spirockme gustaria trabajar en el administrador de archivos, algun grupo establecido?02:20
spirockI would like to work in the file manager, any established group?02:20
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MostHateddo members of press have the OS already? I see several review videos on youtube posted from a home looking environment and such14:17
k1lcan you give an example?14:17
k1l(just out of curiosity)14:17
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alo21hi... I would like to write an app which show you articles of a lot of newspaper (like: the telegraph, corriere della sera, etc)18:21
alo21I found a project (RSS Reader), and I do not know if it is the same thing18:23
ajalkaneIt is not the same thing. Just go crazy with coding.18:23
alo21ajalkane, should I propose it as a core app?18:24
ajalkaneDunno... I doubt it18:24
ajalkaneIf you're parsing web-sites of magazines, those are bound to change from time to time. Doesn't sound like something that should be core.18:25
ajalkaneRSS is a standard and all web-sites implementing it will work with RSS reader18:25
alo21ajalkane, so... with RSS you cannot parse a content of a page on your phone without opening a browser. Right?18:27
ajalkaneNo, with RSS you have an application that processed the documented RSS format18:27
ajalkane* prosesses18:27
ajalkaneSo each web-site, if it wishes, can give the documents in RSS format18:27
ajalkaneAnd all RSS readers can show the contents18:28
ajalkaneSo it does away with the messiness of HTML, and having to implement HTML parsing for each and every web-site. Instead each web-site produces well documented format.18:29
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ajalkaneIMO you should go crazy with contributing to the RSS reader instead of trying to parse the HTML of each web-site18:30
ajalkaneThere are of course some sites that do not have RSS feeds where such specialized app can be of use.18:31
alo21ajalkane, yeha.... in fact is what I was going to tell you18:32
alo21ajalkane, but... how can I contribute if all project are closed?18:33
ajalkanealo21: for now, I think you have to fille the form in 4) in http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/18:35
ajalkaneIt is my understanding all these project will be opened in due time, but for now they're in limited access mode18:36
ajalkaneAnd sorry for the typing mistakes18:37
alo21ajalkane, I did, but I am worried that they will not accept me. Do not worry about typing mistake, I am the King18:38
ajalkaneNo worries... if they don't accept you then it means they have enough contributors at the moment. Just keep an open eye when the project opens. Or start your own project if you're confident.18:41
ajalkaneWe can all contribute in one way or the other. Sometimes it means just lurking and waiting for the correct opportunity :)18:41
alo21OK. Thanks18:50
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allyourbaseooh,what am i waiting to install ubuntu on my nexus device... thanks for making this possible!19:43
allyourbasehello, btw :)19:43
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