micahgok, pushed up a branch which should hopefully make amd64 precise ISO size again04:48
micahgyeah, precise had them04:48
Unit193Just noted, my bad.04:48
micahgknome: which of the following should I drop from i386 on precise: de fr bn hi zh-hans ja, not sure if I should go by size of population since we might have a lot of users in europe04:54
micahgeverything else should be ISO size in the morning04:54
micahgknome: hrm, did we want the backport kernel on our ISOs?04:56
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knomemicahg, i'd say your call10:12
knomemicahg, are you on the xubuntu-users mailing list?10:12
ochosimicahg, knome, mr_pouit: i know we've (kinda) discussed this several times (and i feel the ML is not the right place), but aren't you getting tired of fighting with iso-size for a few mbs all the time? /just_sayin10:18
knomeyes, but i don't think keeping precise SRU iso's is a matter for discussion10:21
ochosii'm not really referring to that (ofc that's what triggered my comment)10:21
knomeyou might be right that it's not worth to try to target a CD for 14.0410:23
astraljavaI suppose if you're not wanting to target users with hardware incapable of booting from other media than optical.10:24
ochosiastraljava: dvds are also optical10:25
astraljavaochosi: Ok, sorry. Yes, that's true. I should have included the "and with limited bandwidth."10:25
ochosiwell yeah, but limited bandwidth means you better order a cd/dvd anyway10:26
astraljavaBut then of course it depends on how much larger you wanna go.10:26
ochosinot sure 800mb vs. 1000mb is really the straw that breaks the camel's neck10:26
ochosii'd go for a 1gb image10:26
knomeno, definitely not10:26
astraljavaThat much, not really, no. But when you let yourself loose, who's to say how rapidly it begins to increase.10:27
knomei am.10:27
ochosiastraljava: no reason to do that ;)10:27
astraljavaNo, not really. But it happens. :)10:28
ochosiknome: personally i'd consider trying out 1gb image-size with 13.10, as it's not lts we could gather some feedback and decide what's best for 14.0410:28
knomeochosi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/S/ISOSizeTransition10:41
Unit193If we do that, should document how to use plop with Xubuntu, so they can boot from cd/iso of plop, then flash drive.10:56
knomeat least nobody is stopping anybody doing that :)10:57
ochosiwe can also document how to install xubuntu on top of xubuntu-server/minimal11:59
knomedoesn't help those with low bandwidth though12:00
ochosiwell at some point they'll have to download packages12:01
ochosiwhether before installing or after installing isn't that important imo12:01
knomesure. but you can't download packages as a torrent12:01
ochositrue, but i don't see how that is different from getting updates later on12:03
astraljavaSomeone ought to write a plugin for apt to do that.12:03
ochosinot sure, maybe there is a way to combine mirrors in a torrent-y way12:05
micahgknome: not on xubuntu-users, I guess if we get the quantal backport stack for free, it's not bad18:21
micahgochosi: well, I'm not the XPL18:22
Noskcajis there any reason why the 13.04 installer still says 12.10 when loading?20:06
mr_pouitI forgot to bump the version in the xubuntu-text plymouth theme20:10
mr_pouit(done now, thanks, will be part of the next xubuntu-artwork upload)20:11
Noskcajnext question, why is there no installer background?20:11
Noskcajat least in Vbox20:11
Noskcajsorry to keep question spamming but, for a "light" distro, why does bug 1087409 exist?20:17
ubottubug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "*buntu dailys take 3 minutes to get to the next screen if install mp3 is selected." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740920:17
xnoxNoskcaj: do you happen to have graphics cards that require proprietary drivers? or can have them?20:21
Noskcajxnox, why? 20:28
micahgxnox: does ubiquity wait to download the extra stuff?20:32
Noskcajxnox, i'm just running it in a VM, so will the info still help?20:41
xnoxNoskcaj: sure. see my comment on the bug report. it's best to get the output from the user who saw 3 minute delay.20:42
xnoxNoskcaj: above command is just a theory as to why the next step is delayed.20:43
xnoxit takes 11 second to run on my machine =/ but I don't know if it's parallelised or not20:43
Noskcajit's more sometimes, it just seems to be that it loads something fairly big then, rather than in the install20:44
Noskcajxnox, done20:58
micahgmr_pouit: maybe change the version output to be lsb_release based/21:04
xnoxNoskcaj: that's quite special =) I'm struggling to figure out how long it took in total. something like 1m21s?21:10
Noskcajok, the bug is universal, but only shows up on slow machines, you can guess why21:11
Noskcajthat's roughly how long21:11
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mr_pouitmicahg: yeah, I know I should do that (but there's always someone to notice the version number and report it here so it's fine =)21:43
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ochosimicahg: yeah i know you're not. just didn't feel like pinging only knome22:58

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