roaksoaxbigjools: the fix is in the queue (still) I nagged but it was hold due to some other non-verified bugs00:51
roaksoaxbut they were verified00:51
roaksoaxso they are in the queue again ready to be released00:51
roaksoaxso just waiting on that00:51
bigjoolsroaksoax: ok ta.  also yui and raphael?00:53
roaksoaxbigjools: so we will be shipping raphael+yui with MAAS it seems00:53
roaksoaxbigjools: that's what I think00:54
bigjoolsI thought techboard wanted them separate?00:54
roaksoaxbigjools: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2013-January/001468.html00:55
roaksoaxbigjools: i think I agree... even though I wanted it separated at first, its really gonna cause us less headaches00:55
bigjoolsok cool00:58
roaksoaxbigjools: i'll update the mpackaging tomorrow00:59
bigjoolsit'll be SO nice to see this puppy finally get SRUed01:00
bigjoolswe're going to need some upgrade instructions01:00
bigjoolssince it won't work out the box01:00
roaksoaxbigjools: it should work out of the box01:01
roaksoaxubt just changing a couple of things01:01
bigjoolsroaksoax: it won't01:01
bigjoolsunless you don't expect your dhcp to be managed01:01
roaksoaxbigjools: iah in dns/dhcp managed dns01:01
bigjoolsInternational Association of Hydrogeologists?01:02
roaksoaxerr i mean when there's DNS/DHCP manged by maas01:02
roaksoaxbut when there isn't01:02
roaksoaxit should be pretty straightforward01:03
roaksoaxanyways i'll be playing with that puppy on monday at HP01:03
roaksoaxso i need to get that packaging updated01:03
arbit30719can some body help me solve juju and MAAS problem : I have also posted on ask ubuntu  http://askubuntu.com/questions/249350/juju-cannot-deploy-services-with-maas02:01
bigjoolssarnold: is anything usefil in the debug log?02:02
bigjoolsarbit30719: ^02:02
arbit30719 02:03
bigjoolsit sounds like something went wrong with cloud init02:03
arbit30719uh I can show you the not-started juju log02:03
bigjoolsjuju debug-log02:04
arbit30719twisted@ERROR: Unhandled error in Deferred:02:05
arbit30719in /var/log/juju/machine-agen.log02:05
bigjoolsfailing that, can you see anything on the console of machine 102:05
arbit30719Traceback (most recent call last):02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 1181, in unwindGenerator02:05
arbit30719    return _inlineCallbacks(None, gen, Deferred())02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 1039, in _inlineCallbacks02:05
arbit30719    result = g.send(result)02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/juju/agents/base.py", line 238, in startService02:05
arbit30719    yield self.connect()02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 1181, in unwindGenerator02:05
arbit30719    return _inlineCallbacks(None, gen, Deferred())02:05
arbit30719--- <exception caught here> ---02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 1039, in _inlineCallbacks02:05
bigjoolsplease don't paste in here02:05
arbit30719    result = g.send(result)02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/juju/agents/base.py", line 208, in connect02:05
arbit30719    self.config["zookeeper_servers"])02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/txzookeeper/retry.py", line 302, in connect02:05
arbit30719    return self.client.connect(*args, **kw)02:05
arbit30719  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/txzookeeper/client.py", line 468, in connect02:05
arbit30719    self._servers, callback, self._session_timeout)02:05
arbit30719zookeeper.ZooKeeperException: Could not internally obtain zookeeper handle02:05
arbit30719sorry about tha02:05
bigjoolsis its bios clock within 10 minutes of reality?02:06
arbit30719I use command 'date'02:07
bigjoolsyou obviously have everything set up ok since the bootstrap node installs, so I suspect the clock on machine 1 is out of whack02:07
bigjools(this is fixed in an upcoming SRU)02:07
arbit30719it shows Wed Jan 30 21:06:29 EST 201302:07
arbit30719But the time zone i am located is +802:08
bigjoolswhere are you typing "date" ?02:08
arbit30719in machine 102:08
bigjoolshow are you logging in to it?02:08
arbit30719I try to use ssh ubuntu@node-machine102:09
arbit30719But fail to use juju ssh 102:09
bigjoolswas that agent log above from machine 1?02:09
bigjoolshmmm I have seen this before, IIRC it's a juju bug.  I can't remember how to get past it....02:10
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arbit30719it already pending for 2 days  ha..02:11
bigjoolsyeah it'll wait forever :)02:11
bigjoolsjump on #juju-dev and let;s see if anyone is around to help02:11
bigjoolsarbit30719: add that log to your question on askubuntu02:12
arbit30719thanks =) if you can remember where you have found it02:13
bigjoolsand point someone on the juju channel to it02:13
arbit30719thanks for your help =)02:14
bigjoolsno prob02:14
arbit30719ha, there seems quite silence02:20
AskUbuntuMaas problem on Workstation 9 | http://askubuntu.com/q/24975811:06
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mattraehi guys, i'm using juju + maas. one of the machines was accidently reimaged after a charm was deployed. in order to fix that node, we destroyed the service and terminated the machine. the problem is that the maas web interface still shows the machine as being allocated23:38
mattraeso juju status no longer shows the machine, but its still allocated in maas.23:38
mattraehow do i get that machine back to the ready state so I can redeploy the charm?23:38
mattraewe can delete a node in maas shell to remove nodes stuck in 'commissioning' but we've never tested deleting a node with maas shell that was listed as 'allocated'23:38
mattraeany suggestions??23:38

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