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bacmorning frankban and teknico12:10
teknicobac, good morning12:10
frankbanhi bac 12:11
teknicobac, do you see anything wrong with this diff? ;-) https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/juju-gui/trunk/revision/33412:12
frankbanteknico: a typo: unrelEased12:12
baci can't spell12:13
teknicoyep :-)12:13
teknicoI mean, yep to the typo, not to bac's statement :-)12:13
teknicowow, the release tarball is 25MB, and it expands to 160MB :-)12:14
bachazmat: ping12:34
hazmatbac, pong12:50
hazmatteknico, wow.. that's kinda of silly12:52
teknicohazmat, well, good compression ratio, I'd say :-)12:53
hazmatnode_modules - 127mb12:57
hazmatyui 38m yuidocjs 47m12:57
hazmatah.. yuidoc recursively includes yui12:58
* bac bounced lp2kanban13:13
teknicobac, frankban, how much time does the "FINAL=1 make dist" command take to complete? is it normal that it hangs in there for dozens of minutes?13:47
bacteknico: depending on your upload speed it could take a while13:47
bacyou can check the project on LP to see that the release has been made13:47
bacif so, then you're just waiting while the tarball is uploaded13:48
gary_posterbac, I think you told me it took like 10 ir 15 minutes for you last time?13:48
teknicobac, oh right, it's uploading 25M :-( yep, I'm watching LP staging13:48
bacgary_poster: no, last time it took a really long time for me as my internet was being usurped and i didn't know it13:49
bachence those two nice bugs.  :)13:49
teknicobac, yep, given the upload bandwidth I have available, it's going to take 13 minutes at full "speed" :-P13:51
teknicofrickin' asymmetric lines13:51
bacteknico: you have 1 up?13:51
teknicobac, what's 1 up?13:51
bacteknico: 1mb/s upstream bandwidth13:52
gary_posterbac lp2kanban still not working for some reason.  (thank you for being lp2kanban doctor btw)13:52
teknicobac, I have about 300kb/s upstream :-/13:52
gary_poster(and feel free to request that you gain an apprentice)13:53
bacgary_poster: first attempt to relaunch resulted in an unnoticed canonistack startup failure.13:53
gary_posteroh ok13:53
bacgary_poster: a new instance is now alive and coming up13:53
gary_postercool thank you13:53
bacthis whole cloud fad can't pass fast enough13:53
bacoh, forgot the smiley13:53
* benji imagines a dirty villager yelling "Help! Help! My internet is being usurped!"13:53
teknicowhere's round-robin hood when you need him?!?13:54
teknicodoes anyone else want to look at the release on staging, before I make it final? https://staging.launchpad.net/juju-gui/stable/0.2/+download/juju-gui-0.2.tgz14:04
hazmatteknico, we can probably trim the size of the download by getting rid of extraneous node_modules before upload14:07
teknicohazmat, I'll try, but if compressing a tar archive works as it should, it won't shed much14:08
hazmatthe only node_modules we need are runtime app deps afaics (d3, yui), the rest aren't useful for binaries, and can be regen'd for source builds14:08
hazmatthe big win being dropping yuidocjs14:08
hazmatteknico, true14:08
teknicohazmat, also, the yui docs are not going to work that way, though14:08
hazmatteknico, oh the output links to the node module?14:09
teknicohazmat, apparently the yui doc is in node_modules/yuidocjs/output, and uses the redundant libraries in node_modules/yuidocjs/node_modules14:12
goodspudgary_poster, thanks for you comments!14:12
teknicoI don't think we're pointing to it right now, however14:12
gary_postercool goodspud, thank you :-)14:13
hazmatteknico, but the question is why we need it at all, its not linked from its doc output14:14
hazmatso in the release tarball its not doing anything useful14:14
hazmatteknico, ie make yuidoc -> yuidocs directory.. is not linked to node_modules/yuidoc14:14
teknicohazmat, right14:15
teknicohazmat, after nuking the whole node_modules/yuidocjs subtree, the archive size goes down to 19MB, 6MB less14:15
hazmatthat's a nice quick win, and 47MB for the extract14:15
teknicohazmat, yep14:16
hazmatif we can rid of yui in the tarball we can get under 10Mb easily i'd guess. afaics the only thing using it is the node-simulate in build-debug14:19
hazmathmm.. or not app/ass/js/yui links to node_modules.. i guess for debug using the yui cdn seed would do it though14:21
teknicohazmat, since I already uploaded to staging, let's do this release as is, and refine the release process afterwards14:23
hazmatteknico, sure just thinking of how to cut the chafe/fat from the land14:26
hazmatfuture work indeed14:26
teknicogary_poster, the release checklist says "This is a final release. Consider asking others to verify the package on staging."14:27
teknicogary_poster, what if there's need for changes? what's the process then?14:27
gary_posterteknico, do it again.  Staging is irrelevant14:28
teknicogary_poster, do we delete the release on staging and reuse the same version number?14:28
gary_posterIn the sense that it is wiped out14:28
gary_posteryes teknico if that is possible and easy then that would be what to do14:28
benjiI feel compelled to add that once a release is made to non-staging, then it should not be replaced.  There might be an argument for removing it, however.14:30
teknicogary_poster, ok, I see how to do that14:30
gary_posterbenji +114:30
gary_posterthanks teknico 14:30
teknicobenji, totally agreed, only considering doing it while it's not final14:31
teknicoand agreed on the difference between replacing and removing too14:32
benjicool; it's really nice that we have the LP staging environment.  It makes life so much easier being able to avoid non-reversable things.14:32
bacbenji: when you can get staging to not timeout...15:00
benjiwell, there's that15:00
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gary_posterbac bcsaller benji frankban goodspud hazmat Makyo teknico call in 115:29
teknicois adding discussion cards during the weekly call to be considered cheating? :-)16:18
gary_posterbcsaller, Makyo I moved our calls to today.  1PM bcsaller, and..I think you are two hours behind me Makyo, in which case it would be 2:30 for you.  On your calendar in any case.  Do those work for you?16:36
bcsallergary_poster: sounds good16:36
Makyogary_poster, Yep.  Thanks16:36
gary_posterthank you both16:37
frankbanguihelp: it seems the latest release is missing read permission to all for build-debug/juju-ui/assets/javascripts/yui/ . As a consequence, nginx returns a 403 forbidden error.17:13
teknicofrankban, oops, really? let me check17:14
teknicofrankban, confirmed :-( there are quite a few directories with that problem in node_modules/, I wonder why17:17
frankbanteknico: if I run make distfile, the resulting tarball seems correct17:18
teknicofrankban, my umask is 0022, I don't get it17:20
teknicoand root's umask is 0022 too17:20
gary_posterteknico, could you delete the tarball from the series please?  The charm should go back to working then.  The next release should have a different release number17:21
teknicogary_poster, yes, doing it17:22
gary_posterthank you17:22
teknicodone on both production and staging17:23
frankbanthanks teknico 17:25
teknicosorry about this17:25
* gary_poster realizes he has 25 minutes for lunch17:35
teknicopeople may want to review and land this before making a release: https://codereview.appspot.com/722706518:10
teknicoif noone gets around to it, I'll have another shot at a release tomorrow18:10
bacgary_poster: i am through poking at lp2kanban.  please, PLEASE, clean up done:done.  :)18:26
* Makyo walkinates the dogalope.22:02

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