afournierwhere can i find the latest mysql upstart script (online) ?09:35
xnoxafournier: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=raring&section=all&arch=any&keywords=mysql.conf&searchon=contents says it's in the mysql-server-5.5 package09:49
afournierthank a LOT !09:49
xnoxafournier: pull-lp-source mysql-5.5 should give a you unpacked source package and it will be there somewhere09:49
afournieri did not ubuntu got a search engine for package files, that will save me a lot of time, thanks again09:50
xnoxafournier: yeah, it's handy. Can pick distributions you are interested in, and search source/binary/contents/etc.10:08
afournieri have a task (let's say network-interface.conf) that can be instanciated with several INTERFACE (lo, eth0, etc.) the pre-start script is run only once for all instances is it normal ?14:55
jodhafournier: no - pre-start will get run for each instance you start.14:57
xnoxafournier: pre-start script is run once per instance.14:57
xnoxafournier: you can check "if not any existing instances running" do the "one-time initialisation"14:57
xnoxafournier: but I'm not sure why would you want to. why are you using instances in this case?14:58
afournierindeed i want one pre-start for each instance14:58
afournieri dunno if i spotted a bug, or if my task is not correct14:58
xnoxwell that's what you get by default......14:59
xnoxJust try simple job which for each instance it does "echo Starting instance $INSTANCE"14:59
xnoxand start a bunch of them and check the logs in /var/log/upstart/14:59
xnoxand work your way up, to spot the bug =)14:59
* afournier is doing that15:04

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