tripelbCan I root with no PC? just the N7 Alon?01:05
tripelbCan I root with no PC? just the N7 alone.01:05
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scientestripelb...not here01:50
scientesi have the answer...01:50
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dholbachgood morning07:23
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janimoogra_, do we still have freezes and image respins occasionally? Why are there .1 and .2 updates to yesterday's image?08:38
infinityjanimo: Because some people (I was one of them) spun nexus7 by hand.08:47
janimoinfinity, I was more intrigued by the reason actually :) Is this Thursday some sort of alpha or why the urgency?08:48
infinityjanimo: Because the image builder was down for 6 days, and I was testing things when it came back.08:48
janimojust fixing image build bugs is a good reason08:48
infinityjanimo: Nothing release-related at all.08:48
janimoinfinity, ok08:48
ogra_janimo, hmm, i dist-upgraded yesterday and have all your changes installed, butu seems acceld is still running and if i stop it i have no rotation09:33
janimoogra_, so you have u-d-n-0.49 and gsd -ubuntu3 ?09:34
ogra_janimo, do we need to do anything for the device permissions perhaps ?09:34
janimoogra_, sudo udevadm info --query=property --name=iio:device09:35
janimodoes this show ID_INPUT_ACCELEROMETER=1 among others?09:35
ogra_i have both packages, yeah09:35
janimoacceld is started in the X session hook (which I thought I had deleted)09:36
janimoI planned on installing a fresh image but will wait the first image with these packages in it - yesterday's last does not yet09:39
ogra_didnt you remove the upstart job for acceld ? the Xsession script checks if it is enabled iirc09:41
* ogra_ checks his code09:41
ogra_it looks for /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/buffer/enable09:42
ogra_janimo, if you are actually sure it works, just wipe acceld completely, it wasnt meant to stay :)09:42
janimoogra_, I thought it is only started from the X session hook09:43
janimokept the upstart bits as they initialize sysfs attributes with root privileges09:43
ogra_ah, indeed, you use them too09:45
ogra_err, no09:45
ogra_you at least dont read them dircetly, do they affect the /dev behavior ?09:46
janimowe do not read anything from /dev actually, just from sysfs09:51
janimoI thought I'd keep acceld along if someone wants to still debug rotation in the near future if g-s-d has issues09:53
ogra_janimo, you pointed out binary firmware for the accelerometer, where is that ?09:57
ogra_(or how is it called)09:57
janimothere exists on android (inside executables) not as a separate file09:57
ogra_ah, k09:57
apwogra_, the driver claims to provide polled interfaces when it has firmware loaded09:57
ogra_apw, ^^^09:57
janimoit's a few Kb of microcode only09:57
janimoapw, it does, but the firmware is not only not free but it is unavailable09:58
janimoseems to have been partially (?) reverse engineered by the libi2cdev project09:58
apwwell that sucks09:58
pittijanimo, ogra_: hello09:58
janimoapw, the dirver indeed even provides orientation as a sysfs attribute when enabled09:58
janimopitti, hello09:58
ogra_hey pitti09:59
apwjanimo, it was the 'poll' able interface i was interested in, but that doesn't work without09:59
janimoapw, right, my understanding also09:59
apwso we don't have to poll, sigh09:59
janimowe may get it to work but it seemed nonobvious techinically and murky license-wise09:59
janimostill I plan on looking into it, as this particular sensor is going to be in many other devices10:00
pittijanimo: do you happen to know if we can use the triggers feature instead of having to poll all the time?10:00
janimoit is in the galaxy nexus and the transformer at least10:00
janimovariations of the MPU10:00
ogra_pitti, i guess only with binary firmware10:00
janimopitti, no idea, but I plan on looking at the kernel side to check this10:00
janimoto see if we can without firmware that is10:00
ogra_though it shouldnt be to hard to move the acceld logic into the driver, would it ?10:01
janimobtw android on the nexus7 seems to read the raw data from sysfs, and has no fw loaded10:01
apwjanimo, i've just been reading the driver and all the event driven stuff is dependant on dmp being enabled, and that is dependant on the firmware10:01
janimomaybe it uses some cleverer approach that eluded me as I did not look much into the kernel10:01
apwogra_, to make the kernel poll for you ?10:01
janimowaking up every 1 s is suboptimal I agree10:01
ogra_apw, well, the kernel processes these numbers anyway at some point, no ?10:02
apwogra_, only on read10:02
janimoapw, a middle road would be to have a kernel timer, have it do the calculations and only fire a kevent if it detects orientation chaneg10:02
ogra_hmpf, ok, i thought you could just run them through a filter that sends a trigger10:02
apwjanimo, and that would be better how10:02
janimoso less process wakeups but policy and hacks in the kernel driver10:02
apwhow would there be less process wakeups, a kernel thread is a process too10:03
janimoapw, ok, I plead ignorance then. I thought kernel timeouts would be more lightweight somewhat10:03
apwnot really, it would look pretty much the same as a userspace process doing it10:04
apwthe most efficient way would be to find something which is already polling10:04
apwand poll in that same process10:04
janimoand piggyback on that?10:04
apwso you have one wakeup10:04
* pitti cannot think of something else on the desktop which is polling regularly10:05
janimoI was hoping g-s-d already does that and our poll would just tail on an existing one, but other timeouts in g-s-d are usually largert10:05
pittino, g-s-d's orientation/media keys plugins mostly listens to XF86Rotate input events and similar, they don't poll10:05
pittiso I guess we could at least put luxd and acceld into one C process which does the polling for both10:06
janimopitti, I mean other plugins, if they are in the same process (g-s-d) couldn't glibs timeout code wake them up at the same time?10:06
janimoI was hoping g_timeout_add_second wakes up at second boundaries for this reason10:06
pittijanimo: that's what I said, there are no polling plugins right now10:06
apwpitti, cirtainly wherever they go, we should poll them based on one timeout10:07
pittiwe need to introduce one10:07
janimopitti, ok. I grepped the source for g_timeout_add and there were a few, but they may not be enabled then10:07
janimoscreensaver and powermanager come to mind10:07
apwogra_, when you read those values from sysfs the kernel gets the value 'now' from the actual h/w registers by the looks of it10:07
pittijanimo: yeah, those use long timeouts, not subsecond polling10:07
apwso it isn't polling internally10:07
janimowe'll need similar polling for the light sensor (but I need to check, that may provide some trigger)10:07
janimoapw, from the buffer which we set the length to 200 at the moment10:08
pittijanimo: I profiled g-s-d in a running desktop session, it got about 20 wakeups a minute; i. e. it doesn't currently poll devices, but it's as good a place as any to do that10:08
pittijanimo: e. g. g-s-d's orientation plugin would be ideal in the sense that you can immediately hook into the "action" parts10:08
janimowe can still tweak the accel to only use low power mode, and use 1.25HZ frequency10:08
janimobut that only helps with its internal power savings, not the process wakeups10:08
ogra_pitti, btw, do you know if we already have a list of g-s-d modules we want to disable ?10:09
ogra_(or who is reviewing it)10:09
pittiogra_: yes, http://pad.ubuntu.com/nexus7-desktop-profiling10:09
pittiogra_: I came up with three which are definitively "out", and a handful which I'm uncertain about whether we need these features; but as they only add a negligible overhead my feeling is that we should leave them on for now10:10
janimopitti, 20 wakeups a minute sound ok. Does the desktop still have frequent waker-uppers? (1/s or more frequent) ?10:10
pittijanimo: actually, compiz does10:10
pittijanimo: that wakes up 60 times a second for vsync wakeup etc.10:11
pittijanimo: (or the unity plugin)10:11
ogra_pitti, oh, right, i even commented already10:11
pittijanimo: that's pretty much the only process which wakes up that often10:11
pittijanimo: it might not actually be bad to put that polling into the unity plugin? it's "our" code anyway so we don't need to maintain huge patches against g-s-d, and can piggyback on the wakeups?10:12
pittijanimo: oh, the second is firefox when you have JS pages open; but I guess we can safely discard that :)10:12
janimopitti, g-s-d was the most straightforward place as it dealt with accel and rotation already10:12
ogra_janimo, oh, btw, i was wondering if we couldnt "DPMS blank" and unblank the screen before and after rotating ... to hide the screen corruption10:12
janimono idea about how it would fit in unity but I am open to the idea10:13
janimopitti, or a g-s-d unity plugin?10:13
* janimo has no idea whether such a thing even exists10:13
pittijanimo: I think g-s-d's orientation plugin is the most obvious one, but will require hard-to-maintain patches and additional wakeups; unity's is the most efficient in terms of wakeups, but might be harder to change10:13
janimopitti, this particular patch is small btw, not sure what else we may need in term of orientation10:14
pittijanimo: g-s-d unity plugin> not right now10:14
janimoI mostly considered this code as a stop-gap proof of concept until we figure out a better way possibly post 13.04 when we run into more types of accel sensors and have a better idea what may work across them10:16
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janimopitti, is the etherpad above only about nexus7 g-s-d modules, will we have nexus specific module blacklist?10:17
ogra_well, i would call it tablet specific10:22
pittijanimo: no, these three plugins are not really n7 specific; I think we should disable them for all mobile devices10:23
pittiwacom and color apply even less to phones than to tablets10:24
janimopitti, great, I hope we have as little divergence between n7 and the rest as possible10:24
ogra_actually i think the unity formfactor gsetting needs to be enhanced ... and g-s-d should enable/disable them based on this10:24
pittijanimo: we can disable those in the -defaults package10:24
ogra_(it currenly only has "netbook", "desktop" and "automatic" options)10:25
ogra_pitti, but thats very nexus7 specific, long term g-s-d should detect the right thing10:25
ogra_(for 13.04 the settings package will surely do though)10:26
pittiogra_: we can disable the updates plugin globally even; that's the one which is really useless on ubuntu10:26
pittias for color and wacom, that's more like a matter of choice; wacom is actually quite harmless (again, only triggered when you actually have such a device), but color is quite costly because of activating colord10:27
ogra_which doesnt even work on our LCD10:30
Rjsogra_: dpms blank and unblank at rotation sounds like it is working around a bug in the X.org driver (i.e., if the nvidia driver was free software, you'd probably try to fix the screen corruption there?)10:44
Rjs... so maybe the right place for a workaround would be in the X server, as some sort of wrapper for rotate requests before they get passed to the nvidia driver? or would that be too intrusive?10:44
Rjshmm, or actually, does it use kms or something similar to rotate? if it does, you could possibly work around or even fix the corruption in the kernel driver, which is free software? (also, I've seen lots of display-related patches lately while browsing the linux-tegra list, but I don't know enough of the hardware to know if they have any relevance to the nexus7...)10:44
ogra_i fear that might be to intrusive since it would also affect sanely working drivers10:45
ogra_effectively nvidia needs to fix it10:45
ogra_but there is also compiz or nux that is redrawing really slow, i havent tested on lxde, but i bet the corruption will be a lot less there10:46
janimohrw, have you considered uploading a chromebook kernel to ubuntu?10:55
janimoor some sort of exynos kernel10:55
ogra_janimo, btw udevadm info --query=property --name=iio:device doesnt exist iio:device0 and 1 do though, 0 has the ID_INPUT_ACCELEROMETER=1 property but also 0600 permissions and is root owned (no udev-acl in place)11:04
janimoah yes the 0 dropped off in the paste11:04
janimoogra_, I don't remember doing anything with udev-acl or permissions11:05
janimoroot owned is ok as we do not read from it11:05
ogra_well, doesnt the user need read access at least ?11:05
janimosysfs is user readable11:05
ogra_ah, k11:05
ogra_i thought you read from the device11:05
janimono, we coudl read from there too but sysfs seemed simpler11:05
janimowell doing exactly as the go/dash scripts did, read form sysfs files11:06
janimono idea why acceld is still running there though11:06
janimoand why g-s-d does nothing11:06
janimoogra_, ah you mentioned screen blanking above. I guess we could do something to cover the ugly rotation effects11:07
janimonot sure how blanking would look11:07
janimounfortunately we cannot do animated rotation as android does :)11:07
ogra_hopefully just like "flash to black and back"11:07
ogra_(WW) TEGRA(0): LVDS-1: Error querying display modes: No such device.11:08
ogra_i'd really like to know which device it talks about :/11:08
janimoright, weird xorg.log spa,11:10
ogra_well, xrandr prints that too11:11
janimoyou can strace and see what it checks for11:11
janimomaybe we have some etc permissions wrong?11:11
janimoI mean /dev permissions11:11
ogra_i dont think so11:14
ogra_all tegra* devices are handled by ACLs11:15
ogra_all nv* devices too11:15
ogra_oh !11:16
ogra_i never noticed /dev/lightsensor before11:16
ogra_ /dev/fb0 and 1 are ACL handled as well11:17
janimoogra_, lightsensor is only used for debugging from what I saw11:17
ogra_ah, k +11:17
ogra_how sad11:17
janimoto ioctl on it and toggle printks11:17
ogra_hmm there is a knvmap11:17
ogra_nvmap is ACL'ed but not knvmap ... i wonder what that does11:18
ogra_oh, i tried gpsd for laughs ... seems it connects and initialized the device fine (according to xgps) but it never starts connecting11:19
janimoogra_, when are the daily nexus7 images built?11:33
ogra_14:something UTC11:37
hrwjanimo: after fosdem I will have kernel which I consider uploadable11:43
suihkulokkihrw, janimo, I think it should be quite possible to have a single exynos5 kernel supporting arndale/chromebook/nexus1011:46
hrwsuihkulokki: arndale uses 3.8, nexus10 uses 3.4(?), chromebook uses 3.411:46
hrwsuihkulokki: if someone wants to work on 3.8 for chromebook then I can test from time to time. But prefer something "stable" for each day use11:48
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janimosuihkulokki, that would be great indeed12:14
janimohrw, do you know about these? I was pointed to by fabo http://www.chromium.org/chromium-os/how-tos-and-troubleshooting/using-an-upstream-kernel-on-snow12:15
* janimo has no chromebook or any exynos btw, just thinks that having the kernel in 13.04 is a good idea12:15
hrwjanimo: I know12:17
hrwjanimo: note that it also says "text console only for now"12:17
hrwno x11, no usb, no keyboard, no charging12:17
janimohrw, ok I wasn't aware of the status of that effort12:18
janimoor the uptodatedness of the page12:18
hrwworks: serial (if you have debugboard == work for google), i2c (except one with keyboard and pmic), power button/lid switch, emmc/sd12:19
hrwnot work: x11, usb, i2c4 (keyboard, pmic), display, hdmi, wifi, rtc, trackpad, audio12:19
hrwbut it is good that they list status12:19
hrwand its 2 months old now so maybe got better12:20
cjwatsonogra_: bug 1110408 - I may have been a bit confused, as I didn't realise that we'd deliberately switched to portrait mode by default, so it was mostly just an upgrade surprise.  I guess the main bug was that touch was miscalibrated, then, and that no longer seems to be true.  Should I just close it?12:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 1110408 in ubuntu-defaults-nexus7 (Ubuntu) "Log out → lightdm comes back in portrait mode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111040812:21
cjwatsonI probably12:22
cjwatsonjust hadn't rebooted since some relevant bit of the upgrade, or something12:23
hrwjanimo: new chromebook kernel requires also new opengles driver for which I need to write new packaging with license stuff etc12:23
janimocjwatson, that lightdm does not rotate is a bug though, it has some overlap with your experience12:24
janimoseb128 knows about that too so it's targeted12:24
janimohrw, is that package that you needed the license stuff for yesterday?12:25
cjwatsonjanimo: well, ok, but lightdm does now seem to work properly in portrait mode for me ...12:25
cjwatsonas in I can actually touch "Log In"12:25
hrwI have first version but it complains about debconf not being interactive even when debconf is dialog or readline12:25
janimoright, so that bug as you said is not valid. It's just that it would show up in portrait when you log out of an otherwise landscape session12:26
janimoI found this out only yesterday after seeing your report12:26
hrwjanimo: btw - what do I have to check before pushing chromebook kernel to archive?12:39
janimohrw, if the packaging (naming, structure) is more or less like other kernels' and there are no ambiguously licensed bits in it it should be ok12:40
hrwjanimo: I used linaro kernel packaging which is based on ubuntu one12:41
janimoit won't go into the archive unless an archive admin reviews it (infinity most likely) anyway12:41
janimothe ac100 and nexus7 kernels are based on linaro packaging too12:41
janimoand infinity thinks having exynos in archive is a good idea - I asked you because I remembered him saying it :)12:42
cjwatsonjanimo: OK, so, do you want my bug open or closed?12:43
janimohrw, do you know if the SoC on chromebook and nexus10 is the same?12:43
hrwjanimo: iirc same12:43
janimocjwatson, closed or renamed to 'no rotation in lightdm' I'd say12:43
janimohrw, great, but likely much different peripherals12:43
hrwjanimo: indeed12:44
janimohrw, btw are there inertial sensors on the chromebook?12:44
janimoaccel/gyro/compass like on a mobile12:44
hrwjanimo: no idea really12:44
hrwgit-buildpackage sometimes is nasty but in general roxx12:46
janimohrw, doesn't look like from a quick search. Probably not much value in them12:46
jibelXorg on my Nexus 7 died with the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/1593004/ while running these tests https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/BrowsingSimulation , is it a known issue?12:46
hrwI need to buy usb3 hub and usb3 case for 3.5" hdd12:46
janimojibel, not that  I know of. Do you know if it fails on other similarly specced ARM hw?12:47
hrwmy 320GB hdd is wasting bandwith of exynos5 usb...12:47
ogra_cjwatson, right close it ... (sorry was afk)12:47
jibeljanimo, no idea, I just have tested on this device12:48
jibeland didn't find anything interesting on the web yet12:48
janimojibel, feel free to file it under the ubuntu-nexus7 project then12:49
jibeljanimo, k12:49
janimoit will get reproduced and kept track of. thanks12:49
cjwatsonok, closing, thanks12:49
apwogra_, -9.25 in the can and building12:55
ogra_apw, yep, saw it, thanks12:55
hrwE: linux-chromebook-3.4 source: build-depends-indep-without-arch-indep13:11
hrwthats only what left from lintian ;)13:11
janimohrw, so your package probably is the cleanest ubuntu kernel package then :)13:16
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* janimo wishes we had an uptodate git kernel-package repo which all kernel package sync up with from time to time13:16
hrwjanimo: https://github.com/hrw/chromebook-linux13:17
janimoit's too much gratuitous divergence in packaging13:17
hrwjanimo: we have such one at Linaro13:17
janimohrw, I'd name the package linux-exynos5 or something. There may be a new chromebook or two in the future13:18
hrwsame with exynos5 hardware13:18
hrwbut I understand13:19
hrwx86 chromebooks for example should be ~fine with default ubuntu kernel13:19
ogra_janimo, i noticed that my desktop now comes up in portrait by default and you need to rotate it once to activate rotation at all ... did you set the default orientation to "right" in g-s-d ?13:21
ogra_(should be "normal" in protrait)13:21
ogra_jibel, hmm, that uses chromium ... afaik out package is pretty outdated and it crashes for me after a while when using it13:24
ogra_(it breaks all font rendering here, likely due to an incompatible cairo version thats shipped in the chromium package)13:25
janimoogra_, yes I noticed that too, I need to see what the issue is :) Maybe the same bug as I ad in acceld13:25
janimoogra_, I wonder if we should test all X related bugs in lubuntu as well to rule out compiz/unity/3d13:27
ogra_would make some sense i guess13:28
ogra_not that i'm eager to install lxde though :P13:28
jibelogra_, it shouldn't make X crash, does it?13:28
ogra_chromium ? no it just breaks font rendering13:28
ogra_but the testsuite might break sue to it, no idea13:29
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janimohrw, for the final upload the skipabi and skipmodule bits need to be removed, so these tests get performed13:57
janimoannoying as they are13:57
hrwok, thanks13:59
hrwdid some tweaks and sent package to pbuilder now13:59
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ogra_bug 95182714:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 951827 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Power Statistics window blank" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95182714:17
angsI need to compile wpa_supplicant for a ubuntu-server image for beagleboard. Linux ubuntu2 3.2.0-23-omap #36-Ubuntu Tue Apr 10 20:24:21 UTC 2012 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux. can anyone tell me how I can do it?15:36
ogra_geez, my N4 was just sent ! i only ordered today !15:36
ogra_angs, whats wrong with the wpa-supplicant package we have in ubuntu ?15:37
angsI am trying to predefine the cell ID for an ad-hoc wlan and using " bssid=92:4B:23:9D:30:DA " on wpa_Supplicant for it. however it never gets that cell id. on #linux-wireless I am told that the current wpa_supplicant that I am using is too old (0.7.3) and I need a newest one15:39
angsthe latest one is 2.015:40
angsis there any instruction how I can compile a package for ubuntu-arm?15:41
ogra_just compiling it on the board is the easiest15:49
angswhat do I need to do after I download the package on the board? Is there any instruction for that?15:50
ogra_are you sure about 1.0 ?15:50
ogra_the latest releas in debian and ubuntu is 1.015:50
ogra_err about 2.0 indeed15:50
angsyeah it is 2.015:51
ogra_well, the general triplet of commands should do (configre/make/make install) if you use an upstream source15:52
ogra_you probably might need some build dependencies installed, i would look at the build deps from the ubuntu package and just make sure you have these15:52
angsthanks for your help ogra_15:53
cj5I'm having trouble booting Ubuntu 12.04. After a few tweak to the boot.scr I got to get to the UI, once to the language selection window, otherwise I get the Ubuntu background for a while then it reboots.16:30
cj5Pandaboard ES16:30
cj5Wondering what logs files I can look to to diagnose the problem16:31
cj5actually just found this in the syslog right before reboot - Unable to determine the model from DMI16:40
hrwjanimo: ok, source package renamed to linux-exynos5-3.4 but is binary package linux-image-VER-ABI-chromebook fine?17:19
janimohrw, a moment17:19
ogra_hrw, thats what we use for ac100 and nexus7, should be good17:21
hrwthey should give devices some names ;)17:22
LaneyI've got some pretty bad graphical corruption after flashing the current N7 daily. The background isn't rendered properly and half the screen is shifted over (and oem-config is off the side and is unusable). Anyone seen this?17:23
janimohrw, should 3.4 be in the source package name? I don't think we have that elsewhere17:26
hrwcan kill17:27
Jef91Has anyone gotten hardware accelerated video decoding working on the Nexus 7 under Ubuntu?17:28
Laneylike that17:30
Jef91looks painful Laney17:31
janimohrw, I'd also say the binary package image should be the same as the source's. I'd suggest using the same scheme as ac100 and nexus17:32
janimoas they are in the archive and noone complained about their naming :)17:32
janimoalthough they are named after the product not the soc17:32
hrwjanimo: they had product names17:32
janimoI was just thinking the exynos kernel may be used by other devices using that SoC17:33
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hrwif I make linux-daisy or linux-snow + linux-image-3.4.0-5-daisy or linux-image-3.4.0-5-snow who will know what it is?17:33
janimohrw, I'd consult infinity on this issue as well17:33
hrwnext week then17:34
janimomaybe exynos indeed would be too generous if it only worked with chromebook and contained chromebook specific code17:34
hrwI plan to go to sleep in ~2h17:34
hrw04:00 trip to fosdem starts17:34
janimohrw, have a good trip and conference!17:34
mosasaurCan I install a version of ubuntu on a galaxy note GT-N7000? I mean native.17:35
mosasaurI suppose that it's not easy17:42
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gmulak1I went to Ubuntu site but cannot find the ARM version to download - help please20:02
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Jef91gmulak1 installing on ARM devices is very different than installing on X8620:14
Jef91it isn't "one download fits all"20:14
Jef91Generally installing is different on every device.20:14
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