy heratige if polish actually14:10
Lump|AFKread up and i will be back14:11
btdherook, have a good sleep14:11
=== len_ is now known as len-nb
Lump|AFKlooks like that is not happening either14:18
=== Lump|AFK is now known as Lumpy
Lumpyheya len-nb14:19
contrapunctusInsomnia, Lumpy? ;)14:20
Lumpyi lay down and i am wide awake14:22
Lumpygood day for more coffee anyhow14:24
Lumpythen again what day isn't good for more coffee? :P14:24
Lumpyi will try and nap again later is all14:34
Lumpythat is one of the benefits to being unemployed/self employed14:34
contrapunctusWhat do you do for a living? o.O14:52
btdheroLumpy: you still here?15:45
Lumpyi wasnt but i am now16:21
btdheroI got the list of the instruments16:21
Lumpyand contrapunctus, i do many things for a living16:22
Lumpyand wow i thought holstein never left16:25
btdhero2 x violins, 1 x viola , 1 x acordion , 1 x contrabass , 1 x saxophone16:25
btdherothe contrabass will go for the real low frequencies16:26
Lumpysounds like a nice romanian ensemble16:28
Lumpycheck this link out... i just found it myself16:29
btdherowell. we are only dancers, and we need to record our music16:30
btdheroour own music :D16:30
Lumpyyou should see that the violin is going to be your highest pitched instrument16:30
Lumpyin the 16K range16:31
Lumpyso, using that rule of thumb i mentioned earlier16:32
Lumpyif you double that it would be 32K16:32
Lumpythere are harmonics as well16:32
btdherothe webpage is not loading16:33
Lumpyand i misspoke actually16:34
Lumpyhave you decided how you are going to record it?16:34
Lumpyare you going to rent equipment and such?16:34
Lumpyhow about this page16:36
btdheroI must do some research first, to see what I got in local shops16:37
btdheroand studios16:37
Lumpyntl, try and go at least double the freq of the highest possible freq instrument you will record and you should have a great recording16:38
Lumpywb holstein16:38
* Lumpy thought you never ever left here16:38
holsteinfreeshell is getting rebooted.. upgrade16:39
btdherowow, now this is a usefull site16:40
Lumpyyou use freeshell eh16:40
Lumpykewlness and why am i not suprised16:40
holsteinLumpy: its a nice project, and it generally works well16:40
holsteinLumpy: its moredependable than me running a server here at the house these days16:40
Lumpyi had an account years back16:40
Lumpyi used to use it for IRC when they firewalled me at work16:41
holsteini like to leave it running in screen over there16:41
Lumpyi have a dedicated server that i rent16:43
Lumpybut i use machines locally to lurk16:43
holsteini might do that, if i need more... i did run one at my old place, but the net here is not great16:43
holsteincomes and goes a lot16:44
Lumpyfortunately, my landlord give me access to the router so i don't have any firewall issues16:44
Lumpyif you need anything serverwise let me know16:44
Lumpyi rent a dedicated from 1and116:44
Lumpythe tech director and i at the station have already talked it over and we will help you and your community out any way we can16:45
holsteini do work for someone on 1and1.. so far, im not impressed.. but im sure its fine for renting a server16:45
Lumpylord knows you have been a godsend for us16:45
holsteinim not sure godaddy is the answer for me either...16:45
Lumpywell compared to my previous host, they are great16:45
Lumpyi don't care much for godaddy personally16:46
holsteinso far im ok with the domain name stuff, but the server stuff... eh16:46
holsteini dont like to have "all the eggs in one basket" so to speak anyway16:47
Lumpyi know what you mean16:48
holsteinLumpy: what were you talking about with your tech director?16:48
Lumpyone of my longer term goals it to clone the whole thing automatigically16:48
holsteinhelping out ubuntustudio?16:48
holsteinLumpy: thanks for that!16:48
Lumpylen was saying some folks had qs about streaming and such16:48
holsteinjust being a presence here in the channel helps a lot...16:48
Lumpylen listened in to the news cast last night16:49
holsteinLumpy: even if its just "i dont know, try here..." it makes us look "active"16:49
Lumpyand we have like ten channels available for streaming16:49
Lumpyso, more or less, if you want one to experiment with and such16:49
holsteinim about to test mumble again16:49
Lumpyand there are things i do know about16:49
Lumpyi didn't care for mumble16:49
Lumpywe use teamspeak 3 for what it is worth16:50
holsteini need realtime, if possible, otherwise, i would just do icecast or whatever16:50
Lumpymumble was much more resource intense for anything out side of the mac architecture16:50
holsteinLumpy: is teamspeack pretty much realtime? you think the latency is better than mumble?16:50
holsteinLumpy: im not going to be doing music on it.. just speach16:50
Lumpyteamspeak 3 is supposed to be one of the better ones spec wise16:51
holsteinit was on my list of things to try.. i just have already used mumble, and have an understanding of it (somewhat)16:52
Lumpykinda an old post but it is still talking about version 316:52
holsteinLumpy: thanks16:52
Lumpyand as far as latency goes.. we use it all the time and don't really notice any16:53
holsteinthat might save me some hassle16:53
Lumpyand i am more than happy to help out in any way i can16:53
Lumpyi doubt i will catch up to you any time soon on the os part16:53
Lumpybut some general audio stuff i might be of use for16:54
Lumpybrb i need to get more coffee16:54
holsteinLumpy: cheers!16:54
Lumpyit is brewing so i will be back and forth16:58
btdheroyou still around, Lumpy ?17:41
Lumpygive me a few minutes18:27
Lumpykk btdhero what up?18:33
* Lumpy had to finish up with a writting thingie18:34
btdherolet's say I can't find a H2 in my area. I actually couldn't find one yet, but I am asking several music shops and recording studios. What esle could I use ?18:38
holsteinbtdhero: a zoom h2?18:38
holsteinbtdhero: what are you trying to do?18:38
Lumpyhe is trying to record an orchestra holstein18:38
Lumpyan ensemble actually18:39
Lumpyi suggested something /like/ the zoom with and XY mic pattern18:39
holsteinwould be nice to have an h418:39
btdhero2 x violins, 1 x viola , 1 x acordion , 1 x contrabass , 1 x saxophone18:39
Lumpyi have one and they are nice18:39
btdheroone day, a few songs18:40
holsteini saw a guy track a big band like that, with the internal mics and 2 mics in the extra ins18:40
Lumpybut, ironically, you can't get the sample rate of an H2 in four track mode18:40
Lumpylike go figure18:40
holsteinbtdhero: i would go somewhere, if this is mission critical18:40
holsteinbtdhero: recording that many instruments is *not* trivial18:40
holsteinif you want to separately multitrack those, you need 6 tracks (or more)18:40
Lumpyi have had real good results with the H4 and the H2 for stuff like that18:41
holsteinif you want to do a stereo recording of them, then just use what you have18:41
Lumpyand he wants it to perform dance18:41
holsteinan H2 is a nice and affordable option18:41
btdherogoing to a recording studio could do it... but could also not give me what  I want.18:41
Lumpyyou can find em for under 100 bucks18:41
Lumpyi would see if you could use a local hall or such btdhero18:42
btdherohere I think I saw it for few hundred bucks18:42
btdherolocal hall ?18:42
Lumpyi have seen them as low as 98 USD18:42
btdheroand also usefull into the future18:43
holsteinbtdhero: im just suggesting, have realistic expectations18:43
btdheroif I could find one at a such low price, I could use it to record more18:43
holsteinbtdhero: i routinely record in all kinds of situations. recording myself, tracking in $200 a day studios, or $200 an hour studios18:43
holsteini would *not* expect to drop a hundred bucks and get studio quality results18:44
holsteinif you dont want studio quality, i wouldl just use what you have18:44
holsteinif you have a hundred bucks laying aroun, and h2 is a good value18:44
Lumpyjust to be clear18:45
Lumpyi was not under the impression he needed studio quality18:45
Lumpyand nope the H2 is not that good18:46
Lumpybut for the buck, it is pretty impressive18:46
Lumpyi use the zooms for remote live concert recordings18:46
holsteinits a lot of bang for the buck18:46
holsteinthe preamps on the h4 are actually pretty sweet18:46
holsteinbut, you gotta know how to use them, and the mic's are a factor18:47
Lumpybut, for what it is worth, i have yet to have any musician not be happy with the quality of the recording18:47
Lumpythe built in condensers work pretty darn well on em imho18:47
holsteinif you take a zoom H4 into a nice studio and let an engineer plug a $5000 mic into it, and track you, the results will likely be pretty nic18:47
Lumpyand with the H4 i usually set it to 4 track mode and try and get a line off the board18:47
holsteinLumpy: they are, right?.. the built in mics are quite nice18:48
Lumpyi have had real nice experiences with both of them personally18:48
Lumpyand i don't own any 5000 dollar mics18:49
Lumpyi would likley buy a car first.. heh18:49
holsteini have a cheaper tascam one, and its OK.. similar to the H418:49
Lumpyi like tascam18:49
holsteinLumpy: i have one $400 mic... and thats plenty :)18:49
Lumpyi stil have a 464 portastudio here in my studio18:49
Lumpynice mixer but the tape deck part died a decade ago18:49
Lumpybut like i said, i do mostly live rock and roll18:50
Lumpyso it is like "close eonough for jazz"18:50
Lumpyfor what they are though, esp compared to just 10 years ago, they are certainly nice18:51
Lumpyfrom what he told me18:52
Lumpyhe is looking to record music to perform dance to18:52
Lumpywhat he wants is a stereo recording to perform to18:52
holsteinsure, but i can make one of those with my phone18:53
Lumpyso imho, the zoom like devices would be enough18:53
holsteinis it as good as the zoom? no, but i have a phone already18:53
Lumpyand he was considering just renting equipment18:53
Lumpylikely you have a better phone than i do18:53
Lumpyyou see those new zoom mics for the iphone devices?18:54
Lumpyand he also has a laptop but i have no idea what kind of mics and soundcard he has18:54
holsteinLumpy: right? i bet those are nice18:56
holsteinand the soundcloud app is sweet for just uploading soething real quick18:56
Lumpythe only apps on my old phone are the addy book :P18:57
btdherocompaq presario cq6019:10
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WaltherHello again, guys. I was just wondering if you could guide me through setting up Jack under ubuntu - I can't get the jack server running19:22
WaltherMain goal is to be able to run renoise properly19:23
holsteinWalther: i would try not using JACK, unless you just have/need to19:37
holsteinWalther: otherwise, just open the GUI, and report errors and start troubleshooting19:37
holsteini suggest.. tryin using only onw sound card... test with an internal sound card for example19:37
holsteintry using the command "gksudo qjackctl"19:37
holsteinif JACK starts and runs as root, then you know you have a permissions error.. most likey the user not being in the audio group19:38
holsteinsudo adduser username audio19:38
holsteinbe sure to check the settings in the setup tab19:39
holsteinshare screenshots, and ask questions19:39
holsteinthere is no good "how to get JACK running" guid19:39
holsteinsince it is very specific to your hardware case19:39
Lumpybtdhero: i see all kinds of compaqs with that model number19:40
Lumpydo you happen to know what kind of sound card it has?19:40
Lumpytime to get the kid from school bbl all19:51
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btdherodon't know exactly yet. I will note all notes about my already owned equipment tomorrow in the evening, during rehearsals19:54
Walther...does anyone here by any chance have/use a novation launchpad20:09
holsteinWalther: its USB correct? should just be plug and play20:10
Waltherholstein: ...yeah, but I have yet to run into an app that would actually use it sensibly20:10
holsteinWalther: you get it working with JACK, and route it to what you like20:11
holsteinWalther: dont know what "sensibly" is to you20:11
Waltherso not really an "issue" question per se, but just to ask if any of you have suggestions on what software to use it with and how to configugre it20:11
holsteini find, configuring things to work with operating systems they are not desgined to work with can take some work20:11
holsteinWalther: use JACK.. then just route where ever you like20:12
WaltherWell, first of all, the buttons do not correspond to a keymap as they do in say, ableton live - there are plenty of keys missing; it just jumps into a new octave on the next row20:12
holsteinWalther: try #opensourcemusicians as well.. cheers... gtg20:12
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