TheLordOfTimeis there a maximum bit strength for ssh keys that launchpad accepts?03:15
* TheLordOfTime has to upload a new system's ssh keys to there, and is trying to ascertain the maximum strength he can make the key to03:15
StevenKThat's up to the keyserver, since LP will just pull from it.03:16
TheLordOfTimeStevenK:  that's PGP keys03:16
StevenK4096R still seems like the best choice03:16
TheLordOfTimei was asking about SSH key.03:16
TheLordOfTimeor do they end up in the same place?03:16
StevenKTheLordOfTime: True. I should learn to read at some point.03:16
TheLordOfTimei *never* make PGP keys with less bitstrength than 409603:17
TheLordOfTimei'm a tad overkill with my SSH key bit strengths though...03:17
* TheLordOfTime has previously created 8192-bit-strength keys, but only as a proof that strong keys can be made on legacy systems03:17
TheLordOfTimes/keys/ssh keys/03:18
StevenKsshkey.keytext is type text, which unlimited03:18
StevenKSo it depends on what twisted will support, I guess03:18
TheLordOfTimewell i was able to upload the overkill-strength key...03:22
TheLordOfTimequestion: any way to confirm that its using the key?03:26
hyperairssh -vvv03:27
StevenKsftp bazaar.launchpad.net ?03:27
hyperairit took a rather interestingly long time to generate a 16384 bit key. heheh.03:27
TheLordOfTimessh -vvv to bazaar.launchpad.net with my lp username showed its using the right key :P03:28
TheLordOfTimehyperair:  i can't seem to generate a 16384, perhaps NotEnoughRAM?03:28
TheLordOfTimeor NotEnoughCPU?03:28
TheLordOfTimeregardless, 8192's in the range of 'overkill' anyways03:28
hyperairyes it is03:29
hyperairTheLordOfTime: what happens when you try to generate a 16384 one?03:29
TheLordOfTimehyperair:  i don't do commandline generation - seahorse is the tool i use for fast-create03:30
TheLordOfTimehyperair:  give me the command line option, after my 4096R PGP key is done generating, i'll tell you :P03:30
hyperairmaybe seahorse just doesn't know it's possible.03:30
hyperairssh-keygen -b 16384 -f /path/to/key_file03:30
TheLordOfTimeholy crap all my CPU is eaten by PGP primegen o.O03:30
hyperairi don't recall 4096R taking much time to generate...03:31
hyperairwhat CPU are you running on?03:31
TheLordOfTime4 year old machine03:31
TheLordOfTimethat about sum it up?03:31
hyperaircore 2 duo?03:32
hyperairi generated my 4096 key on a 4 year old laptop03:32
hyperairit was pretty quick03:32
StevenKI was about to ask03:32
StevenKConroe, at a guess?03:32
StevenKWolfdale, perhaps. My last desktop was a Wolfdale03:32
* hyperair shrugs. no idea what mine was03:33
TheLordOfTimeits done generating, i think mine was a core 2 duo03:33
TheLordOfTimebut this is a laptop so...03:33
* TheLordOfTime shrugs03:33
hyperairIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T5750  @ 2.00GHz03:33
hyperairso says /proc/cpuinfo03:33
StevenKARK maps that to Merom03:34
hyperairTheLordOfTime: mine was a laptop too.03:34
TheLordOfTimeIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T9550  @ 2.66GHz03:34
StevenKMerom was the first mobile Core, so same as Conroe03:35
TheLordOfTimehyperair:  i don't think seahorse is configured to use anything greater than 819203:35
TheLordOfTimebecause anything beyond that is liek "WTFH ARE YOU DOING?"03:35
TheLordOfTimenormal SSH users won't need such strong keys03:35
StevenKT9550 is Penryn, the successor to Merom03:35
* TheLordOfTime is generating a 16384 anyways03:35
TheLordOfTimeIT FINISHED03:36
TheLordOfTimehyperair:  the 16384 is now my LP key :P03:45
* TheLordOfTime is twistedly oversecure with his systems :P03:45
hyperairTheLordOfTime: haha nice.03:55
hyperairTheLordOfTime: now just wait for the quantum computer to come along and blow all your keys away. ;-)03:55
TheLordOfTimeonce that comes along, i'll  bring it to its knees making make a 99999999999999-bite-strength key :P04:47
TheLordOfTimehyperair:  ^04:47
StevenKWhich will have no bearing on how long a quantum computer will take to factor it04:48
TheLordOfTimeStevenK:  :P04:48
gnomefreakis there a way to fix typos in a posted comment?05:41
gnomefreakon bug reports05:41
StevenKThere's an edit link, top right of the comment box05:42
StevenKLooks like a blank line (supposedly a pencil) in a yellow circle05:42
gnomefreakStevenK: thanks05:42
gnomefreakStevenK: i dont see anything like that on ,y latest comment. thi sis on bug 1111111705:45
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 11111117 could not be found05:45
StevenKAre you sure, given that error? :-)05:45
gnomefreakStevenK: i dont see anything like that on ,y latest comment. thi sis on bug 111111705:45
ubot5bug 1111117 in seahorse (Ubuntu) "Seahorse in 13.04 prompts me for my password after i auto login to Gnome/Unity, last release i was able to change a setting in Seahorse IIRC and it fixed it." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111111705:45
gnomefreakah thats better05:46
StevenKBug 11 million sounds terrible05:46
gnomefreaktoo many 1s for me to count05:46
gnomefreakyep it does05:46
StevenKhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/seahorse/+bug/1111117/comments/2 doesn't show an edit link?05:46
gnomefreaki got to that page but i see nothihng about edit05:47
gnomefreaki can only highlight the word no backspace no right click options05:47
wgrantStevenK: It's not possible to edit comments, just descriptions.05:47
gnomefreakthanks wgrant05:48
gnomefreaknew comment worked05:49
* gnomefreak cant recall the other bugs05:50
gnomefreakbrb smoke and think05:50
gnomefreakwin 105:50
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MarzEzWorld's biggest noob here, I can't work out how to download binaries.13:28
MarzEzAny advice on how to do so?13:29
MarzEzEh, I got given another link that worked,.13:35
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bugbrains1how to upload packages built on a different system14:09
bugbrains1i had source.changes files built on ubuntu 12.04 LTS14:10
bugbrains1i had it signed automatically14:10
bugbrains1but unfortunately my system doesnt have external ftp/ssh14:10
bugbrains1i am behind a proxty14:10
bugbrains1i also had access to a server where i copied all source.chnages14:11
bugbrains1but uploading using dput gives me this error14:11
bugbrains1gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found14:11
bugbrains1any clue?14:11
bugbrains1it says it cant find the key14:11
bugbrains1can i import my key to another system14:12
bugbrains1or sign it again14:12
fabriciosure.. you help-me here14:27
fabriciowhat format of file send?14:28
fabriciocan help?14:31
fabriciosending my project to launchpad, what file format send?14:32
mgzfabricio: please read https://help.launchpad.net/ for the basics14:34
mgzbugbrains1: you can indeed import your gpg key on another system, see the man page14:34
bugbrains1mgz: i imported the key14:35
bugbrains1how to add it to secret key list14:35
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shadeslayerwgrant: any news regarding that qemu update on LP?14:59
czajkowskishadeslayer: he doesnt come on till very late in the EU he's in au15:08
shadeslayerczajkowski: that's fine, he can get back to me when he has time :)15:12
shadeslayerI'm +5.30 ... so probably not too long from now15:13
shadeslayerif there's a ticket that I can follow, that'd be awesomer15:13
czajkowskinot sure tbh15:14
shadeslayerok :)15:16
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glenis there way to setup some kind of hooks (post some data to some http url, etc), when somebody pushes to my trunk?17:16
glensomething like github has dozens of dozens of Service Hooks17:17
james_wglen: unfortunately not17:56
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wgrantshadeslayer: None, unfortunately.21:37
mwhudsoncan i deactivate a project i maintain?23:12
czajkowskimwhudson: nope but I can23:12
mwhudsoni'll ask a question with the projects at some point then23:12

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