ycepsHello all, I'm on mythbuntu 12.04 and trying to find where mythexport puts its logs16:24
tgm4883yceps, /var/log/mythexport.log ?16:25
ycepsim trying to launch the mythexport daemon using 'sudo service mythexport start'. but it isn't started when i check its status.16:25
ycepstgm4883: nah, doesn't exist16:25
ycepsshould i touch it?16:25
tgm4883how about /var/lib/mythtv/mythexport.log?16:26
ycepstgm4883: nah :*(16:26
tgm4883yceps, anything in syslog?16:26
yceps'tail -f /var/log/syslog' , then try start the service. nothing gets written to thel og16:28
tgm4883rhpot1991, ^16:33
ycepsI've just looked through the mythexport-daemon script and looks like it should be spitting logs out at /var/log/mythtv/mythexport.log16:45
ycepsI can use mythtranscode instead of mythexport right?17:03
rhpot1991grrr, looks like he is gone17:44

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