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nikolamHow you suggest I burn .ISO to USB flash drive?00:13
frojndHi there.00:33
frojndI don't know how to disable notifications00:34
frojndOr at least limit them to like 1second of a time and then make em dissapear00:34
frojndI'm running xubuntu 12.4 can someone please point me to right direction so I can resolve this issue?00:35
frojndBy notifications I mean the one when I change performance of the CPU with jupiter and then I see notification about changed mode00:35
frojndany help appriciated00:36
frojndWatt :) noone here?01:08
Zelouillefrojnd: Setting manager > Notifications01:09
Zelouillefrojnd: personally, i've replaced the xfce4-notifyd by notify-osd. They fade-out when the cursor is over them.01:18
frojndZelouille: thank you01:22
Zelouillefrojnd: you could probably remove "xfce4-notifyd" in order to disable completely the notifications. But I don't know if it's perfectly clean to do it that way.01:32
timmcan somebody help me reduce my screen brightness02:42
timmim on an aspire one acer netbook02:42
ToZtimm, have a look here to see if it helps: http://askubuntu.com/questions/240155/brightness-not-working-acer-aspire-one-756-2623-with-ubuntu-12-402:46
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timmtoz, try it in aminute, thanks.02:47
timmToz, invalid command02:53
ToZtimm, which one?02:53
timmsudo gedit /etc/default/grub02:53
ToZtry gksu leafpad /etc/default/grub02:55
timmtoZ, i got it the command02:57
ToZtimm, sorry, I don't understand02:58
timmtoZ, its all configured now. Reboot in a second and find out03:02
timmif it worked03:02
ToZtimm, okay03:02
timm_Toz, no go03:06
ToZtimm, how are you trying to change the brightness?03:06
ToZtimm_, how are you trying to change the brightness? function keys?03:12
ToZtimm_, what does the following command return: cat /proc/cmdline03:12
timm_Toz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1584351/03:14
ToZtimm_, what video card?03:15
timm_inagrated graphics03:15
timm_something by intel03:16
ToZtimm_, what does this show: ls /sys/class/backlight03:16
ToZtimm_, lspci -v | grep VGA03:18
timm_permission to start query toZ03:19
ToZtimm_, ?03:19
timm_permission to send private message03:20
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xubuntu527Anyone know of a good program to put Xubuntu onto a bootable flash drive so I can install to a computer with no optical drive?04:45
Unit193If you are in Windows, http://www.linuxliveusb.com/04:48
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nikolamso, 12.10 won't install on anything less then 4.3GB? It refuses install on eeePC 4G08:20
nikolamsince there is no more alternate text install cd.08:21
nikolamI tried installing 12.04 before and adding GUI. It did not have desired results on wireless and network I think08:21
toraxnikolam: you can try installing ubuntu minimal08:35
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Guido1Hello, i'm trying to start a playlist in rhythmbox with cron, but i get stuk at the part telling where it is located. it's located in the home directory09:12
nlsthzno/ quick question, xfce 4.10 will be backported to xubuntu 12.04 or better to use alternative PPA?09:25
Unit193nlsthzn: Pretty sure the options are to upgrade dists, or PPA.09:31
nlsthznUnit193, don't want to upgrade to 12.10... was thinking on sticking with the lts...09:35
nlsthznbut there are ppa's so not a biggie09:35
ochosinlsthzn: i'm also pretty sure it won't be backported to 12.04, so the ppa is your only option09:56
nlsthznthanks ochosi10:16
freedomrunis gnome-keyring-daemon needed??11:05
TheSheepyes, otherwise it wouldn't be started11:09
freedomrunthnx TheSheep11:35
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timmhello, is there a way i can listen to my music through my mic input?14:56
freedomruntimm, no15:20
timmhmm well on windows you can listen to your mic input. freedomrun15:20
GridCubei dont really know if you can easily do that freedomrun, you will probably need to remap your devices or something like that, i would go and ask to a channel like #jack they probably know15:24
freedomrunmost people use output for that timm but if you have some possibility for that kind of swiching in your audio chip an even need to do that detect the hardware and experiment with drivers, and pulse audio or jack .. even I cannot advise you to do that15:26
timmoh okay. i was hoping for something simple but i guess there isnt15:27
freedomrunGridCube, got better answer timm :)15:27
timmlinux 100 windows 115:27
GridCubeoh, well, timm then, :P15:28
timmoh well15:28
GridCubetimm: you will for sure get better responses on #jack15:28
GridCubeor #alsa15:28
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esphI'm migrating an account from an old laptop to a new one and was wondering what other user/system settings I could move over besides those in the home folder (which is already moved). Any ideas?16:13
ochosiesph: there some stuff in /etc and some in /usr16:22
ochosiofc if you installed stuff in /local then there too16:22
esphochosi: any idea what I should look for?16:22
ochosior themes16:23
esphstuff for the settings manager, for instance16:23
ochosisettings manager?16:23
ochosino, i was thinking fstab etc16:23
ochosimaybe cron-jobs16:23
ochosisystem-wide scripts that you set up16:23
esphochosi: this is a family laptop, so it's mostly mundane stuff I'm looking for16:24
ochosithen there prolly won't be too much you'll miss in / anyway16:24
esphI've just noticed that none of the system manager settings seem to have been kept16:25
esphSo either the settings weren't compatible (migrated to newer version of xubuntu) or they aren't kept in /home dirs16:25
ochosisystem manager settinsg? do you remember which one?16:29
ochosi(settings in general tend to reside in home in either ~/.config or .local or .$appname)16:29
esphochosi: things like trackpad, keyboard, and desktop background16:31
esphalthough I've just had an idea16:31
esphI don't think I restarted the WM since I copied the home folder over16:32
esphochosi: does the settings manager mess with settings in /etc for things like keyboard and trackpad?16:34
ochosiwhich versions of xfce were you using16:35
ochosicause with xfce4.10 new mouse-settings were introduced16:35
ochosiso i'm not 100% sure all the old ones were migrated16:35
esphochosi: what's an executable I can --version to find out? (the old laptop's screen is broken, so I can't use xfce4-about)16:38
ochosie.g. xfce4-settings-manager --version16:38
esphochosi: Requires X16:39
ochosioh, i thought you had x running but no screen :)16:39
esphochosi: I could, but I'd have to set up X11 forwarding16:39
esphI assume I could find out with apt or synaptic?16:40
ochosino need to set up afaik, a simple -X when connecting should suffice16:40
ochosiapt-cache actually16:40
ochosiapt-cache policy $package16:40
ochosie.g. sudo apt-cache policy xfce416:40
esphdon't need sudo, it seems16:41
ochosiyeah, you don't :)16:41
ochosiat least if you don't wanna search16:41
esphochosi: to 4.1016:41
ochosiin that case it's possible that the mouse/pointer settings were lost in the migration process16:42
esphok, good to know16:43
esphafter restarting, the keyboard stuff is there, but not the desktop bg for some reason (and yeah, the trackpad didn't change either(16:47
ochosimaybe the background you set isn't there anymore?16:50
ochosibetter look at ~/.xsession-errors if there's anything16:50
ochosiesph: anyway, gotta go now, better ask someone else ;)16:50
esphochosi: ok, thanks for the help16:50
Os_Maleus1hi all together! can You tell me, where configurations for the network-manager are possible to find? which files could help me to de-bug my wifi-settings regarding a specific router? which should I work over or delete for that?18:43
Os_Maleus1baizon, bipolar? could You perhaps help me with that?18:54
xubuntu283no more buttons on the windows unable to start windows settings18:55
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: you could try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide19:07
Os_Maleus1recon_lap: I am having here an Ideapad U160 (built in Broadcom adapter). Xubuntu installed over more than 1.5 years ago. everything worked fine until the weekend, when I was taking my Dlink DIR-825 router to the working place. since that, I have no proper access to the router. other machines do not have this problem. no matter which OS.19:10
Os_Maleus1but to other networks, my netbook is connecting further without any problems.19:11
Os_Maleus1sometimes, in the list of the used/configured wifi-connections, my old configurations pop up, even I was deleting them earlier.19:12
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: interesting ;) you could try follow that guide i linked and ask if you get stuck19:13
Os_Maleus1recon_lap: if I am not connected to the internet, am not able to send out pings nor see a web-page, why should I check it? the adapter works. there is something about the DHCP-setting. the folder /var/lib/dhcp/ is empty (and if it was not, I have emptied it sometimes, meanwhile.19:19
Os_Maleus1if I am setting the settings for the connection manually in the way that I am giving manually an IP that is outside of the DHCP-range-reservation, I am having internet-access. but trying it with automatic IP-receiving from the router, it doesn't work out anymore.19:21
Os_Maleus1switching of the access-filtering via MAC doesn't change anything on this situation.19:22
Os_Maleus1determinin a specific channel nor changing that one is resulting in a solution for this problem.19:30
Os_Maleus1I found a sentence that is "If you can connect to the router, but can't get an IP address, it may be because you put the wrong WEP key in." this would describe my situation, if it would be WEP, what I am using. but I am using WPA2 and the passwords are copied&pasted.19:42
holsteindont use wep... disable encryption to test if you can19:43
holsteinuse wpa19:43
holsteinremove what you can from the equations... connect directly to the router with a cable and see that you get an IP address, and connectivity... disable encryption, connect, test.. turn on wpa, connect test... connect to other access points... test19:44
holsteinOs_Maleus1: try from a live CD with the same hardware19:45
holsteinOs_Maleus1: go into the gui for the network manager and blow out the settings for the wifi access points.. the "remembered" ones19:45
holsteinOs_Maleus1: restart the machine... completly shut it down and remove the battery even19:46
Os_Maleus1cable is no problem19:46
Os_Maleus1rebooting (either router or the notebook) doesn't bring any changes.19:47
holsteinOs_Maleus1: if you can connect with other machines, you can stop messing with the router19:47
holsteinOs_Maleus1: you can try a live CD on the hardware, and see that it connects19:47
holsteinOs_Maleus1: that will tell you A. the hardware works, and B. its somthing to do with your config in the OS19:47
Os_Maleus1same condition with live-CD, if I remember right. ... was just trying some hours ago.19:48
holsteinOs_Maleus1: i would confirm.. that is a very important test19:48
Os_Maleus1to other networks I can connect, too.19:48
holsteinOs_Maleus1: but other machines can connect to that access point, correct?19:49
holsteinOs_Maleus1: and how about with encryption turned off?19:49
Os_Maleus1I need to check the issue with the encryption.19:50
Os_Maleus1I can connect with this machine to other networks and other machines can connect to my router.19:50
Os_Maleus1it effects just the connection between my router and my netbook.19:51
holsteinOs_Maleus1: it?19:51
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Os_Maleus1the issue.19:51
holsteinOs_Maleus1: wep is suspicious,, and you shouldnt be using wep anyway19:52
recon_lapthe issue?19:52
Os_Maleus1I have WPA219:52
Os_Maleus1using WPA219:52
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: if you can see your network but cannot login I'm guessing you got your password wrong19:53
holsteinyeah.. i would just blow those out.. i would turn off encryption temporarly and test19:54
Os_Maleus1if using the clipboard for setting up the passwords?19:54
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: and cut an paste of password does not necessary work19:54
holsteinyeah.. that can be it19:54
Os_Maleus1jep, I am giving it a trial.19:54
Os_Maleus1this is now new for me.19:55
holsteinthat can be it = using the clipboard can fail19:55
Os_Maleus1would such depend from the application, I am pasting that in?19:57
Os_Maleus1I mean editor, browser, GUI-configuration?19:57
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: you can paste clear text into a password control , but you cannot cut from a password input. or at least you shouldn't be able to.19:59
Os_Maleus1no, I did it from the clear text.20:01
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: so check by disabling encryption on the router, you can also check the WPA2 setting while your there.20:04
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: are you sure you got the right password?20:04
Os_Maleusindeed. encryption.20:23
Os_Maleusand now? if I want to apply the WPA-encryption?20:23
Os_Maleuswhat could I change to make it work again?20:24
Os_MaleusYou guys mean, it could be an issue of the password. that I was clipboard-ing it?20:24
recon_lapOs_Maleus: Yes, you should be able to see the correct password on the router, check that you using the correct one, and that you connecting to the correct network20:25
daftwilliamso i'm having a problem, is this the place to bring it up in open chat?20:34
Os_Maleusholstein, recon_lap: but the passwords seem in each case to fit. there is no mistake in those.20:35
recon_lapOs_Maleus: don't know what else to suggest, double check settings, paste the output of sudo ifup <interface name> , maybe give us some clues.20:39
recon_lap 20:39
Os_Maleus1Ignoring unknown interface eth1=eth120:45
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: it the wireless interface you testing "wlan"20:47
recon_lapuse ifconfig to see what interfaces you got20:47
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: "eth1" is a wired interface20:47
Os_Maleus1eth1, eth0 and 1o20:48
Os_Maleus1has always been in my case.20:48
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: seems your wireless card is not detected20:49
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: sry, just checked and I'm wrong about wlan20:50
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: paste the output of nm-tool20:53
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: thats connected ?? State: connected (global)21:00
Os_Maleus1right now it is. otherwise, I would not be able to chat with You.21:00
Os_Maleus1but it is connected with manual settings.21:01
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: so what setting do you change ?21:01
Os_Maleus1I mean, IP above the DHCP-range of the settings of the router.21:02
Os_Maleus1but it should connect within the DHCP-range.21:02
Os_Maleus1so, that I could make a port-forwarding, e.g..21:03
Os_Maleus1for that, I would need a steady IP. but I can not make it directly from the router. a week ago, before I was taking the router with to my working place, it was working.21:04
Os_Maleus1and there, I didn't change a thing on the settings of neither the router nor the netbook.21:05
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: so using "IPv4 settings -> Automatic" won't connect?  but if you give it an IP it does?21:08
Os_Maleus1tail -f /var/syslog is showing that the authentication is being finished. only an IP I do not receive.21:09
Os_Maleus1is a local domain name having to do something with that? but for manual settings, I am not making any kind of notes regarding such either.21:10
recon_lapOs_Maleus1: and your router is using DHCP ?21:11
Os_Maleusyes, it does. ... usually. but not at the moment, because, I won't receive an IP. for all other PCs at my home, it works out without any trouble.21:14
recon_lapOs_Maleus: reboot the modem maybe, but I'm out of ideas.21:17
Os_Maleussadly no, that doesn't help either. I was even trying to let it unplugged over hours. no chance. :-(21:18
Os_Maleusbut thank You really very much for Your kind help, recon_lap!21:18
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crondInteresting, Media Hint works with Netflix-Desktop21:35
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heraclitisIs this command sufficient to create a backup image of a hard drive? "dd if=/dev/SOURCE of=/dev/Destination.img?22:59
heraclitisMy goal is to experiment all I want, and if I mess something up, I want to be able to burn the image back to the hard drive.23:00
toraxthat will make a bit-by-bit copy of the _whole_ hard drive, if you have 1TB drive it will make 1TB file23:01
heraclitisIt's only 80 gb, so I'm not too concerned about size. But I'd be able to burn the image back to the drive? Would I have to format the drive first, then use the command in reverse?23:03
heraclitisAlso, would md5sum give me a reliable indication of integrity?23:03
toraxI use clonezilla to take full disk backups, but i dont see why that would not work also23:04
heraclitisCool. Is clonezilla a mozilla product?23:05
toraxhttp://partedmagic.com i use this, its a "save your system" distro23:06
toraxit also includes clonezilla23:06
recon_lapIt is jokingly said that dd stands for "disk destroyer", "data destroyer", "death and destruction", "damn dangerous", or "delete data", lol23:08
toraxAfter you type something wrong it is no longer a joke :D23:09
toraxI think clonezilla is safer :P23:09
heraclitisThat's good to know. I will look at it. Parted magic runs well from a thumb drive?23:17
freedomrunthe xfce session is loging-out randomly .. in which log I should look for the reason .. ?23:27
ochosifreedomrun: you can try ~/.xsession-errors23:29
freedomrunthnx ochosi :) that is only place I didn`t look at instead it should be the 1st one to look at .. thnx man23:30
ochosidepending on the issue (and its debugging features) you might or might not find something there :)23:30
freedomruneew alot errors .. which is logical .. I must admit I installed xubuntu over kubuntu now I have to fix things manualy23:33
ochosiwell i guess there's lotsa kde-services...23:33
ochosiif you haven't spent too much time on it, a clean install might be worth thinking about23:34
freedomrunnah I did purge them mostly infact all there are just conflicting references like it is visible from .xsession-errors like oxygen-gtk engine reference23:35
ochosiah, i see23:35

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