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laurusHow do I connect a Nexus 7 running Ubuntu to my Ubuntu computer via USB cable?04:35
coz_hey guys04:42
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gnomefreaki love ctrl+page up/page down :)05:07
gnomefreakanyone here? i need a hand with seahorse it is really annoying the crap out of me. I use auto login and seahorse asks for my password for some dumb reason. anyone else seeing this?05:11
TheLordOfTimeanything that accesses the gnome keyring'll require your PW to unlock it if you autologin05:23
TheLordOfTimegnomefreak:  ^05:23
TheLordOfTimethat's been that way since a while now05:23
gnomefreak*-gtk needs to be rebuilt i hope soon05:23
gnomefreakTheLordOfTime: last release i was able to get it to stop but it seems i lost the choice or i wasnt looking in the right spot05:24
TheLordOfTimegnomefreak:  last release i gave up trying to get it to stop05:24
gnomefreakit happens every new release for a while now, i say last 4 or so dev cycle05:24
gnomefreakhell even the window controls cant be moved to right hand side any longer05:25
gnomefreaki get this feeling im not going to be sleeping again. tonight will = day/night #3 i slept for like an hour or 2 in last 3 days05:26
gnomefreaki guess i have a few bugs to report05:27
gnomefreaknow ii just need to figure out what the other bug was05:42
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odthey, is there a known issue with cifs mounts on raring with 3.8 kernel? always returns CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -22 in kern.log09:08
odti can list the share fine with smbclient09:15
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BluesKajHiyas all11:20
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odtmy cifs mount succeeded with -o guest,sec=ntlm without sec=ntlm it gave error -22 which isnt a sane error in this case Id say12:55
odtmount.cifs says sec=ntlm Use NTLM password hashing (default)12:56
odtcan anyone file this?12:59
Tribaalhi all13:07
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 starts in 14 minutes in #ubuntu-classrom14:46
ironhalikConsidering the current stage of development, raring works surprisingly well for me16:17
FunnyLookinHatAnyone else here unable to load Steam?  All of a sudden yesterday, Steam will not load for me...  getting this beauty: /home/funnylookinhat/.local/share/Steam/steam.sh: line 403:  5980 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) $STEAM_DEBUGGER "$STEAMROOT/$PLATFORM/$STEAMEXE" "$@"16:55
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FunnyLookinHatOk - X has crashed on me multiple times today... but I can't report it... every time I click through the apport screens to report the crash, it crashes again... usually when trying to determine the trace or include the display files19:13
FunnyLookinHatAny suggestions?  I'd love to be able to supply a valid report.19:13
MrChrisDruifFunnyLookinHat; did you try reporting it through the website? Maybe from a different system? And include the files later?19:35
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FunnyLookinHatMrChrisDruif, I wasn't sure which files to include, or what exactly to put in the report... I usually just let apport do it all for me.19:40
FunnyLookinHatHowever - I believe it was an xorg-edgers issue - I've purged the PPA and issue has gone away  :)19:40
MrChrisDruifSeems legit...19:40
FunnyLookinHatThe beauty of apport - for those of us who want to help but don't have the time to dive through log files... hahha19:40
yofelFunnyLookinHat: note that you could use apport-cli to file a bug from a tty if you don't have X. Or you install openssh-server and file the bug by running apport-cli over ssh from another system20:31
yofelFunnyLookinHat: btw, you're not the only one without a functional Steam. I haven't yet debugged it though20:31
FunnyLookinHatyofel, The problem is that - in reporting the bug for X - it was crashing X again... losing my progress.  Is there a way to look up a previous crash and report a bug for that via apport-cli ?20:32
yofelthe crash information is stored in /var/crash/, so you can simply run apport-cli on the .crash file in there20:32
FunnyLookinHatyofel, it's a bad update - you can get around it with the following:  ~$ STEAM_RUNTIME=0 steam20:32
yofeloh, yay, thanks :)20:32
FunnyLookinHatno problem  :)20:32
FunnyLookinHathere's a related thread in case you want to bump it...  :)   http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/864958435885593880/20:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 1102660 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Raring Hard Freezes with AMD Driver" [Undecided,New]20:38
MikeRLCan someone help me see if this is a bug with X or the kernel?20:38
MikeRLHelp is appreciated. Thanks. By the way, you may need to look at the log files.20:39
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