scientesinfinity, indeed00:22
scientesapt-get should also alias isntall to install00:22
TheLordOfTimeapt-cache should alias info to show too.00:23
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cjwatsonpitti: Never mind my earlier question about libnotify; having looked into the libnotify source I've answered it to my own satisfaction (i.e. there is indeed no longer a need to keep a handle around)00:54
cjwatsonWhich is great since I can remove another chunk of code00:54
cjwatsonWait.  notify_notification_close does still do something useful ...00:59
* cjwatson uncommits00:59
cjwatsonWell, only for notification-daemon, as notify-osd ignores CloseNotification.  But I suppose I should keep it around.01:08
xnoxdobey: I've made merge proposals to fix apport hook in ubuntuone-client, but i'm not sure about stable branches & packaging management around it. It's to fix bug 1098128 in quantal and raring. Branches are attached to that bug.01:15
ubottubug 1098128 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Raring) "ubuntuone-client hook error, not python3 compatible" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109812801:15
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ScottKLaney and slangasek: C++ symbols files do seem ~manageable with the symbolshelper that MoDaX did for KDE (referenced in Russ's blog post).03:56
hyperairthey're somewhat manageable even without, if you c++filt them.03:57
BenCxxiao: e500v2 doesn't need soft-float for most cases03:58
BenCv1 is a different story and I don't think there are many e500v1's out in the wild anyway03:59
infinityBenC: Ahh, it was a lack of soft-float implementation?04:15
xxiaoBenC: does ubuntu has an e500-v2 rootfs, soft-float is fine, assume it's compiled for e500v205:00
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infinityxxiao: I think what he was driving at is that Ubuntu's powerpc userspace works fine on e500v2.  We don't have different "rootfses" for each subarch, nor do we compile userspace over and over again for each.05:17
infinityxxiao: But we do have e500 kernels, and a generic ppc32 userspace that works with them.05:17
pitticjwatson: AFAIR it's not because of keeping handles, but because current notifications don't have tray icons any more05:53
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dholbachgood morning07:23
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Quintasandholbach: dzien dobry07:28
QuintasanLaney: Oh I really did name it libmaliit1, so silly. As for symbols, well,  I thought it's generally good idea to provide symbols files for libraries.07:29
dholbachQuintasan, cześ´c (can't get the '´' on the c properly :-))07:29
dholbachha, thanks - I'll always go back to the log and copy it from here :)07:30
QuintasanI was about to suggest that but realised it would be a little bit tedious07:30
QuintasanI always have my ☭ in Klipper in case I ever need it again07:30
QuintasanLaney: Well, after looking at rules I'm kind of wondering how was I supposed to figure this cleaning magic out but if you got this covered then I really have nothing to add there.07:33
ioncompose C C C P ☭07:33
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pittiion: heh, cool!08:46
LaneyScottK: Yeah, I am using that. I suppose that's OK but it does still feel slightly distasteful that I'm supposed to go through one iteration on the buildds before it's correct on all arches. Also I don't really understand why it seems to re-export symbols from dependent libraries.09:05
LaneyQuintasan: I nicked it from upstream's package and then noticed that some generated files were left over meaning that debuild -S failed so added those ones too. ;-)09:05
infinityLaney: Clearly, you're meant to have 13 architectures in your living room, so you don't have to abuse buildds.09:13
infinityLaney: (Though, to be vaguely fair, there are ways to guess/pre-mangle symbols for various arch oddities)09:14
infinityLaney: A bit harder, though, to guess if a symbol is just completely ifdefed out on an arch unless you know every line of code, though. :P09:14
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xnoxdholbach: fixing packages to cross-build will be an irc talk. And I hope to fit it nicer into 30min slot now.11:36
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LaneyQuintasan: The debian-mobile guys think that it would be good to maintain maliit under their umbrella (not really an official team as such)12:10
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dholbachpitti, tumbleweed, ogra_, bdrung, geser: ready for later on? :)12:15
tumbleweedoh, right, must write something12:15
geserdholbach: I hope :) should I've prepared something?12:18
dholbachno no :)12:18
pittidholbach: I'll make something up :)12:23
rbasakIs rmadison broken for anyone else? It just hangs on me.12:35
rbasakLooks like it gets there eventually (ie. 4 minutes!)12:39
tumbleweedrbasak: yes, that's the normal failure mode with it12:39
tumbleweedand then it's fast again12:39
janimoLaney, 2 of the Linaro folk I knew got membership approval after a while (it just took longer for them to make up their minds about applying)12:48
ogra_dholbach, nope, but will be by then :)12:48
janimoone other said he had no interest as it takes too much time to fulfill the ancillary conditions IIRC12:48
sladenif the "ancillary conditions" are taking too long this is not good, as the Debian process fails/ed for many years with similiar12:49
janimosladen, anything not pertaining to getting their 1 of 2 software modules out in the archives likely looks like ancillary to most  devs in this category12:50
janimoeven if they are good at their own package, they may not care about the various patch systems, build systems, UDD and whatever else may be expected from someone that touched packages across the archive12:51
Laneyper-package upload rights don't require that kind of knowledge12:52
Laneyyou just need to know about stuff relevant to your package12:52
janimoLaney, good to know.12:52
sladenLaney: I was more assuming this was the "create a wikipage and fill it with stuff"12:53
janimosladen, that too, yes12:53
sladenbut if it's not that, that's good to know too12:53
Laneyyeah, it could be.12:53
tumbleweedgetting involved in any project is going to have some burden12:56
tumbleweedand I don't tihnk it's reasonable to give upload rights until people have acclimatised and know their way around12:57
tumbleweedwhich means that they are going to have to put some effort in12:57
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janimotumbleweed, but when people know they way around it is not reasonable to nitpick and demotivate them13:03
janimoespecially PPUs which carry a lot less risk for the system as a whole13:03
bdrungdholbach: i hope so.13:03
tumbleweedjanimo: we most certainly expect more experience for broad rights than narrow13:05
tumbleweedmost of the time I'm just looking at whether the applicant is capable of maintaing the package to a reasonable quality level, without a sponsor to help and review13:07
tumbleweedonce you have upload rights, nobody is going to help you unless you ask13:08
janimotumbleweed, I also think that other contributions to ubuntu such as advocacy should have nothing to do with PPU approval13:10
tumbleweedjanimo: we probably need to disentangle membership from PPU13:11
janimoI know that one needs to (needed to?) be an ubuntu -member to get upload rights, but I don;t think questions like 'how do you represent ubuntu' are appropriate13:11
tumbleweedbut we haven't yet13:11
tumbleweedthe membership aspect is only rarely an issue13:11
janimofor PPU, a track record in the ubuntu-changes mailing list should suffice. Especially with string endorsements and no -1 endorsements it is absurd to not approve someone13:11
janimosorry, but I am still baffled to learn about the libo case :)13:12
tumbleweedI wasn't voting in that particular meeting, and I don't really want to discuss details about it13:13
janimoThe DMB like a good manager should get out of the way and _help_ developers do their jobs more smoothly not nitpick, let alone subtly patronize13:13
tumbleweedI'm happily talking in broader terms :)13:13
janimoyes, I am talking about broader terms but this is the only case I can think of as it is the only package high profile enough that made me comment13:14
janimobut it highlights a lack of agility I'd say13:14
janimoit's not that we could not use more uploaders in sandboxes who learn and improve by uploading instead of putting the barrier to entry too high and be a bottleneck13:15
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tumbleweedmost applications are no-brainers. Someone comes in with a range of experience, and good endorsements. It's just a matter of checking that they know about release cycles & processes (and you'll learn the important bits from the meeting if weren't already familiar with them)13:17
LaneyQuintasan: Uploaded! If you've any changes then I'll integrate them into a -213:18
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xkernelI'm creating my first deb package, where to specify the application Icon and screenshot that will be displayed in the Software Center?13:33
xnoxxkernel: icon is referenced in the .desktop file.13:35
xnoxxkernel: screenshots are uploaded here: http://screenshots.ubuntu.com/upload13:36
xkernelthanks xnox, I'm creating a package for PHP code project and after I executed dpkg-buildpackage, the result package didn't contain PHP files13:38
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xnoxxkernel: php packages don't usually show up in software center.... they are typically considered 'technical' packages.13:45
xnoxxkernel: there is more packaging help in #ubuntu-packaging and/or #ubuntu-motu13:45
xkernelThanks a lot13:46
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menaceis there a possibility to download from different ubuntu sections into different own repositories? i want to separate the repositories13:56
jpdsmenace: Different ubuntu releases?13:57
davmor2ogra_: hey dude are you about?13:58
ogra_davmor2, i am, yes13:58
menacena, only different sections. one repository for raring, raring-updates, raring-security e.g.14:00
davmor2ogra_: I get an odd issue running software-updater on the n7 it pops up a apport window and then pops up an admin window and keyboard.  However the keyboard isn't functioning so I can't report it, I've tried resubmitting it same issue14:00
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ogra_davmor2, fixed today, send flowers to bdmurray14:00
ogra_(might not have propagated around yet)14:01
davmor2ogra_: ah okay that explains it then14:01
davmor2ogra_: so leave updating till tomorrow then14:01
ogra_we need to drop gksu from all images ... update-notifier and xdiagnose are the last tools using it14:02
ogra_u-n was fixed today xdiagnose should happen too before release (less urgent though since less visible)14:02
davmor2ogra_: fair enough14:02
cjwatsonmenace: debmirror should help14:02
davmor2ogra_: I'm assuming then that the keyboard is called under the gksu too then or something?14:03
cjwatsonmenace: in its terminology, raring, raring-updates, etc. are "distributions" or "suites".14:03
cjwatsonmenace: (sections are something else.)14:03
ogra_update-notifier called gksu to run apport14:04
ogra_the dislog you see after login is update-notifier14:04
cjwatsonu-n still uses gksu for some things, just not apport14:04
cjwatsonthough actually those may be fallback paths from aptdaemon and friends14:05
ogra_i was hoping we could wipe gksu14:05
cjwatsonit still Depends on it14:05
cjwatsonshouldn't matter much if it doesn't get used in practice14:05
ogra_well, it is still on the images, would be good to slowly educate people over to pkexec14:05
pittibdmurray: btw, was it intentional that update-notifier now hard-depends on gksu? I thought this dep should have been gone now?14:06
ogra_(given that we use it since years and nobody seems to know about it)14:06
cjwatsonpitti: as I say, it's still used by a number of fallback paths in u-n14:06
pittioh, ok14:06
cjwatsonit may be an error - some of the pieces that use it seem themselves unused14:07
Laneyat least one path calls synaptic which is itself only a recommends14:08
pittiis it? it hasn't been on the images for a long time14:08
cjwatsonlet's see what I can do14:08
pittiah, alternative dep14:08
Laneyalternate with python-ap...14:08
pittipython-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets preferred14:09
cjwatsonyeah, I think most of this can be superseded by aptdaemon14:09
cjwatsonbzr log of some of the other things dates from 200414:10
ogra_seb128, are power-statistics supposed to dynamically update their UI ? doesnt seem to happen here if i look at the battery details14:11
pittifor example, data/upgrade-app is being called nowhere apparenlty, nor installed14:11
seb128ogra_, I don't know off hand, not sure14:11
pittisame with dbus-helper14:11
cjwatsonpitti: too slow old man14:12
pitticjwatson: let me guess, you already dropped it in bzr? :-)14:12
pitticheers :)14:12
cjwatsoncddistupgrader is the last true dep, I think14:13
Davieystgraber: is there intention to SRU your UEFI fix for LXC?14:14
nemo_hello :')14:15
ogra_seb128, it seems to update if i switch from Details to History and back, but not if i just leave Details open, i think that worked in quantal14:15
ogra_(battery details)14:15
seb128ogra_, there is no code change between quantal and raring for that source14:16
seb128ogra_, the only upload has this diff: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/121932082/gnome-power-manager_3.6.0-0ubuntu1_3.6.0-1.diff.gz14:16
ogra_well, pitti's patch could be related14:17
* ogra_ checks bug 95182714:18
ubottubug 951827 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Power Statistics window blank" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95182714:18
pittithat's very unlikely to affect the running instance, unless you opened it a second time14:19
ogra_ah, no, thats to trivial14:19
ogra_yeah, just saw the patch14:19
mohamedalaa98Hello guys :) ,My friend nemo_ Have a question about vala can you please help him? :D14:21
stgraberDaviey: yes14:21
mohamedalaa98nemo_: go ahead14:21
stgraberDaviey: it missed the last SRU unfortunately but hallyn and I are aware of it and we'll make sure it gets with the next one14:22
cjwatsonbdmurray: I don't understand how your pkexec stuff in update-notifier works.  pkexec doesn't permit running X applications as another user by default ...14:22
nemo_ Is here anyone who have tried to load XML UI file with Vala and the signals worked with him ?14:22
Davieystgraber: Do you have an ETA?14:22
ogra_cjwatson, it does with --user i think14:22
ogra_if you omit --user it uses root14:23
cjwatsonogra_: u-n doesn't use --user14:23
ogra_well, then it will use root14:23
cjwatsonYes, I know14:24
ogra_(which it should actually)14:24
cjwatsonTherefore pkexec won't permit apport-gtk to talk to the X server14:24
cjwatsonAs I sai14:24
* ogra_ should probably look at the code 14:24
cjwatsonAnd there's no configuration in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/ for it, which I guess would be needed if we wanted to allow that14:24
ogra_err, but thats its purpose14:24
cjwatsonThat's what's purpose?14:24
ogra_oh, right, you need the policies indeed14:25
ogra_its purpose is to act similar to gksu :)14:25
xnoxnemo_: yeah. Your question is general programming question, nothing to do with ubuntu development. You are better off with stackoverflow website of #vala channel on GIMPnet irc network.14:25
ogra_but indeed it needs a policy to allow the subprocess to connect to X14:25
xnoxnemo_: you can look at packages that build-depend on vala and see how they do it....14:26
Laneycjwatson: /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/com.ubuntu.apport.policy allows that14:27
pitticjwatson, gksu: not sure what you mean, but apport started to ship /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/com.ubuntu.apport.policy which has org.freedesktop.policykit.exec.allow_gui==True (therefore allowing X apps)14:27
stgraberDaviey: looks like all our current SRUs have landed, so I'm busy with mobile stuff this week but I can do that early next week (I guess we need to SRU to both 12.04 and 12.10 for that one)14:27
cjwatsononly for root_info_wrapper, AFAICS14:27
cjwatsonoh, I have an out-of-date version, typical14:27
nemo_Ok , thanks.14:28
pittibdmurray added a second one to run apport-gtk14:28
pittias that was blocking the u-n migration to pkexec14:28
Davieystgraber: yeah, that would be good.  Had a few reports of juju+lxc phantom failure.. and this seems to be it.. Thanks!14:28
cjwatsonright, I just didn't realise I was out of date there14:28
Laneyah, and it's only a recommends, indeed14:28
cjwatson"com.ubuntu.pkexec.apport-gtk" is a bizarre id for that action14:29
cjwatsons/pkexec/apport/ surely?14:29
pittiindeed, will fix in trunk14:29
pitticom.ubuntu.apport.apport-gtk-root ?14:30
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 starts in 14 minutes in #ubuntu-classrom14:46
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smoserslangasek, around ?15:28
smoseri was looking at bug 1031065, and 'networking' job seems to be blocked because /tmp is not yet mounted (maybe because it is blocked on 'mounted /' ?)15:29
ubottubug 1031065 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Precise) "cloud-init-nonet runs 'start networking' explicitly" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103106515:29
smoser(this is in precise container).15:29
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diwicehm, are the precise daily images (12.04.2) known not to boot, or did I do something stupid?16:08
roadmrhey folks, how to access information for a specific error in errors.ubuntu.com? it just loops me in an Ubuntu SSO page16:12
roadmrI think I'd need to be in a group but I don't know which one or who to ask to be added16:12
diwicroadmr, could it be canonical-ubuntu-platform?16:13
roadmrdiwic: could be, I'm not a member there16:14
cjwatsondiwic: not known16:15
cjwatsondiwic: which image, what architecture / firmware type?16:15
diwiccjwatson, precise-desktop-i386.iso16:15
cjwatsonbooting in BIOS mode I presume?16:16
cjwatsonfrom CD or USB?16:16
diwiccjwatson, from USB, and machine is before UEFI era16:17
diwiccjwatson, "ERROR: No configuration file found" "No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!" "boot: "16:17
cjwatsonyou used usb-creator?16:17
cjwatsondon't bother, just dd it directly16:18
diwic13.04 usb-creator16:18
cjwatsonI suspect usb-creator has taken to breaking syslinux again somehow16:18
cjwatsonbut likely to be a usb-creator bug rather than an image bug16:18
diwiccjwatson, I will try that next, thanks16:19
davmor2cjwatson: the sudo -s then  cat x.iso > /dev/sdx is pretty reliable16:20
diwicyep, the dd'ed image works better16:25
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bdmurraypsusi: is there a test case for bug 1074606?17:39
ubottubug 1074606 in gparted (Ubuntu Quantal) "gparted identifying incorrect raid arrays" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107460617:39
xnoxbarry: I've played a little bit with pyo optimisation on the nexus7. All pyo files in total take about 40MB disk space. There are some memory footprint gains. For example, lenses can save about 100-200 kB. very big stuff like software-center 3MB.17:40
xnoxbarry: (for some lenses, they need to be converted to a wrapper script + module, if currently they are just the script)17:40
xnoxand also shebang adjustments.17:40
xnoxbarry: Do such gains validate to generate optimised byte-compiles & change shebangs?17:41
SuudyHi.  I'm working on our custom Ubuntu based distribution that we are building from scratch.  As part of our effort to move from 8.04 to 12.04, we've noted that our build setup is incorrectly handling dependencies.  I'm wondering how the Ubuntu team handles the cases of circular dependencies (such as gcc depending upon eglibc, which depends on gcc, etc).17:49
SuudyWe'd like to be able to have a clean build chain.17:49
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cjwatsonSuudy: We don't have a bootstrap-from-scratch recipe as yet17:49
cjwatsonSuudy: When we bootstrap a new architecture, we put together chroots based on cross-compiling or partial builds or whatever as appropriate, and build a few stages until we reach a reasonable fixed point17:50
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cjwatsonSuudy: After that, all builds start by unpacking the base chroot and upgrading all packages contained therein to whatever's current in the archive17:51
cjwatsonSuudy: And the chroots are occasionally upgraded centrally, but that's just for performance's sake17:51
cjwatsonSuudy: The ability to bootstrap from scratch has some interest to us, but it's mostly academic as we very rarely need to do it17:51
SuudySo, for example, if you have in your base chroot a version of eglibc, then you build a newer version of eglibc in that chroot?  Then update the chroot with the newer version?17:52
SuudyAnd you build this chroot using debootstrap?17:53
cjwatsonThe build logs record all the versions of everything involved, so we can go back and reproduce previous state if we have to, but that's almost never actually necessary in practice17:53
cjwatsondebootstrap --variant=buildd, basically.  (I think it's actually a custom script but --variant=buildd is close enough.)17:53
SuudySure, sure.  That's what we do.  But debootstrap pulls from some base repo.  In our case, we have a local web server with the base 12.04 release.  Then we build the individual packages.  The problem we have is that we build eglibc.  So depending upon build order, some packages will build against the repo version of eglibc, and after eglibc is built, they will build against the newly built eglibc.  If these versions differ....17:56
SuudySo it seems you just make sure your repo is always the same.17:56
Suudyer, is up-to-date.17:56
cjwatsonIt's very rare for such differences to matter, and when they do they should be expressed using versioned build-dependencies17:57
cjwatsonOur archive cycles every half an hour so it updates reasonably quickly, though not instantly17:58
cjwatsonBear in mind that we never have to do something like going directly from 8.04 to 12.04 - by definition we've gone through all the intermediate stages17:58
cjwatsonSo that naturally smooths out most of the problems17:58
cjwatsonIn your situation I'd probably build 12.04 once internally, rebuild the binaries against the result, and publish the second build17:59
barryxnox: i think they do yes.  esp. -OO which removes docstrings - that should give us a big savings17:59
SuudyWell, this is more for bookkeeping purposes.  We want to be able to say that we build what we release.  And if some of the packages are pulled from a repo with 3rd party packages, we can't make that claim.17:59
* xxiao wonders if he can upgrade windows 95 to windows 8 in one step...17:59
xnoxbarry: *sigh* I did just pyc vs pyo (-O)18:00
SuudyWell, we aren't exactly going straight from an 8.04 base distribution to 12.04.  Rather, we have several packages from 8.04 that we are upgrading to 12.04.  We have a custom deboostrap script to assemble the distribution.18:00
xnoxbarry: does pycompile support -OO ?!18:00
* xnox looks in the source18:00
barryxnox: apparently not from the -h18:00
xnox    cmd = "/usr/bin/python%s%s -m py_compile -" \18:01
xnox        % (version, ' -O' if optimize else '')18:01
barryxnox: should be easy to hack in though18:01
barry(and worth getting upstream i think)18:01
xnoxI think I'll do that next on my train to brussels =)18:01
barryxnox: when's that? :)18:01
xnoxand measure some memory. At least something that doesn't require network.18:01
xnoxbarry: tomorrow morning =)18:01
barrycool.  that was the next thing on my list, so maybe i'll work on the patch today18:02
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cjwatsonSuudy: Right, but if you go round a second cycle you should be able to be pretty confident of that.18:03
cjwatsonSuudy: And certainly keep all your build logs and make sure they record versions of everything (sbuild should take care of that)18:03
xnoxbarry: hmm. ok. But then /etc/python/debian_config needs to support it as well. & pythonX.Y[-minimal] postinst scripts as well. And since there is not .pyoo one will get pyo's which can be one thing or the other.18:05
barryxnox: hmm, that's true18:05
xnoxbarry: I mean for memory comparison I can just monkey patch pycompile and be done with it.18:06
barryxnox: right.  it would be worth getting those numbers, but i bet they'll be significant18:06
xnoxbarry: also I haven't found and easy way to retrigger python2.7 postinst and all packages post-install re-bytecompilation.18:06
* barry wonders if we can subvert the pep3147 tags to co-install all optimization flavors18:06
xnoxI'm sure everyone will be happy! =)18:06
xnoxso right now I grepped /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.postinst for "py[3]compile -p" & used sed on it to find all the things I can re-bytecompile (including private dirs)18:07
xnoxi guess if we flip the switch by default, it's not a problem since everything will be correctly compiled on the first time it's installed.18:08
barryxnox: i'm not sure we want it on by default.  on plats where it doesn't matter, it's better to use the pycs18:09
xnoxwithout docstrings .pyo files should be smaller as well =) so less disk-space penalty.18:09
barryxnox: at the cost of introspection18:09
xnoxbarry: well enabling optimised means that _ in addition _ to pyc there is _also_ pyo generated.18:09
xnoxbarry: and we will need to modify shebangs.18:10
barryxnox: right, i'm not sure whether we want pyos w/ or w/o docstrings by default18:10
xnoxbarry: so e.g. ipython / python interpreters should use pyc for development style with docsrings.18:10
xnoxbarry: disk penalty seems ok, and every KB counts....... see what small amounts colin was hunting down this week.18:12
xnoxbarry: well =) we can also cross-train to vala developers ;-)18:13
barryxnox: yes, for nexus7 definitely.  but i would probably still want docstrings in my pyos on my desktop18:13
xnoxand QML/Qt18:13
xnoxbarry: why? you will always have them in pyc.18:13
xnox(enabling pyo, doesn't remove pyc)18:13
xnoxalso note that nexus7 is your desktop under convergence plan =)))))18:14
* barry can't wait for his 16gb + 1t nexus 718:14
xnox16GB RAM and 1TB SSD? =)18:15
barryxnox: i'll send you a picture of my weekend soldering hack :)18:15
xnoxbarry: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090309234128/starwars/images/e/ee/DeathStar2.jpg ?18:16
barryxnox: close, but i think they crossed pin 3 with ping 91740923984095302394800010934818:17
xnoxbarry: hmm... pin 3 or 4 looks like could be either. but definately with pin 91740923984095302394800010934818:18
* xnox loves your numbers18:18
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psusibdmurray: yea, have a raid array present but not described in /etc/mdadm.conf.. the superblocks may say it should be md0, but since it isn't in mdadm.conf, mdadm activates it as md127 instead... the old gparted code thoguht there should be an md0 and erroed because there wasnt18:24
psusibdmurray: also I think this part requires an intel fakeraid or ddf metadata format, but mdadm reports a "container" pseudo array that doesn't actually have a dev node... gparted was picking up on that as if it was supposed to be a real disk as well18:24
bdmurraypsusi: could you update the bug for sru verification then?18:36
=== kentb-lunch is now known as kentb
mlankhorstdoko: looks like libLLVM-3.2.so.1 is installed twice, you need to move it out of usr/lib/llvm3.2/ to usr/lib/arch/ else llvm3.2-dev installs it too18:59
dokomlankhorst, it's supposed to be a symlink, afaik19:00
mlankhorstdoko: I can see the use for a second libLLVM-3.2.so symlink since mesa packaging seems to want it (and doesn't find it now), but a extra copy of libLLVM-3.2.so.1 ?19:03
dokomlankhorst, it's supposed to be a symlink, afaik19:04
dokoso, send a patch19:04
=== wendar is now known as allisonrandal
Suudycjwatson:  Sorry, got pulled away from my desk.  Thanks for the info.19:11
Suudycjwatson:  Just one final question.  With regard to the cyclical updates.  You do these incremental builds, each time updating the repo?  So your repo is pretty much a snapshot of the most current builds of at least the base packages (e.g. eglibc, gcc, etc)?19:13
dobeybarry: hey, do you know if anyone's even bothered trying to use python3-twisted stuff in raring?19:24
barrydobey: nope19:24
barrydobey: i vaguely remember that being on someone's list for february (not mine tho ;)19:25
dobeybarry: ah. just wondering. i just tried, and it's horribly unusable :-/19:27
barrydobey: oh no.  is it a problem with twisted itself or the packaging, or ...?19:28
slangaseksmoser: 1031065> is /tmp listed as a separate mount point in /etc/fstab?  If running mountall --verbose, what tag is shown for /tmp?19:28
xnoxdo we have enough on python3-twisted* bits to use it?19:28
smoserslangasek, i found the issue19:29
smoser(i think)19:29
dobeybarry: twisted itself. lots more porting work needs to be done it seems. ran into some usage of UserDict still, and zope.interface requires using a @implementer decorator instead of implements() call now19:29
* barry is aware of that last one :/19:30
smoserwhen run with my full cloud-init patch, i found that the 'cloud-init-container' job was running before /run/network was created.19:30
dobeybarry: not sure how much work it will be to fix it, but it's > 5 lines at least :)19:30
barrydobey: have you communicated these problems upstream?19:30
barry(i've been talking w/ some of those guys about our buildbot)19:30
xnoxslangasek: hmm... what's the difference between local & virtual?19:30
slangaseksmoser: ah - is that fixable by just having cloud-init-container mkdir -p /run/network?19:30
slangasekxnox: isn't it obvious? :)19:31
smoserthats what i have.19:31
smoserand it seems to work.19:31
slangaseksmoser: cool19:31
dobeybarry: not yet, was just trying to run ubuntuone-dev-tools test suite with py3 and hit these issues, while doing other stuff19:31
slangasekxnox: local is a filesystem backed by local storage.  virtual is not backed by storage.19:31
slangasekby persistent storage, I mean19:31
slangasek(it's an in-kernel fs)19:31
smoserslangasek, ifquery would exit non-zero and not list network devices if /run/network wasn't there.19:31
slangaseksmoser: heh, quite19:31
xnoxslangasek: ok. Funny how /run/user/tdlk/gvfs is local =))))19:32
smoserso cloud-init-container.conf would think it had nothing to do.19:32
dobeybarry: that one bug in the buildbot glyph reported, because it's apparently on 13.04 now instead of 12.10?19:32
xnoxslangasek: also why does my every boot prints "/tmp is not mounted. Continue to wait or skip...." message?19:32
smoseri'm not completly sure why i'd not seen that problem in quantal or raring.19:32
slangasekxnox: I don't know, the bug has been reported for some time but I've never reproduced it, please help diagnose :)19:32
* xnox /tmp is _not_ a separate mountpoint just part of '/' (which is ext4, on top of lvm on top of cryptsetup)19:33
dobeyxnox, seb128: btw, slangasek said my patch on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/859600 looked ok, though he didn't try to build/install it. can we move forward with that? it's still not giving me any trouble here :)19:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 859600 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu Precise) "Please convert gnome-keyring to multiarch" [High,In progress]19:34
slangasekxnox: /tmp is listed in /lib/init/fstab as a template, so that mountall knows to handle it specially *if* it's listed in /etc/fstab; but mountall ought not be making noise about it unless it really is found in /etc/fstab19:35
xnoxslangasek: well it definatly started after the upload to make it do all things in parallel or something like that.19:35
slangasekxnox: hmm, that may be a timing thing - I know there were other reports of this issue prior to those changes.19:36
xnoxbefore - never so that message, after that upload - I always do.19:36
xnoxshoudl I run upstart & mountall in more verbose modes to get logs?19:36
slangasekxnox: bug #1067836 and/or bug #1091792 - I would like to see mountall --verbose output for this19:38
ubottubug 1067836 in mountall (Ubuntu) "Disk drive for /tmp error displayed briefly after Lubuntu PP -> QQ dist-upgrade" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106783619:38
ubottubug 1091792 in mountall (Ubuntu) "The disk drive for /tmp is not ready yet or not present" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109179219:38
slangasekxnox: also your /etc/fstab + /etc/crypttab19:39
xnoxslangasek: just mountall --verbose now, e.g. in the terminal - or as it's running during boot?19:39
slangasekxnox: as for /run/user/tdlk/gvfs being local, that's just mountall saying "I don't care which bucket we put this in, it's not in /etc/fstab so we track that it's present but since it's already mounted it doesn't impact anything"19:39
slangasekxnox: during boot19:39
=== _salem is now known as salem_
xnoxslomo: well rebooted like 10 times and I cannot reproduce it when mountall is under --verbose.20:08
xnoxslangasek: ^20:08
xnoxslomo: sorry for miss-ping.20:08
xnoxmaybe it needs something else special going on =/20:08
xnoxinfinity: maybe you can get a boot.log when mountall.conf has --verbose in it ?20:09
slangasekxnox: hmm.  But it's consistently reproducible when booted without --verbose?20:09
xnoxnot any more =)20:09
xnox /o\20:09
xnoxI guess booting with --verbose once fixes it =/20:09
xnox(brother printers can't print on tuesdays bug?!)20:10
infinityIt's consistent here (or has been recently), I can try to do some debugging.20:10
xnoxi can try shutting it down as it usually happens - run out of battery in the middle of sbuild after like 5 days of suspend/resume cycles with a few dist-upgrades in between with ureadahead running & a new kernel etc....................20:12
* xnox ponders if fsck & ureadahed will actually race this bug or not.20:12
xxiaoin ubuntu, qemu-ppc64abi32-static, qemu-ppc64-static, qemu-ppc-static, what does ppc64abi32 mean?20:13
xxiao64bit kernel with 32bit user space?20:13
xxiaotrying to debootstrap a 32bit userspace rootfs for a 64bit ppc kernel here20:14
xnoxxxiao: $ mk-sbuild --arch powerpc raring20:14
xnoxand that's it....20:15
xxiaowill that work for precise?20:15
xnoxyou have a chroot that you can $ schroot -c raring-powerpc -u root     into20:15
xnoxxxiao: it should.20:15
xnoxxxiao: if for some reason it doesn't, try mk-sbuild from lp:ubuntu-dev-tools it gained a few features.20:16
xxiaolet me try it from x86_64 precise20:16
xnoxxxiao: with that chroot you can also use sbuild to build powerpc packages20:16
xxiaonever used that, studying...20:16
xnoxsbuild --arch=powerpc -d raring bla_20:18
xnoxsbuild --arch=powerpc -d raring bla_1.0-1.dsc20:19
xnoxshould then build a package for you.20:19
xnoxwith latest mk-sbuild you can also cross-build, but I'm not sure how well cross-building would work on precise, as we only did cross-building fixes in raring.20:19
xnoxinfinity: BenC: why did qemu-ppc-static just core dumped on me?20:20
xnoxdebootstrap --second-stage20:20
xnoxqemu-ppc-static: /build/buildd/qemu-1.3.0+dfsg/linux-user/signal.c:4587: setup_frame: Assertion `({ unsigned long __guest = (unsigned long)(ka->_sa_handler) - guest_base; (__guest < (1ul << 32)) && (!reserved_va || (__guest < reserved_va)); })' failed.20:20
xnoxqemu: uncaught target signal 6 (Aborted) - core dumped20:20
xxiaoxnox: the idea is to bootstrap a 32bit ppc rootfs, then do second-stage, then hopefully build the rest natively20:20
xnoxxxiao: yeah, sure.20:21
xnoxxxiao: well you can grab precise powerpc chroot off launchpad.....20:21
xnoxbut then you'll need to add qemu to it.20:21
xxiaoone challenge i see is to use my own pre-built gcc to build build-essential20:21
BenCxxiao: what are you aiming for here?20:21
xxiaoBenC: i'm trying to load a 32b rootfs to fsl's 64bit e5500/e6500 board20:22
xnoxhello BenC =) /me hands it over and runs away20:22
xxiaoxnox: thanks!20:22
xxiaoBenC: all i have is a yocto rootfs, trying ubuntu precise20:22
BenCIf you have a yocto, why not create the ubuntu rootfs through there to avoid qemu20:23
BenCAlso, I can create a raring rootfs from debootstrap if you need me to20:23
BenCor quantal or precise, for that matter20:24
xxiaoi prefer to do any build other than using yocto, which is just too _slowish_20:24
infinityThere's a powerpc ubuntu-core already.20:24
BenCxxiao: Any chance you'll be able to allow other people (*cough*me*cough* access to that e5500/e6500 board?20:24
xxiaoBenC: i will attend the March meet-up at Oracle, you will see the board there20:25
BenCxxiao: Excellent…just finishing up my travel arrangements for that20:25
xxiaowe're planning to set up some remote access, so far the board locks up under stress20:25
BenCinfinity: nifty, I had never known about that before20:26
infinityxnox: qemu-ppc-static is known-broken, if I recall.20:26
=== henrix is now known as henrix_
BenCxxiao: what kernel are you using? I'd like to get an e5500/e6500 kernel built for ubuntu (might be too late for raring, but who knows)20:26
xxiaoinfinity: how nice...any precise version of that20:26
xnoxxxiao: sure: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/precise/daily/current/20:27
xxiaoBenC: shamely it's 3.0.x still, but is upgrading to 3.8.* now20:27
infinityxnox: Which doesn't have powerpc, cause I only enabled it in Q...20:27
infinityxxiao: There's a quantal one http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/releases/quantal/release/20:27
* xnox !@#@#!!!20:28
xnoxxxiao: just use quantal one or raring to bring the board up. To get any ubuntu chroot.20:28
BenCxxiao, xnox: If I roll out a kernel for that in Ubuntu, would you mind testing it?20:28
xnoxxxiao: then build the precise one. and switch to it.20:28
xxiaoBenC: absolutely!20:28
* BenC suggests raring20:28
BenCThe QEmu in that supports the KVM stuff in the v3.8 kernel20:29
xnoxBenC: I have no powerpc kit. I'm the only powerpc-less member of ubuntu foundations team =(20:29
infinityWell, it's not like precise will ever have the right installer/kernel support for the board anyway.20:29
xxiaoxnox: we should enable you with sending you a nice board20:29
xnoxxxiao: yes, please =)20:29
infinityIf you're handing out nice boards...20:29
cndsmoser, do you know how the azure ubuntu images have been modified to operate on the azure platform?20:36
cndor, who would?20:36
smoserutlemming, can tell you more.20:36
cndI may have found what I was looking for here: https://github.com/windows-azure/walinuxagent20:37
TheLordOfTimeoops sorry20:38
TheLordOfTimewas targetting a terminal window, accidentally clicked xchat due to laptop20:38
infinitycnd: There's a bit more than just walinuxagent.20:40
cndinfinity: any docs I can look at?20:40
infinitycnd: hv-kvp-daemon-init comes to mind too.20:40
infinitycnd: Not sure about docs.  utlemming's the man to talk to.  On the other hand, why not just use his images from the Azure gallery?20:40
cndinfinity: I'm investigating how to deploy a cloud service on azure20:41
cndthe only really documented way it to deploy workers that simply run on windows20:41
cndthat sucks in many many ways20:41
cndso I'm trying to figure out more about how the ubuntu image works20:41
shbk1hello, does anyone know whether it's possible to look content of /usr/share/misc/magic.mgc in the  understood form?  I need know what magic numbers it uses for detecting files  for program in c++ (which is supposed to work in windows too, and I wouldn't like to use library)21:03
cjwatsonshbk1: 'apt-get source file' and look at src/magic.*21:05
cjwatson(and possibly other nearby files)21:05
shbk1in documentation to file is written that it uses database that is hold in magic.mgc. as I understand it takes signatures from there, so source code possibly will not help21:06
xnoxcnd: to deploy workers on ubuntu cloud images, it is usually preferred to use juju. http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/orchestration/juju21:06
shbk1I check magic.mgc , it looks like it really contatins this information   - http://storage1.static.itmages.com/i/13/0201/h_1359666402_3148352_b5463d55c1.png21:07
shbk1if it only were possible to look at it in the understood form21:07
xnoxcnd: also see #juju channel. It's a tool to right a "charm" which then you can deploy to nodes. The charm will configure the nodes and connect them all up to do stuff.21:07
cndthanks xnox21:07
xnoxcnd: https://juju.ubuntu.com/ is more developer oriented site.21:08
xnoxcnd: also askubuntu.com with tag juju is monitored and has a rich knoweledge base.21:08
cjwatsonshbk1: eh, the entire database is in the source code of 'file' - you mean you're looking for the source of magic.mgc itself?21:12
shbk1no, I want to look at database21:13
cjwatsonright, the source of magic.mgc21:14
=== Guest27055 is now known as iulian
cjwatsonshbk1: it's in the magic/ directory under the directory that 'apt-get source file' gives you21:14
cjwatsonmainly magic/Magdir/21:14
cjwatson<cjwatson@sarantium ~/src/packages/file/file-5.11/magic/Magdir>$ fgrep -il c++ * | xargs21:15
cjwatsonc-lang fonts gcc msdos msvc vxl21:15
shbk1hm, thanks  http://storage2.static.itmages.com/i/13/0201/h_1359667045_7519190_f7637925cf.png   it seems I 'm on the right road already21:17
shbk1but where is information about formats like mp3, ogg? http://storage4.static.itmages.com/i/13/0201/h_1359667114_9584312_1027c29b2e.png    Music file contains nothing useful21:18
stgraberjdstrand: ?? I'm definitely subscribed to bugs for libseccomp21:21
scientesdid arm support ever get merged?21:22
scienteskees cook posted patches21:22
scientesoh i see it did21:23
scientesin 3.821:24
cjwatsonshbk1: use grep21:30
cjwatsonshbk1: mp3 is in 'animation', ogg is in 'vorbis'21:30
cjwatsonshbk1: it'll be easier to use grep than to try to work out the file naming scheme21:31
keesscientes: hm? I thought everything was up to date now?21:32
dokoinfinity, do you have any idea about https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/clang/3.2-1~exp5ubuntu1/+build/4254653 ? could that be fs corruption too?21:43
infinitydoko: Didn't it have the same failure a day or two ago and get retried?21:44
dokono, your memory is wrong, old man ...21:45
infinity  * Merge with Debian; remaining changes:21:45
infinity    - Default to softfp on armel.21:45
infinity^-- There's no reason for us to carry that delta anymore.21:45
dokothe bug was fixed in llvm-3.221:45
infinityOh, this is a shiny new failure?  Fair enough. :P21:45
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jdstrandstgraber: weird. you didn't show up when I looked22:11
jdstrandoh, I think I looked at *my* subscriptions for it22:11
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SuudyHi.  I'm having some trouble getting our custom debootstrap to install some base packages with dpkg.  The problem I'm having is with installing libc6, libgcc1, and libc-bin.22:20
SuudyIf I do "dpkg -i libgcc1 libc-bin libc6" (with the appropriate paths and trailing information to the debian packages), I get an error about "libgcc1 depends on libc6 (>= 2.2.4); however: Package libc6 is not installed."22:22
bdmurrayxnox: usb-creator is starting up for me for devices without vendor id 18d122:22
SuudyBut if I do "dpkg -i libc6 libgcc1 libc-bin" I get "libc6 depends on libgcc1; however: Package libgcc1 is not installed."22:22
SuudyIt doesn't seem to matter what order I put the packages, they don't satisfy dependencies.22:23
SuudyI could ignore the issue with --force-depends, but it seems kinda fuzzy.22:23
SuudyThese are 12.04 packages built from source.22:24
SuudyThere appears to be this circular dependency that dpkg can't resolve.22:25
sarnoldwb Suudy_, you didn't miss anything while you were gone22:26
Suudy_Sorry, got booted by our firewall.22:26
Suudy_Ok.  Thanks :)22:26
infinitySuudy_: This is in a debootstrap scenario (ie: none of the packages are installed yet)?22:27
sarnold(last we saw was "circular depedency that dpkg can't resolve")22:27
infinitySuudy_: If so, that's expected.  And the answer is "do what debootstrap does".22:27
Suudy_:)  If it were that easy.... ;)  The precise debootstrap script isn't the easiest to follow.22:27
Suudy_Ok.  I'll muck around some more there.22:28
infinitySuudy_: Unpack them with deps forced, then reinstall, is the easiest way to get around it.22:28
infinitySuudy_: I could ask why you're not just using debootstrap, since it does the right thing...22:29
xnoxbdmurray: =/ weird.22:31
xnoxbdmurray: can you give me lsusb output please? =/22:32
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xnox(me has updated upstart job in lp:usb-creator branch you could try that to see if that one is better?!)22:33
=== Tonio_aw is now known as Tonio__
SuudyDamn firewall...corporate pain in the butt.22:34
SuudyWe aren't using debootstrap, because we are creating root filesystem for installation on media, and we build everything ourselves.  So essentially, we have our own script that mimics much of debootstrap.22:35
SuudyFor extraction, we do the 'ar -p <deb> data.tar.gz | tar xzf -', follow that with 'chroot <path> dpkg --force-depends".  But even with the "--force-depends", it complains mightily.22:36
SuudyBut the stock debootstrap doesn't spew pages of warnings about dependencies, so I thought perhaps there was something wrong with our setup.22:36
xnoxdebootstrap is versatile and it can be used to prepare root filesystem for installation on media.22:38
xnoxdon't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to.22:38
SuudyHmmm....that does get me thinking.22:39
xnoxcreate repository, cross-build packages (or use stock from ubuntu), debootstrap, add other bits you need22:39
xnoxshove it to media. rinse repeat until you can boot.22:39
xnox(raring, quantal, debian should not matter)22:39
SuudyWe build everything, but debootstrap isn't one of those things.  Our build system could build it, then when we make the root filesystem, extract debootstrap to our debootstrapp'd build environment, and invoke it directly.22:40
xnoxonce you booted you can rebuild everything native twice over to finally get the golden image.22:40
bdmurrayxnox: s/enchanced/enhanced/22:40
SuudyWell, we build on a native system (PPC), but we build in a debootstrapp'd environment.22:40
xnoxSuudy: note the debootstrap --second-stage flag.22:41
infinitySuudy_: You can point debootstrap at any apt-alike repository you want, it's not tied to our archive.  You don't even need to build a new version (unless you really need to change it).22:42
xnoxfirst stage resolves, download and unpacks (done outside chroot), second-stage is done inside to finish configuring all packages and needs/wants native execution.22:42
infinitySuudy_: "debootstrap --variant=minbase raring raring-chroot http://company.internal/ourstuff" would work just fine.22:42
SuudyBut you need that internal repo, which we'd have to construct on the fly as packages are built.22:43
infinityYou kinda want that anyway, don't you?22:44
SuudyRight now, our build system compiles all the packages, then we install them manually into the chroot using dpkg.22:44
infinityIf you have all the debs, you have the repo.22:44
SuudyWell, install them via a script using dpkg.22:44
SuudyRight, but don't we need the Packages, Indices, etc?22:44
infinitycd place_with_debs && apt-ftparchive packages .22:44
infinityAnd you can point debootstrap at a file:// URL.22:44
SuudyAh.  Hmm....22:45
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_aw
SuudyCan you custom tailor what packages as part of minbase are installed?  Say we use busybox instead of coreutils?22:45
infinityAt least, I think it can use a file:// URL.  Would be a glaring misfeature if you couldn't.22:45
infinitySuudy_: minbase operates based on package priority/section headers.  If you prefer different things to be Essential/Required/etc, and you're rebuilding them anyway, fix up debian/control to reflect what you want.22:46
infinity(Or build a proper apt archive with overrides, but that's far more effort)22:46
SuudyOh, I see.  It parses the debs themselves.  Go it.  We were specifying required, base, etc.22:47
infinityIt parses the Packages file.22:47
infinityBut that all comes from the debs (or from archive overrides that override the debs)22:47
SuudyWhich is generated by apt-ftparchive, right?22:47
=== Tonio_aw is now known as Tonio__
infinityBasically, if you look at "apt-cache show coreutils" and "dpkg-deb -I coreutils", you'll notice some shocking similarities.22:48
infinityBecause the former derives from the latter.22:48
infinityAnd the latter comes from debian/control in the source package.22:49
infinity(That dpkg-deb -I was meant to be aimed at a coreutils.deb)22:49
xnoxSuudy: you can even use a lighter tool dpkg-scanpackages with overrides as needed. Here is a talk about it: http://www.wiggy.net/presentations/2001/DebianWalkThrough/handouts/handouts.html#AEN78022:52
SuudyAnd all deboostrap needs is the Packages file?22:54
xnoxSuudy: it's all very lightweight. It has to be. As that's how debian architectures are bootstrapped.....22:55
xnoxit can verify checksums on the Release and etc. but that is all optional and it should be possible to skip through.22:58
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xnoxinfinity: should we finally tell them that debian has http://wiki.debian.org/PowerPCSPEPort for e500v1/v2 ?23:02
infinityxnox: This is assuming anyone cares about spe.  I've gotten the impression from Ben that the plan is just to ignore the old cores and move forward with the brave new world.23:04
infinityxnox: And default PPC works fine on newer e500ish systems.23:04
xnoxinfinity: I see. well debian also has ppc64 port. But I don't know powerpc chips that well.23:05
* infinity heads out for a bit.23:10
bryce!pilot in23:10
bryce@pilot in23:10
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 12.10 released | Archive: Open | Dev' of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of hardy -> quantal | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: bryce
Suudyxnox, infinity:  Thanks for the tips.23:11
Suudy(Sorry for the disconnects, our corporate firewall doesn't seem to like the web client, and our direct access is blocked)23:12
SuudyWhat about the Release file, with the md5sums of Packages?  dpkg-scanpackages doesn't create that (I presume apt-ftparchive does).  it appears that debootstrap requires this file23:18
xnox<xnox> Suudy: it's all very lightweight. It has to be. As that's how debian architectures are bootstrapped.....23:19
xnox<xnox> it can verify checksums on the Release and etc. but that is all optional and it should be possible to skip through.23:19
xnoxbut indeed apt-ftparchive can generate the rest of the files if you want23:19
xnoxSuudy: here is like overly complete apt-ftparchive config http://debian.scribus.net/debian/apt-ftparchive.conf you probably need much shorter one23:20
SuudyI'd rather not use apt-ftparchive, since it appears to be overkill.  But it appears that debootstrap looks for the Release file, and I don't see an option to ignore it (though I do see an option to ignore the signature the Release file)23:20
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=== Tonio_aw is now known as Tonio__
xxiaounfamiliar with upstart, i added a ttyS0.conf under init, how can I add it to upstart manually before I can boot off raring-ubuntu-core-rootfs.tgz?23:38
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_aw
xxiaoi'm booting over nfs23:38
=== emma is now known as em
xnoxit just should pick it up. it walks /etc/init/*.conf at boot and starts them all event based.23:39
xxiaook. thanks. let me boot it23:40
cjwatsonSuudy: if I were you I'd write a Release file, rather than going to all the effort to avoid it.  You can use 'apt-ftparchive release' if you don't want to write it by hand or use the full 'apt-ftparchive generate' stuff.23:40
xnoxhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto if there is any trouble with ttyS023:41
xxiaoxnox: that worked23:42
xnoxupstart is great ;-)23:42
xxiaonow with root as the user, what's the magic password for ubuntu-core23:42
xxiaoxnox: with upstart can I still bypass it with init=/bin/sh?23:45
* xnox thought there are no passwords in ubuntu-core, unless you pre-setup the user with a password yourself.23:46
xxiaoin this case i need somehow reset a password for root, ttyS0 disallow my login23:50
cjwatsonxxiao: if you use init=/bin/sh then you aren't using upstart23:50
cjwatsonupstart is entered by the default value of init= (/sbin/init)23:50
xxiaocjwatson: i c, got it, i need /bin/sh to debug sometimes23:50
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xxiaoxnox: it's indeed odd, nfs server showed empty root password, getty keeps asking for it23:52
xxiaominigetty has the autlogin option but getty does not have it23:52
xnoxroot + enter, or grab ubuntu core - chroot into it, create user account with sudo:admin groups and then boot that. Then you know that you will have an account with full sudo.23:53
* xnox typically creates the account in ubuntu-core before booting it.23:53
xxiaook will do that now23:54

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