graemeWHey all, anything interesting happening?06:36
ikthi all :)11:29
ikt /poke12:22
ikthey sagaci 12:28
sagacihi ikt 12:29
iktsagaci: we gotta get some more aussies somehow12:52
iktthey're definitly around12:53
iktThere's like 2 aussies on the moderator team12:53
iktI just can't think of how to get us all together12:53
iktaren't most people on google plus?12:54
sagaciI only listen on g+13:04
iktthat should be enough13:08
iktsurely there must be 10's maybe even hundreds of australian ubuntu users on g+?13:08
iktwe just need to funnel them towards some projects13:09
iktI suppose we should have some projects first13:09
head_victimikt: I think the main issue is that for the majority, they are only users. Ubuntu has migrated from niche enthusiasts to reasonably common (as much as a Linux desktop can) so getting people enthused about doing stuff is difficult. 20:59
head_victimSo more than just trying to let them know we exist, we need to work out how we can motivate people to be involved :)20:59
iktagreed head_victim 22:52
iktoff to work I go22:53

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