keithzg_Hmmm, I don't see spellchecking in Rekonq on the computer I'm on right now. But that should work now since https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44114 was resolved ages ago, right?00:00
ubottubugs.webkit.org bug 44114 in WebKit Qt "[Qt] Missing spell check support" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]00:00
keithzg_...sooo, nobody I take it? Does spellcheck work for everyone else in Rekonq?01:09
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jMCgvirtuso and nepomuk seem to be using only slightly less CPU/resources than the hot running compile, any chance to fix that: http://apaste.info/7n4l ?02:01
TakeshiArlequin aca estoy!!!02:47
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Guest83872Arlequin aca estoy!!!02:48
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Takesh1_arlequin aca toy02:51
Unit193!es | Takesh1_03:00
ubottuTakesh1_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:00
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XiaYixuanmy laptop is heating. it doesn't get heated near as much in windows. why's that?04:35
XiaYixuan(at least the fan is spinning like hell. idk if it's actually hot)04:35
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CHIexhello, I am choosing Linux distro.. could you give any tips?06:54
hateballCHIex: This channel is for support, use #kubuntu-offtopic for chitchat06:57
hateballCHIex: Because you know... you'll be recommended Kubuntu :)06:57
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naggappanhi how to change the language for gedit10:12
naggappansay example right now i have english10:12
naggappanand i have to launch gedit with french language10:12
naggappani tried10:12
naggappanLANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 gedit10:12
naggappanbut it is still opeingin in english10:12
lordievadernaggappan: Not sure on this at all, but don't you need to export the LANG variable, so your command will be: export LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8; gedit10:15
apacheloggerlordievader: export is permanent to the current shell, not using export is limited to the command following10:19
apacheloggerexport LANG=foo; gedit; kate; <- LANG will be foo for both gedit and kate10:20
apacheloggerLANG=foo gedit; kate; <- LANG will be foo for gedit and something else for kate10:20
apacheloggerworks that way with all envirionment variables10:20
apacheloggernaggappan: I suggest you ask in #ubuntu as they know more about gnome applications10:21
erryanyw way i can play .wmv videos in ubuntu? i have -restricted-extras but nope10:29
JackyAlcineerry: used VLC?10:29
erryyeah i tried that10:30
erryVLC does not support the audio or video format "MSS2". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.10:30
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tsimpsonerry: you probably need the w32codecs or w64codecs package from http://www.medibuntu.org/ to play that kind of video10:37
errydidn't seem to make a difference10:41
errydoes it need reboot?10:41
JackyAlcinewouldn't hurt to try.10:41
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tsimpsontry another video player, like mplayer/kmplayer10:47
devmarknow i want to install kubuntu11:01
devmarki already use windows, how can i use both?11:01
devmarkwhat is /dev/sda is this my C /Windows? And what is /dev/sdb?11:02
devmarki cant resize my hard drive why?11:03
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:04
hateballdevmark: Usually it's best to resize your windows partitions from inside windows before installing Kubuntu alongside11:05
devmarkhateball: can I not resize it in Kubuntu?11:05
hateballdevmark: At your own risk11:05
hateballSometimes the installer itself behaves... strangely. So it's better to prepare the partitions first11:06
devmarkhateball: i try to. but it says: "Unable to detect the filesystem"11:06
hateballdevmark: Which version of Windows is this? Perhaps it was not cleanly unmounted11:08
devmarkhateball: win 711:08
hateballI'm not sure if resizing using gparted or such will have undesirable effects on Win7 booting afterwards.... perhaps someone else knows better11:09
* hateball does not dualboot11:09
devmarki cant still not resize it :S11:10
devmarkstill "damage"11:16
devmarkcant resize it11:16
devmarkI remember it working before11:17
devmarkhow  can my win partition be mounted? if i run live cd linux?11:20
BluesKajHiyas all11:20
BluesKajdevmark , sudo mount /dev/sdX, X being the windows assigned number11:23
devmarkBluesKaj: What does that command do?11:25
BluesKajdevmark, it mounts your windows partition11:28
devmarki didnt11:30
devmarkmount: can't find /dev/sda2 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab11:30
devmarkwtf i really like kubuntu. please help me install it :S11:32
shadeslayeryou can resize the partition from inside the installer11:33
devmarkshadeslayer: I dont think so. Why does gparted says "damaged parition"11:34
devmarkI cant resize windows partition11:34
shadeslayerI don't know why it would say damaged partition, but when you launch the installer, you can tell the installer how much size Kubuntu should use and it'll resize the windows partition automatically11:35
BluesKajshadeslayer, he's trying to resize with gparted not ubiquity11:36
tsimpsonI'd suggest you should try running a disk check and defragmentation from within windows, see if that helps11:36
shadeslayerbut why?11:36
devmarktsimpson: should i run win7 and try to shrink the partition?11:37
BluesKajdevmark, you have use the kubuntu install phase to properly resize windows11:37
devmarkmaybe this has something to do with my encryption? I using Whole System encryption on my win 7 system disk11:37
tsimpsondevmark: run the check and defragment in windows, then see if the kubuntu installer can resize the partition11:37
shadeslayermmm .. that's going to be an issue I think11:38
BluesKajeasybcd can be used in windows to resize the partition as well , devmark11:38
BluesKajoh , now he tells us11:39
devmarkhm so there is a problem with encryption?11:40
BluesKajit's very likely11:40
devmarkso what should I do? if I run encryption?11:42
devmarkokay, gonna try resize it from windows11:42
BluesKajwell. so far most info on truecrypt indicates they're not resizable11:53
devmarkgonna try now11:57
devmarkgonna try now11:57
devmarkokay. now i have resized the hard drive11:59
devmarkshould I use the new parition as Primary or as Logical type?11:59
devmarkwhile install Kubuntu12:00
BluesKajdevmark, I don't think it's possible without losing your data12:00
devmarkBluesKaj: why not? I already did it. Should I use the partition as Primary or as Logical type?12:00
hateballdevmark: doesnt really matter, but if you plan to partition it further you'd want to make it logical12:01
BluesKajhttp://www.experts123.com/q/can-i-resize-a-truecrypt-partition.html . deb12:01
hateballif you already have windows on there you have at minimum 2 partitions already, and 4 is the max for logical ones so12:01
BluesKajdevmark, ^12:01
hateballugh, I mean primary12:02
devmarkhateball: whats diffrent between logical and primary?12:02
hateballdevmark: that a logical can contain several more logical ones12:03
BluesKajhateball, his partition is truecrypted ...resizing a nono12:03
tsimpsona logical partition is inside a primary partition12:03
hateballBluesKaj: He's already sorted that, this is another issue12:03
hateballmy brain for some reason cannot type primary and logical where they need to be. tsimpson is right12:04
devmarkhateball: so i should use Primary right?12:04
BluesKajit'd not unless he has a freespace partition beyond the encryptrf partition12:05
BluesKajok , I'll back off ..good luck12:05
tsimpsonfor windows, I think it (still) requires it's system partition to be the first primary partition, linux doesn't care12:05
devmarktsimpson: but I think I gonna use "Primary". So the Bootloader found linux in list?12:06
devmarkcaouse I heard "Logical" is only for data storage12:06
tsimpsondevmark: the bootloader isn't located on a partition, it's written to the master boot record of the disk12:06
devmarktsimpson: so can I use Primary? would it make any big diffrents?12:06
tsimpsonlogical vs primary has nothing to do with "data storage"12:07
tsimpsonexcept that a HDD is only for data storage ;)12:07
tsimpsonyou can use either, for linux is makes no difference whatsoever12:07
tsimpsonI'd personally choose logical, as to not be limited to the maximum of 412:08
tsimpsonand I'd recommend a separate partition for /home, but it's not a requirement12:08
devmarktsimpson: and what about "Mount point". Should I choice "/boot" here?12:09
tsimpsonyou should have / for the root, don't bother creating one for /boot12:09
devmarktsimpsons: I dont understand. What do "Mount point" does?12:10
devmarktsimpson: cant find any /root12:11
devmarkI just found /boot /home /user12:12
hateballdevmark:  / is root of the filesystem12:13
hateballso it should just be listed as /12:13
tsimpsondevmark: in Windows, partitions are "mounted" as "drives" C:\ D:\ E:\ etc, in Linux there is one root /, and everything is mounted (placed) to some path inside that root12:14
tsimpsonso the first partition can be for /, the second for /home, etc12:15
invariantDo you think it is a good thing that such users use Kubuntu?12:17
invariantI personally think such people should first learn the basics of UNIX, because KDE cannot isolate them completely from such subjects.12:18
invariantA well-configured tablet interface might not require any such knowledge, but as soon as you allow a file manager people will have to be able to understand how it works.12:19
tsimpsonhow are people to learn if they don't use the system12:20
devmarkhow can i encrypt my kubuntu partition after install?12:23
tsimpsonthe installer should give you the option to encrypt during the install process12:24
devmarki know but if i missed it?12:25
devmarkokay. now the install is done12:29
devmarkbut now it messed up with bootloader? there is no bootloader. it boot from kubuntu directly12:30
devmarkhow can I fix bootloader?12:30
fabriciohi, i need help12:30
fabriciosomeone can help me?12:30
tsimpsondevmark: there is a bootloader, you just need to press and hold shift during boot to see the menu12:30
Riddellfabricio: just ask12:32
fabricio=) i've a small book, i thinkin to create magazines of god (not have in ubuntu), how i add my software on ubuntu software center?12:32
Riddellfabricio: if there is a free software project you want packaged and put into ubuntu you can file a needs-packaging bug on launchpad12:33
devmarkokay. so i found the grub boot loader12:34
devmarkbut there is no windows in list?12:34
devmarkhow do i readd windows in grub?12:34
fabriciowhat is?12:36
fabricioin this site?12:39
fabriciothank you!12:39
tsimpsondevmark: http://www.zimbio.com/Linux/articles/I3yQEoWzSOg/How+Manually+Add+Windows+7+Grub2+Ubuntu may be helpful12:40
devmarktsimpson: ty12:42
devmarktsimpson: is there any diffrent if I do not using "Swap" for linux?12:43
tsimpsondevmark: swap is used as an extension to RAM, it's also used if you ever want to hibernate the system12:44
devmarktsimpson: so should i use it?12:47
tsimpsondevmark: it is recommended to use swap, yes12:47
devmarkmaybe i should reformat my whole hard drive and install this correct, with "Swap" etc etc?12:47
tsimpsonit's up to you, you can also use a file as a swap space, like windows does12:47
devmarktsimpson: how can I fix "swap" now? When I already have installed Kubuntu?12:48
tsimpsonyou can create an empty file on the system and use it as swap12:49
devmarktsimpson: how do i do that?12:49
tsimpsondevmark: have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#How_do_I_add_more_swap.3F12:51
tsimpsonit should give you instructions for creating a swap file12:51
devmarkafter running dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile \13:03
devmarki cant find the swapfile?13:03
tsimpsondevmark: it'll be /swapfile13:03
devmarkwhat is wrong? I just follow the guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kleIOw7rXf813:03
devmarkcant find it in list13:04
devmark"ls" cant find it?13:04
tsimpsonwhat exact command are you running?13:04
tsimpsonand does "ls /" show it?13:04
devmarksry wrong dir13:04
emrahnzmmy fonts looks very bad13:05
emrahnzmdo you have any idea?13:05
BluesKajemrahnzm, kmenu>computer>system settings>application appearance>fonts13:07
emrahnzmBluesKaj: I tryed it13:07
emrahnzmstill very bad13:07
BluesKajtry differnt fonts ...don't know what you mean by "very bad"13:08
emrahnzm I can show you13:08
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emrahnzmBluesKaj: http://i.imgur.com/4TGul74.png and http://i.imgur.com/aWkzR3q.png13:10
emrahnzmlike this13:10
shadeslayeremrahnzm: turn on anti-aliasing?13:12
emrahnzmit is on already13:12
BluesKajshowing me won't help unless you're willing to try different fonts, styles and their sizes ..and also fonts are adjusted in Settings>configure Konversation ,and increas your DPI13:12
devmarkhmm, now i cant boot windows 713:13
devmarkit says "invalid signature"13:13
BluesKajbecause it's encrypted  ?13:14
emrahnzmkonverstaion is using system fonts too13:14
emrahnzmI tryed change fonts13:14
emrahnzmlooks bad eveyone13:14
BluesKajdon't use use system fonts in Konversation13:15
shadeslayerdevmark: secure boot ?13:15
BluesKajemrahnzm, ^13:16
emrahnzmBluesKaj: why?13:16
BluesKajemrahnzm, if yo don't like them you can change them13:16
devmarkBluesKaj shadeslayer: yes I use encryption on Windows 7. What should I do ?13:16
BluesKajin konverstaion settings, configure konverstaion , emrahnzm13:17
shadeslayersecure boot != encryption13:17
emrahnzmBluesKaj: i think fonts are not problem13:17
devmarkshadeslayer: how?13:17
emrahnzmsomething else13:17
shadeslayersecure boot will check if the bootloader was signed13:17
shadeslayerand the signed bootloader can only load signed binaries13:17
BluesKajemrahnzm, then dpi and anti-aliasing perhaps13:17
shadeslayerso something could be loading unsigned binaries13:17
shadeslayerbut if it's a encryption issue, I wouldn13:18
shadeslayer*I don't k ow13:18
emrahnzmwhatever, I g2g13:18
emrahnzmthanks for trying help13:18
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BluesKajaccording to the info i found on the net truecrypt has to be backed up to a differnt volume before partitioning and then copied back aftewards13:19
=== Tonio_aw is now known as Tonio__
BluesKajbutmy warning wasn't heeded13:20
devmarkso this partition is loosed now?13:21
BluesKajdunno devmark . it might be recoverable , do some research13:21
devmarkBlueKaj: so if I do a reinstall of Windows 7 + encryption now? it will work?13:24
devmarkafter install Kubuntu first?13:24
BluesKajdevmark, is encryption really necessary ?13:24
devmarkBluesKaj: why not?13:25
devmarkthe question is, will it work after?13:26
devmarkwhy does it not work? is it becouse of Truecrypt Boot loader?13:27
BluesKajno thequestion not why not , the question is why ...encryption unless absolutely necessary creates more problems than they're worth if you're going to partitionong and trying different OSs13:27
BluesKajto do partitions13:27
BluesKajwho gave you the idea that you needed to encrypt or is this necessary due to workplace policies13:28
devmarkBluesKaj: i just like encryption, if somebody stole your computer. this person cant use your files etc..13:29
BluesKajif he doesn't know the password to login , he won't get in13:30
BluesKajare you on the job ?13:30
BluesKajor at home13:30
devmarkBluesKaj: why this question?13:31
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devmarki thought many people using encryption?13:33
devmarkand is was no problem to use it?13:34
devmarkbtw, using irssi really nice! :)13:34
BluesKajseems problematic to me if you want to experiment with differnt OSs , that's all i have to say , devmark13:35
BluesKajdevmark, if want to encrypt windows ,and kubuntu I suggest you install them on separate hard drives , not partitions13:38
shadeslayerdevmark: maybe email ubuntu-devel-discuss to figure out what could be the issue?13:40
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fabriciohi again13:46
=== murat is now known as hanzala
drdozerhi - I've plugged my samsung s3 into my ubuntu box, and a notification baloon popped up, but I can't see it in dolphin13:50
drdozeris there something I need to install?13:50
Torchdrdozer: it has ICS or jelly bean, i assume?13:55
drdozerjelly bean I think13:55
drdozerI was hoping that it would just appear as another device, like USB drives do13:56
Torchdrdozer: google decided in their ultimate wisdom to remove mass storage access in ICS (and don't plan to bring it back), so it's not as easy any more13:56
Torchdrdozer: you need mtp (a microsoft protocol) to access it13:56
drdozerTorch: mm, that is not nice - for once this all works out of the box on my windows laptop but fails on my kubuntu desktop13:57
Torchdrdozer: kde has a kio_mtp plugin, but it's not working very well13:57
Torchdrdozer: workaround is to install an ftp (or ssh) server on the phone and use that13:57
Torchdrdozer: or use adb if you're a dev anyway ;-)13:58
HusarHi, i trying to connect my Nikon camera as MassStorage,  and get "hub 6-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 2" (it was working 2weeks ago :() - fix from google do not work13:58
Torchdrdozer: kio_mtp is probably being worked on, but i have no idea what the current state is.14:01
drdozerTorch: thanks - for now I will just use my laptop :(14:01
contrastkio-mtp has already been released. There's actually a PPA for it.14:03
Torchcontrast: well, i have it. it's just not working very well.14:03
contrastTorch: Ohh I see... I just used it recently to put some stuff on a friend's Kindle without issue.14:04
drdozerok, now that I have kio_mtp installed, when I plug in my s3 it pops up the option to "open with file manage" that wasn't there before, but nothing useful happens14:08
drdozeroh well14:08
Torchdrdozer: it sometimes works, iirc14:09
devmarkwhats the name of "diskpart" in linux?14:09
Torchdevmark: what do you mean?14:09
devmarkhow do i make my usb flush boot with win 7? should I just download .iso and move it  to usb flush? or do I need any format?14:09
Torchdevmark: you want to make a bootable usb stick from a kubuntu iso?14:10
devmarkTorch: yes, from kubuntu, but not kubutu i already got it =)14:11
Torchdevmark: there's usb-creator-kde on my (12.04) system for that14:11
Torchdevmark: check if you have that14:11
contrastI think he means he wants to put a Windows 7 ISO onto a USB drive from within Kubuntu...14:12
devmarkooo i see thanks!14:12
contrastRight, devmark?14:12
devmarkcontrast: yes14:12
contrastusb-creator is only for Ubuntu-based ISOs...14:12
contrastdevmark: You can dry dd, it's command-line only...14:12
Torchquestion is if the usb stick is supposed to boot14:13
Torchafaik it won't be bootable when you just dd an iso.14:13
contrastdevmark: It will wipe your flash drive though, so make sure you back up anything that's on it...14:13
Torchbut i might be wrong about that14:13
contrastTorch: Pretty sure you are. :)14:13
devmarkcontrast: what do you mean by "dry dd"?14:14
devmarkshould i just move the .iso file to usb flush? without format it?14:15
contrasttry* dd14:15
contrastdevmark: No, that won't make it bootable14:15
devmarkshould I just type "dd" in terminal?14:15
contrastdevmark: sudo dd if=/path/to/windows7.iso of=/dev/sdXY (where X is the drive and Y is the partition - Partition Manager under Applications -> System is probably the best way of figuring out the drive letter and partition manager you want to dump to)14:16
contrastNo problem, good luck14:17
fabriciohi, i wish send my application with launchpad, but how i package my app?14:17
BluesKajfabricio, you want setup a ppa on launchpad for your app , join launchpad14:19
fabricioi join14:19
fabricioi read how send app14:20
fabriciobut doubt14:20
fabriciowitch format to send?14:20
BluesKajfabricio, please  , /join launchpad14:24
fabricioi joined14:25
devmarkis there gonna be any problem? if i reinstall and encrypt win7? will it be bootable?14:26
BluesKajI mean here in IRC , Freenode chat #launchpad , fabricio14:26
devmarkwill it become bootable?14:26
BluesKajdevmark, you should ask those questions in #windows14:27
devmarkBluesKaj: sry i know, just thought this was linuxvswin question :P14:27
BluesKajnope , it's windows question14:28
fabricioBluesKaj, i'm in launchpad14:31
BluesKajthen ask your question14:31
hateballdrdozer: This is what I use to mount my SGS3 http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/how-to-mount-android-40-ubuntu-go-mtpfs.html14:33
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devmarkshould i use of=/dev/sdb1 or of=/dev/sdb ?14:50
drdozerhateball: the two DCIMs in my phone show up in nautilus, but not much useful happens :(14:51
drdozercomplains that it can't lock the device, or it lets me browse folders but not files14:51
hateballdrdozer: Did you follow the instructions on the link I posted? Also, Nautilus in KDE?14:52
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fabriciohow is default pdf folder for magazine in linux?15:06
sbivol!pt | fabricio15:14
ubottufabricio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.15:14
fabriciohi, you can help? ubuntu-br no responds15:19
przemek_hello Dears how to install e17 enlightenment on Kubuntu?15:21
BluesKajFabian, I don't understand your question "default pdf folder for magazine" ?15:22
BluesKajpz oipen a konsole and do , sudo apt-get install e1715:23
BluesKajprzemek_, ^15:24
sbivolhi, fabricio! could you please rephrase the question about PDF?15:25
przemek_BluesKaj: ?15:25
przemek_ok thank you :)15:25
przemek_BluesKaj: :)15:25
BluesKajsbivol, he left15:26
sbivolBluesKaj: oh, I started writing my reply when he was still here :-)15:30
BluesKajme too :)15:33
BluesKajor at least I thought he wa15:33
BluesKajthink the translator he uses isn't very accurate15:34
devmarkhi, dd didnt work for my windows.iso15:56
devmarkit doesnt boot15:56
devmarkhow can i make my usb flush win bootable truth kubuntu?15:56
shadeslayerhmm ... I remember doing this, but it was via windows15:57
devmarki know how do to it via win, u can use diskpart15:57
shadeslayersome utility ... don't remember the name15:57
shadeslayerbut afaik there's no way to do it via Linux15:58
shadeslayeri.e create a windows bootable usb via linux15:58
devmarku joke? it must be15:58
shadeslayernope, I distinctly remember trying out alot of things15:58
shadeslayerand nothing worked15:58
james147shadeslayer: I have done it from linux before, trying to find the tool i used now...15:58
devmarkiam stucked15:59
devmarkin the linux matrix :P15:59
shadeslayerjames147: okay, it's just that I tried it with W7 a couple of months earlier15:59
shadeslayerand it didn't work15:59
devmarkjames147: please find it dude..15:59
james147shadeslayer: yeah, i spent a while on the internet before I found a solution that worked15:59
devmarkbut i really love irssi :DD15:59
devmarkshit i really missed this client16:00
shadeslayeriirc there was a tool that was said to work, but it didn't work for me16:00
=== spawnie is now known as spawn[dead]
james147devmark: ahh yesm it was: format the drive as ntfs, copy the contents of the iso to the usb, then run `ms-sys -7 /dev/sdX` to install the bootloader to it16:00
james147it worked with win7 when I tried it16:01
james147(fyi, this was the post: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/creating-windows-7-bootable-usb-from-linux-762229/#post3946086 )16:02
james147apperantly unetbootin is also ment to work, but I never liked that program much16:03
james147o yeah, and make sure you mark the partition as bootable16:05
contrastdevmark: Check to make sure the partition on the USB drive has the "bootable" flag set (you can do that in Partition Manager).16:18
linuxfreakerI have Ubuntu 12.04 installed and am trying to connect to compellent box but it is not seeign t16:42
linuxfreakerWhen I try to install ubuntu 12.04. The installation cannot see the SAN storage device as shown http://tracker.webtechnologyfocused.com.au/ehw/volumesnotdetected.jpg16:42
linuxfreakerI believe this could be a driver issue with Ubuntu and may need the driver to see the storage device.16:42
shadeslayerlinuxfreaker: errr ... that doesn't look like a question pertaining to Kubuntu16:48
shadeslayerseems like a question suited for #ubuntu-server16:48
devmarkhow do i just "simply" move .iso to usb flush?16:57
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mr0wlhey, what's this appmenu update i got ?16:57
mr0wlis it the same appmenu feature coming in KDE 4.10?16:57
james147devmark: the contents of the iso? or the iso itself?17:01
devmarkiso itself17:01
james147devmark: umm, then just copy and paste in dolphin... if this is for the windows iso, then you probally want to be copying the conents...17:03
devmarkjames147: james147: it says "no access"17:04
devmarkto do that17:04
james147devmark: what filesystem does the usb have? what premissions does the drive have? The output of `mount` and `ls -la /media/` (or the path to the mount point) would be helpful !pastebin17:07
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invariantHow can I test audiorecording?17:08
invariantSkype is completely broken.17:08
rauldukehey there, anyone experienced in connecting an ipod to amarok?17:35
phoenix_firebrdraulduke: did you try in #amarok channel?17:42
rauldukeyeah but no response17:43
phoenix_firebrdraulduke: you have to wait for a long time to get help in irc17:49
invariantHow do  I make a microphone work in Skype in Kubuntu? It works when I run it on Ubuntu (both 12.04) on another machine.21:23
yofelpossibly pulseaudio is getting in the way, try looking at pavucontrol if it's muted21:23
invariantyofel, how can I see what audio signals are available and which ones are turned on from an authorative source?21:24
yofelwell, pavucontrol will show which devices are there and in what state21:25
yofelkwin should do it too, but esp. with microphones I found pavucontrol to be a more reliable source of information21:25
invariantyofel, how can I test it independent of Skype?21:30
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invariantI am pressing 'make a test sound' in Skype, but nothing happens.21:36
invariantOther audio applications work fine.21:36
yofelhm, maybe make sure that the right audio device is selected...21:37
yofelI don't have skype on *this* system, so it's a bit hard to figure out...21:38
yofelpavucontrol has a volume meter for input devices for testing if the microphone at least works21:38
yofeland if skype is set to use pulseaudio it should work I think21:38
invariantyofel, I cannot select an audio device, because it only shows pulse audio as an option.21:38
yofelyeah, that should be right21:38
invariantsystemsettings returns Qt: Session management error: Could not open network socket21:41
petersaintsHi guys. Kamoso doesn't start my webcam. However Skype does. Strange isn't it? Also (in Skype) my webcam is upside down. It's a webcam integrated into the laptop. On Windows, without the proper drivers, it also displays upside down. Any ideas on how to fix these webcam problems?21:43
invariantyofel:even for Firefox, I get: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon21:45
yofelthat's... weird21:46
petersaintsThe error I get when I open Kamoso from the console is22:02
petersaintslibv4l2: error turning on stream: Protocol error22:02
JoaoSantanahi all22:04
JoaoSantanaSince KDE installs MySQL database by default, does anyone knows what is MySQL default root password?22:05
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