mwhudsoni think create_clone_on_transport might be the more 'bzr branch'y api00:00
mwhudsoni wonder what the no_tree argument does00:05
lifelessmwhudson: hi00:07
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spacecowboy29A question, I'm not able to connect to lanchpad, I'm using corkscrew since I'm behind a proxy,  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong... http://paste.ubuntu.com/1592875/11:49
mgzfrom yesterday, can you ssh to anywhere at all like that?11:50
mgzif not you really need corkscrew help, not bazaar/launchpad help.11:51
spacecowboy29yes, hi :) no I'm not able to ssh anywhere else11:51
spacecowboy29I followed the corkscrew help, by adding the config file "Proxy Command 8080 %h%p"11:52
mgzspacecowboy29: can you http proxy through the given ip and address?11:55
spacecowboy29I was able to connect using bzr when I removed my username from bazaar.conf11:55
spacecowboy29bzr branch lp:calibre, seems to work fine when I'm not using a username from bazaar.conf, so I should get some corkscrew help ?  Does bzr handle ssh through https on it's own ?11:58
mgzdid you have HTTP_PROXY set?11:58
spacecowboy29yes I set it system wide in the Networks option11:59
spacecowboy29But this was working before, I must have borked some config file or something, if this doesn't work I'll have to reinstall the os, then I'll know for sure....12:01
mgzgoogle "ssh corkscrew" or something, from their readme it seems it only works against certain http proxies12:02
mgzso, you might need to find out what http proxy is and if it's on the supported list12:02
spacecowboy29ok will do, thanks :)12:05
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DarylXianhi.  can bzr checkout a single revision/tag from a remote repo, or do i have to pull the entire repo, then select/switch to a tag locally?17:40
LeoNerdbzr co -rFOO URL17:40
LeoNerd-r123 or -rtag:NAME or whatever17:40
DarylXianLeoNerd: ah, simple enough. noted!  thx.17:42
LeoNerdThe commandset is usually quite orthogonal like that. Most commands that can care about a specific revision take a -r for example17:42
DarylXianLeoNerd: when i bzr co -rtag:FOO, am I still pulling the complete repo, in terms of total MB, but just ending up in the FOO-tag state?  or Am I actually pulling less content?17:51
LeoNerdEr... hrmm.. Notsure offhand17:51
DarylXianI'm trying to avoid, specifically, pulling the entire MySQL repo just to get at the latest code.  It's *huge* (&/or slow ...)17:52
LeoNerdOh. So you'll still get all the history up until that point17:53
LeoNerdSo even if you pull -r1000 you'll get -r1 to -r999 as well. I'm just not sure if it will pull any history -past- that; -r1001 and onwards17:53
DarylXianah, so not a solution.  unless 'they' create a tarball from a specific checkout, I get all the prior history. :-/17:54
DarylXianwell, rats.17:54
bsdOh DarylXian left — he could use a stacked branch18:07
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LeoNerdIs there a handy way I can store locally in a workdir, some extra name=value information related to a specific branch?19:04
LeoNerdI'm writign some wrapper automation scripts, and I need to keep track of some more details19:04
mgzLeoNerd: `bzr config --scope=branch leo-special=1`?19:05
LeoNerdHmmm.... that might work19:06
mgzretrieve by not assigning19:06
LeoNerdYah.. I'll try that, thnaks19:07
LeoNerd... now all I need to do is work out how to wrap  p4 change  and obtain the new OCL number19:07
mgzI'd use a prefix just so you're double-sure not to clash with other config keys :)19:07

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