genoobieall three urls?00:00
genoobieXorg, lspci, and lsmod?00:00
wxlsure if you want, but i'd probably just pull out the relevant lines from the lspci and actually include that text in the bug description00:00
wxlor include all three but explain you have a savage-ix or whatever the heck the dumb thing is called XD00:01
genoobieurgh, what are the relevant lines from the lspci??00:02
wxloh hold on00:05
genoobieI think I got it,00:05
genoobiejust the VGA compat controller00:05
genoobiejust put that right in the bug report00:05
wxlsorry for the message00:06
wxlfigured i'd flood you and nott the whole channel :)00:06
wxlgenoobie: you can keep the rest of the convo going here00:07
genoobieokay I mean00:08
genoobiethe wireless isn't working either00:08
genoobieI figured I give that a go in the live CD00:08
genoobieor should I install 1st...holding00:09
wxldo you have ethernet?00:09
wxlthen i'd go ahead and install with ethernet00:10
genoobieworking too :)00:10
wxlbut first00:10
wxllspci -vvnn | grep 14e400:10
genoobiein the live?00:10
wxllet me know what's after the 14e400:10
genoobienow the terminal window is still in "ubuntu-bug blah"00:10
genoobieshould I ctrl c?00:11
wxljust open a new terminal00:11
wxlor a new tab in the same terminal00:11
genoobiethe bug says reported in launchpad00:11
wxlthen yeah you can kill it00:11
genoobiesee, I wish I had the skills to update the driver file to fix the problem :)00:12
wxlwell we all have our limits XD00:12
genoobiebut the lspci reports 430600:13
wxlthose are diffeent00:13
wxldon't worry00:13
wxlbut you need b43legacy00:13
genoobieokay, another bug report?00:13
wxlbroadcom chips are ALWAYS a problem00:13
wxlthere's a whole page on the ubuntu wiki for it00:14
genoobieyay ready for the install00:14
genoobiethis usually takes about an hour00:14
wxlsudo apt-get install firmware-b43legacy-installer00:14
wxlneeds to be restarted00:14
wxldo that after the install00:14
genoobieuh wait00:14
wxllike when you're in the installed thing00:14
genoobiewill running in a more minimal x-enviro help the computer stream video?00:15
genoobiebecause even though I'm gradually migrating over to linux00:15
genoobiexp pro still runs pretty well on this machine00:16
wxlprobably more of a ram issue than anything00:16
genoobieand I happen to have the license.00:16
genoobieI can hard shut down the machine now, right?00:17
wxlwhen you're done installing00:17
genoobiewell xp can stream it same hardware.00:17
genoobieand dare I say full screen almost smooth...00:17
genoobieI've got 50 gigs00:18
genoobieI'll probably set aside 25 for lubuntu and 25 for experimental00:18
genoobieantix, bodhi, etc.00:18
genoobieor 35 lubuntu and 15 experimental...doesn't really matter I'll never get close to those limits anyhow...00:19
wxlevery now and then i try a new os00:21
wxlmainly i like lubuntu00:21
wxlarch is a close second00:22
genoobieyeah, I had some problems with arch00:24
genoobiedon't want to update the installer00:25
genoobiearch seems pretty customizable00:25
genoobieI like apt-get00:25
genoobiedo not download updates while installing, correct?00:25
genoobiefluendo mp3 player??00:26
genoobiesure, why not.00:26
genoobiebut I want to avoid updates, correct?00:26
Unit193I've not been reading as I've been out, and also fixing issues, but if it's one package you can set a hold on it.00:30
wxli already said that, mr. old news00:32
genoobiewxl, why not a big fan of puppy or bodhi?00:45
wxlpuppy i find kludgy and bodhi's enlightment is just not my favorite desktop environment00:55
wxlgenoobie: ↑00:55
genoobiescreen is black01:00
genoobieinstall appears dead01:00
genoobieI didn't step away for but a minute01:00
genoobiehdd light is not on01:01
genoobieshould I give it one more shot?01:07
genoobieI picked lubuntu because it seemed light01:09
wxlit might be ubiquity01:09
wxli had a hard time installing on a low-ram machine recently01:09
wxli had to resort to using the alternate installed01:10
kektalI like lubuntu very much but suddenly it started to ask root password simply to connect to wlan01:11
kektalwhat went wrong?01:11
wxlnow there's a new one01:12
wxlwhat version are you on kektal ?01:12
kektal12.10 all updates01:12
wxlUnit193: didn't we used to, like 2 versions ago, have a problem with passwords for wifi?01:14
genoobieugh, seriously I have to download my 4th iso?01:18
genoobieanother coaster...01:18
wxlyou need rws genoobie :)01:18
wxlre-writeable discs01:19
genoobiejust reading on a forum about anti-x01:21
genoobiebased on peanut linux01:21
genoobielooking for something that I can "grow" into01:21
kektalbeen a while since I've used linux, is 20gb root still considered plenty? it's filling awfully fast01:22
wxlwelllllllllll i'm headed home01:25
wxli'll be back later tho01:26
wxlbest of luck to you genoobie01:26
wxlsorry i couldn't be of more help kektal but yes 20gb is enough01:26
genoobiethanks for all the help wxl01:27
genoobieif anything I learned pastebinit01:28
kektalwxl nvm01:29
Unit193kektal: Do you have it selected to allow all users to use the settings?01:36
Unit193genoobie: AntiX is Debian testing based, was mepis.01:37
kektalUnit193: dunno, where to see?01:37
Unit193It's a checkbox in the network settings.01:39
kektalUnit193: yes it is *available* once connected to all, but connecting to other wlans require root password every time01:41
kektalas well as trying to edit any network settings,01:42
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wxlgenoobie: you all fixed yet?04:49
genoobietrying a debian install04:51
genoobieit's rough too04:51
genoobieand somehow the debian I picked has the 2.6 kernel04:51
genoobiethis is all goofed04:51
genoobiewxl, lubuntu is lxde correct?04:52
genoobieI mean I can always change that later04:53
wxlyou gave up on lubuntu for some reason?04:53
genoobiewxl would I really expect much better performance out of debian04:53
genoobienah, I was waiting for lubuntu to download04:54
wxlwell remember ubuntu's upstream is debian04:54
wxlso there's not too much difference04:55
genoobieI could try and trim it if I felt like it04:55
genoobieI'm thinking what I should do is give up on this crappy hardware :)05:03
wxlwell that's a thought05:05
wxlgiven that i STILL have a powerbook g3 ppc that i plan on putting lubuntu on, i probably can't back you on it though :)05:05
genoobieremember the 12.04 lubuntu failed in "desktop" without reasonable cause05:08
wxland this is why you started downloading the alternate, yes?05:08
genoobiein the meantime I had a debian distro around05:09
genoobiewas thinking that xfce might be a bit lighter still05:11
wxlmy experience dictates otherwise05:11
genoobiehave you ever upgraded a *nix OS?05:20
wxlhell yes05:21
wxlas a general rule05:21
genoobiemy lubuntu on one machine is 1105:21
wxli tend to run pretty bleeding edge and i rarely have problems05:21
genoobieit keeps asking to go to 12.05:21
wxli'm running 13.04 daily (well, as of about a week ago) on an amd64 laptop with <512mb ram05:21
genoobieI have an NAS for all my mission critical data05:21
TheLordOfTimemy rule of thumb is clean install with each upgrade05:22
genoobieso i can reinstall w/o a prob05:22
TheLordOfTimetherefore i'm usually 2 releases behind05:22
wxli usually do-release-upgrade05:22
genoobie /join ##freebsed05:34
genoobiestill installing05:41
* wxl begins installing on a virtual x86 w/ 512mb of ram05:42
genoobiewxl, what for?05:43
wxlgenoobie: testing, always testing05:43
mysteriousdarenwxl: you have so much time for activities....aka testing05:43
genoobieso what is your motive here..05:44
wxlmysteriousdaren: presently tho that's not always the case05:44
wxlgenoobie: hopefuly help the next release work :)05:44
mysteriousdarenwxl: good man05:45
wxli'm not that good06:12
wxler :O06:12
genoobieat least the splash screen is up longer...06:13
genoobiewxl, openbox is just another DE correct?06:14
wxlwindow manager06:14
wxlbut yes06:14
genoobiebefore I do anything else06:14
genoobieI want to take care of that hold06:15
wxlyou have an install06:15
genoobieoperation requires read/write access to dpkg status area06:17
genoobiesudo echo?06:17
wxlsudo dpkg more likely06:17
genoobiegot the $06:17
genoobienow I can update freely06:18
genoobielast thing06:18
genoobienow I am talking to you from inside my install finally06:24
genoobieI am happy06:24
wxland you've learned a lot along the way06:24
wxlnow go my son, and spread the gospel according to lubuntu :)06:24
genoobieso the only other thing I'd like to address is the wireless06:25
genoobiethe b43legacy06:25
genoobieI'd rather not use the additional drivers thing because that froze in xubuntu06:25
genoobiedon't see why I'd expect much different here atm06:25
genoobieso to do it manually...06:25
wxloh it should work fine06:25
wxlunless there's another bug of some kind06:25
genoobieI wouldn't be shocked06:26
genoobieso you say skip the manual steps06:26
genoobiejust use the additional drivers tool?06:26
wxlsudo apt-get install firmware-b43legacy-installer06:27
genoobieor I should say the restricted drivers tool06:30
genoobiebtw this is much smoother than 11 on a higher powered machine06:30
genoobieI like it06:30
genoobienice, got a crash06:30
genoobieprobably b/c of updates06:30
genoobieshould I update first?06:30
wxlyeah prolly a good idea06:30
genoobiesudo apt-get update?06:31
genoobieokay wlan card lights are on06:37
genoobieI am going to update...06:45
genoobieseems like it would have to do a partial upgrade 1st06:47
genoobieseems like there'd be a hierarchy to some upgrades06:49
genoobiethis lubuntu seems better than 1106:49
wxlif you're on package x and the next available is z, you don't have to get y first06:50
wxlif that's what you mean06:50
genoobiewell because of deps you'd think so pkgs would have to be installed first06:50
genoobiebut maybe aptitude takes care of all that06:51
wxlit does06:51
genoobiehrm there's a new kernel06:51
genoobieI also get a bit scared when the logout / login happens b/c there's a display shift06:52
genoobieand it goes a bit nutty06:52
genoobieI think, uh og06:52
wxldon't sweat it06:52
genoobiegoing to install flash and see how it works in chromium06:53
genoobiethen I've got one more laptop to install this on and all laptops will be lubuntu06:54
genoobietx for all your hard work06:54
genoobiewhat is gnome-shell?06:54
genoobienm I'll read about it06:54
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genoobiehey wxl07:54
genoobieare you still here?07:54
Noskcajgenoobie, i doubt he is, why do you need him?08:06
genoobiewell, I can't get stupid flash to work08:08
genoobiewas wondering if he had any tips (in chromium)08:08
Noskcajgenoobie,  i assume you have install the restriced extras already08:09
genoobieyou mean flash-player>08:09
Noskcajapt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras08:09
Noskcajit will help, could fix it08:10
genoobieinstalling via synaptic08:11
genoobieit says it wants to remove ffmpeg08:11
genoobiejust let it?08:11
genoobieNoskcaj, then once the restricted extras are installed reinstall flash player?08:12
Noskcajgenoobie, sure, you can reinstall ffmpeg later if it maters, it should put flash in08:13
Noskcajworst case, just install chrome08:13
genoobiewait, the restricted extras pkg puts in flash player?08:13
genoobieoh eff08:14
genoobieI am looking at the details window of synaptic and I have to agree to some M$ eula08:14
genoobieany way to do this from synaptic?08:14
genoobiewish I did this at cli08:15
Noskcajdo it then, run the command08:15
Noskcajstrangely, lubuntu isn't in the ubuntu software center08:16
genoobiewhat will happen with synaptic?08:16
Noskcajidk, you try and work that out, i will get the repo's for flash08:17
genoobiehey Noskcaj08:25
Noskcajgenoobie, nice link for you here, http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/10/to-do-list-after-new-installation-of.html , it includes the install instructions for flash, among other things.08:25
genoobierock on man08:26
Noskcajone of these things should fix your issue, otherwise install chrome from that link08:26
genoobieNoskcaj, i installed 12.04, does that still apply?08:27
genoobiere: fresh install08:27
Noskcajshould do, i will check but those repos should still work08:27
Noskcaj http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/06/what-to-do-after-new-installation-of.html for 12.04, should be the same08:31
genoobiecool that rocks08:37
genoobieinstalling without verification?08:48
Noskcaji have to go anyway, bye08:51
genoobietx again08:51
aguraI ma new to lubuntu and unix systems and having some problems.  When I do a shutdown I get some instructions on the screen just before it goes dark.  Is there somewhere these instructions are stored so I can look at them with the computer on?10:27
inductiveloadagura: are they instructions or just some information?10:41
inductiveloadif they say things like "unmounting filesystems...done" they are just letting you know how the shutdown is going10:42
aguraThey are instructions to fix this and fix that...10:43
aguraThe problem is they are so fast and I don't really understand yet what they mean...10:44
inductiveloadphone video camera ;-)10:49
inductiveloadif it's after the local filesystem is unmounted, no logging can happen10:50
aguraOK, I thought of taking a picture but wondered if there was another way... Thanks.  I will be back once I can work out what it wants me to do.10:52
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genoobiewxl: well14:41
genoobieI fought most of the night14:41
genoobieI still couldn't get flash to work on chromium (although in 11 it worked almost out of the box)14:41
genoobieI installed both firefox and chrome and neither one worked14:42
genoobie(with flash)14:42
genoobiebesides those browsers are so heavy for that older hardware I probably couldn't stream video anyhow14:43
genoobieso I am opting (I think) to go with puppylinux14:43
genoobieif I change my mind later, I'll be back....14:43
calmarcusI did some updates on my laptop today and it would no longer boot properly. It told me that it could not start the xserver. How to I restore my computer back to before the update.15:16
calmarcusI  recently  updated my laptop and the update seems to have messed up my computer. It was telling me that my hard drive had errors and I needed to run the command fsck. I ran the command and now I can see me desktop background and it has the terminal in the upper left corner but I cannot see any thing else. What do I need to do?15:36
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jpiceDoes anyone have any experience with lxrandr for video out on a laptop install?17:28
jpiceI can seem to figure out how to disable display mirroring17:29
inductiveloadjpice: try arandr if you want more than just on/off and resolution control17:30
jpiceIs that different from xrandr?17:30
inductiveloadit's a graphical front-end to xrandr17:31
holsteinarandr always works for me, on supported graphics hardware17:32
jpiceWorked great. Thanks17:33
jpiceDoes arandr / xrandr support the mirroring of displays at different resolutions? I.e., my laptop displays at 1366 x 768, and display at 1920x1080, but I would like the screens to look identical17:39
inductiveloadcan you change your monitor output to 1266 x 768?17:40
inductiveloadright click on it in arandr17:41
jpiceThat's what I thought to do, but for some reason, it only allows me to output HDMI at 1920x108017:44
jpiceI guess it's possible the monitor Im using only supports 1080p (It's a projector).17:45
inductiveloadyou could play with xrandr --scale?17:54
inductiveloadtry "xrandr --output HDMI-0 --scale 0.71x0.71"17:55
inductiveloadwhere HDMI-0 is the output17:56
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wxl/msg -im Jukka-PekkaKervinen this is the cheapest one that fulfills that criteria. pretty affordable, really http://is.gd/RH4Xpg20:11
Unit193Good one.20:12
wxlyeah well20:12
genoobiewxl: hey20:22
genoobieNoskcaj: could not get anythin to work20:23
genoobieanything that is...20:23
Noskcajok, i'm out of ideas then. maybe put chrome on?20:23
genoobietried still nothing20:23
wxlgenoobie: that's a good idea Noskcaj mentioned. chrome has its own flash. NOT chromium.20:24
genoobiebesides chrome is *so* resource intensive that video will likely not stream smoothly20:24
Unit193You can use flash from chrome in chromium, so I hear.20:24
genoobieUnit193: yeah, something to do with pepper20:24
genoobieI don't have the skills for that kind of install, though I am trying to learn20:25
Unit193I'm sorry I missed the first bit again, but can you get the stream URL and use mplayer, VLC, or other such stuff?20:25
wxlUnit193: where does one hear this?20:25
genoobieUnit193: have not tried yet, but that's a good idea..duhr20:25
Unit193wxl: From the voices, they're all around.20:26
genoobieUnit193: can those players play flash?20:26
wxlsnakes! snakes!20:26
Unit193genoobie: Not flash, but flv files which is what the flash play is most likely using.20:26
Unit193I've done it many a time.20:26
genoobiewhat do you do if you want to watch a short vid on youtube20:27
Unit193Actually, VLC I know supports just pasteing the youtube URL in, but it will try to pull the high-res version, IIRC.20:28
genoobiemaybe there's hope yet...chances are it would run better in VLC anyhow20:29
genoobieas opposed to being integrated in the browser20:30
Unit193VLC is Qt, and isn't as lightweight as others.20:30
Unit193Others == mplayer, a CLI application.  I still find it better than flash.20:30
genoobieUnit193: can you watch youtube vids in mplayer (by pasting?)20:31
genoobieI know this seems like a lot of energy for some stupid youtube vids20:31
Unit193As far as I know, you need to pull the flv url.20:31
Unit193genoobie: I do kind of understand.20:31
genoobie_hey back20:33
genoobie_something happened to the irc interface20:33
genoobie_still have to do more grading20:38
genoobie_the interface is smooth, I'd just like to test out flash20:38
rayhi there21:19
rayif somebody can help it would be appreciated: I am looking for a way to run the installer from within a live system through the command line21:22
holsteinray: via ssh ?21:23
holsteinyou could forward x over and forward the istaller maybe21:23
raynope, via the terminal21:23
holsteinray: sure.. im just not sure what the goal is21:23
holsteinray: there is an alternate "text" installer21:23
rayok, I am on a power pc arch and booting a kernel wasn't that easy. The problem is that the graphics are so poor, I can only use the terminal really. I know about the alternater installer but as it was quite difficult to boot the iso I've got I would prefer to go on from there21:26
holsteinray: i would use the alternate installer21:27
holsteinray: PPC support will not be getting any better21:27
holsteini would use 12.04, the alternate installer, for PPC21:27
holsteinray: i was told in here the other day that it works great21:27
rayok, thanks, I will give it a try21:28
wxlray: what machine are you on?21:29
holsteinray: i should say, my first hand experience was.. i dont run PPC linux anymore21:29
wxlray: more specifically, what video card?21:29
holsteinray: i feel it is a waste of time since comparable PC hardware that is well supported is cheap/free21:30
rayradeon 7500 it is21:38
wxlwhich lubuntu version and which arch? g3? g4? new world? old world?21:38
rayg' new world 12.1021:39
rayg4, sry21:39
wxlk 1s21:39
wxlray: have you tried video=ofonly as a yaboot command?21:45
rayyes, it screwd up everything21:45
rayeven poorer graphics and system halted21:45
wxlsee if video=radeonfb:1024x768-32 doesnt help then21:45
wxlthat's messed up21:46
wxlstupid wiki21:46
wxli assume you've already seen the graphics section of the ubuntu ppc faq. if that doesn't work, you may want to peruse it for some ideas, mayhap messing with Xorg.conf. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#Configure_graphics21:47
wxlradeon.modeset=0 may be useful as well, mayhap in concert with the radeonfb above21:48
wxlppc's biggest problem, hands down, in ubuntu is video. if you can conquer this, you got it.21:49
rayyep I've seen it, but overlooked the radeon specific part, thx21:49
raywell, conquering openfirmware was quite a challenge as well tbh21:50
wxlbtw ppc is pretty unsupported across canonical. too many people think like holstein :) if you care to help out with testing, that would be nice21:50
wxlopenfirmware sucks, but it's far worse on the g3s and old world's21:50
raykk ;)21:50
holsteini dont think like anything.. its not canonical either.. its just dead21:51
holsteinits going away.. not supported upstream21:51
holsteinby all means, if you, or *anyone* wants to provide support, you are welcome, and encouraged to do so21:51
holsteinbut, its not easy, since nothing is going to trickle in from upstream.. it will likely continue trickling out, and become more and more challenging to maintain the base system with updated apps21:52
raythen let me ask you why do you guys focus on that distro specifically?21:52
holsteinray: lubuntu?21:53
holsteinray: this is the lubuntu support channel, so that is the topic, supporting lubuntu and LXDE in ubuntu21:53
holsteinand, as best we can, the globally unsupported PPC versions21:53
rayI know it is, but I am curious about your personal motivations21:53
holsteinray: i use the software,, personally... i try and contribute support to "give bacK' when i can21:54
raywell i understand very well that par, what I don't get is, why not contributing to Ubuntu in general, or xubuntu, or edubuntu, why specifically lubuntu?21:56
holsteinray: i do, this channel is lubuntu specific though... i contribute where i can21:57
holsteinray: a lot of us try and contribute upstream as much as possible21:57
rayok, sounds great. it must be shit loads of work and investment, isn't it?21:59
holsteinray: try and watch the language in the support channels22:00
holsteinray: we are mostly all volunteers, so its whatever we choose to devote22:00
raysorry if it sounded rude, it wasn't my intention22:01
holsteinray: no worries.. glad you are here22:02

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